World Warrior 2018 - World Warrior Qualifier - Sylvie vs Gato

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Description: Sylvie seeks out a World Warrior Entrance! First, she has to contend with the likes of GATO - can she overcome, or will she be sent back, found wanting!? (HINT: It's Sylvie)

In the midst of the shrine there lingers a lone soul; settled down cross-legged, the powerfully muscled warrior wears an orange changshan with white lining and voluminous dark pants, many of the top ribbons of his coat undone to bare his pectorals. Leaning forward, a fist is pressed into either knee, harsh yet handsome face shrouded by black hair. The world knows he is one of the three -- those who have the incredibly valuable invitations to Strolheim manner, fit to give out to those he chooses. Such recognition is hardly what he wants. Although he hopes his father will take notice, another is going to be much more troublesome. No matter... his goals matter more than any awkwardness with the woman who insists on calling him 'brother'.

With all their forces all over, NESTS didn't want to directly send one of their own. That's why, indirectly, they said that there was a way for SUPER EXPOSURE that was available for Sylvie, her circus job, and also just her total rising star from being a hero to 'save the world from the thunder god'. It would be absolutely shocking, they said, if she would manage to get to the top! They cheered her on! They puffed Sylvie's self-respect up!

They made popcorn and got a /load/ of drinks.

Part of the the purpose for sending Sylvie out to face Gato for 'potential benefits' is that she would totally do it. Second of all, Sylvie would likely make it entertaining no matter what happened! Third of all, well, Sylvie wasn't directly NESTS - and in a constant positive and negative swing, was forced to consistently demonstrate, unknowingly, what she is capable of. This falls into line of nearly everything. In the shrine, the lone soul would feel something quite out of whack as Sylvie approaches. It's not a slow approach. It's a concentrated 'what in the hell' approach, with Sylvie crackling across the ground as she shoots her hands to the ground. Skimming across the ground leading to the temple, Sylvie's ruined her surprise-factor, electromagnetic chi accelerating her towards Gato before she comes to a stop, the electricity dispersing as she skids to a stop before Gato, tall boots and puffy hair raised behind her instead of hanging. There's more to be said about her attire and clothing - but really, that could go on all day.

"Hey Heeeey~! Sylvie's here! Hope she didn't keep you waiting! You look like you could get suuuuuper bored easy, you know?" Sylvie giggles, wiggling her fingers infront of her before raising them upwards and stretching, "Mmmm, not as much as Sylvie could be, though! Eeehehehe... sooo, you're Gato or whatever, right? That makes you some kinda cat, don't it? I don't see any tails or anything though."

It might not be Gato's purpose to beat up Sylvie, as she attempts to claim victory - but damn, it might be a benefit all the same!

Such a brazen usage of chi hardly leaves Gato's notice. His head tilts to the side. Powerful, but lacking refinement. Doubtlessly a warrior, come to break his reverie. Good. He has always found meditation tedious, despite acknowledging it's point. His eyes slit open to peer at her, and there's immediate dislike. Her style of dress is an affront to his mundane roots. Although he's little interest in what she says, peering past to instincts trained to fight, a body honed for combat. Interest; she is like a vessel of martial potential. A shame that what pilots it seems so... eccentric. "Enough." Gato proclaims, slowly rising up from the ground in a fluid motion. "If you wish to speak with me, use your fists. Our relationship begins and ends on the battlefield." He turns then, pivoting to face Sylvie. "But do not waste my time. I have no interest in the weak." Rather arrogant words, for someone almost entirely unknown in the tournament world. However, Krauser would never entrust someone lacking in skill with so vital a role as those invitations...

Completely pointlessly made to fight, the same reasons Gato dislikes Sylvie just hap-pen to be the same reasons that NESTS could not count on her to do /anything right/. Something along the lines of abandoning missions, doing what she wants, and emotions causing chaos with the parameters. After the tenth time and a bottle of jack by her handlers, there was a towel they physically threw at her.

