SNF 2017.07 - SNF: Real Men Wrestling

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Description: After Marduk had announced his Anti-Wrestling Team, there is just one thing that Marduk wanted to fight for: not wrestling. Well, pro-wrestling. Real Man Wrestling is something else entirely. Taking place at a festival promoting full manliness in Brazil's Electric Fountain, Marduk will be testing the fighters to see if they are worthy for the Anti Wrestling Team. Marduk might be tough, but he will face his first real opportunity and contender in Real Men and Real Men Wrestling: Abel. Is there a mystery that Marduk knows about Abel's past? Well I mean, no. But will there be wrestling? Yes! Real Man Wrestling! Not that pro wrestling stuff.

Marduk did not think of himself as a bad guy.

When he took up his 'work' at the Sea Horses Grand Hotel at Rio, the beach side resort was certainly too kitsch for his tastes. But it was the perfect place to start his Anti-Wrestling Team world tour. Yes, he was making a great, public effort to promote his anti-wrestling push. And right at the special ring of the hotel, the legendary Electric Fountain, Marduk had a stand set up by the low wall of black marble, where people could 'try out' for the team. Marduk would fight them in the shallow circular pool of polished flagstones forms the centrepiece of the area., where circular grills periodically release vertical jets of fresh water, mingled with the lights. Marduk felt he was doing a service, a humanitarian service for the people of the world. He wanted to help people fight off Pro Wrestling, and bring an end to it. And there were plenty of people who were interested in doing the same.

Such as little Timmy.

"Well, I gotta say Little Timmy," Marduk finally says, as he continues to punch the bald, pale kid in the face, as he gently squats on his chest. "I'm holding back pretty well, kid, but it doesn't look like you have what I'm looking for in a teammate." At the edge of the Electric Fountain, several muscled thugs were holding back a screaming woman and red-faced doctors. Marduk looks over, and just shakes his head. "Sorry guys, but I'm gonna have to say no!" Marduk rises up from Little Timmy's chest, giving the okay to the thugs to interfere with the match. Little Timmy's handlers rush into the fountain grounds, as his mother sobs heavily, holding her son in her arms. Marduk just shakes his head at the mother. "I'm sorry, Little Lady, and I know the Make A Wish Foundation promised Little Timmy to meet his hero, and join the Anti Pro Wrestling league, but he just doesn't have what it takes to stop Pro Wrestling forever." The woman babble incoherently, as the doctors desperately work on his vitals.

And then Little Timmy raises a thumbs up.

"Gee, it's okay mwister!" He feebly calls out. "I am just happy pawtipate. Just pwomise me one thing, Mawduk!" Marduk gasps, and comes over to the little kid, shoving the boy's mother aside to listen to the little boy's whispers. "What's up, Little Timmy?" And Little Timmy whispers to his hero, Marduk.

"Make sure those westling bwitches get skull cwushed, pwease!"

Marduk wipes a tear from his eye, and slaps his hand on the little cancer patient's chest, to the wail of the mother. "Don't worry, Little Timmy, I promise you, I'll stop pro wrestling forever, so you won't have to worry about any Rainbow Mikas or MURDERHOUSEs in heaven!" Marduk rises up as the kid starts coughing up blood, as his mother screams even louder. Marduk heads back over to the edge of the Electric Fountain, leaning over.

"Okay, WHO'S next to try out for the Anti-Wrestling Team?"

The trail of Shadaloo has grown cold and with it Abel finds himself at a crossroads on what to do. If anything it is almost as if Shadaloo is all but dead at the moment or if not it is just lying in wait and planning its next move. In the end he has to seriously doubt if that crazy Jezebel lady was Shadaloo at all and that Cracker Jack was perhaps some thug she hired to distract Abel. It is a time like this with the trail mostly gone that Abel instead focuses on keeping his skills sharp.

The Frenchman isn't one that really watches television or listens to the radio so he really isn't too familiar with this Anti-Wrestling team and what it is all about. All Abel wants is a good fight and he has at least heard enough about this Marduk person that despite being crass and not too bright he is a tough individual and a perfect opponent for Abel to test his skills against.

