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Description: Abigail was just having a normal day up until a bus decided to give him a hug. Little did he know the soon to be famous (or so he likes to think) Kang Jae-Mo was not far and witness this act of hugeness. Now the Mad Gear mechanic might have dug himself into one funky whole where he may one day be part of the biggest action movie ever made!

It's a busy day here in Metro City! Even with all of the chaos out there in the world at large and within the city itself, life itself still must go on. People got places to be and things to do. The sidewalks are packed, traffic is heavy. Resturants are busy, bars are full, the usual bit. A bit that includes what seems to be an out of control city bus!

"The brakes are out!" yells the bus driver in a panic as it careens down a street, heavy traffic just ahead of it, and waiting for the bus to plow right into it. Passengers hold on for dear life and people in the streets dive for cover and leap for the sidewalks. Its like being in an action movie! Save this one can have potentially deadly results. So far the driver has been lucky as he tries to regain control over the barreling thirty ton monster. Up ahead the luck looks ready to run out.

Just before crossing over the threshold, as the bus reaches the red lighed intersection, a monstrous shadow rolls forward into the streets and then -KATTTTHOOOM0-!! The entire area shakes, windows rattling and the sound of metal wrenching fills the air. The bus comes to an immediate stop as if it just slammed into the proverbial immovable object. Inside passengers are tossed everywhich way and the driver lurches forward, nearly flying into the windshield.

When he recovers, he blinks and looks up and then up some more. A gigantic torso literally filling up his vision just outside of the crumpled front end of the bus. The torso leans down, revealing Abigail's furious visage as the bus had literally slammed into the giant and nearly folded itself around his immovable frame.

"WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" he roars, thunderous voice shattering a nearby storefront window.

Metro City has been a chaotic place for awhile now. Haggar does his best to keep things in check, but there is only so much even a manly man such as himself could do. And where there is chaos there tends to be danger. And where there is danger there is the chance to catch inspiration for a good action movie. That is exactly why Kang is here and currently at a pancake house with a notepad in front of him.

The hefty Korean is almost as wide as he is tall and it is amazing he can fit in the booth he is in. "And that is when he said, 'I am the ghost of Dolemite'." he murmurs to himself as he scribbles. Dialog was never his strong suit and he probably should look at hiring a writer and just do directing, but he wants to do it all. Well other than star in it. He is a man that should be behind the camera!

The store shakes and causes his already bad handwriting look even worse. The windows rattle and it causes almost everyone to stop and wonder if an earthquake didn't happen. 'He's so BIG!' shouts someone near the window which draws Kang's attention and he peers to see who it could be. He then sights the massive Abigail and stares....and stares....a grin crosses his face.

Money is slapped down and the note pad flipped closed. He gets up and quickly runs outside and he raises his hands. "Yooooooooooou! Big man! Have you ever considered being a movie star!?"

It's not exactly a resounding chorus of thank you's. More like a mixture of groans and off key mutterings and the occasional, "My back!' as the bus riders ar off loaded.

Abigail lays a huge hand onto the bus and then shoves, flexing slightly and screeching the ruined vehicle backwards from him. He accepts he accolades well enough but he's also serious. He didn't see the bus coming at all and pure chance got him where he was to er..save the day?

But he's not so slow and dim witted that he can't capitlize on this event..though he -is- slow and dim witted at times. "Come thank me down by Abigail's Scrap Metal and get you a custom modded ride..so you don't have to ride the bus anymore! Hahahha."

He dusts his huge hands off, stepping away from the mangled piece of machinery only to turna dn blink as he sees the massive Kang tromping his way finally. "What the...movies?" Abigail blinks and looks around, as if searhing for hidden cameras and upon seeing none he looks back to Kang, 'I don't get it... You mean -me- a movie star???"

Kang is lucky he was even get the attention of Abigail. He isn't exactly the tallest person and it is perhaps the fact he is a rather loud man himself. That whole pro wrestling background kind of makes shouting his default tone. He is also very much pointing at Abigail once he has the big man's attention. "Yes! You!"

