Naerose - Naedora's box

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Description: In a spooky warehouse full of spooky things some goons and Nightmare Spangles find a spooky box. Inside that box is a horror best forgotten, best left alone best left untou- they touched it didn't they.

What is it.

The question broods in the two gangster's minds, as they stood over the crate. The location of it wasn't unusual. It was in a warehouse in the muggiest of muggy Bangkok nights. These warehouses weren't climate controlled, and they could barely breath. The warehouse was filled with the most recent shipment of goods. Smuggled goods, as per Shadaloo business. Recently salvaged off an island in the Pacific. There were many boxes, there were many crates. And there was this one. The question remained.

What is it.

The taller of the two gangsters steps back, leaning back against a stack of crates. From the front of his mesh vest, he pulls out a cigarette. Striking a match off his stubbled cheek, he lights the cigarette, and takes a draw. The shorter, leaner man continues to walk around it, reading it, poking it, shaking his head under the dim light of it. This was strange. They almost... they almost didn't want to bring it up with the warehouse boss. Something was wrong. The little man shakes his head, pulling out a whiskey flask for a draw. Wiping his lips, he turns to the taller man.

"So what is it?"

It was a box, the wooden style crates you remember from the first Indiana Jones movies would seem in place for that day and age. The splintered boards and iron nails look really old fashioned by today's standards, but have a certain nostalgic quality for a day long past. That good old days, nineteen fifties, when plastic wasn't the bed rock of all construction material. One might be made to recall those times, like an afternoon watching the best Indiana Jones movie, the pinnacle of the series, Indiana Jones 4 and the Crystal Skull. Yes it is hard to beat perfection, and so join me in remembering that fantastic work of art while we consider the box before us.

Like the box, many were baffled with what to do with the movie, praise it? Praise it a lot? But of course the media feels they must introduce fairness and balance, the other movies would be jealous, so some critics took to saying the movie was terrible. Also the awards were rigged. This may seem totally unrelated to the wooden box, but it isn't, not really, the wooden box, about six feet tall and a foot and a half wide and deep, has many stickers on it. No not the cool kind like adventure time characters, or Ever After High, but the lame kind, like "Property of U.S. Government" and "Property of Canada" stuck over. In fact this box seems to have visited just about every country, even The People's Republic of Korea, which I hear is fantastic this time of year.

The contents meanwhile have probably never been disturbed in all this time and travel, the front of the box has been secured with many more nails, some bent, as though hastily pounded in. An ineffective chain has been draped around the box and wrapped a few times with a pad lock, if only the chain weren't held in place by one of those twisted nails and would probably fall off at the slightest touch. Some duct tape was even added (probably the strongest deterrent yet) to suggest this box, whatever it is, should not be opened. Much like the theatre doors of a Crystal Skull showing, it would be rude to interrupt such cinema goodness and would probably result in a riot. Because the movie is so good, of course.

Maybe there was something valuable inside. Like the lost collection of original cuts from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull!

This box was evil.

The short man sweats hard as the taller man asks. "You know, I think it's probably something creepy. Something just seems off about it. Like what is it, bootleg movie material? Maybe the island had some weirdass bootleg stuff. I don't know man." The short man dips below, and grabs two crowbars. "We are gonna have to open it." The tall man puts out the cigarette on the crate behind him. "Whateve-"

"What's up, pardners!"

The tall man sighs, banging the back of his head against the crates. Muttering a curse under his breath, he turns. Standing legs akmibo, with her hands on her hips, was the mysterious Light- Nightmare Spangles. Garbed in black jeans studded with shining gold lightning bolts, spiders, and spooky ghosts, the woman wears a sleaveless black tanktop over it. A pair of fingerless gloves are on her hands, and a black cowboy hat on her head. Her mousy-blonde hair was in a long ponytail reaching the full of her back. Who this woman was a complete mystery, as across her face was a black bandana, with a real skeleton skull in front of it. One of her blue eyes was fixed forward, while the OTHER was a mechanical robot eye, blazing with a blue LED light. The dangerous Nightmare Spangles, agent of Shadaloo, and leader of this operation was here.

