KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 31) Hell To Pay - Jin vs Duke

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Description: After his conversation with the mysterious sage Frei, Jin Kazama has made his choice to confront Lee Chaolan, Heihachi, everyone who has brought Japan into this state of madness. Unfortunately for Jin, Duke is looking for answers too. With his opponents gone, and the tournament on hold, the crime boss has come to the Zaibatsu headquarters for answers, just like Jin. Unlike Jin, the crime boss has no restraint; he will get his victory, no matter who he must break to reach the end of the Mishima legacy.

An arch shaped pillar of white marble framing the doorway and magnificent patterned tile underfoot the quality of craftsmanship in what amounted to a rather Spartan managerial office. In any other business a CEO's office might be this eccentric and expensive a design feature. Heihachi's officers were far more grand; full of portraits, luxuries and things that had caught his eye or adequately flaunted his wealth. This one was comparatively empty; its value was in the craftsmanship and expertise on display in its making. The room was made by artists and engineers. Running the length of one wall a series of pillar supports extends a good fifty feet to the ceiling above which is veiled in darkness.

Opposite, the entire facing wall is a series of full-length windows with minimal stonework framing between each pane. What illumination there is in the room washes in from external mounted lights on the exterior of the imposing skyscraper and the cityscapes own neon corona. The rooms' only internal source of light is a small scale but bright green swamping the rear wall and illuminating the occupant of the desk.

The terminal was aglow with a half dozen windows and constant rotation through unit perspective images and alternate angles that showed soldiers advancing through woods, amongst a rather small village and moving in formations toward objectives the shadow of a large temple to cut off lines of retreat or reinforcement. The focus pulls back to a large scale satellite style image but the information and positioning there was all simulated, position tracking and computer models.

"How long until we have real-time satellite coverage?"

The intercom makes a modest click as the button is released and it's the reply is near immediate. Estimated time was: eleven minutes, more than enough time for all kinds of problems to arise at the site but the soldiers involved were Tekken Force and Heihachi Mishima himself was undertaking this mission personally. The teenager in the massive throne sized swivel-chair has one arm on the armrest and supporting his chin as the other swipes and prod occasionally at the holographic interface. Focusing on the information to hand he was more interested in the scope and scale of the temple, its age and what kind of subterranean or earthworks had been built below or supported it. There would be good tactical reasons to know more about the temple and his eye was drawn to it but the mission taking place was in securing this alternate 'Command gear' if there were any way to guide his grandfather closer to that target or aide in its capture. He owed his Grandfather his unconditional support in this. The grim faced teen was frowning the entire time and had been for an hour, ever since the feeds began.

The offices were largely empty, the building on high alert since it was standard practice when operating with reduced security.

The building may be on high alert.

It begins as a flicker, however. A distortion, faint and light. One section gives back no information. Then another. Then another. Jin may sense the surge of energy somewhere else. Rolling blackouts, sensors nullifying. All gifts from the Igi Clan, from his partner. FInally, the report comes out, from crushed lungs, through a communique. 'Intrud...' There is a gravvely sigh. 'Help... alarm...' The lights are on for the alarm now. But there is no sound. The systems were comprimised. The security systems were compromised.

And the door it ripped open.

Duke's approach was hardly subtle, as he rips apart the fortified doors with both hands. The towering crime boss, dressed in his three piece suit of crimson and black, looked his Yakuza best as he breeches the fortifications with clear cut precision. The most noticeable trait, however, was that the suit was soaked in blood, and riddled and ripped with gunfire. The hint of gutshot could be seen poking through the tattered remains. But Duke moved without hesitation. Striding with heavy steps, the crime boss stares through the interior, his voice rising up as the pressure in the room builds. And Duke states his question.
"Where is Heihachi?"

The growls comes like a hammer, as he stands fast at the entryway. Crossing his arm, he stares across at Jin, his brow furrowed into a scowl. The pressure of chi was only building, as Duke, the champion of the Syndicate Team, locks eyes with Jin. This was not his target. But the boy would have to do, as he rumbles aloud.

"I have tournament business to settle."

