P-BBB 2017 - P-BBB 2017) Get Up With the Sickness

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Description: Poodles are adorable dogs. They can be a little bad tempered, yes, and snooty. But once you have them trained, they are adorable, beloved creatures. And what better way to appreciate these dogs than hosting a great big doggie birthday party for them. Two of the best Francophiles, Abel and Sylvie, will fight under the legendary Arc de Triomphe. But their audience will not be people, but a crowd of one hundred Poodles watching onwards, judging them silently in birthday delight. Will they get a junk performance? Or will the poodles be pleased with the people before them?

Day or Night! It's a Poodles Delight!

That was the billing, after all. The Arc De Triomphe stands tall - and underneath, two fighters were to stand taller! A 'ring' if it could be called that, was cordoned off with just enough space that there wouldn't be a risk of the two fighters falling out unless they were seriously super careless! It wasn't really a ring, though, but a mark on the ground. They weren't the guests of honor! No, that would be the entire audience of poodles. OODLES OF POODLES. Where the two are given concrete and blacktop to fight atop, every little cutie wutie poodle gets their own seat - sometimes two, matching, for poodle pals! If the judging wasn't enough for the two fighters, there were multitudes of steps for the poodles! Layer after layer of pink, white, and colorful poodles looking down upon them from their seats on high!

They would need to be entertained! Pleased! It was up to the French fighters willing to (at least one) sell their self respect for cash, prizes, and poodles! Oh they wouldn't get them. They'd get stared at BY them. Rules are rules, after all! Even if you sign it and don't read the fineprint.

With the doggy delights being passed out in the seating, each Poodle being well cared for in treats, attention, and SOON entertainment - it would be up to the latter to make themselves known!

First up, making sure last isn't least, is Sylvie Paula Paula - cartwheeling in from the unjoined edge of the seating, bouncing onto her feet as she waves and spins! "Bonjour chiots!" The French (apparently) native exclaims, "Sylvie doesn't really know French!~ Mon amis!" She blows a kiss out and winks, hopping to a single leg, "But you cutie dogs don't probably know language, so you're all like Sylvie! Surely she'll do her best!"

With a wink, she hops to the other, "Aaaah, it's kinda dark too! Oh but we'll have a bright show! The spotlights going to make us shine like stars! So keep your puffs all prissy, 'cause you're all gonna yap for us when we're done! So give me a GRR! Give me a WOOF! Give me a BARK!~ Cause Sylvie's gonna knock this outta the park~! ... Paula was gonna rhyme it with Arc, but she can't knock someone out of it!"

With that, Sylvie continues to play it up for the Poodles while Abel may arrive.

Where is Abel anyways? Was he perhaps embarassed by the fight he was put in? Or was it he was afraid of the skills of the strange Sylvie Paula Paula. "Sir....sir you have to get in the ring. Stop playing with the dogs."

Nope, it just looks like he got caught up in other matters. Those matters being all the cute dogs. It is a weakness and Abel could not resist settling down and start passing out treats to a group of dogs that aren't behaving and sitting where they should be. Why should they? He is giving out beef jerky!

"Hmm?" Abel finally seems to be snaped out of his puppy daze and the rather annoyed workers are trying to usher the dogs back to their proper place. "Oh, time already?" He asks and soon the other man is shouting "YOU HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR AN HOUR!" as Abel finally gets up and drops down into the designated fighting area.

"Bonjour." he says to Sylvie and gives a bit of a nod. He is dressed in the white shorts and blue gi top with both his hands and feet taped up. "Shall we give them a good fight?"

Cute dogs and an Abel, a man on a MISSION. Of DOGS. Of DOGS AND MEN. And MISSIONs. To FIGHT GIRLS for POODLES and PRESENTS and BIRTHDAYS.

Of course, Sylvie is already making a big fool of herself on the dancefloor! Treats, jerky, and petting are all focuses that Abel has in the meantime! Sylvie, waiting for an odd man, or normal man, of Abel is certainly waiting impatiently! It seems like he is already there though, with the workers pushing Abel and GOOD DOGS back to their positions.

It is Abel that made them tempted, but they are so good they went anyways.

