SNF 2017.05 - SNF: ISLAND FIGHTS 'Hitomi v Rainbow Mika'

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Description: HITOMI would probably remember this SNF's pool from the last time she fought here on Zack Island. She should also remember the "butt battle" rules -- that is, both fighters will be positioned on floating platforms only about two feet square, and the "safest" way to attack your opponent is via derriere. Luckily, her opponent RAINBOW MIKA is also versed in the arts of Keijo!!!!!!!!* (* all exclamation points are contractually necessary)

Rainbow Mika has been working hard for the last few weeks; she's been bouncing from one match to another and hitting as many promotions as she can to help build her reputation. Her recent lost to Sven was a bit of a downer, but at least her victory against Rochelle reinvigorated her. With that particular success, Mika jumped at the chance for another event through PFW. Even better, this one is set an an exotic beach resort! Mika was PUMPED at the chance of a good fight at a nice, cozy beach resort. It was about time for a vacation--even if it was a working vacation.

Now that she's here, Mika is less than impressed. Exotica Sands is anything but high class, and from what she's seen so far--anything but relaxing, either! Even so, Mika has tried to make the best of it. It's still the beach, right? RIGHT?! She even gets to her match early--and as always, Mika is ready and raring to go. She's dressed in her swimsuit--a blue two piece in the same color as her usual wrestling uniform. She even has her mask on and her hair up in her usual pigtails. What's different, however, is that Mika's also glad in a mesh, practically see-through blue "swim" hoodie with yellow and pink stripes along the side. She's also wearing matching blue flip-flops, as one must when at the pool.

As the match gets ready to start, Mika paddles a small float over to the floating platform. As she does, she lifts the oar (covered in green algae) out of the water. Mika grimaces and sticks her tongue out. "Guh!! Who's in charge of cleaning this thing?" Even so, she refuses to back down, and steps off of her float and onto the platform--gingerly. She doesn't want to wind up in that muck.

Mika's opponent is also hanging out around poolside but spending most all her time speaking to the staff on hand. She didn't understand anything about all of this. There was seemingly no effort being made to clean up; the settings for the fights or even just disaster relief taking place on the island. Di-didn't the whole island sink?

Even if it had! (Could islands actually sink? ... *brisk headshake to derail that train of thought*) this pool could have been cleaned up in half a day or a few hours even. Instead they'd be playing this game over water the colour of expired and foamy chocolate milk. There were even twigs and fern branches still floating in the water.

Hitomi was getting the general impression that she was just making life harder for the staff. They didn't respond to any of her with anything more than commiseration and explaining they had no power over such things. It just made her feel worse for complaining rather than getting on with the show. Which was what she should be doing.

Unzipping and struggling out of an unadorned and plain thigh length hoodie with one of the arms hanging empty.

Bright citrus yellow and green, lemon and lime coloured bikini with thick bright green cording and ties at both sides of her hips. The triangular pattern of cloth covering a formidable bust stretches high vertically to Hitomi's collarbone where another loop of green circles across the back of her neck. Where the wealth of bandages are concentrated.

A square patch stuck to her cheek, neck-to-ribs bandaging on her left side. Her arm hanging in the sling with a new looking 'water-resistant' cast prepared for just this even. Even down to her sneakered feet there seems to be bandages on the one foot extending above the ankle.

Shivering for a moment at the sudden dip in temperature shedding a layer of clothing the girl starts calisthenics routine to get the blood flowing and loosen up those muscles.

"One-two-three! ... Ein-Zwei-Drei-"

Rolling her upper body around she finally notices Mikas appearance and blinks in mild surprise.

"Ohai-yoo- Mika-san! That top is so cool looking, and a cute swimsuit!"

Hitomi adored the cut and colour was her favourite. Whatever fabric that hoodie was made of it was clear enough that the 'contractually obligated' swimsuit battle could take place while Mika actually got to wear an extra layer of clothing.

"Hitomi-san!!!" Mika calls out. "Thanks!! I needed something stylish and memorable!" A pause. "But what happened?? Are you sure you're in condition to fight?" Mika gestures at the bandages and the cast. Mika pauses again, this time more thoughtfully. "Not that you should really need you arms for /this/ battle, but anyway..."

Mika works her arms, getting limbered up. "I hope you're ready! I'm no slouch here, and don't think I'll go easy on you if you go ahead with this!"

Hitomi pauses in her movement and abandons the workout. Hand rising to cover her heart she remains silent for the briefest of moments before her hand closes into a fist.