And she was about to get to the bottom of this mysterious crate.

"Why that there looks like a crate!" Jez- Nightmare Spangles states aloud, striding towards the crate. Looking over all the labels and decals, she unleashes a high-pitched whistle. "Wow, boy howdy, that looks like its from the best Indiana Jones movies, the Temple of Doom!" Nightmare Spangles looks at them, giving a playful punch towards the tall one's shoulder. He just ignores her, going over to short one and taking the crowbar. The actress laughs aloud a bit, and ignores being ignored. "You know I was in an Indiana Jones movie! Well, I mean, it wasn't, like, official. It was kind of like a spin off, or like, a... a fan film. I mean, it wasn't a feature length movie, it was more like a, more like a, it was ah." Light- Nightmare Spangles coughs a bit in her face mask bandana.

"So, aren't you two gonna open it?"

With a tug, the men push down on the crowbars. The lid to the crate pops off, as mist streams out of it. The fog billows out thick and red, as a light seems to almost burn from within the crate. The lid lands with a crash, clattering on the floor of the warehouse. The men back away from the smoke, while Jez- Nightmare Spangles enters it. Hovering over the opening of the crate, her mechanical eye narrows, a beam of light cutting through the mist. She peers into the opening of the crate. Peers inside.

Peers to see what was in the box.

The contents are sure to be a disappointment. This thing, whatever it was, probably isn't valuable. Whomever hastily shoved it into the box didn't even bother to pack it with bubbles for popping later to pass the time. Not even crumpled up newspaper, the content is literally freely set in the box to be disturbed and damaged and groped by baggage handlers or pseudo-billionaires. Speaking of what it is, well, it could be one of those really life like dummies people buy for unspeakable reasons, or it could be an Egyptian mummy of Sneferu's less famous cousin Snafu the second. More likely though.

It's a set piece from Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Skull. Wasn't there a scene with a dried up looking thing that was supposed to be creepy? Or a mummy or anything even remotely related to archeology somewhere in that movie? Surely it wasn't all just random images and while most movie goers could probably not recite the plot to the film, having had their minds so thoroughly blown, most would agree, there was probably a scene where this thing was a prop in that fantastic film.

Set into the box (without any protection) is a human looking figure, in an old, lets face it probably fake, wooden mask that looks ready to crumble to dust at the slightest touch. The figure dressed in .. brown? Dust? Maybe a somewhat modernish dress that had color once opun a time, now looks like it could be biblical clothing, but surely speaks to the mastery of the prop team in designing such a commentary on modern clothing with a pre-historic slant. Yeah that had to be in the Indiana Jones movie. Beside the figure, which is at least clearly supposed to be female, one of the janitorial staff apparently left their broom in there and probably had a heck of a time sweeping the floor later. Lastly in what is surely meant as a prank, one of those wily hipsters working on the Indiana Jones film, clearly left a candy bar in the claw like hands of the mannequin in the box.

After a moment of silence and evil being disturbed, a mouse that was nestled in what appeared at first like part of the mannequin moves, causing dust to just billow and cloud out of the create ominously. This is the time when a hero or villain emerges, when all is obscured and effect artists can spend less on making the entrance look cool and instead just be obscured.

*cough* Or someone coughing.

When the dust clears from the air the mannequin has already started to fall apart. The mask is no where to be seen, rather it disintegrated as promised and the figure inside, peaceful, a woman who could be old or young, it's hard to tell under all the dust, unmoved for a generation or like six months. Mysteriously the now very dusty candy bar is closer to the tight lips. Was that arm there before, elbow bent? Maybe this is the Temple of Doom after all, or the rumored sure to be amazing fifth sequel?

Probably going to need a serious dust buster for this one.

Well, Nightmare Spangles was used to disappointment.

Fortunately, the disappointment in this case was external, not internal. As Jeze- Nightmare Spangles peers through the mist, the vision transfixes upon what was underneath the surface. The other two men, seeing that the mist wasn't... that toxic, come around the open lid, circling around as they look down at what laid within. The short guy twists up his nose in disgust. The tall man looks flatly at it. But Nightmare Spangles actually laughs out loud. The short man whines loudly, before he asks the pressing question to the boss.

