Lilith - Hunting in Japan

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Description: Ryo runs into a succubus hunting after dark in Southtown's outskirts. Holiday rhymes are performed.

Things have improved in Southtown following the destruction, chaos and cleanup. But in the 'vulnerable' areas of the city, chaos still reigns--particularly in the outskirts. While it's not quite Mad Max levels of anarcy yet, gangs and other criminals still roam the streets, and there are places where police and cleanup crews are afraid to go. The streets are now a place where the boogeyman has reclaimed his old throne. Yelling, crashes and footsteps echo off the ruined buildings, people running can be heard--with the occasional scream. Darkness has already settled, and over what ruined buildings there are a wet gloss can be seen over everything from a recent rain. In most places power to street lights have not been restored, perfect for men to do god knows what to whoever is foolish or desperate enough to be caught there.

What this means for Lilith? Time for an all night fucking bender.

Glowing green bats chitter as the sound of stiletto heeled boots echo off a rooftop, Lilith running full-tilt over a crumbling building top as she persues a gang of thugs that are trying to get away from her.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING? YOU WERE TALKING ALL THAT GOOD SHIT JUST A MINUTE AGO!" she calls over the edge, her wings flaring out as she proceeds to leap to another rooftop.

The Kyokugen Dojo has remained steadfast in the midst of all this chaos. Kyokugen is a beacon of stability, and the people know that they can come here for refuge, and that the proprietors and students are known for their sense of civic duty, honor, and justice. They will protect the innocent when they are able to.

Right now, there, nestled on the outskirts of town, the Kyokugen dojo seems still and peaceful, the lights on to let people know that they are welcome. Inside, Ryo Sakazaki, the Invincible Dragon of Kyokugen, the first champion of the King of Fighters, and Mister Karate the Second, is cleaning up after a long day of training and instructing. He had been rather busy as of late. Takuma has been absent, likely on another training mission, after his defeat at the hands of his son. Yuri is never around. Daisy's return has been welcome, but she, too, seems busy. So Ryo is all alone, most of the time. Especially in the evenings.

So imagine his surprise when he hears that shout, and the following commotion. His dark, cobalt eyes lift upwards as he hears the footsteps on the rooftop, and his dark brows crash together over the bridge of his nose in a scowl.

"What th--"

He rushes outside, onto the grounds of the dojo itself, just in time to look up and see the winged figure as it leaps away, towards another building. He looks down, seeing the flee'ing group and tilts his head to one side. A few, he recognizes as troublemakers. People who used to run with Mr. Big. "Hrmm."

He bolts into action, his bare feet treading the pavement as if it were nothing. Leaning forward into his sprint, he, too, goes on the chase. His voice cuts through the night, booming and loud and clear, "HEY! Stop right there!"

These guys were sure putting up a chase--though it wasn't as if they were looking to bring this girl home to mother, either. Lilith's habit when dealing with food is usually to wait till they have dinner or the like and are more settled in, if she's doing it quietly--however right now she's a little distracted as she leaps down into the group of them--directly between them. It's not to let them surround her--but she wants this position on purpose--for when they start firing their weapons or swinging around she wants the few moments of hesitation or trouble this will present for them.

"There she is--MMPHH!" the shouting man, their leader has his face covered entirely by one of Lilith's polymorphic wings that have formed into a giant cartoonish hand--covering his face, head and part of his upper torso as he's lifted up--firing his gun wildly and blindly. One man is hit in the upper thigh on the other side of Lilith--and another by a bit of pavement that is torn up by his bullet after that. This was what the succubit was expecting to happen.

"You talk too much, we'll be making sweet music before long, dear--" she forms her other wing into another blocky, red cartoonish hand and bats another ganger down with it, like she was swatting a bug.

It's then she hears the voice calling to her to stop--man in blue? No, he was not--and barefoot! Oh my. You know a man is very much interested when they run after you with no shoes!

"Eh, piss off--I'm busy," she calls to him, her eyes glowing red.

