KOF 2017 - Imprisoned

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Description: After his capture by the United Nations, Lee Chaolan has been disgraced. Awaiting his tribunal, Lee Chaolan sits in a detention out in international waters. To his surprise, Lee Chaolan receives a guest that offers to support him in his time of need... and a guest who is quite unwanted.

For his purposes, Lee Chaolan was being treated well.

The executive was not pleased with the hideous orange jumpsuit, nor the composite material shackles that bound his legs and arms. And the explosive collar? A bit much, for someone who is merely charged with crimes. And yet, it was understandable with Lee Chaolan's situation. After his abduction at the Beach House, he was content to remain cooperative. The executive was being held at some remote detention center. Judging by the rocking? It was likely in international waters. Lee Chaolan.

He was going to be interviewed.

The Silver-Haired executive was smiling at least. He sits at a table, bolted down to the floor. The room is beige, with one barred door in. The only window was on said door. No loose items. Only a single, barred light overhead. It was not a pleasant place. Two guards were standing by, watching with cold eyes a fair distance away. Lee Chaolan wasn't quite sure what they were going to talk to him about, because they weren't clear -who- he was talking to. Was it a lawyer? A representative of the United Nations? Lee Chaolan only knows that he was roused from his cell, dragged out here, and told to wait. Lee Chaolan was putting on the air of patience, as he winks at one of the guards.

The guards do not react.

Nothing takes place for quite a long period of time. There must have been explicit instructions, as the two guards do not blink or react to any verbal chimes or attempts. After long enough to be uncomfortable and awkward, both reach up to hidden earpieces at once. Exchanging glances, they nod and then slip out the door, leaving Lee alone as the heavy door begins to squeak shut. The steady red blink of a camera heralds the lack of privacy all the same. After a few moments, there's a buzz from overhead.
"Mr. Chaolan, your lawyer has arrived."

Again the door opens, but it is filled with a tide of brown fur and black suit. With some effort, the great figure of Kuma slithers past, grunting as hips and shoulders catch. Within his maw dangles a briefcase. A surprisingly well-tailored suit jacket clings to torso and arms, as Kuma lumbers on all fours opposite the table.
Hefting upright, he makes to pull back the metal chair and then sit within it, before dropping the suitcase with a loud clatter upon the table. His expression looks somewhere between sympathetic and apologetic.

Lee Chaolan's expression cannot change.

Not will not, as will had long left the fighter since he was a boy dealing with this. It cannot change, because he cannot show weakness. The mask staples on Lee's face, as the arrival of his... legal council arrives. Lee Chaolan's jaw locks, as his gaze becomes faraway. He tightens his hands into fists. The arrival of Kuma was a herald of someting far worse. And insult, that could not be taken as an insult. Lee Chaolan was not, well, you could not entirely be surprised by the actions of one's father.

But Lee Chaolan did not anticipate the sheer audacity of Heihachi.

Lee Chaolan keeps up the appearances. Break character, and Heihachi would learn, and he would have to punish. Lee Chaolan makes a nod towards Kuma. "Ah! Things must be going very well for me at once!" Lee Chaolan says brightly, lying through his teeth. "I am fortunate to have my dear Kuma to come visit me at this dire times. I was losing sleep at the fear that my dear friend, and family, being in danger of the United Nations as well. I can see that the UN is... cooperating." Lee Chaolan smirks a little more. "With no offense to you, Kuma." Lee says, bowing his head respectively a bit, before casting his eyes to the doorway.

"Please, tell me you've come alone?"

Kuma carefully plants large hands to either side of the briefcase and turns it towards him. He fiddles awkwardly with it, before it springs open. Whatever's inside is not immediately apparent, although there's the ruffling noise of thick paper. And then Kuma brings up a large card, with a single word on it.


He places this down to the side, then Kuma makes a grunt and fiddles around further. He comes up with another card.

'Your father is very disappointed in you.'

Lee Chaolan tightens his teeth.

The silver-haired executive was working very hard to keep his composure. In the face of Kuma, it was remarkably easy. Kuma was in fact a bear, yes. He was father's personal pet, and the most common vessel of insult. But unlike father, Kuma was quite pleasant to be around. Excellent grooming habits, good listener, and better smelling... Lee Chaolan had little to be upset with a kodiak bear. Sure, Kuma could maul at any whim at any time.

