Kensou - Days of Memories: Wisdom and Understanding

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Description: Kensou is in a rut. With Athena gone for too long on a mysterious island, Kensou finds himself stuck without anybody. But he is with hope still. Planning on surprising Athena with a Valentines Day surprise, he runs into Mai Shiranui, who is also looking to woo a figure. Both bump into each other, and Kensou soon learns of the depth of Mai's wisdom and understanding!

She wasn't back yet.

Sie Kensou.... Sie Kensou wanted to go to the island. But after his.... his encounter with Ken Masters, he was exhausted. Broken. And above all, needed to recover. I mean, he could always meet Athena and Momoko again on the island. That was always an option. The teenager, the plucky boy, would just rest up, and then he would follow Athena to the island. And then they would have a heartfelt reunion. Why, Athena might even side hug him, overwhelmed with not seeing her dear friend for so long.

Except it wasn't.

Athena had been gone for too long now. No word. No calls. No letters. Not even a spiritual connection. She was far away, too far away on the island. And no way for Kensou to come and get her. Or rescue her, as the case may be. Kensou would imagine, at times, his innocent Athena, trapped by feral natives, stewing her in a big cookpo, tied up with Momoko. Both of them, crying out for Kensou to save them, as they slowly begin to smell more and more like meat buns...

No, no, she would be back any time.

And when she came back?

It was time for Kensou to make his feelings clear.

The location? The Southtown Village Mall. Specifically, the 'Wuv & Mwarriage Womance Warehouse,' the speciality shop for romantic couples. Kensou didn't quite fully understand the scope of the store. But he saw it had adorable stuffed pandas holding hearts from the window, and he knew. He knew this was the place. He knew it in his heart. He knew that this was the place where he would find the perfect gift. The question was, was Kensou brave enough? He had adjusted his jean jacket. He had pulled up his jorts. And he committed. This was it. It was time for the Valentines Day miracle.

And it was.

Sie Kensou was currently in one of the aisle, mulling with full focus on the various stuffed animals before him. The stuffed panda holding the heart reading 'I Wuv You' was what brought him in. But there was a stuffed rabbit holding a heart reading 'Be Mine.'And yet, between the two, there was the dark horse: A stuffed bear (not a panda) holding a heart, reading 'Happy Valentines Day'. Kensou rubs his chin, idly walking back and force alongside the aisle, utterly absorbed in these three vital items. It was a challenge of challenges. He had to commit to a choice.

Or Athena wouldn't.

The 'Wuv & Mwarriage Womance Warehouse' is certainly a magical place, and one which has drawn more than Kensou to it today. Another hopeless (?) romantic (?) combing through its wares. Dressed in tight-fitting blue jeans and a red one-shoulder shirt, the dark-haired woman was making her way through the isles of the store with the handle of a shopping basket tucked under her arm. Inside said basket sat countless romantic paraphenalia. Cards, flowers, candy...she seemed to have collected a small stockpile before she even made it to the stuffed animals. Someone was definitely making a big deal about Valentine's Day.

Mai Shiranui was in the process of assessing her spoils when she rounded the corner of the aisle, which might explain why she didn't seem to notice Kensou when she walked right into him. The basket upended, suddenly shaken by Mai's reflexive jump when she realized she'd collided with someone. Half a dozen items spilled onto the floor. The apology came immediately after.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention!"

To be fair, Kensou was -also- not paying attention.

He was too busy deep in thought, imagining the moment when he gives the gift.

Athena would just barely make it from the island on Valentines Day itself, wearing a tasteful one piece bathing suit that she got from the island, and just didn't have time to change out of it, she had to get back to Kensou in time. She would burst in Kensou's room, and Kensou would be there waiting, knowing, hands behind his back. Athena would gasp, and then ask him 'Kensou, I've returned! And I have a gift for you!" And then Kensou would say 'Me too Athena!' and he would reveal the stuffed panda from behind his back. And then Athena's expression would be utter disappointment, as she half-heartly and politely takes the panda-

No no, rewind.

Athena would make it back to the island on Valentines day. She would be wearing a bathing suit she got from the island. She would come to Kensou's room. She would have a gift for Kensou. Kensou would have a gift for her. He would show the stuffed bunny rabbit and Athena would sigh and-

No no no, rewind.

Athena bathing suit back, Kensou's room, Kensou hands over the bear. "Kensou this is perfect happy valentines day" and then sidehug-

And suddenly a collision.

