Mortal Kombat - Gods and Demons

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Description: As if often happens in the Mortal Kombat tournament, a challenge was made in between rounds. The impatient master of the fist, hungry for a fight against the enigmatic Shao Kahn, seeks his representative demanding a battle. Unable to fight the Emperor himself, Akuma instead faces against his second in command; the War God Huitzilopotchli.


With the tournament well underway and plenty of Fatalities on both sides, the great War God; Huitzilopotchli is left to ponder.. what's the next step?

The Aztec deity is not one to spend his time idly, but even he cannot help but respect the rules of the Elder Gods. There is little he can do in between rounds other than sit and prepare himself for the next opponent. Left to reflect, Kotal spends his time both reflecting previous battles and those that are to come. Thus far the challenges have been.. strange, with the allegedly mightiest of Earthrealm champions seemingly possessed by evil and the second opponent being his own protege; Testament. It has been a curious tournament to say the least, with no clear definition of who is on who's side, at least from Kotal's perspective. He expected a glorious fight between good and evil, instead this seems to be more a contest between shades of gray.

Perhaps an allusion to what he himself stands for. Though brutal, Kotal has never considered himself a despicable being. When he ruled the people of Aztlan, he genuinely helped them grow and expand into what was once a mighty empire after all. It just so happens that currently he finds himself serving a most despicable Lord in the form of the Eternal Emperor Shao Kahn.

With nothing to do but think, the Aztec warrior currently sits upon a great throne of skulls in the Kombat Chamber. His hands and chin rest on the pommel of his giant macuahuitl, the top part of the weapon resting upon the obsidian skull shaped floor.

From his shrine on the island, the sage of fists had nothing but time. People such as him did not bore easily--his path has always been one cut from the mountains by force and walked alone. Meditation and training filled the bloodless space between battles for the demon, to perfect his understanding of the dark forces he leashes with every waking moment. The tournament has proven to be one of the few worth time, giving him a taste of of many powers with roots in the darkness, powers worth the attention of the killing intent.

But he has traded blood to cripple gods and kill killers.
He came to this tournament for a reason.

"For a moment, I sensed a great power in the world," Akuma growls viciously, stepping into the chamber, casting a shadow darker than black on the marble floors. "And I travelled across the sea to this place to find it..."

The battle-worn waraji on the demon's feet make whispering thuds across the floor as he approaches the bored Aztec. He shows nothing but the vaguest undercurrent of a ceaseless aggression, but the caution in his stride is also of the sort that is less than concerned with danger. He walks as an ancient might cross a battlefield. Desperate for the end to the journey. Impatience slicks his voice as surely as any draught, and the anger-worn tone of his voice are rocks tumbling down the mountain.

"But you hide behind the curtains, behind the gutless sorcerer, who wastes my time flirting with the weaklings while you grow fat and lazy with machinations beyond my interest. I desire the strong!! Bring your warriors to me. Bring Kahn to me, or I will bring all of the mansions of earth and heaven crashing down onto your sun-baked skull!!"

Despite the impressive entrance from the formidable presence that comes into the chamber, there is little movement from the giant turquoise skinned warrior that is Kotal. The Mesoamerican deity continues to sit there upon his throne of skulls, hands still calmly resting upon the pommel of his obsidian blade. The only sign that he is at all aware of Akuma's presence are his eyes lighting on fire, showing his face that had been previously shadowed by the beak of his Eagle Knight helmet. From the looks of it, Kotal had his eyes closed until the demon made his presence very well known.

Slowly, the Aztec stirs, his helmeted head rising to get a clear look at Akuma and sense the explosive, fiery chi that comes within that which was once a man. A fellow demi god it seems, one that like him has transcended his humanity to achieve a greater state of being. But like many of the ones he has seen in Earthrealm, he's been consumed by his own power. As the God of all Warriors, Kotal can sense clearly the desires of all fighters, and he can tell of the anxiety, the sheer impatience that comes from Akuma's soul which wishes to become the strongest no matter the consequences.

Is this what has become of following the path of the warrior in Earthrealm? Becoming a soulless despot or a rabid dog? Whatever happened to the virtues of honor and decency that were associated with being a peerless warrior??

