P-BBB 2017 - P-BBB 2017) P. Diddles Birthday Dungeon!

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Description: P. Diddle is the rap-superstar with a rap supersheet. After hosting the mother of all parties, inviting all the rich, famous, fashionable, and fun people he knows, he suffers the worst of all hangovers: Being arrested for wrongful imprisonment charges. And right on his birthday too! Felicia and Fei both wake up in the depths of P. Diddle's dungeon, underneath his mansion, with the worst of understandings. Will Fei get Neko'd in the knees? Or will Felicia have Wing Chun tonight?

P. Diddle had been arrested at least 6 hours ago. Cops had stormed the building after noise complaints and called for backup--having crashed on a particularly wild coke party run by the crazed rapper--none of the charges would likely amount to much, for mostly everyone hauled out. Of course, the entertainer had neglected to inform them of the hidden hatch underneath a rug which led to one of his storerooms for most of his supply--and it was also there that he kept a secret... 'fun room', lets say. At some point during the night, Fei had been led down there, a little drunk and a little drugged from whatever they had put in his drink--by a bunch of mischievous and playful partygoers that had closed the hatch and left him down there with whatever P. Diddle had been hiding down there. Was there some kind of weird shit going on--like a midget in armbinders? That had to be the reason right? Fortunately for Fei, this was not the case.

Enter Felicia.

As an ongoing act of punishment for failing to bring down Kelly, or perhaps she'd still been on Heihachi's shitlist--she had been sent to the rapper's mansion as 'entertainment', and had at some point found herself deep within the dungeon itself...

It was the pounding in Fei's head that was what finally woke him from unconsciousness, but it was followed closely by the strange smell of moisture in the air. Grunting at the sharp pain, he sat up from where he had been laying, holding his right hand against his forehead as he attempted to press the headache into submission. Of course, it showed no sign of subsiding. What had happened last night?

Vaguely, the heir to the Rutherford Conglomerate remembered flashes of the party last night. He had needed a break considering how insane the world had become with nuclear attacks and having spent the last week hauling people out of wreckage and treating them for their injuries. Not to mention the mountains of paperwork that had been required to fund the entire process. He had needed a vacation, and P. Diddle had offered him a party-filled time at his estate. However, the engagement had been a bit more of a sordid affair than Fei had realized. He couldn't very well turn down the offers of food and drink from his host, and had found himself...

Where was he anyway?

Turning over, he realized that his suit jacket and tie were missing. Crawling forward on his hands and knees against what felt like a stone floor, he reached out and touched something that seemed rather...odd. Cylindrical and felt like it was made from hide. Grunting and placing his hands against his knees in a crouch, he slowly made his way up to his feet. What was this thing? He swung it for a moment until there was a loud crack from the other end. The sound startled him out of his pain-filled stupor.

It was a whip. Most definitely a whip.

Where the /hell/ was he?!

There is the sound of what sounds like... high heels against the stone floor, and out of the gloom emerges a rather mystifying and possibly confusing sight: what looks like a woman, slender, 5'6" or so, waist-length nearly neon-blue hair, fair skin, with... cat ears and a tail? Well, that perhaps wasn't the weirdest thing about this picture--it was more the red leather blindfold, gloves, corset, thong and thigh-high boots she was wearing--plus the fact her hands seemed tied behind her back.

"I see you got roped into this exciting edition of 'blindfolds and ball-gags' too, eh?" she thankfully was not gagged, at least not at the moment--a red rubber one hung around her neck as she smirked a bit at him. It was rather odd, and maybe a little terrifying, considering that she seemed to be able to tell where he was even though that red leather blindfold was on there pretty securely.

"Be a dear and help me here? Someone's bad about putting their toys away when they're done playing here," she turned to show him the metallic cuffs that were securing her wrists behind her back--and as she did so her long white cat-like tail lashed about a little.

Well this was perhaps one of the weirder ways to spend a Friday night--depending on what you were into!

