Makai - Birth of a Monster

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Description: Using the corruption around Japan from Mt. Fuji's eruption, Makai gathers demonic energy from a leyline with the intention of merging multiple ideal youkai into a more useful minion. Before completion, Alisa tracks down his strange energy signal. Conflict abounds, but in the end, the possessed sealer manages to create a new pet...

There's been strange energy readings all around Japan for many reasons; the horrific assault of Justice, the broken leylines that cause corrupted energy to make many of the hidden villages' defenses to fail, and more. Yet one consistent speck has been going on for an extended period of time... a great, coalesced singularity of monstrous energy. It is not any lone power, but instead like countless grains of sand, amassing into something dense. This energy signal is rather unique, and after recent events has lost the ability to shield itself from anything but pedestrian efforts. The holder of such malificence is settled within the shrine, carefully leeching the ambient power from a mostly dormant leyline grown more active after Mt. Fuji's disruption; a figure in a dark grey cloak, but beneath such a somewhat more mundane outfit. A dense, dark brown beard of justice upon a youthful face, skin tanned from time outdoors. Masaru, the warden known as Makai, is currently working powerful seals and fel incantations, coalescing the surrounding power towards a single spot, where a blackish-purple orb about the size of a baseball ripples and pulses beneath the shaper's hand...

Jack-Bots are all well and good. Yet they were all taken, busy fighting the wars for Tekken Force. This left more 'advanced' members to be made use of.

Alisa is one of those tools.

All variables in the battle ahead had to be identified. All uncertainties explored. Not a single out of place character, digit, or possibilty was to be left alone. This is how a consistent speck managed to pulse itself to life on enough read-outs for the Tekken Force to justify attention.

Interestingly enough, the multi-colored 'pixie' of Tekken-Force would stride towards Makai - not flying in as one might anticipate. A common tactic that the false-human has employed. The element of surprise is one not lost on her. In this case, it may have been pointless. The form wasn't moving. False eyes hid multiple sensors that would stare upon Makai, throusands of calculations between singular footfalls. The amount of energy, the rate at which it grows, the projected surge, results matched against possibilities against futures and prophecies defined entirely but data.

"What are you doing?"

The simple question is just that! Simple. Friend, or foe, it is Japan that he does it on. "You are currently tresspassing upon Mishima domain, and the whatever you are doing, it will need to be discussed with Master Heihachi." She proclaims, though Jin is more-so her master. "I implore you to please cease your actions." She bows. "Ah, the words are... pretty please, right?"

Despite the robotic interior, a flow of chi had taken root from her experiences - and perhaps her make-up, granted to her by her 'father'. The multi-colored woman bows once more near the shrine. "It will only take a moment."

The energy is demonic in nature. Not from any one source; all types of darkstalker-like chaotic and unstable energy. It seems that Makai is somehow funneling the pure chi of the leyline into something else for his own use, a high level technique. This close, it's clear that he might be an unbelievable source of Darkstalkers, the most core and vital component of gear research... how many does he have in him? Enough to make a literal army. Quite the fine. However, Alisa's signature is minute. Makai is blind, and in the sheer density of his project, Alisa wandering in fell off his radar. Her words make him jump, the building power paused. His chin lifts, ear angling in her direction. What's this...? He's never sensed a creature like her before. "Oh...? I'll be done, soon. I need a catalyst for something. Give me ten minutes, and I'll be on my way... I've no intentions of interfering with your human wars...!!"

"Ten minutes." Alisa proclaims, in response, to Makai's words. Pause, "Unsatisfactory. Tresspassing and gathering of energy, specifically used in oppositional forces, leads me to believe you are lying." Logically, Alisa is not entirely incorrect. "Even if you are not, you are not permitted to be here." The robotic form claims, stepping forwards again.

Her body ... changes. Inhuman, of course, but the, she was only one with a glamour upon her. Human in only sight, actions and verbiage still catching up. Hands slide back and fingers roll into elbows, limbs flipping over as arms are replaced entirely. Blind as Makai may be, the very violent 'whirrrrr' that makes up the sound of a chainsaw is quite hard to mistake.

"This is your second and final warning. All unauthorized actions are to be attributed to the opposition of the Tekken force and of the Mishima. As you have failed to comply, I am left with no choice." Literately, due to hard coding. Alisa stares upon the demonic energy, swallowed up by the man. "I hope you do not make me attack you. I do not wish to right now... but it's inevitable if you do not comply. I'm sorry." She remarks, smiling.

