Neo League 0087 - NL#0096: Fei vs Sean

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Description: When Fei Rutherford is invited to take on a match in Brazil for the Neo League, he expected a fight in among a crowd of spectators in an arena! Not a fight on a dusty basketball court in a backwater town by an abandoned cathedral without a single person around to watch. To top it off, he has to fight Sean, who he has dubbed the flying monkey. Were the Neo League Officials even taking his matches seriously- In a match up of strict style versus creativity, who would win- (Winner: Fei)

Brazil. A country of splendor and wonder. A country that consists of some of the greatest individuals to ever grace the cover of magazines. Some of the finest warriors of the world come from this country. Brazil boasts an impressive history and there are people still, now, among the individuals that live in this time... that may want to to follow in the footsteps of those that came before them.

And then there's Sean.

The young blooded fighter in constant training is perched on the steps in front of an old cathedral that he has been training in front of. Earlier. He seems to be on a much needed break at this moment, as he's leaned back against the stone steps with his legs out, crossed at the ankle and resting on his basketball. He's even got his hands full with his cell phone, which is one seriously expensive model, on which he's playing some game or another. He's always playing something or doing something.

He's wearing a concentrating grin as he stares at the phone and pays no attention to the world around him. Not when he's in the middle of a boss battle. Which he must be since those thumbs of his are swiping and tapping against the screen with incredible speed.

The country of Brazil was nothing new to Fei as he had been there before exploring business negotiations with the government to take plant samples from the Amazon, but he had never really taken the time to explore the villages in the area. They were considerably more...dirty than he expected. Still, he was here to have a match for the Neo League, so a bit of mild discomfort would not stop him from doing what was necessary. Though, he had to wonder how other people who were trying to break into the martial artist scene managed to scrounge up the money to be able to fight in other countries like this. Or was he getting all of these particular match ups because they were aware he had the money?

Well, that was a matter to think about at a later point in time. Perhaps with a bit of monetaried pressure on the coordinators.

Stopping near a dusty cathedral, Fei spotted a young man playing on his cellphone. "Hey, kid, I'm looking for a Neo League match I'm supposed to fight around here," the scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate stated apathetically. "Is this supposed to be the place?" He sincerely hoped that was not the case. The streets were particularly dirty. Hopefully, he would not be stuck fightiing in these Neo League matches for long until he could head to the big leagues. Whoever he ended up fighting in such a place for this match was probably not an opponent who amounted to much.

"One sec, dude!" Sean takes his sweet time in making sure that he's finishing off the boss, even with one hand because the other one is holding up a finger towards the monetarily established one. "One more sec!" He finishes off the boss battle and immediately swipes to his notifications on his phone. And there it is, under Neo League, is the details of him having a match. Today. Here.

Sean grins and tucks the cell phone away into the bag that's nearby. He then kicks the basketball up into the air and rolls to his feet, catching the ball and giving it a spin on his finger. "They let you in the League?" Sean looks the guy up and down for a moment before just shrugging and smiling at the same time. He might as well talk a little smack before this gets down and dirty. "They offerin' a new senior discount or what?"

With another grin, Sean tosses the spinning basketball from one finger to the other hand's finger and keeps it spinning. Just to show off. "You've come to the right place, man. Welcome to the Church of Kickin' Yo' Ass." Another big grin is shown off. "I'm Pastor Sean. I'll be the delivering your ass kicking sermon today."

COMBATSYS: Sean has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sean             0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Fei has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sean             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0              Fei

The only indication that Sean had that the other man had even heard his attempts at goading was the snort from Fei as he shook his head. Of course, his opponent was some child that probably barely trained or had any idea what he was doing. How had he gone from fighting Lita, the former Blue Belt Pro to this? Had the tournament coordinators seen their draw match and determined that Fei had no prospects? Putting the directions he had on paper back in his pocket, the young man simply sighed.

"Yeah, sure thing," he said wryly, his voice obviously showing that he did not think Sean was a worthwhile opponent. "Shall we just get this started then? I have things to do later."

Unbuttoning the cuffs on his white collared shirt, Fei rolled up his sleeves to the elbow to expose his forearms before he reached up to his head with both hands and smoothed the stray locks of his dark hair behind his ears to assure that they would not interfere with his vision. Then, he stood with his feet shoulder width apart and turned his feet inward as he sunk into his stance with his torso facing forward. Finally, he extended his left arm in a curved knife hand while he kept his right hand upright in front of his chest in a guard pose similar to a Buddhist's prayer hand. The traditional stance of a practitioner of Wing Chun.