But mauling again, less terrible than what Heihachi could do.

Lee Chaolan rolls his eyes a bit. "I see it's going to be like this. Well, thank you, Kuma, for being straight forward with it." Lee Chaolan sighs. "So Heihachi is disappointed in me; I thought he would pleased I have the United Nations threatening to batter down Japan's door. Father always enjoy conflict; and he has been so bored recently. Or maybe you are worried that the United Nations will just take everything, and leave us all alone! I'll be charged, and spend the rest of my life in a prison... and you will just have to live with the indignity that when the time came, the Mishima Zaibatsu had to just sit and twiddle their thumbs, humiliated by it's children." Lee Chaolan pauses.

"Not you, Kuma," He corrects, "But Heihachi."

Kuma tilts his head to the side, listening. He's always understood english, at least verbally. Whether he can actually read has always been a stretch however. This would be a strange time to confirm that level of intelligence, to say the least. He begins to rummage in the briefcase once more, before coming up with another card and holding it up.

'Your father is disappointed because you got caught. Now your game is over. And he was so kind not to interfere until you were off the playing field.'

There was a thought in all this.

Lee Chaolan might have registered that Heihachi can't actually hear him, that Kuma was not processing his information, and was drawing random cards. The trouble with Heihachi and Kuma, is that you were never certain. And yet, Lee Chaolan played the role; it may be that Heihachi was not here now for the very reason to NOT hear Lee Chaolan's flowery filibustering.

Speaking of.

"I am not quite out of the game yet." Lee Chaolan teases. "This is not chess, Kuma. When the king is taken from the board, the game is not up. I have my pawns, my rooks, my bishops, and my queen." He raps the table on the board. "And as father knows, Kuma, he cannot touch them. I am a shareholder of G-Corporation, and unless father wishes to deal with G-Corporation directly..." Lee Chaolan chuckles a bit. "I am sorry, Kuma, this is a bit much for you. But it is far too late for my father to enter the game."

"So what comes next, Kuma?"

Another tilt to the side with his head. Kuma then rummages around within the briefcase. After a few moments he tenses, seeming unsure. A glance backwards is done towards the window, before sweat bristles up his fur. He then slowly pulls out another of the cards, staring at it unsure for long moments before flipping it over to display, upside-down.

'What does your mother have to do with this? You would have been garbage no matter what! I made a weed into something, but at heart you will always be a weed!'

After a few moments, someone pounds on the thick glass. Kuma jumps and peers back. Heihachi's eye can be seen, slit in annoyance. He shouts something that sounds disturbingly like 'Kuma, that's the wrong card!'

Putting it down, Kuma pulls out another one and lifts it up.

'I'm not sure how we got to this topic, but yes. I do think you would have made an amazing butler.'

Lee Chaolan... reads the note, tilting his head. He looks at Kuma. And then the note card. And then to Kuma.

And Lee Chaolan sees through the illusion.

Lee Chaolan pretends to ignore the pounding. As another note card comes out, with the compliments. "Father always made things harder than it needed to be." He sighs. "Well, if you want me to be a butler again, it isn't hard to break me out~" He laughs aloud. "I am sure I can serve you fresh salmon on a platter, Kuma, while I comb your fur and arrange dates with fair young Pandas." His smile softens, as he rests his cheek on his hand. "Why have you and Heihachi come, Kuma?" Lee Chaolan scoffs, uninterested.

"Is there a point to these theatrics?"

Kuma looks legitimately interested, perking up notably. There's a growl before someone says something to the effect of 'it's locked'. After a flare of cerulean energy, something metal snaps within and the door is hauled outward regardless. Strong fingers leave the sizzling metal -- as if such mundane barriers would work on Heihachi. "Enough, Kuma! You were supposed to be able to count, all you had to do was go to the card I told you!" Kuma scratches inside an ear, and a hidden earpiece falls out. Seems that was how the charade worked -- Heihachi was trying to tell Kuma the right cards to use.

