Golden Angel 2018 - Golden Angel R1 - Hitomi vs Faust

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Description: Only the first round and already one fight for the Golden Angel was put in jeopardy with Hitomi being injured. Thankfully the young lady was facing the eccentric yet skilled Faust. With his medical knowhow he manages to fix up Hitomi and the fight goes on as planned. And while Faust proves to be a good doctor perhaps he did too good of work. He may have created a monster that will be unleashed on the Golden Angel tournament! (Winner: Hitomi)

There's a buzz surrounding one of the changing and toilet areas. A wild and curly pink haired girl with a triangular ribbon in her hair, varying degrees of a rainbow of pink and a little salmon trout logo on her swim attire was hugging a clipboard to her chest and seemingly arguing with an only slightly older and taller girl with shoulder length brown hair.

The older girl bowing her head in apology over and over she was one of the odd ones out in that she was wearing heavy denim jeans, and jacket overdressed compared to the spectators and staff. One of the jackets arms hang limp though hooked over her shoulder. Beneath, one of her arms lays flat against her ribs and cradled in an over the shoulder sling. Awkwardly it cups the elbow and the fabric pulls taut up to a knot tied behind her neck on the opposing side. Clear signs of a shoulder or break/injury to the collarbone region as Hitomi animatedly gestures to 'shrug' with wide open posture and spread her good arm, but trying not to move her shoulder. Trapped in a conversation which was gradually growing in volume and intensity.

'Nooooo, I'm in charge of this event what am I supposed to do without another contestant! no! No! NO!!'

"I'm sorry, I'm super sorry! Please accept my deepest apologies."

Hitomi was right out of her element, in having to say no and flatly refuse being coerced or bullied into participating with a fractured collarbone... she was confronted with a tantrum being thrown and the girl flatly refusing to accept this.

The pink haired girl going so far as to stomp her feet and continue to get louder. This was her event and she had a sempai she wanted to impress and /Hitomi/ was throwing a spanner in the works. Trying to thwart her plans!?

"I truly am sorry, but there's not much I can do to 'un~break' my arm."

A term she used because it was one of those thrown at her. The crowd milling about were a mix of people who had been getting changed, people with drinks and lollies and as well as those who were out on the buoys for a better and front row seat when the action started. All far more reasonably disappointed but accepting that there wasn't room to force an injured girl to participate. Hitomi wasn't even wearing Golden angel attire as of yet and two or three of the proper tournament staff where deep in quiet and serious conversation. It was simply a last minute problem cause by accident. That happened sometimes!

All this worry about Hitomi not being able to participate makes people forget that it takes two to tango. Their attention has shifted so much on if Hitomi could participate or not that her opponent hasn't even men mentioned or asked about. They also might be distracted by the rather large, old bag that lands in the sand not too far off from everyone with a satisfying 'plop'.

Slowly the zipper opens and out comes a hand. Then another hand. Then a woman starts to scream as the arms flail about wildly then a head pops out. Or at least is probably a head. There is a paper bag with a single hole cut out and the figure wiggles out a bit more to where he is out of the bag at about chest level. "I am sorry I am late! The doctor is in!"

It takes more wiggling, but eventually the figure gets himself fully out of a bag. There is no way he could have fit in there. He is lanky and rail thin, but he has to be well in the nine foot range if he were to stand up straight. He is also dressed in a 1920s style men's swimsuit. Predominantly red, but with white stripe over the chest and a white band around each thigh. "Traveling here was a mess. I swear I will never use that mode of transportation ever again!" He huffs while reaching into the bag and pulling that a scalpel? It looks like one, but most scalpels aren't six feet in length.

"I hope I am not disqualified for the...." That is when he trails off. Hitomi feels his gaze on her and Faust slowly sidles closer as he looks over over. "Hmm hmm! And injury!? My dear tell me what has happened. I can help! I am a doctor!"

The pink haired girl fumbling her clipboard before an multi-swipes arm flailing and mid-air juggling catch and embracing it even tighter to her breast, a glossy 9' x 12' that is a candid photograph of Alma Towazu smiling radiantly, now facing outward. Though everybody was more interested in the contents of a bag just a short distance away, rather than noticing that little detail.