"Greetings." Comes Kotal's answer to Akuma, who even being a legitimate god has not forgotten his manners and still has the decency of saying hello first when starting a conversation.

"If you seek Shao Kahn you will have to wait after the tournament. Whether Earthrealm emerges victorious or not, he will be making an appearance for the closing ceremony."

"Should you still be alive by then, you will have the opportunity to challenge him to single Kombat."

"I am certain he will be happy to indulge your.. cravings."


Suddenly, the sage whips a fist to the air, and then plunges it into the tile. The smoth polished surface flares in the dark, sending a dark line of force radiating out from the impact point. The blow doesn't cause much more than buckled tile, but it is more than enough to be felt in adjacent areas of the palace. His hand crackles with force, fraying the coarse fibers of the hemp that loops tightly around his hand.

"Now you waste time."

There is a certain livid nature in the sage's spirit, anger redoubling with each word the Aztec speaks. Even so, he breathes slowly, evenly, as he lets the retained force in his body drain from corded muscle, tension relaxing.

"A tournament is only vanity to entertain those who think they are strong. Everything is decided in a few minutes of war. And for all that is said of them, a true warrior of your 'outworld' has not yet stood before me!! And yet, it is said they are a fighting force so strong that they have even held gods of the sun and war in their thrall..."

Akuma comes to his feet slowly, staring. There are few marks and trappings of gods he would not recognize on sight, from any faith. These are legends that wind their way through history, but are almost always borne from the strongest men and women in the world. But there is no reverence in the way he speaks. Anything less would be a disruption of the purity his fist represents.

"If you don't intend to open the path, I will kill you, and pave it with your bones." Slowly, Akuma's stance changes, dark energy crawling from him as he raises his fists in the killing fashion. His intention could not be more provocative. There is very few words left in him, and something black to all warriors coils deep within him. The killing intent.

"I will tear down every barrier in my way," the warrior seethes. "Every self assumed champion will be choked with their belt, and every god will be thrown from his throne. Whether it is Earth, or it is Outworld, all will shatter before the soul clearing might of my fist!!"

"So either stand aside, or stand and fight!!"

At the display of power, Kotal can only shrug his shoulders. So much has he seen in Outworld, an Emperor that can split planets in half with his mighty hammer, and before him, a Dragon King who could set fire to an entire universe. Akuma is right in one thing though, whatever these foes of Outworld are, they do indeed have the power to hold someone like him, a God of War and the Sun, at their command. In comparison to those beings, Kotal is naught but a simple high ranking officer in their army, one who before in the world was heralded as a supreme being on par with Lord Raiden himself.

Akuma has a lot of spirit, but he too would be jaded as Kotal is had he seen what the Aztec had seen in Outworld. Long ago, Kotal learned that no matter how much power you may hold, there is always someone who is beyond all that, for indeed, as mighty as Shao Kahn and Onaga before him may be.. even they succumb to the will of the Elder Gods.

Still, it does appear that there is a very eager challenger before him, and Huitzilopotchli would be remise if he were to turn down such an exciting offer.

He does tire of the machinations and endless ploys of Outworld. The constant backstabbing and politics.

The great arena is his domain. To let everything be decided in the few turbulent seconds that is the Klash of Kombat.

Kotal's figure grows a blinding golden light as the sun empowers his very being and his form rises from the throne of skulls. His macuahuitl floats in the air and places itself upon the warlord's back.

"You rush blindly towards your doom." Is the one piece of advice that Kotal gives the demon before he descends the stairs and assumes a fighting stance.

"A fight it is then."

COMBATSYS: Kotal has started a fight here.

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Kotal            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Akuma has joined the fight here.

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Akuma            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Kotal

Akuma has no concept of the mindless engine of political machination that ticks through the bones and blood of the tournament around him. He has no interest in such things, thrown aside long ago in the name of limitless might. The 'killing intent' surging around him would only be diluted by the affairs of men.

To those such as he, there is nothing attainable if not for ambition. Even the gods standing high atop their pillars must know of it, and devils who dwell deep in the earth know nothing else. And the only way to become strong--stronger even than the gods who lord over the tournament now--is to fight. There is no other path, there is no other way that stands to any reason at all. Anything else is weakness justifying itself.

