Mint - It's ABI-GAIL!!

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Description: Patrols are boring. Briefings are boring. Watching local gang members rock-and-sock the stuffing out of each other is exciting though, and Mint wants a piece of it! "Corporal Punishment" steps into the seedy underworld fighting circles of Metro City and hits the jackpot with an even bigger gearhead than she is -- Abigail!

The Bay area is replete with massive warehouses, shipping yards, junk piles and other assorted sprawling complexes and areas that are just the right size, atmosphere and unsecured to attract just the right type of crowds for entertainment of a less then refined nature. Especially in Metro City, characterized by the various families of gangs and crime groups that seem tor rise and fall on a regularly cyclical basis. As such it is here, in one such massive warehouse, that an underground fight club and gambling arena has sprung up to provide entertainment and distraction from the chaos and looming threat of apocalypse emerging from elsewhere in the world. It's not that the various attendees here don't' know about it - they just don't -want- to care and fighting, gambling, hooking up and boozing are all methods to keep their minds off of it.

Within the warehouse itself, a large center caged ring serves as the main attraction with two bruisers, one member of the now 'reformed' Mad Geaer gang, and another a member of the rising Skull Cross gang, duke it out. Their fists slamming against each others bodies with such force the walls of the cage shake and the crowds - composed of Mad Geaer fans and Skull Cross fans, cheer and roar to the noise. A bar occupies the back walls of the warhouse and various tables are scattered about, pulled away from the fighting pit itself. Things -seem- fairly business as usual here. The crowds are rowdy but not out of control. Yet.

Corporal Minal Panesh is reminded on a daily basis that the apocalypse could come knocking at any moment -- both by her shift briefings and the deluge of information supplied to her throughout the day. Some days, she really has to wonder if transferring to MARSOC was worth the trouble -- in a lot of ways, life was much easier to her just turning wrenches on military vehicles!

There were perks though. Like not being stuck in the sweltering cesspool of coastal North Carolina. Like -actually having a scene- to go to. The corporal had found out about this particular fight club a few weeks ago, and with some creative rescheduling, she was finally able to get the time off to come make a personal visit.

There was a bit of a fuss at the entrance door when it became known that ink used for the hand stamps wouldn't work on her prosthetic hand, but some genius finally found a dry erase marker that would do the job of showing that the 4'9" Indian-American girl was actually old enough to order alcohol at this dive. Beer in hand, she had made a brief visit at the booking office, to put her name down on the list of people who might actually be interested in taking part in the festivities.

Yeah, the clubs back in NC -sucked- compared to this! A plastic thumb hooks in the straps of the large rucksack frame as she watches the fight, expectant fascination plastered on her face as she watches the Mad Gear and Skull Cross fighters go at it in the cage.

"Yeah! Yeah! You gonna let him talk like that bout'cha mamma?!" The Clifton, NJ native feels more at home with each minute in this place -- the beer certainly has little to do with that, of course. Her main difficulty is trying not to check into her neighbor with the huge rucksack -- it's not light. In fact it probably weighs as much as the shortstacked Marine, so she's probably left bruises without even stepping into the ring! Little does anyone present suspect that the rucksack actually holds the massive pistonlike arms she plans to fight with...

A loud resounding meaty impact echoes its way throughout the chamber as the Skull Cross representative lands what appears to be a final blow upon the Mad Gear brawler, literally lifting the unfortunante man off his feet and sending him twisting skywards and then over the top of the cage walls to go crashing into the front rows of the watchers nearest to the ring. The blow is stunning and devastating and the one who took it full on, Axl, lays sprawled out with drinks, nuts, bowls and other assorted items spraying into the air and onto those nearest to his impact zone.

"Ring out and match!" shouts the announcer. "Your winner, Callman!!"

The Skull Cross supporters break into a roaring cheer while Mad Gear boos, shouts and utters oddly subdued threats. Callman, for his part, roars in triumph while turning in different directions to give the audience a good look at his sneering visage. The man is huge, though he looks like he skips leg day regularly.