"Oh! Hey Hey! Bonny-Du'Jour!" The woman proclaims, Sylvie standing tall and waving with both hands. "Yup! We totally will! Sylvie's all charged up and raring to go! But she's not going to go anywhere, so don't worry. She'll stay right here!" Of course, with Abel out on the designated fighting area, Sylvie hmms, eyes looking all over - atop her head, on her head, and all her limbs. "Weeeeeeeeeeell sure! These doggies deserve something nice, y'know? Oh. I should also saaaaay - I'm working with NESTS maybe, okay?"


"But not now! Totally, this is for the Poody-oodles~! So if I hurt you, it's cause BZZZT they'll probably like it. Not that Sylvie will!" Maybe .. a little? "Okay~! Here we go!" Hands erupt in electricity afterwards, electromagnetics pushing her dress to rest horizontal instead of sagging downwards, her hair and other bits staying quite up as well!

Abel eyes the odd girl and listens to her. "I am unaware of who NESTS are." he says and gives a shrug. Now Shadaloo? If he heard that name this fight would have turned much more serious very quickly. At least as serious as it can be given the whole damn situation.

He raises his fists and gets ready for the fight. His gaze focused on Sylive as she starts to show off some rather impressive energy manipulation. Perhaps it is best she doesn't get too close to the poodles or there will be a lot of brushing needing to be done. Hmm, maybe he could volunteer to brush them if that happens.

No, he must stay focused. "Very well. Here I come!" Sylvie certainly looks ready so Abel may as well move in quickly. His shoulder is brought forward as he looks to just quickly plow right into the junk girl. "En Garde!"

COMBATSYS: Abel has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Abel             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abel             0/-------/-------|=------\-------\0           Sylvie

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks Abel's Shoulder Check.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Abel             0/-------/---====|==-----\-------\0           Sylvie

"Woaaaah! You don't, that's totally better!~ I'm a NESTS egg, and I've hatched!" So Sylvie claims, with no really explanation, before Abel charges in. With gaze focused upon her, Sylvie is - almost dancing. Back and forth. One foot to the other!

The woman bounces up and down on one, then moves to the other as she waves to all the puppers! But Abel is focusing on Sylvie. That's quite a thing! well, the focusing, that is. With Abel deciding to charge right on in, Sylvie is hanging back - and that charge slams right into Sylvie, the junk girl's arms wrapping forwards to take the brunt of the blow, booties sliding against ground, kicking up bits of debris against the blacktop, before she finally gives in and hops backwards, going head over heels to regain her positioning. It's very floaty - like she's almost gliding a bit in the air. There's a bit of sparks while she does it, too!

"Oh right on in, huh? Well, then Sylvie won't bore these dogs! She'll keep it going too! Hopping on one foot, the woman kicks off the ground and spins around, like a ballerina almost - aiming to touch the ground right infront of Abel. Which, at that point, would suddenly have Sylvie's leg twist around, swatting towards Abel's shoulder as heavily as she is able, swinging it around with the force of ... well, quite a bit of force!

"En Garden!" She repeats poorly, leaving sparkly electro-bits all over!

COMBATSYS: Abel endures Sylvie's Guillo-Ton!.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0           Sylvie

A NESTS egg? He has heard of a nest egg, but that is quite different. He is rather sure of that. He finds it best not to ask question on this NESTS thing. That and Abel is already charging forward so it is a bit rude to try to ask a question when plowing into someone. And despite her size Sylvie hands it well as she twirls about and she almost seems to almost float with ease. Such a strange girl.

He looks about to reply to Sylvie, but she is quick to close the distance between the two once more and she brings that leg about to bring it down onto his shoulder. The Frenchman just steadies himself and the force does make his knees give and he bends down it is perhaps not the desired effect Sylvie would have hoped when going for Abel.

And before that leg is pulled away he looks to grab at it quickly with the other hand looking to grasp another part of Sylvie be it part of her odd clothing or an arm He looks to try and heft and twirl her about few times. Dust and wind kicking up into a bit of a gust as he swings Sylvie about then looks to drive her to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Sylvie with Tornado Throw EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Abel             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Sylvie

"Wooooooooah!" Sylvie remarks as Abel manages to take the leg against his shoulder, the girl pausing in the odd position and tilting her head. "Huh. Huuuuh. Oh!" Sylvie's remark is clear, since out of everything, Sylvie isn't expecting Abel to take it in stride. "You ... wanted this or something!" Sylvie proclaims with a surprise inducing head tilt. Of course, with the man's knees bending and body taking it, it could get bad.