It was also pretty heavy and sort of caused her to teeter over. A towel shaped like a wrench. Okay so it was a wrench.

With a bright grin towards Gato, Sylvie thrusted both hands towards the man - both in the peace sign motif, "Enough? But we're JUST getting started!" Sylvie proclaims. Of course, Gato rises up and tells her, flat out, to fight or get out, go away, and never come back! "Awwww, but you seem like such a nice guy! Like, we could go get a drink or two after this... milkshakes! Chocolate! No wait, STRAWBERRY!" Sylvie giggles, throwing a thumb towards Gato - upwards, fist closed.

"Well, if you won't talk... Mr. Eyeball! You'll help too, right? Oh, yeah, 'course you would! What's that... I should show him my power!? Is he calling Sylvie's paula power weak!?"

With a gasp, hands on each side of her head, Sylvie reels backwards. "WELL WE'LL SHOW HIM!"

With reckless abandon, the woman spins around in place for a moment - before throwing out both hands and legs, balling both fists. "Sylvie POWEEEEEEEEEER~!" Planting herself on the ground, the failure creates a rather sudden surge of energy, electricity crackling all over her body. "Heehehee... how 'bout that?!" She asks, breathing raggedly.

That is, before spinning forwards to lash out towards Gato with one of those gloved hands.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sylvie           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Gato has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Gato             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sylvie

COMBATSYS: Gato fails to counter Aggressive Strike from Sylvie with Ou-Ga.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gato             0/-------/------=|=======\=------\1           Sylvie

Gato likes to think of himself as a man in control. Although he acknowledges the raging beast within, and attempts to use such as a strength as opposed to a liability. It is difficult, but to him there is no true power without risk and sacrifice. A slow exhale follows as he invokes a dangerous technique, igniting the chi internally in his body. His muscles seem to harden, power flowing through him with a grimace of pain. "I've no time for your lunacy! Come!!" he demands, voice sounding sharper. Yet her body language becomes easier to read; her movements seem erratic, but the assault erupts forward as he expected. He stamps down into a stance, whirling his arms about. Ah. She's fast. Faster than he expected. The hand slams into his chest, and sends the muscled man skidding backwards a meter. An angry print of fingers is upon his chest. But a moment later his eyes slit back open, flowing into a strong stance. "So you will not break in the first second. Good. Then you may be worth my time." Still. This is no warrior. This is a poorly sharpened weapon...

The dangerous attempt by Gato is gone unnoticed by Sylvie - since the woman simply has no idea how to 'read' combat. It's more likely that Sylvie falls face first on a solution or brute forces it rather than figures it out herself. Within some reason. At this time, the muscles harden, power flowing - no time for lunacy. Sylvie's lunacy, however, is a double edged sword.

As Gato stamps into a stance whirling his arms out, Sylvie twirls forwards with her entire body - the print of fingers from her body spinning altogether. The flair that Sylvie seems to be going for is certainly a part of her fighting style. The rest of Sylvie's body twirls together with the strike, following through as she twists about oddly - and then ends on one foot. The foot is lowered as she tilts her head, odd bits and parts hanging from the hair. "Oohhhhh? Even if Sylvie broke at the first second, it's not like she only has /one/ second, geeeeze~." Sylvie explains. "Sylvie's been broken dozens of times. What's one more! Oh... Mr. Eyeball, he thinks Sylvie is worth his time!" She claps, a single step, overly obvious, made as she strides forwards, throwing it out elegantly to make another stride. "...So Sylvie better SPEED UP TOO!"

Hands crackle with electromagnetic energies as Sylvie throws herself towards Gato, hands shooting behind her to send her hurtling towards Gato from 0 to 100! As she passes him, Sylvie aims to lash out, hands grasping for one of his arms before she'd tilt forwards, wrenching it, and his body, towards the ground as she tumbles forwards, still carrying all that momentum. It might even cause him to skid on the ground - since if she doesn't grab him, she'll definitely have to skid to a stop behind him!