In the very back of the bar at a corner dimly lit table, Abigail observes these events with a look on his face that speaks of utter, irredeemable, boredom. Empty beer bottles and large mugs, litter his table but for the most part he seems unimpressed with all that goes on. And then when Axl, one of his own workers, gets sent flying sky high, he squints his eyes and purses his lips in mild displeasure. "Alright fine.."

Abigail rises, a looming shadow that begins to shake the very ground when he takes a step forward and then another, beginning to approach the ring. His vastness seems to emerge without end in sight and the Skull Cross folk begin to immediately grow quiet as the Mad Gear start to get loud upon seeing the titan start to approach the ring.

He passes by where Mint sits, a world killing asteroid of a man rumbling past her with footsteps likely triggering seismometers elsewhere in the city. As he nears the ring he pulls out a huge wad of cash and he stuffs it into the hands of a bookie as he passes, "Put this all on me."

Minal's plastic fist pumps high as Callman triumphs over that Axl guy! She's been briefed on the differences between one gang and the next, but the names all blend together for her right now. That's at least -one- reason she's making an appearance in the rough-and-tumble club, after all -- to try and get a more intimate knowledge of the Metro City culture! ... She finds out real quick that she was standing in the Mad Gear section when she cheered, though, judging from the way in which she's shoved forward. Gah!

"Damn, bitches trynna spill my beer!" she shouts to herself, sneaking herself a sip to save the frothy contents before they spill to the floor. But then the diminutive Marine is rocked forward by a second shove -- and at this point, she just raises the mug up and shotguns the whole rest of it.

"A'ight boys, I think it's 'bout to be my turn, so step off!" Setting the empty mug on a table -- one recently vacated by that last earth-shaking crash -- she tilts her elbow backwards, tapping it against the rucksack.
And a series of green lights begins cascading in sequence. With the sound of mechanics whirring, it's obvious -something- is happening -- though with the lights and the bodies moving, it'd be hard to tell...
Until a -giant- fist, easily the size of Abigail's own hand -- protrudes above the dimly lit silhouettes of the crowd.

"Heh heh..." is Mint's follow-up, as the folks nearest her realize it is a good idea to give the corporal some more space. She rocks her right arm backwards, repeating the sequence -- and this time, it becomes clear that the giant cylinders are actually opening up and sliding -around- her prosthetic forearms and hands, latching into place with heavy, metallic clicks.

"C'mon, Call-maaaaaan! Show him it ain't size that matters, eh!?"

And while Abigail may have left a vacant wake in his path, the off-duty Marine is quick to sprint in to follow along behind him. Massive, four-fingered mechanical hands slam together with a clank as she stands at the rim of the fighting pit.

"Callin' dibs on winner, ladies!" she cries out -- with a dangerously exuberant smile. Is this little tin-armed pipsqueak for -real?-
Well, she -did- sign up as "CORPORAL PUNISHMENT"...

Ooooooh boy. Things are starting to get pretty crazy now. The Corporal is given a very, VERY wide berth as she gets geared up and ready to go. The attention of the audience is split now, watching Mint as she powers up, but also trying to keep track of Abigail's own actions as the Mad Gear giant enters the ring. Towering over eight feet, perhaps closing in on nine, Abigail's monstrous physique swamps the entire ring with its shadow, engulfing Callman who begins to back away rapidly.

"Oooooh no." Callman mutters aloud, making plain his lack of willingness to fight the monster infront of him.

Abigail turns, sniffing abit and rubbing his nose, and then lifting his monstrous arm high overhead as he moves about, letting the audience get a good look at his immensity. He then brings the arm down, flexing and causing his bicep to bulge as if a boulder had grown beneat his skin, the muscle flexing to the size of a buick. "Vrrooooooom!": he roars, muscle size piling on even more mountainous sinew and proportions and the Mad Gear side resounding into cheers and table pounding shouts.