Oh, no, there it goes! The bad-touch! Sylvie had fallen hook, line and sinker into Abel's trap! As that hand reaches towards the leg or body part that Sylvie leaves too close, the experiment steadies herself and takes a moment to think. What is both A) Fancy as heck for the fancy as heck doggies, B) Completely out of reality and C) SUPER COOL.

It is clear. Hands start sparking as Abel reaches towards her.

The body of Sylvie rises from the ground, momentarily, before Abel manages to grasp her and swing her all around, "Woaaaaaaaah!" Sylvie's response is mimicked from before but notably different, though Abel would find it's like trying to swing one of those chain-balls they have in all the sports! It's like Sylvie is trying to get loose in his hands!

It doesn't, of course, end in a positive way for Sylvie! Being BONKED onto the ground at the end, driving into the ground, Sylvie's direction is notably twisted from just directly at the ground, though her movement is to bounce and roll away at the end of it! "That's not the way Sylvie wanted to use her head today!" She decries. Perhaps the comedy that Sylvie produces, as the NESTS experiment pulls herself up slowly, is enough to derive from it. With an eyeball cracked, Sylvie winces a bit. "Geeeze that is IT. Sylvie wants to show them a show, and those cute pups are getting it!"

Electricity erupts from Sylvie's fingers and hands, sparking all around her as she does so.

Despite that, all that might occur, according to Abel, is the twisting movement she makes as she shoots across the ground - twirling in a wide arc, swinging hair and head, before launching her hands together towards his chest! "For these fair pups, AWOOOOOOOO~!"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Abel with Aggressive Strike.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Sylvie

There is more than meets the eye to this girl. She is odd, but this is the fighting world. He is considered odd in some circles so he doesn't think too much of that. But almost seeming to control gravity in a way to make herself heavier when he swung her about is not something he is used to. That or she is a robot or something, but that just seems a bit too silly.

"Then give them one." He says and motions for Sylvie to come at him. Really the dogs probably aren't too concerned with the fight. It is amazing many of them are being behaved enough to sit in once place like they are for more than a few seconds. And Sylvie's little howl just seems to get a few to start howling with her.

Abel stands his ground once more when Sylvie bounds in. His arms starting to move to stop that forward two hand thrust only for him to not realize how fast she really is. The hands plant hard and stagger Abel back as he loses footing and falls onto his ass then goes into a backwards roll to pop back up to his feet. "Stronger than you look. Impressive."

He goes to test just how soon after saying that. The bigger fighter closing the gap once more and he looks like he is about to give a right cross, but then changes up and gives a left in an attempt to drive his fist into her ribs.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks Abel's Medium Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Sylvie

"I." Sylvie answers, especially as she charges in. Abel manages to move his hands to thrust it towards her, the hands planting hard to stagger Abel back - "PLAN!" Abel rolls backwards - and Sylvie is hopping on her toe-sies. Oh my. The woman is struck once more, the bigger fighter closing the gap with that right cross, and then a left to drive a fist into her ribs! Sylvie staggers to cross her arms across her body, pushing backwards - faltering somewhat - as the man assaults her! With such force, she's driven back just like him - but her leap backwards betrays something a tad odd.

It might be that the air around the poodles, and Abel has gotten a bit of static-y feeling. "On!"

And then she leapt upwards, "IT!~"

Electricity crackles through her, arcing across her body and limbs, zapping outwards, a bright speck in the sky, before she twists around, skywards, and drives down towards Abel. "Shooting! Sylvie! STAR~!"

She leads with a foot, sparkling as it was, in an attempt to really leave an impact into Abel's body!. It's ... can she really be serious!? Apparently she is. At least, that's the plan! Sparkling, electricity shooting off her as she travels downwards, Sylvie gets up to some speed! "Now she's all charged up! So I want to hear those sub-woofers ROAR~!"

COMBATSYS: Abel interrupts Strong Kick from Sylvie with Forward Kick EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie

Abel swings, but Sylvie does well at reducing the amount of impact from the big fist of his. She may be smallish and a bit on the weird side, but Abel knows appearances aren't everything. Just feeling the blows she can deliver as well as the punishment she has been taking from him shows she is a tough one and he can't take her lightly.

That and if she beats him down he won't be able to go back to playing with the dogs so there is also that.