The dismay he'd been feeling as he watched the progress and heard pannicked messages while this rolling blackout phenomena was underway. The fast reboot of the security systems in it's wake let both he and the security personnel figure on a route the intruder or attacking force was taking. Stopping them however was resulting in a remarkable level of casualties even at choke points, corridor or stairwell.

The currently deployed and available forces weren't up to snuff and able to deal with whatever was coming, so he made the call for them to withdraw, conserve and gather their strength and numbers.
The shattering of the door causes a wince, even as pieces of it rain all over the tiled floor he can't help but mentally object; that door had hinges! it wasn't even locked.

"You do not."

The boy makes a show of locking down the terminal. A decisive pass of the hand over and through the interface which causes it to dim and appear distorted by a now shifting and changing mosaic overlay. The youthful pretty boy's tone and body language were near purposefully antagonistic and directed at the crime boss, a fearless display to match a fearsome presence, the delivery of the statement as if so was indisputable and irrefutable fact. As though explaining the situation were necessary he continues in a monotone exploring the logic involved.

"I'm not aware of any tournament business the Mishima Zaibatsu has taken an interest in running right at this moment, perhaps in some time. With current events as they are the focus is on preventing an escalation to full blown war between nations."

The condition of the intruder's suit and wounds were completely at odds with how little a tiny and frivolous little game Lee must have been playing with this tournament. What kind of prize was it to get someone so riled up at a delay? Depending on the outcome of events the results of the war might even filter down to whatever the promises made to the participants, everything was up in the air at the moment.

The man obviously thought highly or passionately about some element of it to risk attacking the very people group /now/ responsible for the tournament. The fact the Zaibatsu had picked up any of the pieces was effectively charity and only self-interest in projecting strength and strongly showcased dislike for outsiders interfering even more than their own family infighting.

"You're obviously not afraid of someone disqualifying you for actions. The Chairman however isn't here and rarely would be under normal circumstance unless he was as you said, 'Having business to settle.'"

A balled fist rises up to support the lads jaw as Jin shift slightly in the overlarge throne sized office chair and twists away from the monitor to face Duke directly.

Jin wasn't aware of the slightest thing he could do for the man and not really sympathetic to hearing whatever he was after ...really seemed to be some kind of childish 'I want it! I want it! I-want-it!!' tantrum.
This little tournament would surely resume in time, what was the point of this gesture?

Who dares?

Duke's response is silent. But he does not have to say it aloud, when he hears those three words. Defiance. Duke cranes his neck, leering at Jin. He listens to the statement, and assesses that the man he was after was not here. Unfortunately, he did not take much credit in the arrogance of others. An even, direct tone, not even a hint of fear. But what was worse, was the implication that Duke should not be here, and even should disqualified? Duke tenses his neck, the veins tightened, as his skin boils with fire.

"Disqualify -me?!-"

Duke bellows, his rage building into a font. "The only disqualification should have been my opponents! I have heard that Team Balance has run off to settle their personal affairs, rather than fight me. I would consider that a forfeit." Duke rumbles, stepping towards the teenager with smoldering contempt. "And yet, instead the tournament is suspended? What a load of shit." Duke continues his stride, passing the technology with indifference. "I know a con when I see one. The tournament suspended, until some phoney war is resolved. And then continued to be suspended. And continued. I've seen the prizes, boy. I know what is promised. And isn't it funny how, as long as it is suspended, they won't have to hand out any prizes."

"And who knows how long?"

Duke smashes a fist into a nearby console, unleashing a shockwave of flame. "Until Heihachi is buried and dead? Until the United Nations plunders its assets, leaving nothing but ash? This tournament will never begin again, boy, and with my team being the only ones left standing, I will consider the prize money as compensation for my time." Plumes of violet-red chi energy floods over his body, as he rubs the scar on his neck, his yellow eyes burning into Jin's. "I have come to collect. And if Heihachi needs a demonstration of what happens when he makes debts he -won't- pay..."

"I will happily make you an example, -boy-"

COMBATSYS: Duke has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Duke             0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Jin has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Duke             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Jin

The teen bears the weight and fury of the accusations with merely a surprised blink and stony silence as he follows along through the entire tirade. What was and wasn't accepted by this individual as true was all that mattered. They had after all cared or grown angry enough to assault the premises personally and seemed to give little care for the official word and channels.

