World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifier - Ryo vs Gato

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Description: Ryo, as winner of King of Fighter and son of Takuma, has more or less already qualified for a spot in World Warrior. Gato suspects his drive and tenacity however, and demands to see what the Invincible Dragon has to offer before coughing one up.

The Kyokugen Dojo. It's been a bit quiet, as of late. Students are lingering around, training and running drills, under the watchful eye of the Invincible Dragon, Ryo Sakazaki himself. The proud warrior stands tall and broad, an imposing figure, even if his sheer size is still lost in the shadow of that of his father. He radiates authority and might, without being overbearing. Tonight, however, he is overseeing a special project. There was a hole in the ceiling that needs tended to, and so he has a ladder of students sitting on each other's shoulders while one works to repair it. It should be noted that this is a perfectly Haoh Sho Ko Ken sized hole.

"That's it! More duct tape! Takuma Sensei won't even notice!" Ryo shouts boisterously, standing under and peering up with his cobalt eyes. "Well, when he returns, anyway."

Ryo had not seen nor heard from his father since their last match. Had he hurt the old man's pride by defeating him? Or had he simply used it as an excuse to run off into the mountains on some harebrained training mission for further strength. Though, now, with the announcement from Strolheim... He's a bit worried that Takuma might go rushing headlong into something to reclaim former glory. Or something. It had been troubling him.

"What? I don't care if we've used seventeen rolls of duct tape. That hole needs to be filled before my Dad finds out, or else we need to find a Kool-Aid man suit and find someone to blame for a really bad prank!"

There are few people in this world that Gato wishes to challenge. Foremost are those he feels treat combat as little more than a game; some noble and refined art. He has no respect for the likes of Ryu, resisting the path of true power. And similarly, that of Kyokugen. Although the tenants of the style are strong and easy to recognize, Gato can see the mercy and sport behind all of the blows. How much /stronger/ it could be, if those shackles and restraints removed. And he has come to personally test it by his own hand.

A fist suddenly punches the side of the wall; wood explodes inwards, sprayed upon a few hapless students. A roughly eight by eight circle, jagged and raw, now stands before Gato. He wears his orange changsang, stance strong and a powerful aura of ruthless menace filling the dojo. Steps take him within, striding across the broken wood. Lesser men might flinch before his intimidating approach. Like an angry bear, some fierce beast who has come for food.

"Ryo..." he calls out, simply. "Already, Strolheim is tainted by that fool Garcia... I will not allow two of this dojo in to World Warrior. Come...!! I will teach you the true strength of one's fists!!" He slams his knuckles into an open palm, glaring towards the other strongly built man!

One moment, Ryo is looking up at a teetering, weebly wobbley stack of dojo kids trying to tape up a massive new skylight, and the next, he's watching them topple to the ground in a heap, amidst an explosion of wood, brick and plaster. Slowly, his steely eyed gaze rises from the boys and girls rolling on the floor, regaining their bearings, to the source of the disruption. His fierce, dark eyebrows fall, scowling and forming a deep crease over his nose. His lips draw into a thin, bloodless line. "Well, kids. Looks like we found our Kool-Aid Man..."

Ryo steps forward, reaching one hand covered in a fingerless leather gauntlet to brush some of the dust off of his gi. It's black, with sleeves rolled up just above his elbows, and bearing the mark of Kyokugen on his shoulder in golden embroidery. He tightens his obi by fiercely tugging on the ends, and rolls his neck on his impossibly broad shoulders, creating a series of dull wet snapping sounds as vertebrae crackle.

"You really... really shouldn't have come here. But if you're looking to test the strength of your fists, I'll be happy to oblige."

Other men might flinch, but Ryo... Ryo's lived with an angry, ravenous bear by the name of Takuma for most of his life. He also doesn't take kindly to bullies. He raises one hand, curling and unfurling his fingers to beckon him on. A lopsided grin crosses his lips, lighting up his rugged, scruffy features with a sort of fierce light that one only ever truly sees in Ryo when he's in the midst of a battle. "Ora Ora!!"

One arm then the other hefts up, before Gato flicks his arms down in a flowing motion. "Consider this a dojo challenge. May your anger empower your fists." is simply declared. There's still a heavy bruising upon his chin from some prior battle, but it still seems the large man is fully within combative shape.