The living doll doesn't seem to budge an inch.

"Oh? Has martial law already been enacted? I do not believe there is any law against me gathering energy for my own purposes in public... the pride of powerful humans truly knows no limit. Yet the noise of Alisa is caught, and he can sense her internal resevoirs of chi activating and suffusing her form, at least making the robotic individual much more visible. How interesting. "Is that so? Well, I am creating a monster. I have found every mindless beast within me with a powerful regenerative factor. These preparations... shall give birth to new life. Is it illegal? To create an abomination that wishes only to rip asunder the living?!"

With that Makai suddenly spreads his arms, and his prepared seal flashes. Suddenly, strange and monstrous forms are yanked from his body with hisses of miasmic chi. Beasts, horrors, and indescribable monstrocities all collapse into the ball of energy, clouding it and beginning to form a great mass. "These youkai manifest a physical body from their energy... if my experiment is correct, they should become one... doesn't that sound INTERESTING?"

Panting softly, he steps away with a wince once a final, grandiose skeletal dragon erupts out to wrap about the ball, now almost two meters around. "Yet until it's birth... I cannot allow you to interfere...!!"

"Negative. Public law agrees with your first assumption." Then he continues - and she waits, "Affirmative. There are many laws, rules, and regulations that prohibit the killing, endangering, or wounding of innocent civilians." Now, Alisa begins to step forwards. Step after step, her shoes flat-fall upon the shrine's floor. Inhuman, but so much like one. A monster made to look like a man. Woman. "If you are set on the prospect, you must register under Heihachi or start a business and sell weaponry, after proper certification, examination, contractual delegation, and a title you will be able to do as you please."

Both hands clasp together, blades idling, barely apart, as she shakes her head. "It unfortunately does not... while I am aware of the science you are attempting to perform, I am unable to find an acceptable outcome that will allow you to continue." The grandiose skeletal dragon wraps around the bakk, the mass of energy collapsing into it. "Oh you know, but I'm already here! So I'm going to have to interfere. You heard me, right? I would count higher, but I've been ordered to keep the count low."

The foot fall doesn't come, finally. The back of Alisa's form snaps open, thrusters kicking to push the metallic form forwards towards Makai. Chainsaws flash, blades spinning rapidly as Alisa spins, almost top like, before coming to a stop, thrusters storing themselves away shortly after.

"I really didn't want to fight, I meant it!" The chainsaw blades... well, they are quite sharp! Threatening to dig and cut into flesh.

COMBATSYS: Alisa brings her battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alisa            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Makai has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Alisa            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Makai

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Makai with Death Marionette.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Alisa            0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0            Makai

Rather politely, Makai listens to everything that Alisa responds, even nodding his head now and then to make it clear. "I refuse!" he finally declares, grinning toothily in the aftermath. Behind him, the dense mass of expelled youkai can be heard cracking and spattering, many of them hissing and shrieking as they attempt to devour and attack one another amongst whatever metamorphosis is taking place. He must focus on more of his mundane senses while Alisa rushes forward, the heavier gait, the rattling of metallic components, the subtle whirr in her body. Yet it's the sudden roar of a chainsaw that catches him completely off-guard, blinking before trying to lunge backwards. Instead it rips through him from shoulder to hip, revealing tight black gauze inscribed with golden sigils and seals. Blood spatters the ground, one hand extending abruptly to press gently against Alisa's body while she follows through with the motion.

"You humans come up with interesting tools of war...!" And then he twists. Every tendon, muscle, and joint compresses and shifts in unison. Masterfully, from the base of his feet, through his core, and along his arm, this power builds up like the crack of a whip. Before he suddenly flexes his fingers, a devastating eruption of internal and external damage leveraged to strike Alisa like a speeding car, despite to a layman appearing to come from standing still.

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Makai's Terminal Velocity.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Alisa            0/-------/----===|===----\-------\0            Makai

The mass of monsters, the beasts behind Makai, and the growing malaise is something that would affect many a human. At the very moment, Alisa is not fully 'affected' in such a way. The beasts are taken note of. Each writhe causing them to be considered one thing, then perhaps another. She doesn't waste much time on it. It doesn't need to be spent - it's automatic. A machine does not need to choose which.

There's plenty of time to do it in the fractions of time available.

As the blade cleaves into Makai, roaring as it swings - Alisa comes to a stop. A gauze covered exterior. Hmm?

