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Description: What is supposed to be a normal afternoon in the hospital, and just another boring day, abruptly becomes a fairytale! With a prince charming, a bed of roses, and all the sweetness you can muster! Makoto, however, might be the valiant white knight for Noel, while the Black Knight tries to whisk her away! How will this fairy tale end!? ... Well Noel can't get out of the bed, so you probably know how!

South Town Outskirts - NOL Forwards Medical
<<~A listless body, a restless soul.~>>

Flipping through a book, Noel was finding her days, bedridden, to be far more irritating than she had expected them to be. While she did not have a death wish - everyone was out their doing their best, putting themselves out in danger, searching for the Grim Reaper. As weak as she was, Noel still wished to return. Attempts to get up to demonstrate her recovery had went very poorly - the woman taking a few steps before collapsing. Still, she thought that by the end of the day she might be able to check herself out indirectly... and then maybe catch up with the Grim Reaper herself.

Something... something was forgotten, but she remembered she was awake. So why couldn't she remember? It must have been something he did...

The book closed on her lap as Noel sighed and flung herself back against the bed. Immediately a sharp gasp as a wound reminds her that there, too, still hurt. There were many 'there, too's that Noel could count. Less like a mummy than the day before, Noel still wore bandage chiqe' accessories, with hospital gown style clothing, whites layering whites that did nothing to make her not look like some kind of sad orphan boy.

It struck a different kind of memory as well. Something years ago that... she can't quite remember either. It isn't very pressing to her, either, for some reason. No. The Grim Reaper and her uneasy thoughts... there was something there.

The door leading into Noel's room abruptly is pushed open by an NOL officer, who stands at firm attention. Such can only mean the arrival of someone at significant rank. Could it be Jin Kisaragi...? No, he probably sent her a card that outlined his sadness her injuries appeared not to be fatal. Well, if she wished for distractions, one might have just pushed his way in.

A great wall of crimson roses and various other flowers enters, being carried by some man. It takes up everything above the waist, beyond gauze-bound forearms. Steady feet take him over to Noel's bed, before they are dumped upon her unceremoniously. The scent is lovely, each fresh cut and finely bound together, likely burying the majority of Noel from the belly down to her toes. Every single one has a dangling heart-shaped card wishing her well and a fast recovery. Only... all are signed the same: '-K'

When they are deposited down, a few stray rose petals whirl about, as Kagura brushes away his bangs and stands in the light. The noble and pure visage of a knight from a storybook, smiling down at her with a dazzling smile. There's no doubting his attractiveness, although Jin Kisaragi always seemed to make a point of keeping things distant from the Colonel, to the point of establishing a building outside the main headquarters...

"Wow. Second Lieutenant Noel, of the esteemed Vermillion household." He leans forward, expression full of warm concern, to brush away her bangs from her eyes. "Even in such pain and injury, your beauty shines through like a blazing sun... it warms my heart. I heard one of my dear subordinates was hurt in the line of duty. I want to express my deepest condolences. And my pride, that you went to such lengths. My name is Colonel Kagura Mutsuki, Chief Asian Affairs for Novus Orbis Librarium, Head of the Praetorian Guard, Chief of the Duodecim... the pleasure is all mine."

...Pretty much saying everything Jin Kisaragi never would in a million years.

"But you must be restless, sitting here in bed all alone... what do you say we sneak out? You can tell me all about what happened to you over dinner...?" His perfect smile almost seems to manifest a number of sparkles.

"Hold it!"

The door is conveniently already open, so Makoto Nanaya doesn't have to open it. This is good, because she bursts through it with sufficient vigor that she probably would have slammed it had it actually been in her way. Makoto is sometimes a little hard on doors.

She skids to a stop once she's inside, windmilling her arms once as she brakes and attempts to have her boots not slide across the floor. Makoto is actually in uniform today because she is inside the NOL building, black and white with dangling gold bicep... things (Makoto is not really sure what they are for, or indeed what they are called), which makes them clink slightly as she does. No tonfa.