The only part of the Zaibatsu that was even still concerning itself with a return to normalcy, not worrying the public as the remainder of the company geared up for war or braced and fortified against siege and sanctions. For war.

"This is reality."

It wasn't a dream.

Leather creaks ominously as the teen stands from his chair, five inches shorter his height was only comparable to the Russian as he was leaning over the desk. The only option he would have used to present any evidence contrary to the man's delusions was smouldering ruin beneath his fist.

Money huh?

Jin doubted if any prize was worth as much as the participants thought it was if either Lee or his grandfather were willing to bestow it on others. No man grew to such heights of power, wealth and influence by giving it away as a prize.

His grandfather was not here to greet this man, and if Jin was to greet this man as if he were the representative leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

--He dared intrude in our home, hurt or killed loyal people who were doing their jobs. Insulted the integrity of the Mishima and worst of all was a damned distraction at a rather crucial time.

"Allow me to welcome you as a replacement host in my Grandfather's stead..."

The jolt of red electricity surrounding passing up through his core, channelled through to his head also coincides with a rock backward and sudden crashing swing of Jin's forehead toward his opponents face.

Heihachi's stone head.

COMBATSYS: Duke endures Jin's Stone Head.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Duke             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0              Jin

The wounds on his body become more obvious as he comes closer.

Small arms fire. Duke's body bore what looked like aged scars, gunshot wounds from too long ago. The blood was fresh. But as he is much closer, it almost seems like the scars were fading more and more with each pass of the clothing. The trail of violence might not have been one sided, coming here. And if Jin is willing to represent his family...

Well, Duke heartily accepts.

The fearsome introduction comes as Duke winds up for a punch. The staggering blow comes, the Mishima specialty, surging with stunning energy. But Duke endures it, forcing his own face into the headbutt. If Jin has enough time to recoil and recovery, he would see the damage left by his attack. He would see that the impact had made full. The crime boss's face was caved in, swelling and splintered by the pure force. Blood pours from his lower lips as broken teeth fall out. Enough for a trip to the hospital, in most cases. Except, the glimmer in the mess of hamburger that was Duke's face.

A smirk on the corner of his lips.

"Mishima hospitality is legendary." He growls, as he follows through on the punch. Pouring the full force of his body into it, the crime lord's body snapping and cracking as the pure force overwhelms his body. Jets of chi boil forth, as the bloodied crime boss comes through with the mother of all power punches.

"I am not disappointed."

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Duke's Power Axe.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Duke             0/-------/-----==|===----\-------\0              Jin

An upraised arm catching the blow against a massive forearm guard, under the withering lights the red leather was searing at point of contact but the arm beneath remains unmoved. An impractical and strength based guard, crossing a single forearm in front of a vulnerable face displaying just a tenth of the effort involved in the act.

Jin leans into the blow and forces with his own strength and weight match and perhaps push back. The angle of the guard changes abruptly as he twists his forearm aside to screw his fist around into contacting the opponent's, now fist to fist. He continues to press gloves and gauntlet forward; as if measuring and weighing his opponent, what was he seeing?

How did the physical strength compare to the initial attack power? Were wounds actually expected to heal that fast, could he believe his eyes in what he was seeing? The boy was Green, inexperienced! he didn't have the battle expertise he needed but he was a quick study, evaluating what stood out and he thought he'd need to focus on.

". . ."

Jin wanted to say something, but all that came to mind were the Christmas or beach parties. They were chaotic, painful and violent to affairs; Attendees, guests and anyone else in close proximity usually suffered or risked much in any other capacity other than viewing from a safe distance.

He supposed that might constitute a -kind- of legendary.

All there was to do was respond in a manner his grandfather would approve of. The drive back to centre, attempt to assert any element of superiority while also evaluating an opponent for obvious weakness!! This was elementary Heihachi 101. The true test was when he began trying to disassemble his opponent by weaknesses or crush their strengths to also obliterate their fighting spirit.

Only a boy, green as a leaf but the eyes have steel in them and a physique that's been honed into monstrous levels of toughness just to endure each next level of training as he rose through the ranks and belts. Mishima karate beat the weakness right out of you.

