Laura - Fun in the Sun?

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Description: After some mishaps in Metro City, Kang tries to relax on the beach in Rio. Unfortunately for him, Laura Matsuda is up to her usual antics. When Kang mentions a movie, however, Laura sees the perfect chance to show off Matsuda Jiujutsu to the world...

The trip to Metro City started off so well. Kang had gone to the city to get some ideas for his movie and even take a look at some locations to possibly film parts of it. He even met Abigail who he had talked into playing the movie's villain. Kang was riding high and it took all of one evening to ruin it. First his attempt to get to the United Nations building to request funding was stopped by a broken down, delusional actress that cost him his deposite on the rental moped. Then he got to the UN building and got funding only to find the man giving him money was evil and quickly destroyed said money and Kang along with it.

After that incident he needed to get out of Metro City. He needed time to try and relax and focus on how to go about getting money for his movie. It was a quick flight down to Brazil where the Korean decided to take a few days to enjoy the weather and clear his mind. Certainly nothing bad could happen now that he is far away from the crazy things going on in Metro as well as maintaining distance from Japan given everything going on there.

Resting in a chair near the beach the Korean is enjoying a cold drink and thinking of his next move. Dressed in a very loud button up shirt, bermuda shorts and flipflops the masked man even has shades on. Hey the mask protects his face. Not his eyes! "Now this....maybe I can film a scene or two here." he muses to himself. So peaceful and serene.

Ipanema Beach is indeed peaceful and serene around Kang. In the southern hemisphere it's reaching the height of summer, and tourists are flocking to the beach to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun like Kang.

And then there's Laura Matsuda.

"Are you -sure- you're a wrestler?" Laura says as she pulls a man's leg up uncomfortably behind him. She sits down heavily on his back, planting him into the sand and knocking the wind out of his lungs with an explosion of grit and the flutter of a towel. Laura is dressed in a bright, tropical green t-shirt with "BONITA" in big yellow letters along the front. Her shorts are dangerously so. "I mean, not that you're bad or anything! I'm just saying I thought a wrestler wouldn't be so easy to grapple!" Laura tugs his leg up and shifts her seat, prompting the man to frantically tap out.

"Ding ding! Looks like I win again! So you're buying the ice cream, right? Remember, I want the chocolate one!" Laura rolls off his back, the man getting up to hobble off toward a nearby stand. Laura, meanwhile, stretches and runs her fingers through her hair. "Man, there's sooo many people here today. I wonder if any of them are good at fighting." She puts a hand over her eyes, shielding them from the sun as she surveys the beach. It's then that she spots Kang. "Hey! Be right back," she calls to the man at the stand before tromping over toward the large Korean.

Well it was somehow peaceful. That is before some man decided to let himself be turned into a pretzel of sorts by a rather loud woman. At least she is a fair distance away and the Korean can do his best to ignore things.

Sadly the mask is probably a curse in this case. It hides his identity to an extent, but at the same time it does make him stick out like a sore thumb. Well that and his size doesn't help. Oh no, she is coming his way too.

He has already had enough from loud women at the moment. The encounter with Jezebel still haunting him. He swears he can still taste Wendy's on his lips after that kiss. Maybe he can pretend to be asleep and she won't bother him. That is why he quickly closes his eyes and pretends he has dozed off in his chair when Laura draws near.

"Hey guy!" Laura calls out. "That's a cool mask! Are you a luchadore? If so that's really awesome!" Even if he appears asleep, this loud woman does not seem to care. "Sorry if I'm interrupting your siesta," she adds, pointlessly.

"I'm Laura Matsuda!" she extends a hand. "I'm promoting Matsuda Jiujutsu! If you're strong, I would -love- a match with you sometime."

WHAT DID SHE JUST CALL HIM? So much for him pretending to be asleep as he is quick to leap out of his chair and point right at Laura. "I am not a lunchador! How dare you!" He says and his shirt busts open as if the anger has made his belly expand a bit bigger. It is not the kind of belly that should be put on display, but there it is.

