KOF 2017 - False Flags Ahoy!

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Description: Chaos reigns supreme! With the situation in Japan heating up, the United Nations has sent an order for all diplomats to leave the country ASAP. The last diplomat discreetly boards a boat departing for Korea -- but this boat's about to pick up not one but -two- unwanted escorts!

The situation was escalating.

With the latest outrage and mobilization from Japan, specifically the Mishima Zaibatsu, the diplomatic situation between Japan and the UN was untenable. As such, the UN had moved to shut down its embassies in Japan, and relocate their resources and diplomats out of the country. It was discrete; the UN was not confident that Heihachi would not attempt a hostage situation. The UN had to withdraw now, before war struck them like a hammer.

And this was the last of the diplomats.

The United Nations appropriated a coast guard vessel from Korean resources; a yacht would be too luxurious, and with escalating militarization, some escort would be prudent. The last of the diplomats were now present on the vessel, cruising across the ocean in a covert relocation. The vessel was armed with anti-air guns, machine guns, and even a few torpedos. Enough to stave of pirates and North Korean harassment. The diplomat was safely below. So far, the vessel was having a safe, peaceful cruise. No clouds in the sky, weather good, and making good time.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

The evacuation was supposed to be low-key, but eyes and ears are everywhere in a country like Japan. News like the evacuation of important UN diplomats is sure to catch the eyes of a vast surveillance and intelligence network, much like the one operated by the Mishima zaibatsu. There are almost certainly false positives. But the redirection of a South Korean Coast Guard ship is a quite obvious red flag to anyone looking for specific information.

A fishing boat would have been much more innocuous, and would have attracted much less attention -- much like the charter fishing boat that the Coast Guard vessel would encounter about a quarter of the way through its journey to South Korea. From a distance, the fishing boat seems to be crewed entirely by blonde-haired women, dressed in white shirts -- their shirt sleeves rolled up past their elbows, with pleated pants in a lovely shade of purple. Not the usual complement for a fishing boat, it's true, but perhaps this a luxury cruise, and fishermen are below deck.

One of the ladies even waves to the Coast Guard vessel, as it passes.
It all seems perfectly normal, until the logos on the side of the charter boat become visible:
Violet Systems.
And, well, the lovely ladies have red lamps for eyes. That kind of does stand out a bit.

By the time the diplomatic vessel gets a chance to change course, or leverage its anti-air guns, the mechanical ladies are already leaping into action. Three leap onto the boat in complete synchronization -- one from the boat's bow, one from midship, one from stern -- and from the way the Violet Systems boat rocks back and forth after their departure, these Combots could stand to lose a few pounds.

That's the UN team's problem now, though. Three pairs of heavy iron boots slam into the deck of the Coast Guard vessel. As the feminine Combots return to their full imposing height, their hakama sleeves unfurl. And from the sleeves, into the right hand of each android, pops a small staff. While Combot pivots ninety degrees to the right, the staves telescope outwards, providing each android with a formidable weapon with which to make the following declaration -- in stereo, where available!


Each electronic shrine maiden swings "her" staff around, resting the end upon the deck of the ship. Cold red eyes scan the deck of the ship, awaiting responses from anyone who wants to claim responsibility.


COMBATSYS: Miko Squad brings its battle systems online.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0       Miko Squad

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad focuses on its next action.

                                  >  //////////////////////////////]
                                  |-------\-------\0       Miko Squad

And then the submarine rises.

Coming alongside the coast guard vessel rises a Sōryū-class submarine, bearing the designations of the Japanese Imperial Navy. The bridge opens, letting a single, blonde-haired woman in a purple-blue bodysuit rise. The blue-eyed stares with cold intent. An eagle-eyed operative might note that a blonde woman would be unusual for Japanese naval vessel. The fact it was holding its fire was also unusual. But the truth was simple.

Because she wasn't with the navy.

The situation had become dire. The plan was simple. Sink the UN vessel, raise the submarine, and demonstrate that the Japanese sunk the vessel. The UN would retaliate, and Heihachi, outraged at the conduct of the Japanese navy, would seize control of the military. It was so simple.

But the arrival of Combots complicated things severely.

Nina was the commander of the mission. And as the information revealed itself, it quickly dawns on her that the idea of a false flag operation was not a unique one. Another party had become involved, looking to implicate the Mishima Zaibatsu in conducting a first strike. Very likely the Japanese themselves, in a twist of irony. Do nothing, and the Zaibatsu would become engaged. Sink the ship, and the Combots would take the ship. Dispatch the Combots, then the Zaibatsu would still be implicated.. No matter what, the Tekken Force would be implicated. Unless the records were tampered with. That would require boarding the ship, eliminating the Combots, and in turn, eliminating the individuals on the ship to falsify records. A narrow path.

But one that would require an expert touch.