All the while, Fei simply stood in his stance. However, his crystal blue eyes had hardened as he began to take in all the information around him. Even if Sean did not amount to much, there was a great deal he could learn about fighting in this particular environment. The dirt, the dust, uneven footing of the asphalt that had gone far too long without being repaired. The staleness of the air. They were all things that were new to him and factors that could have their place in the fight. But, he had learned from his fight against Lita. Even though he did not think Sean amounted to much, he still examined the young man in front of him. Leg muscles told tale of a great deal of playing basketball--probably on this exact court. Perhaps that meant that his style of combat focused on leaps and aerial maneuvers. There were ways to counteract such flashy styles of combat.

Whatever Sean chose to do, Fei would be ready. That was the answer he had chosen after his fight with Lita.

COMBATSYS: Fei calculates his next move.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Sean             0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0              Fei

Sean was, of course, dressed in his classic yellow gi with black belt. So that had to mean something, right? How he managed to spin a ball on his finger while wearing those sparring gloves was probably one of the most stylish things he could possibly do. He managed to keep the damn thing spinning even while heading down those church steps to the location where much more fighting could happen. It also happened to make the unofficial ring have the dusty church as a viable backdrop. It looked messed up but in a good way. A street fighter-y way

The basketball gets dropped down into a dribble in the next moment while he's watching Fei get ready. He even fakes a bit of a yawn in the midst of this entire process. "What is this, Street Fightin' With The Stars?" Sean's impatience only seems to rev him up more as he bounces on the balls of his bare feet. Yup, that's right, Sean isn't wearing any shoes. That means he's a serious combatant, right? Well, maybe. Ken doesn't wear any shoes sometimes so that's why Sean's not wearing any either. Idolization is good for the soul but bad for the soles.

Sean can't wait any longer and immediately tosses the basketball into the air, spinning on his heels and sends a spin kicking heel into the ball to send it sailing towards Fei's head. Of course, it comes with a bit of witty banter, as well: "Think slow!"

COMBATSYS: Sean successfully hits Fei with Small Thrown Object.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Sean             0/-------/------<|===----\-------\0              Fei

The ball struck Fei square in the face. When it dropped to the ground, the young man was more struck by a singular idea.

The people in this tournament were downright morons with no common sense.

First, it was Lita with her death wish during their fight, and now this idiot kid threw a basketball straight at his face. Was this how people in the Neo League fought? What happened to actualy fists and feet? Now they were just throwing random objects and calling that the pinnacle of fighting? This fighting circuit was quickly turning into a joke.

Fine. If that was the way he wanted to play it...

The basketball had hit the ground once before Fei scooped it up in his right hand and flung it back toward Sean, attempting a bit of revenge in this situation before he moved forward to close the distance, using the distraction of the basketball as cover from Sean's sight. If they were going to be slinging mud instead of fighting, there was no reason he had to abide by his own senses of morals and decorum.

COMBATSYS: Sean parries Fei's Small Thrown Object!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Sean             0/-------/-----<<|===----\-------\0              Fei

Sean is already on the move when the basketball comes sailing back towards him. His eyes go wide for just a moment but they relax when his lips curl up into a smile. In fact, he seems to be pretty much ready and willing to play chicken with the basketball. He waits until it is close enough and takes a quick leap into the air, his foot pushing it down and away as he takes to the air with a stylish flair with his flailing hair. That's right, Sean's dreads lead the way to the friendly skies.

Sean twists while he's in the air, spinning and tumbling as he brings his legs into a more offensive position. There's only time for him to look as smug as he does when his descent takes him down towards Fei with an intentionally painful looking heel towards his skull. This modified tumbling wheel-kick should be enough to prove that he's not all ball. He's also some feet too!

COMBATSYS: Fei counters Ryuubi Kyaku EX from Sean with Cold Snap.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Sean             0/-------/---<<<<|=======\-------\0              Fei

The upstart's movements were just as Fei had predicted before the fight had even started. Considering Sean's build and his leg muscles, it made sense that he was an aerial kind of fighter who relied on his jumps and flexibility to deliver strikes. So, when the dreadlocked fighter took to the air, the scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate did not even bat an eyelid. Instead, he simply stood where he was in his stance and waited for the attack to come, his crystal blue eyes simply looking at Sean's foot as it came.

