Abel - One Night in Bangkok

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Description: With the trail growing cold Abel looks to leave Thailand, but lack of money has kept him in Bangkok a bit longer than anticipated. A short term job as a bouncer at a club leads to his first meeting with a Darkstalker and with it perhaps someone he can look at getting information from in the future.

The bar in this area of Thailand is the type with live entertainment--and in this case it happened to be one that a certain Darkstalker was performing tonight. The inside of the bar is exhuberant, to put it mildly--neon lights and people talking loudly and having a good time with eachother at the bar--meanwhile across the floor there is a large crowd of people milling in front of a stage complete with catwalk--yes it's one of those sorts of bars. Either way, the tone and atmosphere is exotic--there are ladies and possibly men dressing as ladies serving drinks and all are in flashy dress and brightly-colored lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, ect. It's not a bad night in Bangkok, apparently.

For many it is probably a good night and really out of the crowd gathered inside this bar in particular there is one man that perhaps looks like he isn't having the greatest of time. It isn't that Abel can't have fun. It is more he has just been frustrated that his search for Shadaloo has started to grow cold again. No one has answers or pertinent information and it seems maybe it was dumb luck to have run into Jezebel and then Cracker Jack. Even then he is starting to doubt if they have any real involvement with the organization. Jezebel seemed like she was telling quite a few lies as if trying to impress Abel and Cracker Jack didn't exactly say much, but at least his skill made his involvement with Shadaloo a bit more believable.

It has been several days since he made it back to Bangkok and he has found no new news. The bar he saw Jezebel in had been demolished apparently soon after he left. He couldn't find the whereabouts of the man that ran that bar either to ask him questions. Money was low and that is exactly why Abel is here this evening. There just wasn't a better way to get some quick cash so he managed to get himself a gig as security for a few nights. Even among the other men hired he stands out given his height and size. Of course he is also one of the few non Asians in the club this evening too.

He for the most part is sitting on a stool near the stage with a bit of a far off look. He is paying attention, but he is also slowly getting lost in his thoughts. Maybe a few more night's pay here and he will just move on. If he can't find any new leads he may as well move on. There is no reason to linger in such a place if the trail is all but dead.

It is definite that Abel is one of the larger and definitely more masculine of the fellows that show up here--most are locals but ther eare a few western tourists and perhaps people that work out of this part of Asia, but Abel cuts a very imposing figure. It's like having Andre the Giant hanging out in a bar full of Japanese Salarymen, almost, it's definitely out of the ordinary.

Speaking out of the ordinary, the next dancer that comes out is very much so. A long plume of seemingly electric blue hair that hangs down to her lower back like a mane... cat ears? white fur along her arms and legs and chest? Looks like this particular establishment booked a darkstalker on their revue tonight, though with the way she's dressed it seems like cabaret or even something more scandalous is on the menu.

A very short mid-riff exposing top that seems to button up the front in burgundy, as well as a matching close-fitting pencil skirt, 6-inch high-heeled sandals showing off very red and pointed toenails that matched the ones on her fingers. She struts down that catwalk with a casualness that betrays their comfort in this sort of showtime environment, and it doesn't look like she's here to just sing!

There is a moment when Abel is glancing over the crowd still lost in his own thoughts before out of the corner of his gaze he sees the next performer. Then he sort of pauses there and questions what he sees and takes a second look. Abel has heard a few stories since he had awakened from his coma, but this is the first time he has seen a Darkstalker in person. He watches, though it is less of a lecherous manner and more one of curiousity. Is this why there is a bit more security than normal?

His thoughts on Shadaloo are put on hold. At least for a few moments when his focus shifts to seeing the reactions of the others in the club and making sure no one decides to be surly and problematic. Once it seems everything is fine he relaxes on the stool once more. For now things seem to carry on normally from what he can see. He supposes in a place like this a woman that is part feline isn't enough to even faze the clientel or the others that work here.

