Abigail - West Side Story

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Description: A Giant, A Ninja and a Succubus engage in a conversation concerning a Werewolf. Truly the beginning of a terrible joke.

The brawl began down by scrap yard in the Bay Area. Witnesses reported the ground shaking as if a full on earthquake was in process, along with the sounds of metal being compressed, glass shattering and the streets splitting apart..

The ruckus continued through abandoned warehouses, down the streets and then up to the rooftops of the west side where tenants in low rent apartment buildings find their entire buildings shaking, foundations tilting, structures leaning, from the heavy -BOOOMS- and pounding footsteps that maintain the aforementioned earthquake all the way here.

A random bystander points up towards one of the roofs and yells out, "Look out!!" as an enormous shape, like that of a wolfman, leaps skwards, jaws slavering, claws gleaming in the moon light, huge figure casting shadow over the streets below.

It then has its leg grasped, mid leap, by a hand so big it wraps around the entire ankle of the beast as a deep voice bellows, "C'MERE!" and yanks the wolf-man back towards the roof, out of its escape flight.

The beast then finds itself completely enveloped in the grasp of a figure that dwarfs it by several mind numbing levels of massiveness.

Said figure leaps, hurtling off of the apartment building roof with enough force to tilt the buiding backwards in an opposite direction. Both titans plummet downward and then slam onto and completely envelop and flatten an abandoned car and portions of the street around it. The werewolf crushed beneath Abigail's monstrous ogre-crushing bulk. The ground violently shakes, a crater forming as the streets cave inward and a mushroom shaped dust cloud plumes upwards, filling the street. There is silence and then Abigail's voice booms.

"I told you, you still owed sixty bucks for the new starter!!"

A woman sporting bright green hair, a black leather jacket, and crisp grey jeans is making her way down the street with the "earthquake" starts. Her purse rattles on her shoulder and brings her to a stop, the heels of her boots sliding a bit with the impact. There's another tremor, and she stops, brushing her hair back and looking around for the source of the commotion. There's one more rumble, and then a giant and a werewolf land on a nearby car. The woman steps up onto one foot and away from it, but not with the sort of panic you'd expect from someone who...just watched a giant and a werewolf flatten a car.

"Wait," she says, "is that Lon?" She squints at the werewolf, then points, speaking to Abigail instead.

"Excuse me," she says pleasantly, smokily, even. Her voice have a certain alluring sweetness to it even if the words themselves lack any such thing. "Do you know this--" a pause, "Person? It sounds like you were having an argument!"

Metro City. It's home. It's not a pretty place. It's a place that is often struggling against itself. Torn and broken. But it has its pride. And the people who live here have theirs. Guy is among them. Considered by some a hero. Others a violent man barely better than the gangsters who he's been pitted against so many times before. Nevertheless, he's a legend. He also happens to be a legend who runs a damned dojo in this part of town.

Which is exactly why he hears the ruckus as it unfolds. He's in the middle of training a night class full of kids in simple self defense techniques, mostly for fun and sport, when the building shakes and rattles. His heavy bags swing lazily to and fro in the wake of it. And then another rumble. And a crash. The kids look frightened. With good reason. They've seen monsters. Guy looks rather vexxed.

"Sandy," he says, his voice deep and compelling by nature, rolling from his thin, frowning lips smoothly but sternly. "Take over until I return. Kick drills. I want to see high sidekicks from everyone!"

With that, the Bushin Ninja stalks out of his front door, a bell jingling overhead as he passes through the threshold into the cool, clear night. It's less than a block down the street, when the crash comes. Immediately, Guy's agile form launches forth towards the scene. Crimson Nike Dunks beat the pavement at a tempo that would make a death metal drummer envious, kicking up clouds of dust in his wake as he rushes on the rising mushroom cloud of destruction.

"Hey! Did you hear me? We did te job, where's the rest of the money??" Abigail's deep voice is annoyed and frustrated. The wolf man doesn't answer. He's been utterly and utterly KOed and while he may indeed recover faster then a normal man ..he aint speaking right now.

Abigail grunts and this is followed by a groan of metal and more glass shattering as he rolls to the side and rumbles off of the ruins of the car. With surprisingly controlled movements considering his immense nigh inflexible looking physique, even. His movements serve to displace the dust cloud as well. It blasts away as his freakish physique bulks up and twtiches, hauling his body around.