Abel steps forward while tightening the black belt around his waist. His hands and feet wrapped and a simple pair of white shorts along with the beaten up old blue gi top that he often wears when fighting in a professional manner. He sizes up Marduk silently for a moment before speaking up. "I don't know about this team of yours, but I have heard of your skill. I have come to see if what they say is true."

Oh, Marduk was excited as Abel comes out.

Rubbing his hands together, he practically skips as the medical team scraps Little Timmy from the fountain. "Good, Good, I'm Marduk, and uh, hold on. Oh, wait, you don't know about the team?" He holds up one finger, and starts patting himself. "Hang on buddy, give me a minute." RMarduk fumbles around his shorts, and pulls out a list. "Hello and welcome to Anti-Wrestling Team. Extend hand. Okay so-"

He looks away from the card.

"I'm not actually letting you on the team yet, but it's on the card. Um, uh, I don't actually have my mission statement on here, so uh, let me see if I can explain. You know Professional Wrestlers? They hate the gay people, so I am going to fight in this King of Fighters tournament, and win enough money to ban them. In order to protect fags and shit." He nods firmly. "Oh, wait, before we fight, um, let me just ask some real question." Marduk reaches out to place a hand on Abel shoulder, and leans in down low at him.

"Are you one of the gays?"

COMBATSYS: Marduk has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Marduk           0/-------/-------|

Abel just raises a brow, but his gaze remains stern and features stone faced. he isn't quite sure what to make of this man, but he seems to quickly be learning some of the comments he has read or heard about this man are certainly true. "So you enjoy seeing skilled grapplers, but dislike the showmanship and entertainment side?" It is probably best for him to be asking the questions to help make the headache minimal as possible. Even more so is the fact Abel would love to point out Marduk himself is rather grandious and comes off as a natural heel. The downside is Abel is pretty sure this is not any form of acting.

" I am not." He says in response to the question. He has a feeling it is best to be short and to the point with his answers and he reaches up to gently brush the hand that comes to rest on his shoulder. "I am not here to discuss preferences and such things. You have a reputation and I am hear to see it for myself." He means the fighting reputation. He is already certain the other reputation is very true and he doesn't need any more proof. Abel gives a roll of his broad shoulders and pops his neck. Fingers flex and he readies himself for a fight. "My name is Abel, now En garde!"

COMBATSYS: Abel has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abel             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Marduk

"Oh man, do I love skilled grapplers?"

Marduk was showing a big smile at Abel, nodding his head as he continues. "I love skilled grapplers. You know, getting held down, and just mounted like that? Pro Wrestling is all about preesntation, and nothing about skill. You know that some of those wrestlers have no talent, and STILL hold belts. I like you Abel." He says as the Frenchman brushes away his hand. "You got the right idea. Okay, I'm gonna get my guard up." He lifts his arms apart, showing -no- guard what so ever. "And then I am gonna-


Marduk lunges in with sweeping arms, attempting to seize up Abel with his mighty limbs. And should he get a grip, he would just test and tease a bit. Nothing serious, just a quick lift, and then a slam right back down on his back. Psyche him out a bit, sending him on his back. He might even mount him- yeah, he would mount him. Not punch him in the face. But get in his head. Pure psychology. Wrestling was as much a head game as a body game.

And he would be playing head AND body games with Abel.

COMBATSYS: Abel blocks Marduk's Strong Throw.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Abel             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Marduk

Marduk may fancy himself a sly fox and think he is leading Abel into a false sense of security, but it seems the Frechman was already expecting some form of cheap shot or 'surprise' attack. He grapples with Abel, but as for being able to lift and slam Abel to the ground things don't go quiet as planned. Abel manages to twist free of the grip and push off before getting slammed into the ground. He lands in a backwards roll and pops back up to his feet. He knew the the big man would be strong, but now he at least has something to gauge it off of. He'll have to be careful not to get caught by those meaty fists if he can help it.