Looking down at the whip in his hand in shock, Fei almost did not hear the young woman when she approached. Though, the sight of her placed her in an even more confusing position than the one he was in already--a feat did not think was possible a moment ago. Seeing her ears and tail move, the young man gaped. What was with that outrageous outfit she was wearing? And those ears and tail moved? And here he was with a whip in his hand? What was this?

Suddenly, he burst out laughing and clapped his hands together.

"Okay, I get it, P. Diddle," he said between chuckles as he looked around, his hands spread wide. "Get your ass out here! One hell of a practical joke! If this ends up on Youtube, I'm going to ream you!" Glancing back at Felicia, he continued. "I mean, where did you get this young woman and what kind of money did you have to pay her to get into this outfit? The red leather is one thing, but the ears and the tail? They even move! Some sort of strange Japanese technology from the pervert sector?"

Shaking his head ruefully, he let out one more laugh. Stepping toward the Darkstalker, instead of removing her handcuffs, he took the blindfold from her face instead. Felicia was met by a pair of mirth-filled crystal blue eyes.

"You can stop doing this now. I appreciate you going through this. I don't have the keys to your handcuffs anyway, but I'm sure your benefactor probably has them. Though, I think this is a little far for a practical joke, don't you? I hope P. Diddle's paying you a small fortune for all of this."

The ears and tails totally moved--and yes, she was very much in a bondage getup of some description! Catgirl in BDSM gear--it was like a Japanese cartoon in here!

"Be still, my heart--before we do that could you un-cuff me?" she still kept her back half-turned to him, until she was spun around and had her blindfold removed--blinking as her eyes winced even in the murky light down there. Her eyes were green and lashes long and dark, looking up at the mixed race man.

"What kind of money? I've gotten way too used to Hulu Plus, and if I didn't do this Heihachi would knock me down to regular Hulu and I'm not going back, damnit!" Felicia huffs and struggled a bit in the outfit--she was smaller than she typically was in this form, and if she tried to transform like this she might dislocate her arms and shoulders, and she didn't want that.

"Stop doing what? I'm tied up, someone left me down here after the party got going, I think they drugged me!" Yeah... that was it. Just go with that.

"Drugged you, then somehow got you into into that outfit with those cat appendages?" the Rutherford Group's heir asked with a disbelieving, wry smile as he glanced at her emerald eyes. "Riiiiight. I don't want to even know where that tail is connected to in order to make sure it doesn't fall out." With a shrug, he added, "...and I also don't have the key."

However, the young man was a gentleman despite the situation the two found themselves in. Tossing aside the whip, he stooped to look on the ground and search the floors. Perhaps whoever had handcuffed her had simply left the key here? Either way, he didn't want to actually physically touch the woman. Who knew if this was some sort of entrapment that would be recorded on video? The tabloid headlines for the morning that he could envision simply made him not want to deal with that kind of potential PR disaster.

The Catwoman's green eyes blinked as the blindfold was lifted up onto her brow and she looked back at the man, shaking her head.

"Appendages? I'm a Darkstalker," she said fairly frankly, Though somehow internally she wondered if telling him that was a good idea--who'd want to un-restrain her /now/ after being told they're standing in a dungeon with a weird deman cat woman... thing?

"All jokes aside, it wasn't exactly my idea to come here and I don't mean you any harm," she watched him discard the whip, taking a step closer to him.

"I promise I don't bite," she smiled a little at him, somewhat sheepishly at first.

"See?" she grinned and winced her eyes shut cutely, though she did have elongaged fang-like canines, even in her more humanoid Violet Girl form. That form was about the only way she was fitting into that getup.

"I'm not about to judge your lifestyle," Fei replied, waving a hand at her while he kept his eyes on the floor searching for a key. "Whatever subset of Furry culture you belong to is your own business. It's none of mine." Glancing up at the disarming voice Felicia was making, the young man looked up just in time to see her oversized canines. Standing up, he crossed his arms.

"I don't think I see the key around here on the floor," he stated with a sigh. "But, if you've got the money for cosmetic dental surgery, you should probably think about your monetary life choices that the surgery was more important than basic life necessities or Hulu Plus. Don't sell yourself out at parties like this anymore."

Well, saying that aloud probably helped if there actually was a recording going. It made him sound upright and proper, which would probably earn him some public recognition if it did hit the tabloids.