For being so rotund the Korean can move quick as he dashes forward and gets in close. He isn't even six feet tall so he is easily towered over by Abigail. Even so he doesn't seem intimidated at all by the massive mountain of a man. If anything he is just giving a big grin. "I am Kang Jae-Mo! World traveled wrestler and fighter and soon to be the biggest action director this world has ever seen." Not too much of a familiar name. Perhaps only the biggest wrestling enthusiasts outside of South Korea would know the name. Even less will know the man's true ambition.

"Action movies must be big and over the top! It must wow the audience." he explains then points at Abigail once more as he keeps his gaze upwards to try and keep eye contact with the much bigger man. "And you have all those qualities. How have you not become a star yet!?"

Truth be told, Abigail is perhaps the biggest man alive, including the recent over flow of the supernatural in the world. The titan is just that ludicrious and outrageous and he could be likely touring the world, demonstrating his size and strength as opposed to dealing life in the aftermath of Mad Gear.

Even he doesn't seem all that ambitious towards such things but he can't help but blink and listen as Kang introduces himself and makes his patch. "Vrrrrrrrrmmmm.." he rumbles, making a sound like an idling engine and pursing his lips together before finally speaking, ""Sorry! Never heard of you..and also never considered it I got a shop to run! Cars to build and bodies to break in fighting rings. And on otp of that they got me working security for the UN! I'm to busy to be in the movies.." He peers more closely at Kang now and then remarks, "You look like you've got some horsepower though.. How can be a movie star -and- a wrestler? You're not a faker like that Johnny Cage guy are ya?"

The Korean looks flabbergasted. Not by the fact that Abigail doesn't know who he is. He almost expects that, but when the big man mentions he is more concerned about working on cars and running a shop instead of being an action star? Well that just seems might strange and downright wrong.

"I am a director! Not an actor!" he corrects as he steps back. Then he flexes. Or more he jiggles and his body expands enough it makes the dress shirt and tie along with his slacks to burst off. It leaves him in an impossibly small shirt that leaves his massive belly on display and his blue with red wrestling trunks. "I am going to start making the greatest action movie in all the world. I have decided 'A Fistful of Funk!'. The adventures of Mr. Jones as he tries to find his kidnapped girl friend in the funkiest of adventures."

"Besides isn't the UN all power drunk? THey aren't even paying you well I bet. Think of all the money you can make when the movie is released. Why.....if you become famous enough maybe you could have your own CAR named after you? Or I guess a bulldozer. Something big and powerful.!"

As far as Abigail was concerned, the conversation was over. He had begun to turn, when Kang flex-jiggled..no..flat out -expanded- and his clothes just exploded off. The giant recoils at that feat, surprise clearly on his face as he had written Kang off prior to that. He lifts a single huge finger up, pointing it at Kangs protruding gut and about to say something only to pause as Kang raises a point he hadn't considered yet.

He -could- have another car, or better yet, a monster truck of appropriate proportions, built to his specifications and without some of the struggle to obtain parts he encounters from time to time to get his wildest wises accommodated. "Hrn.." he rumbles, bringing the finger back down to rest against his large lips. "..Katana didn't exactly say how much we were making but he did say he could get ahold of some more trucks.."

At this, he reaches up and lays a hand atop the crumpled remains of the front of the now empty bus, "..Sounds FUNKY! But what exactly would -I- be doing. Am I gonna be Mr. Jones? And how long would it take? Couple of hours? Whose my girlfriend?? Is she cute? Does she like vroom-vrooms??"

So many questions. Ones that Kang fully has no answers to. "No no no. Mr. Jones is my partner. The funky man with the funky plan. The one that is going to help me be a director." he explains. He quickly tries to think of what part he could offer Abigail. He likes cars or trucks. There is something. Then his eyes go wide and a big grin starts to spread across his face once more. "I got it!"

He takes a deep breath and then points once more to Abigail. A triumphant look on his features that can be made out given he is wearing a mask. "You shall be the King of the Wasteland! A commander of a grand fleet that roams the city that Mr. Jones must infiltrate to rescue his girl. Big, powerful and one enjoys ultimate destruction!"

