Abigail - Dude, Where's My Money?!

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Description: A trip to collect on money still 'owed' him by Guy, leads to a surprising back and forth on matters Abigail considers above his pay grade. It's hard out here for a gear-head.

It is a clear day, with blue skies and a few puffy white clouds in the sky. Still, it carries with it the crisp chill of the encroaching winter, and the promise of an early sunset, as the shadows of the afternoon are already starting to grow long, casting the streets of Metro City's West Side in a dim pall. It is here, where only a few nights prior the ruckus had occured, that Guy is, once more, in the small, hole in the wall dojo he has set up here to help the troubled and at risk youth of this section of the city, by teaching them the values of Bushinryu. Inside, Guy and a handful of teens run drills. The teenagers run back and forth across the mats, practicing coming to a halt with a sudden attack, be it an elbow, or a slide. One student is even finishing off with a leaping spinning heel kick. It looks unorthodox, but Guy nods his head in approval, nonetheless.

"Good," his deep voice calls out, still containing the harshness of a lifetime of speaking Japanese. "Bushinryu is not a science. It is an art. Arts are creative. They require improvisation. They require ownership. My Bushinryu will not be the same as your own. Take ownership of your art, and make it yours. Make it personal and unique to you."

There is a rumbling of the ground, like that of a distant earthquake that gets more and more intense as the seconds pass. There is a grinding of the ground and the vibrations and rumbling shakings usually associated with the passage of a semi truck or some other intensely immense vechicle. The walls of the dojo shake. Little plumes and drifts of dust fall from ceiling and the very lights themselves flicker.

And then a LOOUD horn blares and bleats out what sounds like one of those 'Charge!' songs, bleating the notes out like a passing freight train. Obnoxiously loud and rumbling outrageously through the area. This is followed by a booming: "HEY!! GUY!!!"

The deep voice is unsmistakble. Abigail..and not only Abigail..Abigail by means of a monstrous giant Monster-Truck. Orange and green with flames painted atop it. Gigantic looming tires and Abigail himself squeeeeeezzed into the cabin of the monsterous thing, still basically stuffed into it like a ball of meat into a loaf of bread way to small for it. But it's the only thing he has a hope of -kinda- driving...and drive it he has.

"VROOOOOM!" he roars as he honks again, "Where you at?!?"

Quite ..the contrast to say the least.

As Guy feels the rumbling, his entire disposition changes. Where a moment ago, he was an authorative figure, standing watch over a group of students, now, he is just a grumpy looking man, folding his arms across his broad chest. "Do not worry about that. Continue your drills, everyone."

As Abigail is shouting out his name, Guy heads towards the door, stepping out onto the sidewalk of the city street. His steely gaze slides over the monster truck, and then to it's cabin. It's hard for him to hide his disdain. But Abigail had made good on his deal, before, and so Guy would try to reign in his personal misgivings.

"I am here," he calls out, over the roar of the stupidly loud engine. "Must you always be so disruptive?"

Sneakered feet cross the pavement with a quickened step, before leaving the ground altogether. He takes to the air, spinning in a corkscrew as his body flips once and he lands on the hood with a graceful crouch. Superhero landing even. It's hard on the knees.

"I take it you've come to collect the rest of the money. What was it again? One hundred twenty dollars, minus the seventy-three I already gave you?"

The goliath lets out a wheezing heart attack worthy gasp as Guy lands on the roof of his precious truck. His eyes zoom in wtth the precision of a T-800 to the landing zone in search of any dents, debris, scratches, whatever, caused by that superhero landing. He finds none...that flip and landing perfect in all ways..and as such he lets out a sigh of relief and presses open the door.

"Yeah, yeah. I figured I'd stop by before vroooming my way down to the UN to get paid. Though maybe I'll do a good deed and waive the fee, with you being all generous to the youth of Metro City and all. Or so the rumors say at least.. Better then your buddy setting a bad examle for them, hahahaha!" Abigail leans his gigantic body out of the truck, practically unfolding it from the space like one of those tiny clown cars somehow allowing a perpetual arrival of more then it looks like should be capable of fitting into it. "And ..h-hey! Watch the roof next time!"

Guy watches as Abigail appraises the vehicle. It's hard not to smirk, though, no, he hadn't damaged the hood in any way. He's far to nimble for all of that. He only breaks vehicles when he wants to. As Abigail opens the door, pushing his enormous bulk out of it, Guy is reminded of a sausage grinding, squeezing meat out through a tiny hole. His frown steepens.