"Ceramic dental surgery? Honey, I've never even had a cavity--I'm too tough to digest," Felicia yawns a little, peeking down at the floor now. "What? you can't find it? Pfft--you just don't want to un-cuff me, do you? What's the matter, cat got your tongue?" she grinned at him, bending over at the waist and arching her back--letting the red shiny ball-gag dangle from the straps where it hung around her neck. She was teasing at it provocatively with the tip of her tongue.

"Maybe you just wanna shut me up, too--or--hey! I do not do this for money, damnit!" she huffs. Damnit, Lee is gonna get an earful of this when she finds him--doubly so for leaving her with Heihachi of all people. Hei was most likely doing this to her to get to Lee somehow, she realized.

"If you don't believe me then, bright boy, how about this," she turned on the heel of her boot--that long white tail coming up at him with the speed of a whip--likely barely missing the tip of his nose by an inch!

As he watched Felicia do her tease, the Rutherford scion sighed and shook his head, his chestnut-colored hair rustling around his face. "You know, you're not doing much to prove your point by acting like that," he said. "If you need money that badly, I'm sure I have enough in my wallet to at least pay your ren--hey!" The whiplike tail was smoothly deflected instead of batted away as Fei reflexively took on his martial style's stance, the left arm that had extended to deflect remained out with its palm facing upward while the right hand was held in front of the chest looking like a monk in partial prayer. His feet were evenly spaced with his body relaxed. At first, it looked like a Wing Chun stance, but there was something...different about it.

That tail's movement couldn't be done unless it was some sort of weaponized appendage. Was this woman an assassin of some sort?

"You. Who are you?"

"Like I said, I'm a Darkstalker," Felicia shrugged, quirking an eyebrow at him. "You want to have this out here then, Mr. Wing Chun--just because I'm hand-cuffed doesn't mean I can't kick your ass," she grinned at him. "Or maybe that's what youw ere down here for--it's okay, I won't tell anyone!" she cackled at him, like a witch stirring her cauldron.

"Phew, there now--I'm Felicia, Violey Systems babe, perhaps you've heard of my boss, Lee Chaolan?" she nodded to him.

"Oh, you're with Lee," Fei replied, his body shifting once more out of position, though no less relaxed than he had been. Wing Chun wasn't a style that was known for great tension, after all. "That explains why you're..." he raised his hand to waved it at her as to encapsulate her entire appearance. "...so odd. I knew that he was strange, but I didn't think that his entourage was the same."

"I am Fei Rutherford of the Rutherford Textile Conglomerate," he said revealing his identity. "We are business partners with Violet Systems at the moment."

"Well, duh--what with all the debauchery here, wasn't it obvious?" Felicia rolls her eyes a little, shrugging, with a bit of a grin. "Technically it's his 'buddy' Heihachi, I was forced into this--it's a long story," Yeah, forced, that's what she's going with still.

"Good thing we got that out in the open, I'd hate to have to use your suit to sharpen my claws," she smirked a little, looking down as her heeled boot cllicked against something underfoot. A brass key!

"Mind picking that up and helping me here, loverboy?" she leaned over and turned around, showing him her still cuffed, gloved arms.

"Heihachi..." the young man intoned in reply. His tone was musing as he tried to place the name. Suddenly his crystal blue eyes snapped back upward to meet Felicia's. The head of the Mishima Zaibatsu? How well connected /was/ this woman? She was seeming to be more and more like a high-priced call girl if she was this well-connected. After all, he could not really tell what other...assets...she brought to the table.


"Being forced into sex work is a pretty hard thing," Fei said, giving her a small smile to try to cheer her up and encourage her a little bit. "Heihachi is a pretty overbearing presence, so I can understand how you would have gotten forced into such a thing." Stooping into a crouch, the young man retrieved the key that she had found, then rose to his feet and moved behind her to unlock her restraints--all without letting his eyes linger over her figure. He was a gentleman, after all. "If you need any kind of help to avoid that kind of life and get back on your feet, let me know and I will see what I can do to get you away from that and obfuscate your location from him."

