KOF 2017 - Act 2: Mission 24 - Collection Agency

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Description: To honour the contract above all else, even as the world's tide ebbs and flows. It does not concern the enigmatic Irishman whether his actions are right or wrong, Oswald's intent is fulfilling the request of the client to pilfer secret documents at a UN-affiliated headquarters. Turns out, that very same headquarters is a satellite office of the Illuminati, yet another organization dipping their hand into the pot. Kolin considers herself to be a good secretary, one of the best, but to leave her post to deal with a card-wielding wart on the foot of progress? Oswald may find himself in well over his head.

The United Nations offices in Russia vary in size--the main office, located in Moscow, is relatively large and lavish. This satellite office is... somewhat less so. The construction is a little more workmanlike, a little more Russian in style--relatively bare walls, painted white, the front desk utilitarian... though the front doors and the lobby floor all have the UN logo on it, of course.

It is but a single-story building, of medium size, arranged like a typical office, once past the front doors and the lobby, with cubicles and offices and meeting rooms, the most prominent of which is a large office at the very back, glass-walled; the director's office, and the only one with access to the most top-secret files.

The office is quiet--it's after hours, of course, so the doors are locked, the foyer lights off... but the building isn't silent. After all, Kolin is there. Normally, seen during the day, she would dress the part--black power suit, high heels, glasses--but as it's after hours, she's wearing a more comfortable and utilitarian set of clothing. She's in the director's office, sitting at the computer, tapping away at the keyboard--checking up. Because this isn't just a UN office...

It's also an Illuminati office. A compromised facility that the UN would be shocked to find out is in fact compromised. But the Illuminati is secretive above secretive; they never show their hand until it's necessary. Kolin is here just to check on a few things. But it'll probably be a good thing she -is- here...

It remains quiet for the most part. Other than the fact where Kolin is she has a view of some of the cameras that are spread out through the building. A strange quick flash. Hard to tell what it was. Maybe even could have been a fly. Then a few moments late on another screen she sees the the feet of one of the security guards being dragged into a room at the last second. No, something is wrong.

And no one has sounded any sort of alarm. Someone is here and he is rather good. Only a keen eye may have caught his movements and Kolin certainly has that. For Oswald he was not expecting too much trouble tonight. Someone like Kolin was not expected to be here and what security he has run into has easily been dealt with. Bodys put in places not easily found and no signs of blood. The only bonus for the guards is they are roughed up, but they will live. The Irishman was not paid to kill tonight so a children are left with their fathers for the time being.

The target seems to be the room where all the servers are kept. Computers are not his thing, but it seems the data contained here is very valuable and he is being paid well to retrieve it. A gloved hand fishes through a pocket and he pulls out a USB device to slip into one of the servers where the program begins to work at extracting the information. The client tonight spent a lot of money on the top technology along with one of the top assassins. Now all there is left to do is wait. Gently the Irishman settles down in a seat near a small table and he begins to set out his cards on it. May as well get a game of solitaire in while he waits.

She did see. Cool, calculated, methodical. Systema is perfect for her; she doesn't get wild, doesn't lose control. Control is her watchword. So, of course she had the security cameras up. A frown, when she notices. The servers... of course. If she were running an infiltration mission, that's what she would do. And if this were just a UN headquarters office, she'd let him. But it isn't... and so she can't.

Swiftly, silently, she rises. No alarms, but that's alright; she doesn't want the UN knowing what's happening here. It's to her benefit and theirs, even though she probably appears on the UN personnel lists. It would be hard to explain the outfit. The cameras don't catch her movements, either--she turned them off. There's no need for a record of this.

Server rooms are kept cold--they have to be. All those electronics generate waste heat, and waste heat buildup is what kills so many computers.. but that intensely air-conditioned room is about to get a little colder. Maybe Oswald won't even notice, to begin with, until Kolin speaks. Not from too close. And not with too much urgency. In fact, she almost sounds amused, but also detached a little.

"It's _so_ nice to meet," she says, in a relaxed guard position, from the doorway. Oswald is an operator--he'd recognize her as one immediately, of course. If his intel is good enough, he might even know who she works for. She does her best to be an enigma... but almost no one leaves no trace.

The hallways are empty and in passing Kolin may even see a unconcious body stuffed here and there in rooms she passes by. Then she comes across the server room and sees Oswald idly playing cards as the device chugs away. If he notices here it is hard to tell.

At least at first, Kolin's keen eye can tell the subtle shift in mannerisms. He does not stop playing, but he obviously knows someone is here because of just how his posture shifts to look like he can move out of that chair quickly if someone looks to try and attack him. There is just a bit of a smile that crosses his lips when she speaks up.

"Greetings." He replies while flipping a card and moving it about to continue his game. If might not fully know who Kolin is, but he can sense she is much more of a threat than any of the guards he came across. One doesn't stay in business as long as he does without being able to tell such things. "You don't strike me as someone that would work for the UN so I suppose you might be here as the same thing as I."

There is a beep from the device and only then does he pause in his game. He rises from his seat and he straightens his tie before reaching to pull the device free. He then holds it up as a smirk again quirks the corners of his lips. "I am assuming you rather I not have this, madam."

Kolin is in a ready stance and she looks, well, she looks ready for a fight--but there's nothing in her stance that speaks of an imminent attack. Her lips curl in an amused smile at Oswald's assessment. "Oh, no, I do appear on the personnel roster..." Which, of course doesn't mean she -belongs- on it... but he said something else, didn't he?

