Stray - A Rendez-Vous With the Russian

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Description: Stray uses the United Nations war on Japan as an opportunity to make an overture to Mad Gear.

Apparently there were a series of....localized earthquakes the other night? The area sure looks like it, with clean up under way dealing with cracked pavement, over turned cars, bent light poles and massive..foot prints and palm priments embedded in the cement as well as an area inside the UN compound that looks like it was hit by an explosion of some sort. In one part it looks like part of an entire city block has been dislodged, shoved downward slightly by some insane force. So okay ... less an earthquake and more like a miniature kaiju.

For those who know wha to look for, the real source isn't that far away. What looks like a gigantic modded monster truck dominates part of the blocked off streets. Green and grey with painting flames swirling around it and the loud metal sounds of some danish deaty metal band screaming and roaring from its speakers much to the chagrin of nearby workers.

High up in its chassis a blond haired mohawked guy in bright blue baggy jeans and overalls and with a bright yellow jacket ot match his hair, lounges, feet kicked up on its steering wheel and black goggles pulled down over his eyes. Finally a vacation for J!

The situation with the United Nations has of course caught Black's attention, and that means, the Stray Cat of Skull Cross has been tapped to maneuver for the best advantage of the Russian oil consortiums backing them. Unwilling to work for the Illuminati directly, since that means bowing to another, they still nonetheless wish to return Russia to the glories of the Soviet Union, as do many of their patronized members around the world wish to see their own traditional glories return - with themselves in control, of course.

Stray walks down the street towards the monster truck, slowly and languidly, dragging his combat boots. His gloved hand, complete with spikes on his knuckles, holds a cigarette that he ruefully smokes, eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. He approaches the truck and steps around the barricade, gazing upwards silently. He waits to be greeted, standing in place with his trenchcoat hanging around him. Slowly exhaling, he drops his cigarette and lets it burn.

That cigarette smoke. J, despite his look, and wearing a jacked with a hazard symbol on it, is abit of a health freak and so the tell tale smell of a smoker brings him out of his personal nirvana back to the unfortunate reality of being stuck here in London with a living natural disaster. And then there's Stray.

J makes a jerking, jumping antic upon noticing Stray that bangs his head up against the top of the interior of the truck, despite it being rigged to (barely) accommodate the immensity of its owner...which itself means it has more in common with a tank then a monster truck..but anyway.

"S...s..s..Stray!" J fumbles with the radio controls, cranking the music up even louder for a second or two before finally switching it all the way down to permit normal conversation. "Uuuuh...what...what're you doing way out here? You on this weird UN contract also?"

"I'm not a contractor, no," Stray replies as softly as possible to be heard across the distance, translating into a level cut of his voice. "I'm just here on an inquiry for Black and Skull Cross. Our affairs in Metro City are fairly stable right now. We made a killing after that nasty business with the demons from Majiken."

Stray moves forward and looks up at J in the monster truck. "We pay protection to Katana and his betters, but I've been curious about perhaps providing my services to Mad Gear, personally. None of this United Nations business. Just to help you." He offers a cold, sardonic smile, his wrinkling narrowed eyes hidden behind his t-bar shades.

"How would you feel about a hacking rig getting jacked into this truck, so you could spot atypical electronic signals nearby? Like, I don't know, the V Gage?"

He looks over his shoulder to his right, raising his right hand. He lowers it, and looks back. A man in a business suit walks up behind him, having been in an alley, carrying a briefcase.

"For free. As a sample."

Oh wow. "I uh....I.." J stammers at this., "..I mean, that sounds cool and all man but I aint gonna make a call like that and get chewed out. It's kinda complicated right now."

Suddenly: "J!!! Who told you to turn down the music! I can't get any work done like this?!" roars a bass voice, rattling windows as it booms like a clap of thunder. The ground suddenly begins to shake. It's the rumble of a passing semi truck or steady impact of a piledriver a block away. A huge shadow begins to creep itself over truck, J and Stray all at once, accompanied by the sound of groaning metal and stone cracking and crunching.

"Oh boy.." J grunts.

Like a thundercloud, Abigail's huge presence looms over all. The insanely muscular gear head thundering to a stop and with it, the quakes ending as well, making it no mitake who was the original source. He's..also...uh..carrying a car. The wrecked machine is tipped upwards, horizontally, and braced by his shoulder and an upcurled arm. A hand big enough to wrap around the cars tire holding it steady. It's a wreck though. Falling debris ended its life the other day. But Abigail may as well be carryng a bag of tissue paper the way he handles it.

"Stray...??" Abigail frowns, noting him now.

J sighs in relief as the titans attention is diverted.

Abigail's eyes flicker over the briefcase's contents, using the vantage point of his height to rapidly take in what he's seeing. "Hruhh.. This for me?" he rumbles, catching on that quickly based on what info he catches relevant to connecting it to his rig.

Stray's face breaks into a grin as he sees Abigail.

"Yes, Abigail, it's for you," he says with a sweep of his hand towards the man in the suit beside him. The man in the suit looks nervous. Stray does not.

"I'll handle all the installation right now. Police scanners, infrared devices, radios, tracking devices, sonar devices, even a V Gage that the guys attacking the United Nations are using...This baby will give you an alert, and a vector directional with a forty yard range accuracy. Just a computer rig locked into the car, a display unit instead of an ashtray, and a scanner antenna on top of your car. Anything that uses an electromagnetic bandwave, my device will spot. We need to test it, you need it, and it could be very valuable to us. This is one of several units we've been using."