A hand presses against her body - and then Alisa is sent flying. Systems scream out actions which are taken in nano-seconds, all systems moving to enable the best case scenario - Alisa skidding backwards from the assault, slowed only as thrusters fire once more to counter-act the force, kicking up leaves and debris about. Dust mars the air.

"I agree, humans do." Alisa remarks, smiling, "I would not be born if not for a human. I'm very happy I am. But I still apologize for this." This?

Alisa kicks off the ground, thrusters shooting from her back as she flies upwards, flipping once, before leading downwards with a leg - as the thrusters once more fire to spin her around in the air, twisting her decent to make it a leg clothesline!

COMBATSYS: Makai blocks Alisa's Medium Strike.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Alisa            0/-------/----===|====---\-------\0            Makai

"Oh? You realized the danger in time. Machines are fascinating. Although both of us were born from the actions of humans, I suppose... me, from their pride, cruelty and decadence... you, perhaps the same?" Makai spreads his arms, looking to the side. A normal person might find it odd to not have someone visually watching, but the blind have no need beyond tilting the head to better hear. His response is to lift up a hand, and then exhale, completely relaxing. The intense blow strikes his palm, but there's no real resistance. He simply skids along on his heels, barely touching the ground, until the majority of the force disperses past him. Before stepping in, aiming to grasp Alisa by the knee thereafter, and then twisting. In a heartbeat, her joints and internal ligaments would be stressed with a catastrophic level of force, trying to disable her leg entirely!

COMBATSYS: Makai successfully hits Alisa with Strong Throw.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Alisa            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Makai

"That is a possibility." Alisa proclaims, "I am not sure of the reasoning of my birth, except to protect an individual. That is all that I can share." CLASS. I. FIED.

The blow strikes the palm, but there is no equal and opposite reaction. "... Danger." The robotic warrior remarks, analyzing the situation and finding it to be not in her favor. Yet the knee is grasped before thrusters can adequately pull Alisa away, the combined force with Makai causing the internal ligament to nearly sever, wires and framing holding in place - but causing the thrusters, now, to stay entirely out.

Nothing 'hangs' as it were, but as if the robot was human... oh, but it does not seem permanent? "Running scans... heavy internal damage." She remarks, nodding her head, "Begin repair."

Systems re-route, sections close off, clamp down and restore 'stability'. It would not be usable for a while yet - but it is still repair that is taken, diagnostics still being ran. "I do not believe we are alike, however. I like school, and books, and friendships. I do not think you may enjoy either." Books... well, they feel nice. They ... 'smell' nice?

The robotic girl shoots forwards once more, forced to assault Makai aerially, but makes the best out of it - lunging straight towards him with her chainsaws - though the damager would be immediate and not quite lingering, a heavy strike outwards from both in an instant assault.

COMBATSYS: Makai fails to counter Power Strike from Alisa with Shallow Grave EX.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Alisa            1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Makai

Normally, annihilating a leg is cause for a little more reaction. Alisa instead barrels through without pausing, and seems to possess an advanced method of retrofitting it as well. He remains close, seeming to prefer being in arm's reach, a predilection that might not be nearly so favorable when it comes to double chainsaws wielded by a ruthless killing machine. "How interesting...! But can you be certain anything you feel is your own?!" As the chainsaws begin to bear down, Alisa's sensors likely begin to go crazy once more. His hand flares with dark energy, and he plants it upon her chasis. For a split second, she's subsumed in dark, twisted soul power. But then her chainsaws impact Makai's shoulder, and in a terrible, organic rev tears through and knocks him away. He lands roughly on his back, rolling to a stop as very human-seeming blood oozes out. "...Ah. Of course. You don't have chi nexus and pressure points, do you? There's no way that would paralyze you..." He begins to push back to his feet, as suddenly the great ball of amalgamated monsters compresses, seething out dark crimson liquid that drips to the ground below, hissing and burning like acid...


Alisa's reactions, specifically when damaged, are mission first unless destruction was imminent. Damage was superficial unless it was to the core - notably not located in the head. Forwards, Alisa drove her blades without hesitation. No purpose did she have during this fight beyond the completion of the direction provided to the Tekkan Force, the directions provided by Jin. Chainsaws rev as her thrusters fire behind the swing, opening her up to even greater threats. Sensors identify the risks - before they are silent. A silence driven by the bottlenecking of information that comes from Makai, the dark, twisted soul power that flares with dark energy. Only once the first fault passes through do the rest come, a cacophony of errors and warnings for readings that can, and also cannot, be verified. Much of the chi she faces tends to fall into the latter.