Kensou gets a sudden impact in his head. It wasn't hard, but it was heavy. Heavy enough to knock Kensou whirling head over heels. Kensou lands hard on his back, spinning from the sheer impact. The items were scattered around him, with a specific item landing squarely on his head, clinging on to it. He blinks a bit, the visions of Athena leaving his head. He blinks his eyes, putting on a smile on his face as he looks up at the poor lady that bumped into him.

"Oh no, I'm sorry miiiiaaaaaaaagggggghuuuuu"

Kensou's frontal lobe seems to have temporarily become severed as Kensou gazes up at who exactly he bumped into. It was... a ninja? Yes, that is what his reptilian brainstem manages to muster. Ninja. He bumped into a round, shapely... ninja. He blinks suddenly, jaw slack, tongue instinctively out. The poor teenager was in a daze, looking over the figure he ran into. He blinks. He blinks again.

And he turns bright red when he realizes he's looking up.

Kensou bursts back on his feet in a flicker and a flash. There has never been a man in the history of time that has gone from being on his back, into a stand. His face was still hot, and he was working very hard to avert his eyes from the ninja's body. Maybe to her eyes. Or her feet. Or her long, smooth legs. Kensou fails, unable to break his gaze. Drooling slightly at the corner of his mouth, he decides to try to apologize again to the woman, the item still on his head.

"Aghbaggle abag gabba ba-*thpht*" Kensou states elegantly, eyes bulging out.

Mai was in the process of picking one of her items--bent over in that loose t-shirt--when she noticed he was back on his feet again and staring. She rose back up, tossed the box of those awful, chalky message hearts into her basket, and immediately set a hand on her hip. Her head (and hip) tilted slightly to the side. Mai looked over Kensou for a good moment before speaking.

"Are you okay?" she asked, half-concerned and half-judging. "I didn't mean to knock you over. I was going through my basket." Her head was still tilted in appraisal. For a moment, her hand slipped from her hip to tug her top up just a little higher.

As she rises back up, so does Kensou's gaze.

He was absolutely stunned. Something, something, stunning beauty. Kensou's mind was checked out, and all that was there was a head injury and this figure of ninja modesty. Kensou's tongue was actually out, as the teenager was locked into a stare. As she pulls her top up, Kensou's head also tilts upwards, as if it was spiritually tied to her clothing. "Going though... your basket...." Kensou nods his head dully as he parrots back her words, a drunk smile on his face.

No, Kensou, keep focused on the most important thing.


"I mean." Kensou states, quickly sobering himself up. He shakes his head, and slaps his face. The teenager puffs out his chest, and thrusts a thumb right into. And there, with daring and courage, he slowly, VERY slowly tears his eyes away, and drags them up to Mai's eye- her face. He will settle on her face, as he begins to grow dazed again. And there, he declares boldly.

"I'm Sie Kensou! "

He pauses a moment.

"I'm okay!"

Mai continues to stare at Kensou--even raising an eyebrow--before she says anything further. There seems to be quite a bit of internal dialogue going on, but the nature and content of it remains as mysterious as the ninja woman herself. Suddenly, she speaks.

Or rather, she laughs. "Okay, Sie Kensou. I'm Mai Shiranui. I'm glad you're okay." Mai flips her hair back out of her face before turning around to bend over and pick up a box of chocolates behind her.

"Are you shopping for someone special?"

Who were you shopping for, Kensou?% R
For some reason, Kensou was thinking hard of someone. He -vaguely- remembers someone like.... Athena. The problem was that Mai was turning around and picking up the chocolates. And suddenly, Kensou's mind was elsewhere, as his eyes transfix forward. In his happy place, there was Athena. But, Kensou didn't remember Athena wearing an outfit like -that-. She wasn't even a ninja. And she wasn't so... gifted, as she leans forward too far, winking at Kensou...

Kensou she asked you a question.

"I'm shopping for a friend!" Kensou suddenly blurts out, his eyes lifting up from Mai to stare straight ahead. Kensou was starting to sweat hard. Everywhere. But especially on his face. "A friend who I am interested in. A special friend! I uh. Well." Kensou pauses a moment. It was hot. Why was it so hot? "Y-y-you know how you sometimes have a special someone," Kensou begins, tapping his index fingers together. "Who doesn't, um, realize that you are their special someone?"