"Is that a mummy?"

"Ha ha ha!" Nightmare Spangles continues to laugh brightly, patting the tall man on the shoulder. He turns away from her touch, sliding away from her. "Well no, guys, no, that's not a mummy at all!" The short man sighs, nodding firmly as he looks down, reaching down. "Oh, then it's fake. Like a movie or TV prop, like from Young Indiana Jones series!" Jezebnightmare Spangles shakes her head. "Oh no, that's definately dried flesh." She blurts out brightly.

"That's a corpse!"

The pair of gangsters recoils in disgust. "A c-c-corpse?" The short man babbles, slipping away. "Did someone ditch a body in here?" The Tall Man nods. "That means we don't have to worry about this. Clear out everything else, leave the body in place. It's not our problem." He says stoically. Nightmare Spangles shrugs. "That sounds right, I mean, that totally sounds right!" The short man reaches down, trying to pull the candy bar from its hand. He tugs, unable to get it free. "Well, what was it eating down there?" Nightmare Spangles looks down, narrowing her mechanical eye and squinting it. "Well, I don't know why, but this looks so familiar to me... maybe..." She couldn't help herself. This was a dead body. But she could pretend it wasn't. She reaches down slowly at the corpse.... slowly.... slowly...

Nightmare Spangles gently peels the mask off the corpse

The mask. It was a 1994 horror movie featuring the king of horror. A man whom long after his career had ended continued his horror. His true horror though came in other unmasked movies and films. We're way beyond Indiana Jones folks, we're to a person whose face was so good at making stupid expressions he turned a whole career into it. Sure he thought at first it would be comedy, but as time went on he realized the true strength was horror, then made such classic frights as Dumb and Dumber 2 and the one about football players, but worst of all was The Mask. So it's probably a disappointment as what remains of the mask, mostly dust, reveals . . . Not Jim Carrey.


Just in time for Halloween it comes to life with a sudden flash of lightening and thunder- which is actually one of the overhead bulbs burning out and the thunder was just a fender bender a few blocks away because fender benders happen, but Frankenstein's monsters do not. Except she's totally alive because when the candy bar is touched, like hitting that switch to a secret domain of evil, the villain's liar (or hero) a bat cave of mystery is unearthed . . Literally because she's pretty much covered head to toe in dust. The first hint of life is when the candy bar shoots toward the now unmasked mouth and she takes. . . A bite.

"Oh man," Comes a voice, a scratchy voice. *cough* "Been trying to do that for like.. ever."

No question the corpse witch is talking and now she's sitting up. . .

When more of the dust clears, what at first seemed like a cheap prop, starts to reveal itself to be just a cheap Halloween costume, probably, like something straight out of Halloween USA. The dress is gaudy and overly flashy sort of reddish.. Well red where not still covered in dust and brown everywhere else - and if we're honest even where the red shows through it is a drab red thanks to the time spent in that crate. Hopefully the dress is real, if the mask is any indicator it could be dust too and this could be one of those creepy dolls for unspeakable acts. Also her face which looked really fake before apparently had a pair of shades on all alone, even under the mask, but only now could be clearly seen as sun glasses and probably the most expensive part of her outfit. Atop her head what looked like crumpled costume bits is actually a witch's hat, or not, because it's really hard to know what to believe with this crazy thing.

It takes a moment for the dust/corpse/witch to adjust her shades, wipe one off enough to 'see' and look around. She doesn't really take in the gangsters, because she doesn't have peripheral vision yet (too much dust still, and not the dust you get in your eye when you're trying not to cry at the end of The Crystal Skull wedding scene because it is so beautiful.)