"I'm fine! I'm fine!"

The police had suggested she not make a big deal about it or otherwise mention the perpetrator or his motive in attacking her. She'd lost some weight and picked up a bit more muscle since the last time she and Mika had fought. Hospital food and physiotherapy mostly to thank for such dramatic results in terms of losing some of that softness, the short cut hair also made he look a lot younger.

"Yeah, that was my thinking. Aaaaand- It would have been nice to get away on a holiday to a nice tropical island. ---"

They all knew how that had turned out. The fighting itself was payment due for an expense paid holiday, and she was pretty eager to get back on her feet and test her limits. Her arm lifted and coaxed out of the sling which she discards and leaves beside her crumpled up hoodie.

"I intend to win! ...just so you know."

She did have some experience with playing this game, at least insofar as playing it once before. The hop and skip across the foam platforms only nearly meets with disaster the once as she windmills her good arm to steady herself before skipping to the next and finally the singular large platform.

"If you say so!" Mika nods firmly. She doesn't seem to disagree so much as roll with it. If Hitomi's willing to fight, injuries aside, then Rainbow Mika is not the sort of person to turn her down. Mika continues to stretch, hopping across the rest of the platforms carefully until she lands on the center.

"Well that's a problem, because I intend to win to!" Mika says enthusiastically, pointing a finger at Hitomi as she does.

With that done, Mika spins around with a short hop, putting her back to Hitomi (and likely putting the both of them back-to-back on the small platform). Once she does, she smacks the sides of her own bottom with both hands. "I hope you're ready for the power of my Shooting Peach!"

And, as if on cue, Mika throws herself backwards butt-first, intending to slam into Hitomi's backside with her own considerable rear-end. "Strength and weight are critical to wrestling! You'd better hope you can keep up!"

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hitomi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Rainbow Mika's Shooting Peach!!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

Shooting Peach? Was- was that the name of a move or had she named herc there was a resemblance to a peach now that Mika had mentioned i--hhhit! Step lively!! Hitomi is already moving aside to avoid being directly in front of that thrust. As Mika had suggested and given Hitomi a cue to move, strength and weight were indeed key to any kind of king of the hill game. In this game however they were strength and liability both depending on how you used them, the instability of the platform and the unpredictable movements of an opponent made some movements costly or dangerous.

The smack of flesh on flesh as Hitomi meets the rush with a collision between hip and buttock, the sneakers hold firm and Hitomi seemingly refusing to yield an inch while the whole time trying to deflect that charge.

Her counter attack is more along the lines of a railcar shunt, throwing Mika closer to the edge than she had intending on going and then repositioning herself to Mika's front with the lion's share of the platform at her disposal.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Medium Throw.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/----===|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

Mika clashes for a moment and gasps when she doesn't bowl Hitomi over. She stumbles as she's sidestepped and deflected, nearly going over the side into the murky pool water. It only makes her situation worse when Hitomi slams back into and knocks her further along the edge. In fact, Mika winds up stumbling backward in a full arm flail to regain her balance.

For a moment, Mika continues to stumble precariously on the edge. It almost seems as though she's going to fall off into the drink, but the threat of that awful, disgusting water gives Mika newfound resolve. She tightens her legs, throwing herself forward suddenly onto one foot. With a pivot on her heel, she puts her rear toward Hitomi, then launches again.

This time, Mika goes low, bouncing a bit before she throws her butt toward Hitomi and tries to catch the smaller karateka in the legs rather than the more padded backside. From there, Mika tries to push up and knock Hitomi onto her strong back--where she can buck her off into the water!

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits Hitomi with Strong Throw.
- Power hit! -

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0           Hitomi

There is a fountaining of filthy water, a miscoloured film thrown up as the platform wavers and wobbles under a heavy impact. Rather than being thrown off Hitomi manages to come down hard right at the very edge, even on foam it's a startlingly hard hit. A gigantic slap right across her body that leaves her initially dazed and the rise back to her feet is slow, favouring her injured side. She'd never thought that something like that would be allowed... but there were never expressly any rules other than not using limbs, elbow and knee to strike with. More fool her for not expecting something like that.

Hands on knees she climbs back to her feet, one eye screwed shut in a wince.

"I didn't see that one coming."

She forces a smile. That was bad judgement there, she once again got nailed hard by an attack she never thought could or would happen clobbering her senseless. The last time this happened it was Daniel clobbering her with a thrown office chair during her debut SNF.

