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Description: Felicia and Eliza go bra shopping. Yes, you read that right.

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The night was still young, but not those who dwell within it. Having thought a youthful looking woman was an easy mark, three young thugs decided to try and take advantage of her by following her down into an alleyway. Though it was their mistake to have ever chosen this course. Now bloodied and beaten, these young men just grown out in pain as the lay on the ground. Though only one of them is still conscious. A mistake easily fixed by the woman. Cradling the still conscious man's head against her chest, the woman merely smiled. "You'll make due..." A small scream is let out before it is violently silenced.

Stepping out of the alley, Eliza straightens herself a bit. His groggy eyes indicating either boredom or tiredness. That is, if she wasn't grunting in pain. Her top had become far too small for her. "Oh bother, I always forget to bring extra clothes..." She sighs wearily. She quickly surveys her surroundings, before giggling to herself. "Thats why I always find a meal in such -nice- places!"

Moving down the sidewalk, the woman's heels click as she begins to peruse the stores. Though her -assets- are big loosey goosey.

The moon hangs high in the sky, it's lunar rays inspiring madness and welcoming Darkstalkers all over the side of the globe that it touches. It invites them to play, to fight, to eat--but right now Felicia is not doing any of those things. In fact, she's just having a stroll down the sidewalk.

From the glimmering white dress and blue gloves and heels, though--it might be a bit surreal to see her--well, combined with the bottom-length bright blue hair, pair of white-furred cat ears sticking out, plus the long white tail. She's got a handbag around the crook of one arm and she's listening to music apparently on a pair of earbuds--sort of just lost in her own world. The scream does get her attention, as she crosses by the alley and came face to face with Eliza!

"Oh hi there, honey, you alright there?" she could smell the blood and feel that this was another dark one, though if she was worried about it, she didn't look at it. She simply pointed at Eliza's loosey-gooseyness, looking amused at that.

"Damn, did those things break their moorings and try to sail away?" she giggled, stepping closer. She was wearing bright red lipstick, sky blue eyeshadow and that glossy long blue hair was gently curled.

The woman was taking a moment, looking a rather beautiful looking dress that incorporated the cutest little straps. His eyes lazily moving back and forth as she scrutinized the materials used in it. "That's so lovely..." She remarked to herself. She may have seemed a bit odd, as she liked to talk to herself quite a bit.

Before long, Eliza found herself being talked to. Slowly canting her head, she bobbled a bit as if she was about to fall over. "Oh....Heywaaahhhh.." She yawned, and lightly waved her hand. "Hello there.." She finally managed to say. "I'm doing splendid, dear..." Again, she waved back and forth. It almost looked like she was drugged or something. As she danced in and out consciousness quick rapidly.

"Oh...I..." She then questioned, raising her hands up to her chest. At first it seemed like modesty, almost as if she was going to cover them. Her hands did fall back down and she giggled. "Yea...you could say I'm in need of some..." Another yawn, "Clothes..."

As Felicia drew closer, she might feel an incredible force weighing her down. Something beyond even the most powerful of Darkstalkers, though this force felt benign for the most part. The pressure was still quite intense.

Felicia kept smiling even as she could see the fangs inside Eliza's mouth as she yawned. Felicia kept hers in this form as well, though her rather pouty cupid's bow lips tended to hide them fairly well. She was with one of her people, for sure.

"Were you having a little BITE to eat, just now?" she grinned, her own ivory and sharp eyeteeth protuding over her plush red lips, jerking a gloved finger into the alley back there, before seemingly disregarding it. "Even *I* could have told you that, honey," Felicia snickered, which was perhaps amusing--Felicia was wearing a white cocktail dress with slitted skirt up to about mid-thigh, strapless of course--and those blue pumps of hers were Italian. It paid to have access to bank accounts supplied by Lee Chaolan.

"I think we could go into a department store since it's not too late, Macy's stays open pretty late," she nodded.