"Upon towering back up to his full height, Morrigan makes her presence known and he blinks and turns, looking down at her and holding his gaze for a few lingering seconds before reaching up to begin brushin bits and pieces of debris from his form. "Yeah. He owes for some repair work. Tried to be a cheating bastard."

Behind him, the unconscious werewolf begins slowly changing, reverting back to human form though still out like a light. "Abigail's Scrap Metal!" declares the huge man to Morrigan, "You looking to have a car modded, girl?"

The woman shifts her purse on her shoulder, eyeing the situation for another moment. "It looks like he's going to be out for a while. Maybe I should call an ambulance?" She suggests. Her eyes follow Abigail from toe to head as he stands up.

"Oh, for a car, of course. So are you Abigail, then? Or do you work for Abigail?" she asks, moving over and poking the unmoving werewolf. "Oh, no, I don't have one needing work right /now/ at least."

"Abigail!" Guy's voice cuts over the pair's conversation like the boom of a shotgun. The crimson clad ninja skids to a stop as he approaches the scene. His razor sharp stare first drops to the carnage around the hulking figure, and then to the shifting creature that's reverting back to the form of a man on top of a pile of rubble that used to be a car. His thin, sharp brows come crashing down, forming a tiny crinkle above his narrow, straight nose.

Then his chocolate eyed stare lifts up, studying the verdant haired woman speaking so calmly to the behemoth who just practically tore up the neighborhood. Who was she that she wasn't, in the slightest, phased by... well, by any of this situation? Something to contend with later. Back to Abigail, Guy's ire is drawn. "Aren't you supposed to be... At the headquarters of the UN protecting mass murderers and tyrants?"

He moves right up the giant, looking up into his eyes with a cold, steely eyed stare. Lifting a hand, clad in a yellow, padded gauntlet, Guy points a finger up at him. "I don't want to see you in my city. I don't want to see you in my neighborhood. You never learn. Look at all of this damage. Are you paying for the car? What about that building over there? People live there."

Abigail is used to the 'sexy sexy' and all. One of his assistants is one of the hotties of Mad Gear and he frequently deals with the other hottie as well. But there's something about 'this' one that's making him redden just a little bit in the face and he fidgets boyishly under her scrutinizing gaze "Uh." is all he manages at first and then he rumbles, "Naw. He aint dying.." As if ambulances are called only when people are dead or on the brink of it. "He's a big doggie. One of them 'monster' types..you know?" He takes a few earth shuddering steps forward and dusts his hands off.

"He then reaches down and digs his huge fingers under the smashed car. Ther's a loud wrenching sound and groaning screech as the metal distorts under his fingers. An second later and he's literally folding the car like a taco shell. The casual application of superhuman strength probably terrifying to most other casual onlookers. For Abigail..it's Friday.

Suddenly: Guy. Abigail stops, the remains of the car gripped in his arms along with his captive and he levels his gaze on Guy as the man marches right up to him. "You!" he tpstd, only to end up gritting his teeth and reddening with boiling anger at Guy's rant.

"Hrn..back off, red! I'm a legit law abiding citizen now! I even got my own shop!" He then considers the comment about the damage and adds, as if he never even thought about it, "Hmmm..so bill it to the UN? Hey, don't talk about my bosses like that!!"

The green-haired lady continues to watch. The folding of the car draws a bemused smirk from her, then a wowed expression. But then, Guy arrives. Her eyes follow over to him, watching for a few moments.

"Oh, it seems you two know each other?" she asks, eyes going back and forth to follow the conversation. "Working for the UN as security--is that because of that terrible attack on them recently?" she asks, furrowing her brow and looking concerned. Things get more heated. Morrigan slides her fingers into the collar of her jacket.

"Oh dear, are you gentlemen going to fight?"

"Law abiding?" Guy asks incredulously, his eyes widening both in surprise and rage. "We both know that is a con. Law abiding citizens don't deal millions of dollars in property damage over a car debt. They don't assault people who owe them money. They take it to court. You're a thug and a punk. You want to be a law abiding citizen? Why don't you follow in your friend's path and go into professional wrestling? Be a stuntman in a movie. You have all the opportunities in the world, but you keep giving in to violence."

