KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 15) The Snake's Temptation

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Description: Shermie is a new face in the endless disasters that is this world. Well, if you can see her face under that hair. The young lady with bangs has come for a simple opportunity: to test the seals upon Orochi, and see if they have been weakened, Or which state they are in at all. Prowling around the mountain, however, is another figure hungry for the wild power that has been unleashed: The dreaded Necalli, the fierce and hungry creature lurking for energy. And with the riot of the blood heavy in the air, Shermie has more than enough energy to share... and more than eager to give Necalli more than he can handle.

Appearing odd and the out of place -- another foreigner standing just a few inches taller than all these tourists and pensioners who had had at one time been intent on visiting one of Japans most influential and signature attractions. At this moment, the most they were allowed to do for now was purchase postcards, merchandise or snap a picture of their own as a bitter reminder of this moment.

Ever since the incident and devastation related to the dazzling bright light at the peak. Shermie had taken note when it happened, it wasn't boring... everyone was talking about it and she'd managed to slip away from work to make the trip especially to see it for herself! Drawn like a moth to flame.

Peering over top of all these tiny wrinkly people in their drab and boring winter trekking clothes. To watch the beleaguered authorities still continuously arguing with them and manning a flimsy barrier, asserting over and over they did not intend to let anyone closer at this time.

Shermie was dressed in a manner to her liking and tastes, she stands out; wearing a pink long sleeved jacket with a wide collar with matching pink miniskirt, the cutaway stripes in the sides of her skirt exposing bare skin, an widow in the bodysuit worn below her jacket exposing mountainous levels of cleavage. Most of the male pensioners with wives in attendance had had long enough on the ride over to adapt to her presence and tagging along and not /actually/ look in her direction while their wives were watching.

The officers not quite having the same chance and time to adapt.

When Shemie folds both arms behind her head and stares up wistfully at the mountain. "That's boring."

There is a sudden increase and surge in the local gravity that draws a lot of eyes toward a singular focal point and then a snap back to attention. Officers and husbands alike make an effort to resist and will the distraction out of existence while praying nobody else noticed. For naught, Minor squabbles erupt with some handbag strikes and huffing while the police move to restore order out of a sense of obligation, all excepting for the pink swathed woman who is already a good forty feet down the path which lead up the mountain. Strolling toward the devastation; Hands interlocked behind her head in a casual stretch as she walks a bird also crosses into the same territory high above, she turns her head to follow it flight path.

The flattened forests were indeed a terrible sight but life found a way of returning even to devastated regions like this and there was surely plenty of food available to attract both predator and prey.

Leaving the squabbling groups behind she her sets her veiled eyes on the Mountain peak. The air that was filling her lungs fizzed and her body fair tingled with excitement. Amidst all this devastation the man made paths were damaged or swept away, death feeding and nurturing life as nature rushed in to fill the gaps and consume what and where it could.

On a good day, climbing to the peak of the mountain would usually take six or so hours, climbing and hopping over obstacles as she was with cheery cries like 'hup!', 'whee' and 'zoom!' she would probably still be impeded some by all this debris, the journey was a good part of the fun however.

For another person present on this wrecked mountain today, debris and devastation were not an obstacle... and neither were people, because he did everything in his power to avoid them. It may have taken him longer to arrive due to not riding a shuttle like most tourists, but Necalli was not one for modern contrivances like 'vehicles' or 'being around people' or 'good moods.' As soon as he could, he loped into the wilderness around Mt. Fuji, intent on finding the power he could sense, almost like a smell, but a smell you could also taste, feel, and practically see. To those who seek power in its rawest form, any stirrings of Orochi were an irresistable lure.

Moving up the mountain with an animalistic lope, Necalli is genuinely surprised to run across - and almost into - Shermie, as she clears a rock with a cheerful "whee!" and lands a mere few feet from him. He instinctively backsteps, sniffing the air, then stares intensely - hungrily - at Shermie. "Strong soul. A warrior's so-soul. Despite appearances-es."

He squints thoughtfully as he processes...some feeling. "Your blood. Same po-power as mountain. Same that drew me here-here." Perhaps...? No. Surely this single woman isn't radiating all his power. But she definitely has the same kind of thing. He settles into a lower stance, his hands spread like bird talons. "Sh-show me your blood-rage, warrior."

COMBATSYS: Necalli has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Necalli          0/-------/------=|

"A lion!"

The woman takes a real and enthused interest, sinking into a crouch with her knees pressed together and palms resting across the back of the bare knees, assumedly she was peering at him on a similar level to his own. Intently staring and silent! The mane of hairs, a mane? standing nearly on all four legs; he seemed a LOT like a lion when she started running down the checklist. The more he stared at her intensely and hungrily the more strongly she felt it, there was clear evidence for affirming; /this was INDEED a lion!/ Without Yashiro or Chris here to show however part of the thrill was lost. She didn't even have a camera.