Eliza just continued to giggle in her sleep deprived way. "Oh that..." She grinned, and lightly moved her hand towards the alley. Almost as if not having enough energy to life it, her hand just sort of hangs there. "That was just a quick snack." Returning her gaze to Felicia, she brought her hand up to her face and pressed her finger against her pursed lips. "It's so hard to find strong men these days." She then looked down, "That, and clothes that a nice to look at. Well...clothes that won't 'let you down'?" A giggle leaves her crimson shaded lips.

At the offer of taking her to the department store, Eliza perked up slightly. "Well, dear, if it has dresses as beautiful as yours..." She slowly stepped towards Felicia, her first step a bit uncertain. After a few more, Eliza was able to finally get the rythem of walking down again. "The..." a quick yawn causes her to raise her hand up over her mouth. "There we go.."

As she aimlessly walks, Eliza can't help but add. "You'll just have to tell me who does your hair. It looks lovely..."

"Yeah, they call them push-up bras, honey, lets go," Felicia doesn't seem to mind helping a displaced 'friend' of hers with a little material possession-gaining, I mean, it's not like she's /stealing/, it's Lee's money! d'ohoho. She looked back at Eliza as she lamented the rather 'limp' constitutions of the men she'd just faced, shrugging a little.

"You looked like you licked them pretty good," Felicia smirked. Among other things too, likely. She wondered if they were mummified or not, briefly. She'd heard of vampires leaving their victims like that.

Felicia angled her gloved arm against Eliza's and would walk with her arm in arm into the store, unless Eliza protested. "Oh don't worry we'll find you something lovely," she grinned, then frowned a little. "Is it just close to dawn or something or do you get tired a lot? Maybe you have a lack of Iron in your diet?" she giggled again, apparently laughing at her own joke like an ass.

She'd soon bring Eliza to the lingerie section, because of course, that's what they were there for.

"The couldn't keep up with a woman like me..." Eliza shoots Felicia a knowing grin. "They were just....delicious." The woman had left them alive atleast. No sense in killing off a possible future meal, or a servant that just doesnt know it yet!

Eliza does take the other woman's arm, her free hand pressing to Felicia's upper arm. The Darkstalker looks like she's carrying a drunk friend away from a party at the moment. "No, no...I just..." She takes a moment as the two enter the store, the lights causing Eliza a bit of initial discomfort. "I just suffer from a medical condition..." The Vampire is able to atleast make it to the lingerie section without drawing too much attention.

Quickly unfurling her arm from Felicia's, Eliza begins to look through what the store has. "Alright. It needs to be....red. Yes, red. I like red..." She rambles a bit. "It's my FAVORITE color..."

"Couldn't keep up with that appetite either, I think," Felicia idly taps a finger against Eliza's waistline. I guess the term 'well-fed' would come into play here, in more ways than one!

"Alright lets see here, not wearing one with this dress, for obvious reasons, but when we need a good over the shoulder boulder holder..." Felicia takes her down the racks, looking here and there, picking one or two out before looking back at Eliza.

"Underwire--actually, on second thought, let's not--I don't think we need any innocent bystanders killed," she makes a 'yeek' face and puts one back, before scanning down the assortment. "Padded... no need for that, I think," she clucks her tongue and throws the next one back as well.

"Red? oh, I see, the coquette look," she smiled a bit, before finding a few that matched the criteria of 'red' and 'wouldn't sound like a suspension bridge cables protesting in a tropical storm', underwire /were/ metal banding, after all.

The Vampire had gotten off course a few times, only to be pulled along by her new feline *in hiding* friend. "Hey...ill have you know." Eliza almost seems awake at this moment. "That I've been able to keep my waistline for..." She stops for a moment and thinks. "For over 600 years." He cocks her hip to the side, and presses her hand against it in a haughty fashion. "Some would -kill- for my looks." Her smiles turns a bit dark. "Though..." She raises a crooked finger to her cheek. "One must wonder why you hide your true form? Not like these weak humans can do much about it?"