A number of kisses are blown as the catlady takes the brass pole at the end of the stage causally, the music beginning to throb and time seems to slow down as they move--as if they're moving with no wasted movement or as fluidly as possible. She's definitely not human, he can see the long white-furred tail that hangs down from the back of that skirt, and the feline ears twitch at the sides of her head. The bright lights that focus on her cause her pupils to contract and narrow into slits, making her seeming a bit menacing--but as those eyes alight on Abel she seems surprised, almost, eyes widening. Is it his size? The fact he looks obviously like a fighter--or maybe it's the sad beaten puppy look he's seemingly sporting at all times? Either way, she seems to zero in on him.

Performing a few squats and swings on the pole, those red-nailed and high-heeled feet pausing at the edge of the stage just short of Abel, her white-furred hand flicking the buttons that served as the clasp for the magenta metallic threaded skirt, letting it fall--it might fall right atop him, or into his lap, even.

He doesn't notice at first he seems to drawn Felicia's attention. He actually seems to be one of the few people doing their job right now, but when she draws near his attention shifts and his head tilts some. He wasn't sure at first, but then he sees she does her attention focused on him for a moment at least. That also gets him a few glares when that skirt comes off and lands on his lap. A few of the dancers had flirted with him over the few days he had been working here, but none in the middle of an act. He does his best to remain composed and focused on his work, but he is obviously a bit distracted now.

He starts to get up and that skirt starts to slip off and fall to the ground. His hand quickly snags it and he holds it in a hand looking unsure what to do with it. After a moment's thought he reaches it over to put on the edge of the stage just to make things less awkward for him. He is already drawing a bit more attention to himself that he would like and he does his best to try and get the people looking at him to instead pay attention to the stage.

Of course, Fel is not bare beneath that skirt, she's wearing a thong, jeez--it's of a similar metallic thread as the rest of her outfit. There also seemed to be a pattern of fur around her hips that closely matched a thong, as well. So maybe it was redundant, even? Perhaps she just needed something to actually take off, which was why she favored these button up pieces--that'd be the joke, likely. Either way, without the close-fitting skirt hampering her movement, Felicia seems to explode into an entirely new mode of movement.

That white-furred tail of hers seems to catch her as she hops up and performs what appears to be a full split--both of those legs going as far as they can really safely go in either direction and with a wave of paper money raining down on her. Those now freed and high-heeled legs soon turning toward Abel as she swings them out and scissors them closed--gently, placing both of her ankles on each of his shoulders as he gets up, grinning all the while, of course--she's definitely playing a bit of a game with him. Her hands meanwhile help support her against the stage, as well as her tail--could she really hold up part of her weight with it? It seems so! It's coiled against the stage like a freakin' spring, allowing her to do whatever she needed with her legs and feet meanwhile.

"Don't see you here often, big guy, first night in Bangkok?" she raises her voice just enough over the din of the music to let him hear her.

Well if he was hoping attention would be turned away from him it seems that won't be happening any time soon. He soon finds Felicia's legs stretched out with ankles resting over his broad shoulders and despite the fact he seems flustered he has a pretty good poker face. And yet when he thinks about it somehow having a woman that is half feline doing a strip tease in front of him is less awkward than when he was dealing with Jezebel. Flirty he can deal with. Crazy was what made dealing with Jezebel hard.

"Close to two weeks. A few days here." he says in response and she could tell he has been watching those movements. THe muscle tone, the way she moves. Abel has a feeling this woman can do more than just dance. "Searching for answers, but only getting more questions in the end." He finds it best to leave it at that. This is not the place really to talk about his search for Shadaloo. For all he knows she could be part of the group. That is a problem when dealing with something like Shadaloo. He never knows who he can exactly trust. "Just working for traven money for now."

"Mmm, only a few? that's a shame," Felicia runs those long white-furred legs and ankles against Abel's neck and shoulders. She's definitely got muscle tone, those legs feeling like they were as spring-loaded as her tail looked. The fur on them was quite soft, however--and likely a godsend for Felicia if Abel had decided to not shave for a few days--because was stroking her calves against the sides of his face for a few moments, grinning down at him meanwhile.