He seems rather proud of that. Of course why would someone called King of the Wasteland be in a city and how is he even going to be worked into a script that is partially done? Well that is of little matter. Kang knows talent when he sees it and he can make adjustments. That is how they do things in Hollywood isn't it?

Good save! The fact that he wasn't going to be Mr. Jones immediately deflates Abigail back down to disinterest..but the idea of a fleet of cars.. At that, Abigail makes a sharp inhaling sound as his eyes widen. The noise almost sounds like the sound of steam escaping just before a boil over. A gasp of joy as his imagination runs wild. "A whole..fleet?" he rumbles before starting to count on his fingers just how many that must be. "That's at least ten..no..twenty..no..a hundred vrooms! All with series 60 Detroit Diesel, modded for maximized horse power and torque!"

But..a problem! "..How am I gonna put that many cars in my garage! I'll have to..I'll have to BUY the entire BAY AREA! I'll expand the scrap yard to cover the whole docks." He lifts his huge feet up and literally rocks back and forth on them, doing an energetic short dance as his huge arms lift up. The ground..shakes. His foot impacts sending a seismic rumble that rattles windows and causes bystanders to stumble as he literally rumbles a deep bass 'giggle' of excitement. "This is awesome!"

He then stops abruptly and frowns, "Hey..how can a city be a wasteland? That doesn't make any sense! Whose writing this??"

"It ummmmm.....it was abandoned by those that were afraid of your might!" He is pretty good at coming up with things on the fly. He has already figured out what the big man wants so he knows how to cater to his interest. "And I am writing this of course. With a little help." He needs a lot of help really.

"D...do not sweat the details like that. I am still seeking the perfect cast! I must still find the girlfriend! The damsel in distress! And also maybe......the Queen that rides along with the King!" he says while giving a waggle of his brows which is mostly missed due to the mask. "Ladies and large trucks? What is there not to like?"

He then takes a deep breath and his hands spread out wide. He then slaps his big belly and it wiggles about in an entrancing way that one gets caught watching a lava lamp. It also causes a card to pop out of his incredibly small top and he offers it to Abigail. "For when the time comes! We will keep in contact! Do lunch! all the things big stars and directors do." The card is a picture of the masked Korean giving a big thumbs up proclaiming him, wrestler, street fighter and director along with his cell number. "Just keep being HUGE and I am sure everything will work out."

"Hrmm.." Abigail pinches the business card with two grimy fingers and eyes it for a few long seconds. He frowns ever so slightly as if there was some distant part of him trying to ring the warnin bells and screaming 'No, no, get away while you can!' into his ear.. but he fails to hone in on it and eventually his frown vanishes into one of being quite pleased with...well..himself!

"Alright fine. I guess that's good.. Ooooh....yeah I'll have a list of uh..modifications and gadgets and specs I'll want my -main- VROOM to have. You know...for special effects and added power! I'll send the list to you.. It's only uh..about nine..no..ten...no..twelve pages of specifications."

He takes a half hop backwards, giving Kang a two finger gun salute as he does and then he turns and begins walking away. The earth trembles violently with his steps as he eyes the card again. Traffic screeches to a halt to let him cross the square on a full green light but he doesn't seem to notice and any yells meant for him die on the lips of the yellers as they watch his colossal body kaiju its way across.

"Hrm..I hope that Mr. Jones guy isn't going to mind getting beaten up and having his girlfriend taken from him at the end of the movie.."

Plot twist!

The perfect villian! He is already thinking properly! A shame Kang doesn't know what plot twist that is being plotted. Then again maybe that will make it a two part movie! The second one will involve....FUNKY REVENGE!

Kang fist pumps as Abigail walks away. "Wait until I tell Jones about this." he says to himself and seems rather pleased. He then twirls about on a foot and stalks back towards the pancake house. He wasn't done with his food afterall and now he has no notes to make.

As for the specifications? Well he can worry about that later. Nevermind the fact he isn't even sure what sort of budget he is going to have and just how much this modded truck will cost. There are more important things to worry about like amazing fight scenes and salacious exchanges. "I should have cast him as the Ghost of Dolemite. Oh well!" He can find someone else for that.

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