Nina flips off the bridge of the submarine, landing on the deck of the ship in a three-point landing. Rising up smoothly, she stares across the deck. "Situation normal." She says cooly, focusing upon the Combots with careful analysis. She was outnumbered. They looked to be AY4M3 models: Mark 1s. She curls her fingers.

This would take precision.

COMBATSYS: Nina has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Nina             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       Miko Squad

COMBATSYS: Nina focuses on her next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Nina             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0       Miko Squad

As the Imperial Navy's submarine rises, the Combot at the bow of the boat turns to address it. Water sloughs off the curved hull, bringing its registration numbers to view -- numbers that are quickly taken in by the Combot's optical sensors. Patterns become data, data becomes a registry number, and the Combot dutifully logs the pertinent data in its saltwater-proof black box.

A moment later, a blonde lady appears -- and the Combot just stares for an uncomfortably long moment.

"Unrecognized civilian, please understand that your authority is not recognized. Combat will initiate in ten seconds. Clarification of earlier statement impending."

As the nearest AY4M3 unit raises its staff off the deck of the ship again, the sounds of heavy feet stomping on the deck of the boat are sure signs of the two remaining AY4M3 units closing to approach.

"Special dispensation for enforcement of Japan Customs Code Policy 5006 has been granted solely to Violet Systems, Inc. Situation is not currently within purview of unrecognized citizens, nor within purview of Japan Self-Defense Forces. Repeat -- stand down and allow to proceed. You have two seconds remaining to comply."

As all AY4M3 units arrive, they begin to spin their respective staves to the side. But the real danger lies in the strips of paper that each unit retrieves from a sleeve -- paper inscribed with black ink that pulses and seethes. Provided that Nina doesn't get completely off the ship within moments, she will be assaulted with all three AY4M3 units at once, each bearing a somewhat harmless strip of paper, pushed by rather substantial burst of flames, accompanied by three identical holo-projections of demonic maws of terror.

It's probably not as terrifying, since they all have the exact same animation. But it will still hurt like the dickens.

COMBATSYS: Nina blocks Miko Squad's Reliquary of Lost Time.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Nina             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0       Miko Squad

Fear is a mind killer.

For a professional like Nina, you analyze. You adapt. And you execute. As the Combots move in singular unison, Nina analyzes. Outnumbered, she had to adapt. Wait. Correct. Eliminate. Carefully filter out their noise. As the paper extends, new analysis. And as the fire comes? Adapt. As the flames erupt, she steps back.

And she makes for defense.

With careful, precise footwork, she circles around the flames, redirecting them around her body. Evasion was too risky. Extending around the flames, she moves swiftly and low. It was precise advancement, with an intense focus. She wasn't yielding into the mass, she was picking the edges. Focus the attention of the entire crowd of Combots around her in a circular motion, in unison. If they could pin point her down, then she would be overwhelmed. She does not pick the three engaged with her, no. She picks one of the ones in the midsts of engagement. Force the outer 3rd to disengage, keep the other 2 on her.

And then break out.

Nina would move to latch on that Combots, attempting to catch it inside the upper arm joint. Should she get a grip? She would pivot, swinging the entirety of her body around the Combot. With a singular takedown, she would shift momentum to pull it towards the edge of the boat. And then, just should, slam it down 'face' first, wrenching it's arm around into a single, slamming, arm break. Sambo style takedowns.

Designed to eliminate an opponent one at a time.

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad counters Medium Throw from Nina with The Sunrise of Broken Dreams.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Nina             0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0       Miko Squad

Clearly, the thinly-decorated androids had attacked at the precise end of the ten-second duration. Time is money -- and robots are uncompromising in their steadfast attention to time budgeting.

"Non-compliance is not a permitted option," resounds the third of the Combots -- the one who had approached from the rear of the boat -- as if the offering of open flames was an invitation otherwise.

Once it becomes obvious that their triple threat is diverted with an interesting evasion technique, the three Combots revert to a more defensive stance -- one in which the staff is swiveled around, with each robot sweeping their claw-shaped hands towards their staff's center. Power sacrificed for flexibility against an unknown attack vector, as each Combot moves to an equal distance, all but -forcing- their blonde opponent to select one of three roughly equivalent options.

Nina selects the one that would allow her to throw her body mass forward for a grappling technique. And surely, if these robots were trained with any less than the best techniques from the Rumble In The Streets champion, the graceful assassin would make swift work of them. But the curiously defensive stance of the AY4M3 robot allows it to deflect the initial grapple with a twist of its staff -- a movement reinforced by the spreading of its two claw-hands outward to give the rotation more torque.

The attempt deflected, the Combot then pivots sideways to carry it out of the range of Nina's possible follow-ups. The staff swings a half revolution, plunging the lower end of the staff into Nina's stomach. The staff is swung sideways, and then rapidly reversed, bringing the telescoping rod crashing into Nina's stomach.