"You are renowned for your power. But it is second to me. I aim to destroy my opponents in a single blow... can you survive?!" One foot stamps down, denting the floor once more. Air visibly exhales as he closes his eyes and centers himself. Indeed, great amounts of rage and vengeance are within the man.

"Come, then. Show me your blunted fangs. World Warrior is no sport... it is a battlefield for the strong. Those who restrained their hands will be devoured!!"

COMBATSYS: Ryo has started a fight here.

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Ryo              0/-------/-------|

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Gato             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Ryo

What the hell is he going on about now? Restrained hands? Blunted fangs? Has he never seen those videos of Takuma killing bulls with one blow? No one in Kyokugen restrains their fists. But a dojo challenge? That... now that's something that Ryo can understand. And survive one blow? That sounds like a fun challenge. Let's see if he lives up to the hype.

Ryo doesn't even bother dropping into his stance. He explodes into a ball of kinetic fury, dashing forward with enough force that the ground beneath him is left with motes of plaster dust kicked up into violently swirling whirlwinds before dissipating into the ether. His right hand reaches out, palm open like he just might be trying to wrap that giant meathook around Gato's face. But it only serves as a distraction.

At Ryo's hip, his left fist chambers. Clenching so tightly that the leather of his gauntlets creaks to stretch over his knuckles, swirls of orange and gold light draw in from the air around them, setting his fist aglow with it's vibrant light. He thrusts forward, opening that fist into a fearsome tiger clawed palm strike, with that ball of pure, concentrated concussive force held within it, aimed directly for the center of Gato's chest.


COMBATSYS: Gato slows Ko'oh Ken from Ryo with Kou-Ga.
Glancing Hit

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0              Ryo

Gato has no doubt of the strength Kyokugen can give. But breaking a bull and then failing to break an opponent... they are holding back. Of course, such is merely semantics; if you are strong enough to win, then throttling back may not be reckless. Then again, why take any risk?

The rapid advance of Ryo is met by Gato kicking backwards, disengaging slightly. The chi blast hurtles forward, the feint working. "...!" Gato throws up his palm, snarling as his own yellow energy explodes out, but the ball of power blows through and slams into his chest forcefully.

"Hnngh..." Landing in a crouch, Gato skids away near the open hole. "Your chi techniques are much better than mine... as I expect..." he declares. "But when you strike an opponent. Do you punch 'through' them...? Or do you hold yourself back from breaking them?"

"Well, if you stay standing long enough, you just might find out!" Ryo declares, as he flicks his hand, putting out the golden light that clings and trails from it, as if he were snuffing out a flame.

He doesn't waste time, though. He's not going to give this man even a second's chance to gain any advantage. He presses on, following after him. Those giant, battle hardened hands reach, trying to grasp at Gato's orange clothing and use it to leverage him back. If successful, Ryo's body will tuck down and roll back, lifting a foot into Gato's midsection and using that, plus their combined momentum, to send the man flying back, deeper into the dojo. There's no escaping for him now.

COMBATSYS: Gato blocks Ryo's Quick Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0              Ryo

"..." Gato watches the approach, but conversation hardly means he's going to put himself into a disadvantage. When Ryo rushes towards him he lowers his stance, putting his center of balance near the ground. His changsang is grasped, and the twist does hurtle Gato backwards, but he moves with the motion and lands on his feet, landing in a crouch. "Hnngh!!" Suddenly he lances out with his heel, attempting to slam it into Ryo's chest -- intent to then heft him up, catching the toe into his gi to whirl him overhead with the leg and brutally slam him down opposite on the mat, before twisting to grind his foot down into his solar plexus!

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Gato's Dan-Zetsu Tai.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0              Ryo

After launching Gato, Ryo's legs curl to his chest, his hips rising off of the ground, before he kicks off, landing to his feet and twisting to meet the oncoming rush of his opponent. He hadn't expected Gato to just stick a landing on that throw, and so when he comes around for another follow through, he has just enough time to bring his arms up defensively. That lancing heel kick drives deep, pushing Ryo's arms into his chest and making the bones in his forearms ache. But, at least he's able to deflect the rest of that technique and try to counter it with his own.

