KOF 2017 - Act 3: Mission 15) Nancy Boys - Jin vs Sub-Zero

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Description: Heihachi is not alone; as one of the richest men in the world, he has uncountable resources to drive off his attackers. One such resource is a powerful weapon, resting within the secret labs hidden right in the heart of Southtown. With the people becoming more belligerent, Jin has been entrusted to mobilize the secret weapon of Mishima: NANCY-MI847J. Before it can be deployed, however, the UN moves to intercept. Using their most powerful assassin, Sub-Zero is unleashed to eliminate the concealed site holding the infamous secret project of Mishima. And if Jin cannot defend the site, Heihachi's plans for support will be left on ice. Outcome: Sub-Zero wins, Heihachi is forced to use a prototype model of NANCY-MI847J, which is weaker.

The engineering, Robotics and R&D departments were intermixed and shared many personnel and resources as well as floor space well below the foundations of the tower itself. Seven levels down to be exact and tucked away behind at least 4 blast doors and fourteen guard stations. Tucked away for safety's sake and protecting of intellectual rights of the military grade purposed products the Zaibatsu was famed for. The NANCY-MI847J was no exception, and so large it had commandeered space outside the robotics department simply because it would be too large to leave the labs proper when it was fully assembled. It would need to use the vehicle access to even leave the facility.

The quadruped robot with its four thin legs supporting a massive brawny torso that was two thirds the mechanized units mass. Not really keen, due to its size, but with the strong, sturdy armor and lustrous weaponry, it is also a defense facility and built to purpose for it. Additionally, each of those spindly legs could hold Nancy's huge weight on its own; A deceptively robust design where what looked like its weak points were far from it.

For now though the beast and guard dog was curled up and powered down, a network of improvised cables fitted to the ceiling and hanging down to connect to various ports. Coolant and fuel piped in while a connection to the private lab mainframe was busy with the latest updates and system checks.

Jin Kazama watched on with some interest. If it were not for his position and training he would while away his time here by personal choice. Loose fitting white shirt hanging open and unbuttoned, anti-static clothing to protect some of the delicate devices that were being worked on at this level. The sole concession to the required dress code for working down here was the shirt, so he was keeping his distance from the equipment itself.

Standing in an employee rest area with his elbow and forearm resting against the glass and shielding his eyes form the too bright fluorescent lighting he watched the hive of activity centred around the MI847J.

When the guard dog was up and running, the returned Tekken Force soldiers ready, it would be time to emerge from relative safety and join the hunt for the Command Gear in the city.

Seven floors. Four doors. Fourteen stations staffed by dozens of heavily armed, highly trained security personnel. It is the sort of complex that most would imagine to be impregnable. Not impossible to crack, for nothing truly is. But most would assume that any operation large enough to move on such a base would be too large to gather quietly.
It might come as quite a shock, then, when the first blast door falls.
Alarms blare, red emergency lights flashing to life as a voice comes over the loud speakers, announcing the presence of a hostile force. This is not a drill. This is real, guards and technicians alike abruptly thrust into a live combat situation.
Surely they have trained for just such an occurrence?
And then the second door falls.
Panicked voices blare through headsets, punctuated by the staccato blast of gunfire. The walls are far too thick, distance too great for these noises to naturally reach the inner sanctum, but the picture painted in their ears is brutal indeed. A ghost, some sort of ice monster. A phantom appearing from the mist. Oh god they are dying. How many attackers are there?
The third door falls.
All grows quiet.
There is something out there. In this world of demons and gods, it could be anything. Some malevolent spirit here to punish them for crimes beyond their comprehension. Or it could be a crack team of special operations. Whatever it is, the few feeds that can be viewed from cameras scattered throughout the complex show corridors flowing with waist-high fog, small specks of frozen moisture drifting down from the frost-rimed ceiling. IN places, the walls are splattered with great sprays of pinkish ice, though any further evidence of violence is hidden beneath the all-consuming mist.
Nothing living stirs.

"Have security withdraw from the last station and fall back here. Send additional reinforcements down to the labs."