She wasn't ignoring what he was saying, the man.. or beast had an unusual way of speaking, repeating himself on bits of words. She thought it was kind of charming, he might be shy. She had that effect on people occasionally. She wasn't prepared for him to assume a more threatening stance and demand he show him her blood-rage.

Shermie was on a super-secret scouting mission and hadn't even waited to see what the boys wanted to do. She couldn't afford to be stopped here. Part of her rankled and began an odd form of... seething, angered that a King of the beats, (or was it beasts?) would dare try to challenge her or impede her path.

"Shermie is a King as well Mr. Lion."

The voice has a frosty chill. It's not a groundswell of energy, not drawn deep from the earth. It was already all around her, an intoxicating aroma in the air reminded her of something, nostalgic. That was thw word! The scent got stronger as she got closer to the mountain. The air is thick with it in this place, at her slightest whim and while raising a hand to beckon a finger of lighting crackles toward and wreathes itself around her gesturing hand and forearm. Rising to her feet with arms spreading wide, she makes a theatrical appeal to the heavens! The heaven responding with a steady and thickening vortex of cloud beginning to form overhead, rapidly it grows in size and blotting out the sun entirely in this small area.

"Are Kuruou Inabikari no Sherumi!!" [Shermie of the Insanely Violent Lightning!!]

In the darkening light the pink and cheery aura seems to fade. Under these clouds her long red hair, fringe and twin tails alike appearing as if they were purple, the pink of her clothing instead an unsettling and bloody dark crimson. Instead of indifference the world responded to her call, breathed life into a storm because she asked for one. She was one of its beloved and faithful servants of Gaia's will; Orochi's will. Orochi Shermie!

"Heaven shall decide."

Which of them was worthy to proceed to the mountain. Shermie of all things, raises her fingers to her lips; the kiss forming on her lips blown to her opponent in the form of a tiny mote of lightning. When the mote clears her fingertips, it vanishes, and all around Necalli the air charges; a sweet, pungent zing in the nostrils with the increase in ozone, the beginnings of a large sphere of electricity gathering and sparking to life with him as the focal point.

COMBATSYS: Shermie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Shermie          0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0          Necalli

COMBATSYS: Necalli blocks Shermie's Mugetsu no Raiun.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Shermie          0/-------/----===|==-----\-------\0          Necalli

The lightning sphere forms all around him, and Necalli puts his arms up briefly, aiming to take the brunt of it with his arms and torso. The shock judders through his entire body, causing his entire form to briefly look unstable, or mutable. It was a very weird look, but it passes, and what's left is a man (or a beast), scorched in places. One of his tendrils of hair is smoking, but the wind from his every movement puts it out.

"I am no li-lion. I am the jaws of death. All warrior souls will re-return to me!" When Shermie drew on her Orochi blood, Necalli could practically feel it in his bones - this was a herald of one of the old powers of the Earth, much like himself. He had found a peer, and he was pleased. While she was not one of the ones he was destined to face in this era of the world, she could serve as a stepping stone to greater power - power that would help him serve in his ultimate purpose. Plus, as a warrior soul, this 'Shermie' would serve as fine... sustenance.

Necalli's opening salvo is less spectacular - no storms, no blown kiss, no declaration of the heavens or anything else. Instead, he just strikes the ground with a lightning-fast hammer blow, and energy erupts from the ground not far away, his kinetic force projecting through the earth itself.

COMBATSYS: Shermie Toughs Out Necalli's Culminated Power!

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Shermie          0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0          Necalli

Shermie didn't know what he could be if he was no Lion, and when he further denied being a fellow King? She was vaguely disappointed he was not, intrigued by this admission of guilt that warriors souls returned to him. They should be returning to the earth as part of the cycle of death and rebirth, reborn as all things and parts of nature. If they were his possessions or his food, then he was some kind of predator who was trapping or feasting on souls. Such greed and methods made him unnatural, an enemy. All that was left was to pronounce and then facilitate Heavens Judgement.

"A beast then- As"

Instead of pronouncement, the ground shatters and explode underfoot and hurls her up into the air. Rather than being able to enjoy the sensation she is already leaning forward and throwing her arms wide to regain control of her momentum. A somersault in mid-air she tucks her leg in tight against her torso held high when she rights herself, her bare leg brushes her breast and extends toward the stormy sky above - as she descends toward Necalli the legs sweep down in a scything arc and a flash of electricity carves its way out of thin air toward him.

"Your sentence is death!"

Let him be returned to the earth and nourish it for his crimes. Taking with him all he had taken from the planet. Woa-hooah, the circle of life.