COMBATSYS: Jin enters a meditative state.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Duke             0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0              Jin

Duke did not care too much of Mishima Karate.

Oh, certainly Nagase warned him. Explained, showed examples, pleaded with him. The Stonehead? Not even something he recognized as a pure technique. The stubbornness of the crime boss was augmented by his rage. As he hurls out the staggering blow, he recovers slowly, staring with yellow eyes as he steadies himself. And the response was... silence?

Was it simply arrogance?

Duke's impression of Mishima was overwhelming arrogance, and bravado. The pure strength of Heihachi himself. And Jin's violent opener was in stark contrast with his restraint now, his lack of words. If it was Heihachi, the leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu would be already twisting his skeleton out of his body. Or at least trying to. The crime boss wipes his face, the blood wiped away, revealing... no wounds. Only scars. "Your grandfather... Are you Kazuya's boy? Or are you..." And Duke can't help but scoff. "Well, I wouldn't think Lee Chaolan being the type to marry. A woman, at least." Duke leans back, thrusting a heavy leg forward, attempting to overwhelm Jin's position with not only pure power and reach, but the enemy of any fighter like Jin: tracking.

"Or perhaps the son of some bastard Heihachi fathered?!"

COMBATSYS: Duke successfully hits Jin with Medium Kick.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Duke             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0              Jin

The pointed hair, the thick angular eyebrows and his general size and stature weren't all a dead ringer for his father: Kazuya. Neither of them bore a tremendous deal of likeness to Heihachi though there weren't no pictures of his grandmother anywhere to be found. It wasn't impossible this madman's ramblings weren't true, they simply didn't matter.

The heavy kick to the abdomen throws Jin backwards into a wall that explodes in a cloud of plaster and cacophony of falling rubble. The grunt and gasp that precedes the cloud clearing, parted by the teen walking forward away from the wall and back toward his opponent.

The barbs miss their mark. Thorns that were intended to prick someone prideful or arrogant were toothless against someone who had none to begin with. The boys calm is undamaged the heavy guards hanging at his side alternate swings with him as he walks sensibly and normally, they rise only to begin pumping as he accelerates into a run; with no sign of stopping! On making contact with Duke. Arms prepared to wrap around the taller man's waist and carry him back across the room, lifting and hurting to the ground with Jin atop him and ready to pummel him senseless. There was no damage to his calm, but he was being trained to kill... and a worthy opponent had got the adrenaline flowing.

Crush and destroy!

COMBATSYS: Duke interrupts Ultimate Tackle EX from Jin with Crack Up EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Duke             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1              Jin

There would be destruction, certainly.

Duke was a ticking time bomb. While he was literally sweating plumes of chi, all it would take is a single mistake, and he would detonate, exploding in the full fury of his rage. And this room would be destroyed. At the moment, he was content to stick with pure power, punching and kicking with the force of a wrecking ball. As he knocks Jin into the wall, he was already approaching the dust, ready to punch again.

But Jin was faster than he expected.

Duke was carried across the room, slamming his back -hard-. The crime boss is pinned for a moment, as Jin already begins to pound his face. One. Two. The third comes, and Duke, snarling, catches it in the base of his palm. Bones snap, and his face returns to it's hamburger consistency. Teeth bared- and he even had teeth again- he winds back.

And Duke intercepts with a rising uppercut.

Smashing his fist into Jin's face, he gives a second, lifting uppercut into the Kazama's gut, using the pure power to force him off. "Whoever you are-" Duke snarls, forcing himself into a stand, sucking in a deep breath of air. "Your grandfather will lament leaving you in the care of his..." Duke does not finish the sentence. The matter of fact was, he did not know what all this -was-. He only cared about one thing.

What was deserved to him.

Jin rises to his feet and staggers back. Not by any intent to do so on his part, merely the keeping his legs under him while being propelled by the power which had unseated and thrown him. His ribs ached, that was the second heavy blow in a short perio of time, and there was a graze present on his chin and a thread of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.

A weak tremble to one of his knees and he has to bring himself to a halt rather than risk falling to that knee. His opponent was a monster, not in the vein of Daigo or someone else like him close to Jins age he could trade blows with, this was like fighting his grandfather. Every hit was punishing, every attempt was too slow, too predictable or weak to be effective. This opponent was a man cut from the same cloth as Heihachi. Without any obligation to show any restraint or help Jin better himself.

