Noboru - A Shinobi's Tale: Revelations

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Description: As promised, Noboru Miyama pays a visit to young Seori. Masks are lowered and information is given. But is the elder ninja telling everything he knows?

[OOC] Noboru says, "Alright, me omae."

[OOC] Seori says, "I can start, unless you'd like to"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Build me an apartment in which to ninja, and let us begin."

[OOC] Noboru says, "Ladies first."

[OOC] Seori says, "great"

The Kouhara apartment is a modest abode, sparsely decorated and hardly worn in. After all, the family currently residing here hadn't been here for longer than a few months. Nothing's gained that nice wear of a home, with paths commonly traveled, the scuffmarks of personal furniture, the holes left behind by nails hanging old family photos. There's two small rooms, a small kitchenette, a bathroom. Little space for anything else; if the family living here was more than two, there would be issues fitting everything in.

It's just one of many units in this apartment complex, set into the third floor. Like many Japanese apartments, there's an exterior walkway running down the length of units, with utilitarian stairways on either side. It's not the nicest looking building, but it's hardly the worst one could find in the city. It's unremarkable. The perfect spot for a family used to laying low.

The sort of apartment that a girl often spends her time alone, washing dishes and preparing meals for tomorrow. The soft scent of dish soap competes with lingering smell of dinner. Her phone buzzes, with a lone message of 'working late. call if u need something'. The girl's long hair is held back with the teal scarf, serving now as a headband, though some strands of hair fall through.

There's a TV in the corner, but it doesn't look like it's seen much use. There's not much to drown out the music of the outside traffic, save for the girl's own soft humming and the scrubbing of old pans.

[OOC] Seori says, "unfortunately there is no chimney :("

[OOC] Noboru says, "That's all right. I have a much more devious way of getting in."

[OOC] Seori says, "oh god"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Tell me."

[OOC] Noboru says, "what do you know of the coolaid man?"

[OOC] Seori says, "oh god"

[OOC] Noboru says, "OH YEAH!"

[OOC] Seori says, "we'll never be able to live in another apartment agaiiinn"

[OOC] Noboru attempts to warm up his RP, guh, all of the unpractice.

The rattling honk of traffic drifts through the quaint apartment, creating a nice ambient soundscape to accompany Seori's humming industriousness. In the distance, a dog barks. Less distant, a phone buzzes.
Outside, upon the roof of the complex, a hulking man with shaggy blond hair stands stoically with his hands clasped behind his back, heavy silk coat blown about in the chill evening air. His head is cocked, eyes closed as he draws in the chi of the city, allowing the sounds and scents to imprint themselves upon his mind. Abruptly his mismatched eyes snap open, and he steps forward into empty air.
Immediately the big man begins to fall. However, he does not seem concerned. As he plummets, he twists with slow grace, hands coming out from behind his back to reach out, and snag a passing landing with gloved fingers. There is little to no sound as he swings beneath the landing and alights on the third floor walkway, coat drifting down to settle once more about his bulky form.
Calmly, with all the politeness expected of a Miyama, the brute steps forward to knock delicately upon the door of Seori's apartment. There he lingers, hand drifting back down to his side and masked features calmly impassive, waiting upon the doorstep just as any other houseguest might.

All sounds stop at the knock of someone at the front door, almost as if a switch had been flipped. Then, gently, gingerly, the padding of socks on worn wood sound through the door, growing louder, but still cautious.

The Kouhara resident still gets its share of residents. Residents that don't take well to the reserved, almost paranoid ways of these new neighbors, even if the neighborhood itself is not known for being very friendly and open. Of course, it was a lot worse, once upon a time.

"Who is it?" It's clearly Seori's voice. Not too unfriendly, but not wholly foolhardy either.

Doors don't mean a lot to many types of dangers. This one could just be one that was nice enough to knock first.

[OOC] Seori says, "meanwhile, in the seishirou scene"

[OOC] Seori says, "'omg are you really a ryouhara :)'"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Last time I asked him that he lit me on...idealism."

[OOC] Noboru says, "and blamed me for the murder of everyone he loved"

[OOC] Noboru touches his chest scars

[OOC] Seori says, "Oh, he said that if I wasn't a dream, I was clearly a traitor who had the spoils of war"

[OOC] Noboru says, "preper to get lit on idealism."