"Surrender is permitted at this point --" states the Combot now furthest from Nina, with an expectant pause.

But the next-closest Combot has something decidedly non-verbal to add to the conversation. For as Nina was engaging her sister-in-arms, it was closing in from a side vector. And as Nina recoils from the second strike, it adds a third strike from behind -- slamming its own staff into Nina's back and effectively sandwiching her in.

"-- And it is highly recommended."

A scant moment later, the Coast Guard boat groans with the weight of two more pairs of metal boots slamming into the deck. Two more Combots -- though these robots present as male security officers with snazzier-looking clothing, somewhat of a cross between a uniform and an outfit Lee Chaolan might wear, with a shiny golden badge signifying them as deputies of Japan Customs. While the battle takes place, the fourth and fifth Combots begin to make their way through the boat, seeking out additional humans to impress with their total lack of social graces.


As the agent of Mishima moves for the takedown, she is swiftly, and precisely, intercepted the staff. With a sweep and a pivot, she is -slammed-. Staggering backwards, she is exposed to the two Combots that she left in place on purpose, quickly rammed on both ends. For some reason, she thinks of her sister Anna. Falling to the deck, she hears the groan of reinforcements. A wave of disgust fills her, as she spits a spurt of blood to the side.

"Bloody robots."

Nina lifts her legs up, whipping them in the air to regain her footing. Perking back up, she glares towards the arrival of the new Combots. She would need to change the situation. Smash the phanlax, scatter the pieces, and then regain the footing. There was no moral to break. Just raw numbers, and the gradual destruction thereof. As the Combots circle her, she casts her gaze from robot and robot.

And then, with a snap, she rips forward.

Hammering with a blow with the left lwft, she chains into a staggering lash with the right arm into the same Combot. Chi energy floods over her as the chain continues, the barrage coming with a cross chop into her left, hacking into a second Combot, before she pivots into a single, double-fisted blow into a third Combot, driving deeping into the fray of fighters. A risky approach.

But one with forethought.

COMBATSYS: Nina successfully hits Miko Squad with Assault Bomb.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Nina             0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0       Miko Squad

Bloody robots? Humans and their wildly inaccurate statements -- not only are the Combots -not- bloody, but at the time of the statement the robots are in full working order.

The three AY4M3 units once again step back, spacing themselves in equidistant manner from the cornered combatant. Their staves spin in warding fashion, unemotional red lamps betraying nothing but clinical, impenetrable analysis.

As Nina focuses back upon the previous Combot, the other two Combots close the gap from her sides. This time, though, the Combot appears to have made an invalid assessment, leaning down to deal with the initial hammerblow when swaying -away- would have been the superior reaction. Metal clangs as the battleframe is pummeled backwards from the successive chain of attacks, the thin and gauzy cloth becoming thinner and more gauzelike with each strike.

The other two AY4M3 units are not spared the assassin's wrath; sparks fly from the neck servos of the second Combot while a rather large dent is left in the chest unit of the third.

So much for the robots being in full working order -- each of the robots staggers backwards as their balance gyros recalibrate for the jarring impacts.

The delay does not last long, however. Six red lamps each turn counter-clockwise, as the robots appear to be communicating for a moment. And then, all move in perfect harmony -- Combot 1 swings its staff high, and Combot 2 balances upon its staff as its mass drops for a low sweep kick. The attacks are a setup for an even more committed strike from the third AY4M3 -- a driven stomp kick at mid-height -- and if it lands as the AY4M3 robots had intended, that means a heavy metal boot driven right into Nina's shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Nina dodges Miko Squad's Medium Kicks.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Nina             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0       Miko Squad


The careful advance comes with jarring impact, each blow coming into a relentless offense. In the midst of the robots, Nina was in a dangerous position however. Surrounded was hardly the way to face multiple opponents. She stands fast, holding still, a quick scan on the three as she waits. She needed to wait, she needed them to make the next move. And the robots cooperate, as they descend on her in nearly perfect harmony.

And she leaps over.

Bounding through the air, she evades the coordinated assault. In a great twirling vault in the air, she bounds over the one with the staff swinging downwards, the weapon passing by her on the rise. Landing behind it, she immediately moves for the triangle headlock on it. While normally you would choke out your opponent on this, it's not very effective for a robot. Thus, Nina moves for the twist; she would attempt to make a single, forceful snap at the neck, to decapitate the Combot precisely and cleanly.

Before moving into her next target.