"I am Kang Jae-Mo! The greatest wrestler in South Korea (possibly true) and soon to be the greatest action movie director of all time." It is possible he didn't hear her right, but at the same time he continues on his rant. "By calling me that name you disrespect me and also those who do practice lucha libre!"

Oh no, she is getting him fired up. He shouldn't be letting her do that. He needs to remember to keep cool because the last woman he got mouthy with......well just thinking about it makes him shudder. With a bit of a 'harumph' he starts to button his shirt back closed. "I am busy working on my next movie." He acts like this isn't his first one. "Now leave me be you very loud woman."

"Whoa!" Laura says, taking a step back when Kang rises and pops open his shirt. "No offense!" she says, waving her hands in front of her. "But I was right on you being a wrestler, huh! I can tell the type when I see it! Like attracts like when it comes to fighters, no?" She winks, pointing at Kang.

"But wow, a director too? That's even cooler! What's your movie about? Is it gonna have explosions and car chases? Exploding car chases?!"

She seems to completely ignore the request to leave him alone.

This one doesn't seem to fully listen to him at all as well. Why does he attract people like this? Is the curse he has to deal with to become a famous director? Though she does actually ask about his movie as opposed to Jezebel totally throwing what he said out the window and telling him what he should direct.

"It....well it can have all of those." he finally says. "The King of the Wasteland did want big trucks that go 'vroooooom'! So yes, yes it will have both!" Ahh he is so glad he thought of that. Why didn't he think of that before? He at least isn't telling Laura to go away at this point. At the same time he hasn't exactly said he would fight her. But to get him talking about movies? That is a different beast entirely.

"It will be a Fistful of Funk starring my buddy Mr. Jones! His quest will be to save his true love from marrying the King of the Wasteland with the help of Kelly High Kicks and Punchmaster! Danger! Excitement! MARTIAL ARTS BATTLE ROYAL!" Is he trying to out loud Laura now? Maybe!

Laura straightens her hair with her fingers, causing electricity to crackle along her fingertips a bit. "Like, vrooooooom?" Laura confirms. "Awesome!" This seems to quickly turning into a battle of enthusiasm. "Wow! So it's a love story AND an action movie? That's even better!" Laura puts one hand on her hip and tilts to the side slightly.

"So wait," the Brazilian says, the wheels turning. "So if it's a martial arts movie, is there any way I could plug Matsuda Jiujutsu in it? I mean, I'm no actress so I wouldn't want a big part!" Laura steps back, doing katas with a bounce. "Maybe I could just like, fight someone in a scene and show off my moves, huh? Huh?"

"Romance and action? I...yes! Yes that is exactly it. Something for everyone!" He really didn't think too much on the romance part. Isn't a guy always supposed to get the girl in these movies? That or the girl dies and the hero has to avenge her. That seems too dark. And he also seems to not be the most progressive thinker in the star has to be a guy. It could just be he instantly thinks of the star as Mr. Jones.

Then she offers the plug and that body goes in motion and does some interesting bouncing when Laura is doing her katas. It isn't like there is much to keep things in check. "Matsuda juice? I don't know if that is..oh! Jiujutsu!" He hrms and reaches up to rub at his chin a bit in thought. He didn't exactly say what matial arts are involved. He is also pretty sure Abigail is not much of a martial artist and more of a giant wall of meat that punches things.

"I don't see why not? Are you the only practioner of this art?" he asks after a few more moments thought. "And I would like to at least see some of what you do! I don't want some fake fighting in my movie." This is coming from a wrestler.

"That's perfect! It sounds like a great movie!" Laura sees no problem with the star having to be a guy, either. Maybe she just assumes Mr. Jones is so epic and cool that there's no question. Perhaps she thinks it's in his contract. The inner workings of Laura's mind are mysterious indeed.

"Yeah! Matsuda Jiujutsu! Jiu-jut-su!" she repeats for emphasis. "Well, not /yet/, really, it's just our family's style. My little brother Sean keeps wanting to do Ken Masters's online Ansatsuken course, but he'll come through eventually! Otherwise it's just me since grandpa's retired. Gotta recruit some students!"