Only then does he turn his attention back to the stunning woman that's a spectator to this little reunion of sorts. Abigail seemed drawn in by her, and even the stoic shadow of Bushin can't help but give her a once over. Though admiration is tempered far more with a curiosity in his smoldering dark eyes. A curiosity that borders on suspicion. "This man is a member of the Mad Gear gang. He's a violent psychotic. This is the kind of men that the UN now has under their employ. Murderers and thieves. Terrorists who held this very city hostage."

He holds out a hand to ward Morrigan off, saying, "You should step back. I... don't want to fight. But I will, if he isn't going to turn himself in to the police willingly."

"Vrrrrrrrrrmmmm!!!!" rumbles Abigail, like a revving engine wih the foot on the brakes still. He then bellows, "You dummy! There's gotta be a clause for people like us and the damage we cause of our skills, you know? Otherwise your good ol'mayor should be behind bars to. He didnt exactly break up Mad Gear using cease and desist letters. And neither did you!" he wags a finger as thick as some peoples arms at Guy, "And don't you compare me to potatoe brain!!! He was under me! He's looking to get famous, I got a legit business! We don't con people. Check our numbers!"

The more Abigail rants, the more riled up he gets. His skin reddens, muscles bulking up bigger and bigger. Visible steam starts rising from him as well..and..yes..still bigger and bigger. His shirt stretches, starting to tear at the seams as he rants at Guy, "ABIGAIL'S SCRAP METAL! FOR THE ROARING ENGINE OF YOUR SOUL!!! VRRROOOM!"

Morrigan, however, suddenly snaps reason back into the furious giant and he blinks and seems to visibly deflate. "Hrm...I aint got time to fight. I got books to balance" he suddenly grins, as if this just struck him, "Cause....I'm a law abidin' citizen. And Mad Gear's legit now works for the UN and I got carte blache as security chief. You wanna come again with that?"

He makes no aggressive move at Guy as if to sell his point and just grins, still holding the ruined auto.

"Oh dear," the lady says. "Definitely some bad blood here. Sounds like you two have quite the history, don't you?" She looks over Guy for several moments, then back to Abigail. Abigail who--seems to be getting physically larger and literally steaming with anger.

Morrigan digs her hand deeper into her collar, undoing her jacket and revealing the t-shirt underneath. It is black with a white skull on the chest. Abigail makes his declaration, and Morrigan's eyes drift over to Guy expectantly.

As Abigail... revs himself up, Guy's eyes seem to light up with an inner fire. As much as he might be a champion for justice, there is, of course, a deeply rooted yearning for the thrill of the fight. He loves it. He thrives in it. For a moment, his perpetual scowl breaks, becoming a lopsided grin, though his monolidded eyes stay razor sharp, as if his stare along could peel back the flesh and muscle of his foe, shatter his bones, and peer directly into the gooey parts of his soulstuff. At his sides, the fingerless gauntlets make a soft, whispering groan of protest, straining over his bony knuckles as his fists clench. "Potato brain is, at least, channeling his violence in a way where it is somewhat productive and doesn't cause chaos. He's using his proclivities intelligently to make money and a name for himself."

"But you. You're different. We didn't come for you with ceases and desist orders. We came with the only language you knew. Fists and fury. And don't forget, Abigail. We won."

When Abigail backs down, Guy... almost seems disappointed. Almost. But his fists relax, and he takes a step back. He runs a hand back through the spikey mess of auburn hair that falls over his face and releases a sigh, centering himself and calming the heart that pounds against his ribcage to the beat of his own battle hymn. He makes a sound of his tongue against the back of his teeth, "Fine. I guess, since you're a legitimate businessman and all, that you'll be putting some of the proceeds from your scrap yard towards reconstructing the damage that you've done here."

It isn't a question.

"I'm certain you can try to petition your leash holders at the UN to try to help with the clean up, but it seems that they're far more destructive than even your ilk."

Nodding his head towards the KO'ed wolfman, and he says, "And leave him. You've taken your pound of flesh."

"He's talking about a run in Mr. Mayor Haggar had with the Mad Gear gang some time back. To, uh, clean up the city..." explains Abigail to Morrigan, as Guy moves back to a more neutral stance, "He broke up Mad Gear by defeatin' its boss Belger. I was one of the chiefs.. Chief of the Bay Area. But I retired from Mad Gear - bought land there now.. lots of it. Whole scrap yard." he jabs a thumb at Guy, "He figures he can keep throwing insults at me and comparing me to one of the old Mad Gear enforcers who is trying to be a wrestler now but he don't know 'em like I know 'em.. He sounds like a flat tire with all his property damage complaining...."