COMBATSYS: Nina successfully hits Miko Squad with Violent Grapple.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Nina             0/-------/-======|=======\-------\0       Miko Squad

As the robots launch their synchronized barrage, the talented assassin proves more than nimble enough to avoid the assault altogether. And, even as the latter two combots reposition themselves to box Nina in once again, the first finds itself the unwilling recipient of a triangle headlock. The arms flail ineffectively, claw-hands reaching up to pry Nina's hands away -- and indeed, there is almost no hesitation between action and reaction. But the swiftness of the motion also means that Nina is able to complete the strike before the Combot's grip can amount to anything meaningful -- with a crackle of electronics and a shower of sparks, the Combot's neck falls limp. Its cerebral data lines severed, the nigh-decapitated robot begins executing an automated repair process before the battleframe even hits the deck.

The remaining two AY4M3 robots do not feel pity, or remorse, or fear. They absolutely will not stop, ever, until their mission objectives are fulfilled. And this means that their onslaught resumes -- particularly with a series of insistent strikes of their collapsible staves. One after another, the relentless series of strikes is targeted to bludgeon Nina into submission against the deck of the ship. Retaliatory decapitation is not, for the moment, ruled out of their combat protocols.

COMBATSYS: Nina interrupts Fierce Punches from Miko Squad with Blonde Bomb.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Nina             1/-------/=======|=======\=------\1       Miko Squad

And the trap is sprung.

As the execution comes, Nina rips the mechanical head off. Looking with contempt at the piece of metal, she releases her victim, her blue eyes locked coldly on the next Combot. Like her opponents, there is no pity, no remorse, no fear. Unlike them, she was a better dresser. As the sweeping blocks come, the staff sweeping with staggering force. The timing was important. And in spite of her earlier mistakes, the best laid plans adjust for mistakes.

This was not a mistake.

Already, Nina's entire body pivots as she locks back, and with a sudden burst of speed, explodes forward with both palms, smashing them with a blast of energy right into the chest of one of the Combots. The price of offense is a steep wage; she is exposed to the other's staff raking her viciously on her back. Gasping in pain, she withdraws from her target, recovering.

Preparing her next move.

As the nearly-decapitated Combot writhes about on the ground, its servos whinnying as they shuttle back and forth among their limited travel path, the other two Combots seem to be holding up a little better. Well, they're standing. And they are still attacking in unison -- right up until the point where Nina explodes forward with a burst of energy.

The injured Combot staggers backwards, its hakama shirt completely incinerated wide open, and a crater blasted through its metal shell.

"S-s-senpai, no, please..." stammers the Combot as it reverts back to an older, and... perhaps -divergent- mode of its program; mechanical arms feebly make a move to cover the gaping chest wound (and all the exposed bits of electronics and motors) as it collapses to its robotic knees, cowering in an extensive and utterly terrifying simulacra of 'fear,' as programmed by someone with only an anime-based knowledge of such.

The remaining functional AY4M3 unit stares back with lidless red lamps, as the routine to withdraw from battle takes effect. It paces backwards, twirling the staff in a defensive gesture. Steam is expelled from its ear-holes, and the arms begin to shudder with red heat, spinning the staff faster and faster.
And then a shrill whistle is let out from its mouth-slit.

On the Violet Systems boat, the two doors leading below deck are suddenly blasted open. The reason becomes obvious a split-second later, as the flying foot of a sixth Combot is revealed! A red gi -- much too short to conceal all the Combot's exposed ball-and-socket joints -- hangs loosely off its form as the ungraceful robot somehow manages to fly gracefully through the air.

The robot's flight ends with it landing upon the diplomatic vessel, its weight giving the ship another hard shake to the side. A simple metal tonfa is twirled about, and extended towards Nina in threatening fashion.

But its chiding voice -- an electronically sampled version of the Rumble runner-up -- is directed towards the staff-slinging Combot behind her.
"You need to make sure you know how-how-how to use your weapons properly in order to-to succeed!"
And then its head swivels slightly, squaring up with Nina. "Th-th-this isn't anywhere near being over. I'm just warming up!"

And without further ado, the M4K1-model Combot surges forward, swinging its tonfa in a vicious series of slashing arcs, aiming to finish off the successive strikes with a spin kick to Nina's jaw!

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad gathers its will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Nina             1/-------/=======|=======\=====--\1       Miko Squad

COMBATSYS: M4K1 brings its battle systems online.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
M4K1             0/-------/-------|=======\=====--\1       Miko Squad
[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Nina blocks M4K1's Armed Combo.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
M4K1             0/-------/-------|=======\=====--\1       Miko Squad
[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/------=/=======|


As Nina prepares herself for the next attack, the babbling of the machine was... unnerving. Not enough for Nina to break her composure. But she could feel the sheen on the slimy cry of the robot's true programming. All that was missing was a pleasure-filled moan. As it falls into a state of fear, Nina looks with growing contempt. This seemed like a trick her worthless sister would desperately pull. She prepares the execution on the Combot...

And then the doors burst open.

Nina's attention spreads. Adjusting her footwork, she recalculates. The agent focuses on the new opponent, another Combot amongst Combots. A different technique, already by the movements. And the moves... Nina considers that Combots were the dumbest thing invented. And why were they all women. Nina briefly considers the kind of perverts behind this.