INwards she comes once more. He can feel that static like build up that makes the hair on his arms stand on end and a few of the dogs near the front of the fighting area are looking more poofy. She sails forward and Abel decides to fight fire with fire and he decides to just raise a big leg and trust it forward right at Sylvie and slam into her and at the same time halting her momentum enough to where her own kick is a lot less forceful.

With Abel on the assault, Sylvie is anything but laying out on the defensive! It's just that as she flies down, towards Abel, things get a bit dicy. Like, her stringy foot that is launched out towards him comes down without an actual energy behind it. Infact, has Sylvie even used any energy!? It's a mystery... but one that Abel will shortly find not to be /too/ much of a mystery! The dogs may bark, Poodles POOFY due to the static. Infact, Sylvie is coming down in a wonderful impact that Abel would NEVER be able to -

It turns out large boots have large reaches, too, and Sylvie ends up facing it head on. Not head to boot, thankfully, but Sylvie IS talking. "BONZAAA-HRK!" Before the impact on her mid-section, more powerful likely than that of Sylvie's to Abel's, causes her to bounce backwards after the trading of fancy footwork! Just a different kind of fancy footwork.

Yet Sylvie doesn't just lie down there, the woman rising to her feet without more than pushing off the ground, electromagnetic energy pushing her back up. Beaten, bruised, wounded and winded - wait, no scratch the last part. "Sylvie's ALL FIRED UP!~ Still. So, like, this is the start of the battle okay?" She remarks to Abel, a hand on her hip, the other the same, as she leans forwards. "I've got aaaaalll my eyes on you, you know?"

She stomps once, lightly, "You ready?"

Those hands are thrust outwards towards Abel as he stands there, lightning arcing outwards in a snap-second later, her warning with teeth this time! They dance, energy that isn't reaching Abel going short and skimming on the ground, not harming those Pupper-Poodles! She'd never forgive herself!

"BZZZZZZT! Warning, Sylvie's going to SHOCK you with how much she was going easy on you before!"

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Abel with Denki Kaijin.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Abel             1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie

Abel quickly stomps his foot down and gets in his defensive stance. His jaw set and not saying anything as Sylvie decides to show what all she can do with whatever odd powers she is wielding. His eyes narrow and he starts to realize this fight might start to a bit rocky rather quickly. He sort of glances about and makes sure whatever happens he doesn't do anything to bring harm to the dogs as well. Then again he isn't the one really throwing electic like energy about.

Sylive at least seems to control it well enough she isn't close to causing harm to the pooches for the time being. Abel isn't so lucky because it is focused more towards him and reaching out to give him a shock.

And shock it does. There isn't really a good way to stop that sort of thing. He could get out of the way, bit it could give chase and get close to the dogs. Instead he takes it and well....the shock is more than he anticipated. He bites his lip to keep from shouting out and he is driven down to his knees. "HNnnggk!"

His body is still shuddering even as Sylvie finishes up. He has to take a moment to fully regain control of his body, but when he does he pushes off both hands and feet to quickly bolt inwards and look to grab Sylvie and flip her up onto his shoulders and take her for a ride.

COMBATSYS: Sylvie blocks Abel's Breathless.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Abel             0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Sylvie

He gets her on the shoulders and starts to twirl her about at high speed. Wind kicking up like a mini tornado, but then he goes to toss her high....and his grip slips. Sure Sylvie gets tossed, but it doesn't get the hangtime Abel had wanted nor does she suffer the fate of what Abel planned to do after the toss. "Merde!"

With Abel faltering under her streaks of electricity, like a jedi to the Emperor, Sylvie cackles happily! "That's right! Sylvie's going to turn all the tables around! C'mon pups! bark for Sylvie~! She's going to make you all howl!" She beams, cheerfully as someone who has taken such a beating as she has could possibly respond! Yet with Abel biting his lip and taking it, Sylvie's attention does fall back to him. The hands break - electricity 'running out', or some sort, before Sylvie grins.

"Oop~! Sorry, Sylvie doesn't know her own - ahhh, nah, Sylvie sure does!" She winks and laughs a bit, cheerfully - too much so - before Abel pushes off, bolting towards her. "Huh-wha-wait-AH!" Is this the end of Sylvie!? She's grasped, flipped onto those shoulders - and twirls about. Wind picks up and Sylvie's outfit whips about, an eyeball ripping off from the speed and bouncing off to hit the only human that it could - the poodles are fine. Absolutely fine.

Not a puff out of place. The man is out cold. The eyes are solid, you see.