It does not beat out the chainsaws. Not in this instance. "I cannot be." Is Alisa's response, hovering in the air from the thrusters - touching down with one leg as the other undergoes repair. "I believe I know when I can, but I am certain when I cannot. It is clear. An observation of my own actions and being, unable to interact with myself. To summarize, I know when I am not me."

With Makai landing on his back, Alisa takes a moment to further entrench herself and her chances. "I can neither confirm nor deny that statement to an enemy. It is not my place to share design information." Makai may be able to clarify that it is a 'no' answer.

The ball of monsters compresses, seetihing out that dark crimson liquid. Her attention split, Alisa's optical sensors ... split as well. Half of them extract information from Makai, the seperate camera focusing heavily upon Makai as well, analyzing what they can. No motion is made towards him - none can be with such operations being undertaken.

COMBATSYS: Alisa calculates her next move.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Alisa            1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Makai

What he possesses is not chi. Alisa verifies this thoroughly. It is something else. Psycho power is the closest, but... not derived from a human soul. Something else. Dark and twisted. Is he truly harboring the power of demons and devils? All indicators seem to point to this unsettling fact.

"I see. Hahaha... at least you were born with purpose. Not created from refuse, and clawing meaning from the cold suffering of life..." Makai raises and cracks his neck to the side, before spreading his hands and flaring fingers. "But I sensed it. The structure within you. It is almost beautiful... as delicate as a rose..." He then advances once more, despite the dripping blood. There is no fear or sign of pain; as if he is a puppet, detached from such things.

And then he summons a seal, whirling lights upon his palm before he strikes out, trying to slam it into Alisa's chest. "Like this...!" Spectral chains whirl up from the ground, bladed and ruthless, attempting to bind and weigh her down!!

COMBATSYS: Alisa blocks Makai's Tombstone.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Alisa            1/------=/=======|=======\==-----\1            Makai

Analysis /is/ complete.

It is not a good response. The feed checks, double-checks, and then triple-checks the results to be entirely certain about the readings. That source - and Alisa's systems priotize, of all things the reduction of risk. The feed of information into her core ensures the information will be passed on - but it is also noting the exact danger that is present. There is /quite a bit of it/ as well.

"You would believe so." Alisa remarks, finally breaking free of the analysis and standing, yes standing, before Makai once more. The leg places itself upon the ground solidly, though there are limits to recovery. It is functional. It is only that and nothing more, damage clearly done. "You ... sensed it? You're able to do that?" Asks the surprised robot, eyes focusing upon Makai with questions bubbling up, one after another, dashed from his assault.

The arm lunges towards Alisa, towards her core! There is a gasp, arms clamping forwards, chainsaw blades clashing against spectral chains as they whirl and tear into her, binding, cutting and severing bits and pieces of her armoring and body. Damage mounts up, metallic sections beginning to shear, others punctured. The chainsaw blades finally 'cut' free as Alisa pulls them to the side, but continues her motion. Her entire body shifts to the left...!

No, her head... isn't moving. Her body continues, twisting around, both arms stretched out with blades as her body 'pulls free' by spinning on it's axis, the entire waist high torso spinning, save the head, chainsaws revving as this goes on!

Alisa says, "I appreciate all that you see in me... if only you could have simply left before it came to this."

COMBATSYS: Alisa successfully hits Makai with Clock Setting.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Alisa            1/-----==/=======|=======\====---\1            Makai

"Indeed. Energy is the breath of all things. If you truly have a mind and soul, then you possess it as well. Even if it is not the same..." Makai states clearly, in the midst of attempting his demonstration. The multiple bladed chains try to grip, but he doesn't manage to penetrate to her core as desired. He's a little too tenacious about it, and suddenly whirls of blades rake across him multiple times. When she ceases, he's slid backwards and bleeding upon the ground, breath coming slower. Eyes are shut fully, trying to focus on the surroundings. And the continuing shift and organic pops of the great ball nearby...

"Interesting... well. Let's see if you have a soul..." He lifts chainsaw-shredded arms, tatters of bloody clothing hanging down. "If this works... then you do." He then slithers forward, without as much speed as might be expected. Instead he tries to shadow Alisa, relentless in his pursuit, following her flow, her every motion. Both hands then whirl together, building up a ball of dark power...