The information leaking down here to the labs was intense yet sporadic, the security checkpoints falling silent abruptly and usually mid-sentence or cut off by a scream or the connection being silenced. Again with an intruder or intruders being willing to attack a building on the height of alertness except this time with a fully equipped and battle ready army camped at its doorstep.

The lab technicians looking to him worriedly as non-combatants until he turns his attention to them.

"Get the non-essentials out of here but keep working. Depending on what this is we might need the robot up and mobile."

Not quite the reprieve for all they were looking for but it was enough that some were hurriedly gathering by elevators. Not that escape was assured because the elevators were already in service with even more troops on their way down.

"Open the last blast door."

And behind it there was that wall of fog that was obscuring whatever dangers were attacking his people, murdering them. If it was the fog itself...

Bracing a shoulder under a large and clunky metal device jin shoulders the unit and as if on command a technician powers up the laser as she sweeps the beam across the floor at the edge of the creeping mist. The hexagonal glass panelled floor evaporates under the wave of heat and the advancing wall falls over the edge into the extractor filled service ducts and abyss below. If it were the fog, the problem was solved for the moment. Setting the unit down with a heavy clunk Jin advances cautiously and reaches out to test the fog with a wave of his hand and then by plunging his hand in. A biting cold, but not painful or harming in of itself, it was concealing something that was.

Jin advances into it with the intent to buy time until reinforcement arrives, head slowly swivelling back and force as he scans for any signs of what he was dealing with, every sense keen and alert for the slightest hint of what it was.

COMBATSYS: Jin has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Jin              0/-------/-------|

Stepping into the fog is not unlike being teleported into the frozen arctic itself. Not only does the opaque mist brush numbingly across any exposed flesh, but the floor underfoot is covered in a thick rime of frost, each step crunching distinctly. Barely glimpsed can be seen yet more ice stuck to the walls, dripping from the trim. Hanging from the ceiling as dagger-sharp spikes. If an army has invaded, it would not be a hard thing to hide it in this.
But there is no army.
the first sign of danger comes as the faintest flicker of a shadow shifting through the mist in front of Jin. It is barely there, a flash of motion that a lesser fighter would likely miss, but the fog does swirl with the passage of something.
The second sign of danger comes in the form of two gloved palms exploding from the mist behind Jin, left at nape height and right aimed for the center of his back. The force behind the strike is nothing to scoff at, easily enough to snap the spine of anyone caught unawares. But the true danger for Jin comes in the wave of bone-aching cold that radiates out from the touch, enough to freeze moisture within the skin itself, to cause splitting wounds and near instantaneous frost bite.
Hit or miss, the violent attack blasts the wall of fog aside, revealing the blue-and black clad form of the Lin Kuei's deadliest assassin. Frost-rimed eyes of featureless white stare out over the hard blue shell of his half mask, little wisps of fog curling out of its breathing slits. The rest of his form is entirely encased in a black body suit layered over by a quilted blue vest and bracers with distinctive diamond patterns, a simple blue cloth hanging between his legs.
Silently, the fog begins to roll back in...

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Jin              0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

COMBATSYS: Jin just-defends Sub-Zero's Cold Feet!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Jin              0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Forearms crossing over one another Jin's palms are lodged against the inside of both arms of his attacker, forcibly opening the blow wide enough that the burly teen suffered neither strike nor any lasting harm on reacting within the split-second required. Testing his strength against the intruder Jin was much larger and more densely muscled but the fog itself would sap that strength over time. Now he was face to face with his opponent... he didn't recognize them at all. Neither outfit or affiliation from the clothing nor the white corpse like eyes without an iris; though the general impression of the outfit and skillset seemed much like any number of other assassin types. Not big on words and striking from the shadows.

"Ninja or Assassin of some kind huh?"

He was in no mood for more interruptions and his precious subordinates had died more than enough handing these ceaseless attacks. There was a battle going on for japan to even still have a future and no room for petty and vested interests.


