Felicia - Operation Miguel

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Description: Felicia goes to Miguel's Secret Hobo Lair beneath Tokyo to convince him to come back to Lee with her.

Lee Chaolan had asked Felicia to go after Miguel and get him to return with her. Sounded simple enough, right? Well, that wasn't all--the CEO of Violet Industries wanted him to bring him back by /force/ if necessary. While out of her normal wheelhouse, Felicia was done working for guys like Stray and Cracker Jack--at least for now. And while this seemed fairly illegal and a bad thing to do, well--she'd been doing a lot of bad things lately, and so far this seemed to be the least bad thing she'd been asked to do. Felicia had mustered her courage and said she'd do it--almost taking this as a challenge--now she just had to find the little bugger. She must say, she didn't spend a lot of time roaming around trainstations, even if she did normally stick to alleys and other remote ways to pass through a city at sometime. So many rats down here living among the high voltage train lines... Note to self, take flea powder bath when you get back home.

It might not take her too long to locate Miguel's bolthole down here, she had Darkstalker senses and likely had already gone through some of Miguel's things (provided by Lee, no doubt) to get the scent of him--now she just had to flush him out. Which for now likely involved looking around and trying to find out if there was a door--maybe she'd get lucky and there'd be an airvent.. or maybe a doggy door she could transform and slip through? You don't know how many times that had earned her a sandwich back in the day.

Miguel was wanted by many. He worked with escaped convicts, and Lee himself was hunting him down, or at least his minions. He had to make sure his location was well hidden. No one could find out where he and his compatriots lurked.

After grabbing from plums from a nearby vendor, Miguel opened the scrap wood door to the underside of the platform in a busy train station.

His hobo lair was dark, dirty, rat filled, and filled with the sounds of high speed trains. Past the newspaper beds and the 'kitchen' area, there was a cardboard box table with various cables jury rigged to a laptop. The sole source of light bore a large shadow, cast by the 'artist' Yosuke. The reason this spot was picked to squat, was just so Yosuke could use the free wi-fi. The corpulent man was working on his latest 'piece'.

Miguel learned it was best not to look at the screen.

Felicia strode right up to the subterranean Hobo Lair that Miguel had constructed, wearing what looked like a full-length coat and a pair of boots--yes, boots, she wasn't going to wear sandals down here, or go barefoot, ew--and knocked on the door. The place was plywood and would likely rattle under the force she was using just to knock.

"Alright, I know you're in there--I can smell you, Miguel--come on out, we need to talk," She likely thought the breathing and whatnot she could hear in there was Miguel, not Yosuke.

Miguel was suspicious, he attempted to open the door a crack to see who was there. But the entire door fell down and broke in two. The muscle bound Spaniard was left staring at this women with strange ears. Surprised, He shouted out to Yosuke.

"Did you call in another one of your 'models' ?"

The fat and pimply man slowly stood back up and waddled towards the remains of the door.

"No I didn't call her. If she is the one I ordered, that is the worst Spanglekin get-up ever. She didn't even bring the dillo gear"

"Nice place you got here," Felicia peered between the rather rotund gentleman sitting there staring at the screen and into the place towards the voice of Miguel. No doubt she'd recognize the voice from video footage provided by Lee. "Err, hello--wait what, model? Just what kind of model are you talking about here?!" she sounded a bit worried and concerned, though not exactly afraid, she was more... wanting to know exactly what they were mistaking her for.

"I need to talk to Lee, it's important."

Miguel perked up at hearing Lee mentioned. He gestured to welcome Felicia into his hobo den. Offering her a seat on a newspaper pile, a started to talk.

"So your here about Lee, did you see my message then. Are you here to join us in bringing that disgusting pomp to justice for everything he's done?"

Felicia looked around, even though she was a Darkstalker and used to be homeless, and was literally eating out of dumpsters at one point, years ago--she seemed to be somehow horrified of the interior of the place. She declined to sit.

"Err, I can talk standing--actually, I was asked to come find you and ask you to come back to Lee for a chat," Felicia's tail swayed around beneath the hem of her jacket, looking back at Miguel.

"Would you be okay with coming back with me, or...?" she looked back at Yosuke, apparently just a bit creeped out by that buy--but she had been around a lot of guys like that before. She apparently had a tolerance to them.

The grin the was growing on Miguel's face died immediately. He didn't look Felicia in the eyes when he spoke to her in his resigned voice.