"Ladies and gents, it's ABIGAIL!" shouts the announcer.

"ABI-GAIL!!" corrects Abigail furiously..turning to glare at the announcer.

Meanwhile, Callman has slipped out of the ring. "Nope!" he declares, seeking to disappear into the Skull Cross crowd and into a chorus of boo's.

Abigail turns to see this happening and then declares loudly, "Looks like his engine couldn't even get started!" It's then that the genius mechanic and gear head gets a sight of Mint approaching. He locks his attention on her prosthetic arms while lowring his own, "What are thoooooose?"

Mint can't help but laugh as Abigail makes car noises -- though she isn't bothering to -project- said laughter loudly enough to be heard over the roar of the crowd. She -was- looking forward to seeing how Callman would fare against ABI-GAIL -- but as one look at the walking mountain lumbering over to him seems to have been enough to sate his appetite for fighting, the corporal finds the momentary champion slipping right out of the pit and to relative safety!

"Hahaha, what a chump, right? Thought he was tough shit till he stepped in the ring with the champ! So what's up, ABI-GAIL -- you man enough to take me on?" The Marine's oversized fists curl as she draws the cylindrical forearms parallel with the cage walls -- showing off that while she -is- dealing with cybernetic enhancements, she's more than capable of hefting the battering-ram arms by her own biceps and triceps -- left bare by a rolled-up BDU shirt. Her camo pants are Marine-issued as well -- but having left her cover back at the barracks, her short-cropped black bangs don't especially scream "fighter" anywhere near as much as the rest of her out-of-duty uniform.

"I'd knock you crazy with my bare hands, but I seem to have left 'em back in Afghanistan -- so I hope you're okay with these top of the line KNUCKS, developed by and for yours truly -- CORPORAL PUNISHMENT!"

Her voice sure can carry when she -wants- to project, that's for damn sure!

"So how's this work, do I challenge you now? Or do I gotta make those crazy car sounds before you'll give me the time of day?!"

... Yeah, she spends a lot of times with testosterone-pumped Marines. That much is pretty damn obvious!

COMBATSYS: Mint has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Mint             0/-------/-------|

" PUNISHMENT!" repeats the announcer who then just drops the mic and gets the hell out of dodge. They've all seen some things, mind you. Metro City is no stranger to the bizarre, especially these days. That being said, they know when to clear the area for the sake of their own safety if nothing else.

Abigail just stares at Mint for a few long seconds before emitting a loud thunderous roar of a laugh, "What is this, a joke?" He frowns mildly at the comment about the car noises but then laces his huge hands together, cracking the knuckles with a sound more like the splintering of boulders and the cracking of tree trunks, 'Better go home, little girl." He rumbles, "Before I break your little toys!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Mint             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Abigail

"'Little girl?'" Mint seems generally amused by that -- in fact, the dark-skinned girl is about ready to crack up! "Hahaha, daaaamn, Holmes, is that all the fire you got? I woulda thought Metro had better trash-talk than -that-, but I guess Clifton gotta represent!" She throws her left arm upwards, flexing to the crowd with her right! She seems to be either -oblivious- that Abigail is giving her the chance to run away, or mindfully keeping the pressure on. There's not going to be any chance that the crowd -won't- support a fight with this bombastic personality though -- not from the round of cheering that rises up from the recently-crestfallen Skull Cross supporters, at least!

"C'mon, announcer, get with the program!" she hollers, cupping her gigantic metal hands over her mouth. "Fighters, ready, go -- and all that!"

She's fine charging forward regardless of the announcer following up or not -- charging forward with a mighty leap in an attempt to slam her right fist into Abigail's core -- which might be a feat, considering his -core- is well above her -eye level-. But she has the ups to make it happen -- and the KNUCKS will be more than powerful to sustain the blow without breaking! "OOOORAAAAAH!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Mint's Straight Punch.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Mint             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0          Abigail

Indeed, Abigail was giving her a chance to back out, as he rests both of his monstrous hands on his waist and looms overhead like some sort of mountain range that is deciding to sway back and forth, his very rocking movements enough to send seismic vibrations through the ground. He's also not very good with on the spot insults and he frowns a little bit at her mocking laugh only to raise bot of his eyebrows, stretching his face paint quite noticeably, at her charisma and energy.