[OOC] Seori says, "so instead, seori went 'I'm a crow :)' so it's all your fault"

[OOC] Seori says, "granted, it's her trying to get him to act"

[OOC] Seori says, "because being defensive didn't sound like the best tactic"

[OOC] Seori says, "and god if she finds out his name"

[OOC] Seori says, "RIP caution"

[OOC] Noboru has his name

[OOC] Noboru is not giving it to you

[OOC] Noboru says, "yet. though, you'll probably get it the hard way"

[OOC] Seori says, "good"

[OOC] Seori says, "Otherwise that'd make things worse"

Outside, standing patiently upon the stoop, Noboru's golden brows lift fractionally. If one were in a position to see, they might even catch a glitter of amusement in his undamaged eye. Such a curious mixture of innocent and paranoid, this girl. However, it takes only a moment for the expression to fade, and no trace of it remains in his tone as he replies.
"An ally of the crows." is rumbled back through the door, the slow, inexorable grind of folksy Japanese clearly marking the one who speaks. If he wanted to break down the door, or come through the wall, or the floor, or the ceiling, it's fairly likely he could. Seori has witnessed a portion of this particular ninja's brutal strength first hand. Bricks and other building materials aren't likely to slow him down much.
The mountainous Miyama's black-gloved hands clasp loosely behind his back as he waits for a response.

[OOC] Seori says, "well, okay, not worse, but, you get the idea"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Remember everything I tought you."

[OOC] Noboru says, "When in doubt, punch them in the face."

[OOC] Seori says, "......"

[OOC] Seori says, "I'm not sure this will work with Seishirou. :Ia"

[OOC] Noboru says, "it almost worked for me!"

[OOC] Seori says, "You're a mountain. >:I"

[OOC] Noboru says, "We must work on your tiny noodle schoolgirl arms. They will never do."

[OOC] Noboru says, "here, hold this."

[OOC] Noboru hand Seori a rock the size of her head.

[OOC] Seori says, "Well, I *did* throw you over my head. >:I"

[OOC] Seori says, "and nearly died because of it"

[OOC] Seori looks at the rocj. (._. )

[OOC] Seori also looks at the rock.

[OOC] Noboru says, "That was probably chi enhanced strength. Some fighters use it to strengthen their body for incredable feats."

[OOC] Seori says, "y-yes"

[OOC] Noboru taps his chest

[OOC] Noboru says, "I don't"

[OOC] Seori ( ._.)

[OOC] Noboru punches through brick walls because he trained until he could punch through brick walls!

[OOC] Noboru says, "Now hold that rock"

[OOC] Seori rolls it around, katamari style

[OOC] Noboru frowns disapprovingly

[OOC] Seori says, "I saw this in a game once. I'm sure I can build up from this."

[OOC] Noboru says, "Youw ill hold the rock in front of you,a nd to either side, and over your head, and you willd o this for days,a nd weeks, until you can hold two rocks, and then bigger rocks"

[OOC] Noboru says, "And you willb ecome strong! Then i will get you your first punching rock"

[OOC] Noboru says, "and I willt each you to punch rocks"

[OOC] Seori ( ._.) "But what if I don't want to punch Seishirou in the face"

[OOC] Noboru had never considered not punching someone in the face.

[OOC] Noboru meditates.

[OOC] Seori says, "Kicking, however, can work."

[OOC] Noboru says, "Kicking is also important. Don't skip leg day."


[OOC] Seori says, "Gotta be able to do all those nice flips and jumps"

[OOC] Noboru is more about jumping for distance than flipping.

[OOC] Noboru says, "you never know when you need to jump through the ceiling"

[OOC] Seori says, "Oho."

There is a certain confidence awarded to the wielder of the Koumei Hagoromo, even if Seori's skill is far outmatched by its previous owners. It's a weapon for all times and all places, perfect for a family branch marked by its practicable, direct approach.

"Oh, you're..." The girl's voice trails off, replaced by the sound of locks unlatching. The door opens to reveal Seori, wearing a plain apron, her 'headband''s ends trailing down well within a hand's reach. "Please, come in." Once the Miyama ninja presumably enters, Seori immediately closes the door behind him, securing the locks. "There's a kerosene heater over there if you need to warm up. There's a kotatsu too-" Seori looks to the small heated table by the TV, then to Noboru's frame. "I'm not sure if you'd find that as comfortable."

There is one detail that would be noticeable for the visiting ninja, if only for how out of place it may seem to everything else: a prosthetic arm and hook, hanging by a strap by the door. An old cane by the door, possibly one kept around as a replacement for the newer one in use now. An eyepatch.

Things that do not seem at all to be things the girl herself needs. "Would you like anything to drink?"