Boots. Nightmare boots. Neat. The Dust Witch has a pair of boots too and they're almost in the style of cowboy. . You know, almost. They might be leather, or a knock or leather, it is still really hard to tell thanks to the dust, but they are nearly to the knees, so that is kind of cowboy ish. See having already spotted something they have in common the dust clad woman, whose clothes are probably real and not just a artifact of the dust like the mask (please say it's so) smiles. Smiles big. Smiles unsettlingly and takes a bite of the candy bar that had been in the box with her. Oh sure she tries to pretend it isn't hard as a rock (after all why else would the mice have left it alone) and not covered in dust, but the crunching sounds and the way her jaw works. Like slowly in a round chewing motion and the wince that is visible on her face, try as she might to smile through it. . . And oh that horrible crunching sound, you're really not supposed to hear that come from a mouth and when she opens her mouth to smile toothily again they're all dark from the dust that she probably just ate and some of it kind of puffs out of her mouth into a new cloud when she says,

"Hiya, so umm, whats up dock?"

She tries to play it off like a throw back to bugs bunny and takes another terrible bite of the 'chocolate bar'. Forcing everyone to sit through another tormenting long grind of teeth against fossilized 'chocolate' which was probably never chocolate to begin with and some knock off a candy company thought no one would notice if they added enough sugar to. Well that sure crystalized and now nothing in the bar resembled candy, just rocks, and this woman was eating it somehow.

You say dolls for unspeakable acts, I say 'Yoshiaki'

In any case, whether it was a Naedoll that was moving. The short man -screams- like a nagging horse as he recoils his hand, pulling away in terror. The Tall Man drops the cigarette from his mouth, staring in horror as he drops the crowbar with a clatter. And Lig- Nightmare Spangles stares at the mask in her hand. It was like the moment in Temple of Doom when, at the Indian village, the king of the village pinned the medals of heroism on the chest of Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, and Short Round for destroying the Kali cult. As the dust clears, and the woman reanimated, then only then does Jezebel drop the mask. Nightmare Spangles drops the mask. Nightmare Spangles is the one who drops the mask. Her good eye goes wide, as she mutters aloud, as she recognizes.... she recognizes....


"F-f-fishy Friend..." Nightmare Spangles stumbles backwards, falling off her feet. A fresh reality comes over her. It was... it was the girl she met on the beach. The perfect girl. The ideal. The dream. "Nae Nae, fishy friend, you've..." And the robotic eye dilates. "You've come back to me..." She rises back up into a stand, hands out. "We... we need to get you out of there, oh my god Nae Nae, oh my god, how did- what happened-"

And there is the click of a hammer.

The Tall Man trains a revolver at the witchy witch. Jezbeallllllllnightmare Spangles suddenly releases Naerose, and steps between her and the man. "Whoa whoa hey now sh-she's... she's a friend!" The Tall Man stares stoically. "What she is, Jezebel-" "Nightmare Spangles" She quickly corrects. "- Whatever, what she is, is that she's supposed to be a dead body. Shadaloo wanted her dead. Now, if she's not dead, then she's going to run off to the police, and then we're going to have a problem." The short guy was gone. Where did he go? Nightmare Spangles keeps herself between the man and her friend. "Now hold on, maybe... maybe we just need to understand what was going on. I- Naerose." She turns around a bit, tilting her head. Her hands were trembling. "Nae Nae. How about... about how... how about you tell us what happened."

"How did you end up in there?"

A lot goes on. I mean like wow think about all the moments going on in the world and so much we don't know, does anyone know anything what does anyone really know? For instance, did you know the Temple of doom was really a prequel to Raiders of the Lost Arc? Mind blown. Also, does anyone else find it weird that there is an arc of the covenant and Noah's Arc and they're totally different things? What if they were secretly the same thing and woah, mind blown again. All or none of this might be going through Naerose's head as she observes the action playing out in front of her. First Jezebel, Nightmare Spangles, falls down or something and then talks and Crunch, more bites off the rock hard candy bar (the fact she still has teeth is the real mystery). People get spooked, more candy bar crunching.

Then there is a gun. Chekov's gun, because everyone knows once a gun has been pulled, it will be fired before act three and this play probably only has two or maybe one act. Remarkably though there is no real reaction from this happening, in fact the entire dialogue that has gone one has been eerily one sided as Jezebel talks and Naerose just *crrrrrunch, grinding sound grinding sound crrruuunnck* Like ice through a cheese grader. Maybe the man really is pulling a gun to save his ears. Or is sanity.