COMBATSYS: Gato blocks Sylvie's Medium Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Gato             0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1           Sylvie

Gato had underestimated the NESTS tool; but he considers that a personal failing, more than a strength of Sylvie. It's clear in this brief exchange his is a superior fighter, in terms of martial and physical ability. But that does not settle a conflict. It was made clear to him that more than that is required... but can a mind so dim and distant truly hold the tenacity and will of a warrior? This time, the burst of speed is expected. No risk taken, as he's grasped tightly. His body seems to harden... and then Sylvie stops dead. It is as if she tried to glide while grasping a great tree, roots sank into the ground. An utter dominance of his personal stance and core. No words, this time. A slow exhale as he whirls around, ignoring the hand trying to grip him. Then his toes dig upon the soil, explosively launching him forward into a sudden swing towards her sternum, aiming to slam his fist into her with a violent eruption of angrily displaced air...!

COMBATSYS: Gato knocks away Sylvie with Shin-Ga.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Gato             0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1           Sylvie

Dim and distant is exactly what Sylvie /might/ be. A failure, she is capable of so much more - but it's very clear that is not being utilized. Like a 200 watt bulb plugged into a source that only provides 40, it flickers and barely manages to spread light. However, as NESTS had found, there are moments when somehow things... just work. It may not be clear now! There is plenty of combat left between the two.

As Gato's body hardens, Sylvie grasps hard and wrenches and - hangs there for an embarrassing moment. "WHAAAAT!? Why can't I move you what's going on!?" The woman asks, wrenching all she tries. "MR. EYEBALL I DON'T UNDERSTAND!" She cries out - all before the man exhales, whirls around, and tries to slam a fist directly into Sylvie's core. It's not unexpected, almost. Almost! Because Sylvie is suddenly rocketing backwards through the air, unable to speak - barely able to gasp as she is impacted, skipping against the ground and skidding along the ground. It's quite impressive, really, as her form seems to float in the air after she skips against the ground, airborne once more before she displaces part of a tree - cracking it as she stops.

A horrid torrent of coughing comes out as Sylvie pulls herself up, a struggling hand grasping the tree as she grits her teeth. "M-My.. y-you play HARD don't you....?" She 'happily' and 'cheerfully' exclaims, pulling herself free in the only way she knows how - electromagnetic energy surging around her more-so. It's almost oppressive, but it would certainly cause hair to stand on end. "Y-You knoooow... I THINK you need MORE!" Sylvie cheerfully answers as she shoots straight upwards, skywards, before changing her path and aiming to drill straight downwards towards Gato, dress frilling outwards as she does so, making her more like a twirling arrow as she lances down - electromagnetics pulling her towards the ground faster and faster!

COMBATSYS: Gato counters Fierce Punch from Sylvie with Hou-zan Sai Meki-Ga.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gato             0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie

There wasn't a proper report from that punch. Subconsciously or not, Sylvie managed to harden her body and flow with the kinetic energy to some degree. Had she not, she would be dead right now. He struck hard enough to kill a normal person several times over; her sex, her build, her antics, there was no holding back. In combat, one should give their all. This ideal is the main reason Wolfgang Krauser recruited him for this duty. Well -- not that such had anything to do with why Gato agreed. This is a strange assault, but spiraling down in that manner makes it clear that Sylvie cannot change her angle of attack very easily. At the last moment he waves to the side, legs lancing past him. And then he explosively flexes, slamming his body upon her to spike the NESTS girl into the dirt adjacent, likely hard enough to skid face-down for a few meters. "Your mind and your body are out of sync. Pathetic. This is no game, tool. It seems your very brain has gone haywire...!!"

Like a lance, Sylvie's path is set. Give or take gravity. Instead, the 'what acts upon it', is clear. Legs lance PAST Gato and the body is slammed hard enough for Sylvie to spike into the ground adjacent to Gato. It actually bounces, flopping over to skid to a stop on the edge. With a ragged cough and hacking, Sylvie - who had started /so well/ seems to have entirely been based on beginners luck. There is no hardening or prevention on the top level. Sylvie doesn't have a goddamn /clue/ how fighting is supposed to work.