Stray pauses, raising his eyebrows and lifting a finger. "And I want Katana to hear. That's the price."

"Who're you talkin' to, Stray?" rumbles Abigail with a suddenly amused grin, "What makes ou think I don't already got somma that installed. Didn't you hear? I run my own Scrap Yard and modding shop now. Building custom cars and pimping out rigs isn't just a job for me. It's my SOULS PASSION.!" Abigail suddenly brings the car he was holding down and raises his other immense limb as well. There's a brief pause and then a thunderous crash as he slams his huge hand into the chassis of the smashed vechicle and presses in with the other hand. Within an instant, glass is shattered, rubber bursting and metal compressing as the behemoth literally treats the poor thing like an accordion and starts crushing the car between his two hands.

"Police scanners, all that. That was the -first- thing I went in with and I don't' want you messing my truck up!" His grin broadens as he crushes he car into a huge ball of metal, oil soaking out of its remains, engine flattening against his grip. He then pauses and adds, "I can't promise anything about Katana either...but.....this V Gage thing.. Nobody's told me about that." he pulls the ball of scrap metal closer to his chest and leans over like a sequoia bending down, to peer closer at Stray, "Maybe that can be of some use. What's a 'V Gage'?"

Stray puts his hands behind his back as Abigail gets riled up, putting himself at an 'at ease' position to leave his upper body open to attack as as how of simultaneous respect and confidence. The suit, meanwhile, is cringing, despite a clear pistol beneath his left armpit.

"A V Gage is what the Japanese are using. The United Nations wants to seize the technology. Now, let's think about this for a moment."

Stray inhales slowly, with a teacher's countenance, then he exhales slowly, giving a slow nod for Abigail to do the same. He tips his chin downwards, cock-nodding his head to the right like a cat. "If you need to hunt a Japanese operative, and they have a weapon allowing them to summon extra power for their techniques, they will have, an advantage." He untilts his head, then looks up at Abigail, tipping his head up. "So, if you can see where the V Gage is, you can get. A surprise. Your advantage." He quirks his right eyebrow up.

"And I know you would love to chase someone down in a truck. With this device, you can see anyone sneaking up on you. Or you can chase them around. Or, you can organize some friends to help you."

For all the flexing and use of inhuman strength, Abigail seems to have been doing that for its own sake, and he makes no aggressive move on either man and instead just continues to peer at them both. He then glances to J who just shrugs,

"Your call, chief."

"Hrrrruuuum.." rumbles Abigail,. He considers Stray again and then finally rumbles, "Alright, fine. Besides, if something goes wrong, I'll just crush you like a can." He casually flips the balled up car into the air and over his shoulder like a basketball. It thunders into the ground some distance away, shaking the earth and rolling into a pile of waiting debris.

"Oh boy.." mutters J, nervously. He rolls to the other side of the monster truck and hops out. Meanwhile, Abigail steps aside to allow access to the truck. "..Go for it. Anyway, like I said..I can try and get Katana out to see things but I can't promise how he'd react to it."

"I've got more lives than your average cat, friend," Stray says with a gentle smile towards Abigail as he climbs into the monster truck. The man in the suit follows, handing the case upwards. Stray opens it, and withdraws a small computer, a square display with a mount, some wiring, some tools, and a long antenna unit.

After about ten minutes, of drilling and fiddling and setting, he climbs to the side of the car, as nimble as his namesake, and affixes the antenna unit to the back left of the truck, with a drill into the frame in a triad with a hole in the center, before screwing it into place. He climbs into the back, running a long cord along the inside of the inner frame along the driver's side, up to the center hole. After a bit of twisting, he steps out.

"There you are." He hands the man in the business suit the briefcase, closed, with his tools. "There's two buttons on the display. Green button turns the system on, red button turns it off. Takes about a minute to boot, uses an independent power source recharged by the car battery. It can last about three days on constantly, without the car running. All you have to do to charge it back up is start the engine again, it's nice and slick."

The behemoth watches these events like some horrifying combo of a pit bull merged with a hawk. His eyes flicker over every single traversed inch and they twitch slighlty when the tools come out and begin to bore holes into the truck for furter installation. Very little to nothing get past his gaze here but wthen al I said and done.. he just grunts, whistles softely and steps forward.

Hrmm.." leans into the truck, peering at the computer and its read outs before withdrawing and looking over the entire Monster Truck. He then turns and looks down to Stray while pursing his lips in thought.

"...No bad!" high praise indeed.

"I guess I'll have to try get Katanna infront of you after all.." he slaps his hand on the top of his truck, rocking it a few itmes, "J!! Come look at this!"

Stray touches his right hand onto the Russian star tattoo hidden beneath his clothing on his opposite shoulder, although he does not bow. Such a thing is not permitted in the Russian Mafia. "Thank you very much, Mister Abigail. Skull Cross would very much like to meet Katana."

He turns about and walks down the road with his associate, his heavy bootfalls scraping the pavement. He looks up into the night skies of London, smiling, before checking his watch. He's got some extra time before his cargo flight back to Metro City. He'll have to sample some of the local culture. An ale, he decides, would be as tempting as a woman, although a woman doesn't know a man's secrets quite as well.

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