Ryo's arm raises overhead, his thumb tucking in against his open palm, and his fingers left straight. His back arches, and his lead leg lifts before all, together in unison through the precision of kinetic linking, comes crashing back down. His foot leaves a thunderous clap against the matted floor, kicking up dust. His knife hand chop comes sweeping down with the force and fury of a sledgehammer, hoping to drive deep into the shoulder of Gato and force the man back down to the floor. "KIAI!!!"

COMBATSYS: Gato blocks Ryo's Hyouchuu Wari.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Gato             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0              Ryo

A slow exhale leaves Gato once more when his assault is deflected. He expected nothing else. Ryo's technique is not dissimilar to the man's own; both arms flow upwards to catch the blow between his forearms, a grunt heard as his muscles go taut, using brute force to repel it. Veins visible atop iron flesh, before with a "KIAI!" he pushes the other man's assault backwards himself. A great burst of kinetic force leaves the pair, two monsters of sheer force meeting fists. Twisting sideways, Gato immediately continues his assault. Kicking forward, he swings out his fist in a brutal forward thrusts, aiming to drive his knuckles deep into Ryo's sternum, as wind blows with surprising force, sending debris and plaster flying opposite to clatter against the walls and watching students. Indeed, every bit of force and power is evident here... there is no restraint. It is not a desire to kill, but a lack of care if it happens. Ryo shall expect no quarter regardless of his state...!

COMBATSYS: Ryo interrupts Shin-Ga EX from Gato with Koho Shippuken EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Gato             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0              Ryo

Gato will see it in Ryo's eyes as he bears down against Gato's crossed arms with that overhead chop. That fierceness. There is no quarter given and none taken. Ryo is not a warrior for sport. He is a warrior born and bred. He doesn't fight to kill, but that also doesn't mean he holds back. He knows truth in the exchange of fists and fire. This is where he is at home.

A skilled fighter, Ryo isn't one to allow the blocked technique to dissuade him. He knows that he has to prepare for the counter. That is the flow of battle. An exchange. Back and forth. He expects the push backwards. He moves with it. And with that brief retreat, he manages to mitigate the assault that Gato brings to bear on him. Fists collide, but his momentum is already moving away, so that their aim to punch through lands only on the surface.

"KOHO..." And then, Ryo unleashed his own. His entire body torques, twisting to one side as he balls up a fist. Throwing it forward, Ryo's momentum shifts suddenly, lurching forward to bring all of his might to bear, sending his gauntlet clad knuckles to drive hard into the side of Gato's face. "SHIPPUKEN!"

"...!" Gato looks surprised at the ferocity of the other warrior. He comes at him with a wildness that is hard not to respect. He leveled no mundane assault; a great risk was taking to drive that fist into Gato's face, whipping his head to the side in a spray of blood. He can feel a new crack in his jaw, blood welling up between clenched teeth. "I see... I was wrong. Your fangs are not dull." he offers, simply. Before suddenly kicking off the ground, launching himself towards Ryo. Both thighs lash out, attempting to wrap about the man's neck with a rather unorthodox attack; aiming to leverage himself to twist violently with a snarl, trying to twist his neck painfully to the side before dropping him down to slam his fist into the middle of the other man's back!

COMBATSYS: Ryo blocks Gato's Mu-Ga.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Gato             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0              Ryo

Gato finally seems to know what's up. Kyokugen, like Wu Tang Clan, ain't nothin' to fuck with. Now, maybe, Ryo hopes, this fight will get serious. And he's not disappointed. Gato comes leaping at him. It's not what he expected. Unorthodox. Is this a wrestling move? Ryo lifts his guard, wedging his arms between Gato's thighs and his own face. He's wrenched, and it isn't pleasant. Ryo makes a grunt of exertion and pain, but he rolls with the momentum, actually flipping himself down to the ground to escape the manuever before any fists can crush his spine.

He immediately rolls back to his feet, his back turned to Gato, but that doesn't mean that Ryo, the Invincible Dragon of Kyokugen, Mister Karate 2, and the first champion of the King of Fighters, is any less dangerous. He pivots on the balls of his feet, and leaps, his trajectory like an arrow, launched straight at his opponent to deliver a perfectly executed and insanely forceful spinning hook kick, which is immediately followed through with his opposite leg in a roundhouse kick to his face.