Then without warning.

"Oh wow it's dark in here," Naerose comments. She takes off her shades (closing her eyes first because, safety) and begins cleaning them on her dress which makes them frankly more dirty, but whatever. She puts them back on and see's Jezebel's back. "That's better." She comments and then tilts her head to one side and bangs on the opposite side of her head. A small water.. well dust, fall of .. well dust, comes flowing freely from her ear before she does the same thing to the other side. "That's better, and WOAH, hey people." She says, as if only just noticing them for the first time. "Umm nice digs you got here." She looks around and then back at her box. "Oh hey you." And pulls her broom free, gives it a good shake, it responds predictably. Then turning to the fellow with the gun, he's the guy who looks most in charge she asks,

"How'd I get here?"

Alas Poor Jezebel your explanation is going to have to wait for never. Then looking a little more closely at Jezebel's back..side? Well whatever is facing her and no doubt done so in the most appropriately PG manner, Naerose comments, "Oh hey Jezebel, umm, oh right beach, okay I think I took a nap on the beach.. That would explain all the sand (it's dust) and I guess this.. rustic beach.. " She looks at the crate for a moment, at a loss for words then back at the guy with the gun. "Woah! I know what this is! We're beign kidnapped and brought to mexico to have our organs harvested! Umm Bad Hombre!" she says totally not racist.

Nightmare Spangles didn't even process through everything.

As Naerose remembers her, its like a rush to a happier time. At one point, she thought she would have killed herself on that island. But she met someone like Naerose, and... and death didn't seem like the right thing. She forgot about Naerose, because she left her life. She remembered that dark time when.... when she couldn't be LIghtning Spangles anymore. But she was Nightmare Spangles. Nobody could stop her from that. And she... and she was finally here for her.

She was finally real again.

"Nightmare Spangles" Nightmare Spangles says, blushing brightly as she covers her bottom as Naerose looks at it. "I'm Nightmare Spangles." She rocks her chest a bit, as the Tall man rubs his neck. He... really did not look comfortable when she was like this. He brings the hand on the gun steadying it as Naerose suddenly reveals what SHE thought was going on. "First of all." He begins. "I'm Filipino. And secondly?" He motions his head to some of the crates.

"She knows too much."

He keeps the gun trained on the witch. "It's pretty obvious to me, boss, that she knows too much about what's going on here. She already knows about the organ operation, she's probably an undercover agent following the human trafficking. I don't care if she's a friend or a lover, I think it's pretty safe to say that I can just pop a few rounds in her, and save us a lot of trouble." He seems almost ready to do that... as the red faces Nightmare Spangles uncovers her bottom, and moves slowly towards the Tall Man. "No, No, no, please, oh no no no." She repeats as she comes upon him, gently easing the gun aside as she moves him, pushes him against the crates with delicate strength. And there, she whispers desperately. "Okay, look, she's harmless. I swear, she's like a child, a real child, and she is so innocent and kind, and she isn't a threat. Just let me talk to her, I'll explain things, and everything will be happy, and..."

Nightmare Spangles takes in a deep sniff of her nose.

"... You smell incredible, is that axe body spray?" The tall man begins to sweat profusely, as he eyes go wide. "You know, I've been wondering about something, I've been hoping to ask you something-" "Okay, you talk to her." The Tall Man breaks out of the hold, and just... points the gun in the air as he walks out. "I don't want to put up with your bull, Jezebel. I just... I just don't want you." She stares after him, one eye turning glassy, the other dimming. She was speechless. She lost her words. She felt... pain. Real pain. She wanted to die, to drink, to hurt herself, to fade away, but... but...

"Nightmare Spangles."

The woman turns around, to face Naerose. She pulls away her face mask, revealing the full smile, as she transfixes her eyes on the witch. "Ha ha ha. Wow, that was a close one. He forgot who I was too. I'm Nightmare Spangles, Fishy Friend Nae Nae! And I'm... I'm the arch rival to Lightning Spangles! I'm her enemy. And this isn't human trafficking, or organ harvesting! No, you are my prisoner! Ha ha ha!" Her pupils were dialating again, as she stumbles backwards. She bumps into one of the crates, knocking it open.