And then she gets to the actual part about a try-out. "Oh, sure! I'll be happy to show you how cool it is! No fake martial arts here!" she beams, tilting forward. "I promise you'll be impressed." Laura bends her knees slightly, extending her hands forward in a grappling stance.

Well this is a bit different. Laura isn't causing property damage or trying to kill him. At least he thinks Jezebel was trying to kill him. Wanting to show off a special martial art? This, this he can handle! "Let me remove my shirt!" A statement or a warning?

The sunglasses come off and are dropped onto his seat. The shirt is unbuttoned properly this time and he removes it to also drop down on the seat. Clad in just the sandals and his salmon colored bermuda shorts he raises his hands up and flexes his fingers.

"It is time to show you speed and girth!" And for a pudgy little fellow he isn't too slow at all. He is quick to come at her and he looks about ready to leap forward, but instead just sort of hops a few times and throws a punch at the young woman. "Hup!"

COMBATSYS: Kang has started a fight here.

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Kang             0/-------/-------|

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[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kang             0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0            Laura

Laura wiggles her fingers, as well. "Right!" She says, taking it as a statement. Perhaps this is unwise. Having discarded her sandals earlier, Laura digs her toes into the sand when Kang launches forward at her. Her brown eyes narrow a bit, but the fire in them is still quite clear.

Laura snaps up with her forearm, catching the punch with a thump but turning it away from her face. "Hey hey! That's pretty fast!" she compliments, immediately stepping forward with a swing of her other arm. She pulls the fist close, swinging at Kang with an elbow strike as she steps into his personal space.

COMBATSYS: Kang Toughs Out Laura's Step Elbow!

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Kang             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0            Laura

His strike stopped quickly and he hahs. "You are quick as well to stop it!" That is pretty much all he gets out for a reply because Laura looks to bring her other elbow about and hit him right back. He has little room to move out of the way so he does what he does best. He takes a deep breath and he gives a bit of a hop upward. The elbow instead slams hard into the stomach which goes jiggling and Kang lets out a gasp. "Haha! But not fast enough."

The rotund Korean lands back down on both feet and he starts to do what wrestlers do best. He decides to go for a grapple. In this case he tries to be careful on where to grab. Jezebel was a bit on the crazy side so he didn't care what he hit or grabbed. In this case he is trying to be as gentlemanly as he can when throwing a woman about. Does that even work?

One hand goes for a shoulder and another to grab at the waistband of those shorts before he just lifts upwards and uses all his strength to throw Laura up over his head and away from him. "And time for a flying lesson! Gahahahaha!"

COMBATSYS: Kang successfully hits Laura with Somersault Toss.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Kang             0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0            Laura

"Whoa!" Laura replies when she elbows him to little effect. Before she knows it, she's hoisted up in the air and tossed across the sand. She lands with a heavy thump and roll that kicks up quite a bit of dust before she smacks into someone's beach cooler. "Sorry about that!" she says, rolling back onto her feet and ignoring the protests in Portugese about her being a rude, loud woman.

Instead, Laura adjusts her shorts with a snap of a black strap so it's no longer on the outside of her pants, just sticking scandalously above them. She likewise takes a second to shake the sand out of her hair and dust her hands by slapping them together.

"Flying lesson, huh! Well, you definitely sent me on a trip there, but I know a bit about throws too!" Laura dashes in close, reaching to grab at Kang's arm rather than risking another belly hit. As he tries to tug on it she steps around, moving to try and pull it behind Kang's back. Provided she slips around, Laura then throws herself against the Korean's back while applying pressure to the joint, using that pain to try and compel him to let her knock him over while sitting down.

COMBATSYS: Laura successfully hits Kang with Pullback Throw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Kang             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0            Laura

The outfit, or lack of outfit, might prove to be a good distraction against some opponents. For Kang he is more focused on the fight itself instead of nonchalant Laura seems to be about wearing so little. Seriously. How the hell does all that stay on? It is a mystery that will probably never be answered.