Everybody backed up a little or recoiled with the waving arm sticking out, more-so when a large masked figure emerged, again when he was revealed to be so tall, AGAIN by a factor of 3x when a scalpel was drawn.

The only ones who were not backing away were the pink haired Alma fan who was glowering if still trembling, Hitomi who was taken a step toward and to the left to position herself between the girl and paper bag masked psycho, the Golden Angel representatives were calmly unmoved and entirely awarethere would be some kind of bizarre level of appearance from the urban-legendary Dr. Faust. Their calm and was contagious enough that some of the crowd are applauding the obvious magic trick now.

"A-aha-ahahaha. I-m'sorry'aboutthat.!"

The calm was definately something Hitomi was latching on to. It was a trick maybe. She straightens up and turns to face the doctor, if he was one? Shrugging her jacket off her shoulder it's easy to see the mass of bruising on her collar. An unattractive blotch of purples and black, an older striping of horizontal animal scratch like scar across her across her bicep.

"I got into a match I wasn't strong enough for. There's a fracture, but it's kind of a mess to look at. Not good for a tournament trying to advertise cute swimsuits."

She had signed up for the golden angel more because it looked like fun, and to any fashion minded woman the promise of a product that decided for itself what was fashionable and best suited you was a wonder product.

The Pink haired girl had snuck a good look at the wound and then looked away so hard she might as well have been staring. A sour look on her face like she was tasting something bitter.

'Okay then! There was nothing in the packet about what to do if this happened. I refuse to let this match end by forfeit! We'll just find someone else who is willing to fight instead. The match must go on!'

Hitomi turns her head up to smile at the paper bag man above here.

"That's good news though. It means the match still gets to go ahead. Just, I'm not your opponent."

Which she was INCREDIBLY relieved about, because paper bad with one eye she couldn't' even see. He stood with a height that totally eclipsed her while he was stooped over and the presence of a colossal scalpel taller than she was.

Even hunched over the good doctor is quite tall and still has some height on Hitomi. He just hmms a bit and rubs at part of the paper bag that covers his chin. "Such a nasty looking thiing, but!" he jabs the scalpel into the sand and raises a finger into the air. "I can fix this!"

His long legs move about as he somewhat crab walks in a circle about Hitomi as he looks here and there. A finger coming to rest on a bruise without much pressure as he runs along the collarbone. "The question is do you wish to sit this out or shall I get to work?" he asks after finishing his little circle and his hand rests on the scalpel once more after pulling away from Hitomi's injury. He isn't planning on using that for surgery is he?

"For the one time fee of free I can work a miracle and fix you up so you can compete!" he claps his hands a few times after letting go of the scalpel once more. "Horray for you!" He straightens up to his imposing height fully then sweeps an arm as he bows and motions towards a nearby tent that is often used as a changing room. "Just step inside if you wish and you will be good as new and we can do battle!" He lifts his head and that paper bag stares at Hitomi again. "Or shall we find someone else?"

Everything about this guy was concerning and odd, eccentric was a perfect way to describe him! Though that didn't necessarily imply he was dangerous or meant her harm. Even the touch against the wound wasn't enough to cause her undue pain. He was just kind of ... overwhelming when he was this close.

Free? The prospect of a free service was music to the ears of any student though she was skeptical about what could be done. If he was telling the truth however and could help? Hitomi turns her head to glance at the wound and then back and up at the eyehole in Faust's paper bag mask.

"P-please do!"

Hitomi follows the bowing gesture to point at the mouth of a now suddenly imposing tent. She wasn't in the slightest bit confident, but it was an opportunity she would grasp at because it was dangled in front of her. She hesitantly starts walking toward and into the tent thought she does throw a look back at the pink haired girl and was witness to near dancing for joy and turning in circles to wheel the photograph around her.

it was all her fault for worrying that girl and causing this situation anyway so she had to take responsibility and at least try a long shot odds to make things right.