The bear ushers himself out, leaving the open suitcase on the table. Heihachi is wearing a business casual outfit himself, black with leather gloves and a golden scarf flung around it. He kicks the door shut, although it doesn't latch back into place. Good; freedom is now only an explosive collar and Heihachi Mishima away.
Digging something out, Heihachi plants a simple clicker with a red button on it to the side, before going through the briefcase. He pulls out one last card before slamming it shut and shoving it off the table. "This one I knew Kuma would have no use for." he jeers, flicking it across.

It lands face up. 'I'm not disappointed in you.'

Lee Chaolan rolls his eyes again.

"Yes, father." He says, sighing again as Heihachi REVEALS the true self. This is why he preferred Kuma. Kuma was reasonable for a bear. But father? Well, father threw you down volcanos because you wouldn't eat your vegetables. And the vegetables was actually lawn clippings. "You are disappointed in me, and you are disappointed that I am caught. And yet, here you are." He sweeps his hand, or at least, tries to with the shackles. "If you want to teach me a lesson, well, I can say it is taught. I suppose what comes next is that you cooperate with the United Nations, and then, Japan can lose all it's precious technology." He chuckles.

"And you can just be proud of saying 'I told you so' while you continue to wait and watch."

"If I had to give you a lesson in all this, Lee... it's to not take half-measures. Don't begin things that you have no intentions of seeing through. Oh, I'll give it to you straight. Something near a compliment. Everything up until now has been brilliant. You've humiliated the United Nations and established Japan as an international figure of strength." And then a huge fist thumps down on the table. There was no overt display of this being intended as a physical exertion, but the air bellows and two bolts erupt out, slightly caving the raw metal inwards with a visible dent.

"...but you are no predator, Lee. You don't know how to use your fangs. You're just some sneaky fox, baring them and hoping nobody sees the tail tucked between your legs. You don't care about your personal pride and honor, if you can drag your opponent down into the mud with you. And that's why you will never be anything to me, Lee. That is not how a Mishima should act!! You're just a skittering insect. You saw that you couldn't stand on top where the light shined, so you decided to be king of the rats underfoot."

He crosses his thick arms then, slowly cracking his neck to the side. "Kuma is in charge of Violet Industries now. And through that, a fair amount of G-Project. Don't worry. I'm going to continue your desire of seeing chi technology spread and prosper. Yet you say I am too late to enter the game? Yes. Within the petty restrictions you set up for yourself. ...there WILL be a war. A glorious one. You don't have the guts to shed blood for your ambitions. Let me show you what can be accomplished, my wayward son..."

"If you're TRULY willing to get your hands dirty."

"You wouldn't dare."

Lee's defiance swells up, as he tries to stand. The shackles prevent it. Lee Chaolan could handle the abuse; he would condense it, contain it, and save it for a rainy day. Even when Heihachi's display of force comes, he was able to keep himself calm. Restrained. Focused. Lee Chaolan was many things. He was a schemer, he was willing to kill when the time came in discrete, limited ways. He was even a coward sometimes. But there were things beyond his standards.

This was one of them.

"You cannot win a war with the United Nations, Father." Lee Chaolan says, smirk gone. "I have left a path of peace. The UN can take the technology, the secret is still out in the open. In time, we can harvest the fruits of science. There is no -need- for war. We've already won! And if they are sending assassins for me, what will they send for you? You wouldn't risk the lives of the millions of people in Japan over some war. You can't risk their lives!" Desperately, he turns to the last person who could have any influence over Heihachi.

"Kuma, you wouldn't let this happen, would you?"

"There is no need for war? Who taught you that? War is how human history has been carved. War is what brought Japan together. And war is what brought it to it's knees, a shadow of itself. The United Nations is nothing but a grand inhibitor to human nature. Do you think everyone is so willing to carve out their fists just to match others? What of me, Lee?! In my youth, I was the strongest alive!! And in the decades since, still none have raised to challenge me. But war..."

He leans forward, grinning in a twisted manner. There is a rare fire in his eyes, one dormant for most of Lee's life. "War might give me one last battle worth having. Although I knew about that little assassin. In fact, I was the one who told the United Nations where you were. THAT is why I am disappointed. If you had merely defeated the interloper and escaped, you'd still be standing at the head. And I'd have watched a bit longer."