COMBATSYS: Gato dodges Ryo's Hien Shippuu Kyaku.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Gato             0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0              Ryo

Serious...? Gato has been taking it seriously from the onset. He can see now how Ryo earned his many esteemed titles and commendations. He had expected to see Kyokugen to be similar to Ansatsuken; an art of war defiled for sport and mercy. Yet it seems Takuma has done something else. A middle ground. He can see it now -- Takuma can kill great bulls. His style is not weak. It is up to the practitioner to choose what they do with it.

"You fight well...!!" Gato growls, as the vicious kick whirls past him, swaying heavily back to avoid it barely as it brushes his chest. The second roundhouse is evaded by Gato abruptly dropping down into a kneel, allowing it to pass overhead, hand bracing himself from the passing wind of the blow. "Let me show you... one of my own killing blows."

Gato exhales deeply, centering himself. Muscles strain as he sweeps forward as Ryo recovers. "Mou-Ko..." he intones, muscles bulging along his arms. This is clearly something he has trained thousands of times; every motion seems to maximize force. He whirls forward, the attack coming incredibly quickly after the introductory pause. Trying to slam his palm into Ryo's torso with bone-shattering force, a great explosive wave of impact energy flying out before him.


COMBATSYS: Gato knocks away Ryo with Mou-Ko Kou Hakan EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Gato             0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1              Ryo

Ryo sweeps past Gato with his whiffed kick, only to land nimbly on his feet. Immediately, his guard raises, prepared for the counter. A give and take, after all. But the declaration that Gato is going to display one of his killing techniques triggers something in the soul of the Kyokugen Warrior. Gato had made a challenge, earlier, did he not? Can he survive even one blow? Let's see.

And so, as Gato charges his muscles and prepares his attack, Ryo's eyes gleam with a knowing stare of steel and cobalt. There's an ever so faint smirk that flirts with the corner of his lips, and he wipes the sweat from his brow before adopting his fighting stance.

Gato comes in, whirling and palm striking with the momentous strike. Ryo's arms fling themselves open at the last second, opening himself up to it completely. The strike hammers against his chest, and the black clad Ryo grits his teeth and endures it. It looks like he may even just withstand it as the wind whips around him, and the impacting force tears of the attack tears at his gi top, shredding it until it is tatters clinging to his bulky frame.

But it is too much. And Ryo loses his footing, only to go careening back into one of the walls of the dojo. Slamming against it, he cracks plaster, and knocks a few pictures off the wall to shatter on the floor, as he himself slumps to one knee.

"Is that... it? I thought I couldn't survive one blow..."

He spits up a thick glob of blood, as he rises back to his feet. He grins, wiping off his stubble laden chin, and looking up at Gato before him. "Let's see if you have any more of those in you!"

He rushes forward, then. Throwing out a quick front kick, testing to see if Gato had spent himself in using that technique, or if he still has some fight in him.

COMBATSYS: Gato counters Light Kick from Ryo with Ou-Ga.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Gato             1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Ryo

"..." Well, that was certainly unexpected. Few people alive can take a punch like that. If Ryo wanted to confirm that Gato was not holding back, he seems to have managed such fully. As the large man twists into an even more powerful acceleration, taking advantage of the lack of defense to drive his palm in deeper. Fingers flex and crack in the wake of the other man being sent hurtling backwards.

"What was that needlessly reckless attack? This is a battle. One of us shall be the victor. And that was not my hardest strike by a fair measure..." The front kick is intercepted by both forearms before Gato lunges forward, twisting to suddenly slam his shoulder into the other man's chest. After impact he kicks off, amplifying the force to launch the other man away with all of his might brutally.

"You survived my blow. What of it? Does it matter if you lay bleeding on the ground and lose afterwards?! Show me!! Attack me with intent to kill!! Prove to me you will do whatever it takes for victory. Or you will get no invitation... and watch your dojo-mate grace the halls of Strolheim without you!!"

Ryo's kick intercepted, his attacks coming out slower than he expected, due to the trembling of his muscles, he is punished and sent hurtling, again. And again, he crashes into the wall. And again, he slumps to the floor. There, he rests, on his knees, leaning forward with his fists pressed to the mat to support him. Blood flows freely now, his body battered and bruised, with visible knots swelling up in the places that have endured the most punishment. His shaggy blonde hair falls in front of his face, hiding his eyes. But not his grin.