And dismisses it.

Nina clutch catches the tonfas, moving backwards with careful footwork. Once again, she was being overwhelmed. She had to seize control of this fight flow. She had to steal it back. As she meets the tonfas, she shakes her head. "One minute." She states firmly. She shoves off, and pivots straight back to the last of the remaining combots.

Leading with a leaping kick at the other Combot.

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad counters Medium Kick from Nina with Laguna Blade.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
M4K1             0/-------/-------|==-----\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/---====/=======|

The staff spins faster and faster, as the last standing AY4M3 glows a furious red.
And then, just as soon as the M4K1 unit makes its explosive entrance, the staff stops spinning, the metal clanking in the AY4M3 unit's right hand. Its arms are both glowing red, as the hakama-garbed Combot draws backwards. Its grip on the staff shifts downward, both upon the length of the weapon and closer to the ground, as the left claw-hand doubles against the inner elbow.

And then it adopts a higher-pitched voice, clearly quoting -something.
"O fragment of the Lord of Ni-Ni-Nightmares
"Free thineself from Heaven's bonds
"O blade from the cold, dark void, become one with my pow-power, one with my bo-body..."

The arms glow an even brighter red, as the tonfa is caught by Nina's expert defense.

"-- And let us w-w-walk this path of destruction together
"Shattering the souls of the Gods!"

In the blink of an eye, Nina's flying foot will find itself slamming into a hollow metal beam, with a ringing loud enough to wake the dead. Her leg will be coated with a slick, gooey liquid -- did the machine bleed after all, or was that -Nina's- blood?

"( ( L A G U N A - B U R E I D O ! ! ) )"
The reverb added was more than a touch excessive.
And so was the fountain of black ink bursting outwards from the mechanical hands, intended to give the "Ragna Blade" its inklike effect. It's squirting all over the damn place, really -- Nina's leg included.

And yet, Nina is still flying forward.
And the AY4M3 robot is skidding backwards, wielding its ink-slathered staff with the right hand and bracing said hand with its left claw. (Though really, it just has the tendency to funnel the ink even -moreso- onto Nina.

The pair slides backwards a good meter and a half before friction allows the AY4M3 to reassert control -- planting its right foot, and allowing Nina to spin it around counter-clockwise. With inhuman precision and reflexes, the AY4M3 pivots about in place, its metal feet cutting furrows into the deck of the ship with a sickly grind.

And then the automaton brings the hollow staff down across the small of Nina's back with menacing fury.

From behind the pair comes another cry -- more bass, almost baritone.
"Y-y-you think you've got it made, don't you?"
The M4K1 unit is less than impressed with its sister robot's theatrics. Ignoring the spray of ink, it triangulates a leap off of the boundary railing and swings its leg in a overhead scything motion, onto the fallen Nina!

"But you're wr-wr-wrong!"

COMBATSYS: M4K1 successfully hits Nina with Hassou Kyaku.
Glancing Blow

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
M4K1             0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/--=====/=======|


Nina's flying kick is intercepted by the full-force of the 'laguna blade,' the hollow metal beam slamming, or cutting, devastatingly deep. She hisses in pain as she falls to the deck. Covered in ink, she was absolutely disgusted. If Anna was here- don't feel. Don't distract. Focus. Already, the new Combot was descending on her, cornering her, trapping her. Tracing her eyes on the second Combot, the staccato voice piercing out, she rises up, catching the kick between her arms. Against a person, it might have been enough to redirect. But the sheer weight of the metal....

She might need an exit strategy.

Training her attention on the same, remaining member of the Miko Squad, she rebuffs, moving to eliminate a target. The expense of resources between new targets and old targets was how you lose. Right now, she was on a path of loss dealing with superior numbers. But the agent repositions. Redirecting to the last of the AY4M3s, she makes for a series of three blows. A cross chop, a palm strike, and then finishes with a staggering rising uppercut, to knock its block off. Depending on the programming however, they may or may not detect an elbow jab in there.

A signature of a certain ex-detective.

COMBATSYS: Nina successfully hits Miko Squad with Crushing Blow.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
M4K1             0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/--=====/=======|

The hollow staff is not a piercing weapon; while the inspiration for the attack was not among the techniques wielded by the flesh-and-blood Ayame, a concession had to be made with regard to the weapon used. Much as the robot is unable to wield the energies of chi or the channeled energies of the fictional Lord of Nightmares, the robot is similarly unable to summon a dark-matter blade from relative nothingness.

But that bow still hurts like crazy, the insult of ink splashes aside.

As the M4K1 droid closes in with a kick, the AY4M3 droid steps backwards, giving itself a bit more room. Red lamps are momentarily directed to the deck -- sounds of shouting can be heard, along with the modulated voices of Combots barking orders at the crew and passengers.