There is a grunting sound.

She turns around, and sees she knocked the lid off of a crate. She peers in to the exposed open lid. Inside, was three young ladies, bound and gagged, struggling. Nightmare Spangles stares at them, face frozen in a smile. And very, very gently, she picks up the lid, and puts it back on. She turns back to Naerose, still grinning. "So you are a prisoner of Nightmare Spangles! Ha ha ha! And I have captured you for... for one reason, Fishy Friend!"

"To be MY fishy friend!'

"The Fishy Friend of Nightmare Spangles!"

Just as, JUST as the disagreement over if they should pop Naerose and be done with it and everyone, yes probably everyone would be better off, you know and Naerose is harmless and childlike and really she is, really, there is this vending machine in the corner and whatever pg-13 stuff is happening with some axe stuff and whatever a Filipino is and Nae totally didn't mean to but the vending machine is broken now and in the most inconvenient of ways it fell face forward, you can't even get at the candy goodness inside. So when Jezebel looks back there is a Naerose looking decidedly not-innocent, but trying to totally look innocent because if Jezebel is in charge then this was her vending machine and it isn't like she had any money anyway. So she quickly says her, "He did it," and points toward . . well no one. This is likely lost in Jezebel's own monologue that starts to go on about now.

Whilist that Monologue goes on, Naerose does her best not to interrupt though it is obvious once or twice she looks like she's like to. Using her broom like a park bench to sit on, if park benches hovered with nothing underneath them - a neat trick - that Nae can only do when she doesn't realize she's doing it. No doubt if it was pointing out to her what she was doing she'd probably fall flat on her tail. (Disclaimer: she doesn't actually have a tail, apparently, those have been popular lately.) So this entire time, or at least the time that happened after the crash of her breaking the vending machine (and probably one particularly getting too old for this gangster looking back in annoyance) there has been a Nae floating on a broom who continues not to notice she is doing it so yes, continues to do it. Apparently Hitchhikers guide only got it part right, you couldn't just forget to hit the ground, you also had to forget you forgot.

"I'm Nightmare Spangles" Jezebel says.


"-Arch rival," Confusion, "Lightening Spangles," More confusion. "You Fishy friend," Okay a little less confusion. ". . prisoner." More confusion.

Maybe she could just fly off on her broom now, maybe that's something she could do, but it doesn't seem to occur to her and even if it did she's distracted by the crate and then re-distracted by Jezebe-sorry Lightn- Sorry Nightmare Spangles continuing to talk. So kind of frightfully easily the fact of a few clearly kidnapped girls goes completely beneath the notice of one dusty red witch fishy friend. And while we're at it, the prospect of being kidnapped seems to be causing no undue alarm either, it is almost like in her little witchy head she already weighed, kidnapped fishy friend and just decided to go with the flow for now.

"So let me get this straight," Naerose finally says," You're umm, and she's umm.. " A long pause before finally Naerose asks the question that's -really- on her mind."

"Just what is a Spangles now?"

It was a beautiful delirium.

Nightmare Spangles believed it was all real. Naerose floating on her broom? There was nothing strange about it, because that is what she did. PG-13? There was always shadows of the PG-13 around Nightmare Spangles. She could never escape them. They haunted her constantly. But with Naerose, with her Fishy Friend, it was always PG. Not even 80s PG, but real PG. Safe PG. Harmless PG. She wanted that PG, she coveted. She wanted to wrap it around her. With both of the gangster gone, she was alone. Well, except for those kidnapped girls. But they weren't real. No, only her Fishie Friend was real.

And she was about to escape.

She was go away, Nightmare Spangles realizes. She would go away, and never come back. She would be alone, and she would be with her new friends, like the tall man who hated her, who thought she was old, and creepy, and unlikable, and unwantable, and awful. He hated her, while the short one didn't even want her. Nobody wanted her. And if she didn't explain to Nae Nae Fishy Fishy Friend Friend she would go away, taking her perfect innocence and PG-13 away forever. She wouldn't let it happen. She would rather die, or kill, than let that happen right now. So she laughs aloud. Laughs so hard as the pause comes... and the question comes.