With Sylvie tossed skywards and not slamming into the worst of it, Sylvie manages to help 'slip' with her overblown energies, electromagnetics twisting her, resisting the pull and push from Abel a bit, and not resisting the ground that her face, back, face, back and face slam into repeatedly and in that order as she bounces to a stop right before one of the poodle piles. The pyramid of poodle?

One of them licks her face even, and Sylvie is up to her feet once more! "I ... can't give up! These Poodles call to Paula! She'll... join them, as Sylvie Poodle Paula!"

Staggering to her feet, a peace sign is thrown out, "I'll make you all go Bow -WOW-!"

Her gaze drops to Abel, "That /was/ good. So Paula has one right back for ya!" Abel isn't the only one who can throw themselves at people in a flash. Sylvie gets in a sprinting stance - hands flat on the ground. Not a single foot moves as she takes off like a rocket, electromagnetics pushing across the dark black top, lighting it up with bright blues and yellows as she pulls both hands upwards, trajectory twisting a bit, boots skidding across the ground. Both hands slap forwards, palms aimed for Abel's sides. They pulse, aiming to form an electric cage around him, to surround and exert her influence once more! If he can hang on, resist, he can prevent her next actions...!

If not, well, "Magneto-TRAPO~!" She cries out, and would swing Abel about, bashing the cage, and him, all over the ground - and not the Poodles, before kicking him free of the cage~!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Abel with Magneto-Trapo!.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Abel             0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\0           Sylvie

She is getting less silly and more sadistic. Abel is starting to realize that. And now he is starting to think this whole NESTS thing is not a good thing. Was it like Shadaloo? Maybe he should do some digging. They are not the ones he is after, but he also can't just let other maniacs go running about doing as they please if he can help it. Too many thoughts are running through his head and his body is still hurting too, but he does his best to stay focused.

And focused to an extent, but there is little he could do given the strange cage of electricity he gets trapped in. Hands reach to try and touch it, but he just gets shocked for his attempt. He is rather helpless as he gets ragdolled about in the energy prison and a few moments later a kick is delivered to his gut and he goes rolling across the ground to come to a stop where he lays there for a moment.

Sylvie make think herself victorious at first, but then Abel somehow finds the strength to get to his feet. He is staggering a bit and one eye is half closed as he just tries to focus on Sylvie who is looking a bit blurred. THere are no words. Talking just exerts energy he needs at this point. He moves forward, his body a bit more slow and he looks to just grab Sylvie, spin her about and then heft upwards.

And he arches his back and falls backwards, his arms releasing throwing Sylvie away with a German suplex. Probably not the best suplex to use in France.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Sylvie with Strong Throw.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Abel             0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1           Sylvie

Sylvie ahahah!

The laugh is not a happy laugh. It's almost mocking.

The dogs may not know the difference.

The Poodles likely, however, can see the slight focus in Sylvie's eyes. The intent behind it. For while Sylvie is silly, as she is, she's not above putting herself... above people. In this case, she'd like to be 'above' Abel. Who is he?

It really doesn't matter to Sylvie. Broken junk, discarded. One thing they may share in common.

Sylvie doesn't /want/ to stay junk. She /wants/ to be useful. To be used. To have a place. In a turn of fate, she may have managed it. NESTS currently watches her in one of the non-discarded eyes atop her. Her actions and reactions are slowly climbing from their initial review. Things have been on the up and up. Which means there's gotta be a larger pile beneath her.

With Abel ragdolled about, Sylvie giving a nice KICK at the end, her hands brush off her dress. "Wowwwww. It's amazing. You totally thought you had this wrapped up, huh?" Sylvie remarks, cheerfully and more than a little chiding. Step, step, step. Each of it overly done. A leg going out forwards, bruised and beaten, but perfectly usable all the same. "Aaaah, are you going to fall over?" The hand reaches out to grab Sylvie, to spin her about and heft upwards. Energy courses through her hands once more.

Electromagnetic waves pulse through her form. It ... doesn't matter. "Eh!?" He lunges out. It grasps Sylvie and the man, Abel, manages to arch his back, arms releasing her to throw her away in such a way that - BONK - the woman goes flipping over Abel's head with her OWN electromagnetic forces behind it. The woman /topedoes/ straight into the blacktop, standing tall on her head for a moment, teetering, before toppling over.