"You're all revved up and ready to go!" he acknowledges, letting some curiosity seep back in. His eyes rove over her arms as he speaks, seemingly twinkling with interest as she readies her strike and then - BOOOOOM!!

Her first lands squarely into his mid section, The impact resounding and thunderous, shaking the entire area and causing the ropes osf the rings to spasm from te forcewave. Abigail barely blinks. His vast stomach muscles tighten, blunting the force and absorbing it. His colossal body not even moving backwards.

"Are those...monosteel diesel pistons??" he asks, referring to the component pieces of the complex design she wears while also seemingly no selling the force of her punch by his non-reaction to it. Acting as if he hadn't even been struck.

Such a brutal display is followed by his monstrous hand reaching up and suddenly plunging for her face before she can fall back eartwords.. only to pause and a single finger flick out with enough force to break down walls and send cars flipping over.

COMBATSYS: Mint blocks Abigail's Red Leaf.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Mint             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0          Abigail

Revved up and ready to go -- yeah, that pretty much covers it! "Corporal Punishment" beams as Abigail not only acknowledges her charge, but shows a -great- deal of interest in the tech stowed within her arms -- even before she demonstrates exactly how hard she can hit!

Which... doesn't seem to be anywhere near as much as she was expecting. The four-foot-nine Marine is just over half the height of the man in front of her -- an intimidating enough challenge that she couldn't step away. But now she's finding out just what that -means-, as the man hardly even seems to notice -- even =with= all the noise!

Hopping backward, she looks at those massive abdominals with incredulity, allowing her mask of bravado to show its first signs of cracking.

"-Diesel?- Nah -- Turbomeca Gas Turbine Starters!" She hops back, raising her fists in a ready boxer-style stance, hopping back and forth from one foot to the other as she watches the mountainous man's physique for signs of his response. "I'm running JP-8 in these babies!" Aviation-grade fuel -- about as far from diesel as gasoline itself is!

Abigail will find out just how heavy a grade of metal is in those cylinders, though, as she raises her hands high. He may be able to grasp hold of something -- but it will be one of those giant metal hands rather than her comparatively squishy head! "Uh-ah-ahhhh!" cries out the corporal as she's lifted bodily upward by the grip, slapping her free hand to her elbow to ensure the complex machinery isn't stripped right off! But when the finger flick slams forward, it will slam into the metal casing instead -- with a meaty -CLANG- with resonance loud enough to form cracks in the glass mugs all around the warehouse arena!

Mint, for herself, goes flying backwards -- she's not got the mass to resist that force! Her back slams against the cage -- her backpack frame squashing flat in the process. Her boots slam down onto the pit floor...

And with a cloud of dust, she's off again, a grin on her face. "We -run- diesel in the M1s though! Man, you'd probably -love- the teardown on those babies!"

She doesn't even think about the ramifications. She leaps into the air -- and bringing her fists into a high arc, she slams them both down onto Abigail's chest. An instant before impact, Abigail will likely hear a *k-CHAK!* sound in stereo -- the sound of compressed-gas pistons releasing to add more kinetic force to the diminutive Marine's aerial attack! "OO-RAH!"

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Mint's BFH.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mint             0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0          Abigail

Every sound is heard. Measured. Calculated. Examined and turned over in his head in the instances before impact. Abigail is..rather dumb normally. Although perhaps that's not fair. He's .. single minded. If he was statting himself in D&D, he'd have an 8 intelligence and a negative to most skill ranks.

But when it comes to all things mechanical, especially in terms of tuning vehicles and modding cars, he's a downright genius with skill points galore in those field.