"You speak in riddles and circles. . . .My grandfather only knows how to lament how opponents aren't as strong as he is."

Which by extension made light of this tiny tournament the man was fixated on. The strongest, didn't even care to enter and weren't interested in the prize. Those that were giving the prizes away considered other things a greater priority and they weren't even in office to be consulted about it.

Assuming a guard with both arms raises the teen steps in and swings a straight left. With a 'Toh!' he punches with force that would smash a training dummy, obliterate most modern day training equipment, he even rolls his should and stoops a little into the blow maximizing reach. The trunk like bicep bearing a generic looking tribal tattoo like any other teen who would get something like it because they thought it looked cool.

COMBATSYS: Duke dodges Jin's Fierce Punch.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Duke             0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1              Jin


Duke is actually shocked at Jin acting confused by his words. After all, Duke is hardly a subtle man. As he recovers from the assault, his opponent was already returning at him. He was, in many ways, like Heihachi. Arrogant. Powerful. Dominating. The difference, however, was that Duke lacked that substance that was in Mishima. He lacked that electricity, that spark.

But he had that fire.

"CIRCLES?!" He bellows, as the straight left comes with pure force. At that moment, Jin may see that Duke is more than a lumbering tank. With deft, surging footwork, the crime boss floods with chi energy, the fire boiling from his body. He side steps the staggering punch, letting it pass him as it pulls away... drawing his arms back. "Allow me to make myself clear then, -boy-!"

And he slams his arms forward.

An explosive wave of violet red flame erupts before him, tearing across the floor, console, anything in its path with a consuming, crushing wave of pure force. The volcanic surge nearly rips the flesh from Duke's bones, as he pours the full rage in, attempting to blast apart Jin with catestrophic rage. "I will destroy, all this, and your grandfather will learn to make himself humble before me..."

"And to teach the same to his wretched spawn!"

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Duke's Sledgehammer.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Duke             0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1              Jin

Scowling at the build-up of power Jin digs his heels in and pushes one arm down toward the ground, another turned up at an angle and forming two parallel diagonal lines a barrier in front of him as the wave makes contact, detonates and blasts him back.

The silohette that rises from the post explosions plume begins its deliberate walk back. Bare feet kicking aside and fracturing already broken tiles underfoot that can't even be seen though the sea of smoke and ash. Eyes ablaze with light that's only reflected form exterior sources, points of light give way to the same steady gaze he has had throughout.


A powerful and simple word for an opponent who seemed match them. This man before him was a powerhouse, far beyond his limits but at the same time a gnat before the might of the Zaibatsu. The Tekken Force could comfortably wage a world war without stretching their resources to breaking point. Forces which counted fleets of armoured vehicles, tanks and aircraft like stealth bombers, computer controlled and pilotless gunships as standard responses when and where appropriate, were not on the same level as a man who cared about the small prize at the end of a tournament. His grandfather's policy was that peace achieved through overwhelming and unopposable force, and everybody who wanted to keep their peace would buy their weapons from the Mishima Zaibatsu.

"And meaningless."

In spite of all the flesh and blood damage, reacting to the very real and human pains that wrack him he is beaten back; but responds to the pressure by striding forward once again. Jin behaves more like a machine built to fulfil its singular purpose. Vengeance at all costs.

"None of those things you speak of will happen. If you destroy me that simply means I wasn't strong enough to kill the one beast I must and would wager my life to kill. You save my grandfather time and effort discovering that for himself."

Time and effort spent training him, and a defeat that possibly lead to him being reunited with his mother; A less than perfect ending Jin's own suffering. He would never seek his own death; it would break Kazama Jun's gentle heart if he behaved so selfishly and stupidly. But if death came for him, he would not fear or quake in facing it.

A standing horse kick as he arrives and marches forward into it. Jin was sick of these nonsense ramblings, they went in circles and were full of grandiose and childish claims.

"Act your age. If money is all that you desire you could have been paid off and sent away. Instead of that I see what is either envy and rage or a loss of control and madness."