"I help the youth of Metro City, because they need to know that this city can be a safer place to live," he says, as he drops off of the hood and lands with a catlike grace on his feet, back on the street. Dwarfed by the giant fighter, he peers up into his makeup covered face. "Someone needs to give them both the means and the desire not to turn out to be the next Mad Gear or Skull Cross."

It's not an unfair analogy, that of a sausage making its way through a meat grinder. When Abigail is fully released, though, and stretches up to his full size, he transforms from a squeezed sausage to a fleshy version of a sherman tank combined with a freight train combined with a semi truck. His shoulders square, his massive back and neck bulks up like that of a cobra hood, his muscles audibly creak, stretching both his accessories and clothing to the ripping point. Yeah, he big.

"Yeah, be a shame for them to get hired by a major world wide agency and get paid to do something they like doing while protecting lives." remarks Abigail sarcastically. For all his one track mindedness and tendency to..well..seem stupid..he has a hidden sense of irony and sarcasm which he's all to willing to let out from time to time.

The truck rocks from the weight of his movements and then the ground itself shakes as his foot impacts it. A rumble hinting at the sheer pressure of the behemoth upon the world around him. He grins, full toothed and big, down at Guy, "Skull Cross....I can't speak for. Better watch your back I guess. That one guy, Stray..he's..ah..a lot smarter then Katana. Katana just wants glory and fame. Skull Cross gets any stronger, they..aint gonna be like Mad Gear unless someone reigns them in.. That going to be you?"

"A major world wide agency that uses engineered bioweapons in order to terrorize a small country, destroy it's land, imbalance its ki, and murder countless people, while threatening to eradicate an entire city. You may just as well be working for Shadaloo, Abigail," Guy says. He has no sense of irony. There it is, though, the bite just beneath the surface of his words, carried in a rumble in his voice. He's seething. It's not at the Mad Gear member himself, but at the organization that he's drawn to. From the look in Guy's eyes, that rage is deep rooted in his soul. It hurts.

"If Skull Cross is a threat, then the shadow of Bushin will rise up to end them," Guy replies. His head tilts to one side, his hair falling over his face, half obscuring his dark eyes. "It's a good message for you to send from me to your UN leasholders, actually. They've shown that they are a threat to the world, not a force for bringing peace and order. Bushin does not allow threats to the world to go unanswered."

Abigail...barely knows or understands what's been going on aside from what he's been told. "Hruh?" he rumbles to that description of the UN. "I dunno....I mean..when you put it -that- way it kind of sounds pretty lopsided." he admits, "I mean there was that thing about almost all the UN Ambassadors getting nearly killed or something.. and there's apparently some pretty not good things going on over in Japan." Abigail rubs his large jaw, as if trying to sort all this out, "Seems to me that they feel justified in doing what they're doing to save the rest of the world or something. I don't got the details, I'm just supposed to keep 'em nice and safe.."

He considers something and then inclines his head, "Hey! Did you just threaten the UN? Isn't that kind of -illegal-? I thought you were all mr. 'straight and narrow? How're you going to come at me for property damage when you're sitting here threatening UN Ambassadors? You -do- know they represent, like, the -rest of the world- right?"

"Ambassadors were killed because they were part of the plot that led to Japanese ground... holy, sacred land even, was destroyed in a nuclear blast. Considering that it has happened to us... twice... before in World War II, it is... a sensitive and particularly cruel thing. This makes them evil. They knowingly sent an inhuman monster to a foreign country just to destroy one of it's most defining places, Moung Fuji. It was an act to destroy the spirit of Japan, so that the people might kneel and become slaves," Guy replies, his upper lip curling and his nose wrinkling. His fists clench tightly, making his leather gauntlets groan. "It isn't because of anything Japan did. It is because they believe that they can have another superweapon that might be there. They just used nuclear force on Japan in order to get themselves another being capable of it."

He shrugs his shoulders, trying to reassert his cool. Because, while Guy cannot condone the actions of the assassins... yet... he can certainly understand it. He wants vengeance, too. "There's a name for that, Abigail. What they're doing. It's called tyranny. If it is illegal to stand up against that, then I suppose I'll do something illegal. Do you really want to help them make the entire world their slaves under the threat of leveling entire cities at a time?"

The Mad Gear titan scoffs, "Of course I don't. Which means that's obviously not what they're doing. I mean, you know, to bad the attack of course. Metro City isn't exactly looking like its old self either, you know." Abigail scratches the back of his head, puttering abit like a motor trying to stay idle and not shut itself off. What the hell has Katana gotten him into.