"Maybe you should stick around longer!" she said in an energetic voice, those legs of hers unscissored from the sides of the man's head and she pulled them back, crouching before turning her back and doing splits again--this time with her legs out to either side of her with her rear resting against the stage, much to the hoots and hollers of the crowd. That white-furred tail of hers snapped out wrapped around a drink some poor schmuck was holding too close to the stage, Felicia yanking it away like it was as tense as a bullwhip and taking it into her hand.

"Thank youuu--" she splashed the watered-down liquor down without delay, not getting it all over herself, but she wasn't being dainty, either, before tossing the empty glass back at him. She then rose and popped the buttons of her top, letting that slide off her shoulders before tossing it at Abel.

"You can hand me those back at the end of the show," she grinned, her unrestrained but still teasingly white-fur clad chest bouncing.

He is still somewhat tense while the feline featured woman continues to tease him with her movements. "I....don't have time to linger anywhere for long." He tells her before she finally pulls those legs away and begins to move along the stage and steal a guy's drink. Abel reaches up to run a hand through his short, blonde hair and looks away only for a moment to look among the crowd. It is that short moment when his attention is elsewhere is when that shirt falls over his head.

He reaches up to pull the shirt away and looks towards Felicia once more. He only gives a nod. He has given up not to draw too much attention to himself. At this point he has some eyes still on him. Some people looking at him in a jealous manner and others looking to see if maybe that stone faced look of his might be broken as Felicia continues to tease him. He looks to where that skirt ended up and he puts the shirt with it before sitting back down on his stool and letting out a bit of a sigh. In a way he would rather someone be causing problems. Throwing people out is much easier to handle.

"You should relax, tough guy," Felicia calls to him from the stage, giggling as he seems to be surprised when the top fall over his head. She holds her hand over her face to seem like she's trying to hide the amusement, before continuing her dance. Money is showered on her, and she is soon left with bills festooning the waistband of the cat lady's thong, a pair of scrunchies around her ankle and wrists, and her tail is even coiled around a wad of bills. Once the music is over she hops down from the stage and takes her outfit back, counting her money as she winds up nearby Abel and her tail tickles his chin as she walks by, heels clicking.

"You got time for a drink big man? Or maybe you want a private show out back?" she mutters to him casually, just as she walks by. She doesn't seem like she'd be crushed if he said no, but she apparently wouldn't mind his company either.

The show goes on though the crowd perhaps getting a bit thinner and less interested on what is going on once Felicia is off stage. Abel seems to have managed to relax by the time Felicia is done and wandering by him. That tail drags about his chin and tickles at it a bit. "A drink would do." Or three at this point. His lack of comment on the latter question is probably his way of declining. "What brings you to this part of the world?" He asks and gets up to move from the stool he was on. His attention is split so he can follow and talk with Felicia while also still trying to do his job.

He does pause for a moment, stopping near another man working security and he leans in to whisper to the guy who gives a nod and moves to settle down where Abel was hanging out near the stage. He doesn't seem to be much of a talker either. Or it could just be the fact he has never dealt with someone like Felicia before and he is being more mindful of what to say and do around the feline woman.

"I talked with the manager and he said he'd let me come on, they don't get freakshow girls that often, I guess," Felicia mutters as she continues to count the bills, carefully calculating it's worth after exchange rate to USD, her eyes trained on it. She leads him to the back VIP area area with it's closed off private booths anyway, she wants the privacy, apparently.

"I'm Felicia, by the way, a Darkstalker," she held out a white-furred and red-nailed hand for him to shake, it seemed almost like a woman's arm and hand clad in a long opera glove almost, with how close the fur seemed to fit to her, but close examination would let him know it was actually real fur. She calls to a bartender who goes off to get them some drinks, whiskey on the rocks for her, and whatever Abel wanted.

