KOF 2017 - KOF: Team Revengeance is born

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Description: What do you get when you cross a power hungry corporation with two angry ninja? Much higher insurance premiums. Team revengeance has formed, and this little write up might be longer than the time it took to happen.

Out in the suburbs of Metro City, there's a park that is quite a favorite place for people of all ages. Children love to come play there while adults like to go for walks or sit on benches and reminisce. For Maki, it's one of her favorite places as well, since she likes to go there to meet her fans, and sometimes she likes to go there to practice as well, which is where we find Maki today.

In a small field, far away from where the others are, Maki is practicing with her tonfa, sparring against invisible opponents from all different sides. She seems to be working up a good sweat as she practices.

All around Maki, the sounds of the city drift lazily through those of nature. Scraping branches punctuate the soft rustle of the grass. A dog barks. The shouts of children at play echo from the distant park. Car horns blare far off in some other place.
Beneath all of that, soft but growing ever louder, is the flapping snap of wind catching cloth. At first it is a whisper, then it is a murmur. Finally, it can be pinpointed. Far above Maki, plummeting like a stone, is the quickly approaching figure of a man!
There is just enough time for Maki to react before the newcomer flashes past the ring of trees and impacts the grass of the field with a heavy 'THUD,' wind rushing outward as the ground bucks and quivers under the heavy blow. Dirt is thrown up in a cloud, but quickly settles as Noboru straightens out of his impact crater, dragging his fist and knee out of the soil. Tall, incredibly muscular and scarred across his face, the shinobi steps up onto the edge of the impact zone and focuses his undamaged eye on Maki, icy blue and full of depthless calm.
"Genryuusai Maki," the older ninja rumbles, hinging at the waist in a shallow bow, one ninja to another. "I am Miyama Noboru. I have come to know that you were wronged by the corporation that hosts this, King of Fighters tournament all now speak of. I will join it, but I can not join alone." Straightening from his bow with the quiet crackle of joints, the powerfully built shinobi turns his left hand over, dirt and powdered stone falling away from his skin. "What say you, young sister? Will you fight?"

At first, Maki is shocked by this sudden appearance by a newcomer. She wonders if it might be someone with the Mad Gears or something, but then Maki realizes that it's, in fact, another ninja. She steadies herself in a fighting stance, apparently anticipating a battle with a challenger, but then the ninja speaks, and Maki listens intently to what is being said. After he finishes, Maki replies firmly.

"Miyama Noboru," Maki repeats. "Wronged by the corporation... Of course!" Maki realizes what Noboru means, and she looks to him with a firm expression. "If you need assistance in fighting the corporation, then I will join you in your battle! This battle is one we can win if we work together, I am certain of it!"

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