He could not believe Lee was standing by and allowing this to happen. What kind of person was he doing business with? He had specifically told the man no funny business while they were conducting their mutual partnership in Violet Systems!

"I don't think the old man can get it up--if you ask me--he's just doing this because I was Lee's girl, really--and he muscled in on his company," Felicia sighed--rubbing her wrists once they were free from the cuffs--she pulled the second off as soon as it was unlocked.

"I'm a singer and dancer by trade, actually--Violet Systems was just my big break in the high profile scene, is all," she shook her head again, turning to face Fei now. She reached up and readjusted her blindfold, though once she was done it was cutely askew on her forehead, tilted at an angle, one of her cat-like ears flicking as she leaned over and would give the man a big smooch on his cheek.

"So, how you getting out of here, bud? you wanna be seen walking out of a place like this? With little old me dressed like this?" she winked at him with a grin.

Felicia says, "Nah, I can do that later"

The young man actually blinks in response. "So, you're Lee's girl?" he asked, treating the kiss on the cheek with all the reaction of water off a duck's back. He had to admit that he never really knew what the the man's sexual orientation actually was, but he always seemed quite a bit...flamboyant. And if someone as powerful as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu was fighting with the head of Violet Systems over this woman, just how good at things /was/ she? She was beautiful to be sure, but Fei was of the opinion that no sexual partner was worth going to war over: physical or economic. After all, that was the point of the story of the Trojan War in the first place.

Nodding in agreement with Felicia, the Rutherford heir sighed. "And you're probably right in that we shouldn't be seen together. The last thing I need right now is the tabloids picking up stories of someone of my position being with a sex worker--though I'm sure you're a perfectly nice person. The media can be cruel, unfortunately. But, if you do need help, please feel free to let me know."

"I guess you'll have to be assaulted by a horrible Darkstalker then, eh? to save face image-wise," Felicia grinned, though there was the sound of something else--what might have sounded like a lion or tiger growling deep within her throat and rib-cage--the noise is off-putting coming out of a lady like that.

"And this way, I get to pay you back for all the prostitute jokes," she was stripping off the gloves, and boots--one by one--the latter even perhaps providing an amusing show for him--she did have very nice legs, after all--but even as this was occurring he could see there was something happening to her corset. The leather there was audibly flexing and straining--and one by one the lacings on the back of it came undone--snapping free with the force of piano wire as the woman's frame and shape began to change--growing outward and becoming more impressive and muscular by the second. Fur grew along her arms, legs and chest as well--the full Catwoman form of the female Darkstalker emerging.

"Ahh... there we go, can't very well fight in my Violet Girl mode, now can I?" she cracked knuckles in her hands and feet, flexing both with an arch of her back as her tail flicked about behind her. Like a cat eying a bird on a tree branch... anxiously.

She squatted down, looking as if she was ready to pounce!

COMBATSYS: Felicia has started a fight here on the right meter side.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0          Felicia

COMBATSYS: Fei has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Fei              0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

Hearing the noise starting to emerge from Felicia, a vague memory jostled itself free from the back of the young man's mind. Darkstalkers. That name actually meant something. He remembered reading a report at his desk of unconfirmed monsters leaving bodies in their wake in the forests not too long ago. Of course, he had placed it aside thinking that it would likely affect the Ainu, but he was unlikely to have to face anything like that himself, so there was no need to investigate further on the matter. Seeing Felicia grow into a large cat woman, he could see that was no longer the case. Though, his brow furrowed at her words.

"Prostitute jokes?" he asked. "What are you talking about? Are you not a high-priced call girl for Lee Chaolan and Heihachi Mishima?" Had that not been what they were talking about the whole time?

Extending his left arm with its palm forward as he slipped back into his relaxed stance with his body square to Felicia, he took a deep breath. Considering his style (and the fact that Felicia was currently a giant monstrous cat woman), it was not in his nature to go on the offensive. Plus, he did not want to instigate her further. Still, that did not mean he would be unprepared. The young man's crystal blue eyes hardened as he concentrated on the woman's form, taking into account her muscles and form, approximating weight calculations, and estimating rough figures of the amount of force she could exert as well as if there were ways to exploit flaws in her movements.