She steps in willingly, waiting for her eyes to adjust in the interior of what seemed to be a normal changing tent. It wasn't so bad in here at all!

And much to his delight she steps in. He does a little happy dance and a twirl before coming to stop in front of the tent. "No peeking!" He then steps in and draws the tent closed. Oddly it sounds like a door slamming.

To the outside? Well it is hard to tell what is going on. There is some squeaking noise followed by a cat yowling as if it got its tail got in the door. Then there is the sound of drilling. It is all a bit odd and probably the final thing they hear is a recording of Wilhelm's Scream.

For Hitomi it is a weird darkness that seems to envelop the tent. She is fully aware and she thinks she sees a flash of something being drawn. Thankfully he didn't bring in the big scalpel so it isn't that. Then she feels some stinging and painful prodding. Nothing unbearable at least. "Ah hah hah. Whoever did this seems to be an expert fighter. Such clean breaks are easier to work with!" Soon the pain fades and Hitomi starts to realize the pain is mostly just a mild stinging sensation now. Not only that she has full movement and once she gets into better lighting there doesn't even seem nary a scar.

The tent flaps fly open and Faust steps out. "The surgery is a success! The fight will happen!" he declares proudly and he steps away. "Someone give the girl her swimwear! I will wait!" He leaves Hitomi in the tend as he leaps into the air after grabbing his giant scalpel.

Then he starts to swim. Not in the water, but through the air about a foot above water. His long limbs moving about in a strange way as he propels himself forward and he comes to stop on top of the buoy.

She emerges from the tent in a stupor! Hitomi wasn't quite sure what that experience was. There was clearly a door. She'd heard a cat at one point! Raising her hand to press gingerly against the location where her wound had been located there is only clear unbroken skin, and no pain whatsoever. She turns and swivels at the waist to tug her jacket and collar away and inspect the wound.

The magicians assistant and the show before his fight has the crowd plenty interested and hyped, applauding the special effects and showmanship as well as the drama. One of the Golden Angel representatives moves nearby to present an pause midst of passing the bottle to Hitomi, label carefully arranged and pointed toward another who was photographing it changing hands.

Ah, for the product! It made sense.

Graciously accepting and making her way AWAY form that tend to choose another changing room it takes her some time to get ready, stripping off, carefully reading the instructions and then the absolutely natural freaking out and disbelief that this sticky gel like mess she was spreading on her most sensitive areas and skin was ever going to-!!

Hitomi emerges from the changing rooms with bounding enthusiasm. It was a knitwear swimsuit, long peaked triangles covering her breast. On one side a monogrammed 'H' for Hitomi and on the other a sliced and whole mandarin orange with green leaves. The suit was a sunny yellow with red and green selvedge edges lining sides with red or green and thick green cording. It's not a small or immodest swimsuit but robust and still pretty. Hitomi recognized it because it was one she had already made herself. Somehow.. the Golden Angel agreed with her that it suited her.

Hitomi twirls in a circle to show it off, obviously best pleased and makes a show of teasing and tugging on it then to ensure it fit and was still as unlikely to break or snap as the original.

The camera shutter clicking away in overtime as she does so she invariably notices and flashes the camera a V-sign. She was happy with the product. The crowd's reaction was one of growing interest, especially as she began to tease and tug at the cords, plumping and bouncing before working her shoulder around and being super enthused by everything as it was going.

"Okay! Sorry to keep everyone waiting!"

She dives into the pool with a sudden cannonball. Unfurling beneath the water to kick off and glide out towards the buoy without resurfacing. Not even using her arms and simply propelling herself along moving her core and waist to swim like a dolphin a dose of breast stroke as she ascends to the edge of the buoy and reaches up to grab hold.

Drawing herself up without any kind of real effort she reaches behind her to squeeze as much water out of her hair as she can, kicking her feet and shaking the excess water off as well as she can before the match starts. Being slippery with water when you were trying to avoid falling into the pool would work for and against her. She preferred a straight fair fight.

"Sensei! Thanks for your help. I would have felt a little bad about not being able to fight today."