He's also very possibly in love. His mind whirls with ideas of what those specs could do to the trucks in his yard and just then the pistons fire and *TH-WHAM*

His head jerks back, and the shockwave ripples its way through his body from top to bottom and then down into the ring itself where a rolling shockwave peels out and then blasts into the air, exploding down the cage walls around the ring and sending the patrons scattering wildly. This place wasn't built to handle Abigial, let alone Abigail and an opponent throwing around punches like that.

But then Abigail's body gains firm purchase against the ground. His muscles balloon, veins the size of garden hoses standing out on arms the size of some peoples bodies.

"KABOOM!" he roars. His fist clenches and he suddenly twists about, trying to slam a monstrous backhand the size of Mint's body into her, and then follows this up with a full rotation sending his other fist plunging upwards towards her. The sheer force of his movements blasting out a shockwave that dwarfs the previous one and rocks the ware house violently with the earthquakes of his movements.

COMBATSYS: Mint dodges Abigail's Abi Twist.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mint             0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

Mint's eyes go wide at the groaning and creaking of metal all around her. It goes to show that she mostly fights outdoors on tarmac, and not deep in the underbelly of a fighting ring like this -- the crowd noise is certainly not something she's acclimated to yet!

Still, after her impact, she kicks herself backwards, combat boots tapping down onto the pit floor with a small cloud of dust. She's just about to follow up on her momentum when her opponent's muscles flare out. She's seen her fellow Marines accomplish similar feats -- but on a -much- smaller scale! "Oh, wow--" starts the corporal, amidst scrambling backwards to get out of harm's way.

The backhand is hurled her way -- and Mint dives forward, doubling up her super-sized forearms into an axis for her to tumble forward. After one rotation though, the corporal realizes her opponent's not done kabooming -- and slams her open palm into the ground, with a *k-CHAK!* of pneumatic relays. The recoil from the strike sends her flying up into the air, her trailing boots just barely grazing Abigail's riotously fast fist, while her wide eyes show that she understands just how close it came to sending her into next week!

"H-hey, lemme show you something else!" she calls out, as her flight speed carries her back out of Abigail's reach. Boots tap down again -- though there's a rather distinctive whine that threatens to drown out anything else Mint might be saying.

The whine of turbines firing up. Orange flame begins to spew out of the aft nozzles. And Mint -- not staying grounded for long -- thunders forward with ridiculous jet-powered speed.

The first strike will be a hard left hook aimed at Abigail's considerably fortified abdominal muscles. The second strike afterwards will be just as ferocious -- an uppercut aimed at socking Abigail on the underside of his chin! The combat engineer's hope is that applying force on two different vectors in rapid succession might be too much for the mountain of a man to handle!

COMBATSYS: Mint blitzes into action and acts again!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Mint             0/-------/-----==|==-----\-------\0          Abigail

COMBATSYS: Abigail blocks Mint's Body Blow.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Mint             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0          Abigail

COMBATSYS: Abigail fails to interrupt Uppercut from Mint with Hungabee.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Mint             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0          Abigail

"You're good at dancing around---" begins Abigail as his massive body regains its steady position and slams a huge foot down to brace his body once more as he comes out of his rotation. This happens just in time for Mints first trike to come hurtling in, aiming once again for his torso. Again the body blow impacts, sending out a shockwave that blows windows out and sends some patrons tumbling to the ground. Abigail's body ripples like the movement of tectonic plates slamming into each other.

He grins and moves to speak again while starting a flex that begins to blast its way up through his torso, towards his billboard like chest, intending on slamming it into Mint like a runaway bus.

But he's to slow. Mint timed it perfectly well and Abigail's own cockiness seems to have gotten the better of him. The upper cut lands, blasting into his jaw with force that cracks the pavement and causes the ring itself to ripple and tip upwards slightly from the excessive force.

Abigail grits his teeth, leaning backwards like a sequoia trying to find purchase on land to weak for it. He teeters..but then opens his squinted eyes as his grimace turns into a grin. His feet stabilize and he looms forward again, "Your torque is good - but you're going to need more horsepower then that.!"