"I'm glad you asked!"

"See, what happened was, is that someone died, a child, a beautiful child died, and I made so many mistakes Fishy Friend. And people died! I was doing a show for Donald Trump, and there was a fire, and a child died! And after I was drinking so hard, and I punched that teenager for kissing me, and I lost my belt, I mean, I was a loser Fishy Friend. And then, and then, well, I tried to kill myself, and I couldn't even do that, and all that time I was replaced by Pepper Green! She's the new Lightning Spangles now, and she's just a child now too! And me, well, well,"

And the corners of her lips crack, bleeding lightly as the smile becomes so strained.

"... I'm Nightmare Spangles now. We are both the Spangles, the light and the dark, Fishy Friend. I'm the darkness of the Spangles, the shadows, the nighttime, the nightmare. There is one Spangles, there is always a true Spangles, Fishy Friend Nae Nae. But every Spangles has two sides. And I am the Nightmare Spangles, like..." She pauses a moment. She isn't getting through. SHE ISN'T GETTING THROUGH. She had to get through, or she would be gone forever. She grasps at hairs, literally and figuratively, as she plucks away a single stray hair in front of her face.

"... Like if there was a Fishy Friend Nae Nae who wore black, instead of red!"

Have you ever asked a question and got more than you asked for? Way more? Waaaay more? And you had no idea how to process like any of it? Well...

First Nae Nae is like curious, really wants to know what a spangle- Wait what does that have have to do with spangles, hold on where did a child come in on this? How come people are dying now? A show for who? Whose Donald Trump? Wait a fire now? MORE people dying? Woah, drinking hard, kissing punching, belt? MOAR Killing?! Wait whose Pepper green, Lightening what now? A child, wait a hat?" And its somehow still not over. Nightmare, what now? Wait but all I wanted to know was what a sp- shadows and night time now? This has already gone way too far. Then it stops. Finally it stops.

"Okay, I'm totally never asking what a spangles is again," Naerose resolves, because apparently if she asks people die and honestly, she still has no idea.

"But lets talk more about this umm Naerose thing, now I dunno about Black.." She really didn't, like conceptually know about black, "but what okay, and this is just a theory, what if there was a Blue Naerose and a Yellow Naerose and a Green Naerose?" She fixes her shades at the whole craziness of such a notion. "I mean that would be wild." She lets that hang in the air for a moment or two and then looks at her hand where she still has.. most of her candy bar. This isn't from lack of trying mind you, if you've ever seen a rodent that really wants something and tries so hard, nibbles with all it's rodent teeth and for all it is worth and barely makes a dent? I mean come on little rat that's concrete you can't possibly hope to get thro- apparently rats can gnaw through concrete, but it takes a while and thus Naerose hasn't made much progress on what happens to candy if you let it sit for too long.

Also she forgot about thinking about other colored Naeri. Probably it's for the best.

"Is there any food around here?" Naerose asks, "I'm like totally starving." She looks around for where there might be food and realizes she's in a warehouse full of cargo. "Score." She says and starts to approach one of the crates (the one whose content she should know because she literally saw it already and it was three bound girls and is she thinking of eating that or just forgot they were there?!)

"I bet there is something really tasty in here, I mean like, where do chocolate bars come from." She apparently asks Jezebel.

"Naerose, Naerose..."

Her pupils were trembling. She was losing her. She couldn't lose her. It would be wild. She would need things to be wild, because she needed her friend. The woman laughs a bit, very quietly, without her mouth opening. Her mind was racing. She wanted to be Naerose, she wanted to be in her head. And she would. She would have to.

And she finds a way.

"Boy howdy, Naerose, that's a really pickle of an idea! We could have a whole... =team= of Fishy Friends, one of every color. It could be like Vega, with his dolls. But my dolls would be.... Fishy Friends. Just like you Naerose. They would all be my friends, just like you." The smile never ended, she could never stop smiling, she would never stop smiling. That's why she needed the bandana, the other Shadaloo agents were... disturbed. She looks away from Naerose, as her fishy friend's gaze drifts. And that's it. That's what she needed.

