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Description: Felicia has been having a tough time with her life. After her meeting with Miguel, she had finally begun to realize the awful people she has been working with. The Mr. Burrs, the Strays, and now there is even her own boss, Lee Chaolan. She wanted to just walk away, she just wanted to forget about all this. No more fighting, no more SNFs, no more violence. She just wanted to escape. So Lee Chaolan gives her the offer of a lifetime to wipe the slate clean... an offer she won't be able to refuse. She would be escaping in a sense. But where she would flee to was far from home...

Downtown typically wasn't the place you would have these kinds of things.

At the Itinerant Compassion Project Assistance House, where local vagrants can come to find help and job opportunities in downtown Southtown, the place was a discrete, moderately funded place of social work. Where the homeless and the suffering can find respite. Families can get food and surprisingly well paying jobs, as well as even child-care services while single moms, pops, or even older siblings can get help in taking care of their loved ones. Those with mental facilities, just down on their luck, can get similar help. There were even a hostel, where people could live.

And for the tough to deal with cases?

They were in the special work labs.

Lee Chaolan was in fact making a point to visit this ICP site, overviewing the latest beneficiary of the ICP outreach program. The executive was dressed in a business suit, dark grey and perfectly formed. Lee was watching through a soundproof glass window, sitting in a velvet plush couch, as the figure within, now clean shaven and showered, was writhing on the surgical table as tubes and electrodes were running on him. His jaw was open. The technicians dressed in green smocks were restraining him down. They could hear his screaming. But Lee?

Lee Chaolan was crossing his fingers.

There was a very tight time table today. A very special person would be coming in today; the front desk was alerted on his special assistant. It was, after all, a privilege to be a Violet Girl. And sometimes, a Violet Girl was expected to do a little more than model, to smile, to advertise. Sometimes, she would fail. Sometimes, her boss would see her failure publically, when both her and her target show up on camera at two separate SNFs. Sometimes, she would have to answer to her boss, in a place like this. Lee Chaolan idly sips his highball glass. Lee Chaolan was a fair boss, or at least he would consider himself one.

He just needed to hear her side of the story.

Felicia had failed against Burr, but she hadn't failed against Rainbow Mika--still it hadn't made a lot of difference to Felicia. Somewhere deep inside of her, she was re-affirmed of her abilities--she was getting better. Still, the meeting with Miguel had crushed her, internally--she still wasn't sure how she could continue. She had no control of her life. She had to dance to the tune of whatever freak or scumbag was paying her wages this week--like Stray, or Cracker Jack, and there was no recourse--she was a darkstalker. She didn't have a social security number, she wasn't even sure if Rose had gotten her a birth certificate. She worked for terrible people--murderers, human traffickers, pimps, drug dealers--not directly maybe, in most cases, but the men who directed them. And it would never stop. Sooner or later, she was going to get someone innocent killed, or maybe she already had--or help someone doing it.

As she walked into the office to meet Lee, she was wearing the same trench coat and boots she had been when she visited Migs in Tokyo, she hadn't even bothered to take a flea bath after being down there.

Lee Chaolan was a league of his own amongst the murderers, human traffickers, pimps, and drug-dealers. He was an ally to many. An enemy to some. But what Lee Chaolan wants was much more than what those human filth wanted. A gentler touch, or a much more insidious one. As Felicia drags herself in, he looks towards the door... and can see it on her face. "Felicia I-"

"Oh dear~" Lee Chaolan stands up. Striding with an air of confidence, his smile was less aloof, and more... trying to cheer up. A sympathetic smile. Certainly, she was not in his favor right now. But that was no reason to look so down. Motioning her to the couch. "Have a seat my dear." He gestures, approaching to her side to escort her to the couch. Behind him, through the window, the figure on the surgical table had stopped moving. Lee Chaolan winks at Felicia.

"And tell me what's troubling you, my dear~"

Felicia lets herself be sit down on the couch, moving down to undo her jacket--letting her legs and the well, rest of her out, including her tail. Her huge mane of hair is down and pulled out from behind said coat as well. Underneath it she was just wearing a sports bra and bicycle shorts, all black spandex--likely with the violet industries logo on it somewhere. Hey, free threads--and the boots were some sort of knee high white gogo-boot style affair, likely a men's pair too, since she might not have been able to hit a specialty store with a woman's size 12 or so.

"I wasn't able to get Miguel to come here. I couldn't fight him."

For all her appearances, Lee Chaolan never felt unnerved by her. She was more human than some of the people he had to deal with. A spark of humanity, unfortunately, belaying her supernatural abilities. He did expect her to beat up Miguel... or at least GET beaten up, so he could parade around a broken catgirl as a victim of the Spaniard's wanton and reckless nature. Lee Chaolan sips his drink, as he takes his seat beside her.