COMBATSYS: Fei calculates his next move.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Fei              0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0          Felicia

"You best take that jacket off unless you want it ruined," Felicia growled as she squatted down, her back arching in more of a bestial, predatory pose than before--with her now quite a bit larger and furred, clawed hands raised up like that, she really did invoke the image of a cat getting ready to pounce.

"You're a very calm, careful type, I see--but can you handle all of this feline!?

Felicia then lunged directly at Fei, attempting to try and break his concentration and catch him off guard with a swipe of her right hand!

COMBATSYS: Fei fails to counter Aggressive Strike from Felicia with The Heart of Winter.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Fei              0/-------/=======|=------\-------\0          Felicia

No, it seemed Fei could not handle all of that feline. Trying to gauge the speed of her movements, he had not accounted for the fact that even though his mind was starting to feel less sluggish, his body was still not at one hundred percent. As he raised his right knee and lowered his right elbow to pincer Felicia's swipe, he found that he could not pull forth the cold, whitish-blue chi that really supplied the force of the maneuver.

So, his attack was well-timed, but the catwoman's strength threw aside his arms as if they were made of twigs. There was an audible ripping and tearing sound as her claws sliced through his shirt. Sliding backward, he looked down at his torso and sighed.

"Great. Now the media is going to think I'm into /rough/ sex."

"No, it's going to look like you got mugged--which you will be if you don't keep that trap shut, darling~" Felicia uttered in a mixture of amusement and annoyance as she recoiled from the man's failed counter-attack. "Gotta be a bit faster than that with these feline reflxes, maybe you should stick to the scalpel!" she then kicked out with one of her legs, shifting her weight from her legs to her palms as she performed what was essentially a leg sweep on him from a crouch.

"Hope you don't mind--I go up a few shoe-sizes when I transform--makes buying new clothes a real bitch!" she grins.

COMBATSYS: Fei blocks Felicia's Cat Spike.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Fei              1/-------/=======|=------\-------\0          Felicia

Using the pain in his chest to center himself, Fei tapped into his Chi within. It had taken getting hit once, but he was already starting to get used to seeing Felicia's body move. As she lashed out with her leg sweep, the Rutherford heir stepped forward instead of backward while channeling the black-colored chi energy into one of his legs. Knowing that he could not absorb all the damage of someone stronger than him, he turned his leg at the last minute to deflect the blow instead of absorbing it with the chi-covered leg. As he raised it to attack, his leg abruptly vanished as three invisible blows rained down on the giant catwoman in her crouched position.

"Maybe you should take your own advice," he intoned.

COMBATSYS: Fei successfully hits Felicia with Formless Twilight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Fei              1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0          Felicia

The attack from Fei's legs are too fast too see--almost. For Felicia she can just barely see the gestures of his body as the kicks rain down--one catching her in the forehead and leaving a rather heady (pardon the pun) gash there, then crunching down on her shoulder--and then finally her knee cap. Ouch. Felicia is left starry-eyed for a moment, before she recovers--rolling back and landing on her feet in another crouch.

"Hey I'm doing you a favor, you can say I attacked you--rather than being found in a dungeon with me in bondage gear--that's pretty fair, right? Least you'll have a story to give to your wife or whatever," she arched one knee and swept her leg out. At least she was going to make his /wardrobe/ pay for this situation--lashing out with the heel of her foot to try and knock him off his!

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Fei with Medium Kick.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Fei              1/----===/=======|=======\-------\0          Felicia

"A favor?!" he half-exclaimed as he moved partially out of the way to make the kick a glancing blow to his shoulder instead. Skidding sideways momentarily, he pivoted on his foot to realign himself, switching the hand that was extended toward her. "You could have just waited down here until I left! And I'm not married!"

Moving back into her range, he stepped on a diagonal line toward her, throwing a harsh straight punch toward her with his elbow facing downward. It was on a direct course for her unprotected ribs.