This wasn't a tournament fight, there weren't really concrete rules. She had to adapt her thinking. She also had to resume attacking before the platform completely stabilized.


Hopping at and into Mika she collides with her entire body, a hip check and that's all to given her enough room for the fast pivot on her heel and lean down to swing her extended buttocks through a 270 degree turn and mash herself into Mika as hard as humanly possible.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Hitomi's Nami Gashira.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/=======|=====--\-------\0           Hitomi

Mika grins like a madwoman, clearly satisfied with her dangerous flipping technique. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't earn her the early win that she hoped for, and soon Hitomi is back on her feet and moving in for another attack.

"Yeah??" Mika seems excited when Hitomi says she was surprised. "I just thought it up! Maybe I can turn it into a new move..."

But before she can further contemplate it, Hitomi slams into her full-bodied. Mika braces for impact, pushes her own weight and strength against Hitomi's as the platform bobs and splashes awful water about. But then, Hitomi swings wide, aiming to clobber Mika with a wide-swinging hip-check!

Mika meets the attack head on, turning to block the impact with her own buttocks. Hitomi slams into Mika hard, forcing her rump to bounce as she's slid across the platform. Even so, Mika stands firm, her flipflops skidding across the platform.

"But don't worry, I've got other tricks up my sleeve!" Mika says before she suddenly bucks, shoving back against Hitomi with her hips. From there, Mika hops up an over--intending to take advantage of Hitomi's lean to vault up onto her and sit down on top of her in an unorthodox move!

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Rainbow Mika's Wingless Airplane.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

Tricks? Hitomi had that sinking feeling, she wasn't good at innovating or coming up with anything deceptive or unexpected on the fly. All she could do was adjust the rules in her head, make other moves permissible or workable.

As Mika vaults up toward her derriere for all intent and purpose seemingly going to squish Hitomi flat-to-the-mat she hurriedly keeps her motion going, awkwardly resuming the full 360 degrees turn and coming back around to face Mika while standing tall. That inch of height taller than her Mika was fully felt, as was an extra fifty odd pounds of weight placing a tremendous amount of strain on Hitomi's lower back.

"Here I go!"

Hissing out through her teeth with effort. Instead of folding back or giving ground she pushes back, head-on and bust to body against her opponent Hitomi digs in her toes and powers forward as though she were sumo wrestling. Mika was the bigger and stronger wrestler, but she'd chosen flip-flops today while Hitomi had the grip of pair of reasonably priced sneakers.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika endures Hitomi's Fudo-Fujin.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Rainbow Mika     1/--=====/=======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

Once again, Mika seems to think she has the upperhand as she positions herself to flatten Hitomi to the mat under her backside. Before she has time to rest on her laurels, however, Hitomi is moving for the reversal. Mika seems genuinely impressed by the smaller girl's agility as she turns a 360 and practically forces Mika to roll off of her to avoid slipping off onto the platform. She's still getting her bearings as Hitomi presses forward into her, but Mika doesn't know just how forcefully Hitomi's going to slam into her until it happens.

With a heavy thump, Hitomi's sumo-like manuever slams chest to chest as she barrels into Mika and practically bowls her over. The bigger wrestler stumbles backward with the impact, her flipflops giving her /terrible/ footing that almost lets her slip right off the platform. In fact, the whole platform tilts and splashes as Mika's weight is suddenly tossed backward with Hitomi's force, resulting in a brief awkward bob as it seesaws up and down.

"All right!!" Mika shouts, battered, but not deterred. She smacks the sides of her face and psychs herself back up. She kicks off her flipflops for better grip, then digs her toes into the platform. Shifting her stance to lower her center of mass slightly, she goes back on the offensive!

This time Mika charges in forward practically leaping across the platform in a daring high-speed manuever, threatening to bring weight advantage (and considerable bust) to bear against Hitomi with a forward bodyslam. Provided this connects, Mika tries to capitalize on the staggering blow to land, pivot on her heels, then swing her hip against Hitomi's (uninjured) side. After all, Mika may be going for unorthodox moves, but she won't exploit an injury like that.

If the hip connects, Mika swings on around, putting her back to Hitomi before leaning in and tossing herself backward with yet another flying butt attack.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika successfully hits Hitomi with Rainbow Hip Rush EX.
- Power hit! -

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/---====|=======\==-----\1           Hitomi

Yay! That actually seemed to work. It was just a little unconventional but she'd managed to shove Mika back and reclaim some of the platform, maybe some breathing room. The cry and sudden looming shadow growing over her. The urge to throw her arms up to protect herself was overwhelming, but.. disallowed.