Storytime ended, Abigail grins slighty larger and turns to Guy, "You got a problem with what the UN is doing, take it up go march abou it!. I'm just doing my job with them. Stop belly achin' like somebody stole your chopsticks!! And wolf man comes with me. He started this fight. Now he's got to pay his owed cash for the work we did."

Abigail's grin is full toothed. The swell of his chest practically swamping over his jaw.. His face paint crinkles as his laugh lines dig huge grooves into his broad features. He's getting a kick out of this now. "Say...Why don't you get a modded car, courtesy of Abigail's Scrap Metal and not onna those flimsy all show and no go foreign cars. It'll calm you down and make you live a little!"

Morrigan continues to listen to the exchange. She quirks an eyebrow when Guy's glare intensifies, almost as if she's reading the emotion there. It's like a coiled spring and she seems to be watching, waiting for it to snap. Guy relaxes and Morrigan does too. She seems even more disappointed.

"Oh, I see," Morrigan says. "It sounds very exciting. Just...going through the city and fighting your gang, were they?" Morrigan looks over at Guy when she asks. Morrigan puts a hand on her hip, threading her thumb throug her belt loop. She seems anxious, like she's waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"You aren't going to hurt that..." Monster. Guy is a Metro City boy, and Darkstalkers had terrorized Metro City. But, as much as the emotional part of him whats to vomit forth that word, his logical brain tells him that he cannot hold every one of them culpable for the actions of others. "... man anymore. If he owes you money, take it to court, law abiding citizen. Call the police and file a complaint. Let a judge settle it and force him to pay you."

He turns his attention back on to the green haired vixen. His prodigous chest rises and falls under the scarlet gi top and mesh shirt he wears. "His "gang" had kidnapped the mayor's daughter. My best friend's girlfriend. Then they started terrorizing the city. Each of their "chiefs" claimed a section of the city and had their goons ransacking it. So yeah. The three of us took to the streets and we cleaned up the city. Block by bloody block."

Guy's shoulders roll in a shrug, "Some of them cleaned themselves up afterwards. I had hoped that they all would. But every couple of years, it seems like they stage some sort of class reunion. One of them gets the bright idea to get the gang back together for one last hurrah. Who was it this time, Abigail? One of these days, I'm expecting it to be the one with the sunglasses and dreadlocks..."

"He's a seven foot tall werewolf, not a toddler!" exclaims Abigail, "He refused to pay, we fought, and now I've got him! Your headlights broken?? And I didn't say I was going to hurt him but we're not talking about Little Susie's Barbie Car here! He owes me money, we're gonna go talk about it!"

Abigail takes an earth shuddering step forward as he rants, briefly letting his temper snap to the forefront again but just as quickly as that..it dies down, "I told you, pajama boy, I'm legit now! Do you see me and my folk terrorizing the city for ransom? Anyway..Katanna's got the bright idea of working with the UN. -They- hired Mad Gear. I said I'd help for old times sake." He shoulders the crumpled up car like a giant sleeping bag..

Abigail then blinks as if something just struck him. Something odd and unusual. And it's Morrigan. She's just been taking it all in when most normal folk would have long ago ducked and covered.

"Hey..uh...who –are- you?" he rumbles, swiveling his head like the movement of a tank turret to look down at her.

Morrigan looks over at the man on the car when Guy speaks of him. She watches for several moments to see if he stirs before turning her attention back to the other two men.

"A regular war in the streets then," she says, a flicker of excitement flaring in her eyes. "But you say he hasn't gone as legitimate as he says," she says, pointing at Guy. "But you say that you work for the UN now and that's there problem?" she turns to Abigail, pointing at him in turn. "That /is/ a problem, isn't it?"

Morrigan runs a hand through her hair and flips it back when she's asked who she is. She laughs quietly to herself.

"I was just passing through and looking for him," she says coyly, pointing to the wolfman. "But since he's out of commission, I have to keep myself busy."

"He's a person, regardless of whatever else he is. You can't detain him without his consent. That's against the law. It's called false imprisonment," Guy points out to Abigail. "Last I checked, glorified mall cops, even for the UN, can't go just kidnapping people because they owe them money. Unless the government has decided to become so blatant in their corruption..."