"I -suspected- something like that happened."

Lee Chaolan throws an arm around Felicia's shoulder. He was calm, even warm. Certainly, it was a disappointment. But Felicia had come back to him. "What was the problem, Felicia? Did he seem too tough to fight?" A sparkle comes in his eyes, as the technicians fight to revive the man on the table.

"Did you have a loss of confidence?"

"He said you did horrible things to him and his sister. I don't really care if they were true, or not--I just no I am never going to escape this," Felicia looked up to the man who'd put an arm around her, and shook her head.

"I'm condemned, before I even had a chance to do anything--I'm a darkstalker. Jedah did a lot of damage to our public image--I am not sure if I can do anything to turn it around. I don't get to have a life, not like you, anyway," she looked at the arm and then to Lee. "I don't even know what to do now, It's like a weird version of Original Sin, I was born into it," but she doesn't seem sad, more... resigned.

"I want there to be something that could help me, but I don't think there is, I want to get really drunk, or something," she shakes her head a little.

"Or maybe I should just run away."

"I did horrible things to him and his sister?"

Lee Chaolan actually laughs aloud at that. "I should have suspected he would have restrained himself." He hugs her softly, before rising back up into a stand. "There is a truth to it, I'm afraid. I rather not besmirch the reputation of my family, but, know well enough that accidents do happen, and I had nothing to do with his sister's passing." Vague enough to be believable, direct enough to seem sincere. And just enough guilt in the tone to communicate something else. "Darkstalkers -are- having a tough time, it seems. Be happy you haven't been on that island; you would have hated Darkstalkers too!" And he wags his finger.

"And I believe he would appreciate being called Lord Dohma, my dear."

Lee Chaolan seems to consider briefly, watching Felicia, his mind carefully stirring as he walks to the wall. "Fortunately for you, dear, I think there is definately something I can do for you. Lets start with a drink, however." Tapping the wall, a pull-out bar emerges, complete with a Combot bartender. These homeless shelters are getting well funded. As the technicians shake their heads, Lee Chaolan holds up two fingers at the bartender.

"Two fingers~"

As the Combot gets to work, he glance back at his wayward Violet Girl. "You just need to clear your head my dear. Running away is never the answer, you know. You are a strong, talented woman. You are just having a rough patch right now. I hope you tolerate tequila. I had expected a different guest, but, well, you can't make lemonade without lemons." And he gives a wink.

"Or limes in this case!~"

"So you tortured him?" Felicia starts, but then sort of relents, and doesn't press the issue. She had thought Lee was just this overly eccentric young CEO of this giant company, sorta like a young Donald Trump, he was weird and ruthless and even comical but he didn't do horrible things... right? Well she had an idea that he did, of course, now--but in her state she didn't seem to care. Thinking about things hurt too much. Right now she didn't want to think about anything.

"Whiskey is worse," Felicia says with a shrug of her shoulders, not seeming to turn down the offer of a drink. "I just hope you have enough, it takes /a lot/ of alcohol to get me drunk... damn Werecat regeneration..." she felt dead inside still, usually these were the times she felt like drinking, if she ever did. She didn't normally. Whatever life was supposed to be, at this point she just wanted it to be over. Maybe that was the joke, and she just wasn't getting it.

Lee Chaolan's tone begins to harden.

"Felicia, don't worry about what that brute had told you." Lee Chaolan's tone was growing a hint more defensive. "All you need to know is that he had attacked one of my most precious projects. She was going to be a champion in the King of Fighters. And she was struck down at her moment of greatness. Great things must be fostered, and grown. Felicia, you are a great woman... and to be honest, I feel like I've neglected your greatness." And there, the Combot finishes preparing the drink. The special cocktail, made for Miguel, with just a little added kick that would make this evening not a waste. Miguel would come to him soon, he knew. This time, he wouldn't waste his time with Yoshiaki's games.

But something more... marketable.

Lee Chaolan returns to the couch, holding the glass of tequila with a slice of lime. ""Honestly, Felicia, your best attributes aren't your thinking, but your incredible body." On the other side of the glass, the technicians load the man in wheelchair. He was moving on his own. But he wasn't responsive in any meaningful way. Lee Chaolan was over Felicia from behind, rubbing her shoulder with one hand. "Your werecat regeneration is actually quite fascinating. I never realized that your kind could be so resilient. Still, it's a stiff drink, I do hope the drink is strong enough for you."

And then, Lee Chaolan would wait. Watch.