As the door swings open, Noboru ghosts forward to slip past Seori with a surprising amount of grace for his size. While sneaking, some may appear to be predatory as cats, or slinky as reptiles. However, his brand of stealth is larger, more primal. The stealth of a storm head, unnoticed until one turns to see it filling the sky behind them. Looming impossibly massive, yet utterly silent.
"I am of the mountains, where the air is thin and cold, and one often feels as if they will shake loose the Earth's grasp and fall ever upward into the great emptiness of the sky." Noboru murmurs, casting an unreadable look toward the offered heater. Without slowing his steady forward pace, he angles toward the kitchen, hands remaining clasped at the small of his back. "here the air is thick. The sky is closed. But the chill is familiar."
Passing into the kitchen area, the hulking shinobi moves to one side, clearing the path for his host. He seems, quite at odds with the small apartment. A figure of stone and mystery, crammed into cramped, private settings where he does not belong. And, as he turns his glacial blue eye back on Seori, that sensation is redoubled. Is he really as trustworthy as he had seemed?
"Tea, if you are willing. For us both."

[OOC] Seori says, "sorry about the wait- found out the log I had going with Sei wasn't recording at all, it seems"

[OOC] Noboru says, "oh..."

[OOC] Noboru says, "huh, that's odd. it shoudl have been if you were able to use pot"

[OOC] Seori says, "well, it recorded everything up until last night, and Sei posed earlier this afternoon, but for some reason it never got recorded"

[OOC] Seori says, "yeah"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Oh. i think we had a crash at some point"

[OOC] Noboru says, "so that could be why"

[OOC] Noboru says, "not sure though"

[OOC] Seori says, "That would explain it."

[OOC] Seori says, "I can ask on the pub channel after my pose"

[OOC] Seori says, "Since that's the only explanation I can think of"

[OOC] Noboru nods

[OOC] Seori says, "I'll ask now, it bugs me. >:I"

[OOC] Noboru frowns

[OOC] Noboru knows id did crash at some poitn within the last couple days. Was arround when it did.

[OOC] Noboru says, "i jsut dunno at what poitn"

[OOC] Seori says, "Yeah, I know there was a crash last night about 6 or so"

[OOC] Seori says, "or a bit later"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Must have been what I was thinking of"

[OOC] Seori says, "brb so his pose can get logged."

[OOC] Noboru nods

ODROP::Seori goes somewhere else.

Noboru has disconnected.

Noboru has connected.

Noboru has disconnected.

Noboru has connected.

Seori has arrived.

[OOC] Seori says, "yooo"

[OOC] Seori has a pose as well!

[OOC] Noboru says, "Bring it on"

Seori, for all her caution earlier, seems strangely at peace with the giant figure in the room, as eeriely as he moves. After a few mishaps, Seori quickly adapts, bearing a mindful, quiet manner as she shifts around Noboru's body. When a mountain enters your house, you move around the mountain. "It's definitely a different way of living," she says, slipping past Noboru to the sink. "A person would have to sense the rhythm and flow of the mountain in order to survive." Almost on cue, a distant door slams, the vague noises of family living, children running, sounds all too distant to decipher as negative or positibve. Seori freezes, then relaxes, glancing at a nearby clock. People are coming home from their shifts. "There's rhythms here too. It's just... a matter of learning what they are." Which means, the girl reflects guiltily, not freaking out when a bunch of hijacked cars start honking popular dance tunes at you. That was a strange SNF match.

Drying and placing dishes away, Seori looks over her shoulder. "Alright." The good tea set is still stashed away, but the girl seems prepared to treat the mysterious guest well.

Getting out the kettle, Seori sets some water to boil, then busies herself with the rest of the preparations. When the kettle is hot enough, she pours the water into the teapot, places everything on a tray, and moves to the small dining table, where she sets out the necessary items: a cup, a saucer, a small dish, and some biscuits for both of them.

"I'm not sure how much information you have," she says, pouring the tea little by little into each cup, "but even if you don't have much, anything is appreciated."

