World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifier - Scorpion vs Gato

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Description: Winner:Gato

When not roaming the lands, Gato has been practicing his art near the city of Southtown; he has little interest in the World Warrior tournament, only the information Krauser offered in exchange. He has been instructed to contact a few individuals, yet none were worth his time. Unsurprising; he is the least valued of the trifecta presently, and most who lack credibility would be sent to him for assessment. In a way, he's the hardest to challenge, as he has no interest in the performance of a foe, or how fitting they might be to challenge Krauser. Presently, he is repeatedly performing a punch motion, twisting his body with loud snarls, each billowing out force that sends the frozen grass waving. For a former ninja, tracking him down should not be difficult...

The sun was coming down, an orange glow falling across the quiet field that Gato concentrated so terribly in. The only sound the whoosing of wind, and the buzzing of insects and other creatures that survived here.

Their sudden silence, as if leaving this area as fast as they could, that should have been Gato's first clue that someone or something new had arrived. Would he continue practicing, or would he notice the tall form standing just behind him?

Black hood and yellow facemask, there was no mistaking the profession of this individual, as those milky-white eyes practically bore into the back of the practicing master's neck. Those thick black eyebrows of his were furrowed in anger, his body perfectly still. No rising and falling of breath, no rustling of his uniform, not even the fidgeting of agitated limbs. It was only if Gato took notice that the figure would finally speak with that distant, far-away voice of his, with the whisper of...something else entirely, just underneath.

"You are who I must fight, to enter this contest? Very well."

Confidence, or arrogance? Could it be that Scorpion was under-estimating his opponent? And so soon after his war against the demon up in the Germanic mountains had left him nearly dead?

The instincts of a warrior are honed well in Gato. His head inclines to the side and he shifts from the practice kata into a solemn stance, senses spread out to the surrounding area. The aura of this one is... inhuman. Monstrous. Something beyond mere human. Distant instincts echo in his body of flight, fear, but are easily suppressed by his discipline. Slowly he turns around to face Scorpion, gaining the measure of the undead warrior. "I can hand out the invitations." he confirms after a few moments. "But you will need to take it from me. If you wish to impress Krauser with your ideals and gain entry with failure, then you should attack one of his pups." Gato is certainly one who has reached a plateau; he has gone as far as personal training can manage. The killing intent lurks within him, a distant spark, but a dull potential. It, most certainly, is the path he is currently walking... that to perhaps one day become a fellow demon. A slow shift follows, both forearms raising. "Make your choice." is all he demands, flutter of cold wind flicking his braid about behind him as loose clothing outlines the hard muscles of his frame.

COMBATSYS: Scorpion has started a fight here.

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Scorpion         0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Gato has joined the fight here.

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Gato             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Scorpion

'Make your choice' was uttered not even half of a fraction of a moment before the hands of Scorpion moved quickly and rapidly. Over the ninja's hands were a pair of painted black wooden armguards and gauntlets, the knuckles especially polished and making for a harder impact. That right gauntleted fist of his came forward in a Bruce Lee-esque snapping right punch, Gato's nose and mouth the target. Whether this hit, missed or deflected, then and only then would the bigger man dance backward a step or two, legs wide as he turned his body sideways, that right hand poised upward menacingly even as his left hand was kept low to guard and deflect. It seemed the ninja's choice was indeed made!

COMBATSYS: Gato blocks Scorpion's High Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gato             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0         Scorpion

There's no particular judgement from Gato. He had taken his combative stance. At that point, the fight was begun. Giving permission is a semantic for the unsure; amongst all the challengers thus far, the Chinese warrior respects this most. Both forearms snap up, catching the blow in the middle. Twisting, he diverts it to the side before stomping on the ground; he's launched slightly in the air as a result, before both hands come together and slam backwards. As Scorpion attempts to retreat, he's suddenly hurtling towards him, aiming to impact heavily with his shoulder and send the undead warrior to the ground!