COMBATSYS: Shermie successfully hits Necalli with Raijin no Tsue.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Shermie          0/-------/=======|=======\-------\1          Necalli

When Shermie falls from the sky onto him, her leg strikes Necalli full force. He makes an attempt to get out of the way, but it's entirely too late. If one were observing him be struck by the electric arc, one might note that unlike some fighters, who comically display a skeleton when shocked, Necalli shows up as a blank black field. Funny thing, that. But maybe no one would notice. He falls to the ground, then rolls back into a crouch.

"Not a beast. A force of na-nature! Like you. But not like-ike you. Beholden to no old gods."

Did you know the face is the most vulnerable place to a joint lock? It's those pesky jaws. Necalli, his hand outstretched like a bird's talon, aims to grab Shermie's face, palming it like a basketball if successful, in a painful joint lock - then swinging her around, again by the face, before slamming her to the ground.

COMBATSYS: Necalli successfully hits Shermie with Mask of Tlalli.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Shermie          1/----===/=======|=======\=------\1          Necalli

The hand closing over her face was an outrage, this filthy man actually walked around with them occasionally touching and striking the ground. Did he even know where his hands had been!! Shermie had spent more time on her makeup than usual this morning feeling that something good would happen today! Presentation and best foot forward if you were welcoming someone back after a long absence.

She whistles around in a circle, somewhat bewildered until she crashes into the ground hard enough to throw up a cloud of obscuring dust and debris, which does nothing for the mood. The dust was in her hair, her cute outfit!! there were even pebbles nestled in her cleavage and one or two in her boots.

The prone woman seethes though little of it shows outwardly, she merely looks a little cross while the heavens above RAGE along with her, rather than fight the grip the beast has on her face she ignores it, and takes great pain to gracefully raise her own open hand up toward Necalli's face. Projecting a finger, the hand relaxed and dangling she threatens the iris of his eyes with manicured and painted spear just moments before an explosive torrent of electricity erupts.

The constant and pulsing sphere of electricity centred below her palm explodes and attempts to consume the beast-man whole; searing him to a crisp for daring all that he had dared to do.

COMBATSYS: Necalli Toughs Out Shermie's Ankoku Raikou Ken!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Shermie          0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1          Necalli

For the briefest of moments, it seems as though Shermie has obliterated her foe. The lightning sphere completely covers Necalli, hiding him from view, and he howls even over the sound of the localized storm. The air is filled with the smell of ozone and burnt flesh. Yet when it clears, there is still a bestial man, but one who looks somehow -- different -- than before.

For one thing, he's not nearly as dead as Shermie was expecting. For another, the gold bands that held his hair in place have dropped to the ground with a heavy clank. His entire body seems suffused with a red glow - his eyes, his scars, and especially his hair, which floats behind him in an enormous cloud of brilliant red, almost too painful to look at. His transformation appears to have filled him with a latent energy of some kind.

He reaches that claw out again, but not to grab Shermie, this time merely to push her - in a bum rush, a long running shove back towards a nearby sturdy tree, the most suitable site for his offering. His other fist infuses with blood chi to land an enormous hammerblow, but will it be on Shermie, or merely the tree?

COMBATSYS: Necalli knocks away Shermie with Soul Offering.

[                           \\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Shermie          1/--=====/=======|>>-----\-------\0          Necalli

Still prone the Heavenly King experiences a profound and deep sense satisfaction as she detonates such power right in the face of her enemy. Being manhandled in such disgraceful fashion by what appeared to be some muddy and ugly creature, she was a radiant King!! Being brought low by such a-


He wasn't destroyed. Rather than obliterating her opponent she gets the shock of her life as he rips her off the ground and steamrolls her backwards faster than she can get a handle on.

"Why. You!! GUAaah"

The crashing blow against the tree drives all the air from her lungs. The pain was unimaginable, her body won't move as she wills it, in order to respond to the threat she needed it to smash this new and empowered foe, Instead it was failing her. In this incarnation she was not a born and bred warrior, raised on and thriving on combat. She was a King, these acts were unthinkable and infuriating, as they were provoking and enraging her to a degree she had never experienced in any lifetime.

The trunk splits and cracks like thunder with the force of the initial blow. The girlish shriek of a beautiful woman erased with the violent crash and shattering noise. Kings however powerful and holy are still human beings; they have blood to shed and bones to break. The hammer blow smashes that majestic body through the shrapnel cloud of kindling and splinters at such a speed she passes through and beyond the cloud to clip the ground and begin an out of control tumble and heavy crash against a similar fallen log. Brethren for that tree, one that had stood still despite the devastation surrounding them, it must have been living a blessed existence; it would have been one of the eldest of the new forest which grew in this place.

Another crime.