Though large, even daunting, let it not be said that Noboru Miyama is impolite. With smooth grace he performs a simple sort of dance with Seori, his head tilting with interest throughout her talk of adjustments. Always he manages to exist where she is not. He does not lean away from her, nor does he step quickly about. It is more as if her kitchen were a chess board, and he a piece, placed perfectly to remain clear of her bustling. it is a pattern that she has seen matched in his fighting style. Why hit something five times, when you can hit it once five times as hard?
The mountain is not just strong, he is smart.
So it is that, having taken three casual steps through the length of the kitchen, Noboru finds himself standing behind a chair at the dining table. He does not sit, but that seems more out of concern for the chair than a desire to be rood. His shaggy head dips, blue eye fixing on his young hostess as tea is served.
"There are two matters to be discussed." Noboru rumbles, seeming content to stand in the corner, hands behind his back. "First, you will know that the red-haired butterfly whom wields the staff, has been urged to find other sources of entertainment. The Miyama will be displeased if she attacks you again."
There is a beat, a moment for this to sink in.

[OOC] Seori says, "BTW, while Seori wouldn't know much about the Miyama clan, her dad probably would. Anything of note that he might know?"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Indeed he would"

[OOC] Seori says, "his knowledge may be a bit outdated, so anything really recent he probably wouldn't know"

[OOC] Noboru says, "first off, they're old, but small. They've never had more than about 40ish members. Secondly, they arent' a family in the normal sense. Each new generation is gathered from orphanages"

[OOC] Seori nods.

[OOC] Noboru says, "so they aren't a blodo related clan,b ut they grow up together in generational waves"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Third, they're usually very formal and polite. Fourth, they do have their own secret technique that they guard, but it isn't relaly known what that technique is."

[OOC] Seori nods! "Excellennt"

[OOC] Noboru says, "and finally, their usual mission is going after threats to the world as a whole. Tyrants, people with nukes that shouldn't have them,t hat sort of thing. they sit back,w atch,a nd when people get out of hand they come out to spank them. But otherwise they're not very social with the other clans."

[OOC] Noboru says, "back in the day, that meant the Miyama didn't do much at all. But recently,w ith the world goign to hell and super powerful people popping up everywhere, they're over worked"

[OOC] Seori says, "I can imagine"

[OOC] Noboru says, "and, that's about it. They're small, keep to themselves, but when they step forwardt hey tend to do so with, implaqability."

"...." The red-haired butterfly who wields the staff. Seori's first mental image, of course, is of an actual butterfly, fully blood red. No, hair. That woman. Ah. Her. Yes.

Wait, what?!

Of course he found out. He found out because he was a ninja, clearly. It wouldn't be so hard to do so. He wouldn't, however, have known the entire story. Rochelle wouldn't have volunteered it either. It made sense. The Miyama clan's justice was like the mountain- resolute, no questions. Unstoppable.

Seori's mind nags her to allow a guests to drink first, but with Noboru abstaining, Seori sips from hers in order to giver herself more time to think. "I have to admit, it makes me feel sort of happy that you felt the need to intervene. But on the other hand..." Seori looks to the side, conflict showing on her face. "The thing is, I don't think she was the problem at all. The way she talked, it sounded like she was ordered to test me. If she wanted to maim me first, she had the perfect opportunity to that first."

The smaller ninja tilts her head, thoughtful as she bites into a biscuit. "She's clearly not a great person, but it's the people further in that I'm worried about. This organization or whatever it is interested in Gedo High. Probably because it draws from the same pool they do. They want more people like that lady to do their dirty work. Things are quiet now, but they could get rough later on."

Continuing to sip her tea, Seori finally says, "That's just the view from here, though. I'm a newcomer. You might know a lot more than I do."

"The Miyama are aware of her ties. it was within the depths of their fortress that I confronted her. If they make an issue of this, it will be resolved." Noboru rumbles back, as calm and grindingly resolute as the mountain he appears to be. "If you welcome her approach, it will be allowed."
Removing his hands from the small of his back, the hulking shinobi scoops his still steaming cup from the table. Held in the thick gloved fingers of one hand, the vessel seems even more ridiculously delicate. The ninja's hands are not built for matters of grace. He, is not elegant.
Perhaps that is why he speaks with such precision? What must his enemies think when they see him?
Continuing to gaze down at Seori through the steam of his drink, the older ninja studies her expression as she sips and eats, having offered him her own thoughts as to what might be going on.
"You and your father are valuable to my clan, Seori. I have bound all of the Miyama to these events with an oath, pledged to an ally. Such bonds are not taken lightly." Again Noboru pauses, allowing the rumbling gravitas to sink in, before he continues with typical slow patience, "This ally made a request of me to find one of your clan. She thought he might yet live. In this, she was correct. However, I was accused of the destruction of his clan, and labeled traitor to his people. The Ghost of the Ryouhara forced violence, And I was defeated."