"Colonel,, Lieutenant Vermillion can't be leaving just yet! I checked." She did. For different reasons than Kagura, though. "So I'm afraid she's going to have to stay right here! Also, I haven't gotten to visit with her yet!"

Less loudly, but with more warmth and more speed, Makoto adds, "Hi Noel, I'm glad you're awake. I know Tsubaki got in but I sure didn't! What /happened/? How are you feeling?"

Major Kisaragi may have sent a card that said that, and included orders for other dangerous suggestions, such as 'find the Grim Reaper or whoever did this to you one more time and make them do it right', thinly veiled as 'you let the target escape. Do not hesitate to correct that mistake'.

With the door opening, Noel having been moved from the day before due to space - for better or worse - Noel's head rises, eyes peering at the door. F-Flowers. Endless fields, it seems like, carrying them. "Ah.. I-I'm sorry, I was just moved in here today...!" She begins to plead, flailing a little - and a little is all she flails, since her wounds prevent it near immediately. Until they find herself /almost atop her/. No, wait, exactly atop of her as the man dumps them upon her bed - some on her - as the form is less covered by sheets and more by a bed of roses. The women begins to protest once more, before her attention is caught by the dangling heart cards, all noting 'Noel'. And signed the same as well.

No, Noel thinks, he definitely has the right room. But... but...!?! .. What!?

Flustered, Noel's face is wide in surprise, mouth hanging somewhat open as she looks upwards towards the dazzling man, eyes widening like her mouth as she stares somewhat unsightly, only closing as he speaks up. The red roses are not the only part that is red, as Noel's face is matching the color rather wonderfully at the moment, struck silent as the hand brushes away her bangs. "A-Ah... Colonel Mutsuki..."

As if caught in a fairytail spell, the book slides from her lap, the woman's green eyes staring up to his own as that perfect smile comes, charming her. "I ... I...!"

MAKOTO-CRASH. The sudden Nanaya, and her tail, skid to a stop, windmilling and breaking the spell - Noel's red cheeks still bright and cheery, but now her smile widens and beams towards one of her SUPER best friends. "Makoto-ch-.. ah, Lieutenant Nanaya!~!" She beams, cheerful and almost bouncing out of the bed. If she could. She can't though. She however does brighten up from the stoic, or rather enamored, form from moments ago! "I'm .. ah.. Well! I guess I found the target." She answers, smiling as her eyes close, hands grasping one of the bouquets absentmindedly. "After that.. ah... alot." Pause, "I ... think."

Many underestimate that Kagura can be deathly charming. Although extended encounters might reveal his somewhat more crude mannerisms, he is not considered a successful womanizer due to ineptness. Yet the sudden eruption of Makoto causes him to jump, turning to look towards the be-tailed girl. Then his eyes journey all the way down, and back up, taking the leisurely route. "Second Lieutenant Nanaya. Always a pleasure to see you." He then flings one of the crimson roses in her direction. "I'm just debriefing Lieutenant Vermillion here on an encounter with an SS-Class criminal." Of course, he then immediately looms over Noel once more, another rose flitting up to try and angle her chin upwards. "What do you say...? My office is empty right now..." Nothing about his tone is remotely professional, to say the least.

"Oh thank goodness you're all right, then! I was worried." Makoto beams at Noel as she heads closer to her bed. /And/ she got here in time to head off Kagura, which is a nice bonus - she's pretty sure she doesn't want to leave Noel to him when she can't even stand up. Who knows what would happen?

Well, he'd invite her to his room, apparently. "How about not?" is her immediate reply to Kagura, even though it wasn't addressed to her. Makoto is sometimes a little loose with regulations anyway and Kagura brings out the worst in her. Or maybe the best. Or maybe just the most defensive. It's a little of all three. "If you're asking questions, I should be there too. Did you know I'm on assignment to help find the guy that did it?"