Slowly, Fei's right hand came up to meet the side of Sean's heel and diverted its course slightly to the side with a shift in his stance before bringing up his left hand to his right as he twisted his hips. What resulted was a sudden pull of Sean's leg in midair with Fei's left hand with a simultaneous whip-like strike of right right into the younger man's exposed side which was not only painful, but successfully neutralized Sean's inertia before Fei let him go to collapse on the ground if he could not recover himself.

Shifting his hips and feet back to neutral, Fei returned to his stance, his slightly curved, extended knife hand centered toward the center of Sean's chest.

"This is a fight," he stated in a tone that brooked no nonsense. "Not a basketball game. If you try stunts like that, you'll only get hurt worse than that."

The look on Sean's face when his leg gets caught is comical at worst and terrified at best. In fact, it's actually more of a twisted combination of both that just screams at Sean's mind's eye that he's made a terrible mistake. A mistake that he pays for the moment he feels Fei's right hand collide into his side. All the power driven out of him for the moment, Sean hit the ground with a grunt and a blink of his eyes. However, Sean doesn't stay down long. He never does. That's part of his charm(?)

Sean's back on his feet faster than he probably should be. He makes sure to run a hand through is locs, though, just to show that there's no hard feelings. Not to mention the fact that he's got a big smile on his face. Granted, it might be to hide the wince of pain, but he's still getting into one of his classic Ansatsuken stances... well, at least it looks like Ansatsuken. It's got a little bit of a personal twist to it, what with the way he can't be still and just keeps hopping up and down on his toes.

"I know what I'm doin', man. Jus' be glad I let you get a hit in." And then Sean's rushing towards Fei and angling a quick kick at his midsection. "Can't have everybody thinkin' I'm Perfect now, can we?"

Oh yeah, that's right, Sean's over here trying to make it seem like that was all part of his plan! Y'know, just in case any Neo League officials are watching from afar. He's got to show off a little bit too.

COMBATSYS: Sean successfully hits Fei with Medium Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Sean             0/-------/--<<<<<|=======\-------\1              Fei

The kick to Fei's midsection caught him offguard--he had half expected the younger man to try for the basketball throw again. Gritting his teeth against the bruised ribs he felt, he silently appreciated the fact that at least they were actually fighting now despite Sean's false bravado.

Feeling the Winter's Chi internalizing in his body from his own previous attack, Fei began to concentrate on the distance between himself and Sean. Now that the dreadlocked man had come into a closer distance to attack him, Fei took advantage of that position in a similar way as he had in his fight with Lita: using Sean's own body to block his line of sight. After all, with his eyes on Fei, he would not see attacks to the lower part of his body as easily, and that was where the infamous Shadowless Kicks of Wing Chun were at their best. However, True Wing Chun's kicks were something far more dangerous as they tended to blur and fade from sight even when they were looked upon directly.

Fei's were a sequence of three kicks with one leg cloaked in dark chi. The first strike hooked to the back of Sean's knee with the instep of Fei's foot followed by a strike to the side of the knee with a finish of a strike with the base of the foot against the upper part of the knee joint before it reached the thigh.

COMBATSYS: Sean blocks Fei's Formless Twilight.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Sean             0/-------/-<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1              Fei

Sean's the type of fighter that's always willing to get as down and dirty as possible. Especially, when he's trying to show the Neo League (he knows their watching!) just how much he's improved since the last time anyone has seen him put the fists to fury. He's backpedaling the moment he spots the look on Fei's face and he's preparing himself for the worst.

What comes is probably not quite the worst but even still he doesn't want to lose a leg. When Fei moves in on him and Sean spots that dark chi rising, he's immediately falling back into a defensive stance and dropping down to one knee... the knee that's getting attacked. He plants his arm and a closed fist in the path and winces in pain as Fei's Foot proceeds to trifecta his shoulder and arm, each impact making him wince harder than the impact before.

"Nice try, dude. But tell Auntie Em I said what's up!"