A pause, as he looks over Abigail. His stern, but handsome face twists into a look of mock disgust. "...Nevermind."

"Ah. So he's the one behind it. The... what are the kids calling him, these days?" Guy scowls in thought as he tries to remember the word. "Weeaboo."

He turns then, so that he's facing Morrigan more directly. Especially after it finally dawned on Abigail, too, that this woman is a bit too curious and suspicious in all of this exchange. His head tilts to one side, and those spikey bangs he had swept back earlier go falling back down over his face. "Yes. You could say it was a war in the streets. Or a war for them. Either way, we did bring peace back to this city for awhile. Things were good after the Mad Gears went to prison."

He glances to Abigail out of the corner of his eyes when she says she was here for the wolfman. His lips curl up into a half formed smirk, and he folds his arms across his chest. "There. See? He even has people looking for him already."

Twas beauty that tamed the beast. Sort of. Abigail isn't happy. Guy alone wasn't enough here but Morrigan indicating this is her intention as well causes the giant to go into a mild bit of comical rage.

"Aaaauuggggh. Boooooo!!!" he rumbles loudly, his huge body shaking as eh bounces from one foot to another in a mini tantrum that causes car alarms to sound off further down the city blocks and bystanders to stumble from the giants immense weight and the pressure of his movements upon the world. "This is going to throw my numbers all off!!"

He roughly drops the car into an upright position and then reaches into the metal ball of scrap and begins forcing it back open again while grumbling, "I wasn't going to kidnap the guy you idiot. You think..I can't get money out of someone who owes me!?!"

There's a final wrenching sound and the burly unconscious wolf-turned human-tumbles out of his imprisonment to the ground. He..looks fully healed as well, showing no signs of his battle with Abigail.

"Humm..look at that." notes Abigail as the man starts to stir back to bleary consciousness.

"Hmmm," Morrigan says, tapping her chin. "You know, at one point there /were/ such things as debtors' prisoners," she thinks aloud, looking over at Guy as she does. Her attention goes back to Abigail.

"Oh, no," Morrigan continues. "A man should always pay back his debts," she adds, pointedly looking at the rapidly healing wolfman. She steps over with a pointed click, click, click of her heeled boots before leaning forward precariously to look him in the eye.

"Isn't that right, Lon? You remember me, don't you?" Morrigan asks, playfully...but there's something decidedly sinister about the way she says it.

It seems Lon's fate is to be harangued on all sides. It does appear that maybe he brings it on himself. Still, he pipes in with, "Debtors prisons were made illegal because they were immoral."

He looks back to Abigail, seeing how the giant is reacting to this, as he does take a few silent steps closer, making use of his aptly named sneakers to aid him in being silent as he does so. If the girl is going to try to kidnap Lon for herself, he's not going to let that happen, either. Even if that means he has to take both of them on at once. It's not like Guy isn't used to fighting multiple opponents. It's kind of his thing. But, he does see, perhaps, a chance for everyone to walk away mostly satisfied with the situation. Cirling around Morrigan, looing over the laid out lycanthrope, Guy places one red and white shoe against his throat.

"Lon, I don't know who you are, or what you've done..." he says, his voice deep, dark and sounding truly authoritive as he glares down at the creature under his foot with his intense eyes. "But it looks like you've made some enemies. I've managed to get the big guy to let you go, but this strange woman seems to have some business of an unpleasant nature to take up with you. So. You are going to give them each something. Something you owe. Now. Or maybe I'll walk away and let them use you like a wishbone to see who can get one out of you."

The giant seems to grow oddly conflicted. He looks curiously at Morrigan and then glances over as Guy steps in and intervenes. His lips purse in thought and he inhales sharply, causing his big jaws to quickver and then shake heavily like an annoyed bull dog.

Finally Abigail raises an eyebrow and Lon. "What've you gotten yourself into, boy." he snaps at the Darkstalker, "I do good work for you and this is how you repay me?"

LLon, however, seems to be focused more on Morrigan then the two men. He knows something, clearly, but is still somewhat groggy and isn't saying anything – maybe wisely so considering his circumstances. His eyes are wide though and he flickers his gaze to Guy and then way up to Abigail who snorts.