As the last few flames flicker out from her mecha-arm nozzles, Mint allows herself to fall free to the pit, touching down onto the cracked pavement with springy toes. She knew it was a bit of a risk to light her burners so relatively soon in the fight, but she had guessed -- perhaps rightly so? -- that her vroom-vrooming opponent would appreciate the gesture.

... Though she is, once again, unnerved by the relative instability of the building and the environment around her. "Man, you guys gotta work on this place..." she notes with an incredulous look on her face, shadowing one fist with the other to protect her core. Bobbing back and forth, she stays light on her feet, showing both that she's able to shoulder the burden of the gigantic arms, as well as living up to Abigail's comment about dancing around.

Recovering from her dismay at the state of the building, Mint flashes another grin. ".... Well, I thought about that, but if I keep stacking stuff on, I'd basically be walkin' around in powered armor, and how fair is -that?-"

"Corporal Punishment" doesn't give much time for that thought to sink in before ducking and weaving closer. She makes it look as if she's going to leap up and go for the torso again -- but instead she just deals a left straight to Abigail's knee -- and then follows up with a right hook to the exact same location, aiming to keep her current momentum rolling as long as she can...

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Mint's Hook Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Mint             0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0          Abigail

Alright so its' getting a little harder to simply no sell these. Abigail's endurance seems limitless and his body is basically built like a reinforced building, but these blows are like jackhammers against him and his body staggers for the first time in this little matchup. His prior sloppiness catching up to him and coupled with the fact that he's been somewhat underestimating Mint. Cracks spread and bits of dust fall from the ceiling but the place holds.

"Hey! You got some power after all." Abigail admits, shaking his head furiously to dust off the cobwebs and causing his heavy jowls to shake back and forth like the bull dogs he bears more then a small likeness to.

"But it's time for the heat to get serious!"

As he speaks he lunges forward, A single monstrous hand reaching out to try and grasp hold of Mint. His massive fingers splaying out and looking to envelop much of her torso and then raise her up..and slam her down towards the ring floor. Then up again and down again in repeated movements that increase in intensity and cause earthquake monitoring equipment to ring out in alarm blocks away.

COMBATSYS: Mint fails to interrupt Repeated Slams from Abigail with Foxtrot Oscar.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Mint             0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0          Abigail

Mint stays in close once she hammers against Abigail's knee, dropping her shoulders low as she bobs and weaves about. "Heh, fine time for you to notice!" she quips out, opting for the moment to avoid taking advantage of the cobweb-shaking to listen to the crowd's response. Man, they are really getting into it, too -- Skull Cross and Mad Gear fans alike!

When the corporal sees Abigail's hands looming for purchase, she tries to pivot back and out of the way -- reeling one hand up to as if to take advantage of the off-balancedness of a nine-foot-tall fighter reaching down to grab hold of little ol' her. But she vastly underestimates his reach, all the same -- not to mention the span of his hand, as she's liberally plucked up by her empty backpack frame. "Uhhh??! Oh shi-"

Arms go flailing -- her plan to slam those oversized fists into Abigail going awry as the massive brawler takes charge of the situation. Her arms flail along behind her as she's slammed down repeatedly, leaving an ever-widening crater in the pavement below.

Mint... well. She's not above screaming in pain from that.
But she -is- going to flash a weakened smile back up at her captor when she gets the opportunity.
"... Still think I hit like a girl? Haha..."
It's possible the Marine is a little punch drunk right now.

"Get that engine of yours fixed..and then we'll talk." Abigail grin is full toothed but possibly can't even be seen over the swell of his monstrous chest. It should be clear he's got some degree of respect and acknowledgement here. Men three times her size wouldn't want to take Abigail on and yet she's going for it with her prosthetic limbs more then making up for any issues of power that's needed to get the titan to take proper notice of her.

But is it enough? Abigail hauls his massive hand upwards to literally throw Mint sky high.