"You just looked like a big beaten angry puppy out there, it was sad, so wanted to try and cheer you up," she turned to him with a smile, sitting down on a long leather L-shaped couch.

He raises a brow at the freak show comment, but decides to stay silent until a hand is offered. "Abel. And....I have never met a Darkstalker before. At least from what I can remember." Mostly if anything since he awakened from his coma is a few stories about Darkstalkers and most of what he has read or heard has been rather unkind. Is Felicia perhaps cut from a different cloth than most? She seems to mostly look like someone that is just trying to make a living. Only difference is she has a tail...and fur....and those ears.

He orders a vodka on the rocks himself and he moves to sit down on the couch himself. He seems more relaxed now where he isn't having to focus on his job and is in a more private setting. "I am not angry though, but beaten....I suppose I have taken my share of lumps." At least his jaw isn't a swollen mess like it was the few days after dealing with Cracker Jack. Mostly it is just old scars. He isn't even sure where most of them came from. Possibly from his life before his memories were taken from him. Perhaps from when he was being experimented on or whatever it was Shadaloo was doing with him before being left for dead. "Like you I am just here for the money. It isn't easy to travel when you are completely broke."

That furred hand sort of feels like if one has ever pet a short-haired cat, like an American Shorthair, or something similar--it's a sort of velvety fuzz that's clean, soft and warm--it just happens to be wrapped around a human hand, or what seems like on in shape and such. She does have those long red-nails that taper to points, though she's careful with them when shaking his hand.

"You did seem a bit troubled, so I figured you needed a friend," she grinned, getting her whiskey and ice in not much time at all, Abel's vodka along with it. "I see, sorry to hear that, times can be tough, I realize," she leaned back and sipped at her drink, slurping it a little even. Really, with her healing and regeneration factor, that whiskey might as well be root bear, the alcohol would be metabolized and broken down so fast she had to drink fast and in generous amounts to get tipsy.

"You sure you don't want a private show? I'm sure there's a few hundred bucks I could be making out there right now for others who want one," she snerks, looking over at him as she crosses her legs daintily.

"A friend?" he just smirks slightly at that. Maybe he does need that, but at the same time being his friend would probably not be the safest of things. Not when he is on a one man mission to try and take down one of the most dangerous organizations in the world. "Being my friend can be unhealthy, but I do appreciate the concern." he takes his own drink and takes a pull from it, draining about half of the drink in that swig before putting it back down. "And if you need the money do not let a drifter like me keep you from it."

He does pause for a moment and he looks her over once more. "A strange question, but I don't suppose the world Shadaloo rings a bell?" Really at this point he figures what is the harm. It seems Felicia might be a bit of a wanderer and he has a faint bit of hope that perhaps she might have something, ANYTHING, that could perhaps help him. "It is the reason I am here. I had a lead....a strange lady with a robotic eye, but that was weeks ago and I haven't had much luck since."

"Yeah, to hang out, what you think I meant some action? Psh," she grins at that, but doesn't seem to mean it was entirely out of the question either, the catty minx. "Same here, unless you want a bottle thrown at you on the street or the like, it's usually best not to pal around with a darkstalker," she shrugged. She paused for a moment and took a drink, clearing her throat.

"Who wants to know? I rub shoulders with some pretty tough customers, I wouldn't want to see you shot for sniffing around where you shouldn't," she said calmly, tilting her head, curling her hair in one of her fingers.

"Robo-eye lady, huh? can't say I am too familiar," she shook her head.

So she may know something, but is holding out on him. Just like Jezebel did, but at least in this case Felicia isn't causing destruction and turning into a sobbing mess while doing so. So maybe just maybe he can get some useful information. "I have a history with them." He tries to figure out the best way to explain things. "And in the end they took something important from me. I am just looking for answers and I feel Shadaloo has them."