That's because Sylvie, alone, has learned by herself. Like a baby figuring out how to walk on it's hands and knees instead of legs, Sylvie was never corrected - because she never met the requirements of NESTS. Sylvie gets an earfull. Mind and body out of sync. Pathetic. Tool. "Hahaha.. Heeehehe! Mr... Mr. Eyeball, he's insulting Sylvie..." The woman weakly gets to her feet, staggering forwards towards Gato before cashing down a few feet from him, "Like... that was ... anything worth what Sylvie's HEARD GODDAMIT!" She yells out, growling, "C'MON! IS THAT IT!?" She pounds the ground again, only a few feet from Gato.

"...Ghh.. Sylvie can't fight anymore... looks li-PSYCHE!"

Her feet were rubbing against the ground, charge building - and now they kick off, Sylvie grasping for Gato - a sudden surge of energy rolling through her entire body, "If you think Sylvie's mind and body are outta sync, JUST YOU WAIT!" If Gato isn't able to get away from the grasp in time, he'd be momentarily paralyzed as an electric cage would form around him, Sylvie swinging him around by an electric link towards the parts of the shrine, slamming against the ground, walls, and tree - she did, because vindiction - and then the ground, where Sylvie would drop kick him straight into the ground.

Would Gato see through the trick!?

COMBATSYS: Gato dodges Sylvie's Magneto-Trapo!.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Gato             0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\-------\0           Sylvie

A single punch does not define a fight. Gato's still got a fading handprint, but it's clear that did little more than get his attention. It allowed him to understand the flow of the girl. She is eccentric, but to someone so ruthlessly reactive, it creates less openings; a more unsure fighter, one with less experience and brutal training, would doubtlessly struggle. The strange temper-tantrum makes Gato slip backwards, however. She has much more power than she can use. That means destructive force, and potentially speed and power. "..." It was good he remained wary. She is upon him in a heartbeat, as her hands part. Yet the dirt seems to explode, and suspended within the cage of electricity is a few grassy clods. Above, Gato's descending with legs parting, aiming to clamp his mighty thighs around her neck. To crush her with their own incredible potency, and then twist to SNAP her neck to the side. A normal person's neck would be shattered in multiple places. Well, presumably she's anything but normal. "Hrmph!! You have reached the peak of instinct, beast!! I am not ashamed by your weakness. But how strong you could be, if you properly trained!!"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie fails to interrupt Mu-Ga from Gato with Kaiten Coil.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Gato             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Sylvie

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has reached second wind!

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Gato             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Sylvie

Staggering forwards, lunging, Sylvie flails as she misses Gato. "WHAT!? WHY! Aren't you gonna give me ONE BREAK!" Sylvie almost temper-tantrums towards Gato, "GRRR!" She growls, for real - the entire facade of happiness and cheerfulness thrown away. As skilled as Gato makes Sylvie out to be - it's /not/ Sylvie that is standing before him that seems to be driving that. Sylvie throws the dirt to the ground in rage, the cage smashing against the ground as she leers up towards Gato.

Oh, /HELL/ no. He's not getting away! HE. IS. NOT. "Ehehee! DUMB! Sylvie's COMING AFTER YOU!" Electricity shoots off the ground as Sylvie accelerates upwards towards Gato, chi surrounding her legs and body as she twirls upwards, surging. "I'll just GET YOU HERE AND EVEN IT U-"

The legs wrap around her neck - and twist. There's a snap, Sylvie crashing to the ground after the legs twist and potentially, seemingly, break every bone in Sylvie's trachea - ending the life of a 'rising' ''fighter''. The body crashes to the ground with no response. A few seconds pass before that is clearly not the case. Sparks travel along Sylvie's body as the hands carefully press against the ground before her. Eyes remain closed as first a knee and then a leg bring her to a standing position, still 'within' Gato's grasp.