She realized that Chaolan was probably not happy with her, and she had watched enough cartoons or Bond movies to know what happens when people screw up in the service of Supervillains or mad scientists. Lee was basically both--a bit of Ernst Blofeld and Dr. Wily wrapped up into a young, aggressive package. Maybe with a bit of She stared at the drink for a few moments before tipping it back and more or less downing the entire thing in one shot. Why not? She didn't want to /be/ right now, might as well get rounded for a while.

She looked over at the man as he was wheeled out of the weird room they were keeping him in. Somehow she didn't think that Violet Industries was sponsoring a hooked-on phonics program in the soundproof room for homeless people. At this point she didn't really care if had a taxidermy operation setup in there. Felicia doesn't seem to exactly mind that the guy in the wheelchair looks... out of it.

The listless man was carted past Lee Chaolan and Felicia.

Lee Chaolan's expression sweetens as Felicia downs the drink. As the technicians chair him out, Lee Chaolan gasps in surprise. "Ah, I see you notice this man. A sad sort; no friends, no family, and was especially rude to his fellow vagrants. Normally, I would be suited to have them test out the V-Gage, but I have been working hard on a new treatment, to cure undesirable and practically rude people in become prim and proper men and women. With my generous donations, and of course, my hand picked managers, the ICP has been extraordinarily generous in providing subjects." Lee Chaolan stops his backrubs, and circles to the front of the couch.

"You see, Felicia, I've been having trouble with people not doing what they are expect to do."

"The treatment is built onto the HitBit technology, you see; you perform neurofeedback to reverse their nervous system, using carefully timed electrical impulses. We saw their effects in the RUMBLE tournament, this is only the extension of it. Of course, to keep your organs from failing, we provide a careful cocktail of drugs to help subdue the mind, relaxing you, and allow the body to not tear itself apart. In theory the chemicals should prevent the typical side effects of that, and there, the real fun begins, Felicia."
%He gives a roguish wink.

Tapping the side of his head, he explains. "It turns the mind into a blank slate, easily rewired and reshaped. We could eliminate addiction, remove undesirable anger issues; why, could you imagine how much society would be improved if we could just wipe away mental disease and personality disorders." And yet, Lee Chaolan shakes his head. "Unfortunately, the balance of the chemicals has been very finnicky, you see. Too much of the drugs, and the body organ's shut down- starting with the brain. Too little brains? And you practically lobotomized the subject. I had hoped I would be able to test out the next round on Miguel, but... well, you do have an extraordinary constitution, Felicia." Lee Chaolan finishes his highball, and lets the glass fall from his hand with a shatter. The executive leans over, moving to hook his arm under Felicia's shoulder. "You must be having trouble standing now, Felicia."

"Let me help you up~"

Felicia didn't resist when the exec came over and slipped his arm up under hers and began to lead her away into the strange sound-proofed room. She could twist her arm and pull that man's arm of it's socket like a wing off an uncooked chicken, with bloody and horrible results. She was so depressed she couldn't even summon anger, nevermind bring herself to do something that cruel. She was never like that, not ever in her life--she could fight if she had to, sure--and even do things like the Saturday Night Fights--they were extra cash, and helped her get work--and best of all she didn't really have to hurt her opponents.

As she was led into the room she wasn't even really feeling anything different, at first--the slight stumble she exhibited could have been the entire glass of whatever that was she just drank. If she was supposed to be paralyzed, that Catwoman regeneration factor was likely leaving her able to move and walk as she was laid down onto the table, her coat, boots and other clothing were swiftly removed--the shorts and sportsbra by scissors, like she was going in for an operation. She only started to feel the drugs after a while.

"Don't worry Felicia!"

Lee Chaolan says sweetly, carrying her in his arms bridal style. Certainly, if it was a clean fight, he could have subdued her the hard way. But it was much more simple this way. And far less cruel. The executive's voice was bright and gentle, inspiring her as he marches his new subject into the back room. "If the procedure is successful, you won't remember any of this! Well, if it isn't, you probably wouldn't remember a thing either. Ha ha ha!" He looks firmly at her in the eyes, and does lower his voice as the technicians return, short one person. "I am very serious though, Felicia. I will make sure you will only have the best memories. No pain, no sense of rejection. Nobody laughing at you, or calling you a freak. You will only have the wonderful memories of being happy, being famous..."

".. and being mine."

Lee Chaolan lays her on the table. Already, the technicians begin inserting the IVs, attaching the diodes, preparing the electrodes. Lee Chaolan wasn't going to wait in the other room. He would be holding the paw of Felicia, to stay at her side at this one. Soon, the second dosage would be putting her under. But when she does, she will have the smiling face of Lee Chaolan. "And when you wake up?"