Kuma looks a bit uncomfortable, to be fair. His expression is assuredly one that's closer to Lee's side of things than Heihachi, although given he's outside in the hall looking through the window his potential influence right now is minimal at best.

And then Heihachi stands, spreading his arms. "But there is a way out of this. I want a proper fight, Lee! That is what this is all about. I want to die with grinding bones, blood in my mouth, and a defiant grin. That is what I honed this body for. Not the irrevocable march of time. So, YOU do it. Fight me!! If you can bring me to my knees... and nothing more..."

Heihachi looks as smug and arrogant as ever. "Then I will stay out of this. I'll go back home with Kuma, and things play out like you planned. My deal with the United Nations was to speak with you after capture, and nothing more. We can see if you learned the most important truth of a warrior. The ability to grow stronger when you fight for what you believe in. Or did you throw that away amidst all your skulking? If you HAVE... then bringing me to my knees is nothing more than a dream!!"

So, it was him.

Lee Chaolan bring a hand to his cheek. Of course it was him who gave away his location. Lee Chaolan considered that the downside of relying on Tekken Forces. He would need to rectify that later. If he defeats him, this would all end? Well, Lee Chaolan had already had one blistering fight. There was no reason why he couldn't have a second one. But he had to do this tactifully. If it meant holding off the dogs of war? Then so be it. "Alright father, if it humors you."

And there is a snapping sound.

Surging with strength, Lee bursts from his shackles, both his arms and legs free. The explosive collar? A little more concerning. But Lee Chaolan was making a gamble here. Free from his bonds, the martial artist slips forward at blistering speed, unleashing the most famed of Mishima techniques: The mist step. Slipping forward at breakneck speeds, he performs his own modification to the technique upon his teacher and father.

A swift kick aimed squarely between Heihachi's legs.

Look away, Kuma.

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi has joined the fight here as a boss!

  [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Heihachi endures Lee Chaolan's Strong Kick.

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|

Heihachi knew Lee would do something like this. It's a straightforward and simple method of bringing even mighty people to their knees. And he knew that Lee probably knew this, too. Were this a more proper fight, perhaps things would play differently. That lethargic kick is asking for being stopped dead, or avoided, or simply guarded with a shift of the knee. None of those are forthcoming. This is a display of raw strength and battle power, nothing more. If Lee truly wishes to hit Heihachi, and believes that to be his weakest point...

Then let the iron shaft of the proud Mishima bloodline prove to Lee with a surprisingly sore foot just how foolish that notion is.

That isn't to say Heihachi truly ignored it. Muscles braced. Breath was adjusted. Tension shifted. He takes the kick, and raises on his tiptoes with a mild shift to reduce the damage. Pain crackles like electricity head to toe, but he finds it invigorating. Too often all he gets from a fight is a dull ache. Lee might be one of the only men in the world with the audacity to strike him there, after all. And in a way, that's... thrilling.

His eyes are wild, grin spreading to bare multiple teeth. Lightning crackles across his frame as he thrusts out with his right hand, splayed fingers opening in an attempt to graps Lee by the front of his jumpsuit while he's still caught in the motion of following through with the attempt to end the dynamo's possible contribution to genetics...!!

COMBATSYS: Heihachi knocks away Lee Chaolan with Broken Toy EX.

  [         ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/=======|

However, the grasp was deceptive. Heihachi purposefully made it appear somewhat slow, a distance that could be navigated. And then he plants his foot and twists, the ground beneath cracking. A sudden eruption of movement grasps Lee by his traitorous unfashionable jumpsuit right when his forearm was nearly intercepted, hefting him upwards like a child. This disruptive motion is then met by a sudden onslaught of lightning, each of Heihachi's ribs flaring visible through his suit. This is punctuated by a surging knee to the stomach, the impact resonating likely through the entire U.N. station. Twisting, he then hurtles Lee through the air in an almost dismissive fashion, aiming him towards the barely-upright metal table with no small amount of force. "I'll give you that, Lee...!! Few would dare attempt that blow on me!!"

It was not a subtle opening.