COMBATSYS: Scorpion blocks Gato's Shun-Ga.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gato             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0         Scorpion

The ninja was inherently blocking as he stepped backward, but the impact was still jarring, going through his arms and was violent enough to knock the ninja off balance just like Gato planned! It was really that easy! Or was it?

It seemed that as the man in black and yellow fell backward, he was already moving with his legs wrapping around Gato's, and using his momentum and a bit of trickery to bring the martial arts fighter face down to the ground. Except, it wouldn't be hard dirt the fighter plummeted into, but a fissure that was opening up just for him...just as a geyser of Hellfire erupted upward, to personally greet the fighter on his way down.

COMBATSYS: Gato counters Underworld from Scorpion with Ou-Ga EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0         Scorpion

Raw power; that is apparent when the fist contacts the ninja. Gato emphasizes absolute destructive force. Dealing with him, it would be wise not to make it a protracted affair, as in one or two even lucky shots, the tide of battle can irrevocably change. Yet attempting to use one's thighs upon him...? There are few alives with as much mastery!! Elbows heft up, catching either knee as they attempt to close about him, before slamming forward, his shoulder impacting Scorpion in the chest and launching him back and away as he flows aggressively into an attacking stance once more. " are different." he finally says. "Your drive... it is strength, but... something else. Something familiar..."

"My desire, is to see you burn ALIVE, fool!"

He yelled out after leaping to his feet after that powerful, disrupting attack knocked him clear across the field. Yelling in anger, Scorpion took two half-steps forward before throwing his right hand out, two kunai on two powerful long chains were hurtling toward each of the man's shoulders at a frightening speed. The fact that kunai and chain were both on fire, and that fire would spread to the rest of Gato's body as if it were napalm, that should also be concerning. If they made purchase, Scorpion would immediately pull them backward, to get Gato to fly towards him dangerously.


COMBATSYS: Scorpion successfully hits Gato with Flame Spear EX.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gato             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0         Scorpion

"..." Apparently the fighter has no interest in conversation. Such dominating rage... it is the opposite of discipline, yet the techniques used by the other man are hardly flawed. Does he practice calmly and unleash himself in combat? The flaming shuriken catches Gato off-guard, ducking downwards. It impales his right shoulder instead of his chest, igniting his arm as he's launched towards the other man. There's a grunt of pain, before eyes narrow. A foot slams down, digging into the grass before kicking forward. Gato's right arm flows backwards, letting out a yell of his own as he attempts to meet the other man as desired, slamming out his fist to drive it into Scorpion's sternum, right where his shoulder impacted earlier. Pressing forward, he then kicks off, aiming to launch himself and the other man further, to blow him back with the sustained power!!

COMBATSYS: Scorpion dodges Gato's Shin-Ga.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gato             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0         Scorpion

The rage of this man was palpable, the air shimmering with heat and humidity the closer the Kenpo specialist got, even if flames were not tickling his right arm that was currently launching toward Scorpion in a no doubt deadly attack. But bouncing on his feet, the ninja narrowed those milky-white eyes as he side-stepped the intended strike and dashed forward to meet the flying flaming fighter. He ducked down briefly, a momentary ball before he sprung up with sudden energy and power. His own right fist was launching up toward Gato's chin and jaw, with an uppercut that might send the man flying in a way that forced the kunai to rip right out of his body.

And if then?

COMBATSYS: Scorpion successfully hits Gato with Uppercut.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Gato             1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0         Scorpion

Then and only then would the shinobi speak truly, rage still pouring from him like an inferno of emotion. Patiently he rolled up his weapons, putting them away as he prepared himself for the response.

"My name is Scorpion. Remember that you have chosen this."