What could she do?

The body slam was painful, jarring and ...suffocating? There's just a second there for a genuine moment of bewilderment before being swatted away across the platform as though she were a tee-ball. Hitomi makes the conscious effort to fall to her knees and slide toward the edge in an attempt to slow herself with as much skin to surface as possible and the heels of her sneakers digging in whilst sliding. There was more than enough force there to throw her right off if she'd stumbled while trying to keep her feet.

"Amazing. That's so powerful."

A spry leap back to her feet, but then reaching down to hold her side. Surprising how much that managed to hurt considering it was delivered with just Mika's core strength and momentum. She'd probably be sore tomorrow, but for right now she was intent on winning, same as Mika.

"Not yet!"

It wasn't over.

Kicking off into a run Hitomi chooses to go high herself for the first time. Kicking up high into a butterfly with her knees bent, rather than delivering an illegal kick she instead brings both thighs down on the shoulders either side of Mika's head clamping down a seizing the head between them. Hitomi preparing to throw herself back and hurl the rainbow warrior right off the platform with a hurricanrana.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Rainbow Mika with Combo Grapple.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Hitomi

"Core strength is the key to proper wrestling technique!" Mika shouts, clearly satisfied with her own display of power. She has no time to rest on this victory, however, as Hitomi launches, lands on Mika's shoulders, then puts her in a thigh-lock that results in a powerful hurricanrana.

For a moment, Mika hurls dangerously toward the ledge, but she goes down swiftly and slams into it instead, her butt and leg skidding across the slippery surface before she can dig her fingers in and get enough of a grip to stop. Once she does, Mika doesn't hesitate on getting back on her feet--as lingering there is an easy way to get launched on off the ledge before she can recover. As Mika climbs to her feet, she's psyching herself up again. She pumps her arms, knocking her fists together with excitement.

"I had no idea you could pull off a move like that, Hitomi-san! I'm really impressed!" Mika shifts her feet, getting a better grip on the platform again.

"But I won't give up that easily when I've got a few tricks left!"

Mika breaks into a sprint this time--but then feints, using the slipperly platform to slide in low with her back to Hitomi. As she does, she springs up again, committing fully to a fully airborne butt slam!

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Rainbow Mika's Flying Peach.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/=======|=======\====---\1           Hitomi

A hurricanrana, It wasn't really part of her repertoire. More something one of the young men at Honoka's circus had shown her. She was desperately trying to think of or use anything she could think of, with striking attacks disallowed by the rules it sealed so many of her more conventional techniques. Wary of another low attack and carry like earlier Hitomi hops into the air aftter seeing Mika move low, was it a feint? Falling for the same trick twice would be- uh oh.

The Rump of Rainbow Mika picking up speed as it's launched at her all that Hitomi do is attempt to meet that attack head on with her own. Smacked and sailing away through the air Hitomi lands hard right on the very edge, teeth gritting with effort she compacts down hard, folding her knees and willing herself to squish down into a ball rather than travel one inch further and into that disgusting pool. The entire platform dipping beneath her as water swamps her sneakers and the pool looms below her, but it also tips up the opposing edge behind Mika, that was where safety was.

She didn't have to come up with all attacks all her own and struggle to keep up.. Mika herself was showing Hitomi legal (if unorthodox) techniques and strategy.

The Karateka launches her body toward the rising edge at the other end of the platform in a rising uppercut, markedly similar to the sho-ryu-ken yet at at this angle more like an insane baseball slide she attempts to skate between mika's legs, the pronounced curve of waist to buttock hooking the back of the wrestlers knee and destabilize her footing while the platform was still so precariously upended.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika blocks Hitomi's Tensho EX.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Rainbow Mika     1/--=====/=======|==-----\-------\0           Hitomi

Though her moves may be unorthodox, Rainbow Mika does bring a lot of power (and a lot more determination) to bear with them. Their effectiveness in a real fight would certainly be questionable, but here--where Hitomi can't use her hands or feet directly--Mika seems to pushing for an advantage. Even so, Mika soon learns that Hitomi won't be defeated so easily when her daring slide manuever catches Mika off-guard. Hitomi's butt connects with the back of her knee, sending Mika tumbling forward in sync with the bounce and crest of the platform. She stumbles forward, threatening to go over head-over-heels over the edge!