"I don't care about Strolheim," Ryo says quietly. "Robert's there. My father will show up. Kyokugen is in good hands when it comes to a showing for Krauser. Me? I'm not that powerful. I'm not that smart or clever. I'm not that talented. The only thing I care about is pushing myself. Further and further. Every single day. I push my limits and drive my fist through every wall that stands in front of me and becoming a better me."

He looks up, his eyes narrowing. If anything, despite the haze he feels as his consciousness tugs him into slumber, he looks even more fierce for it. "That is what Kyokugen means to me. That is the truth of my fists. You want a taste of that, buddy?! WELL HERE IT IS!!"

Ryo launches forward in a last ditch blitz. His fists seem to come from every angle, relentless and filled with every ounce of strength he has left. Kicks break up the blitz, launching high and low, mixing things up and keeping the heat on by adding unpredictability to the sheer overwhelming speed and force of his ultimate attack. Over and over, he strikes, pummeling against Gato and driving him back, until at the end, he launches an uppercut at Gato's jaw, followed immediately by the signature leaping punch of the Kyokugen style, the Koho. Only, this time, a brilliant pillar of golden and orange ki erupts with his ascent, creating a sound like the roar of a great and terrible tiger.

COMBATSYS: Ryo can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Gato             1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Gato interrupts #Retsu Ryuko Ranbu# from Ryo with Tatsu Kiba.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/---====|

"...I see. But for what?" Gato says, simple and to the point. "Your fists... I feel ferocity and power from them... but nothing else. If you do not wish to be seen as the strongest in the world, or even the strongest in Kyokugen, then what is your point in living?! Obligation? Do you train because you know no other way?!"

The sudden attack is much more ferocious than Gato expected. He brings up his forearms again and again, but the attacks blow through painfully. Fists drive along his sides and shoulders, shearing away his clothing and bruising the flesh beneath. He weathers it, taking significant damage, blood spattering the ground... until Ryo finally presents an opponent.


In a moment his lightning-infused foot slams into Ryo's jaw, driving himself upwards with brutal strength. The uppercut whirls through where he just was, aiming to shoot to the ceiling and slam Ryo upon it before allowing himself to fall, blackness rushing into his eyes before he twists and stamps down, keeping himself up.

"Haa... haa... Get up. ...Show me your drive. I do not care... if you cannot defend yourself. Show me your will... survive one more attack. And I will grant you my invitation. Or you can lay on the ground... content in your showing here. And leave strength and glory to others in your dojo...!!"

The foot driven into Ryo's jaw is the final straw. His tenuous grasp on consciousness fades, and the rest of Gato's Tatsu Kiba is left to assault little more than a hunk of meat that eventually falls with dead weight to the mat.

A few seconds. A few seconds of blissful unconsciousness, before Ryo hears Gato's words cutting through that thick, smokey veil. The pain, too. That burns and slices through his senses like a dull razor blade heated to a red hot glow. He groans, shifting on the floor. Sluggish. But, he rolls himself onto his back. Gasping for air. Keeping his eyes shut. One is too swollen to open anyway.

"I don't... fight... for glory," he manages to sputter out, between gasping breaths.

"...So be it." Gato states. glancing down over his badly damaged form. That assault Ryo threw would have nearly killed him. There was far more behind it than was required to actually strike him down. Hrmph; Ryo was on the short list of people Krauser desired challenged. With Takuma already allowed entry and Robert himself defeating Eiji, almost a full triumverate of Kyokugen's strongest representatives is assembled. "Then you do not wish to go to World Warrior at all." The back of the fighter's hand rubs across his lips, smearing crimson blood. Still reeling himself from the damage even a partial blow from Ryo inflicted, Gato turns to stride towards the exit. "If you will not stand and risk yourself for this ultimate battlefield... then decide how you wish to use your fists. You remind me of Terry. A sleeping dragon... it seems I came upon you in a slumber. What a disappointment!!"

"Hahaha" Ryo actually laughs, though it kills him to do so. He feels the aching in his ribs, in his lungs, and in his jaw. "If I could stand right now, I would."