But as M4K1 pulls its leg back, regrouping for another assault, Nina unloads on the ink-spattered Combot. The staff is swung upwards in an attempt to block, but Nina's cross chop blitzes right past it, slamming the robot in the face, jerking the head to the side. The palm strike slams into the chest, denting the metal inward. An elbow jab increases the side of the crater, and an instant later, an uppercut sends it flying backwards -- arms windmilling to either side for balance.

WHAM. The Combot loses its battle against gravity, metal derriere slamming into the deck. At this point, the Combot -- unlike the real Ayame -- has a bit of trouble getting back to its feet, but that doesn't stop it from raising the staff -- or from offering pseudo-randomly-selected commentary.

"You clearly en-en-enjoy fighting... but differently than those simply craving the adren-renaline rush. It is someth-thing else for you."

M4K1 calls out from behind Nina -- "I'll admit I made a bi-bi-bit of a mistake there -- but I don't make the same mistakes twice! You-you'd better watch yourself!" It's at this point that the M4K1 unit follows up by leaping into a somersault -- a feat one might not think the bulky battleframe capable of! At the point of interception, the M4K1 unit would seek to pluck Nina out of midair by the shoulders, and spin her around until she's flung into the deck of the ship!

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad takes no action.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
M4K1             0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             1/--=====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Nina interrupts Izuna Otoshi from M4K1 with Bermuda Triangle.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
M4K1             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Nina             0/-------/-----==|


Getting stabbed with a blunt object, with sufficient force, was more disabling than with a piercing weapon. Less damaging, yes, but the impact was stunning. But Nina was moving, pressing the advantage. As the Combot loses its footing, it creates an opening. Not for her, but the M4KI. The strange, digitized robot was already on Nina, seizing her. Nina is spun around, as the center of control seems to go into the robot. As the attack moves, she is suddenly flung away.

Nina stops the attack cold.

The agent forces the fling down hard, as she not only seizes control of the throw, but overwhelms it. Wrenching the full force of her body, she makes the trade with precision as she lands and -explodes- with a fierce body blow into the robot. Exploding with full force, she unleashes the stunning blow as she flips forward, wrapping her legs around the Combot.

And she twirls.

Spinning around the robot, over the shoulders, under the shoulders, she was using it like a pommel horse, sweeping her legs as she builds momentum. She finally reaches the end, wrapping her legs under its armpit, and around its neck. Pulling the full force of her weight down, she -smashes- the Combot to the ground, before wrenching into a shoulder and neck dislocation as a finish. She rolls out of the grab, perking back up on her feet. She was battered.

But she was not finished.

"There is no enjoyment to be found in f-failure - a concept you will be introduced to shor-shor-shortly enough."

The voicebox of the felled battleframe stutters yet again. And yet, the battered AY4M3 unit continues to lumber forward, leveraging itself back onto its oversized feet with the help of its staff.

The M4K1 unit does not fare anywhere nearly as well -- its overhead somersault met with not only failure but a crucial reversal technique. The robot is at the mercy of its own angular momentum as the expert assassin leverages it out of the sky, turning the would-be attacker into an underdog. Metal clangs, as the showy red gi is blasted -- not that it was doing much to hide the M4K1 unit's plainly cylindrical chest. And then it finds itself wobbling back and forth, as enduring the humiliation of being turned into a gymnastics prop is preferable than smashing into the deck. ... Well, it would have been, if Nina hadn't followed up by introducing it to the deck -anyway-. Oops.

By this point, though -- the AY4M3 has recovered enough of its energy to consider its next attacks. As the M4K1 unit finds its own grounding, the miko-bot's glowing red hands double up on the staff, brought now to its left. Red lamps pivot between the skillful assasin and the rising M4K1 unit -- and at the crucial juncture, the miko raises its staff high, slashing downward in an angled blow, left-to-right, that could slam right into the trapezius or neck if not avoided in timely fashion. It would seek to follow up by spinning into a second, horizontal strike of the staff. And then it would smoothly segue into its third strike -- an overhand bo-staff smash clearly reminiscent of the indisputed Rumble In The Streets champion.

The M4K1 unit would be biding its time, backing away through its sister robot's attack, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike back. Electricity crackles around its afflicted joints as it lists hard to the left -- a moment of consideration, as it adjusts the servos into the necessary position to resume assault. And once it does, it will surge forward, leaping forward to grab Nina from behind, by the waist. A quick, deft maneuver would flip Nina over, head pointed downward. And then M4K1 would drive Nina's head and shoulders downwards into something very, very hard: The metal chest of the AY4M3 unit.