"Yeah, but who knows who had a camera--and really? Damn--you seem like you are already!" Felicia snerked, one eye shut with a grin as she could feel the clash of meat and bone that the heel of her foot made off his shoulder. Ouch, that had to hurt.

"Besiiiides, this is one kind of beating you can't pay for, toots!" She sprung herself up, now back on her feet but hunched over, her body seeming to shimmer as she glowed blue with chi energy--moving to barrel right beneath her high, heavy and slow punch as she attempted to roll into a ball and bash off his chest right through his attack!

Cat ramming speed!

COMBATSYS: Felicia interrupts Heavy Punch from Fei with ES Rolling Buckler.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Fei              1/---====/=======|====---\-------\0          Felicia

Of course, she could use chi. That was the only way this whole Darkstalker thing made sense in the first place. They had to be people who could use some kind of weird chi, right? Well, this would be something that needed further analysis later. You know, if he managed to get out of this alive.

Those were the thoughs that went through Fei's mind as he was thrown backward and crashed into the wall, the stone of the foundation splintering around him from the force. Coughing, he landed back on his feet, using the wall to support his balance as he got his bearings. "Beatings you can't pay for, hmm?" Slowly, chi began to waft off the young man's body: greenish, gentle flickering sparks of light like the warmth of springtime. Suddenly, he sped forward toward Felicia before he disappeared from before her to deliver a blow to the side. As soon as the blow was delivered, he was gone again to deliver one to the front. Then, the back, then the first side again, then the second. They kept going like a torrent that refused to stop. The repeated blows cascaded with the speed of a sudden Spring shower.

COMBATSYS: Felicia dodges Fei's The Rushing Thaw of Spring.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Fei              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0          Felicia

Felicia wound up taking the side of his fist as a glancing blow on the side of the face as she barrelled into him--though the rough ride she and he took afterwards was where the real hurt began. Felicia wound up colliding into the wall with him and rolling along her back to get to her feet again, picking herself up.

"Yeah, you know, like the one you're fixing to give me," Felicia throws herself back and winds up catching herself on the palms of her hands and the tips of her large, clawed toes--the man's attack catching only her hair. If his attack had been open-fisted--it might have rewarded him with a chunk of it in exchange! Was his attack strong enough to cut air--and hair along with it?

"Hey, no one messes with the 'do!" she applied more Werecat speed to dart forward on all fours and making a swat at one of his shins! Ever had a cat try to latch onto your leg as you walk by? It was kind of like that. Sort of.

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Fei with Toy Touch.
- Power hit! -

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Fei              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Felicia

The low swipe took both of Fei's legs out from under him despite his usual strong stance, causing him to collapse to the ground. It seemed that he really didn't have it in him today. Staying down on the ground, he tried to review what he knew of Felicia's movements.

Well, at least he was beat up enough that there was no way someone would confused this for some kind of wild sex ride. Well, except for the truly ridiculous tabloids.

COMBATSYS: Fei calculates his next move.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Fei              1/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Felicia

"Looked like you could use a sit down--how are you holding up there, honey?" Felicia, who was still in her stooped low crouching position, after having introduced Fei to the floor, looked up and brushed her hair out of her eyes. That mane-like plume of blue hair could get in the way sometimes! It also made it look like your shower had been visited by Marge Simpson after she used it. The 1st world problems of being a Catwoman.

"Here, let me get you back on your feet--" Felicia appeared above the man, looking down at him--her large paw-like hands grabbing for his shoulders to pull him up into a another tumble. And yes, she did have pads on her fingers and palms.

COMBATSYS: Fei counters Fast Throw from Felicia with Cold Snap.

[                          \\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Fei              1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1          Felicia

As Fei felt his body lift slightly into the air, suddenly there was whitish-blue chi in Felicia's eyes as the young man's hand suddenly lashed out across her face. Wriggling out of her now-loosened grip, he moved over to another corner of the room. Despite what he managed to accomplish just now, things were not looking good for him, and he knew it.

"Ahhh!" Felicia rears back with what feels like chemicals or the like has been sprayed into her eyes.

"Did you have mace?! Is that bear mace?!" she has to take a moment to recover from it as she lets the man go and rocks back on the heels of her feet, coughing a little. It wouldn't be the first time she /was/ maced, to be fair--don't ask--but she was looking a mite annoyed by it.