"So, Lee sent you. Seeing as the last time we had a nice friendly chat, he ended up passed out and bleeding, I doubt that is what he really wants."

He started eating his plums. "If he just wanted to chat, a simple phone call would do, or a video chat since he apparently already knows where I am, since he sent you here."

Well this was going south quickly, Felicia thought.

"I actually had to find you, it wasn't /that/ easy, took me hours--but yeah, you're not willing to come back are you?" Felicia stared back at Migs and how his face fell and had to feel bad about it. She was comitted to what she was doing, but she still had to admit, making people the opposite of happy was going to be a new and awkward thing for her, at least for a while.

"Well, I gathered you two weren't on the best of terms, or the like, I'm sorry you're not getting along, and all that," did she think they were friends, or related, or the like?

Miguel started to laugh. He was laughing at what Felicia just said. "Not getting along? Hahaha. That's bit of an understatement. You seem like a nice girl, a nice girl Lee didn't tell the whole story too."

Miguel sat down and sprawled over his newspaper mattress. "How would you like to hear how things are on my side of this, Miss... what was your name?"

"Felicia, no family name--and it's not really my job? I'm one of his employees, he tells me to go somewhere and find someone, I do it," Felicia looked around the Hobo Lair. "I guess it's more of a feud thing going on? I take it I won't be able to persuade you to come back to meet him, then," she shrugged a little.

"Well, sure, you can explain it to me," she nodded, she was patient enough for that, at least!

Miguel reclined onto a dented trash can a started his story. "It all started with my sister . She was the only one who really cared about me. Then on her wedding day, some jet's from Lee's family bombed the church. I held her dead body in the still burning ruble that day."

Miguel leaned forward a grew silent for a moment, as if holding back tears. He regained a semblance of composer and continued. "Then I went to talk with Lee to get some answers, to get help. But he attacked me, shackled me up, and dragged me to his labs. He had his doctors cut me up like I was a dead frog. When he made me be a play thing of one of his more disgusting employees, I had a bomb around my neck."

Miguel looked Felicia straight in the eyes when he finished. "Then I escaped with another victim wearing a bomb collar, and now I'm trying to get vengeance for everything that has happened to me, and my dear sister."

"If me and Lee are going to have a chat, I won't to be walking out of there."

"Bomb collar?" Felicia had to admit, she had never heard any of this, nor did she have any reason to suspect Lee actually /did/ things like this. But... those guys on the ship /had/ also been connected to Violet, hadn't they? Or didn't he own the island it the ship was going to? The giant cruise ship she had participated in an SNF on. Was there more she didn't know here?

"God, you make him sound like some kind of mad scientist mastermind or supervillain," she blinked as her green eyes read the expression in Miguel's, and realized that he was at least telling the truth on one thing, he was definitely not going back.

"So, that's how it is, huh," her face fell as well, and she looked down. She couldn't control anything, could she? When she had gotten wrapped up with these people, it was like a toy sailboat being tossed around in a hurricane. Whether it was Mr. Burr, Chaolan, Cracker Jack or Stray--mostly everyone wanted her to do something horrible, and it was because she had to work off the grid most of the time, she was a Darkstalker, right? Not really a person. Not yet, she wasn't, anyway--and especially since Jedah had screwed the situation up royally.

"So I..." she didn't think she was able to really do this, she couldn't in her right mind try to strongarm Miguel into coming back with her. She felt very small and weak inside now. She might as well go back to Lee and explain things. She felt dead inside, lost and despondant.

"I... guess I gotta go then, you uh... might wanna do something about this one over here, he's kind of creepy," she raised a red-clawed finger towards Yosuke, who was probably still eyeing her all creeper-like.

Upon being recognized, Yosuke stopped sketching Felicia as a Spanglekin. "No wait, stay here, I am almost done. You would make an excellent model, we can worry about the dillo nose later."

Yosuke went out to touch the sharp red claw Felicia was pointing at him with his fat and sticky hobo hands.

Felicia looked back at Yosuke who was now reaching out to touch her hand. Her expression was pretty blank, but with a stiff resigned-ness to it.

"Modeling? I don't think you could afford me," she peered back at the hand now coming toward her and she used her index finger to flick one of his fingers away--which might cause a little discomfort--but she didn't wanna touch that guy to scratch him.

"I better go now, before this one gets grabby, I'll forget where this place is," and she headed out. To where for now? Well, it wasn't clear.

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