"But you need to eat, ha ha, my Fishy Friend."

Nightmare Spangles turns on the crates. She wouldn't go into the big ones. The big ones might have people. She didn't want people, they wouldn't be Fishie Friends yet. They weren't friends. But Naerose was a friend. Crates are snapped open, the lid pulled from their nails by Nightmare Spangle's bare hands. Her strength, her power, her single-minded devotion. She wasn't opening the one that Naerose was walking towards, but another crate, identical to the one Naerose was found in. She rips off the lid.

And she peers in.

For a moment, she stares into the depths of the crate. And she pulls out a skull. A human skull. But too clear, too.... crystal. Rock Candy Skulls, life sized. She holds one up, and smiles wide-eyed at Naerose, her mechanical eye burning bright blue. "It's.... from Indiana Jones. The fourth movie! The ones with Crystal skulls!" She gestures the skull towards her Fishy Friend.

"It's candy!"

This wasn't Breaking bad. This was, well honestly I'm not sure what this was. Probably nobody was, but there is candy, even if it is probably just pure sugar and honestly not very high quality candy, there was candy. That was right there a huge improvement over the alternative which was that there was not candy. The crate with decidedly -not- candy was therefore left alone for the foreseeable future. Maybe forever. There is also talking again, blah blah blah dolls, blah blah fishy friends. Anyway, there is Candy and therefore at the moment, Jezebel does not lose Naerose. Probably, probably it will happen, because Naerose is generally about as dependable as a magic eight ball, but for now.

"Oh sweet, it's shaped like whats his name, Steve Buscemi?" she is all about gnawing on that skull and luckily for the world it is just candy, because imagine if it were a drug, a narcotic, if it were . . Meth. This stuff would be pure chaos, surely the world would have to fade to black as Naerose would proceed to do god knows what to god knows who to god knows, just god knows. There would be a lot of fancy colors and probably mistaking people for mushrooms or candy and then gnawing on their heads and then who knows, gnawing on Jezebel's head? That hat does look like it might be made out of licorice. Naerose stares at Nightmare Spangles and starts to drool over her candy skull.

Suppose in another world the cheap knock off could just be actual glass, the not drug not candy sort. Would the world be that different? Naerose would surely of still tried to eat it, probably spent a lot of time trying to suck on it and possibly trying to bite it until all of her teeth broke. Finally in an act of desperation she would do what all heroines do in the face of candy that isn't candy. Unlock her jaw and swallow it whole. That's totally a thing people do.

Back to the reality at hand, No Jezebel probably isn't going to lose her now and just as if to affirm this, Naerose asks Jezebel, comfortable in her having of candy, "So now what?"

If Nightmare Spangles had her way, she would never lose her.

She didn't want Naerose to be corrupted, especially by her. No, she needed Naerose, because Naerose purified her. Even now, there wasn't human trafficking, or failed office romances, or guns and violence. It was just... it was just... friendship. As Naerose takes the skull, Nightmare Spangles turns to look back into the crate. Dipping in again, she misses Naerose unhinging her jaw and swallowing it whole. She kicks her legs as she leans in, and then, she pulls out, pulling up another skull. And she looks at it.


"Well, I mean, I used to know Steve Buscemi personally, I mean, until I tried to kiss him, and he turned me down, because he was married, and, and because I was drunk, and awful, but you know, that's in the past. I guess... I guess it kind of looks like him." She stares into her skull, and And she gives the skull a kiss.

"It even... tastes like him."

Nightmare Spangles looks away from the skull, her eyes drifting towards Naerose. So now what. What could they do. Nightmare Spangles wanted to do all the PG things with Naerose. To please her, to make her happy, to make her stay here. She could be a minion, or a partner, or a villain like Nightmare Spangles. They could... plot and figure out how to destroy Lightning Spangles in a way that lets her grow into maturity. And she glances at the skull again, her head cocking aside slightly, a smile still burned on her lips. "There... there is so much food in Bangkok. Lets have one night in Bangkok, Naerose." She squeezes, crushing the skull into rock candy pieces.

"The world's our oyster."

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