It seems the time to talk is over in Abel's case. he looks focused and slowly getting in the zone. He watches his opponents movements and he closes in. It is time to test how well Marduk can a hit himself. There are no real good openings that Abel can see so he surges forward and lifts off from his feet once more. His body twisting about as he extends a leg and looks to bring the heel down right down on top of Marduk's head with all his weight behind the blow.

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Abel's Wheel Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Marduk

"Oh wow!"

That's what Marduk musters as he chuckles as Abel reverses and breaks out. Rolling away, Marduk claps his hands. "That's a good one! You're fighting a lot better than Little Timmy! That's a big positive in my book!" Marduk was just grinning, enjoying the fight. As Abel surges in, Marduk sinks back into his wide stance. For his size, it seemed to leave FAR too many opening. As the foot comes right up, a logistical problem reveals itself.

Marduk was actually bigger than Abel.

Sure, what was a half a foot between friends. But Marduk was towering over 7 feet and clocking in nearly 400 lbs. He was a mountain, a monster. And as the heel comes up, Marduk actually can bring his arms up to catch it. All the weight pours in, as Marduk actually loses some of his foot on the sheer force. Oh, it hurt. He actually shakes his arms as he steps back, laughing out loud.

"Damn, Abel, you're bringing the beef!"

"Hot DAMN!" Marduk says aloud, as he thunders back at Abel. With his arms still burning, he just gives a few jabs with the left and right, heavy, half-hearted blows to keep the conversation going as he thunders back, left and right and left and right. "I mean, you make me go on the back foot, and you're probably a real fighter. You some kind of MMA champ or something? I'm the world champion at Vale Tudo! Come on, Abel,"

"What's your story?"

COMBATSYS: Abel endures Marduk's Quick Punch.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Abel             0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0           Marduk

The size difference is going to make this an uphill battle, but Abel needs to challenge himself. If he ever does finally meet Vega and do battle he will have to be at his best and right now if he can't beat up a loud mouth lug he isn't going to get very far when it comes to taking on Shadaloo. His kick is strong, but Marduk is just that much stronger and seems to do well to shrug things off mostly and Abel finds himself with little room to maneuver once he lands because the bigger fighter is already closing the gap between the two.

It is foolish, but Abel just seems to be taking the punishment. His arms up to deflect a blow here and there when he can, but there are some solid hits rainging down on him. " story." There is little too it. At least little he can explain and expect Marduk to understand. "Special military training." Is all he says in response.

It is about that time he finally makes his move and with Marduk perhaps getting cocky in delivering those punches Abel looks to grasp the big man and even try to heft him upwards. Far from an easy feat, but if Abel can lift him he can swing the big man and if he can swing the big man well that gives him momentum as he looks to swing him in two big circles before looking to slam Marduk hard onto the ground.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Marduk with Tornado Throw.
- Power hit! -

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Abel             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Marduk

For Marduk, he was just happy to fight.

As the assault comes out, he was wondering if Abel broke his brain. "You know you gotta block some time, you-" Marduk is curtly interrupted as Marduk DOES get cocky, and Abel slips right past his guard. He could have broken it if it was a bit slower but... Abel was already turning his own weight around by lifting him up, and swinging the massive titan around and around, before going and -smashing- hard on the fountain grounds, leaving a crater on impact.

"Oh -damn- that is some hot shit military training."

Marduk is slow to rise up, groaning as his own weight is used again him. Tapping his pants, he actually lashes aloud. "And DAMN I fell on my keys!" There is a rumble as he starts to growl. "Alright boy. ALRIGHT ABEL." Marduk was beginning to bellow. He was smiling... and turning red. Looked like Abel struck a nerve. Marduk was pounding his chest. "You done let the BEAST out of the CAGE! RUFF! RUFF! RUFF RUFF RUFF AROOOOOOO!""


Somewhere in Stockholm, Sven Maesters looks up from his newspaper. Furrowing his brow a moment, he takes his cup of Gevalia egg coffee, and gives it a sip.

"Must be Rainbow Mania again."


Marduk thunders across the fountain, a one-man stampede as his eyes go wild. Jaw clenched, he goes straight for the thrust kick, before coming around with another one two, going for the left and the right. He would come out with another thrust kick, showing... actually quite impressive speed for the titan, before finishing with a singular stunning headbutt.