Witty banter leads to Sean pushing up from the ground and immediately extending his legs, spinning and switching legs, one after the other, as he sails upwards and towards Fei in a stylish rendition of his own Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku! He doesn't get to use the phrase since he's clearly doing his own take on the Ansatsuken classic. But that's what being a Street Shoto is all about, right?

COMBATSYS: Fei counters Tornado EX from Sean with The Return of Spring.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Sean             1/------=/=======|====---\-------\0              Fei

"What did I tell you about jumping into the air like that? How disappointing."

Fei's words were rather chilling to hear, especially from just below were Sean was starting to become airborne.

True Wing Chun was a difficult style to train in and even more difficult to understand its true power. Unlike its more modern equivalent that focused in purely physical strikes, True Wing Chun combined the physical part of modern Wing Chun with the internal energy that had long been extricated from the style. It was because most practitioners could never come to understand its methodolgy for combining different types of chi and thus could never reach its peaks of strength.

Having combined the Winter Chi in his first strike with the dark chi from his second sequence of attacks, Fei had quickly molded them together into the brilliant emerald chi that had caused Lita so much pain toward the end of their previous Neo League match. Having seen that Sean had retreated into a crouch, the scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate had watched carefully, his crystal blue eyes waiting for the bunching up of Sean's leg muscles.

Sure enough, it came. Just as he had expected.

As soon as the dreadlocked young man leaped into the air, Fei had lowered his stance. But, instead of letting Sean sail overhead, he pushed himself from the crouch into a standing position with his hands in an X block overhead, pushing Sean's frontmost leg higher into the air, causing him to sping upward, exposing his back. Folding his arms downward and apart, Fei's hands were at his sides as he brought forth the brilliant emerald chi of Spring, throwing it full force into his opponent's unprotected back.

Taking a deep breath, Fei settled himself, letting the energy within him subside as he returned to his stance. "It seems monkeys only know how to jump," he stated with a wry, condescending smile. "Maybe if you learned some actual martial arts instead of some fake Ansatsuken, you would be able to go further than you are now, but you are simply full of openings."

Sean likes being in the air because Ken Masters is often in the air. Not to mention that's just part of being a Shoto. Part of being a Street Shoto, though, is not listening to those that perhaps have more experience. Especially, when you are determined to do your own thing and do it your own way. Doubly, especially, when you're on your own home turf. It helps give new meaning to this whole hardheaded upstart theory.

Sean is pretty damn powerless to defend since he's in the air already. When he gets taken out of his spin and exposed for optimal targeting, he can't even flail. There's no time. There is, however, the sudden explosion of chi that strikes him full on in the back. He goes upwards, at least another foot, before flipping over from the velocity of the attack and dropping back down towards the ground with the speed of a gravitational pull. Sean smacks hard into the ground and groans in pain. He's down for just a moment or two before a sparring gloved fist punches into the ground and he starts to get himself back to his feet. Slowly. Wobbly. But he works on getting there.

"That's it?" Sean takes a moment to try and straighten himself out and spits some blood out of his mouth. Internal bleeding is not a good sign. "That's all you got, man?" Sean wobbles as he puts his fists up and dances sloppily in his imitated Ansatsuken stance. "You gotta' come harder than that if you think you puttin' me down."

As if the pain of Fei's chi mixed with the embarrassment of getting shown and proven against has mixed together with Sean's warrior spirit, there's the sudden rise and gatherment of his own blue energy, his own CHI, pulled into the air around his hands. He pulls those hands back to his side and thrusts them out towards Fei, hurling a spiraling blue fireball of style towards him!

"Dodge this!"

COMBATSYS: Sean successfully hits Fei with Hadou Burst.
Glancing Blow

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Sean             0/-------/------=|=====--\-------\0              Fei

Shifting in his stance as a reflex to Sean's outwardly thrust hand, the blue eyed young man managed to avoid the worst of the damage of the sprialing blue energy, though the force against the right edge of his torso caused him to have to step out of his stance slightly with his left leg in order to keep his balance. Wincing as he reset his stance, Fei twisted his torso side to side. The fireball had struck close to where Lita had fractured his ribs in his last fight. Though he had time to heal between then and now, that did not mean that his ribs were in perfect condition. The last thing he wanted to do now was to become injured due to re-exerting an older injury. Especially against a fighter who had such a garbage style of fighting.

"Alright then," Fei replied apathetically as he moved forward. "I shall give you more punishment then."