But what the fact was, Lee Chaolan saw himself having one chance to bring his father to his knees. A matter of legalese. As he brings the full force into both the least and greatest pair of Mishimas, the martial artist delicately pulls away a bangs of his hair. This was either going to work, or not work. As he makes the connect, he sees his father's reaction. He asides a glance to Kuma, giving a shrug.

"Oh dear."

And the full force of Heihachi is unleashed.

Lee Chaolan attempts to reverse the grip. When that fails, he moves to mitigate, attempting to catch the knee on the drop. And when -that- fails, his body like a broken toy in the grips of Heihachi, Lee Chaolan is smashed into the table, crushing it -painfully- for the silver haired executive. Lee Chaolan arches his back in agony, stunned by the impact briefly. He can't help but show the pain; he was still recovering from Sub-Zero, after all. Rolling to the side, he averts his eyes to the floor of the deck. "Alas, father." Lee Chaolan sighs. "I have very few tricks left that you don't know-"

And Lee pounces.

Leaping off the ground, he goes straight for Heihachi's neck. Whipping his leg around, he attempts to hook it around Heihachi's neck as a fierce roundhouse kick. That would not be enough to drop Heihachi, of course. But the -second- portion might fake him out. Lee Chaolan would whip his other leg around, using the first to keep his grip, to unleashing a fearsome hook kick to Heihachi's neck, to force him down to the ground. To try to.

To try anything, at this point, before the inevitable comes.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi blocks Lee Chaolan's Scatter Kick.

  [             ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

Rising up smoothly, Heihachi brushes his knuckles on the side of his suit, the long scarf fluttering behind in a great billow. There's a faint look of uncomfortable pain... raw muscle only goes so far when it comes to a direct full-force hit to the groin, and although he used myriad martial techniques to mitigate it, that doesn't make him any less male. "Tricks won't work on me..." Heihachi states as Lee suddenly shoots forward. "Tricks can close a gap. But not cross a chasm!!"

A forearm hefts up, and the first strike hits hard. Heihachi skids a solid inch across the ground, and the whirl of his second limb is caught in the corner of his eye. The response is simple. An almost dismissive swing away into the latching foot sends the follow-up askew, although it's not sufficient to send Lee to the ground. Yet then Heihachi steps forward, entire body leaning backwards as the air crackles with ozone...

Before in a heartbeat, he attempts to drive his chi-imbued forehead into Lee's face, with ungodly speed. "Is this the limit of your aspirations? Can you do nothing if yanked down from your throne but hope to splash mud on your foes as well?!"

COMBATSYS: Heihachi dazes Lee Chaolan with Stonehead!

  [              |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

Ah yes, Stonehead.

Lee Chaolan was familiar with it. As his kick is caught by the forearm, the martial artist lands roughly on all fours, his balance askew. As he rises up to the sensation of electrical power, he is greeted by a staggering head smash. He moves to catch it, but of course, how can you catch it with anything but your own head? Lee Chaolan takes the blow, and is frozen again, locked up by the shock of the impact, as well as the shock of the... shocks. Lee Chaolan was down.

But he was not out.

Lee Chaolan was having a very hard time sorting out up and down and all around. And yet, his determination does not break. Even against the barrage of nearly fatal Mishima might and the tongue lashing he was all too familiar with. After all, what else was there? If nothing else, he would delay his tribunal by being in a body cast at least. Forcing himself back up in the defiant stand known very well to the children of Heihachi, Lee Chaolan desperately hurls himself at Heihachi once again. Throwing his full force into a tackle, he aims to do a shoulder takedown. No tricks. He knew, in the haze of his mind, what was going to come next.

But there was nothing else but to try.

COMBATSYS: Heihachi counters Lee Stunner from Lee Chaolan with Dragon's Wrath.
- Power hit! -

  [              |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

[                             \  <
Lee Chaolan      0/-------/-======|

When Lee looks up dazedly from the ground, Heihachi is standing tall, arms crossed, lips pulled into a sneer. A crackle of lightning ripples up between the proud points of his hair, suit beginning to decay at the seams from the constant pressure of his released energy. Most might not find this impressive... but this is the same fabric that Lee Chaolan developed, intended for fighters to be capable of using without a wrinkle or a stray thread. It's insufficient to handle the likes of Heihachi, simply put... as his scarf whips and cracks like an angry serpent in the leylines of his energy.