"Look, I'm just doing what I got asked to do. You want to try and justify it being okay to kill Ambassadors because you don't like what they did? Fine. I don't remember ever being asked to -kill- someone when in Mad Gear... You better not let your sense of justice get you wound up in doing something that neither of us have all the..you know..uh..info about. I don't pay attention to politics but everybody's not against this war. If there's some super weapon over there that they think could be turned against the rest of the world..well..somebody's going to get jacked up one way or another."

Abigail frowns, his expression deeply soured now. It's rather clear this isn't the guy to be having a debate with on this matter. Ever second he focuses his mind off of his usual one track mind seems to be straining him. It's not as if he isn't capable he just ..would rather not!

"Look, I didn't come here to debate the UN and I no messenger boy either! Figure out how to get them a message. You're smart. Smarter then that Cody at least."

Guy side eyes Abigail for a long time, listening to him speak. He gets it, and part of him is starting to think that maybe Abigail is actually making a legitimate effort to not be a jackbooted thug, after all, rather than a gleeful and willing participant in the world's largest bully show. Well, maybe not the world's largest. That might just be the Thunder God and the Ainu.

"Fine," he says, at last. His chest heaves with the sigh that escapes him. "Just listen. If you are serious about wanting to be a legit business owner and law abiding citizen and all of that, then... Just leave that job. It's not like you need it. You have your scrapyard. Don't involve yourself with people who are threatening to murder an entire city. It's not an act of war, Abigail. They're holding the city hostage. It is a war crime. I'm not asking you to take a stand. I'm asking you to sit out."

He reaches into the pocket of his baggy, scarlett pants, pulling out his wallet. Thumbing through it, he starts pulling out wrinkled up cash. After a few minutes, he says, "I've got thirty-three bucks here. I'll still owe you some money."

"So they deserve to get killed by ninja's cause somma them maybe making a stupid choice based on trying to stop a super secret weapon that maybe isn't supposed to be where it is in the first place?" asks Abigail, his mind a whirl of revving engines, pistons and racing oil as he tries to work this out.

Oh wait..GUY is a Ninja! Abigail frowns but then his frown lessons and he looks..bizarrely introspective. Finally he just accepts the money, pinching it between two tree branch thick fingers. "..Don't worry about the rest. Fair's fair.."

He stuffs the money into his pocket and then climbs back up part way into his truck, "Look, uh, Katana's got a vision for the game being more legit on a global scale and this gig is good for them...er..us...them. I said I'd help out and I am. Besides, I heard that if the weapon gets found, no problem right? Isn't that what's going on?" he shrugs, kind of helplessly, and then starts to fit his huge body back into the truck.

"Don t' give them kids a reason to have to find a new mentor!" he warns.

"They say that there is a weapon. I have not seen any weapon, though. Have you?" Guy puts forward the question. "What are global agencies if not good at spreading misinformation and false accusations in order to get people to let them have more power?"

It might set in a seed of doubt, at least.

He turns, following Abigail with his gaze as the behemoth mounts his truck once again. He listens, and finally, he shrugs his shoulders. "The damage has already been dead. Mount Fuji has been erased. Ancient wards that protected a number of people were destroyed. A horror that still lives on in Japan's memory has been revisited on them and it is like a wound torn open again. I'd say that, at this point, it doesn't matter if a weapon is found. There's still a pretty big problem, right?"

He dips his chin to nod towards him. "If Mad Gear is looking to turn over a new leaf and be something more than a gang of terrorists, then I wish you all the best. I'm not sure that your choice of leader is the most sound. I worry more that you might have chose the wrong road to start down. Just make sure to tell your friends that if they see me coming to stay out of my way."

"Oh, the ones without horse power will." says Abigail, "The ones without torque, acceleration, commitment....yeah. Most will do their job if they believe in what Katana's trying to do. He aint the brightest but he's got soul and passion."

Abigail leans out of his truck and peers at you, "You know how bad he is about Japan, right? He worships it! So think about how this is tearing him up on the inside and yet he's still making this choice. That's gotta count for something..right? Must mean he's looked at both sides and decided this is best..right?"

Of course, Katana also could just simply be crazy like most of them but that goes unsaid. "Don't do anything stupid, Guy!" Abigail warns one final time and then suddenly revs up that Monster Truck. Without waiting for an answer he begins to peal off, driving rather deftly despite looking like he shouldn't even be fitting in there.

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