That is, until Mika grips the edge with both hands, doing a handstand and suspending her full weight with an impressive handstand. Even with that manuever, she still continues to fall forward, threatening to go into the drink anyway until she manages a momentous effort to shift her core and use her arms to swing back onto her platform. She lands on her stomach with a wet smack against the platform, groaning for a moment. She struggles to get up swiftly, lest Hitomi follow-up, but in doing so she finds herself slipping and sliding to get a better grip. She finally hoists herself up, exhales deeply, and shakes it off.

"Whew. That was close! OK! How about this, then?!" Mika shouts suddenly before leaping straight up and slamming the platform down with her weight in a great (and nasty) splashing. With that, she springboards up and turns a flip with surprising amount of agility for a heavy wrestler and lands on the other side to make the rocking even worse. If Hitomi isn't careful, she may find herself tossed to one-side, then the other--and now heading right toward Mika, who has primed herself to try to butt bump Hitomi as she falls toward her!

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Rainbow Mika's Sardine's Beach Special.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////                   ]
Rainbow Mika     0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Hitomi

Fingers reaching for the platform to stabilize herself Hitomi is thrown back to her feet as the platform bucks around beneath her. Stumbling and tottering backward it turns into a full-fledged and skidding fall where her feet entirely leave contact with the surface. The karateka collides with the pro-wrestler and yet another resounding smack of flesh on flesh across the poolside. The flinch on Hitomi's face hinting at just how much that must've stung, she leans right back into that impact into what has become a titanic clash.


She wasn't going to win in straight contest of strength, everyone could see that.. including her. As opponents they were in different weight classes and the fact it was her sneakers which were slipping as she was losing ground spelled that out to everyone watching as they squeaked audibly.

Hitomi relents and takes a big step forward (in retreat), buying herself just enough room for a turn and break as she spears herself back into the fight. Hip first flying back at Mika she launches into a combination, having thrown herself bodily into Mika she has to pause to land before spiralling herself around to chest bump into the taller woman. Landing poised on the one foot like a pin up model Hitomi violently pirouettes to bash her keister right back into Mika.

It was all about effort and seeing how far she could go. If Mika was this powerful then that was the mountain Hitomi had to climb to contest against someone this formidable.

Strength against Strength.

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika fails to interrupt Tenchi Kaibyaku from Hitomi with Lady Mika.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Rainbow Mika can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           0/-------/--=====|

It has taken all of her strength and use of her weight advantage for Mika to fight this long and hard. Even with these advantages, Hitomi has put up a considerable fight despite Mika's unorthodox manuevers. When the two clash, Mika pushes hard against Hitomi, battling butt-to-butt for several moments.

But without warning, the tides turn! Hitomi spins and capitalizes on an opening with a dramatic chest bump that sends Mika staggering forward off-balance! Where she was expecting an impact to the lower body, she's throw completely off guard by the high hit.

And while she is still off balance, Hitomi's keister impacts with Mika's hard, causing the heavy girl's backside to bounce and wobble--right before she goes off her feet and splashes down right into the pool! The best that Mika can manage to do to recover is at least hold her nose and cover her mouth from that awful muck. A few moments later, she's climbed up onto a platform and is /covered/ in green gunk.

"Uggggh, gross! I need like...three showers. ---good work, Hitomi-san! I wasn't expecting that at the end there..."

As Mika goes over the edge and into the pool there's a surge of elation. Yatta!! She'd done it, somehow managed to eke enough stamina to reach the end and win of all things! All her celebration however is cut short as she promptly collapses onto her rump. Gasping for air and waiting for the waves of pain to fade, she was completely spent.

The splashing does raise her concerns for Mika enough that she forces herself up onto all fours and starts crawling in the direction until the wrestler begins levering herself up out of the water and back onto the platform.

"-Thank you. Mika san. That's high praise."

Hitomi forces her body back up, extending a hand to help Mika back to her feet in the spirit of friendly competition and martial art.

"Coming from you-OH! ~"

Hitomi reflexively retracting the offer to cover her nose, and then just as quickly offering again. She was unprepared for the smell of whatever that was and it took a moment to fortify herself. Tremendously glad she hadn't fallen in she felt the guilt associated with having those thoughts while it was Mika who was unfortunately covered in the gunk.

"Let's head back together."

At least closer to the shore, where Mika could rinse herself off before they returned to the ship or perhaps one of the dilapidated looking hotels would be closer. Somewhere cleaner! where she could rest for a few hours, or a week from what her body was telling her it wanted.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi has ended the fight here.

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