Tsubaki - Melancholy Reunions

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Description: In the aftermath of Tsubaki Yayoi's battle with Ragna The Bloodedge, the Second Lieutenant recovers from her wounds. Clio St. Jeanne arrives to offer a friendly shoulder of support.

After a fight. After some ice cream. After finding out the precise locations of a certain Tsubaki Yayoi. Lieutenant Clio St. Jeanne has finally made for a very quick dash to find and visit her friend. Clio has had an eventful time lately, and getting back into direct contact with the friend that was on lead for the Chain Man case was difficult. And after she was pulled back by Kagura, she simply never had the moments come to her. Too much was changing, too fast. Compounded with a degree of concern after her meeting with Captain Hazama in the woods, and it's made for a difficult time that Clio has been fairly content with ignoring.

Following fighting a demon spawn from the pits of hell alongside Noel has been a distinct reminder to Clio of one of the many reasons she fights. So with a fresh uniform, the Lieutenant has made her way to the hospital currently being fielded by the NOL.

She can't help but notice it's a good deal nicer than the field commandeered location originally used by the NOL where she had visited Noel. At least Tsubaki got a nicer recovery hole. Her friend deserved something a bit nicer.

"Lieutenant St. Jeanne. Yes, I was told Lieutenant Yayoi was here. I'm looking to visit her. We graduated the academy together. I just want to drop something off if she can't take visitors," she tries to explain a gamut of information to the orderlies on duty for the time being. Not just the proof of rank and identity, but exactly why it should be okay for her to wear a length of chain like she would a sleeve over her left arm. Her right holding a small box wrapped in colorful paper.

Tsubaki was only a couple days from release. Even with healing magic, she wanted to ensure her release was done properly. There were gaps in her memory from after the fight with Ragna The Bloodedge, and even during it. But no one had been able to find anything wrong with her. A concussion from the fight no doubt, and numerous blade and magical wounds. But thanks to magical healing, and some additional monitoring, Tsubaki was allowed visitors and today had been up and about.

She was returning to her room when she saw Clio speaking with orderlies and nurses. From behind, at first there was some bit of uncertainty as to who it could be. Then came the reallization. "Leutenant St. Jeanne? Clio St. Jeanne?" comes the voice of Tsubaki from oof to Clio's left. The red haired scion of house Yayoi looking vastly improved to her initial admittance to the hospital.

It's been a few years since graduation. Clio St. Jeanne left the Academy shortly after and returned to Metro City to serve her time there. And until recently, that has been her home. The war's changed things, drawn her to Japan where the promise of old friends and new potential made an eager acceptor to Kagura Mutsuki's terms. And also where she has scene the dark depths the NOL is capable of, and learned more than a few secrets of some of the higher ups. And through it, her resolve has been tested and has come out the stronger.

The Clio St. Jeanne Tsubaki may remember from the Academy days is not quite the one standing in the hospital foyer. Turning to look at each other, the recognition could not be any more clear. Her hair is cut, for one, far shorter than it had been during the Academy days. And she's taken to darkening her eyes with a much better hand at makeup and shadows. But she smiles in the same way, and the heavy chain that twines her arm like a serpent is not much different from that keepsake she used to smuggle around from home when she snuck out to 'hunt' for any dangers or threats at night.

Clio just stares for a moment, blinking, then she wipes at her eye. "Hi," she says, and then, like an afterthought, raising the little box. "I got you something. It's good to see you up and walking around again. I'm really sorry I didn't get here sooner, Tsubaki. Really. It's so, so good to see you again." Her words come out like a stream let loose.

Motioing to a some chairs in a small sitting area, Tsubaki smiled to Clio. It's a bit tired, but not weak. "It's alright. I myself rushed ahead with the mission and well...this was the result." A sigh as she settles into one of the seats, rubbing the bridge of her nose for a moment, "I'm glad to see you though. Another friendly face was what I needed."

Settling in, Tsubaki seemed to be over most of the lingering aches and pains she had been subjected to. "You seem to be doing well, I hope my being out of commission hasn't affected any operations too much?" Who was she kidding, as a 0th Division member, she rarely was needed for joint missions outside of taking on major targets. Unlike how she had handled the matter with Ragna.

Clio enters the sitting room and takes a seat in a drop that shows some of how tired the woman might actually be. She leans forward to put the box on Tsubaki's lap, insistent. "I think we could all use that lately," she says with a nod. "Noel and I just, eheh, I won't bore you. She is something else when she gets going in a fight, though." She smiles and looks at Tsubaki with barely concealed concern.

"Not really. The whole investigation into the Chain Man and Noel, well, that's not my concern anymore. I gave my findings to Captain Hazama myself. It was an insightful conversation." She speaks with a sliver of an edge, clinking her chains together in time. "Been out on the streets. Taking the fight one night at a time. Being the light. And these people need it after everything they've been through. Gears, Darkstalkers, Demons." She shakes her head. "Bloodedges, multiple."

Covering her statement to see how Tsubaki acts in the short term word blitz, she waves to the wrapped gift box. "It's a present. You should open it. You'll like it."

Tsubaki notes the exhaustion with which Clio collapses into the seat next to her. "Maybe we could." she agrees. Things had been moving faster than she anticipated. Then comes talk of concern for Noel. There's an odd flash across Tsubaki's face. Anger? Sadness? Happiness? It's not her usual expression, especially when talking of one of her best friends. But she nods, "I've seen it. She is...something else indeed."

As the package is placed in her lap, Tsubaki lifts her hands in a manner of surrender, her hands beginning to carefully open it. The chain man? Right The Chain Man! The investiagation she had...had...been told to stop. She pauses in the opening at mention of MULTIPLE Bloodedges. "How could there be more than one? A copycat?"