COMBATSYS: Abel blocks Marduk's Raging Beast.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Marduk

There is a smirk. Perhaps the most emotion Abel has shown so far. As much of a loudmouth Marduk is he is giving Abel just what he wanted and that is a challenge. He likes to banter and boast, but so far he has also backed it up by showing himself to be strong and durable. It is easy to drown out his loud mouth and just focus on the fight and enjoy himself. "I had a good teacher."

The carrying on does nothing to break Abel's concentration and he keeps his ground as Marduk charges. The blows are heavy, but Abel's guard is up and he takes each strike like a champ even if his is pushed back by the sheer force. That headbutt cracking skull against skull and leaving just a slight cut above one of Abel's eyes. He just 'hehs' softly and shows he is not willing to back down. he doesn't need to howl or make a lot of noise, but he can be just as vicious as he looks to drive a hard elbow into Marduk's chest then leap upwards and deliver a headbutt of his own to the bigger man's chin.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Marduk with Strong Punch.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Marduk

Even Marduk gets the cut.

Blood going down his skull, he stares down at Abel, grinning wild. "You're a HELL of an ASSHOLE Abel, I love it! But do you got it!" The response comes with a hard elbow, which Marduk actually attempts to redirect. He's partially successful, making it only a grazing blow. But when the headbutt comes to the chin.

Marduk stops grinning.

Blood comes down the chin as he stumbles back, groaning as he grabs it. "Oh, oh come on. OH COME ON!" He roars. "Alright, Abel, I tried to be nice with you, and I tried to have fun, but you're getting a little TOO ASSHOLE FUCK FUCK ASSHOLE!" He roars. Marduk starts pounding his fist, pummeling himself like a gorilla as he barks out. "You think you are HOT SHIT? You think your shit is HOT!?" And Marduk claps his hands together."WELL GET READY FOR A LESSON!!! CALL ME PROFESSOR PAIN, ABEL!"







And Marduk unleashes a thumbs down at Abel.

COMBATSYS: Marduk gathers his will.

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Abel             1/-------/=======|=======\==-----\1           Marduk

Abel reaches up and rubs a bit at his own wound. The blood hasn't gotten into his eyes yet at least so he hasn't had vision problems. "Call me what you will. I am here to fight just like you." he tells the bigger man. He does not seem intimidated at all by the grandious posing and clapping. He just takes a deep breath and keeps calm. He isn't sure what Marduk has planned, but he is sure it isn't going to be nice. He watches the motions a few times....then he thinks he sees an opening.

Crouching low at first, Abel starts to burst forward. About the time that Marduk is saying Abel is going down he might he finding himself once again trying to be lifted. This time around it is Abel looking to pick Marduk up in in a fireman's carry. It takes a lot of effort to move such mass, but Abel has done it once and getting momentum on his side will only help if he can start to spin the big loudmouth about.

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Abel's Breathless.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1           Marduk

Maybe he just bit off more he could chew in this case as he starts to spin the big guy about, but the weight across his shoulders ends up being more and instead of what he had planned it is more an awkwards stumble and he just ends up dropping Marduk rather uncerimoniously onto the ground. "Merde..." he hisses under his breath. Maybe it wasn't as good of opening as he thought.

Marduk was keeping himself stable.

Rioting himself into a frenzy, he does seem to... register Abel's calm reaction. But as the grappler comes hurling in, Marduk was dropping his arms down. He was resisting hard, fighting back, flexing hard. It is a lot of mass, yes, and Marduk was struggling. But Abel was a lot of strength, and as a spinning comes, he actually counter-grabs Abel, forcing pressure back, forcing the balance off. Marduk hits the ground hard, groaning on impact. But as he forces himself into a rise...


That was the response to Abel's own insult as he lunges... around? "YOU WANNA FIGHT?" Marduk yells away from Abel, circling around as he starts... pretending to drive a car? "HONK HONK? BRRRRRRROOOM!" Marduk begins making car sounds as he mimes driving around the fountain grounds. "BROOOOM! BROOOM! EEEEEK! HONK HONK HONk!!!"