"Alright, no more miss nice kitty--nyah!" her lips drew back and she launched herself at him--fangs and claws out. If this were a horror movie, which it sort of was--just disregard the bondage dungeon setting--is where the camera might fade out as the caterwauling horror descends on Fei with a flurry of claws!

COMBATSYS: Fei dodges Felicia's Scratch Attack.

[                          \\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Fei              1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1          Felicia

Fully expecting Felicia's reprisal, the Rutherford scion stepped sideways like a bullfighter--albeit a rather heavily-injured bullfighter--to let the large catwoman barrel directly into the wall behind him. He knew that her catlike reflexes would probably allow her to catch herself before she went face first into the wall, so, he attempted to throw another punch at her from off to her side behind her where he had maneuvered to. Maybe if he whittled away at her he would stand a chance.

COMBATSYS: Felicia blocks Fei's Hook Punch.

[                          \\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Fei              1/---====/=======|=======\===----\1          Felicia

Having had ice--what she believed was mace of some sort--sprayed into her eyes, and then running almost headlong into a wall, Felicia was noticeably dizzy after that last attack. She was however also getting a bit tired. She had to knock this guy down before he kept getting lucky shots like that on her again, she figured. She brought her hand up in time to catch the man's hook punch--it slammed against her clenched fist hard--making her real back a bit in pain, apparently hard enough to cause tears to well at the corners of her eyes.

"You're in trouble now!" she wreathed herself in blue chi energy again, rolling towards the man--unleashing a flurry of blows should the initial roll connect!

COMBATSYS: Fei counters Dancing Flash from Felicia with The Return of Spring.

[                          \\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Fei              1/------=/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1          Felicia

Trying not to let Felicia's words phase him, Fei just tried to get himself to breathe. That was so important, his teacher had taught him. The chi would not flow without the breath. Even with his fist caught in the Darkstalker's giant paw that could probably easily wrench his hand from his wrist, he let himself breathe.

Wait for the moment, center yourself.

As soon as he felt her chi start to encase her, he shifted his weight, pivoting with one foot as he leaned forward. The verdant green chi from before ran up his foot and up his extended leg, shooting forward up his body in a straight line and through his left hand that he extended and pressed against her abdomen.


Twisting his palm against her skin, the chi shot forward like a piston.

Fei had been definitely listening to a lot of Bruce Lee, as he essentially becomes water--fluid enough to not only prepare him in time for the Catwoman's frenzied assault but intercept her!

"So you do use chi--ahhh!" she found the hand of the man sinking into her abdomen and throwing her back--throwing her through what looked like one of those wooden X things they tied people to in bondage. The location of the dungeon beneath the rapper's mansion had the advantage of having appropriately themed destructable objects. Nice.

"Chi this!" Felicia brought her right fist up with a snarl and attempted to deck the man across the jaw.

COMBATSYS: Felicia successfully hits Fei with Medium Punch.

[                                < >  ////////////                  ]
Fei              1/----===/=======|=======\==-----\1          Felicia

And with that, Fei collapsed to the ground, completely spent. Well, at least he had done his due diligence for the media. There was no way anyone would mistake this for any kind of scandal save for a monster beat up a celebrity.

COMBATSYS: Fei can no longer fight.

                                  >  ////////////                  ]
                                  |=======\==-----\1          Felicia

"Phew, now if only all the men in my life went down that easy," Felicia panted, before she blinked and then looked up at the camera. "Get your mind out of the gutter, damnit!"

Sometime later...

Outside in a convertible sports car, Felicia is already looking nearly perfect again in her Violet Girl outfit to boot--while she shifts a very heavily bandaged and sunglasses-clad Fei in the passengerside next to her.

"Sorry about that babe, but hey--once we get you to the emergency room maybe you can use this on me," she grinned as she held up the red shiny ball-gag by the strap, dangling it there like a cat toy, before she leans back and puts her boot to the gas pedal, and they drive off.

COMBATSYS: Felicia has ended the fight here.

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