Seori stares blankly at Noboru's declaration, steam curling from the tea cup sat in front of her. "This is..." If the other clans were so willing to do this, why had her father abstained from contacting them for so long?

"From what I know, and I feel it's safe to share this," Seori begins, "we still don't know who or what attacked the Ryouhara clan. If there are survivors, or people who are acting like they are members, it'd make sense they'd be looking for traitors to fight, I suppose." Taking a bite of her biscuit and chewing quietly, she drinks her tea, then adding, "And it could be trap. The people who did attack the village are still out there, and I doubt they're going to leave any survivors alone for very long. Dad and I have managed to lay low for two years already; it'd be pretty easy to just dangle a carrot in front of us and then strike us when we're down."

Or worse, make it so no clan comes to their defense. "So I need to find this ghost immediately." The girl does not seem too unfazed at Noboru's mention that he, the man who almost managed to kill her on their first match, was defeated. She is, however, clearly pensive, her gaze falling to her teacup. "If a mountain can't bring this ghost down, I'll need to be like the river."

[OOC] Seori says, "meanwhile, Sei conjured a sword out of the mud and pointed it at her, calling her a pretender"

[OOC] Seori says, "so that's two elements down"

[OOC] Seori says, "at this rate we're going to need captain planet"

[OOC] Noboru is just going to double down.

[OOC] Noboru says, "If stone doesn't work, mroe stone"

[OOC] Seori loool

[OOC] Seori says, "also, Seori's raising to the occasion and is going to battle him"

[OOC] Noboru sagenods

[OOC] Noboru says, "hopefully, you do better than I"

[OOC] Seori says, "but she dangled the carrot of 'i may have information'"

[OOC] Seori says, "I doubt it"

[OOC] Noboru says, "It's pretty unlikely"

[OOC] Noboru says, "but, not impossible"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Sei has a build that is really strong against mine,a nd I rolled pretty poorly"

[OOC] Seori says, "I'm from the 'if it will make for an awesome pose, do it'"

[OOC] Seori says, "school"

[OOC] Noboru agrees

[OOC] Seori says, "which means I will lose a lot but goddamn it it's fun to lose"

[OOC] Seori did grab a tenacious trait recently

[OOC] Seori says, "it... fits"

[OOC] Noboru says, "oh ho ho"

[OOC] Noboru has

[OOC] Noboru deadly, fearless, skilled, and survivor

[OOC] Noboru thinkst hey all fit

[OOC] Seori says, "Oho. I had Survivor on my old, old alt"

[OOC] Seori says, "she definitely was"

[OOC] Noboru thinsk he has survivor on all of his characters but one

[OOC] Noboru says, "but I tend to play those types"

[OOC] Noboru says, "a 150 year old cowboy,a mosnter hunter, a muscle ninja,, 3 out of 5 then.t he other two dont' ahve it"

[OOC] Seori says, "My old alt was a young NESTS experiment who was mostly blind"

[OOC] Noboru scratches chin. Might actulaly know what your'e talking about. Read a lot of the logs.

[OOC] Seori says, "she used Psycho Power to navigate the world- yeah, Shurui"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Yep. I know who your'e talking about."

[OOC] Seori says, "Yep, she's me"

[OOC] Noboru thumbsups

[OOC] Noboru says, "now I play a blidn person who uses psychic power to navigate the world"

[OOC] Noboru says, "small world"

[OOC] Seori says, "hahaha"

[OOC] Noboru plays Kenshi

[OOC] Seori says, "yeah"

[OOC] Seori says, "I remember seeing that in his profile"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Kenshi is a prime bad ass of awesomeness."

[OOC] Noboru says, "telepathic powers, blind, and with a sword full of his warrior ancestors."

[OOC] Noboru is supposed to be posing. Hmm.

[OOC] Seori says, "haha, it's okay"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Man, do you ever look at Seori's inner monologues and wonder, why she isnt' applying that to Noboru?"

[OOC] Seori says, "which ones"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Like, he totally dangled a carrot in front of her and is now pulling out everythign she knows"

[OOC] Noboru says, "He's nto a bad person. Not even a little bit. But if someone were twisting Seori's perception of him, oh boy he could look like one."

[OOC] Seori says, "Yep. But she's also not telling Noboru everything"

[OOC] Noboru nods

[OOC] Noboru says, "well that's good"

[OOC] Noboru says, "or bad"

[OOC] Noboru says, "or bad good"

[OOC] Seori says, "ahahaha"

[OOC] Seori says, "She tends to use her innocence as a way to sometimes get people to act"

[OOC] Seori says, "Though it's not entirely an act"

[OOC] Seori says, "Also, Noboru kinnnndaaa could trash her apartment"

[OOC] Noboru is too tender hearted.