Or at least one of the higher ups he hopes. Jezebel might be Shadaloo, but he has a feeling she was bluffing about having information for him. Crack Jack seemed more of a strong arm and a bit low on the totem pole so he probably wouldn't have gotten the answers he wanted even if he managed to get Crack Jack to talk at all. "I don't have money to offer in exchange, but if you have any information I would greatly appreciate it." He still manages to keep a rather stone face look, but there is a sense of desperation in the tone of his voice.

"Hm... have you gone to hit up Cracker Jack yet? I think he might have some connections if you need something," Felicia throws him a bone, to to speak--if in this case she's the cat and he's a dog, she might be trying to help out what is otherwise her natural adversary, due to her work history.

"Otherwise talking about them could get me very hurt, very quickly, so I'll have to err on the side of caution, strong-man," she sighed, kicking back more in her chair and shucking those heeled sandals off, cracking her toes as she flexed them and now resting more against the sofa with her back up against it, relaxing.

Abel reaches up to rub at his jaw a bit. "I have met with Cracker Jack. I didn't get what I need." If anything it just made things worse. He got people involved that didn't need to be. He got selfish and a small fishing town got damaged because of it. "Most of his answers involved a baseball bat or a closed fist. I left him in the jungle without money or shoes." He does frown some though when Felicia mentions she could get very hurt if she said too much. Much like the people in that village he would be putting a bystander in danger if he pressed too much. "I apologize, I am being selfish."

He takes the glass of vodka and downs the rest. He turns the glass about in his hand. "I guess at least I know Cracker Jack really is part of that group. I was second guessing things given who gave me the original information." He sets the glass down and he clearly looks a bit frustrated, but is doing his best to hide it. "Since my little tussle with him the trail has grown a bit cold. I am moving on once I get enough money to cover travel. I don't believe I am going to find much else here."

He slowly rises up from his seat and he adjusts his shirt some and reaches back to run a hand over his hair once again. "I do not wish you to get hurt so I won't prod any more. I of all people know all too well what Shadaloo can do. I would tell you to call me if you ever got more information that you could safely share, but....I have no phone." he gives a faint smile. "But thank you for the drink. I owe you one, Felicia."

"Well he is kind of cracked out, why do you think they call him 'Cracker Jack', hon?" Felicia smiled a little bit at her own joke, sitting up a bit more now. "I'd go check out Stray maybe to see if he knows anything about what you're looking for, drugs or money or women, that kinda thing, right?" she seemed to be speaking facetiously, as if she was saying this just to make sure he knew what to start asking questions about, and less about loose-lipped catwomen. "You know, since you seem to be that kind of thing," she winked at him. As he got up she placed her furred-feet at the back of his trouser legs and kneaded her nails a bit into the material there gently, letting them slide down and off without tearing anything, thankfully.

"Don't be a stranger there, blondie, okay?" she gave him a little wave as she sat back with her drink.

Stray, that is a name he will have to make not. He gives a nod. "I will look into. I understand you can't do much else" he glances over his shoulder and watches her knead lightly against the back of his leg. He just smirks again. "I heard a lot about your kind, but you are different. It was nice to meet you." he tells her and then looks to the clock. "I bought myself a few minutes, but I have to go back out there in order to get paid. If you get any other leads or need any help I should still be here for a few days. Just leave a message here and they will be sure I get it."

There is a moment where he stands there and seems unsure, but then reaches out with a big hand. "Sorry....I just have to." he touches at an ear lightly as delicately as he can and feels it twitch against his calloused fingers. He pulls his hand away. "I should.....go. Have a good night." Just when he thinks his life couldn't get any more strange and interesting something like this happens.

The ear at the side of Felicia's head does indeed twitch and flick back against the man's thickly-calloused hand, causing her to blink a little before smiling, even though he's taking off. "Well offer's still there, big guy," she sits up a bit more now, watching him go. She sips at her drink.

"Hrm, wonder if he even is seeing anyone, ah well~" she shrugged again, finishing that whiskey on the rocks with a hum.

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