She turns to acknowledge faust, addressing him as a Doctor or near miracle worker should be. Now she had to face the man who'd helped her but she felt nothing but gratitude to him.

"I'm still going to win!"

A cheeky smile as she ceases wringing and lets her hair alone.

Obviously it is hard to tell how happy Faust is at his successful surgery when looking at the bag he wears on his head, but the way he moves has a certain giddiness to them. He just gives a little salute with his free hand as the other shoulders the scalpel. "You are more than welcome, miss. Far am I to deny people entertainment and a chance to hone my craft further!"

He then bends at the knees and shifts his stance some. He seems to he sizing up the fully healed Hitomi and debating how to make the first move. He realizes there is only one way to start off things and he will be sure to do it right! "And shall the best fighter win! That is me? Maybe!"

He at least gives Hitomi a moment to get her balance, but he then hops forward, his large body twirling about and legs straightening. That is when Faust leaps at the girl while leaning forward, his rather bony posterior coming right at her looking to impact and knock her right off the buoy. "It begins!"

COMBATSYS: Faust has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Faust            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hitomi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hitomi           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Faust

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Faust's Medium Throw.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hitomi           0/-------/------<|-------\-------\0            Faust

Hitomi was reacting with just a slight delay since faist attacked before declaring it had begun. Arms extending as if to shove away, Hitomi's hands encounter the oncoming red buttocks and she continues to lean back away from the sight it's just that it just keeps bearing down on her and pressuring her arms. Godt! How much of him was there!

Hitomi leans aside and hunkers down, now positioned below to allow the strike to pass and overshadow her, the shadow moving across her almost bare back she suddenly decides to heavily bump upward.

"Fly away!!"

The cry imitating something someone famous might have said -- Hitomi was channelling a scary and inventive master this particular game. A technique Rainbow Mika had used against her! Bump your opponent up and clear of the ground only spin around into the careening 360 swat with your swung hip. Crush them flat or sent them flying! The wet ground underfoot was an unknown variable but so was everything in life!

COMBATSYS: Faust blocks Hitomi's Tenchi Kaibyaku.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Hitomi           0/-------/------<|==-----\-------\0            Faust

It seems the doctor is unconventional with his fighting style as well as his medical skills. His body long and gangley and hard to get out of the way of. Still Hitomi does well to stop herself from the incoming butt attack and finds perhaps the best way to deal with getting some distance between herself and the good doctor.

With a twirl the scalpel comes about. Not to inflict pain this time around, but to use the flat of it to absorb the first blow as it lifts him upwards. The followup does have some force too it and while Faust is a tall man he isn't exactly heavy. He is easily put skyward as he flaps his arms a few times as if a bird while in mid air. Sure he can swim through the air, but fly? Doesn't look it.

He then starts to fall. "Oh no!" He looks about to drop into the water when oddly a hole seems to open up and he falls right into it before closing. There is no sign of the doctor and Hitomi may not notice the shimmer behind her as a door forms.

It then swings open as Faust opens it and goes to step out. "Whew that was close!" He doesn't even realize the door opening could slam into Hitomi and send her sprawling away. "Now where did she go!?"

COMBATSYS: Faust successfully hits Hitomi with From ...??.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Hitomi           0/-------/--<<<<<|==-----\-------\0            Faust

Yay, that worked!

She like everyone else watches the display of flapping in the air with just a mild wonder and sinking feeling-- if he could actually fly or stall his fall by doing so? Hitomi's jaw drops as he plunges into the pool only to fall without splashing into a hole that really should not be-

There is a yelp as the door clunks into the back of her head, prompting the girl to fold down into a squatting crouch with both hands clamped onto the back of her head and a hissing breath, gently starting to rub at and massage the boo-boo.

Who the heck was she fighting?

it wasn't over yet however. No matter how absurd things were getting!

Standing up and coming round she fair bristles at Faust for these wacky tricks. She didn't know if he was trying to make fun of her or not but either way this was more a game than a real fight. She wasn't going to punch him! She would win the game fair and square.

Her lunge in toward him, she dives into the gap between his legs, if he had spidery long crab limbs then they were all the better to force into a submission.