Hands pulse with that energy still, closing into fists as she growls. "No... No no! I was... I'm going to ... SYLVIE IS GONNA BE TOP DOG!"

There is a spark. Then another.

Electricity pours through her hands, shearing outwards, Sylvie raising up into the air from the sheer amount of electricity pouring outwards, to coat the ground and the battlefield that Abel has to navigate, roaring all around her as she spins. Then Sylvie would land - and stagger forwards. One foot. Then the other...

COMBATSYS: Sylvie has reached second wind!

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Abel             0/-------/--=====|===----\-------\0           Sylvie

Sylvie ... and catch herself.

COMBATSYS: Abel interrupts Paula Experiment from Sylvie with EX Tornado Throw.

[                          \\\\  < >                                ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Sylvie

It isn't exactly the most fancy of moves, but it worked just fine for Abel at this point. He lays on his back for a few moments after the release before rolling over and getting to his feet. "Non.....I do not underestimate anyone." He says quietly. He is still a bit wobbly, but he is managing to stay upright. It is hard to tell how long that will last.

Then she starts to go rather power mad. He isn't sure just what her deal is, but he is starting to fear for the safety of the dogs and the men tending to them. He can take punishment. He has taken worse by far, but innocents getting injured because of this girl going loopy is another thing.

He grits his teeth and moves forward. The energy shocking and making his body want to seize up once more as he manages to get in close to Sylvie. Then he just reaches up and snags her out of the air. "But also do not underestimate me!" He shouts as he spins Sylvie about much like he did earlier. This time there is more umph to it as he gets a good amount of momentum and bounces her right off the blacktop.

Oh. Crud.

As Sylvie begins to Howl at the Moon, Abel decides the best defense is to stop what Sylvie is doing nigh immediately. With the woman in the air, Abel has to snag her out. That's not a big problem. The spinning her straight into the ground, bouncing her off the blacktop, this time, gets Sylvie to effectively /stop talking/. And stop shocking. The latter is probably better in the long run. There is a twitch. Then another as she gets to her feet, arms hanging, body swaying as it looks like she isn't about to stay up much longer! "Sylvie... pft... looks like she's a piece of Paula junk again." Is her lamented cry, "But you... I don't need to underestimate you, 'cause you're a junk person too!"

With what little energy she has left, her hands pulse what little energy she has to send her scooting out towards Abel, electromagnetics holding her up in the air as she lashes out with her feet, kicking all the way down.

And when she lands, if she does not directly on the blacktop again, she isn't going to get back up - either stuck on her rear or on her back, making such a leery face at Abel regardless!

COMBATSYS: Sylvie can no longer fight.

[                          \\\\  <
Abel             0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Sylvie successfully hits Abel with Bootie Bootie.

[                             \  <
Abel             1/-------/=======|

She isn't far off. Abel like her was discarded too. Probably considered not good enough and a loss cause. The difference is how he approaches things. Perhaps if both knew the truth about one another things would be a bit different. They are vastly different in personality, but the same in many other ways. One day perhaps that will be found out.

As tough as Abel is he is barely able to move. Sylvie's electrical like attacks are taking their toll. Even as he sees her coming in he tries to will his body to move, but it just wont. And that is when those feet slam hard into the side of his head and it knocks the Frenchman off his feet once more and sends him skidding across the blacktop.

He moves a bit, but it seems more a twitch than anything. He lays there on his side in a heap. At least he can rest knowing all the dogs are doing fine. Maybe he can see them later once he wakes up.

COMBATSYS: Abel takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Abel can no longer fight.

In this fight, there are no top dogs! The poodle are the only ones standing, and with that, the great triumph of this arc, was that two alike members fought it out and were ... found to be equal?

The poodles have been provided plenty of violence - but the audiance may only be a few howls and barks, from the rowdier ones! As Abel stops moving, Sylvie does the same, heavy breaths and dizzy-ness from face-diving into the concrete a few times finally catching up to her.

"I think Sylvie... gonna rest too... not a bad idea..."

The poodles, in this, are the winners! None have been hurt, some have been slightly poofed. It's all quite fine!

As both fighters crash down, the Arc at the top drops a giant ball! It threatens to crash down onto the Poodles! The Oodles of Poodles! But instead, it explodes halfway down with a POP, dropping birthday streamers and tons of confetti! There is a brief popping of flashes before a little sign that reads 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' is lifted skywards, into the top of the Arc and then to space!

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