"It will be a brand new you~"

"Pretty sure you're going to need a lot more than this to make me a real person," Felicia muttered, hell, part of her was even amazed Lee was able to pick her up like that--but then he wasn't that short or frail of a guy. She kind of underestimated his physical ability, a bit. Right up until the end, she sort of thought this was a bit silly.

"What's all this for, anyway, you guys trying to brainwash me, or somethin'?" she muttered, finding that humorous, to say the least. To think, Lee had put this all on to try to control her or something. What a trip, like that would ever work--

Felicia sunk into the great forgetful river, and that river was time, and it's waters were violet.

For days she was strapped into that chair, rigged with electrodes, going through something unspeakable. And she remembers loving every minute of it.


The lights come up in a long oval room, the walls, floor and ceiling padded and tested for over 5000 lbs of PSI pressure, like what might be used to test the physical abilities of robots or experimental animals. Men file into the room and surround a lone figure standing there--in what looks like a white blouse, purple tie and skirt and knee-high low-heeled gogo boots. As well as a white tail, ears and a long mane of blue hair.

The men are armed, in tac gear, wielding guns--others in karate gis and nunchaku and flails, all are huge, well trained professional mercenaries and martial artists.

As a klaxxon sounds off they all go for her--the figure turning and with green eyes and a fanged grin she proceeds to go to work.

Rifles are slapped out of the mercs hands by white-furred hands and tail, in a single turn she has already disarmed two of them--kicking the thirds M16 out with her booted foot. She proceeds to grab the one nearest with her clawed hands and jabs two fingers into his eyes, her fingers coming away bloody--then using him as a human shield as another man begins to open up on her with his rifle--his body is used as a projectile and comes sailing right towards him, knocking him down and his rifle goes clattering to the floor. She proceeds to knock two more out with a round house kick--grabbing one of the martial artists and headbutting him, then while he's stunned she pulls back her right foot and brings the heel of her boot down hard into his kneecap with a full force kick--shattering it like a clay pigeon being hit with a 1 ounce slug and sending bone fragments, blood and tendons spilling out the other side, rupturing out.

Within a few moments all the combatants are unconscious or incapacitated. Blood is everywhere.

Felicia turns and gives a happy grin, that felt /good/.

As it should feel good.

Lee Chaolan did not have perfect expectation for Felicia. After all, she was simply mortal. Just less so than the average person. Certainly, she was undergoing a torment she was mercifully asleep for. But as her nervous system refused to die, it became such a fertile grounds for revisioning. Where there was shame, there was now arrogance. Where there was restraint, there was a unfettered hold. Where there was the sense of love and decency for humanity, there was a new subject for such love and decency.

Lee Chaolan himself.

That is why when she finishes ripping apart his soldiers, his troops, he does not recoil. What he gives is a light applause. Stepping amongst his team, as the medical staff rushes, the well-dressed executive simply gushes. A trained killer. But Lee Chaolan wanted something more. "Well done, oh good, oh wonderful, OH! EXCELLENT!~" The executive extends the crook of his arm, beckoning her to be brought heel.

"Now, come here, pudding~"

It's true Felicia was certainly a... hardy creature, her Catwoman regeneration allowed her to withstand things a normal human would not fare well against. Though as Felicia turned and saw Lee Chaolan, her face practically lit up at the sight of the CEO with his white hair and strange hard-edged features. She gleefully steps over the broken bodies of the poor men she'd nearly just killed and left snapped like twigs on the floor to get to him--and that extended arm.

"Did you like it, Mr. Chaolan? I made sure to blind one of them just for you," with a speed that rivaled Speedy Gonzales she zipped to his side and curled herself around him--her arms entwining with the one he'd presented to her crooked like that. She was already purring like a B-52 as she spooned up against his side, nothing but love and adoration in her eyes.

"I feel so much better after that treatment you organized for me, Mr. Chaolan, thank you," she leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek, one of her legs going up and back girlishly as she leaned in. And of course as she did so, her long white tail snapped up and curled itself into a cartoony heart shape behind her.

"I adored it... as much as I adored you~"

The executive tickles under the new, reformed Felicia's chin, tendering and toyingly. Her speed did not catch him off guard. He expected no less. It was simply a psychological tweak. It's value in the long run, was still questionable. He would be waiting and seeing. And if Felicia still does not perform to expectations? Well, he could always try it again. And again. And again. Eventually, she would break in theory. But until then? He would have his fun. And then he turns his head. Lee Chaolan glances towards -you-, reader, peering through the fourth wall. Nodding knowingly, at what was unfolding. And he flashes you a thumbs up.


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