Ah; that was unexpected. Gato's fist hurtles through the air, before the other man manages to duck down. He is completely and utterly open; his aggression made him devote almost all of his power to that blow, and the result is obvious now. The fist lashes up and slams into the massive warrior's chin. Bone breaks in multiple places, and blood spurts out as he is launched up high into the air. He blacks out for a full second, feeling the air hurtle around him as he slams on his back, dazed and disoriented. But he gets back to his feet almost immediately, spitting out a tooth casually. "I will take whatever path... delivers me my vengeance." That was killing intent. Scorpion would have been happy to shatter his skull. Interesting; interesting indeed. "I am Gato. Do not underestimate me..." Muscles then bulge as energy seethes around his form. "Or you will break with my next hit...!" He has begun using forbidden chi leylines, self-destructively amplifying his own strength. With a roar Gato slams down his feet, fist clenching so hard nails bite bloodily into his palm. Eyes flash open, as rage, revenge, and his own killing intent burst to the forefront. Then he twists, flowing everything he has into a single incredible punch, aiming to fold Scorpion over his fist. "Mou-Kou... Kou HAKAN!!"

COMBATSYS: Scorpion interrupts Mou-Ko Kou Hakan EX from Gato with Torment.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Gato             1/------=/=======|=======\-------\0         Scorpion

"Gato? Show me your claws and be skinned, then!"

As Gato closed the distance, so did Scorpion poised to strike. Perhaps he should have been more careful, because his opponent was feeding himself power, and soon the man launched a punch that seemed to do exactly what he wanted. Scorpion's milky-white eyes nearly popped out of his head, and a yell began that was immediately choked out as he left his feet, wrapped around that fist as many victims no doubt had been before. And as that punch continued, Gato's fist even went straight through the ninja's body, even going through his as-of-yet unused sword as if it were made of ash blowing in the wind...which is what Scorpion seemed to be doing. All color was rapidly leaving this ninja-shape's body, turning into a cold dead gray scattering in the breeze. Just that very moment, it seemed Gato's foe was instead leaping in from his left side, right hand poised forward in a straight punch aimed at the man's cheek. It hit hard and fast enough to perhaps take him off balance and move him back a step, but all things considered, it did not compare to the force Gato had just exerted.

Scorpion landed on his feet, looking tired and bruised, seeming to breathe heavily through that yellow facemask of his. But he was ready to fight with his guard up, hands out in front of him with the palms open, stance squatted down ever slightly.


The sharp blow strikes out with rapidity, slamming into Gato's already broken chin. His world turns into white stars, and he sags down for a few moments. The exchange certainly favored the muscled warrior, and it seems the pair are on much more even footing. Breath comes slow and heavy, a tentative step forward faltering. If he attacks now, he will collapse. No; Gato is after victory. Not merely trading both of them landing upon the ground defeated. "Revenge." he finally comments. "So your fists, too, are wreathed in it. I know my own scent. I can see why you have stood well against me. ...What interest do you have in this pointless tournament?"

COMBATSYS: Gato gains composure.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Gato             1/--=====/=======|=======\-------\0         Scorpion

Gato did not attack, but sought refuge. Scorpion studied the man for a few moments before nodding, and dropping to his knees. This was not a sign of surrender, but rather a moment of meditation, or Komposure. His hands firmly on his thighs, his back perfectly straight, his eyes on the horizon...or were they staring right at the injured fighter across from him? With eyes like those, it was difficult to tell. As he breathed in deeply, he spoke with absolute clarity and certainty.

"The one you serve is a powerful man, with great resources. When I enter and win this tournament, I will beat him within an inch of his life until I win. Afer that, perhaps I'll be able to utilize that resources to find what I seek. And when I find him, then I'll finally be able to wring his neck until I see the life fade from his eyes, and personally send him to Hell."

After a few long moments, he did not speak or move after that, until finally his head suddenly snapped to attention and he looked at the man fully, hopping up to his feet easily.

"Are you able to continue? Or do you need a priest to bring you to Buddha?"

Was that...a quip? Was Scorpion taunting this man? Were the hints of a 'smirk' visible under that mask, and in the corner of those white eyes?