"So you have to get their attention?"

Mai sort of sways back and forth a little as she's reaching for the rest of her things. It likely makes matters complicated for Kensou. Is Mai bad at sizing blue jeans? Maybe it is the blue jeans companies that are bad at sizing for Mai. She suddenly stands back up and tugs briefly at her ponytail. There's an odd moment where she is inscrutable; silently considering what Kensou said while facing away from him.

When she turns back around, there's a certain gleam in her eye. "Oh, I have a special someone too! I know exactly what you mean, Kensou!" Mai beams. "It's sooo hard to get someone's attention sometimes, you know? You think you're making things obvious, but they just seem to miss the hint..." Mai sticks out her lip in a pout.

Swaaaaay to the left

Kensou tilts his head to the left

Swaaaaaay to the right.

Kensou tilts his head to the right.

In some ways it was an incredible miracle he was able to keep his focus as it was. Truly, he had his heart for Athena. It was just other places being distracted right now. As the gleam comes in her eye, though, there is a moment of... empathy. Connection. As she breaks into a pout, Kensou's eyes go wider, and he looks back to the stuffed animals. There was an idea. That WAS an idea.

"Making... things... obvious."

Kensou looks over Mai again. Yes. Of course. Making it more obvious. That was brilliant. Kensou considers carefully. Very, very carefully. This was a woman who knew his plight... and might even be able to help Kensou. "Um, can I ask you, um, can I ask you for some advice? Because you are... I..." Don't do it Kensou. stay the course. "Well I mean." Don't mess this up Kensou. You have a specific question, and you need specific phrasing on thi-

"You look like an older woman and also more experienced, maybe you can give me some advice?"

No Kensou.


Mai is staring into the distance for a moment when Kensou speaks up. She seems to be lost in a daydream. "Hm?" There's a question bein asked. Mai narrows her eyes a little. She seems curious, but hesitant. Then the question drops, and Mai blinks.

She puts both hands on her hips this time. "Are you saying I look like I get around?" Mai gives Kensou a stern look. She seems a little angry.


And Kensou turns purple.

Kensou physically chokes on his words. His entire body freezes up, in spasming paralysis. That was not what he meant. That's not what he meant at all. I mean, yes, he could briefly descend into his imagination as this woman doing... doing... "No! I mean! You look like! You look like! I mean!"

Inside Kensou's head was now constant, ear-piercing screaming instead of proper imaginations.

Kensou goes for the save. The desperate, trying save, as he blubbers and sputters. He was blowing it. HE WAS BLOWING IT. "I MEAN! YOU! LOOK! WISE! WISDOM! You are overflowing with wisssssssdom!" He spits out, waving his hands in a panicked fashion. "I just want some of your wisdom! I mean, wh-wh-what do you do when someone you c-c-care about doesn't p-p-pay attention to you? What works! What doesn't work! I didn't mean to call you a wwwwwwwwwwwww-" KENSOU


"-wwwwwwwwell experience wwwwwwwwwoman that way!"

Mai huffs. She walks toward Kensou and leans in close to look him in the eye. Despite his panic and change of color, Mai does not seem fazed. She continues to give him the evil eye.

And then, she speaks up. "Overflowing with wisdom, huh," Mai folds her arms under her bust, as if to punctuate her statement. "Suuuure that's what you meant." Mai rolls her eyes. "But I'll have you know that my heart belongs to one, wonderful man who overshadows everybody else." Mai says this proudly. There's a momentary pause.

"But I /do/ know a few things about romance, just so you know." Mai's grin is a little devilish now that's gotten Kensou to squirm properly. "You don't look like me without attracting a few admirers." Mai taps her cheek with her index finger pensively. "How many professions of love have I heard now...hmmm..." She lets well-experienced go. She didn't want him to explode in embarassment or anything.

Mai seemed to almost have twice the wisdom Athena had.

As she emphasizes her wisdom, Kensou immediately eyes the wisdom. He hoped it wasn't too obvious. It was. Kensou was like a worm on a hook, squirming at every emphasis and highlight Mai made on her own wisdom. And then, she mentions about her.... her professions of love?

Kensou internal monologue continues.


Kensou felt like he had a hot mitten in his stomach. He sputters again, his face changing in a whole rainbow of colors. "I mean, you are, you are... p-p-pretty, I guess" NO KENSOU. "I mean, I guess, I guess, I mean, you have a very, very special someone who you are dedicated to. I mean, you must know why, um, why he doesn't want to be your special someone?"