Forehead lancing forward and crashing down and upon his foe to stove in the masked fighters face, right between the eyebrows and above those dead eyes. The blow was to emphasize his point like it was punctuation at the end point of negotiations. There was one chance to withdraw, anything more and he might be forced to avenge more than one lost life.

COMBATSYS: Jin successfully hits Sub-Zero with Stone Head.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Jin              0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0         Sub-Zero

During the course of his time fighting on behalf of his family, Jin has likely butted heads with many a warrior. There are assassins that like to talk, to charm and flirt. And then there are the true professionals.
Sub-Zero is clearly the latter.
The young man's forehead impacts the ninja's masked face with a satisfying thonk, flinging the blue-clad assassin backward off of his feet. Or, likely off of his feet. it is difficult to tell, for half way down he vanishes into the mist, and there is a disturbing lack of sound to accompany his body impacting the frosty floor. It is as if the mist simply swallowed him up, removing him from this place only to deposit him in another.
His return is as swift as his exit. A swirl of mist announces his shadowy form just before he appears, spinning low into a sweeping heel kick toward Jin's right shin, before slipping forward with easy grace and throwing himself into a rising knee aimed squarely for the side of the young man's jaw. And though the cold still radiates from him, freezing air and ground alike, there is no biting burst of it upon impact.

COMBATSYS: Jin counters Low Kick from Sub-Zero with Over The Limit EX.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Jin              0/-------/------=|=====--\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Jin stirs uneasily when his opponent vanishes once again into the fog. So was that his fellows trick? A near constant series of ambushes was what he was confronted with rather than a stand up fight. So long as he continued to react at this kind of level he was okay, for the moment. Absorb every detail! Miss nothing!! The swirl of mist was his first clue, it moved with the others body while Jin himself was completely still and allowing it to settle and calm around him.

Forewarned and lifting his foot he avoids the attack at his shin but throws himself into the counter movement when his foot returns to ground after the sweep has passed. He's already slipping aside when the follow-up knee stabs up so high, the crook of his hooking across front of his opponent's thigh Jin swings the airborne ninja around and dumps him spiralling into the air in one smooth spin.

The Mishma brat was as large and heavily muscled as an ox but he moved with his a different kind of grace and economy of movement to the ninjas.

That last move was an entirely different style, Jujitsu throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively subdue or injure an attacker? Defensive techniques used either to use the force of the attacker's movement against him or neutralize the move entirely with counter rotation or movement. These were not Mishima karate fundamentals. The boy was using another style to compliment or offset his own weaknesses in the former style.

Though his initial kick whiffs and he is plucked cleanly out of the air, Jin may notice that the assassin caught in his grasp is not panicking. Cold, dead eyes stare into the face of the brutish child as he is whipped about and hurled toward the ground, muscular form going loose and pliant to avoid straining any of his joints.
This time, the sound of Sub-Zero's impact with the ground echo's loudly up and down the deserted hall, causing the icicles above to tinkle softly like frozen chimes.
But still he is coming.
Rebounding from the impact into a neat backward roll, the legendary assassin flings himself to his feet with a predator's grace, landing with both boots square not 10 feet from his dogged opponent. Bits of frost cling to his uniform from where he scraped across the floor, but he otherwise seems unharmed for the most part, though perhaps a bit more cautious about flinging himself into charges.
A different tactic, then.
The fog swirls and funnels inward as Sub-Zero brings his gloved hands in before his middle, channeling his will out into the cold that surrounds them. The mist for 15 feet in all directions fades as it is sucked into the void between his palms, gathered together into a faintly glowing orb of condensed frost chi.
Twisting, hands dropping back to his right hip, the silent assassin tenses his muscles, readying his will in a split second of vital concentration. Then, he throws.
Exploding forward in an abrupt, aggressive move, Sub-Zero hurls the foggy ball of chi toward Jin's center mass, little streams of mist trailing back across his arms. Quickly it flashes across the distance, roiling and growing, attempting to smash into the boy and spread across his skin, burning and solidifying into a dragging, restricting weight. And the assassin is right behind it, closing on his target with the clear intent to unleash yet more violence.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero successfully hits Jin with Arctic Assault.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Jin              0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Jin wards against the blow with a crossed arm block the heavy ball of mist, the sphere of ice and mist colliding ahainst his guard but also insubstantial enough that the frost bypasses the guard and washes over his chest. Armguards and arm covered in a thick lining of frost and singing his chest with a stinging fire and then numbing cold.