COMBATSYS: Scorpion gains composure.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gato             1/--=====/=======|======-\-------\0         Scorpion

"Do not speak as if I serve him. He will give me information on the man I wish to kill. Beyond that, I do not care about him in the slightest." Gato spits more blood to the side, obviously disrespectful of Krauser's position in the world. Gato is not after the position of the strongest in the world, only his own personal vengeance. "Hrmph. We've spoken enough." Gato's legs are firm once more, slowly rolling his shoulder. Fingers splay and then clench. "Let us finish this." The conclusion will not be long; as Gato stomps off the ground, launching himself towards Scorpion. Both legs then lance out, attempting to wrap around his neck. Knees clamping with the force of a collapsing star, before moving to wrench his neck around 180 degrees with bone-shattering force to drive to the ground...!

COMBATSYS: Scorpion blocks Gato's Mu-Ga.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Gato             1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1         Scorpion

Scorpion's pupiless eyes widened in surprise as Gato leapt up, thighs wrapped around the ninja's head. Well, mostly, because Scorpion got his left arm up and was blocking the full power of that most unorthodox of assassination techniques. When Gato twisted to the side, Scorpion felt his neck and arm both fill with pain but before the horrible 'snap' could occur, he spun to the side and did not fight the momentum of the move, instead choosing the right moment and ducking out of the attack and pivoting his body away. Unfortunately for Gato, moments later, Scorpion would reach up to grab at the sword that had been on his back for the first time that fight. Rushing forward, as soon as Gato's feet hit the ground Scorpion would draw that Ninjato, not just a blade of steel, but the weapon up to the guard was covered in brilliant Hellfire, which would make each and every slash and stab that much more terrifying. Scorpion swung with two-handed power slashes, attacking like a man possessed until leaping away. Instantly he exploded into gray ash as he flew in behind the Kenpo artist, both of his feet awash in flame as he aimed a flying mule-kick right at the back of the man's skull, hard enough to send him flying if this connected!


COMBATSYS: Gato fully avoids Scorpion's Doomblade.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Gato             1/=======/=======|-------\-------\0         Scorpion

Gato is shrugged off and lands in a crouch, skidding backwards along he grass. This close to death, the warrior's senses are greatly heightened. He twists and pivots with every slash, slicing through fabric and igniting it before the movement puts it out, severing the end of his ponytail. Too reckless; the fury within gives him a portal to survive, like a rose petal in a storm. The whirl backwards nearly catches him, and the kick flashes past his head, burning his cheek. "This is over!!" he shouts out, before twisting to slam his palm into Scorpion's chest. The intent here is all speed, trying to stun the man. Then he shifts to launch up and wrap his legs about his neck again, quicker, more powerful. Energy boils through his body as he again aims to twist and snap as a bolt of lightning drives down to slam into the pair. Intent on then flipping backwards as his right fist charges with elemental power, to slam him down upon the ground once more in a second explosion of his internal energy...!

COMBATSYS: Gato knocks away Scorpion with Zero Kiba EX.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Gato             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0         Scorpion

Through a haze of pain and chi, Scorpion fought with savagery. Reaching up, grabbing Gato's head in a Muay Thai-style clutch, he threw up knees and elbows to the man's chin and temple, his own consciousness fading fast as blood streaked down his face and arms. Finally he launched up a final knee aimed at the man's nose and mouth, before his hands wrapped around the man's chin and the back of his skull, instantly trying to twist the man's neck in a super-fast, super violent motion. It wasn't as fancy as the man's thigh technique, but it was a tried and true quick extermination method.

COMBATSYS: Scorpion can no longer fight.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Gato counters Brutality EX from Scorpion with Hou-zan Sai Meki-Ga.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/=======|

Arms reach up and wrap around Gato's head, but he moves forward, not ceasing his own aggression. An upwards fist slams into Scorpion's own chin, knocking him free of the attempted grapple and sending the ninja towards the ground. Ah... it has been some time since Gato put his life on the line in such a fashion. He spits blood off, before digging into his changsang and pulling out a white envelope. "You understand what fighting is. A tool for war. A tool for killing. Not something beautiful or noble. Fine. Follow your vengeance." He drops it upon Scorpion, before turning away with a wobble and retrieving his lost tooth. "And I will follow mine." With that he begins to stride away, battling constantly the blackness of unconsciousness on the back of his mind.

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