Actually it's more of a flick of his wrist. A full on throw has sent men the size of Hugo hurtling above the rooftops of apartment buildings from the streets. Mint will slam into the warehouse ceiling though but what comes next is Abigail's massive palm as he seeks to time her descent such as to catch her with it and send her hurtling through the air and out of the ring an across the entire warehouse!

"High octane, full tank!! VROOOOM!!!" he roars, gleefully and a little insanely.

COMBATSYS: Mint blocks Abigail's Abigail Smash.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Mint             1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0          Abigail

Get that engine of yours fixed...? Mint can't help but give a dizzy smirk in response to that -- it's not the first time she's been likened to a car, but it's easily the first time in recent memory! ... She certainly does appreciate the good-natured response of her opponent, especially in response to the trash talk she -opened- the fight with.

Right now, though, she'll have to contend with being chucked at the ceiling. Which, undoubtedly, hurts like heck -- enough to force Mint to cough up a glob of blood, intermixing with the cobwebs shaken loose from the ceiling.

It's when she comes back -down- that's the problem though -- and luckily for her, it's a problem she can deal with. When Abigail grabs hold of the little corporal, she's actually pulled the hefty arms up around her defensively, walling off her head and upper torso behind the cylindrical behemoths. So that when that palm closes, there will be bare metal -- still a bit hot from the recent firing of the jet turbines -- for him to grab hold of rather than simply the Marine herself.

And when he sends her hurtling across the warehouse? ... Well, she'll collide with a support column with a loud CLANG, shaking the fluorescent lighting. She'll bounce off a vending machine with a series of tinkles and a CRASH, sending it teetering off-balance as her body rebounds off of it.

But she won't slam into another wall.
She'll twist about in mid-air -- and her boots will land on the solid, heavy bar.
The drink mugs on the counter will be forced to jitterbug around a bit, but that's their problem for not knowing how to hold their liquor.

"Man..." she says, shaking out the dizziness and mild nausea of the stomach-churning trip. "I think you knocked my valves out of alignment...?"
It's hard to think of good puns when you've been battered around like that!

She leaps off the bar, tucking her arms tight for a quick somersault to keep up speed. But when she snaps out of it, she'll be aiming to jackhammer both fists onto Abigail's shoulders! And should she manage that, her feet would sling forward, her leaping momentum keeping her 'glued' to him as her fists rain blow after blow into her giant opponent!

COMBATSYS: Abigail endures Mint's SNAFU.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Mint             0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1          Abigail

That's...not supposed to happen. The Abigail Smash and that's it. The end. That's how it's always been in here. That's how it should be! Abigail's monstrous mutant strength is well known and what's known is only a fraction of what actually 'is' and as such when Mint not only takes the repeated slams and then the throw..but rebounds back into an assault and battery charge on Abigail..the bystanders just aren't sure what to make of it at first.

"Corporal! Corporal! Corporal!" starts the chants on the Skull Cross Gang side along with the banging of fists on the table as the cheers get more intense. Mad Gear is a bit more mixed as they'll have to still 'deal' with Abigail later and it's hard to get a read on the rage fueled behemoth at times. He might crush them for not cheering for them. He might crush them for not giving Mint enough due. Either way cheers do come albiet with some question marks at the tail end of it.

For Abigail's part, he just blinks in surprise and then once more is rocked backwards as the blows from the piston powered prosthetic fists begin to blast down onto his torso.

"Hrn!" he rumbles, his hulkish body suddenly swelling in size. He lifts his enormous hands on either side of Mint, flexs car sized arms and then balls his hands into fists. Both come slamming together, seeking to catch Mint inbetween them. Boulders slamming together. "YEAH!"

COMBATSYS: Mint endures Abigail's Hammerblow!

[                             \  < >  //////////////                ]
Mint             0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1          Abigail

The thundrous roar of the crowd -- that's a rush the pugilistic Marine hasn't experienced in a long time. All these boring security details and droning briefings have been weighing heavy on Minal's mind -- and now that she's here... well, may as well live it up!