The next breath Jin expels turns cloudy white in the intense cold surrounding him, an ensnared and partly frozen beast ready for slaughter. Some scene reminiscent of a frozen mammoth succumbing to the cold wastes surrounding them.

The ice surrounding his arms groans and shatters away like it was nothing in terms of restraining him, arms pulled apart with sheer strength even as the fabric of his shirt also breaks and crumbles, frozen solid.

Not even taking a single step back in retreat Jin fires off a right cross at the approaching ninja and sends his still ice encased and closed fist straight at his opponents face where the ice casing could scatter and explode.

The second attack his grasping hand aiming to seize the ninja by the throat and choke the life out of him while he was face to face with the teen. Eyes shrouded by that feathery fringe they could tunnel a hole clean through the ninja if intensity of focus were a force that could be weaponized.

Pain wouldn't stop Jin, numbing and chilling attacks just made that pain easier to ignore while he himself was out to break and debilitate much more important and vital points on his opponents body.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero blocks Jin's Combo Grapple.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Jin              0/-------/----===|======-\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Ice shards explode away from the brutal impact of Jin's fist against the quilted padding of Sub-Zero's left bracer, the muscular assassin smacking the punch aside with the aggressive circular parry of a karate master. The young man can feel the impact of the blow, feel it rattle through the legend's bones, but still he does not retreat. Still he remains aggressive, shifting just fractionally to one side so that the boy's grasping fingers find only air.
And the boy's look? His hard, focused stare? It is met with blank-eyed impassivity. The emotionless gaze of a true killer. One who has dared to challenge the gods, and lived. Jin may be a prodigy. He may have the blood of demons running through his veins. But he is no legend. Not yet.
Sub-Zero's retaliation is both swift and to the point. having slipped the choke hold, he immediately thrusts both hands into the air, as if to deliver an axe-handle blow to the top of the boy's head. At the same moment he fades a step back, dropping just out of range for hand to hand combat.
The heavy sledge hammer of ice forms half-way through his vicious swing, the frost-rimed ninja putting every ounce of his strength behind the skull-cracking blow aimed squarely for the center of Jin's impressively thick forehead.

COMBATSYS: Jin interrupts Ice Pain from Sub-Zero with Ultimate Punches.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\====---\1         Sub-Zero

The blow fails to descend.

The same heavy impact it should have made happens but it's against a fist striking upwards and against the hammer to kill it's downward momentum; well before it can deliver the full weight and power of the swing. But, that was just one arm tied up and Jin was on the offense once again.

The second fist driven into Sub-Zeros midsection as the boy kicks off and forward, fist flashing through the handle of the hammer and crashing into naked sternum behind it the boy starts alternating arms and repeatedly pummelling with several blows in succession before knocking the Ninja back out of his reach.

The teen stands in amongst the falling rain of ice chips gasping for breath with all this biting cold. The closed fist that met the falling hammer was twitching at his side reflexively and wouldn't quite form into a fist when tried to make one. Tch, he'd interrupted a heavy strike with his gauntleted hand and there were consequences for that even with the heavy padding.

Better result still that blow didn't come down and bust his head open or his break his fool neck. The shaking stilling Jin wills the hand to stop twitching and trembling, closing it firmly and for the first time raising both fists into a fighting posture with gloves up.

The was nothing to focus on except his opponent, if he was merely one of others then Jin would have to rely on the forces coming down in the elevators to handle the others and keep his team safe.

He would deal with this one, whatever it took to do the job.

