KOF 2017 - Downtown Encounter

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Description: Days after Ragna's encounter with Terumi and Noel, a certain member of the Zero Squadron tracks him down to ask a couple questions regarding her investigation of the matter. ...The answers she gets may not agree with her.

It's been a little while since that curious and completely unexpected encounter with the NOL the other day. Ragna learned some things he really feels conflicted about, but at the same time, it was valuable info all the same. On the other hand... there was the mystery of that weirdo girl who was bleeding all over the place and pleading for him of all people on this green earth to help her. ...Yeah, he didn't get it. But in any case, that was but a detour.

His real objective hasn't changed. Be that as it may, though, he's still got a lay a bit low, let the heat die down. And so... AND SO....

Ragna the Bloodedge can be found sitting in a chinese restaurant, a lunch spread before him as he casually eats among the crowd of like-minded guests. Not a soul seems to have noticed at the SSSSSSSSSSSS whatever class criminal was in their midst.


On the other hand the NOL IS on the lookout for the rather infamous Bounty Target for more than a few reasons right now. The presence of a 0th Division member being called in just to track down the perpetrator of an assault on an NOL officer, and being directed to the presence of the infamous Bloodedge in the city as a possible witness? Tsubaki Yayoi is not one to do things in a sloppy manner. Though, normally she would be about in a uniform that wouldn't draw attention, the cloaked figure was moving through Southtown when she recieved the notification. A man matching Ragna the Bloodedge's description had been spotted.

The doors to the cafe opened, and the masked imposing figure in white cloak with gold trim slides into the cafe. Pausing to talk with a hostess, before the masked face turns to the indicated seat. Tsubaki moving across the resteraunt and no doubt causing chatter to cease as she passes.

"Excuse me sir, but you match the description of someone I'm looking for." The voice calm, exuding professionalism and authority, but not a violent intent. Yet. Though the outfit may just be offputting.

Son of a bitch.

Ragna pauses, just scant inches from bringing a piece of general tso's chicken into his mouth. "......." He sighs and closes his eyes. One deep breath is taken, and then he calmly shoves it in his mouth and chews. "Can this wait until *after* I finish eating? I swear to god, you people are the goddamn worst."

And then he scoops up some rice and shoves that in his mouth next. "Always barging in at the worst damn moments. Like effing roaches." He swallows, and then grabs his glass of iced tea, slowly sipping that, even while all becomes quiet. After all, some weirdo cloaked figure is here. Southtown is weird, but people still stop to look at stuff like this.

Tsubaki wrinkled her nose at that crude response, thankful the mask can help keep her reactions out of sight for this. "I would hope you would come peacefully if I allow such." She rests her hand on the seat across from Ragna, beginning to ease it out, "May I sit? If you answer some questions I could perhaps be convinced to looking the other way at your presence here for now." Certain individuals need not know she used this approach, carrot and stick. Perhaps the man could be convinced to at least divulge what he knows on her true target. If she likes what she hears. If the man opts for stick? Well...force was not outside the question.

Ragna rolls his eyes at the masked woman and resumes his meal. At the very least he won't have to flip the table and start another brawl. How many restaurants has he gotten banned from for those same antics? Too many, that's what. After that's all out of the way, though, the Grim Reaper waves a hand dismissively.

"Whatever floats your damn boat." He grumbles, shoveling some more rice in his mouth after. "Nothing like a little interrogation over lunch, eh? Sounds a staple for you NOL assholes." Wow, rude. But he's not attacking, right? Is his food really that important!?

Sliding into the seat regardless of his acceptance or not was Tsubaki's plan. Regarding the criminal's rude behaviour, she takes a breath. Reaching up she unfastens the mask and sets it down revealing her face. Blue eyes gazing intently at Ragna across the table as she speaks.

"If you were a gentleman you would offer a young lady joining you the option of ordering." She can play her own subtle game of insult, wether he picks up or not makes no difference. Some subtle background murmuring returning to the patrons of the cafe. The hood is still drawn up, but there's some kind of hat underneath there and...is that another blue eye of it's own? She continues after a moment, "I have reason to believe you witnessed the assault of two NOL officers. I am seeking the assailant."

"Hunh. And here I thought you might've been wearing that mask because you looked like a horse." He shakes his head and shrugs. "Sheesh, fine, whatever. You sound like that damn rabbit." And with that, Ragna does a faux-respectable bow. "Dost this lady wish to order something from the menu? Though I may perhaps attest that the food of the common man may not be quite as palatable to thine madam's tongue."

And then business comes. Sigh. Yep, that sounds familiar. So familiar in fact that IT WAS JUST THE OTHER DAY! "Really. You, and NOL officer-" He gestures to Tsubaki, "-is asking me-" He gestures to himself, but refrains from saying his name. "-for info on an attack on your people?" That said, he looks aside, almost as if staring at some invisible force that may be watching them all.

A couple seconds pass, and just when it might seem like complex equations are about to start drifting through the air, he looks back to her and frowns. "Are you right in the head?"

Tsubaki manages to keep a straight face when it comes to the comment on what he imagined she looked like under the mask. The comment on '...that damn rabbit.' gets a mental note on potential follow up. At the laughable display, Tsubaki can't help a smirk tugging at her lips as she lifts the menu to look over it. Unfortunately for her, she usually was dining like the common man of late due to her job and the clandestine nature of her division. "I see you've some manner of refinement when addressing a Lady. Commendable." she looks to the waitress, ordering some General Tso's chicken for herself, along with a pot of tea before handing off the menu and folding her hands before her on the table. Yes, yes, qualify all that.