Wrapping both arms around his leg she rotates her body and rises to force herself up behind his back, forcing him into a half-char where she holds his leg by bridging her own body, leg trapped and held between her breasts and hugging arms.

COMBATSYS: Faust fails to interrupt Power Throw from Hitomi with Going My Way.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Hitomi           0/-------/-<<<<<<|====---\-------\0            Faust

The door shimmers again and disappears once closed. Faust even jumps some and takes a step back. "Oh there you are! So sorry! I just wasn't wanting to get wet." he explains and is he actually apologizing in the middle of the fight? "I am sure you would under.....what are you doing down...Aiee!"

He sees her going down low and he starts to step back. He twirls the scalpel about in one hand and he starts to twist about on the one foot he is standing on. "Well I will just have to, gah!" She then grabs his leg and pulls it out from under him to interrupt whatever he was planning. He flails some as she tugs on that leg and then hugs it in a surprisingly mighty grip.

Though what might throw her off when his head does a full one-eighty. Or at least it looks like it does because that eyehole in the bag is looking back right at her. "I do say! could you twist the other way! I am going to get a horrible cra-aaaahh! Nevermind! There is the big cramp!" He shouts as he flails a bit and tries to pull his leg away.

There are more than a few flash bulbs going off poolside as she wrestles with maintaining her hold on the good Doctor. The karateka strongarming a surprisingly tight but soft hold and stuck with a really clear view of faust's Knee while his foot wibbles around and brushes against her bared belly. It tickles, and he sounded quite clear when he asked her to let go before his leg cramped up.

She persists with the hold for a few seconds and then releases. He wasn't willing to give up and she wasn't going to hold a submission until she actually harmed someone.

With the releases of her hold she spreads her arms wide, after a quick sideways roll across her shoulder she coils up and kicks out into a kip-up back to her feet. Her retreat of a pace or two to allow Faust to rise without threat from her attacking him while he was doing so.


Her arms pass and weave through a kata, drawn against each other and her fist levelled against Faust, before she turns and opens her hands toward him. Open palm, she had no intention of striking him with those fists but she was still ready for him.

"he could take all the time he needed to recover, she wasn't going to present any weaknesses.

"Sorry, I saw an opening."

She did feel kind of bad that it happened right as she seemed to be reliving some kind of apology.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi gathers her will.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Hitomi           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0            Faust

Finally he is released and he shakes his leg about as he gets back up to a single foot and hops about. "Yow yow yow!" He finally seems to get the kink worked out of the leg and he lets out a sigh of relief as his shoulders slump forward. Also it is a good thing his head turned back the proper way. He rubs the side of his bag with his free hand and he just watches the girl for a few moments.

"Ahh? Oh, I would do the same! All is fair in a good fight?" he says and gives a nod. He then seems unsure if she is going to come at him or not. She doesn't move and instead just seems to be readying herself for something. After a moment's hesitation she twirls the scalpel and he leans forward.

His distance is maintained, but he has plenty of reach due to his long arm and the scalpel it comes in quick aimed to graze at Hitomi's side. Even if the blade touches flesh it is less of a giant gash that opens, but more a knick that draws little crimson to the surface. Though if his strike aims true there is more a strange draining sensation.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi counters Medium Strike from Faust with Bukyoku EX.
- Power hit! -

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Hitomi           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=======\=------\1            Faust

That twirling scalpel gleans and glitters in the light. She wasn't unafraid of being slashed, stabbed or run through by the thing. She had to trust in the skill of her opponent using it and her own to evade it.

Her quick dash in and twisting to face the scalpel evades the cutting blades of the scalpel and she had crooked and closed her arms, crossing over the back of the shaft of the scalpel and below it. Clinging like a limpet she reverses the direction her head was turning to look back over she shoulder as her bar leg hooks up and back, aiming and socketing her heel into his armpit at a speed she adds more momentum to pivots on her other leg to throw over her shoulder with all her might.