No shoes, indeed. In fact, Ryo Sakazaki is out in the chill weather in nothing but a pair of orange gi pants, and some guards on his hands to brace his wrists. The bulky, athletic form of the man seems to do very little to stymie his raw athleticism and agility, though, as he dashes right into the fray when she lands in the center of the group.

"Look out!"

Ryo leaps high into the air, his body curling in on itself tightly, his trunklike arms wrapped around his knees, as he flips once, only to bring a heel sweeping downward with a fearsome looking kick, that seems like it just might be aimed at Lilith. However, in the end, his heel cracks the clavicle of a thug that had managed to pull a gun out and was aiming at the back of the succubus' head. Rendering the man's shoulder useless, the gun drops to the ground, and scatters across the alleyway. Ryo lands nimbly on his feet, rolling right into a strong right hook to the jaw of another one.

"If you're one of those Gears," he says, "You might want to get out now. Japan isn't any kind of place for them."

"I see you dress light," Lilith's burning red embers flare down a bit, her reddish eyes gazing over the man that had come to see what was going on. Lilith reflexively threw the man she was holding at another as Ryo proceeded to dropkick and Chuck Norris the other ones--the remaining men fleeing, if they were able to still. Hobbling and stumbling away.

"When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter--he sprang from his bed to see what was the matter!" she was turning now and moving towards Ryo, her wings reforming from arms and hands back into wings.

"Away to the window I flew in a flash--tore open the shutters and threw up the sash!" Her eyes were wide and wild and she was grinning, approaching the man now.

"No gears in me, dear--if that's your thing I'm afraid to disappoint you," she spun a little--a few of her glowing green energy bats reforming into a wind up doll's key, now sprouting from her back.

"Like this?" she showed off the slowly rotating wind up toy key, it was clearly turning--and were there dark lines forming from the corners of her mouth--like that of a cheap doll or nutcracker.

Ryo looks as if he's about to move to give chase again as the men flee, but her talk makes him pause and look to her. What was this gibberish she was spouting? As she approaches, the blonde haired fighter turns to face her. He seems wary. Ryo isn't a genius. He's intelligent, but it's a raw, undereducated intelligence. He's not particularly talented or handsome, or gifted, as he tells people. But he's not one to judge people, or things, by their sheer state of existence. Not even Gears, despite what had befallen Japan. He thought they were just a different type of person. Like I said, not a genius.

But now she's claiming to not be a Gear. Or to have no gears. What is she even doing? He takes a step back, lifting one hand in her direction to ward her off. "Hey. Maybe you should calm down. Stay back. Yeah?"

"There are children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads--they're busy building toys and absolutely no one's dead!" As Lilith moves her arms up and down robotically, she's changed the rythym of the tune she was singing or reciting--a small santa hat appearing on her head as her leotard grows white feathering around the chestline, just to make it a bit more festive. She already had the red leotard and boots. Though perhaps all the purple of her tights and sleeves made it look just a bit off.

"What, don't you have any holiday spirit?!" she peered directly at him, stopping her dance--the christmas-ey portions of her outfit poofing away as if they'd ever been there, so did the windup key on her back.

"Well I guess it is a bit past the season, isn't it--and nobody IS dead, that's a bad track record for tonight, hmph."

Ryo takes a few more steps back, until he feels the cold concrete of the building behind him, halting his retreat. His blue eyes are fixated on this strange, monstrous girl as she chants her little rhymes at him. Her shifting form is, of course, weirding him right the heck out. Is she really not a Gear? Wasn't that Leader Gear they were looking for supposed to look like a provocatively dressed girl with wings? But wasn't she supposed to be dead or missing or something?

"The holida-" he starts, but snaps his mouth shut. The look on his face becomes fierce, with piercing blue eyes and his strong jaw tensed to the point of sharpness. As her affected accessories vanish from her form, he takes a step forward, his bare feet crunching on some gravel and broken glass in the alley, though he doesn't even seem to notice or care. "What are you saying? It's good when people don't die. Were you intending on murdering these people? Haven't we all seen enough death to last us for one lifetime? Look at this place!"