Somewhere, Abigail looks up from the engine block he is working on, and watches the SNF on the screen. He rubs his chin, as he watches the larger fighter making car sounds.

A spark of genius hits him, as a smile spreads across his tiny face.


Marduk suddenly drives the Marduk Express (?) straight at Abel as he thunders straight at him. Grinning -mad- the titanic brawler lurches it -lightning fast-, blazing in low. "OKAY ABEL!" The wrestler goes, as he attempts to lift Abel up... and slam him hard on his back like a piece of meat. "You wanna join the team?"


COMBATSYS: Abel barely endures Marduk's Skull Crusher.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Abel             1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0           Marduk

And Marduk doesn't even give Abel a chance to breath as he slams him on his back.

Mounting on Abel's chest, Marduk begins to punch Abel in the face. Over. And over. And yet, the brutal rage one expects doesn't... quite... manifest. "Okay, so, here is the idea," Marduk begins, as he continues to punch Abel in the face. "If you are on the team, I thought about this, and there are a few prizes right? I think I'm okay with letting you have the base, if you want the base, and I can go with the prize money. That sounds good, right?"


Marduk howls in rage as he grabs Abel by his head, and starts -hammering- the back of his head into the stone floor of the fountain, hammering it against and again, before just giving a nasty crack. "Okay, RULE ONE!" Marduk says, beginning his dismount on Abel. "When you are talked to, Abel?"



Abel maybe could have moved out of the way. Sure Marduk was faster than he had any right being, but there were options. Perhaps options that were far less crazy than the one Abel took which is to stare the man down and not move out of the way. The two big men clash, but Marduk's momentum sends Abel down hard onto the ground and his face starts to get blasted by fist after fist and his head slammed repeatedly onto the ground. It is brutal and tough to watch as Abel is bloodied and bruised from the assault. No would consider him weak if he didn't get up.

Then he raises a hand up and clenches a fist before unclenching and reaching to grab Marduk before he fully dismounts. Then the other hand goes to grab onto him as well. "I don't need a prize. I need a challenge." Then he opens his eyes and for a flash something doesn't seem right. They almost look black for a moment before he winces and blinks. The eyes return to normal and he looks focused and he doesn't seem ready to stay down. He has some fight left in him and he is going to make sure Marduk knows it as he starts to get to his feet while still trying to keep his grip on the bigger man.

COMBATSYS: Marduk barely endures Abel's Heartless.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Abel             0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Marduk

"You speak a big game, but I need bigger, better challenges. Will this team of yours give me that?" He asks and he starts to wail away in response. Not as many blows as Marduk delivered to him, but still looking just as heavy as he mostly punishes the big man's stomach and chest before one big uppercut to the chin. He then grips Marduk and hefts him up again. It isn't easy by the way he moves gives him some momentum as he leaps and actually spins about in the air to plant Marduk hard into the ground with Abel's shoulder slamming into the chest before he bounces off and lands on his feat. "Give me competition and I will team with you."

Oh heck this guy was not done.

As the mutton faced Abel lashes out, he actually manages to take Marduk off balanced as he takes a clean hit to the gut. In a close clinch, Marduk's defenses literally amounted to Marduk flexing his countless muscles, tensing up his body in the face of a brutal barrage. As the torso gets punished, it was almost enough to stop it. But as Marduk is pivoted hard to the ground, the slam comes HARD and Abel might have finished him up.

But Marduk rises.

"You want a bigger, better challenge, buddy?" Marduk growls as he rises up, not slowing down... again. He was dead focused on breaking Abel in. And while his body was black and blue to almost a sickening degree, he wasn't stunned, or stopped. He raises a finger. "Well first, THANK YOU for RESPONDING. COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT ON TEAMS! And NO, just think about it. If you are TEAMED UP with me, what challenges would there be? I am not just the best." Marduk bellows out hoarsely.


Little Timmy gives a cheer, before getting carted into the ambulance.