Her grin is almost delirious as she hammers one punch after another into the big man -- not just for the sheer satisfaction of hitting someone, but knowing that he can -take- it without a wealth of repercussions and annoying formalities in the aftermath. If it weren't for Abigail's good nature -- yeah, this would be a markedly different fight for the Mairne! "So much, uh... displacement!" she chirps out in a vain attempt to assimilate to the meaty brawler's idiosyncratic dialect.

Pushing back, she prepares for a follow-up strike -- with little or no warning for Abigail to retaliate by slamming both fists onto her from either side! Her arms are a bit too low to help on this strike -- indeed, Abigail's crushing blows slam into her shoulders, pain lancing through the Marine's face as her rushing assault pretty much comes to a dead stop...!

But while her upper torso is halted by the grapple, her boots will keep swinging forward! While the bulk of her attacks have focused on her reinforced knuckles, there is one attack surface she -hasn't- made use of yet...
Her bionic knee -- which she will try and slam into Abigail's chest one last time, before succumbing to the crippling, immobilizing pain of being caught within Abigail's meathooks!

COMBATSYS: Mint can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/------=/=======|

COMBATSYS: Mint successfully hits Abigail with Lock and Load.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abigail          1/-----==/=======|

"Whauooogh!" roars Abigail as unintelligible as a herd of bulls crying out at once. The knee slams into him full on, rocking him backwards and actually -finally- forcing him to take thundering steps in the opposite direction and nearly sending him over. Nearly. He balances, braces and sustains. A huge flex rippling through his body, blasting out a shockwave just from the movement of the building crushing muscle masses. His foot slams into the ground, leaving an imprint that turns into a crater and he spreads his huge arms wide. "YEAH!"

He slams a fist into his chest and then straightens up to his full height from his combat stance, towering up bigger and bigger. "That was a dead heat!"

Mad Gear is relieved. The Bay Area Chief (retired!) won. Skull Cross cheers for The Corporal, but boo's their loss. The two gangs will meet again..

Mint rebounds backwards after her knee strike, dropping unceremoniously to the cratered pavement with the total lack of momentum. She lands on her duff, even managing to squeak out a pained retort in the process -- something that'd be hard to hear over the bellowing cheers, roars, and booing. Half-glazed eyes look up to Abigail as he slams a fist into his chest, as a woozy, weary smile crosses her face.

Her prosthetic arms writhe about -- though it doesn't seem that the pint-sized pugilist is going to be able to lift her shoulders any higher at this point -- not with the savage beating they took moments earlier. "... Yeah... hey, can someone give me a jump?"

After a thrilling exhcnage like that, it doesn't take long before two folks spring out of the crowd, eager to help lift the pugilist up out of the crater she found herself within. Of course, it'd take a man to lift -each- of those pistons -- as evidenced by the grunts and groaning from the folks who carry her away.

With adrenaline and other such hormones racing through her arteries, the injuries don't feel quite as bad now as they ought to -- but they'll catch up. Right now, she's still riding high -- and shouts over the crowd back at Abigail as she's hauled to a safer location than 'flat in the middle of the floor.'

"Hey, thanks for the fight! We'll... look, we'll talk shop later, okay?"

"Load her up in my truck." commands Abigail as he steps out of the ring by means of sweeping aside what's left of the cage. He steps thunderously onto the warehouse surface and walks forward with a slight drag..his own injuries and bruises telling. IF he wasn't..well..him..that wouldnt' have gone the way it did. "I'll get her jumped and fixed." He's so nice. There's no ulterior motive of wanting a closer look at her prosthetics so as to incorporate any ideas into his latest modding escapades. Nope.

"Hurry up!" demands The Chief. Axl, who had lost his fight earlier, Two-P and J, quickly comply as Abigail watches with hands on his hips. NEvermind he could one hand carry her and solve whole issue. That's what being in charge is about!

COMBATSYS: Abigail has ended the fight here.

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