He tries, slowly pushing himself up to a half sitting position, resting on his elbow, and looking over his shoulder at Gato through the one eye he can open. "If I could, I'd go to the World Warrior Tournament. But, it seems like that may just be out of my reach. Looks like I'll have to sit this one out and hope that Robert will take care of it."

He rolls his head on his shoulders, trying to release a kink in his neck that feels like a pinched nerve. He spits another mouth full of blood onto the floor. "But even if I can't go to the World Warrior tournament... I'll be coming... for you for a rematch."

Gato pauses when Ryo makes that statement. Slowly he twists around to begin marching back, ignoring the concerned throngs of lesser students milling around the further-damaged dojo. "Why?" he demands, bruised faced seeming to almost sneer. "Do you think it's a game...? It has nearly the risks of Mortal Kombat... but those who die will not return. Is it for sport? For your art? I wish to know what guides your fist... Invincible Dragon." His palm opens and he drives a fist into it with a meaty thump of knuckles. "My offer stands... take one more blow for the invitation. I will not guarantee your life. Make your choice. Those who cannot take this risk have no right on that battlefield."

When Gato comes back, closer to him, Ryo pushes himself up, seating himself the rest of the way on his rear. When Gato questions him, Ryo can only look up at this malevolent man with a look of utter confusion. What the hell kind of nonsense is he spouting off about? He just looks around himself. At the dojo, at the students, watching from the walls in both terror and awe. He smirks, despite himself, and, wobbling a bit, due to the dizziness he still feels, like his head is stuffed with cotton balls laced with acid, casts his one eyed stare back up to Gato.

"Look around you," He says. "I fight for this. You think that this is a game or a sport to Kyokugen? This... this is our life. We fight because through the fight... we become stronger. We become better. Not just at fighting... We learn to overcome all of our limitations. Losing, winning... none of that matters. All that matters is that we strive to be more than we are in this moment."

He clutches at Gato's leg, shifting forward onto his knees. Using his hands, he pulls himself up. First on to one knee, and then onto his feet. His weight leans against Gato, heavy, his hands clawing and clutching, and pulling himself up by the man's clothing, until he can place his hands on his shoulders.

"You want to punch me again?" He asks, looking into Gato's eyes, fearsome and determined, with his one good eye. "Go ahead. I'll survive. This is the Kyokugen way. We don't half ass anything. We always push things to the limit. Go ahead. Punch me."

His chin, smeared with blood, dips against his chest, and he glares. He takes in a few gulping gasps of air, before mustering up the strength in his battered and broken body to shout in his opponent's face. "PUNCH ME!!!"

There does seem to be vague confusion on Gato's expression. He does glance around to look at those faces. Concern? But also pride. Belief. This is something that Gato cannot well comprehend. Taken out alone, beaten to within an inch of his life, for countless years. Then his long, lone struggle to master his talents for vengeance and hate. Everything Ryo has and grew up is the antithesis of the path he walked. But despite it all, the strength between them is miniscule. "Tch." He has seen the results. Kyokugen is a weapon. It seems they teach people to use it responsibly. That is far different than someone like Takuma teaching someone a purposefully dulled blade.

There's no hesitation, then. Gato twists and unleashes a full-force blow. His closed fist lances through the air to slam into the side of Ryo's face, muscles tense, every flow of motion perfect and precise. Once more, he bares the killing intent. Unleashing his full power, knowing full well it might kill. But he aleady knows the result will be different; even if he has badly wounded the Invincible Dragon, it will not be fatal. And there is no shortage of time to recover well before Strolheim's gates open.

"I am curious to see how your fists will feel... when you are alone in the cold mountains of Germany. Your resolve comes from outside. How will that fare, when you meet countless beasts who fight only for themselves, like me...?" He digs out his invitation, casually flicking it over to land on the ground somewhere nearby. There's little point in denying him. Krauser himself said he wanted to see the future of Takuma's legacy, a warrior he respected in the old days. Ryo had nearly qualified without the need for this conflict, and Gato was told only to confirm his tenacity, nothing more. That hardly meant Gato was going to give it for free... but he's seen enough now.

With that he turns to thump his way out of the dojo once more. Will he become food for Strolheim, or embrace the fangs required to thrive in it...?

COMBATSYS: Gato has ended the fight here.

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