Little chips of ice pelt the walls and ceiling as Sub-Zero's hammer explodes, the legendary warrior driven back as blow after heavy blow punches through his padded armor to meet the muscle beneath with meaty thumps. The final strike throws him backward down the hazy hallway, enough damaging having piled up that he lands flat on his back, skidding a couple of feet across the ice-slickened ground.
Could that be it?
Planting a padded fist in the slush, Sub-Zero levers himself to his feet with grim composure, moving a bit stiffly but no less quickly for that. Turning once more to face the tall young man, he cocks his head to one side, gazing through the drifting mist, and silently takes him in. It is difficult to tell why. Curiosity? Studying him for weak points? Only the assassin himself knows for sure. What is obvious is the tendrils of mist that have begun to solidify along his chest and arms, frozen in place like sheets of frosty armor.
And then he attacks.
Closing the distance in a blinding sprint, the blue-clad warrior drives his ice-encrusted fist brutally up beneath Jin's chin, attempting to slam his frozen knuckles viciously into the boy's throat. A second blistering straight is then thrown toward the hulking youth's solar plexus, a third hooked in toward his ribs, and a forth flashing up in an attempt to catch him squarely on the chin.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Sub-Zero's Rapid Jabs.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1         Sub-Zero

An elaborate and choreographed appearing dance of move and counter move, each strike meets a guard twisted in just such a way as to prevent it landing as Jin nudges and pushes against each blow in the series. Turn it aside so it skates by or merely touches the surface of his skin without half the attacking power the blow originally possessed.

It still hurt, the ice burns the strikes had some weight to them but it wasn't something he could not endure. All in effort of killing off his opponents momentum and drawing the speedy assassin back down into his own rhythm and manner of doing things.

When the opening presented itself he would swing the momentum back his own way. No mystical powers or superhuman feats of speed, his opponent would weary or slow and he would capitalize on the opportunity presented.


Kicking out at his opponents thigh and knee with a light rap to still the advance Jin spins into a backfist at the side of Sub-Zeros head, a jab at the opponents throat and then a rising knee to follow. If his opponent chose to sheet himself with ice as armour then Jin would simply strike at other spots where it seemed he could cause more damage.

There was no pointless attempt to strike it or through it when there were still so many alternate avenues of attack.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero blocks Jin's White Heron EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jin              0/-------/---<<<<|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2         Sub-Zero

Just as frosted knuckles were turned aside by Jin's padded guards, so too are the boy's strikes deflected by the assassin's shifting armor of ice.
Air snaps and crackles as a layer of frost forms along Sub-Zero's thighs and shins, the blue-clad warrior catching Jin's tapping kicks with a quick countering thrust of his now solidly armored knee. Rather than meet the back fist, however, the legend simply ducks it, Jin's meaty paw swiping by over head, throat jab smacked aside with an icy knife block.
Swaying his torso back to avoid the final strike, Sub-Zero plants his left boot atop the rising knee and back flips easily away, tumbling twice through the air before landing squarely on his feet, right hand outstretched while his left pulls in tight to his side.
If Jin thought he knew cold before, he was mistaken.
The walls groan, steel supports shifting as the temperature plummets, dropping ten, thirty, fifty degrees in a couple of heartbeats. The already arctic conditions pass the point of cold, flakes of snow appearing in the air as molecules begin to separate.
Every light and pane of glass along the hallway shatters with a sound like cracking stone as mist and slush begins streaming through the air toward Sub-Zero's outstretched palm. The frozen particulate gathers, condensing, forming into a perfect sphere of haunting blue energy. Half solid, half vapor, the mass pulses, its eery blue light now the only thing lighting the barren corridor.
Staring coldly over the strobing ball of frozen death, Sub-Zero meets Jin's eyes.
The gathered energy is released as a sustained beam of sub-zero energy, lancing out in an attempt to pierce whatever defenses the boy can muster and flow over him, much as the ice ball did. But where that was a single splash of energy, a blast of cold, this is much, much more. This is a killing technique. One that could consume even a strong fighter, if they weren't able to fight through it and escape.