Then comes the insistence that she open the present, and she finally undoes the wrapping to peer inside and see just what her old friend had brought her, surely it could cheer her up.

Chocolates, assorted styles. It's a small gift box, but one that's had the contents custom selected. And Clio definitely looks proud of herself for the moment of revelation. Though she does fall back and rub the back of her neck with a laugh. "I don't know if your tastes changed in the past couple years, but I figured you could also use something sweeter than what a hospital would give you," she says, taking moment to enjoy the happy moment.

But it's a moment that does slide a little when Tsubaki asks about the copycat. At least it wasn't the Chain Man, but after all, that puzzle was wrapped up. The investigation solved and Clio's fears vindicated. Though, it also left her in some dark places, she knew she had to be the light to find a way out. "I think so. Ran into one that didn't fit the description, but he punched hard, and he was definitely something different. He was looking for a girl named Raquel, too. Blonde, apparently favors pigtails in the pattern of a rabbit."

She shakes her head and waves a dismissive hand. "But I've already told Hazama and Colonel Mutsuki this. If they find reason to look into it for you or me, they'll let us know." She crosses her legs and smiles, just enjoying a longer moment with Tsubaki as company.

Now this is a luxury she had not indulged in a long time. Wether or not her tastes had changed, proper sweets, and clearly high quality ones at that. Lifting one to her mouth and biting into it with a ligh, "Mmm..." and smiled for a moment as the chocolate and filling a nice interplay of flavors. She lets out a breath, "I'm going to make sure to enjoy these." She then smiles and holds out the box, "And I insist you enjoy one as well."

After a moment she listened to the description of the second Bloodedge. A hrrm, "Doesn't sound like anyone I've heard of as people of interest. If we're called to look into them, then we will." is the simple response from Tsubaki. Still holding the box out until Clio takes one of the precious little truffles.

Clio didn't think the chocolates were that good, just something nice and good to give. She takes the offered chocolate and turns it over in her fingers. "These are meant for you, you know," she tells Tsubaki with a smile. "So thank you. I did just grab some ice cream with Noel, buuuut I burned a lot of calories today." She pops the truffle into her mouth and savors the flavor, leaning back into her seat.

"Maybe someday soon we can do after fight ice cream. I think I like that idea," Clio says, tenting her fingers conspiratorially now that talking about the Bloodedges has been thoroughly brushed aside for sharing the moment. "Doesn't have to be life or death. I think I got a bit rusty being State side. They kept me a short leash there. So I didn't get up to much. Think I've lost a bit of my skill. So, that does mean training with old friends. If they're up to it after recovering and eating all their gift chocolate."

Tsubaki gives a smile, "That may be, but I find there's no point in enjoying them by myself entirely." They may not be the highest quality chocolates, But it's the thought that counts, and it's what's important. She sits for another moment before Clio speaks about after battle Ice Cream. It wasn't something Tsubaki was usually so happy to partake in. When you're unit is tasked with killing traitors and former allies after all, not many people want to enjoy that particular indulgence with an executioner.

"I'd like that. It would be a nice change." She doesn't want to let Clio in on the path her carreer charted, she didn't ASK to be one of the Wings of Justice, but it was her lot now. Losing a friend over that knowledge is not something she'd like.

"Always better to have friends at your back to enjoy things with," Clio says with a steady nod. A long moment. She's not gone after former allies, traitors, though as she's seen with things deep in the goings on of the NOL, she can understand that those words are blurred and troubled. But all the more reason to be the light. She watches Tsubaki, fingers playing at her chains.

"Can you just promise something to me, Tsubaki?" she asks, voice going quiet. "Try not to end up here too often, okay? I've already had to visit Noel, and now you. It's getting to be a bit stressful." She laughs weakly. "I was looking forward to doing detective work with you and Makoto. But looks like that's all taken care of. So it's back to fighting in alleys for me. At least Kagura lets me. Couldn't do much back in Metro."

"No arguments from me." Tsubaki syas in response to the first statement. Plucking up another chocolate and nibbling on it. Blue eyes looking to Clio as she speaks, Before she closes her eyes and takes a breath. "I will do my best to not wind up here more than necessary Clio. Part of it was my fault, overestimating my abilities in challenging an opponent who I did not know the full capabilities off. It will not be happening again." she says this calmly, with all the conviction she can muster.

"I'm certian we'll have the oppurtunity to work together again soon. I've been asked to stay in the city for now. Who knows what the future will bring us?"

Clio nods, and lets out a held breath. "Thank gods you said it before I did. Now I can say that yeah, don't go throwing yourself at things like that. We all need you alive, not dead, not in hospitals. I know, when it comes to those big bounties, that things my say 'prove yourself'. Trust me, one of the reasons I wanted to stay in Japan was having things as strong as what is running around here, so I get that little feeling. But sometimes you're better off learning, and making sure those big bounties aren't threatening things right then and there. And maybe you can find where the gaps in their armor are."

Clio smiles and nods. "Who knows where the future will take us. But I'm hoping that whatever we do, it's helping out a whole lot of people in a world where monsters are always waiting in the shadows to eat away at them."

A soft smile from Tsubaki as she listens to Clio, returning her own nods, before she closes up the box to save the rest of the chocolates. With a breath she pushes herself up to stand, "I should get back to my room. There's a final check tomorrow and I'll be released if they're satisfied everything was healed. Fortunately I wasn't too long out of commission despite everything." Waiting for her friend to stand she offers a bow of her head to Clio, and then moves to give her a quick hug, "It was good to see you. Please, take care of yourself too."

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