[OOC] Seori says, "hahahah"

[OOC] Seori says, "When the mountain visits, serve him tea. >_>/"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Look man. Rochelle was a gangster and an assassin. he straight disrespected her."

[OOC] Noboru says, "then drank her coffee"

[OOC] Noboru says, "then did her dishes"

[OOC] Noboru says, "thent hrew her couch out the window"

[OOC] Seori says, "well, dirty dishes are a disrespectful"

[OOC] Seori says, "and that couch could have had bedbugs"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Fuck that couch."

[OOC] Noboru glares at it

[OOC] Noboru says, "Seori, as far as Nobo knows, isnt' an assassin or a gangster."

[OOC] Noboru says, "So your couch gets to stay in your house."

[OOC] Noboru tries to pull his mind back into posing.

[OOC] Seori says, "No rush! I may need to pause after your pose"

[OOC] Noboru says, "eh, I might need to pause now. but I'll toss one in here in the morning, so whenever you want to look at it it'll be there."

[OOC] Noboru says, "We good?"

[OOC] Seori says, "+ooc yep!"

[OOC] Noboru says, "Word."

[OOC] Seori says, "sorry, I was getting ready for bed"

[OOC] Noboru hahs

[OOC] Seori says, "I'm gonna go in the other room so I can open the log there for sei. :U"

[OOC] Noboru daps

[OOC] Noboru says, "seeya"

[OOC] Seori says, "see yaaa"

[OOC] Seori says, "and thanks for the RP!"

[OOC] Noboru says, "'course"

ODROP::Seori goes somewhere else.

Noboru has disconnected.

Seori has arrived.

ODROP::Seori goes somewhere else.

Noboru has connected.

The big shinobi meets Seori's stare with his own solemn regard, allowing her half-voiced thought to go unanswered. As she shakes free of her thoughts and begins to speak, he calmly lowers his silk mask. Beneath it his features are as solid and thick-boned as the rest of his body, with a strong roman nose and three days golden stubble on his cheeks and chin. He does not have the face of a ninja. he looks much more like the stylized depiction of a veteran soldier.
Wordlessly Noboru up-ends the tea cup into his mouth, throat working once to swallow. Then, with all the solemn dignity of the mountain, he places his cup back upon the tray and adjusts his mask to once more conceal his face.
"The Ghost haunts the ruins of his former life. Go there and he will find you. But, know this. if you walk this path, you step willingly into the jaws of danger. Tread with caution, young crow."
Of survivors, enemies, carrots, and rivers, the Miyama says nothing. he only bows shallowly from the waist, heavy silk coat rustling, and turns to slip out from behind the table. As before, his presence rolls through her home like a cloud, drifting inexorably toward the exit. It seems that when the mountain calls, he does not remain overlong.

Noboru has disconnected.

Noboru has connected.

Seori has arrived.

[OOC] Seori deposits

[OOC] Seori says, "also, I didn't realize everyone can save fights, not just the creator of the fight"

It never did help that Noboru's mannerisms parallel Seori's fathers, in some ways. Not enough for her to see the man as a fatherly figure, or directly similar to her father, but enough to elect a certain... bias. Enough to make her more than willing to serve tea, even if a small part of her knew the man could kill her in the blink of a second. Yet, when he takes his mask off, Seori realizes where the bias came from, right there. Even if the mask covered his face, his mannerisms were those of someone not only built for combat, but weathered by it.

Seori nods soberly. "I was afraid of that. I've only been there once since..." She waves her hand to fill in the rest of the story, offering no more information beyond that. "... We couldn't even stay that long, in case there were assassins still nearby." The words, however, come out before she's able to neatly rope them back behind that curtain. They're innocent enough, borne of logic and fact, but the brief emotion behind them is like the single prick of a heated blade against bare skin- quick, searing. Unresolved.

"I'll see what's going on and decide from there."

She thought she'd feel overjoyed at the news. Instead, there's a sense of sad reality seeping in, a break in the rose-colored glasses she's worn all this time. "Before you leave, Miyama-san," she says quietly, looking as he begins to leave, "thank you. I don't know your reasons, but, all the same..." She bows deeply to the ninja. "Until we meet again."

Hopefully, they will.

[OOC] Seori says, "now I shall skip on back, though if you want to continue let me know"

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