With that, he simply stepped forward and lashed out with a straight right punch directly to the center of Sean's chest. Wing Chun was a style that was not very pretty to look at as it lacked a great deal of flashy maneuvers or roundabout attacks. However, it did what it was meant to do rather well.

COMBATSYS: Sean fails to interrupt Medium Punch from Fei with Dragon Smash.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sean             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0              Fei

Sean's antics have him in the middle of feeling pretty good about himself. He's already rushing towards Fei after the burst of hadou chi was sent there. Of course, he's dropping low and about to leap into the air with the sudden rising of two DRAGON FISTS! He's even got the smirky look on his face like he's about to put some serious damage onto someone that's been a pain in his butt since he arrived. He's headed for victory! He's headed for glory! He's headed...

For the damn ground.

Caught right in the chest by Fei's superior style, the punch knocks him dead center of his chest, sending him flying backwards and smacking hard into the ground. He rolls over and over, chest damn near caved in from the sudden and brutal stopping of his foolishness.

Sean stays down this time. Unable to really move for the moment. The pain is far too great for him at this moment. At least he's still conscious.

Fei's right fist was still outstretched with its elbow down in the manner of Wing Chun punches, still quivering from the force in which it struck his opponent. Taking a deep breath, he withdrew his fist, settling back into his ready stance. It was true that he could take advantage of the situation in order to launch an attack at Sean while he was down, but it seemed rather unbecoming to strike someone with a style such as his while he was down on the ground.

Though, Fei had to admit there was another reason he did not want to approach Sean in his downed state: Caution. He had learned from his figh against Lita when things seemed to be going well and he held a strong position. When she abandoned all her logic and rushed for him without regard for her own safety, she was like an animal with her back against a wall.

Sean was more of an animal than she had been with his monkey-like antics. So, he decided to play for caution, preferring to watch and wait to see what precisely Sean would do, and at the same time offering him quarter in order to get back on his feet.

"That's the third time I've struck you trying to fly through the air," Fei stated mirthlessly. "Have you at least learned your lesson yet? Who knows, perhaps you will realize the limits of your style and develop one that is better than...whatever this is."

COMBATSYS: Fei calculates his next move.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Sean             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0              Fei

Sean uses the stones nearby to get himself up and onto his feet. It takes him a bit longer than normal but he actually does manage to get to his feet. He had a chance to rest while on the ground and thus he's not as wobbly as he gets to his feet this time. There is, however, a searing pain in his chest and he looks like he's been in a fight. Unlike his opponent. Another spit of blood and he gets himself into his own ready stance.

"You fight with honor. I can dig it." Sean says with a bit of a smile. "Even if your style is wack as hell."

Sean doesn't let up with the words of unwisdom. He learns by doing, it seems. If he were to just take Fei's words at face value then maybe it would've been a trick. But now that he's feeling the pain from his failt attempts at doing anything, simply anything to Fei... he's starting to realize that maybe Fei's words were correct. Maybe.

"Let me tell you somethin' about bein' a Street Shoto, man. It's not about what works. It's not about what doesn't work. It's about heart. It's about passion. It's about believin' you can do anything, overcome any obstacle, defeat any punk ass Chicken Wing Fu Master if you keep tryin'." Sean's hoping that maybe some of these words will get under Fei's skin. Even if they are mostly in jest. "Especially ones dressed as wack as you. Damn!"

Sean rushes for Fei, drops into a bit of a slide to get close, hoping that when he pops up, he can grab an arm of Fei's, turn inward and flip him over his shoulder. Hey, Fei told him to stay grounded!

COMBATSYS: Fei blocks Sean's Seoi Nage.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Sean             0/-------/----===|=======\-------\1              Fei

It seemed like Sean's throw was going to work as Fei made no move to stop the dreadlocked young man's approach. As Sean popped up into the scion of the Rutherford Conglomerate, he was met by a soft grunt of pain as he impacted Fei with his shoulder. But, when he grabbed Fei's arm in an attempt to flip him there was just one problem.

There was no energy.

The force of momentum was dead as Fei was completely relaxed the entire time. He had expected the maneuver and as a result, he made sure there was no forward force to give to Sean in order to help with the throw. However, now there was one problem.

Sean's exertion to throw Fei /was/ force.