She glances at the USB drive. "That depends on what you have on that drive..." Hmm. She can't attack in here--don't want to destroy the servers. After all, the data. That'll be necessary at some point. And it is what she was here to check on. But she doesn't really care about the _UN_ servers so much. Still... getting in here doesn't mean too much, though she will readily admit that it was good work to get in here.

Kolin backs out of the server room, slowly--with a gesture indicating that Oswald should follow. She still isn't showing any hostility, though that lies below the surface. She just wants to get him away from the server room. Fortunately, there's a good long corridor down the hallway, one that will suffice just fine.

"Do please close the door behind you," she says, as she exits. Must keep the servers running properly. She doesn't go far; not even the end of the row. There she turns, brushing a light switch to bring up the lights to at least half brightness.

"Who hired you?" It's a simple question. The running guesses are Violet Systems, the Mishima Zaibatsu, Tekken Force... well, just about everyone, really.

There is a flick of the wrist and quickly the device disappears. He just tsks lightly when she gestures for him to follow. He is no fool and knows what she is looking to do, but also he is someone that does enjoy a fair bit of danger at times. Not since he had that little ninja problem in India has he dealt with someone that could amuse him. That is why he gently gathers his cards and slips them into the pocket of his jacket.

He is obviously skilled. His movements fluid with no wasted motion even when doing something as simple as walking. He remains at a distance and he reaches up to push at his glasses to slightly adjust them. "Now what sort of person would I be to give away such information. I could ask the same of you, but I will not. Instead...."

He trails off, smile spreading across his features once more. "I cannot tell if this is information viable to you. At the same time I cannot just hand it over. You see once I make a contract I do not go back on it. You could try to stop me and take it back. The result could be many a thing. You could get it back and find it useless. You could lose and have to tell your superior you were beaten and possibly important information was taken. Or...."

He idly gives a bit of a flick of the wrist and from his sleeve he produces a card and idly moves it between his fingers. "There is another way. My contract ends once I deliver the device to my employer. Nothing says I can't start my next contract afterwards and take it from him to give to someone else."

Oswald might know what Kolin has in mind. She, however, isn't really sure, herself. Well.. she does care, but right now, the Illuminati is ostensibly under Urien's control. She is only helping Urien at Gill's request--and she knows that there is going to be a point where she'll have to oppose that suited, musclebound thongfreak. But that time isn't now... at least, not directly. And the man just said he would never break a contract. That kind of loyalty to something... well, Kolin understands that.

Of course, Oswald's loyalty is misguided, in Kolin's estimation, but that could be fixed... and the Illuminati's information is buried deep. There isn't a reasonable number for the number of levels of obfuscation the Illuminati employs. So... if someone knows about that... that in itself is valuable information. Time to make an executive decision.

"Then we should talk after you've completed your contract. However..." Her lips curve into a touch of a smile, though it doesn't quite reach those ice-blue eyes.

"I'll still have to evaluate you... Perhaps this isn't the place." Reaching into a pocket of her jacket, she withdraws a card--blank but for a number.

"After you've completed your contract... call this number."

There is just a slight nod from Oswald. He isn't against a challenge, but at the same time finding an employer that might offer him more money in the long run and much more interesting assignments isn't ever a bad thing.

He steps forward to close distance. His hand moves quickly and in exchange for the card she offers the card Oswald is holding now rests in her hands. Just the slightest bit of weight and edges sharp enough to cut her if she is not careful. "Oswald. I am sure your employer will know the name." No number or such, but perhaps more just him being playful in some weird way.

The card he recieved from Kolin he slips into a pocket and he does not turn his back. At least not just yet. "I know we do not have a contract handle, but I believe we will say we are in agreement to the offer I made?"

Kolin nods. "It appears we do." She wraps her fingers around the card that Oswald swapped with her; already she can tell the edge that's there. It would not have been a fun time... she slides the card into a pocket, trusting in tough Russian leather, and turns on the ball of her right foot, swift, graceful.

There's nothing more to say; she will get the call when she does. In the meantime, Urien may or may not find out; she is banking that potentially adding Oswald to the ranks of the Illuminati will be worth more than whatever is stored here, even assuming his employers know about the Illuminati and are not simply looking for the UN's information.

And, lest Oswald have the trademark on spooky things, she'll turn the corner into a shadowy part of the hallway... and if Oswald follows, even if he follows quickly enough... well... she won't be there.

"A deal is a deal. Do remember I do not appreciate any sort of double crossing." Not that he expects it, but it is always best to be formal and give his one rule. That way if it is broken he cannot be held at fault on what sort of revenge he might take. "In a few days time you shall be contacted. For now do have a nice night, madam."

There is a bow, but he does not follow. Instead he remains where he stands and just watches Kolin leave to make sure she didn't have any sort of intention to try and trick him. "An interesting lady. Hopefully an interesting employer as well." He says to himself once it seems Kolin will not return.

He turns about himself afterwards. He got what he was paid to get and there is no reason to linger any longer. The guards might be waking soon. He could easily subdue them again, but why take the extra time? He slowly turns about and starts to hum a bit of a tune. Captain Kelly's Kitchen to be exact as he strolls through the hallways and departs. He will lose one employer soon, but he had a feeling there wouldn't be much repeat business so he has no problems.

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