A seperate set of eyes seem to open, eyeing the situation, the surroundings. It's unlikely change could be made. "..." The woman remains silent, what almost might be a third 'eye' opening to take in the man as well. It's unlikely that anything will manage to change the state of the battle, but it's not quite over just yet.

Gato remains standing above Sylvie as she lays prone. Merely ascertaining whether the woman is dead or not; there's little more to the gesture than that. When she spasms and moves beneath him, there's a slow exhale. "I see. I cannot guess in your state if you would forfeit. And I cannot trust your judgement. So." He brings up his fist and then exhales, a visible waft of air whirling before him. His muscles seem to bulge out slightly, as he whirls his rear leg backwards. There's time to rise; time to make a defense. One forearm hefted, he then moves. Every muscle, every tendon, every nerve is in unison. The rotation of hips and joints. All work like snapping rubber bands, building up momentum. Like a great train, pressing his body to the limits, feeling things strain and break, he throws his full force into a massive, singular punch. A loud roar leaves him, and regardless of whether Sylvie is hit or missed, a massive explosion of dirt, stone, and more flies meters into the air; raining down in an obsfucating cloud across the surrounding shrine. Killing intent. Not because he wishes to murder her; no. Because he does not care if she survives.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks Gato's Mou-Ko Kou Hakan.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Gato             1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1           Sylvie

It's clear he cannot trust Sylvie's judgement. It's unlikely she can trust anything about her, honestly! Yet it's as Gato moves - every muscle in unison aimed to simply snap her in half. The ground explodes. The massive explosion of dirt, stone, and more explodes outwards - and Sylvie doesn't manage to avoid it. The risk is too much. Instead, the woman has decided to weather it.

The frail looking arms spark as they hold the strike at bay, flexing, struggling from the impact that had been prevented by inches. It doesn't even seem like the majority of the strike was prevented, but the force that was put forth was clearly more than Sylvie can easily endure. Yet now, as she struggles to hold it, it's clear there is something more - chi managing to keep an electromagnetically charged repulsion to prevent the impact of the fist - which Sylvie manages to slide away, and out, before it slams down.

The form of the girl rolls to the side, beaten and bruised - clearly worse for wear. Yet the energy she has is actually used, actually put to purpose, a hand whipping out as she skids out from under the impact of the assault. A third eye threatens to open as the energy is condensed from the raw, untapped power that flows through her. Swirling around the hand of the woman, rings of warnings begin to condense around it - technological ribbons that seem to wrap and writhe around the circle of energy that is growing before her.

"Restrictions released. Energy gathered. Release."

The third eye fully opens, appearing upon the ball as it turns to Gato and begins to charge towards him, Sylvie seemingly pushing it forwards, electromagnetically repulsing it towards Gato.

Only then does she comes to, rubbing her eyes, "EH!? Huh!? Did, did I get ya? WHA! You're NOT HURT OR ANYTHING WHAT HAPPENED!" She roars, huffing, "GHHH... was it like a train.. or something... owowowo I'LL GET YOU BACK FOR THAT!"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Gato with Mechahaya Reboot.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Gato             1/---====/=======|-------\-------\0           Sylvie

This is it. The moment that Gato was worried about. He knew that Sylvie was a ticking time bomb; such is why he tried to shatter her, destroy her, remove her ability to fight back entirely. But she should not have been able. At least, within the scope of ability that Gato had believed. His arm, bulging and veins visible, presses down upon her crossed arms within the crater formed beneath her. "...!" He should have leapt away. Retreated. A mistake, but normally not a major one. The great burst of chi washes over him, and there's a snarling cry as the magnetism hurtles him straight into the sky. A few seconds later, Gato lands with a heavy thump in the churned ground. He does not immediately rise. One hand, then the other, slams down to draw his frame upwards. Dirt rolls down his shoulders, changshan torn and battered. His face covered in burns. "...Yes. If you could command that power at will... then this may have been a different battle." he intones. Staggering forward, he then charges towards Sylvie. His assault this time is all speed, and no force. A slam into the chest to stun the girl as she rises, as he once more surges to wrap his legs about her neck. This time, lightning is rippling across his own frame, dark cerulean. "ZERO..." He then attempts to twist, as a great burst of lightning erupts, empowering his assault as he tries to wrench her head in the opposite direction as the last. "KIBA!!" Only to then whirl in a backflip, carry her along, and then slam her upon the ground with a last, lightning-enhanced punch aimed to drive into her midsection!!