She asides to Noel again, "I totally am. You won't have to worry about it at all. Your job is to get well for now." She glances at Kagura again, before adding, "And listen to the doctors."

It's very true, and the charming form of Kagura is directly before Noel - looming over her after he takes note of Makoto! Noel tilts her head a bit - with one of the roses raised upwards, the chain of miss Vermillion rising just like Kagura might want it! What a surprise! "...Y... Your office...?" Debriefing?! Flustered, Noel isn't able to speak directly to Kagura once more, especially not to provide an answer!

There is a slight gasp as Makoto answers, moving nearby her right before speaking up! It's no surprise that Noel moves a tad closer to Makoto. Not because she fears Kagura - but because there is her friend, and her friends fluffy tail there. There are slight lovey-dovey eyes from Noel, but for the moment they peer, oh so momentarily, at the tail.

Completely back to normal, Noel nods her head - bobbing it carefully as her hands remain on her lap. "I... I'm sorry I worried you, Makoto." She apologizes, because of course she does, letting Makoto lay into the Colonel a little! She doesn't defend him!? How rude. "I think Clio mentioned it..." Yes, Clio came before Makoto! Such ... a shame! Asided too, Noel bobs her head. "Oh...?" The girl blinks, laying her head back against the pillow. "They've said that I shouldn't keep trying to get up, and shouldn't do anything too strenuous, otherwise..." Which rules out a whole lot, actually. "Ah, but everyone's out there... and searching for the person that hurt me and the Captain..." Noel laments.

No report, at all, for the Command Gear she faced either. How was it possible?

"Aww, what's wrong, Makoto? If you want to go alone with me to my office again, my door's always open..." There's a thick and heavy innuendo to that which leaves little to the imagination, as a kiss is blown in the squirrel-girl's direction. "No need to get jealous. I'll always make time for you, too." But he does cross his arms at this with a deep sigh, looking defeated on some level. Ah well, true predators of love are patient. His time will come.

"Ragna the Bloodedge, right? That's what Captain Hazama reported. We're not sure what happened to the Command Gear yet, but... engaging it was dangerous." Genuine concern flashes upon his face at that, transcending his flirtatious manners. "You could have been killed. Once you're better, we'll need a report of the Gear's capabilities from you. As of now, you are the only source we have. Captain Hazama seems to have suffered some memory loss himself when Ragna attacked..."

A frown creases his lips. "I'm to understand some third party with chains interrupted after Captain Hazama fell. It seems they drove off Ragna, but didn't do anything to the NOL officers who lay defeated. I consider that mighty suspicious, to say the least..." At that, he gives an aside to Makoto. "Have you visited your commanding officer since the attack? What's Captain Hazama been up to...?"

Makoto Nanaya is juuust far enough from Noel that looking is all she's going to get to do with that tail unless she suddenly develops the ability to stand up. Sorry, Noel. "Then you should follow their directions! I mean, I know you want to get up and help, but you don't want to do it until you can." She pauses. "But when you can... sure."

She is also far enough away from Kagura that he doesn't get hit for that one, because she'd have to leave Noel's side to do it, but she does do something with her hands; she makes a fist just so and squeezes inward so that her knuckles pop, intimidatingly (or so she'd like it to be). Yeah, that may be a warning.

"Ragna the Bloodedge and Chain Guy," Makoto agrees, because even though everyone else is calling him the Chain Man she's not. She is perfectly willing to be serious, when it comes to that. "Uh, I haven't spoken to him personally but I got orders from him through Tsubaki - Lieutenant Yayoi. He put me, and her, and one other on looking - Lieutenant St. Jeanne. That's not unusual." Using Tsubaki is, but roundabout orders aren't really surprising in Intelligence, especially when they're working with other divisions.

Alone... to Kagura's office...