"Bah..it's not even worth the trouble. Don't' come belly achin' to me about your vrooom again if you're gonna try and cheat me on parts!"

He waves a huge hand dismissively, "I see you two know each other. Ex girlfriend?" he asks of Morrigan and then he asides to Guy, "Don't play hero. Don't you have an off day or something?"

"Oh, it's business of a very pleasant nature," Morrigan says with a smile, twirling her hair around her finger. "But aren't you a gentleman for stepping in to settle some debts. If Lon here was better at taking responsibility, he wouldn't need handsome heroes like you to bail him out." Morrigan says, giving Guy a wink.

"He also wouldn't have big, strong mechanics after him either." She considers the ex-girlfriend comment. "Something like that. How much does he owe you again?" she asks, looking to the werewolf and then back at Abigail.

"The precepts of Bushinryu do not allow me to have a day off," Guy replies to Abigail with all the grim, deadpan seriousness of a man on his deathbed. In a way, this is true. A Bushin shinobi trains themselves in such a manner to align themselves daily with the thought that they are already dead. This helps give them the courage to push on when others might falter. If one believes that they are already dead, then they fear nothing.

And yet, for all of his aligning himself with the concept of being a dead thing, when Morrigan calls him handsome and gives him a wink, the scarlet clad crusader actually feels flustered. There's an involuntary shudder that runs down his spine, making each of his chiseled muscles twitch in waves, and goosebumps rise on his skin. Outwardly? Outwardly he just huffs, rolls his eyes, and turns his attention back down to Lon. Just for good measure, he pushes his foot down harder again the werewolf's throat. Just short of actually choking him or disabling him from speaking, but painful and making it hard to breathe, nonetheless. "Just get this over with. I want everyone to go home and no one to get hurt tonight. More hurt."

"Yeah??" responds Abigail to Guy, "Yeah and that's probably what's -wrong- with you.. Stop being so serious! Try living a little bit! Hahaha..er..uh.." he blinks and looks back down to Morrigan and likewise looks briefly flustered again but fails to hide it, unlike Guy. There's some merit to the art of stoicness after all.

"Er..uh....hundred and ten, total. The starter cost started the argument with two of my people and so I stepped in to andle business. Nobody threatens J and Axl but me!" Abigail slaps a fist to his chest, rattling windows and walls nearby from the shockwave of the impact. He then rests both of his huge hands against his hips and leans over to look at Lon, "You gonna cover it? Tell you what, if so, I'll just take the remaining balance on the parts. That'd be sixty. I won't worry about labor for now."

"Bushinryu sounds dreadfully boring," Morrigan observes. "Your fighting style, yes?" She smiles at Guy again. "Shinobi...a ninja, then." Morrigan continues to twirl her hair. "Now all the stern discipline makes sense--though aren't ninja often more...subtle? Not that I've met /too/ many."

"Are you good at fighting?" she asks with a smile, starting to show some teeth. "You certainly seemed ready to take on Abigail," Morrigan looks up at him, "despite his size and stature."

And then the amount comes out. "Is that all? He got into all this over that much?" She looks down at Lon. "You /are/ a hothead," she breaks into a laugh.

"I live. I do a lot. I just don't abide by injustice or chaos," Guy says. "Just because all of my dealings with you are serious does not mean that all of my dealings with others are the same. We're not friends, Abigail. You only see my business side."

Look at that. Abigail being reasonable. Guy glances to the face painted behemoth with a look that was equal parts surprise and approval. Somehow, though, he's not surprised that all of this is over what is relatively pocket change. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did Abi destroy over a buck ten? Disdainfully, Guy half pushes Lon with his boot, sending the werewolf rolling onto his side. Guy's eyes roll and he reaches into the pocket of his red pants, pulling out his wallet and actually pulling out bills. Mostly crumpled fives and tens. But it's enough to cover the sixty and then some. "Here. Seventy-three dollars. I think I have 46 cents, too. Swing by the dojo tomorrow and I'll pay you the rest for him. Just let him go."

With Morrigan's question, Guy nods his head to confirm. "It is, yes. Bushinryu is an ancient discipline that was created to combat evil and injustice. When a threat to the world appears, the shadow of Bushin rises to quell it. As for my subtlety... There is a time and a place for that. When the situation demands it, I am capable of employing my arts to be stealthy and subtle to great effect. But I do prefer a more upfront and in your face fighting style. I like the challenge. Most ninja arts were formed as a means for people who weren't formally trained or strong to defend themselves against those who were. Bushinryu was not borne from that same circumstance, and so our actual combat arts are more martial than many others, relying less on deception and tricks."