A man who was so obsessed with wealth, success and power seldom made time for having things outside of that. The Mishima were a fine example of that themselves; but the difference was that the Mishima were a legacy, and that forced their dysfunctional and horrible family to work together at times for their mutual benefit.

COMBATSYS: Duke Toughs Out Jin's Medium Kick!!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Duke             0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1              Jin

His rage was a bonfire now.

Duke was pouring on the fury. Naturally, if Heihachi was here, things would be very, gruesomely different. But the crime boss was not above bullying someone below his status. There was a truth in Jin's words; in many ways this was meaninglesshe would have nothing but ash.pan could burn, and he would have nothing but ash. And yet, for Duke, all that mattered was making examples, breaking legs. Wanton, meaningless violence. He wanted to hurt those who denied him. And Jin would be the one he would have to hurt. He might hold make. He might be satiated. Except.

"Act my... age?"

The kick hits his chest hard, snapping the bone underneath audibly. Duke doesn't even flinch. Jin had drawn something out of Duke, as he flares a smirk. Both of his fists comes up, and then, around, as Duke -leans- into the horse kick, smashing his limbs down with bone-shattering fury. "I think you need to learn to speak less, young man." He growls.

"Or choose your words more carefully."

COMBATSYS: Duke successfully hits Jin with Fierce Punch.
- Power hit! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Duke             0/-------/----===|=======\====---\1              Jin

grunts with the blow and ragdolls to the ground with his hand quickly reaching for and grabbing his knee. One eye screwed shut against the pain and gasping for air sitting right at enemy's feet, it's not half a second before he slaps a palm down with his other hand and begins to rise once again. Over and over, again and again as if he were a terminator he would keep coming back. No rage, no passion, seemingly careless and unheeding of the harm thrown his way.

"I did not speak rashly."

Theres a waver as he rises past the point he has to spread his weight onto both legs, what damage he'd sustained was something he noted more out of practicality and how it would affect how he had to move and fight rather than pain or despair.

"Hgnn-- I spoke the truth as It appears. I have no reasons to lie and nothing to gain"

What truths the madman had heard before from other voices he kept around him or his own doubts of fears, they didn't matter. Jin incensing him further was simply a side effect of these two personalities colliding. There was no malice, or tactics to his words.

"Prepare yourself."

He wasn't even planning to launch an attack at an unaware opponent. The arms guarding more like a boxer might than a karateka Jin swings a straight gut punch that suddenly blurs as each strike alternates arms and the boy starts a barrage of furious blows as though her were trying to carve a path right through Duke.

In Fist of the North Star style.

COMBATSYS: Duke barely endures Jin's Ultimate Punches.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Duke             0/-------/--=====|=======\=====--\1              Jin

Power, pure power.

Duke was hammering Jin with the hot fury of a crime lord, the fierce blows pummeling and crushing Jin. It wasn't a one-sided match, however, and it was steadily dawning on Duke that the Mishima boy was still standing. Still enduring. Still meeting every blow as one of the fighters he faced. But more telling was the reaction. Nothing. Not the legendary rage, not the passion. Just pure, mechanical technique, to tear and dismantle.

Duke hated it.

And Jin does carve a path, one way or another. Duke tries to stand fast with the blows, trying to power through this relentless barrage like the last one, to no success. Off-balanced, he struggles, driven further and further back as the combination blows him back. One clean hit on the face, twisting and breaking the visage, is all he can muster to get momentum back. "The truth is, boy, that your grandfather is a miser, and his worthless trash of a son, Lee Chaolan, is a liar and a cheat." Duke attempts ot interrupt the chain, and gives a swift, jamming elbow, attempting to drive deep, and send Jin backwards.

"But it seems you are different."

COMBATSYS: Jin blocks Duke's Aggressive Strike.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Duke             0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>-\1              Jin

His strikes slow as nature demands, muscles tightening and cramping as he overuses and starves them of oxygenated blood. The decrease in speed was only natural, the human body only went so far or could perform at a high level for a fixed (If individual dependant) duration. Your best was the best you could do, was this Jin's limit? The sluggish block with his arm was numbing, he disengages and slides back by choice to preserve and avoid sacrificing the limb entirely.

The taunt though, this man's opinion of Heihachi Mishima and Lee Chaolan were?? ...absurd. His eyes fall shut for the briefest of moments.