Noel glances over to Makoto carefully whose knuckles pop - and whose tail is far, far away from her grasp. Kagura isn't the only one with a somewhat bad habit, but the tail is so fluffy... maybe she needs a plush in the hospital bed? But she can't ask for one, it's ... hard to justify. "Ah..." Chastized by Makoto, Noel slips deeper against the pillow! She's not wrong, infact, Noel is the one that is wrong! It is just so hard to not want to ... do something.

"Y-Yeah. Ragna the Bloodedge..." She doesn't make mention of the uneasy feeling she felt. Bringing up his name even brings a slight tinge of worry to Noel's face, Kagura might be able to notice it. "I know." Is Noel's answer to Kagura at the concern. Yet it is not that that causes Noel to look away and down, hair covering her eyes somewhat.

'We need you to make a report on the Gear's capabilities'.
If only she could remember.
It ... was so .. c l o s e.

Lost is the discussion between Kagura and Makoto, on Hazama. It's as if something blocks him from being important to her. The uneasy feeling remains, even grows, when the name is mentioned - but she doesn't notice. It was Ragna - that made sense. Eyes flicker once. The man... the Grim Reaper. Did he take her memories as well? Was it possible? If Hazama and she both had memory loss... then it must be possible. He'd know, wouldn't he?

"Y-yes Colonel Mutsuki, I'll report everything I can remember." She even moves to slaute! Right arm and shoulder entirely bound due to the severe injuries.

It might be entirely purposeful that Kagura is making sure Makoto's not within punching distance. Although he's certainly planted an interesting seed within Noel's mind. Visions of the pair all alone in his luxurious office... hopefully one's mind isn't liable for expansive poems and flights of imaginative fancy. "I see. Well, if you're on the job, then I trust you'll find out the truth." Kagura murmurs, although still looks too distracted to be lascivious. This is unusual enough to stand out, fingers stroking at his chin. It's not lost on him the odd expression from Noel repeating his name, but he doesn't bring attention to it.

"At ease, at ease. I've got a lot of work to do. Nuclear explosion went off on Mt. Fuji again. Causing a bit of a fuss. And Heihachi's not able to be contacted. They say you'll be recovering for a couple weeks, and I order you to do just that." He pulls out an embroidered white card, surrounded by roses. On it reads his name, multiple contact numbers, and a promise of 'Making All Your Dreams Come True'. "Once the medics clear you, report to my office. Alone. Is that understood, Second Lieutenant?" He gives her a wink, before attempting to swat Makoto in the rump as he turns to march towards the door. "Any report you hand to Captain Hazama, hand to me too, Second Lieutenant Nanaya. ...In person~"

Makoto really does feel for Noel. It's not unheard of for NOL officers to get beaten to hell and back, but it always sucks when it's something you can't walk off. She herself absolutely hates sitting idle and is extremely glad she's not doing it, even if she feels a little bad about it.

She does not react fast enough to snag the card away from Noel, so Noel gets to remember how to contact Colonel Kaguya afterwards. "I heard about that," she says, toward Kagura. (See, she's not entirely the oblivious thug.) Dealing with nuclear disasters is above her pay grade, and she wishes whoever deals with the political issues of /that/ good luck.

And then Kagura tries

This time, Makoto's reactions are superb. He does not get a hand on her rump because she steps sharply to the side, her tail snapping down and slapping his wrist (more or less harmlessly). It also gets her to whirl, delivering an open-palm strike to not hit Kagura so much as shove him back. Hard. This being Makoto, hard is very hard indeed, even if it's not likely to hurt him... well, unless he cracks into the wall or something; hospital rooms are never very big.

"Sorry," she says, with no apology in her voice. "Hand slipped. You'll get your report, though - on your desk!" And probably without Makoto there. Alas.

It is a seed, certainly. One that needs to riped after a long period of watering, and perhaps also has to be carried around a bit before it begins to sprout! It ... it's going to take a lot of time if it even does!