Oh my god Kensou.

Mai is reknown for her wisdom. Many girls don't have half the wisdom that Mai has. She may have let this go to her head a few times.

"Mmhm," Mai says, now looking at Kensou intently. She had never been one to turn down a compliment. But then Kensou drops a bomb, and Mai's sweet smile turns into a grimace again.

"I'll have you know," Mai points a finger, brandishing it like a sword. Her hand is on her hip again as she leans forward for emphasis. "My Andy is just shy! He doesn't want to exploit a poor, young girl's feelings too quickly. That's why we're taking it slow!"

In fact, Kensou was briefly thinking of the wisdom going to his head as well

At least, he would be, if it wasn't for the sheer embarrassment he was dying from right now. But Kensou almost runs away screaming externally as Mai snaps back at him. He touched a nerve. And Kensou.... cornered in the aisle, falls backwards into the stuffed animals, trembling in the shadow of a woman's wrath. He tries to make words. He fights to make words. But between her anger and her wisdom just hanging like that, Kensou is only able to say one word.


Kensou sputters aloud. Struggling to look Mai in the eyes, he transfixes on her wisdom as he babbles. "He... he doesn't want to exploit your feelings? He wants to take it slow? He sounds a like a nice guy..." Kensou trails off.... and then, he thinks of himself! Yes, he is taking it slow. Yes, he doesn't want to exploit Athena's feelings. That would mean... that would mean... and Kensou just blurts it out.

"Why, that Andy sounds just like me!"

Mai huffs again. "Yes, Andy is super nice. The nicest guy I've ever met," She crosses her arms again and looks a little pouty once more. She's very emotive--especially for a ninja. When Kensou makes the comparison, Mai's eyes drift back toward him.

"Well, I wouldn't go /that/ far--Andy is much more handsome...but go on?" Mai says, having calmed down again. For now.

Well, a LOT of people are more handsome than Kensou.

He just takes the hit, letting it glance off. He doesn't even cry on the outside. As Mai fixes those big eyes on Kensou, he feels a bit hot again. But the terror was gone. Instead, there was the warm, encapsulating presence of wisdom, with just the hint of understanding. As she huffs and cross, Kensou just smiles, and nods his head, having both of them calmed down.

Well, MOSTLY calmed down.

"well, I mean, if that means Andy is like me, that means he is just -shy- about approaching you." Kensou says, building his confidence up, as he walks through the realization. "He just, he just wants to find the right way to confess to you, in the right medium, with the right context! He just doesn't know the words! Or the message! or the medium! Believe me, he would be thinking of you constantly though!" In the most awkward and terrible of ways. "That means Athen-" He cuts himself off and corrects himself. "That means -my- special someone must be just like you!" He states. "Except, she uh. Uh." Kensou stares at Mai for a moment, unsure of how to tastefully say what he wanted to say. "She uh. Uh." Kensou tries hard. He just tries so hard.

"She's a schoolgirl!"

Mai does not seem to see it as an insult. Being less handsome than Andy is just a fact of life. She continues to look at Kensou with that sort of suppressed, corner-of-eye, reluctant interest. She considers his words carefully.

"That's what I think," Mai says, "that's why I came to get him some wonderful Valentine's gifts so he knows it's okay to make a move. Once I give him these, he'll have to make his move. He'll be trapped!" Wait, that doesn't sound good at all!

And then Kensou gets into his situation. Mai looks skeptical a moment, then Kensou says schoolgirl. All makes sense now.

"Hey," Mai says, "scoot over. Tell me about your schoolgirl friend. Maybe I can divine how she feels." Mai is already moving to sit down. Kensou should probably make room.

"Sc-sc-scoot over?"

Kensou makes a high-pitched noise as he immediately slides over, knocking some of the stuffed animals to the floor. She was just so... big. And Kensou was so small. Subtle. Sub-sub-submissive. But She had a great idea, she would get Andy lots of gifts, and she would help... help Kensou understand exactly what was going on with Athena's mind. I mean, Kensou imagines if Athena was acting like Mai, being so forward with him. Showering him with gifts. He could imagine following that trail of rose petals, as she was being so forward, Athena's wisdom pouring out from her, all for Kensou to take in. Trapping him, trapping him into the clutches of her wisdom and understanding. Pools of wisdom, with just a hint of understanding, ready for Kensou to use that wisdom and understanding any way and every way that Kensou would-

Subtly, Kensou places some stuffed animals on his lap.