COMBATSYS: Miko Squad successfully hits Nina with Requiem For Fallen Blossoms.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
M4K1             0/-------/-======|=====--\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                        \\\\\\  <
Nina             0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: M4K1 successfully hits Nina with Tengu Daoshi.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
M4K1             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0       Miko Squad
[                            \\  <
Nina             1/-------/=======|

An unfortunate miscalculation.

Nina's assault places her between two difficult opponents. As her fatigue crawls upon her, her narrow path laid before her. The fact her other opponent fully recovered was a dangerous mistake that would cost her dearly. As both were sandwiching between her, the first to make the move was not the tonfa-wielding Combot, but the AY4M3. The miko smashes the staff at Nina, making a narrow path. She was keeping tabs on the other Combot. A single mistake would end up caught by both. But executed perfectly? It would expose both for a coup de grace. Nina makes her move to side step.

She makes a single mistake.

The blow smashes her shoulder, knocking her movement askew. And that loss of balance makes her pinned in position for the tonfa robot's followup, it's mocking words ringing in her ears. The follow-up slash to the legs comes, , further entangling Nina. By the time the final overhead smash comes, Nina has just enough composure to catch it. Unfortunately, that is when Maki would come, charging with electrical current as smashes the tonfas down. It knocks Nina down to her knees, as the final blow comes. She takes it, teeth gritted, and moves to rise.

And she doesn't rise from her knees.

Oh, Nina tries. But as the effort comes, the sheer pain cuts to the bone. This was no longer a time to push herself to the limit. This was the end of this encounter. Mission failure. Time for plan B. Nina shuffles backwards, trying again to reposition, She breathes hard, her eyes darting around. And then, in desperation, she unleashes a staggering duo of blows at the M4K1, using the pure force to bring herself back up.Not to destroy her opponent.

But to clear the way for her escape.

COMBATSYS: Nina can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
M4K1             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0       Miko Squad

COMBATSYS: M4K1 dodges Nina's Double Explosion.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
M4K1             0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0       Miko Squad

The beauty of cooperation. While the combined tactics of the initial three AY4M3 units may not have been sufficient to rattle the assassin, the addition of the swifter M4K1 unit seems to have tilted the battlefield against Nina. The remaining staff-wielding unit rises back to its feet, having served its duty as an impassive wall for the tonfa model's crushing attack. Again, the two are positioned so as to sandwich the violet-garbed assassin, complicating her plans for escape.

The tonfa is raised once again, amidst a crackle of electrical sparks. The robot's modulated voice asks, "Today, what I fight for isn't determining who is cha-champion." Its tonfa twirls menacingly, as it continues at a slightly different pitch: "The qu-question is, are you ready to accept the possibility of defeat?"

Nina answers with a highly-committed series of strikes with a dual aim -- to either batter M4K1 senseless, or force her to stand aside. If the assassin was banking on the latter, she'd be rewarded with M4K1 choosing to bound away with a single leap rather than risk another close-range engagement. As Nina continues thundering away to (relative) safety, the M4K1 unit pivots about in mid-air, shaking the Coast Guard vessel as its feet slam back onto the deck. "Not bad, but you'll need to do b-b-better if you want to hit someone as fast as me!"

Shaken, the AY4M3 unit reluctantly rises back to its feet, joints bathed in their own miniature showers of sparks.


From within the ship, the situation has not been much better. All of the passengers and crew members have been gathered onto the deck, separated into two groups, with one of the officer Combots standing as a barrier between them, its (considerably more blocky) tonfa raised in a warding gesture.

The second Combot regards the South Korean nationals present on its right. "This unit recognizes the sovereign right of the Korean Coast Guard to return to its people. It is our understanding that the Coast Guard is a third party to these charges. You and your people will be free to return, with the following understanding."

The Japanese nationals in the other group shift uncomfortably, eyeing the Combots with a mix of fear and alarm.

The Combot raises a small diplomatic pouch -- clearly marked with the seal of the South Korean embassy. "These Japanese nationals are suspected of espionage, treason, and sabotage, and will be returned to the Port Authority of Fukuoka for processing. The grave and exceptional charge of espionage authorizes an exemption to the common understood policy of diplomatic immunity, necessitating us to confiscate suspected contraba--"

The officer Combot is interrupted in mid-statement. While one of the Japanese nationals restrains the speaking Combot with a life-preserver around its neck, another seizes the opportunity to whack the security Combot with a boat oar, forcing it to stagger.

In the blink of an eye, the relatively uninjured Combot lashes back from its attack, slamming its metal tonfa into the face of the unruly Japanese national. Blood spouts outward from his nose and the national flies backwards into the wall. His eyes roll back in his head -- and he slumps to the floor, with blood continuing to trickle out his nose.

Shocked, the other assailant backs away from the speaking Combot -- who quickly unveils a small spinning saw from its arm.
The ropes fall free a moment later.
"Please refrain from assaulting recognized deputies of Japan Customs. Anything less than full compliance with our orders will not be tolerated."