COMBATSYS: Gato successfully hits Sylvie with Zero Kiba.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Gato             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Sylvie

"Control w-... eh? EH!?" Sylvie watches as Gato lands with a heavy thump, eyes widening as he seems all beaten up. "Sylvie d... OF COURSE Sylvie did it! See what Sylvie means? She's totally the best, and DESERVES one of those invites!" The woman proclaims, despite being run ragged. A moment of energy before she, once again, begins to falter, "Tch... dammmiiiit! See! Sylvie isn't just a piece of TRASH!" She bites out as Gato charges. Oh. OH CRAP.

"Noooo Sylvie is NOT UP FOR THI-" Yet there is struggling, dashing - and then legs wrap around her neck. Lightning ripples across the frame, the twist more than attempted as Sylvie's complaints are made quite known from her flailing and loud muffled noise. "MPHHH! MPPPPPPH!!!!" She protests, the other direction wrenching - and even LOUDER protests. Finally, she's slammed into the ground of the shrine, her bits and pieces of eyeballs all shredded on her head - like her feet and such as well. They all go limp and weak when the stomach is punched - midsection jolting like a medical tool was used.

"You .. b-bastard... Sylvie's .. not ... friggen done... with you ... YET." She growls, hands weakly mimicking the power he managed to control and project, copying it, before an eruption of electricity attempts to jolt him from such a close distance! It's clearly a last ditch effort - but since when did that ever stop Sylvie? Certainly not now!

"Sylvie... ain't... done yet... either!" She proclaims, during the jolt, the swath of electricity arcing infront of her trying to include her as well, to jump-start herself!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Gato overcomes Denki Kaijin from Sylvie with Kou-Ga.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Gato             0/-------/---====|

Sylvie topples back, unable to jump-start herself!

There's a smooth flow from Gato. The electricity gathers as Gato similarly whirls. He slams his palm forward, and a burst of sheer force explodes, overcoming the lightning and then slamming into Sylvie, to knock her further away. He waits, for longer than he normally would, to confirm she is down. A spit to the side follows, rubbing soot from his jaw. "Make a decision, beast. Be content with what you are. Half-made. Or decide to become strong. You have the potential to stand at this stage... but not as you are now. Without mastering your body and mind... this is your limit." Heavy footsteps stride past Sylvie, leaving her upon the ground. Heedless of anything further she might have to say.

COMBATSYS: Gato has ended the fight here.

As Gato strides off, Sylvie would twist about with what little remained of her energy, clawing the ground. "T-the fu......" Hackcough, "Do you m... mean become... strong!?" She growls, before falling back onto her back. She'd need a lot of rest bfore she could stand, especially as she is knocked away, launched rolling. That had left her on her back, staring upwards.

"...Hahah.. hahah... Sylvie ... was called a beast....! A BEAST!" It cracks her up, "T.That's way better... than trash, i-isn't it Mr. Eyeball!?" Another chorus of hacking and laughter as she can't help it.

"...Do you think we... can do it, mr Eyeball?" Hrghhhh, "....Wonder if the circus guys know....maaaaaybeeee...." She exclaims, wiggling her feet. IT's all she can do at the moment. "Haaaah... guess they won't get.... their free publicity... eheh ehe-" HACK, "I'll tell you a secret, Mr. Eyeball.... I ... I kinda wanna break him.~" Her neck, sore, isn't moving much, "Mhmm! In half. SNAP!" The nonsense discussion continues until she is moved, or can move herself.

A woman laying on her back, talking to herself.

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