"What's wrong with my clothes?" the young man remarked as he slid his foot in front of Sean's front foot and hooked his leg in order to trip the dreadlocked young man forward onto his face. As Sean was midair, Fei's right hand began to glow with a deep fiery crimson chi reminiscent of Autumn leaves. "This shirt is an--"

As Sean began to fall, he would be met with the glowing fist in an attempt to impact him from the top as soon as he impacted the ground in a sandwich of force.


COMBATSYS: Fei successfully hits Sean with The Fall of Autumn Leaves.

[                         \\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Sean             0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1              Fei

There comes a time in every young fighter's life when their entire career flashes before their eyes. In Sean's case, there's not enough of a career to flash. What happens when he doesn't get the opportunity to actually throw more than shade is that his face ends up smashing into the ground and there's some extra oomph put on it thanks to the powerful fist of Fei.

How Sean is even managing to remain conscious is a miracle in and of itself at this particular moment. He's got a face full of the ground, which is now bloody... both the ground and his face. Already the bruises are showing up and the face is swelling. It's not a pretty sight when he flips over onto his back... his body moving heavily due to the fact that it is trying to remain alive.

There's a grunt or seven as he falls back to his feet. Which is interesting to see because he actually falls at least three times while trying to get his feet underneath him. He can barely get his sparring gloves back up. He's certainly not in any kind of stance but he's still managing to smile. It's a bloody one this time and there's no signs of chipped teeth, so that's a plus. He does try to come up with some sort of stance, though, as he refuses to stay down. Heart. Heart is where the Victory is.

Moral victory, maybe.

Sean moves in, as quickly as possible (which is not that quick because he can barely stand) and sends a slow flurry of punches at Fei. There's even a quick kick thrown in there for good measure.

"Armani... sucks." It's hard for him to breathe /and/ try to combo attack /and/ banter at the same time.

COMBATSYS: Fei counters Fierce Combo from Sean with The Heart of Winter.

[                             \  < >  /////////////                 ]
Sean             1/-----==/=======|=======\====---\1              Fei

"Don't bleed on my shirt."

As Sean moves in to attack with his combination, Fei dodges the first flurry of punches by shifting his stance side to side, then he kicks out his foot to press the base of his foot against the dreadlocked young man's thigh to stop his quick kick before it got a chance to blossom. As Sean's next punch came, Fei sighed as he channeled forth an ice-like chi around his right arm and leg: Winter's Chi. Suddenly, Sean's arm was caught in a pincer attack between Fei's right knee rising and right arm lowering in a sudden, bone-breaking attack.

The Heart of Winter could be cruel, but it seemed that it needed to be in order to keep Sean down on the ground. He was obviously the type that would keep standing over and over and over again until they caused themselves severe injury from which they could not recover. Perhaps this was some kind of a mercy.

Or perhaps Fei really did not want Sean's blood anywhere near his shirt.

Returning back to his stance, the young man tilted his hands slightly doward to where Sean's new position was becoming due to the dreadlocked young man's exhaustion. He would not relax from his own stance until Sean admitted defeat. Until then, he was determined not to underestimate him.

That's it. Sean is done. Sean is toast.

Sean's too busy swinging wildly that he doesn't even see the Winter's Chi forming and the next thing he knows, he's not moving. He cries out in pain when that pincer of an attack strikes truer than most would and he drops, almost immediately. He doesn't go all the way down, just to one knee. Where he practically collapses. He's double over even from his one knee-ling position and he's unable to get back up to his feet.

He refuses to lay all the way down though. He just can't. But he can't say he gives up either. He can't yield. He just... kneels there. Done. Finished.


His head down, he cannot look up into the eyes of the man that has bested him this day.

Seeing that Sean is not going to move, Fei relaxes from his stance and dusts off his shirt with his hands. At least his clothes weren't torn like they were in his fight against Lita. They weren't in the best condition, but they were salvageable. Stretching, he turned his back toward Sean.

"It was entertaining, monkey, but it wasn't an act I would pay for," he said blithely as he walked away. "I know monkeys fly through the air, but if you focus on solidifying your work on the ground, it would be more surprising when you flew instead of being predictable."

It was difficult to tell whether Fei was giving advice or simply being unnecessarily vicious to a downed opponent. Either way, he simply placed his hands in his pockets and walked away. There were no more words to be shared between the victor and the defeated.

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