With a shiver the King leans forward and makes to stand. The constant trembling of her limbs and ragged breath does nothing to diminish the spirit and the anger only ever intensifies. Heavenly and righteous wrath was all she had when her body was damaged so, and it was potent enough to keep it standing when she should fall. She raises a hand to point at her opponent, singling the bastard at a distance where her words would not reach him, raising that same hand to the sky with her palm held open a flare of light and the heavens answer, a long rumble of thunder that rolls back and forth across the sky as lightning gathers. The forks of blinding and jagged lightning raining down on the land at her behest as a single bolt falls into her upturned palm.

Her attacks descend from the heavens, arrows falling at the command of a general would have more order, this however is a once in a lifetime sight and moment that could repel an army. One of the eight heads of Orochi! Unleashing a torrent of this natural power the world has not seen in a thousand or more years.

This was her signal to send up for his return, if not his victory this day he would see a battle that lit up the earth in all of is colours, exposing unapologetically the naked ferocity of nature to his enemies. the power of his Kings.

Shermie didn't really understand what was driving her purposefully forward and to such extremes, Duty? Instinct? Her.. role? The fact she was in great danger of dying felt oddly familiar. Which was unsettling more than it could be called fear, her fading thoughts were of Chris, of Yashirou. ..Would they remember to feed her hamster? She'd miss them all so much if she died here.

COMBATSYS: Shermie can no longer fight.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Necalli          0/-------/-----<<|

COMBATSYS: Necalli Toughs Out Shermie's Unmei no Ya!

[                        \\\\\\  <
Necalli          0/-------/-----<<|

The lightning crashes and the thunder rolls. Onlookers from the tourist stop near the entrance, probably now looking around from their earlier befuddlement, would likely be amazed to see bolts fall upon a small area of Mt. Fuji faster than rain itself. "Nothing to see here," the official on duty nervously tells people, and they look away as told. Normal people dare not look upon the face of a god.

Necalli, for his part, faces upward, gathering his energy. The wind from Shermie's localized fury whips his mane of red tendrils wildly, and his eyes have taken on a hungry intensity as he watches the Heavenly King unleash her full intensity. "Such po-power..." he says, mostly to himself, because no one else is sure as hell gonna hear him.

One bolt hits him, then another, then another. He staggers to one knee as the bolts continue to strike him, creating a circle of cinders around him, and the mountain shudders, just ever-so-slightly. But then -- it ends. Eventually, her torrent ends, and on the ground, somehow inexplicably clinging to life, is Necalli. A force of nature, a warning.

He extends an arm towards her, and it almost seems like his arm is TOO long, like it's TOO large, like it's less of an arm and more of a tendril, and it loses its shape as it reaches Shermie and wraps around her, and the last thing she hears before blacking out is her opponent crying "Devour-our-our!" to the heavens as she is lifted, drained, then dropped.

Some time later, she will awaken, alive -- for now, but beaten. Necalli, limping away through the wilderness, is forced to contend with the idea that Mother Earth has other messengers, not driven to consume the souls of warriors but merely destroy them, and will have to contemplate what that means. For now, he's simply lucky to be alive. As his hair loses its red glow, he reclamps the golden bands around it, and vanishes into the night, sated for the time being.

COMBATSYS: Necalli takes no action.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Necalli          0/-------/---<<<<|

COMBATSYS: Necalli has ended the fight here.

Shermie awakes to the sound of voices calling, fuzzy and indistinct there is someone moving nearby her in orange and blue. Weak and feeble as she feels she raises an arm to attack, levelling her arm at him even as the shape vaults over a tree and rushes to settle in beside her, taking a hold of her raised hand and drawing it towards them. Holding onto it and squeezing. Now it was calling louder and more insistently for others of its kind to come, kill and devour her.

She would have her revenge in the next life if she couldn't manage it in this one. She struggles to do anything and all the do is rush in and overwhelm her, so frustrating. The aches and pains start to subside, everything taking a fuzzy and faraway twist as the world turns nauseatingly sideways and her head butts against the breast of one of these masked creatures, all she can do is lie limply in these arms as they start to move somewhere as a group. Whether she was being taken to a hive to be devoured by their young or, passed over a barrier of some kind where others were swarming around her.. it seemed likely. Her lips keep repeating the same mantra, quite inaudibly in her weak state.


'You will kill them.'





"' ...Listen carefully, pitiful children... Annihilation is approaching.' "

Anothers words in her voice, but she was too weak to see more than the sudden stillness in the chaos surrounding her. That voice which emerged from her lips did not quite sound right to her ears, like someone else was speaking alongside her. Some had heard it though she saw them as little opportunists rather than real predators they reacted with some comprehension of her words. They were afraid. of her, or of her words she did not know but the reacted in a manner she deemed fitting.

The darkness closing in around her and lack of pain to keep her focused, she had failed and fallen when God was right there, just a short walk after all these years. Grief sets in as tears spill down her cheeks from unseen eyes. Even the mightiest of kings can weep at so great a loss.

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