Moments after Nina makes her escape, the group of Japanese nationals -- now with their hands cuffed behind their backs -- is being paraded up to the deck. The Combot with speaking privileges walks in front, and its companion walks behind, tonfa thumped repeatedly into its palm as a constant reminder of disobedience.

As the Violet System boat moves around to pick up the disembarking Japanese citizens and the suspected contraband, the M4K1 unit seems as if it might begin pursuit of the fleeing Nina Williams. But its progress is halted by a staff, interposed into its path by the remaining functional AY4M3 unit. Red lamps turn towards the submarine -- unharmed from the battle. The Combots believe that their mission is fulfilling its primary requirements.

They do not have any understanding of the plan Nina may have had -- nor the risk posed to the Coast Guard vessel or their own Violet-branded fishing vessel. But they will continue to carry out their mission.

Or maybe the AY4M3 unit has an inkling after all, as it speaks. It has no expression on its blank face -- not that it ever did. But its words are shaky:
"I will s-s-see what the next round has to offer."

The decision is made with great weight.

Like the Combots, the plan was to board, capture, and then, sink the vessel. Minimal lives lost. With the arrival of the Combots, that was changed. At the moment, it was acting as customs. A humiliation, for sure. But it would look like the Japanese tried to rescue the ship.

That's not the perception that is needed.

Nina, in her weakened, barely standing state, forced her way back into the submarine. Injured and staggering, the officers of the Tekken Force with the 'borrowed' sub assume that it was time to retreat. When Nina orders them the next action, they have the audacity to refuse on humanitarian grounds. Nina has to force the commanding officer to make the decision with the last vestiges of her physical force. It was a decision that had to be made. Her mission was clear: destroy the reputation of the Japanese navy. In this case, she would have to drag their reputation to Heihachi's level. Let him make what lies he needs to justify it.

The torpedo is launched into the coast guard vessel, as the civilians stand on board the deck.

The torpedo impact rocks the Coast Guard boat sideways in violent fashion, an enormous wave blasting out of the water immediately over the point of impact. The vessel slams into the much smaller Violet Systems boat, nearly capsizing it in the process. It is only due to quick thinking of the Violet Systems captain that the boat is able to remain afloat throughout the transition.

If the Combots have any foreknowledge of the attack, it won't show in the lidless red lamps that serve as their eyes. When the impact lands, the ComBots list sideways, but their heavier inertia allows them to stay rooted firmly to the deck of the ship. But the civilians on deck, lacking any preamble or warning for the attack, are launched from the deck completely unawares. A number of the civilians are thrown onto the deck of the Violet Systems boat below, resulting in a number of rather calamitous injuries. But the even more unlucky will find themselves tossed into the chilly ocean waters -- and it should be no wonder that some are unable to swim.

That's not to say those inside the boat got off easy: the Korean Coast Guard and the UN Diplomat inside got thrown into the far wall as a result. If they're lucky, they'll get off with bruises -- but even then, they'll have to contend with the giant hole ripped into the side of the boat and all the water it's allowing inside. And, of course... the boat starting to sink.

The battle Combots, though, have no particular protocol for dealing with this situation. As the victims in need of rescuing cry out for help, the Combots appear blissfully unaware. Rather than render aid to the humans, they begin to lug the fallen AY4M3 units and the decapitated head module into the Violet Systems boat.

It soon becomes clear that if there are any humans at all aboard the Violet Systems boat, they are keeping out of sight. The more likely proposal -- the Combots are and will be running the show.

"Please take your seats and we will get underway, " insists the speaking Combot, ambivalent to the physical injuries sustained by the wounded few. To say nothing of a roll call...

Seizing terror.

The Submarine begins its descent, falling below the waves silently. The coast guard vessel would sink. People would die. Hopefully not too many. Nina stares through the periscope, as the ship continues to sink. Her gaze was on the Combots. This was- there were enemies in Japan, against the Mishima Zaibatsu. They would need to be dealt with in time. But now... she drops the periscope. "The die is cast." Nina says softly, as the submarine continues to submerge. "War will come."

"May History judge us kindly."

There was knowledge that the UN Diplomat was in this vessel; that information was accurate. That it was not, however, a mere mundane human is another matter entirely. One of the reasons Urien himself took his position, and managed to leverage it with the other countries, is that he would survive an attack. That is put to the test when the torpedo strikes the vessel, and Urien -- sprawled across a bed and eating grapes -- is launched off and impacts the iron wall quite abruptly. A moderate dent is left in his wake, and a lot of cursing as he rubs at a growing swell of angry flesh. But even as he hears the distant yells of terrified individuals, the boat beginning to lurch sideways, a grin spreads across his face. "Good... they succeeded." The last grape he had yet to drop is popped into his mouth. "Time to show Japan the true terror they've forgotten in these years...!"

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