Heihachi sitting on his throne surrounded by his family, dressed as Santa Claus and braying with laughter and good cheer. All of the sullen or worried guests would rather be elsewhere, by choice far from here. Instead, they were trapped by his summon to watch as he laughed uproariously, merrily drinking and demanding more gifts, food and games to be played! Laughing the loudest and being the greediest while surrounding himself with all the riches he had amassed in life. Wealth and family. Jin saw how people who served looked at him, with love or hatred for the man he still held them in thrall; they still followed where he lead because he they envied him so, or they respected him, or out of fear. He was a glorious King and an oppressive Tyrant both in a single package.

Jin reels to a final stop and nearly pitches over at the jarring movement. It's an unwieldy and clumsy staggering; the jarring stab in his knee twists his mouth into a pained grimace. It'd be so much easier to pitch over and give up. But he'd never been able to get away with that... whether it was a mothers heartfelt and wounding disapproval or a grandfathers heavy handed blow for malingering and sandbagging. Instead Jin forces himself to smile, eyes flicking open.

His Uncle was a prankster who was always up to something, chasing some vivid daydream like goal. The type of man who would pursue something others described as 'mad scheme' or 'folly' simply because others thought it unattainable. Not out of malice to prove them wrong, but to awaken a sense of magic and romance in those who seemed so jaded a moment before. He tested you with a quick wit and deceived with his words but rarely with his eyes, instead when he cooked food that was capable of bring his family low he would try it himself to see what went wrong. He wasn't perfect, but nobody tried harder than he did. Finding beauty and worth in the small things, like serving drinks or providing refreshments, volunteer work or some gossip hinted he took occasional part time work to both relax and experiment with other professions, not to mention play acting with costumes and roles. Secret and harmless love affairs with the world and appreciating everything he found in it. His nature was the very opposite end of the spectrum form giving up.

Jin was running out of breath, his body demanded he gulp down air as though he were starved of it; though it seemed to make his head spin worse. His limbs were leaden so it was difficult to get them to obey. The jolt and jagging of red electricity running the length and breadth of his body didn't help with anything. he was just damn sure going to hit the other guy with it. Jin fixes his flagging resolve and takes the first step forward, once again leading with his bad leg. That pain was a comfort; a niggle only beside the self-inflicted agony that was to come.

Dipping low the teen spins like top, 360 degree whirl on his feet and ankle as he advances in a slide across the floor, everything about the move screams 'leg sweep' excepting the fact that it leaves him crouched at his opponents feet, fist bunched tight at his side and angled up for the EXPLOSION as he launches himself clean off the ground into a soaring uppercut. His leg shrieking with the effort involved though the crackling lightning was mercifully concealing as to whether he was destroying himself in the process.

He'd only know for certain when he inevitably touched down again.

COMBATSYS: Duke barely endures Jin's Lightning Screw Godfist.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Duke             1/-----==/=======|>------\-------\0              Jin

Duke knew that there was danger.

Jin may see his grandfather, his uncle as pranksters. But Duke knew them as the cruel, calculating men, as bad as the worst of the criminal underworld. They would kill him if they had the chance. And they would have the chance, soon enough. He had to make an example, carve it into the bones of Mishima. They would retaliate. And he would make them regret it.

But first, he had to reach that point.

Jin is able to negate the full force of the jab, the impact designed to slip past his guard, not meet it. That was going to prove to be a problem as Duke adjusts his footwork. As Jin was getting worn down, piece by piece, by the crime boss's cruel offense, the teenager unleashes the purest form of Mishima might straight into the exposed flank of Duke. The crime boss can only stand fast, as he predicts a low sweep. As it stops short in a feint that would make Lee Chaolan proud, the rising uppercut comes with bone-shattering force as Duke tries to stand fast. Unfortunately, as the electricity surges through him, standing to take the jaw-shattering blow is enough to stun him. It was those terrible stuns that expose him to the full power. Duke's body shudders as he stumbles back.

And Duke surges with power.
RBody burning, he -flares- with pure power, his body ripping and tearing from the full force. His suit explodes off, as tendrils of fire rips over his body. Yellow eyes burning literally, with trails of smoke rising from them, Duke snarls. "Take a KNEE, BOY!" Was his roar, as he brings his arms into the air.