"Murder? Pfft, what are you saying? I was just thinking of eating a couple," Lilith folds her arms over her front, shaking her head a little.

"And what about you, you thought I was some kind of innocent little girl that was being chased by the big scary man--aww, well, at least we can safely say chivalry is not dead, right?" she looks down as his feet crunch broken glass and pebbles.

"You know you should /really/ get a pair of converse, or something--there's worse stuff littering the streets than broken glass," she stretched out of one of her wing arms and it formed itself into a smaller hand this time--picking up one of the busted pieces of concrete from before.

"Now don't be getting all worked up, some of us have to eat too, ya know," she waggles a finger--it's not attached to her hands--rather the red wing-arm she was extending--and then tossed the chunk of shattered concrete off to the side.

Eating a couple? Ryo's face turns deathly pale, his eyes as wide as saucers. She would have eaten these guys if he hadn't shown up? "You are a demon, then. From hell. And no. I did not think you some innocent little girl. I saw you giving chase to some men that I knew were bad. I took that as a sign that you might be... trying to do some good."

He takes another step forward, ignoring what she says about him needing shoes. He's a Kyokugen master. His feet are so calloused from abuse and toughening that there is little that could actually puncture his soles. He doesn't worry about stuff like that. Instead, he shifts his position, placing himself between the men that are downed, in pain and disabled, and her. "I can't let you eat them. I will not. If you want to eat someone's flesh, you'll jut have to go back to Hell for your meals!"

"Of COURSE I would have been doing good, most of the humans scrounging around here after dark are little more than beasts," Lilith looked up at Ryo and his now imposing stature and body language, looking a little challenged by the intimidation.

"I don't eat their flesh, are you kidding?! I don't know /where/ they've been!" she winced and made a face as if she was disgusted, at that--blowing Ryo a raspberry.

"Fine then, I suppose--the little scamps with cheat fate for another night, and what about you--haven't I seen you somewhere before?" she eyed him, looking up and down. The orange gi pants and blonde hair probably reminded her of Ken, somehow. But she didn't ask this vocally.

"There are plenty of people who are out after dark, still," Ryo says firmly, as he steps forward. His hands balls into tightly bound fists, his knuckles so large and protruding, bleached so white that they look like polished, exposed bone. But then she says she wouldn't eat their flesh. He seems genuinely surprised by this, and he stops in his tracks once again, his posture visibly relaxing somewhat. He's still tense, but he doesn't look like he's about to go about getting punchy, at least. The raspberry just makes him recoil a bit, his head turning so that he gives her a wary side-eyed look.

"I'm Sakazaki Ryo," he says with a shrug of his broad shoulders. The movement makes his thickly corded muscles all seem to ripple like the surface of a pond disturbed with a pebble. "I was the first champion of the King of Fighters Tournament. I bested Geese Howard. I've participated in a lot of tournaments since then. My family runs the Kyokugen Dojo, famous worldwide for being the strongest style of karate in the world."

He gives an upnod in the direction of the dojo behind them, across the street, before he says, "That is it, right there. You may have seen me on television. Do... Do demons watch television?"

"Yeah, what's your point, HUH?!" Lilith taunts him a little childishly, one of her stiletto heeled boots clicking against the pavement, as if defiantly.

"I'm Lilith Aensland, you've probably heard of my sister--large ham that she is--been cavorting around here, lately--or near here," Lilith shrugged. She tilted her bat-winged head as he began to speak of his accomplishments.

"Well aren't you a macho man, I'll be sure to keep that in mind--for right now though, I am thinking I might turn in," Lilith smiled a little and gave the man a wave--from the wrist, as if she was waving to another young person.

"See you in you're dreams, if you're lucky," she winked at him before her entire body glows and turns into a swarm of green, chittering bats--which promptly fly away, disappearing into the night.

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