"Well, um, my, schoolgirl friend" Kensou begins, face suddenly turning bright red again for some reason. "She's uh, she's very pretty, and smart, and she's an incredible fighter! A real powerful woman! And she's also very sensitive, and sweet. Every time I try and talk to her, I try and be her friend, and get close to her, and help her in subtle ways. I mean, I work really hard to be her friend. And that way she can get used to me, and learn to like me. I mean, we practically grew up together, but like, I think it just takes a long time for us to get to know each other, you know, in that way?" Kensou looks up at Mai, pleadingly.

"I mean, how long have you known Andy?"

Even when Kensou scoots over, Mai is still pressed close to him. There's only so much room to sit on the edge of the shelf, and she takes up an unequal portion of it. At some point she seems to have set down her basket to the side. When did that happen? It is mysterious.

"Uh huh?" Mai says, encouraging Kensou to go on. "She sounds nice," Mai says, with just a hint of sarcasm. Perhaps she's heard much of this many times before. --but then something catches her attention. "Ooh, a fighter, huh? That's exciting!"

But before Mai can pursue that further, Kensou asks her a question. She considers it for only a moment. "Andy and I grew up together. He came to train with my grandfather when he was little."

Oh my goodness.

While Mai wasn't much older, as she gets... uncomfortably close to him, the teenage boy was starting to tremble again. It was... very, very close. Where did her basket go? Oh, Kensou was thinking of her baskets of wisdom and understanding, close enough to reach out and touch. He doesn't even recognize the sassing on the nice guy routine.."Yeah, exactly! And you learned to get closer and closer to him! I bet if Athe- if my friend was just as confident as you, well, I mean, she's very confident, and she is full of heart! It's just that, I mean, I don't understand how to talk to her about, well, my feelings." He places both of his hands on the stuffed animal on his lap, as he stared at the floor. "I mean, I- well. I mean, I just don't- what my idea is-"

And he looks up at Mai.

"What we roleplay?"

He pauses a moment.

And he quickly adds. "What if we um, I mean, what if I pretend I am Kensou, and you pretend you are my friend! I'll say what I think would work, and you can react as if you are my friend! And th-th-then?" Kensou was turning brighter and brighter red for some reason, as he squirms, keeping the stuffed pandas in place. "And then I can pr-pr-pretend I am your Andy, and you can tell me what you want to tell Andy, and I can react as I think Andy would react? It would help us understand the other!"

Kensou didn't know why.

But he felt like he needed a cold shower.

Mai narrows her eyes at the near-slip of a name. That sounded slightly familiar, and Mai seems to be on to something. She doesn't pursue it. At least, not yet. Mai at least seems sympathetic, but at the same time she seems to be appraising Kensou as he goes on. A suggestion is made.

"I think you should just be honest with her," Mai interjects. "If's as nice as you say she is, surely she won't be mad." Mai brushes one of her bangs out of her face, "but if you're so worried about it, maybe we can do something." A pause.

"Oh, no, I don't think you can fill in for Andy. I'll--work something out. Yes." Mai rolls her eyes just a little. "Anyway. What do you want to tell your friend?"


"I... I get it, I understand, I mean, that's a lot to fill!" Kensou says brightly, hiding the inner pain. "But yeah! Lets... lets do something.... " He looks back down into his lap. "If you were her, and I wanted to tell her..." He takes in a deep breath, and exhales. He looks up at Mai, and right into her eyes. He.... he couldn't. No, it wasn't right.

No, just... just imagine her as Athena.

Kensou shuts his eyes for a moment, and Athena comes to mind. The vision of her... in the shape of Mai. She fills out like before. Filling with wisdom, with just the hint of understanding in her jeans. It was just like Athena. Just like Mai. With purple hair. Yes. What did you want to tell your friend. Kensou slowly opens his eyes. And then it happens. In a rush of passion, Kensou stands up, stuffed animal tumbling from his lap, hand clenched in a fist.

"I LOVE YOU!!!" Kensou shouts aloud within the store, tears coming from his eyes.

Mai nods in affirmation. Kensou gets it. This makes the process much easier. When he gets ready to admit his feelings, Mai straightens her hair and sits upright. For all the backsass and the occasional snipe, she seems to be serious about the whole thing.