Thats when something that would be criminally small for her, catches her eye. "Oooh, look at this one!" He quietly sqeals out. "It's red with black lace..." She seems to ignore that it's far too small for her. "What do you think..." She then blinks her eyes. "Oh thats right, I didnt get your name love..."

Hanging the item up, she bows slightly. This action almost causing the woman to fall flat on her face. "My name is, Eliza." She is fortunate to catch herself before falling.

Wasn't much about Felicia she was hiding, she looked like a bodacious babe that had escaped from that lounge in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, what with that dress and all--but she didn't care. She didn't have to worry working for Violet Industries, after all, Lee Chaolan practically ran the place.

"Manipulating my shape is a learned skill of the Catwomen, and humans are more distracted by muscular and liche catwoman amazon women than say, what I look like now, and my boss likes it, which is a plus," she grinned.

"I think it'd make a good pair of pasties for you," Felicia grinned a little sheepishly, answering after a few moments of deliberation. It was super small. Way too small.

"I'm Felicia, hon, nice to meet you," she said as she busied herself prising Eliza off the floor, having to use both arms and throw her strength into it. As they say, 'That's a huge bitch!'.

Eliza is swept off the ground for a moment, causing her to exhibit a 'Whoa.' kind of reaction. She wasn't surprised at how strong Felicia was, more, she was a bit taken by Felicia was so sudden about it!

"Oh trust me..." Eliza began. "I know about shape changing. That's why we're even here, in the first place!" She retorted in a rather -catty- fashion, "That's too bad, it's just so cute." Elize lamented on her choice of brassiere, "I guess you're right though. I dont want that kind of attention...not -yet- anyways."

Unlike before, Eliza seems to be more cognizant than before. It seemed to happen when Felicia began showing off her strength. "However, I would find your real form far more beautiful than this facade. Humans need to know their inferiority. They are made to serve us. Wouldn't you agree?" The woman continues to eye the Darkstalker, almost as if she was a piece of food. "Only the strong deserve to rule..."

"Hey I don't mind what you wanna wear, but, it might not really help you so much as look amusing," Felicia shrugs, then proceeds on. "I wonder how you'd look in a sporta bra, really, hrm," she peered at Eliza then blinked at what she said next.

"Well sure, you can see my real form when we're someone more private, hon," she peered at Eliza. "And no that wasn't a pass," she sighed a bit as she moved past her, selecting a big black and red lace brassiere for her, about number 3 now, before turning back to her.

"Easy for you to say, miss powerful vampire lady. Alright there, Countess, we should go while the getting is good, I could use a tuna sub before bed," she says with a little grin.

The Vampire just grinned mischeviously, "I guess you're right, dear. One must have some class when choosing clothing." While Eliza sometimes acted bubbily, she did have a prestigous image to protect! It's just a challenge when you're always falling asleep. The evening was still quite young, so who knows what might happen.

"I would greatly enjoy that, hon." She adds when Felicia -offers- to show her natural form. While it's a light -possibility-, Eliza is definitely more interested in the Darkstalker now. "I can already tell that you command people. You have that -biting- attitude when you're serious. A very -respectable- trait to have."

"Yes, I do believe I am getting a bit famished myself." Even though the Vampire had just drained three men of their blood, the hunger is always there. A primodial instinct that is instilled with the curse. "Lets get going..."

"Alright then, lets see how much these ring up as and I'll be right with you," Felicia bundles the three bras up and heads off to the checkout with Eliza to make sure they're paid for. She wasn't sure if Eli would just try to walk out with them or what, but she wasn't going to do that.

"I do command people, people that aren't my boss," she grins. She hadn't been big on bossing the mob flunkies around when she worked for Stray or Cracker Jack, but when she was 'fixed' by Lee she sure as heck got a bit more 'pro-active'.

"Took the words right out of my mouth, Eli," Felicia grinned, running the violet industries logo credit card through the scanner as she got the checkout counter. This might create some... interesting questions, perhaps, when Lee sees just the sizes that were printed on the receipt--if they did that. Felicia didn't quite /ahem/ stack up /that/ much!

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