For his part, he doesn't sound at all judgmental about that "tricks and deception" thing. He speaks as if those are very much a part of his concept of combat and are no less effective or honorable than any other. It's not an insult.

"As for my strength and skill," Guy says, cocking his head to one side as he peers at the strange and overly curious lady. "I'm the next in line to be the grandmaster of our art. I took down a good chunk of Abigails soldiers, and a few of his direct peers in Mad Gear. I've fought evil organizations and powerful dictators with strange powers. I'd say I'm adept as a fighter."

"I'm not trying to be your friend, you idiot, but fine. All you psychopath super serious types running around, focusiung on the unimportant things, belly aching over nothing." chides Abigail.

But, uh, he does the take the money. Immense fingers pinch at the bills and he quickly recounts it with jut a glance before stuffing it into the depths of the pockets on his pants. "Huh..look at you playing nice... Okay! I'll come by your dojo at some point and I'll -show-you how things are different for Mad Gear now.." As he speaks he clenches a huge fist and holds it infront of him, hovering the boulder sized fist above Guy as his arms bulge monsstrously. The tire armbands are strained to the ripping point, stopping only because Abigail stops. Knuckles crack, the sound like tree trunks being splintered, The ground shakes again...

"You know..for old times sake.." he rumbles while grinning toothily once more. His expression is cast in sinister shadow, "A friendly sparring match. I'll buy you some new chopsticks. Ahahahaha!"

He relaxes his monstrous physique and turns, looking Morrigan over one last time, "See ya babe. Come on by the Scrap yard if you want a custom rig. Got plenty of vroooms!"

WIth that he turns and begins pounding away, the earth shaking lightly as he trundles back off towards the streets.

The explanation of Bushinryu keeps Morrigan's attention. She listens carefully. Coolly, as he explains how it differs from other arts and what his accomplishments are. Her smile widens. "That /does/ sound more exciting, Maybe you and I can have a match sometime. In fact," she puts a hand on her hip. "I'd challenge you right now, but if I did, Lon would take off." She sets the toes of her boot down on his chest, pushing him back onto the ground. "Wouldn't you, Lon?"

"Oh, of course," Morrigan says, giving Abigail a wave. She blows him a kiss. "Perhaps I'll come by for a test drive of one of those special models!"

"But for now," Morrigan says, stepping away from Lon then reaching down. She hoists him one handed, easily, no less and puts him over her shoulders. "He and I need to talk business once he's all healed up. Thank you for taking care of the business earlier mister...?"

Guy isn't sure what Abigail's trying to get at here? The fist is eyed, and hesitantly Guy balls up his own and.... daps. With a look of confusion. "Yeah. Sure."

No. Not sure. He wants to actually have a building for the dojo. But he'll take what he can get. As Abigail starts to thud away, Guy turns, watching him for a few moments as Morrigan speaks to him.

"Alright. You can swing by the dojo, too. We can have a match," Guy says finally, turning his attention to Morrigan once again. He eyes her warily as she hoists Lon up over her shoulder. His shoulders visibly tense. "Guy. My name is Guy. And you're welcome. But if he doesn't want to go with you, you should leave him with me. I didn't let Abigail take him. I'm not going to make an exception for you because you're..."

Well he talked himself into a place he wasn't meaning to. A moment of awkward silence, and he just finishes. "Attractive."

Morrigan looks over at Guy for a long moment. Her smile disappears. "Oh," she says, "I see how it is. Well, flattery might normally get you places, but I do have something pressing that I need to talk about with Abigail's customer here." Morrigan works her fingers, tightening them into a fist. The air seems to get a bit heavier, just for a moment. Is it darker than it was a moment ago?

The moment passes. She sets Lon down, sitting upright, then hunkers down next to him, her jeans straining in the seat. She leans in lose, whispering something in his groggy ear, her finger tracing along the bottom of his chin.

And then she suddenly stands up, mussing his hair.

"He's all yours," Morrigan says, almost boredly. "I will take you up on that offer later though. Depend on it," she says the last part almost musically, then walks off with the steady clack of her boots against the pavement.

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