Kang isn't too sure what Laura has planned but he keeps his footing this time and really it is him extending an arm looking to stop her that ends up helping her get a grip like she wanted. She pulls the arm back around the big Korean and then slams into him. There is actually a bit of a bounce when he lands on his stomach and Laura has a few moments to feel victorious on the back of Kang.

Then she might realize the problem of Kang being one giant ball and in fact curling in his limbs allows him to do a pretty good impression of one. Laura is soon going to find how good her grip is when Kang starts to roll about on the sand to try and shake her off as several people watch on in confusion of what they are exactly witnessing.

COMBATSYS: Laura blocks Kang's Quick Throw.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kang             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\1            Laura

If Laura was intending to be distracting, it's certainly not clear from her attitude. In truth, she seems blissfully unaware or unconcerned with how people see her wardrobe. If she was, she'd probably not be wearing it, in honesty. Fighting in it without a wardrobe malfunction may be a greater mystery than even her lightning powers.

But Laura's awareness of how to work a grapple definitely exceeds her self-awareness about her wardrobe! When Kang rolls them both around, Laura slips away from him. She tumbles in a sand dune to soften the impact of having the hefty Korean bowl her over before rolling on over. She plants her hip against the bigger man then grabs hold of his arm again for a lever. Using it, she tries to toss him back off of her once more.

"Whew!" Laura says, spitting out a mouthful of sand and blowing her hair out of her face. "You really know what you're doing!"

COMBATSYS: Laura successfully hits Kang with Quick Throw.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Kang             1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Laura

The rolling doesn't have the full desired effect. He was hoping the motion along with his weight would help shake Laura off fully, but she never seems to let go of that arm. Instead she just jerks on it some more and rolls him back off of her. "Of....of course!"

He does well to mask his pain, but her having the arm locked up for this long is not doing him so well. It seems he will have to try some other form of getting the woman up and off of him. All she has to do is release that arm and he should be able to figure something out.

And to get her to release it? Well he gets to his feet with some struggle then he starts to spin....and spin...and spin. One arm going out wide as he tries to leverage his other arm away from Laura's grasp as he jumps upwards and begins to copter about and if Laura isn't careful she might get caught up in the strikes.

COMBATSYS: Laura endures Kang's Kang Screw.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Kang             1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1            Laura

Laura rolls around with Kang like a dog with her favorite sock. This seems to be her element, in many ways. Crazy jiujutsu lady.

When Kang starts spinning, she tries to hold on. This may not be particularly wise on her part, as she gets spun around and around, smacking her head against Kang's belly once, then twice, and finally getting flung off. She hits the sand in a roll, tumbling across the beach in a dust cloud before coming to a stop.

"Kinda dizzy here," Laura says as she rises, her head clearly still spinning. She hunkers over on her knees, then finally rises on up and shakes her head a few times. "That was pretty good! What do you call that move? It's like whoosh! And then wham!" At least she's energetic?

But as she talks Laura starts gathering electricity. Lightning sparks around her as she rubs her head, apparently generating--static? It sparks and crackles around her as she surges with power!

And then Laura kicks off, much faster than before dashing in toward Kang! She spins around, linking her fingers together, then swings around for his head with an axehandle blow from the side aimed at knocking him clean over!

COMBATSYS: Kang blocks Laura's Double Slap.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kang             1/-----==/=======|=======\=====--\1            Laura

Finally his arm is free and Kang gives it a shake to try and get the soreness out as well as get some feeling back into it. "You left me no choice in the matter." he retorts with the mention of getting her dizzy. His brow furrows as he notices the little sparks seeming to spread along and around the young woman and he takes a step back. He is having bad vibes of the electrical attack Urien used on him.

But thankfully what comes at him is a simple yet strong axehandle strike that he is about to put his arms up to absorb the damage and it just sends him hopping back a few steps. He quickly holds his hands out. "Very well! That isn't a bad style. Strength and momentum. I can appreciate it."