"Strange yes? But no one knows who this assailant was. My division is allowed greater autonomy in completing it's missions. If that means wading into the places my compatriots wouldn't, I am willing to do so." Her gaze hardens, "One of those injured was a friend of mine, if I have to stoop to asking you for information in exchange for not ruining your meal and hauling you into headquarters, I'd like to avoid causing unnecessary damage."

Ragna rolls his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." He doesn't know shit. He just pretends to piss off a certain rabbit. Probably. But anyway- Business. Right. Business. He knows clearly who did what, where, when, and why. But he's not really at the point where he's willing to share with The Enemy.

At least not until Tsubaki mentions that a friend of hers was hurt." He thinks back on that one. ...Terumi has no fucking friends, so that leaves Blondie. Hunh. "......" Casually, without letting his expression change, Ragna shovels some more food into his mouth, chewing slowly as he considers all this. Once he swallows, he speaks again.

"Neverminding the fact that you think you can do it..." A shrug. "You just want to know who did it, right?" Really, he knows exactly who did it. But before he just blurts anything out... "-What do you know already, then, huh?"

As the tea is set by her, Tsubaki nods to the waitress, calmly lifting the cup, blowing across it, and then sipping at the tea. She waits, her own expression remaining neutral.

It seems diplomacy is working out for now. She considers quietly, "I know that my friend was injured in a fight with a Gear. An NOL officer was bringing her back to headquarters. You attacked him. As he lost conciousness, someone with chains attacked all of you." she sets the small cup down and laces her gloved fingers in front of her again.


Ragna squints.

That's.... that's not how it went at all.

What the heck is that god damned Terumi doing? Like really? Well, obviously he's not going to say OH I DID IT! when he still needs to use the organization and all, but come the fuck on. Why even drop the hint about chains, then? That's like asking to be found out!

Not that Ragna really gives a shit, but still. "Hunh. I see." He sips his iced tea. So Blondie was beaten up by a Gear. Cool. And then she dragged herself over there. Or maybe Hazama/Terumi/Whoeverthefuckhecallshimself brought her there. Then she went and acted up and then he followed the trail to that alleyway, AND THEN... she pleaded with him for help...

...To get away from Hazama. Her own ally. Why? Other than being Terumi. But then, that's good enough for him. Even if he didn't quite succeed. Hm. "Wow. Okay, so... newsflash. The asshole with the chains that you're looking for?" He waves around a piece of chicken with his chopsticks before putting it into his mouth and chewing. A second or two passes, then he swallows.

"That dude wears a black suit, and a god damned stupid looking fedora. Eyes all squinty like this, might even be closed." He squints his own eyes to demonstrate. "Tossed around chains like a motherfucker. Oh, and his hair was all green. Pretty agile fellow for saying he couldn't fight. But then he went and started tossing all those chains around, so I dunno about that."

A careless shrug. "Sounds crazy, I bet. Probably not even gonna believe me. But them's the damn breaks."

Tsubaki's expression seems to go through a few changes there. Her hands squeezing tighter as those words are spoken. That wasn't right. "That is a serious allegation you level against an officer of the NOL." is her response. If that was the case, it would mean her roll as 0th Division member would trump Hazama's orders. Weeding out justice against a traitor. But then, this was Ragna the Bloodedge. Could he be a liar simply wishing to get himself out of trouble? Her gaze seeming to go into the middle distance as she rolls that information in her head.

Why the odd deception? Calling in 0th Division, her specificaly, and setting her on a wild chase? Setting her up with Makoto and Clio to hunt down a target who was...himself? It wasn't right. No, but, Tsubaki had given her word that she would look the other way if Ragna had cooperated this time. It puts her in an odd place. A precarious place. This could be something that destroys her career if she's wrong. But she also couldn't get another friend hurt if it were true. Even with her growing resentment of Noel, Makoto had done nothing wrong, and she didn't want to lose another friend. Tsubaki closed her eyes weighing the options. Best to honor her agreement and withdraw. She was confident in her own abilities with Izayoi at least.

"This forces me to re-evaluate some things. Details that are not matching up." She could confront Hazama, subdue him if necessary, and report his betrayal to the Imperator. This could either lead to her downfall...or a far greater coup and way to reclaim some respect and humanity back as opposed to being a butcher.

"As I said, I will not attempt your capture today." she lifts the mask, setting it back in place, before placing some money on the table from within the robes. More than enough to cover the whole meal...or at least what she's seen of it. "But next time we meet, it will be as enemies."

Ragna watches Tsubaki stand up and put that mask back on, but he stays right where he is. "Hospitality from the NOL. Not sure if I should be bothered or what." He rolls his eyes, but doesn't stop her all the same. Anything less he has to pay is only convenient for him. "Sounds like you've got some work to do. Trouble in paradise maybe?"

A rhetorical question. He doesn't care.

"Well, whatever you do, doon't get yourself killed for it." Beat. "Or do. It's none of my business." And with that, Ragna has officially checked himself the hell out of this little interrogation. Time to finish what's left.

As Tsubaki sets her mask back in place she frowns beneath it. She won't reveal what she feels she must do. She's already resolved herself after all.

"I do what I must. I'm sure even someone like you can understand that?" she quietly begins to walk out of the cafe on her own rhetorical note.

It didn't make sense, which is why she can't risk anyone else on this. SHe's in large breach of standing bounty orders, but her directive as one of the Wings of Justice takes precedent and should suffice to cover what she's about to do. If someone so high up in the NOL was a traitor though, this could destroy everything. It made no sense. How could the Imperator have allowed someone so dangerous into a position so potentially destructive if removed? She murmurs, "Jin...if only I could ask you what to do..." under her breath once outside.

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