And then Kensou delivers his line, enthusiastically and without reservation. There's a moment where Mai has to stop and peek over the shelves to make sure no one is staring at her more than usual. And then--

"Perhaps that's a little too bold," Mai says, "She's your friend, right?" A pause. "Maybe you should start with the gift first." A pause. "To get her ready to talk about it." Yes. That seems good.

As a matter of fact, they both were getting a few stares.

The counter clerk, especially, was getting very, very concerned by what this woman was doing with this teenage boy in the aisles. But Kensou was not giving up though, he looks at Mai, tears in his eyes. "I mean, um, how did that... I mean, how did that make you feel? I mean, I am not Andy, but if I was Andy, I mean, would that have made you feel.... feel good?"

"And what kind of gift would you have wanted before I say I love you!?"

Mai reddens a little bit. For all her lack of modesty, this is the kind of attention she doesn't want. She tugs at her shirt slightly. " was enthusiastic?" she suggests. "But maybe a little intimidating." A pause. "A lot to take in. But you were very emotional about it! Women like men who have strong feelings." Yet another pause. "Usually."

"Ah, well," Mai looks at the stuffed animals. She appraises them with the critical eye of an antique dealer or a food critic. "What's...her favorite animal?"

Women like men with strong feelings?

Mai plants a seed, that will bloom into fruit of both wisdom and understanding. Kensou takes that mound of wisdom, and puts it to his mouth. He draws from the wisdom, letting it fill him. Woman like men with strong feelings. Kensou nods his head eagerly. "Yes! Yes! Wow, that's so obvious now! I should be more emotional around Athena!" He was almost dancing, uncovered by any stuffed animal. "Her favorite animal is..."

And Kensou pauses

"The Phoenix!"

And he pauses again.

"Except, um, I don't think there are many romantic phoenixes?" Kensou raps the side of his head, where one of Mai's presents still remain. He thinks hard, as the clerk tries very hard to decide who to call security on. Kensou thinks, and thinks, and thinks. And finally, he mutters out, unsure. "Um, but like a chicken is kind of like a phoenix? That's what it is in the zodiac? A rooster!" And he snaps his fingers. "And it's the year of the Rooster now, right?"

It was in that moment that Mai likely unleashed a terrible power upon Athena without realizing it.

She pursues her lips and looks at Kensou thoughtfully for a moment as he mentions the Phoenix. There's an assessment of the shelf, then a look back at Kensou.

"Well, yes, it is the year of the Rooster..."

Too late.

Already, Kensou was grabbing a stuffed rooster, sitting on the -opposite- side of the aisle. Different from the other ones. It was holding a heart like the others. But on closer inspection, something seemed... off about the rooster. Not that Kensou was paying attention. He was too overwhelmed with how much Mai was helping him. "That's it! That's the one! Oh boy oh boy, Mai. When she sees me giving her favorite animal, I can then show her just how emotional I can be! And then I can be just as successful as you at dating! Thank you Mai! I-" He moves into side hug, and... and backs down. No, he was not alpha enough. He just grabs his rooster, and strides to the clerk counter. In his rush, he didn't even have time to read the message for it.

'This Cock For U'

The flurry of activity seems to catch Mai off guard. Before she can properly respond Kensou grabs a stuffed animal, thanks her, and takes off to pay for it. As he dashes off to the counter, Mai covers her mouth with her fingertips.

Kensou may have missed the message, but she didn't. She mouths something to herself that's not entirely clear.

For Kensou, it was all too clear.

As he approaches the counter. He reaches down to take out his wallet, imagining Athena's reaction. Athena would just barely make it from the island on Valentines Day itself, wearing a daring two piece bathing suit that she got from Zack Island, exposing both her wisdom and her understanding. She just didn't have time to change out of it, she had to get back to Kensou in time. She would burst in Kensou's room, and Kensou would be there waiting, knowing, hands behind his back. Athena would gasp, and then ask him, leaning forward too far. 'Kensou, I've returned! And I have a gift for you!" And then Kensou would say 'Me too Athena!' and he would reveal the stuffed rooster from behind his back. And then Athena's expression would be utter passion, swooning into Kensou's arms as he moves to catch her. She would look at him with half-lidded eyes, and she would whisper something in his ears, blushing ever so slightly.



Kensou did not take out his wallet.

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