With the way Noel is, the expression is one that Noel somewhat picks up on. ... Not exceedingly. She is lost in her own little world for the most part, so Kagura's own expression, the fact that he stops trying to hit on her so heavily, may be noted only briefly! "Ah... okay..." Noel remarks, and blinks, "A .. A couple of weeks, sir?! I ... I can't..." But then comes the order. The green eyed woman blinks as Kagura hands out the card to her, the noted 'promise' as well as the order to report to his office. Alone.

"Yes Colon-!" The wink is noted, but the swat more so. Noel's words pause as Makoto twists to the side, tail snapping and slapping! Noel is silent, despite the very loud look on her face, eyes wide, from Makoto's strike towards Kagura, and her apology. The rosy marks on her cheeks begin to fade, only after the rear pat is made towards Makoto! Once the whole thing is over, Noel glances to Makoto, holding the card and swimming in a 'sea' of rose petals. A smile, however sad she might be under it.

"It's nice that he thought of me..." Noel begins, "... I can't remember exactly what happened." That changed pretty fast. The card is flipped in her hands slowly, "The very end...I can remember that..." Noel begins, staring into the card like it brings back memories. "I couldn't stand. There were icicles in, through me. My body was burning, seared in places. Everything else was cold, numb..." Or broken. She smiles again towards Makoto, "But I'm so lucky, my Birthday's in just a few weeks! Maybe I'll get to take off because I'm wounded, and visit mom and dad..."

The tail manages to intercept Kagura's shifting hand. A momentary look of surprise is on his face before he's thumped in the belly, doubling over as he's skid back a couple meters. There's obvious pain there, a few heavy coughs leaving his chest. "N-not bad... nice reflexes...!" Trying to put on a proud show, he stands up straight and inhales deeply. "Two weeks. Order." This is repeated much more firmly, before he turns to finish exiting the room. The moment the door shuts, he exhales, rubbing at his chest with a wince. "Ouch... Didn't have to hit me THAT hard...!"

Makoto's reflexes are very well-known, given she basically got all her useful points of merit on sheer athletic ability. "It's all practice," she says, and only some of it is even practice on Kagura. She does not apologize for it - not even to Noel, for disrupting the tranquility of the hospital room.

She turns to Noel afterwards, resting her hand near her. "I don't see why you couldn't," she says, "if you can get there. With Japan the way it is - well, if anyone can make it happen it's the NOL! Try to remember - but whether you can or not, we'll definitely find the chain guy and Ragna the Bloodedge and deal with them both. I'm not going to forgive him for hurting you like that!"

Makoto pauses a moment, then says, "But for now we should probably get the flowers out of here. How many does anyone need to send...? I can totally handle it, I'll find a good place for them."

She is not quite cruel enough to send them all to the dumpster.

Noel isn't going to ever ask Makoto to apologize. Hell, what happens is more in line with Noel. "Ah... Sorry..." She should have spoken up. Should have told him to be more of a gentleman. Should have done something for her friend!

It's a Noel thing, and if she was to apologize for it - she would as well. "Ah? Y-You think?!" She beams, "I'd love to!" As Makoto rests a hand near her, Noel grasps it with both hands - at the wrist - loosely. Lonely. That's the word that would wrap things up for Noel right now. Oh so lonely in the hospital, where she laid, only now and again being checked up on. Every friend a bright shining star of warmth that caused her heart to thaw and was like bright summer air on her face!

That may have been a passage from the book she was reading. "I'm so lucky to have such good friends... Thank you Makoto! Thank you and Clio, Tsubaki, Mai, everyone...!" Small little tears fell from her eyes - but they were at least happy ones, Makoto noting the flowers. "Ah... that's right... we c-oh, you will? Ah... you can have some, Makoto! Or maybe Clio, or Tsubaki would want some... maybe Mai?" It might be quite literately sharing the love, but if nothing, the rumors of the roses ona hospital bed might cause a slight stir!

"I'll find a place," Makoto repeats, now a little uncertain that she will actually manage it. What if they actually /do/ want some? "I don't need any, though. They make me sneeze."

She squeezes Noel's hand back (gently) before she rises. Time to gather flowers...

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