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Sub-Zero's Arctic Blast.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jin              0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\-------\1         Sub-Zero

The beam splashes when it makes contact with Jin. The stream of energy flowing past on either side as the wave breaks against his vertically upraised forearm, the boys entire body turned to block with that one limb and narrowing his profile. It shouldn't be possible for anyone to stand up to this kind of attack let alone survive in the eye of the storm as it were.

Jin was forcing enough space to exist to keep him nestled in the midst of an attack that should by all rights be killing him, with no logical reasoning for how he was doing so.

As the trail of the beam falls off and he's left standing bolts of red electricity travelling up and down his arm become apparent. The teen using his own inner wellspring of chi to survive the deadly application of the Ninjas own, it wasn't the first time he'd had to hard counter with a little chi and a whole lot of guts. Jin had faced Ryu Hayabusa before, as deadly as this attack was it didn't quite compare to having a black hole thrown his way. A close and very painful second to that though.

Frost and chunks of ice falling away form the chiselled and deeply cut muscles Jin makes a show of clapping his hands together while returning to standing erect.

The gesture was provocative, but mostly done because he couldn't feel his arm at all. Slapping the palms together to get the blood moving and the feeling to return, his defending arm was bitterly cold even to other palm. A narrow margin of success and the promise of more to come.

COMBATSYS: Jin gains composure.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jin              0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\1         Sub-Zero

Even as the last few particles of ice stream into Jin's braced arm, throwing the hallway into near pitch darkness, Sub-Zero is on the move. Both fighters can likely feel it. the gathering momentum that signals a coming end. One way or the other, these next few exchanges will decide things.
Moving like a shadow, the icy assassin flings himself into a leaping front flip, descending upon his stolid opponent with a driving heal kick meant to catch him squarely between the eyes. Falling cat-like from the kick, he lands in a low crouch and swipes his right hand quickly across Jin's middle, a razor-sharp shard of ice appearing in his grip as he does his level best to gut the boy before spinning into a rising roundhouse kick aimed to hammer into the side of his jaw and smash him roughly against one of the frozen walls. There is no finesse to the movements. No artistry. Only brutal efficiency, each twist designed to gather coiled force. Every stroke an attempt to cripple or maim. As ever the assassin is relentless. Doggedly aggressive.

COMBATSYS: Jin endures Sub-Zero's Cold Steel.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Jin              0/-------/=======|-------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Jin leans into the blow, even as his head is rocked back by the kick he isn't being pressured back, rocked back by the heavy hit at most. The blade cut scores across obscenely dense abdominal muscle and gouges a trench into them, a stripe crossing the lower region his gut. The roundhouse kick snaps his head to the side and Jin's body begins to follow it, rotating on the spot rather than allow himself to be pushed away. As dogged and brutal as the assassin Jin was collecting wounds aplenty to stay in close.

Blood was spilling from his mouth, trickling form lips to chin, the spray or red release when his abdominals were cut had yet to hit and splatter across the frozen ground. Jin's knees almost buckled with the pain form that one but they were doing the same now at his behest... still dizzied form the blow to the head he throws himself into the back turn and spin into a, from crouching stance leaping uppercut aimed at the underside of the Ninjas jaw.

This was a trained killer he was fighting, no punches were pulled, a murder of men deserved no restrain on Jin's part and he'd be a fool to show any mercy. Sub-zero he was up against the most stubborn and hardy of opponents, an anger and pain fuelled Mishima who was intent on his demise. Who else would suddenly be smiling though all that abuse, just because it created an opening they wanted.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero blocks Jin's Wind Godfist.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Jin              0/-------/-======|=------\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Blow, counter blow, bow. The sound of heavy impacts fills the near darkness, Sub-Zero now nothing more than a vague shape in the black, a darker shadow among shadows. It can barely be seen as he lifts both ice-rimed hands to catch the rising uppercut in his palms, the force of it sending him skidding backward on his heels in a spray of snowy flakes. But still the legend does not fall. Still he is coming, eyes gleaming white in the pitch dark.
A wave of frigid air is blown back down the hallway as he closes upon the youth with deadly intent, palms twisting down from their guard position and blasting forward as he drives the heals of his hands toward Jin's gashed open stomach, attempting to not only further aggravate the wound by smashing into it, but to drive a pulse of icy chi through the split flesh and directly into the youth's vital organs. Once more the unstoppable force clashes with the immovable object. Sooner or later, one of them must break.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero dazes Jin with Freezer Burn!