Marduk tries to give Abel a shove before he rises up and past. And Marduk would go for the trashiest of the trash. He would try and get behind Abel... and get him in a triangle choke. Yeah, exactly what it sounds like. Marduk was gonna try and get him out on submission. "Cause I'm so tough, there won't be ANY challenges on MY TEAM!"


COMBATSYS: Abel blocks Marduk's Choke Hold.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Marduk

Even as stone faced as Abel tries to remain he does feel a bit in awe at how well Marduk seems to recover from that assault and still has the energy to shout and flap his lips. He is strong and tough, Abel will give him that, but that confidence isn't going to win tournaments. "I hope you end up being wrong." Is all Abel says in response to there not being any challenges. His hand gets up to keep Marduk from locking on that choke hold fully. Abel is feeling his body start to give out on him, but he feels he has just a bit more left in the tank. Can he take Marduk down before his body fully gives up on him? He has no clue, but he is going to try his best.

His other hand reaches up and he tries to grip one of Marduk's meaty arms. The choke hold is a simple and effective move. Much the same way that Abel tries to just lean forward and throw Marduk off him and onto the ground is a rather simple move in itself. It isn't going to be something to take the bigger man out, but it at least will break the choke and let Abel breath better.

COMBATSYS: Marduk fails to interrupt Medium Throw from Abel with Bull Charge.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Abel             0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Marduk

Marduk wasn't done.

As the chokehold is reversed, Marduk was going to start charging forward. The idea was that Marduk would lift and carry the Frenchman across, and just -slam- him into the wall. That execution was not going so well as he is lifted up and over. If it was just that, it might be nothing.

But Marduk was still attacking as he goes over.

Marduk headbutts the ground as he lands on a grate in the fountain grounds. He doesn't stop headbutting the ground, as he goes into a berserker fury into it, spasming into it "YEAH! YEAH! HONK HONK HONK! HONK HONK HONK! HONK HONK- GABBABALABABLABLABALBA" The fountain lights up, as one of the grates shoots a plume of water into Marduk's mouth. Marduk begins to punch the water, fighting back as the water continues to attack. Marduk roars aloud as he suddenly starts punching the ground. "YEAH! YEAH! HONK HONK HONK!" He roars as breaks from the hold the water has on him, as the fountain goes all around. Finally, as he is blasted with the water from all sides, he begins to punch himself, trying to punch the water off. And with that, the fountain display ends. Marduk gasps for air, as he stands tall amongst the water. "Hah!"

"NICE WORK ABEL!" Marduk says, flashing a thumbs up.

"I didn't know you were a water expert!"

That......was unexpected. Abel is at least given a few moments break since Marduk seems more intent on punching himself or the water and ground. It is probably a break Abel needs to try and focus and figure out how he can bring this giant man down for good. "I am a man of many talents." His delivery is deadpan, but he has a feeling Marduk will think he is serious in the reply.

He takes in a deep breath and reaches up to try and wipe the blood from his vision. He can still keep focus on Marduk since he would be the largest object moving about, but things are starting to get a bit blurry. His body aches and he has various welts and swelling bruises all over. His face is not a pretty sight right now and yet despite all that he gives a small smile. "If you are done taking care of my water minion do remember I am still standing. En garde!"

COMBATSYS: Abel gains composure.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Abel             0/-------/------=|=------\-------\0           Marduk

"Damn, I really like what I see."

Marduk rubs his chin, tilting his head aside as he breathes hard. "Water minions... god damn you're like a ninja! Except you don't have tits. But like, there are ninjas without tits, so I guess that is okay." Marduk shrugs, and wipes the water off his hands. "Well, I think you passed my test! I think you're more than good enough for my team. You're DAMN good. I love your style, you're strong enough to throw me around, and bitch, you don't even lose your god damn head. I like that in a man! No homo! But before you get over, I just gotta do one thing.


Grinning like a kid pulling the wings off his first fly, Marduk thunders back. It... was probably a bad idea. Already, the bruises and battering was beginning to exhaust him. He was almost ready to collapse, either from the beating, or the exhaustion. And yet, he was thundering back. Marduk was lunging over, diving to snatch up Abel, and whip him right up like a rag doll. And unlike a rag doll, he would -smash- him across his knee, attempting to break in his new favorite person by... breaking him.