He still seems a bit on the defensive just in case Laura decides to get a bit too exciteable and come after him but he makes no attempt to come at her. All those sparks seemed to have maybe spooked the Korean just a bit. "I MIGHT have use for it in the movie. It is still in the works and I can maybe squeeze it in." With the million other ideass he has had so far.

COMBATSYS: Kang gains composure.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Kang             1/------=/=======|=======\=====--\1            Laura

Laura practically throws herself bodily into the axehandle, bouncing on her feet (and otherwise) when she slams into Kang's block. When it doesn't give way as she intended, it takes her a moment to regroup and bounce back into a fighting stance. She unhooks her fingers from each other, electricity crackling between her palms until she gets her hands further apart and the chain breaks.

"Oh," static pops, "are we done? I didn't get to show you my best moves yet! But I mean, if that's enough and you're willing to work it in ..." Electricity continues to crackle around Laura.

COMBATSYS: Laura gains composure.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Kang             1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1            Laura

"It is enough! I think I have a good general idea!" Kang is no coward. Far from it really, but at the same time he is still recovering from a rather rough time in Metro and he rather not find out if this woman throws lightning or something for her 'BEST MOVES'.

Kang finally relaxes and gets out of his fighting stance, but he maintains distance. Even if the shock isn't something like what Urien unleashed Kang rather not get fried again so soon. He edges over to his seat and he reaches for his shirt and begins to pull it back on. "As a director it is tough to pick and choose on what to use. Your style is interesting, but I must make sure it can work with the other ones incorporated."

The shades are soon put back on as well and the shirt adjusted. "I'll have my people call your people and we can maybe set things up once filming start." Nevermind the fact he doesn't have people to make those calls yet much in the way Laura probably doesn't have people to take them.....well there is Sean.

Laura frowns. "Aww. Well, maybe when the movie happens I can show them off!" she says, apparently utterly convinced that there is always a place for Matsuda Jiujutsu. She steps away for a moment, taking hold of a beach umbrella. Electricity discharges through in a big jolt that causes the canvas to go up in a buff of smoke. "...whoops. Sorry! I'll buy you a new one!" she says to the onlookers, who are instead packing up to flee rather than asking Laura for contact information. She sways back over to Kang, hand on her hip.

Laura claps her hands together, dusting them off. "Sweet! I'm sure you'll make the best choice! But don't forget," Laura winks, "Matsuda Jiujutsu!" Laura reaches into her top, digging around for something. "I'll get you Sean's number, that way you can definitely get in touch! He's always on his phone, you know! I'll get you mine too, just in--huh?" Laura keeps digging around, then pulls out her phone. It is smoking. "Oh, maaaaan. I forgot to take it out again! It gets all zappy otherwise."

"Just wait right here, I'll be riiiight back with Sean's phone number! It's Kang, right??" Laura bounces off, jogging through the sand.

And almost as soon as she's gone, the man from before wanders up with two chocolate ice cream cones. "Uh," he says, looking at Kang. "Where'd the loud wrestling lady go?"

There is a sigh of relief. The woman looking fine without continuing the fight and then the build up of electricity is spent in destroy someone's poor umbrella. Better it than Kang as far as he is concerned. "Of course! I will not forget!" It is hard to forget. She is rather loud and brash, but strangely in a good way.

He shakes his head as she goes bounding away to who knows where. He feels it a bit rude, but for all he knows she is running across town. He gives the man a look as he approaches and he reaches to pluck one of the cones from his hand. "She went to find a phone or a Sean." He replies and takes a lick of the cone. Mmm, chocolate. He just gives a nod in approval and slaps the young man on the back.

"If I were you enjoy your cone and disappear before she comes back. She has more fight left in her!" Perhaps a bit too much. Too much for Kang for the time being. He has a feeling if he ever needs to find her again he can just return to Brazil and listening for the shouting. He hopes she doesn't take his departure too personal. Kang is a busy man afterall!

COMBATSYS: Kang has left the fight here.

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Laura            1/---====/=======|

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