Straight up into the air he sails, Hitomi goes and then she WHEELS around, still clinging to the spear and using his hold and her own to pinwheel and slam Faust into the ground on his back while she remains free-floating in the air. Still gripping the scalpel she slides down the length with a startled squawk and hip checks into his face and shoulders without the actual intent to. The force of their combined might leaving her a little surprised though relieved, still seated on a loud and wrinkling paper bag she quickly leaps off of.

Ah! -tha-she didn't mena for that last bit to happen.

There was maybe good call to apologize to the doctor after doing that. The red in her cheeks directly corresponded to how embarrassing it was. She could save the apologies until after the match.

A long reach is an advantage usually. In this case the hesitation combined with Hitomi taking a moment to focus herself and watch the movements of the doctor work well in her favor. "Hey that is! Whoa!" His reach does nothing to help him at this point. Upwards he goes and then he holds on tight for the crazy ride that sees him smacked down hard onto the ground with a resounding oof. The scalpel let go as he tries to regain focus.

OH GOD! It is coming right for him!

Then comes the impact that was not intentional. Even still there is the crackling of a paper bag as Hitomi sits there and realizes what she just did. In fact things feel pretty flat like she is sitting on part of the buoy and not on someone's head. Did she just explode his head!? Getting up to turn about she would see the bag flat and not containing a head. There is no bloody mess of an exploding head too which is a big relief. She may also notice the rest of Faust's body is missing.

There is just no sight of him and Hitomi is left looking about for a few moments before a rather nice rug has somehow appeared on the buoy and it gets pulled back. Faust slowly rises from under it and holds a finger to the bag (he must carry multiple) as if he is telling the onlookers to be silent. Then he slowly turns his attention to Hitomi. This may not end well.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Faust's True Spearpoint Centrifuge Dance EX!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Hitomi           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0            Faust

The good doctor claps his hands together and there is a bit of a glint. His fingers extending as he thinks he has surprised Hitomi. He then thrusts forward. Children get their eyes covered. Women scream and some of the men cheer on Faust.

Then the fingers impact and....bounce off? Faust is very confused and tries again and again. Okay now it is getting just a bit embarassing as his surprise attack seems to do nothing. He quickly ducks back under the rug and a moment later a hole opens in the sky and Faust falls out with arms raised and waving a little white flag with one hand.

Between the crushing attack from before and her buns of steel that could stop one of his most dangerous attacks the doctor is unsure of what to do. "I give up! Who gave you the implants back there!? I must know your surgeon!"

The perspective of the hole in an empty paper bag: A girl with short brown hair slowly leans into frame staring down into it. She'd seen Faust emerge from a duffel bag earlier. It could be another trick but he might still be in there somewhere. Tense and focused she starts reaching down to pinch the bag between index finger and thumb, concerned she swallows hard before reaching down to whisk it awa-HEEEY


An exclamation expressing surprise and sudden discomfort. There's a plumping and filling out that stretches the word "Juicy" printed in a bright lime green across the back of the bikini briefs. A firm elasticity to the bathing suit that just seems to bounce back into place and jiggle just slightly with the initial and then each repeated poke or thrust and release.


Even at different angles of attack the suit remains a pliant but impenetrable, the jiggling covering a much denser layer of muscle was firmly clenched now the element of surprise was lost. A mortified and fire engine red faced Hitomi was turning to look back; hands sweeping back on either side of her hips as she spins on her heel to confront the doctor.


He escapes her field of view back into concealment in a timely fashion before she's completely turned, thumbs seizing the outside edge of her bikini briefs she lifts the outside edges and gives them a tug, allowing a snap back into place.

A low chorus of voices and a couple of higher pitched voices thanking 'Sensei' make it to her ears from the poolside and one of the buoys nearby where one lads there has friends appearing to be trying to fish him out of the water.

Hitomi rounds again, expecting another surprise attack only to be confronted by her opponent being present in plain sight and waving a small white flag. That catches her across the knees; nobody is more surprised by this turn of events than she is. She visually and openly double checks what she is seeing with her own eyes, before taking a calming breath and standing tall, trying to let go of all that tension and stiffness.