Marduk did not think things through very well.

COMBATSYS: Abel endures Marduk's Back Breaker.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  ////////                      ]
Abel             0/-------/--=====|====---\-------\0           Marduk

It is a weird form of acceptance. Abel is still unsure if he wants to be on this team, but it might be his best option and as strange and idiotic as Marduk is he will be a useful partner to have instead of face once again. As for Marduk hoping to break the Frenchman? Once again it is showing to be much harder than he probably thought and hoped it would be. Little Timmy he is not.

He stands his ground and he finds his body not wanting to exert much more unless he has to. Just trying to get out of the way of the charging man isn't really an option right now. His body is feeling heavy and he is lucky to keep standing. He braces himself as he is hefted up and Marduk treats the beaten up Frenchman like a ragdoll before smashing him down across that giant knee. Abel lets out a loud gasp and he rolls off the knee looking finally downed. Marduk might even think it is time to celebrate before a hand grapples his ankle. "I'm not....done quite yet." he murmurs and he starts to get to his feet somehow after that. "Let me celebrate our team forming by......this."

There is still strength in Abel. It is amazing he could even bring Marduk up again and he might truely not have the strength. Much like earlier he looks to heft Marduk about and spin him in the air a few times. Unlike the first time he used the throw he puts more weight into it and intends to land shoulder first into Marduk's chest when planting him hard in the ground.

COMBATSYS: Abel successfully hits Marduk with EX Tornado Throw.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///                           ]
Abel             0/-------/--=====|=======\-------\0           Marduk

The pain.

Marduk lets it all out, as he flexes to the crowd around. "I love this man! No Homo! But god damn I would fuck him raw he's so great! But not in a gay way, see-" His explaination is cut short as a hand comes on his ankle.


Marduk is whipped off his feet, and spun around. Slammed hard into the ground, there is a sound like a car engine getting knocked off it's block. Abel smashes down, and Marduk -groans- aloud, struggling under the impact. Flailing, he moans as he forces himself over, flopping. And Marduk yodels. "YEEEEEE HAAAAW!" He yells out. "OOF!"


Jezebel Failblesse watches the CRT television in the Thailand warehouse. She had a job to do, yes. But she wanted to see Abel. She wanted to see him. Jezebel was dressed in her cowgirl outfit, smiling as Abel hurls the other man away. "You... still... got... it..." Jezebel says, taking her lipstick out, and drawing on the television screen.

A cowboy hat on Abel.

And a Hoedown Dillo shell.


"Hot DAMN!" Marduk says, rolling over, collapsing on one knee, and forcing himself up. The top heavy man was swaying like crazy, barely able to stay together. But he was punching the air. "WOOO! WOOO! -HECK YEAH!- RAnd Marduk turns towards Abel, giving him a thumbs up... before unleashing the mother of all high fives right back at Abel.

That's too much High Five Marduk.

That's waaaaaaaay too much high five.

In any case, Marduk hits the ground face first after the high five.

Hopefully not on top of Abel, pinning him down.


Jezebel licks her lips.


COMBATSYS: Marduk can no longer fight.

[                         \\\\\  <
Abel             0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Marduk successfully hits Abel with Deathbringer.

[                                <
Abel             1/------=/=======|

He is still getting up? Abel had hoped he might have done enough to finally put Marduk away, but perhaps his toughness is far greater than what Abel calculated. Then that big paw is raised high and Abel starts to back away. He doesn't back away fast enough because that high five comes down fast and the behemoth falls right on top of Abel.

And well at least Marduk is down and out. The problem is Abel is trapped under him with no energy to move or push the bigger man off of him. Instead he just lays there as a sense of impending doom is overcoming him while he waits for medics to get a forklift to get Marduk lifted up and off of the Frenchman.

In the end he just has to wonder one thing. This perhaps was not the best of his ideas.

COMBATSYS: Abel takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Abel can no longer fight.

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