Before he leaps forward, using a special stepping technique to compress and then accelerate kinetic force, going far faster than he ever had prior in the fight. Both of his hands slam out, trying to hit Alisa on either side of her chest, with her hidden core between...!

COMBATSYS: Alisa attempts to interrupt Iron Maiden from Makai with Hertz Blade Diablo.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////                     ]
Alisa            0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0            Makai

COMBATSYS: Makai reverses Hertz Blade Diablo from Alisa with Buried Alive EX.
- Power hit! -

[                           \\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Alisa            1/---====/=======|======-\-------\0            Makai

Even if it is not the same. Pink hair takes in such words, but doesn't think on them. Such words do not affect her - only beginning to learn more about the world and interact as a human woman. "I have been told I may have one. I am not certain." Is the response, though Makai notes that if 'it' works... "I cannot willingly allow you to perform any unothodox breaches or research. I am sorry...!" Systems work, burning brightly, as Makai's own assault is made. She can see him. She can react to him.

The chainsaws rev upwards. He may accelerate, but her systems boost into overdrive - raction time matching, meeting his own. The hands slam out towards her chest and impact it heavily. Systems fluctuate, body rhythm is thrown off. Procedures are skipped or are stalled. The defensive measures are given priority. Chainsaws thrust forwards, towards Makai's middle-section, attempting to jam into his mid-section and lift him skywards, before flinging him away behind her.

"This... is not... the proper way... to treat a lady!"

Both of Makai's hands still impact Alisa's body at the same time. She would find that he was not lying; the second time around, his saturation of energy is tuned to the delicate lattices of her potent robotic networks. Like tar in cracks, the flow of her internal injury is catastrophically damaged. Of course, her systems manage to compensate enough to launch a brutal attack...

Only Makai weaves with the assault, twisting so both chainsaws rush past him. His hand grasps Alisa by the face, latching on tightly before twisting to crash her into the ground. The motion seemed simple, because all of that ferocity intended to be used upon Makai was inverted, force building up and damaging her shoulders and elbows, alongside the impact with the soil beneath.

"Ah...? You're rather fragile, aren't you? Like a hand-built clock... mash up the gears just a little, and the entire housing falls apart..."

With the chain-saws sliding past Makai, the impact from the man causes Alisa to be slammed against the ground as the face is grasped. Chainsaws slam against the ground, spread out as the rest of her body goes limp - the response made is clear. A machine does not 'speak' when the damage is done. Shorn and beaten, like a drier with a brick inside, Alisa's chassis is damaged to a critical level. There is no immediate response to Makai's actions, or his words, as the woman crashes against the ground.

All is silent, but sensors still capture the information possible. Critical systems are restored in brief spurts, enough energy as necessary, part by part. Eyes roll forwards for vision, thrusters power on to push Makai upwards and off - and chainsaws are provided a final bit of power as Alisa attempts, in a critical burst of back-up systems, to bore through anything in the way of escape. Her body twists as well as she 'accelerates' upwards, intending to continue the path if there is no interruption.

It is not a wordy response... but speech systems are not a critical system, no matter how much humans may argue otherwise.

COMBATSYS: Alisa has suffered catastrophic damage and fallen offline.

[                       \\\\\\\  <
Makai            0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Alisa knocks away Makai with Thruster Drill.

[                                <
Makai            1/---====/=======|

Surprise is about all that Makai has, when the robot surges upwards once more. He twists in her direction, trying to get out of the way; but instead Alisa tears through him, shooting off as he's sent flying backwards, hitting the ground on his back and rolling to a stop. A pyrric victory, to say the least. Although a robot is liable to have some advantages in rapid repair, her actual core being assaulted in an unusual manner could have more lasting repercussions.

Suddenly Makai begins to snarl, grasping the side of his face. His inner power twists and warps, and in doing so the suppression he struggles with begins to fade. "Hrrr... no!! This body... is mine!! Mine...!!" Dark power builds up between his hands, before he strikes himself in the chest. A lance of power shoots through, and Makai spasms, thumping limp on the ground.

And then a terrible roar bursts into the air, seeming to shake the very ground. Slowly Makai rolls over and gets to his feet, casting his senses towards where the strange ball of jumbled demonic forms was.

"...haa. Welll... aren't you interesting. I'll call you... 'Stitches'. So the evening... is not a total loss!!"

COMBATSYS: Makai takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Makai can no longer fight.

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