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Jin              1/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0         Sub-Zero

The jet and particles of blood flooding away from Jin's strangled exhale, splatter too much blood to the floor. He can taste and smell it in the most overpowering of ways it fills or affects almost all of his senses. He should be dead or dying, instead he appeared to be erupting with even more reckless and crazy power. He wasn't thinking clearly anymore but Mishima style karate programmed the lessons into muscle fibre and blood as much as mind. Even without instructions the body kept moving and trying to destroy its opponent as if it belonged to an automaton built for that purpose. A huge sweeping roundhouse kick cleaves through the darkness and chases after the Ninja, the teen continues the revolutions into two successive sweeps and yet another roundhouse as a chaser.

Jin was carving up all the space around the Ninja intent of pressuring him right down and back with ever swing.

Until he hit and crushed him.

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero counters Spinning Demon from Jin with Cold Encounter.
- Power hit! -

[                            \\  < >  //////                        ]
Jin              0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\0         Sub-Zero

Both fighters can feel it as the momentum shifts. Jin, having remained a stoic juggernaut up to this point, finally loses control.
The first spinning kick cleaves through the air with devastating force. But when it reaches the shadowy form before it, it does not impact cloth-armored flesh. Instead, the young fighter's leg impacts a statue of solid ice, hammering through in a shower of jagged chunks, but not before much of his forward momentum is robbed, leg torn by the razor teeth of what remains.
At nearly the same moment, a cold presence makes itself known at Jin's back, a gloved hand clamping down on his spine to unleash a blistering wave of cold directly into his central nervous system. He may be able to push on. perhaps he can fight through it for a time. But already true blackness should be creeping in around the edges of his vision, body becoming leaden and numb.

The statue obliterated and entangling his leg Jin is shocked and chilled to the bone, seeing his opponent swiped in half though the realization he'd been tricked was quickly and horrifyingly apparent.

Jin soldiers through and the wave of cold racing up his back with what would normally be a scream, he knew where the deceitful scum was now, though what could he do about it?


Instead he devotes every scrap of remaining energy into kicking off the remains of the ice statue and twisting his body in the air to corkscrew around and deliver a superman punch to the ninja in one last act of desperation.

Nothing else mattered except stopping this assassin cold. Pride wasn't an issue, keeping his word and protecting his people was. If it killed him, he'd still do his damndest to return the favour.

COMBATSYS: Jin can no longer fight.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Sub-Zero         0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero dodges Jin's Fierce Punch.

[                        \\\\\\  <
Sub-Zero         0/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Sub-Zero has ended the fight here.

When a fighter is down to his last leg, his final strength, only then can one truly take their measure. No doubt Jin understands how far he has pushed this assassin. Realizes how close to victory he came. Up until the very end, he had everything in hand. What could have changed that? What shift of fate could have lead him to take this final, desperate swing?
The young man's fist finds only air, slicing through the darkness where the legendary assassin had stood just moments before. It is only once he begins to fall, to crumple beneath the weight of his accumulated injuries, that he gets a final glimpse of his attacker.
A pair of blank white eyes stare down into his through an ever narrowing tunnel of vision. Despite Sub-Zero's own wounds, he remains hard and focused. Rigidly controlled. Perhaps that is the answer. The difference between one who can face a tyrant, and one who can face a god.
The legendary assassin never lost control.
Later, when the young champion finally wakes, he will find himself lying in a large puddle of chilly water, alone in the busted hallway of an empty base. Only corpses remain to greet him. corpses, and busted machinery. The unit he was set to guard is wrecked. Completely unsalvageable. None of his men survived.
Of the assassin in blue, there is no sign. Clearly he has finished what he came here to do.

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