"Insect." Heihachi growls. Like a great weight, the pressure of his power thrums down, suppressing Lee's own. Clamping down on him. Attempting to conquer his very will, when he might very well be leveraging himself into his final blow. "This is true strength. Have you forgot it? Your ploy only succeeded because men like me weren't interested in your games...!!"

And then his open hand thrusts out, grasping Lee by the face as he attempts the tackle. Grasping him like a moist pumpkin, he then strikes him in the solar plexus with his knee, drops down his elbow into the core of his spin, and then unleashes a whirling motion before a small explosion of blue chi sends the smoking form of Lee hurtling towards the door... possibly hard enough to knock it off the hinges and send him right through.

A narrow path.

Lee Chaolan is caught, and with a singular burst, has the spirit blown out of him. Lee Chaolan was good. Heihachi was one of the greatest. And as the executive throws his last effort into Heihachi, it seems that Lee Chaolan has nothing left. The lashing, the brutal beating. That should have been enough to break Lee, to leave him as a heap, broken, bruised, and bleeding as he is knocked clean through the door. There, he lays. Broken. Battered. But just barely conscious.

"You won't win." Lee Chaolan says softly.

"But you will realize your mistake too late, arrogant old man."

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan takes no action.

  [              |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

COMBATSYS: Lee Chaolan can no longer fight.

  [              |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]

Heihachi slowly strides forward as the United Nations soldiers begin to pour out of the woodworks at the revelation that Lee Chaolan escaped his room. That it was due to being hurtled through a prior-broken door might not be immediately communicated. "Get up." he demands, slipping through the threshold and standing before the smaller man. "You've not even wobbled my knees. Will your ambitions end here? Are you content with merely doing your best? Do you think that makes it okay to fail?!"

Lee Chaolan struggles to rise, but the barrage is too much. Between Heihachi, and Sub-Zero, the martial artist was far too broken. Thus, he lays, rolled over on his back. Staring up at Heihachi calmly, he gives a smirk. "My ambitions will outlast me, father." He says, giving him a wink as the soldiers surround them both.

"Will yours end with you?"


The strange device with a red button is pulled out by Heihachi, before he presses it. There's a sudden ripple of electricity through Lee's explosive collar, before a hiss of smoke erupts out.

And then Heihachi suddenly moves. One moment he stands before Lee, and the next he is crouching down before one of the United Nations soldiers. In an eyeblink, all three are struck. Perhaps to them, it seems a mere overwhelming power. But if Lee is truly paying attention, he's holding back a fair amount of his strength, and striking in an unusual manner... ah. Yes. He's attacking in a style somewhat similar to Lee. The remaining soldiers back up, one beginning to radio out.

"We're under attack by--" Four more cracks, and the soldiers hit the ground. Pools of blood beginning to form. They are struck dead, every one of them. Yet what of the cameras? No... they are black now. Before alarms begin to roar through the facility.

"COMBOTS! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK BY COMBOTS!!" rings from one of the dropped radios. "THEY MUST BE HERE TO RESCUE LEE!" "His collar has been deactivated, and the containment soldiers taken out!" "The security system is hacked, we've lost all recorded data for the last hour...!!"

"You had best get up, Lee. ...Or for this, they'll take your head. Heh! Being a wanted terrorist -- that should teach you what you miss. The desperate need to survive by any means neccesary!!"

Lee Chaolan had accepted death since Kuma arrived.

When Heihachi pulls out the button, he closes his eyes. He would die with a smile on his face. He would not give him fear. He would not tremble. Let him push the button. Let it end.

And the collar falls away.

Lee Chaolan pops open one eye. And then, the other. The detention facility is under attack? Was this another wild card entry of his father? Certainly, Lee Chaolan knew that whatever Heihachi had in mind could be worse than death. The martial artist groans, rising into a stand. He would not get any help from his father. And what does Lee Chaolan do, in the face of his father? The face of the enemy of the people? The starter of a war? A betrayer of Lee Chaolan? This loathsome beast?

"Lee Chaolan flashes a thumbs up.


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