And he slams.

The cataclysmic shockwave roars through the whole room, as fire and earth splinter from down below. Duke slams his arms wildly, threatening to catch Jin in the full forced explosion. A blast that runs deep, runs cold, runs chaotic. Duke was exploding, with his full anger.

A rage in the face of stoic restraint.

COMBATSYS: Duke knocks away Jin with Ground Zero.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Duke             0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\-------\0              Jin

The only utterance to escape Jin's lips before the explosion is a horrified


The large security glass windows balloon outward comically, shattering outwards with the explosion and rain down as a glittering razor snow. A ball of fire escaping high up one of the taller and more heavily fortified buildings in Southtowns' monolith dominated skyline.

Braced against the now absent glass wall with an arm embedded in the thin concrete pillar and rebar that once held a pane in place there's nothing but a raggedy and tatty maw of jagged glass and empty air behind him. His arm warped into the material to prevent himself also being flung out, every inch of exposed flesh sooty, charred or in the case of material he was wearing still actively burning. The cuff of his pants roaring away nicely and exposing the bare leg beneath as the material chars and falls away to ash. Ironically seeming to have a fire pattern decorating them originally they're hardly flame retardant.

Jin wobbles in place, one knee up while kneeling it's also bent sideways at an unnatural angle, blood pooling around the foot which encourages it to be less stable and the floor slippery. The fingers of his left arm touched to the ground to support like a tripod and take weight off the crippled limb.

A wrench dislodges the arm trapped within the windows frame and he begins to fall only for his grip to reverse and seize a hold that grinds splintered fragments of glass inside that callused grip. Pulling himself up Jin stands on the very brink. Using the support to hold himself his downturned and dim eyes studying the condition of his body before they rise to look for the distant seeming and blurry target. He can't move forward anymore, the body was broken despite all the hard years of training poured into him. It disappointed and frustrating the teen who could only thing to himself.

Not hard enough, not come far enough yet.

The snap at the very height of the ceiling is the first warning., a tortured groan of metal parting and the ping of supporting wires or rivets popping free. The entire pillar falls from its mount across his back and onto those too huge broad shoulders. An extra gout of blood from the knee at the increased weight but otherwise the teenager was hefting a huge improvised javelin and trying to get his eyes to cooperate.

"Power... is everything."

Whether it was used to shelter others or for your own purpose or might. That was up to the individual and the only thing they had to accept was responsibility for what they did with that power. The spear tip lifts and the rapidly weakening teen underscores his point by hurling another across the room at the crime boss. A fight was all about who was left standing, but in terms of power.. with this fall it was already his loss.

Jin's body hitting the ground elicits another grunt, a reminder of how much his ribs hurt already and teeth grinding levels of resentment burning in his gut that he couldn't get back to his feet


COMBATSYS: Jin can no longer fight.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Duke             0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Duke interrupts Large Thrown Object EX from Jin with Dive Bomber EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Duke             0/-------/---====|


Pure rage. Duke unleashes the cataclysm, as he threatens to bring down the whole building with the full force of his chi power. The blast wave was enough to level whole floors before; why would this be any different? The pure force is enough to blow apart Duke's flesh. And yet, he was reforming with every blow, every blast. If he fell, he would rise again. If he was broken, he would reform. He was a one man wrecking ball, seeking to collide hard into the very heart and blood of Mishima.

But his opponent was not done yet.

Already, the collapse of the ceiling comes as Jin unleashes a piece of metal. Duke glares, exposed cheekbone showing itself. And softly, he lets out a growl.

"Power is everything."

He growls, as he -slams- into the spear point, letting it drive deep into his shoulder. That much was unnecessary, but nothing compared to what comes next: Duke -smashes- his feet down into Jin as a vicious, parting stomp right down on Jin's head. Duke stumbles off of his impact, gripping the improvised spear in his shoulder. Ripping it free, he holds the bloodstained wound, breathing hard. And he turns towards the door. "And I have power, boy."

"Tell your grandfather he is next."

And Duke leaves the room, leaving only destruction in his wake.

COMBATSYS: Duke has ended the fight here.

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