Awkwardly silent she has absolutely no idea what Faust was talking about regarding implants and surgery. Implants in the back.. where? Her backside? Arms rigid at her side she executes a formal waist deep bow to the 'Sensei' and loudly declares.

"Ah! Aha~ah ...Thank-you-for-the-match."

Trying to inexpertly derail this odd off-road conversation and once again get back to the train of thought she could work with. She usually wasn't particularly self-conscious about her body but the cameras catch her twisting her torso to try and get quick survey on why Faust might think about her. Form her own opinion on whether her butt looked bigger in this outfit! A beet-red faced innocent with a natural reaction as if there were no audience looking on.

"uhm -- what made you think.. that?"

COMBATSYS: Hitomi takes no action.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Hitomi           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|=------\-------\0            Faust

There is is a visible look of relief from Faust as he seems to slump his shoulders and he lowers the flag and drops it. Never has he been bested in such a manner, but today has shown he must improve on his skills as his ultimate technique had failed him this day. He then straightens himself up and he starts to bow, but then realizes he is too close so he takes a hop back and almost off the buoy before returning the bow.

"Hmm? Ah hah hah! No reason! I was just thinking aloud! That must be it!" he says while quickly standing back up straight and waving his hands some. "I am glad you are feeling better and I am sure you you will tell all your friends of a good doctor if they are in need." That might not be the best idea. Good he may be, but he might be a bit much for most people.

He gingerly slips around Hitomi to grab his scalpel and he goes for his bag. He opens it up to drop the large item inside and Hitomi might see a minature version of Faust try to get out before he stuffs it back in quickly and closes the bag. "I am sure we will cross paths again! I shall be here for some time to fight and make sure everyone doesn't get hurt too bad!"

COMBATSYS: Faust has left the fight here.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           1/-----<</<<<<<<<|

The antics of the doctor were quite comedic, he had returned her bow and seemed as hand waving awkward as she was sometimes. Polite and kind of funny in a way she appreciated but wasn't a hundred percent sure she understood. She chirps in agreement with his terms. He was a miracle worker being able to do what he'd done for her shoulder; Aaaand -- it's not like she had many friends to actually tell about him.

Perhaps if Honoka needed a good doctor! For if someone at the circus got really sick or injured. -- or perhaps another performer! An encounter with someone like this was obviously grounds for a good story to share with a friend like Honoka. Dr. Faust also seemed to have a lot of curious and amazing tricks.

She'd caught sight of something moving before it got squashed back down into the bag, hands behind her back and fingers interlaced she was leaning hard to the side and away from the buoy trying to get a better look at what it had been. In a white coat?


A brisk head nod of agreement, she'd tell her friends... friend.

"If you don't have to leave yet I'm sure there's looots of fun to be had here."

Leaping around on these buoys, with plenty of company as the event is called and the crowd free to invade the pool area surrounding the fighters. People egging one another on, swimming or floating!

There were inflatable animal floats to be ridden and a snack bar to get an ice cream at some point. It would be an amazing afternoon, filled with company and a cheerful energetic mood as people trying to talk to her and show her new activities she hadn't gotten to try yet. Time flying as everyone has fun, the photographers trailing along while capturing every opportune moment and angle.

"Ah! If only I had the time. While this has been fun I am a doctor. As a doctor I should make sure no one else needs my help!"

A tiny hand reaches out of the bag and he gives it a swat before reaching in and digging about. Some strange noises like a jackhammer and a bird squawk are heard before he produces an umbrella. Strange for him to bring that out. There isn't a cloud in the sky and no threat of rain given how the park is set up. He hums a bit to himself as he opens the umbrella then closes his bag to pick it up with his free hand.

"I am sure we shall meet again. For now I am needed elsewhere, I am sure!" With that he leaps upwards and holds the umbrella up high. His legs start to kick and he remains in the air somehow. There is a slight breeze and sure he is light, but Faust there should be no possible way he could just he floating in the air and being carried away. Then again there has been a lot of questionable things today that the doctor has done and this might be one of the least odd ones. "Have fun everyone!" He calls as he drifts off towards the exit of the waterpark.

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