Akuma's fists tighten, causing the tell-tale sing of stretching rope as Kotal readies himself, displaying supernatural power with that horrific weapon. He rushes blindly to his doom, the Outworld lord says.
"As any real warrior should."

Akuma moves quickly, slipping through the world itself. He moves in quickly, his body shifting as he leaps into the air. The very blade of his foot snaps out, in a beheading blow aimed right at the neck of the warrior god standing before him. Moving without hesitation, and striking not at, but through Kotal, Akuma shows no pause. He moves and attacks like lightning thrown from heaven itself.

COMBATSYS: Akuma successfully hits Kotal with Senpuu Kyaku.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Akuma            0/-------/-----==|======-\-------\0            Kotal

He's seen that movement before. Shang Tsung may claim to not be as well versed with the fighting styles of men despite his countless years consuming the souls of fighters. However, Huitzilopotchli is the God of all Warriors and he would be remiss if he did not recognize Akuma's stance from that of Ryu, whom he previously fought.

Both were consumed with negative energy that gnawed at their very souls, but something about their evil seemed different. Ryu was clearly trying to fight off, however poorly, while Akuma on the other hand gleefully embraced it with a fervor unlike which Kotal had seen before. It was rather disheartening really, to see such otherwise gallant warriors consumed by an energy that was not his. Sworn to another deity when their prowess would be better spent worshiping the true God of Fighting.

No matter. A warrior's duty is to fight, and one way or another, this battle shall be a great tribute to Huitzilopotchli.

Much like his battle against Earthrealm's champion, Kotal sees that the Anatsuken fighter posses great speed- enough that it can actually pierce his defenses. The mighty hurricane kick strikes at the turquoise flesh of the War God who shifts backwards a few inches, glowing burning eyes staring out towards the demon whom he must now face.

"Is that what you tell yourself?" Questions the Aztec just as he brings his serrated blade swinging towards Akuma's ribs, aiming to dig those obsidian chi laced teeth into the demon's flesh. At the very least, this one is proving to be more of a conversationalist than Ryu. Though that wasn't exactly a high bar to surpass.

COMBATSYS: Akuma fails to interrupt Tlaneltocaz from Kotal with Tsukami Nage.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Akuma            0/-------/------=|=======\-------\0            Kotal

His blow drives the war god back a few inches, and for a moment the demon seems eager to follow it up with another attack, but his stance is like the trees, driving iron roots into the ground. His heart stampedes in his chest, and he whirls. And, in that moment, the red flare in Akuma's fierce, empty eyes matches the burn in Kotal's own.

An ancient dance, a brutal one sung about at the beginning of antiquated times. Akuma's soul is as massive as it is chained, so there is little to be surprised about when he slams both hands onto the edges of the Aztec's sawtoothed sword, gripping onto it with titanic strength. For a moment, the tide shifts, and it seems that the master of the fist may overcome the blade. But the chi of those teeth cut deeply, even held at bay, and his grip breaks, lancing the teeth into his side and ripping through it in brutal relief.

But there is no anger or dismay in the killer's eyes when the two fighters separate, merely a bloody-minded satisfaction. There is no smile, only a grim spear-toothed scowl displayed by the demon as he holds up a bloodied hand, locked into a fierce claw. There is a greater purity than that wrought by the gods.

"There is nothing to tell at all! The stories are written in the dirt, in the blood of lesser fighters."

Blood for the Blood God.

As much as Kotal feels the fury of this Kombat empower him, there is little joy to be had here in this brutal match where seething ego and fury diminishes the honor of this bout. It is much like the battle he had against the possessed Ryu. There was nothing to be learned, no knowledge to be exchanged, no great blessing the War God could bestow upon a great warrior. There was only this suffocating, impure, toxic evil that clouded the thoughts of these anatsuken warriors.

When Akuma speaks again, it becomes evident to Kotal why he has felt so very unsatisfied when facing against these fighters.

"You are wrong, demon!!" The Warrior God cries out indignantly as Akuma makes a mockery of the history of fighters. "You were not born with those abilities. A Master taught you how to fight as they in turn were taught by others! You dishonor all that came before you by acting like a rabid dog!!"

If only Kotal knew to what extent Akuma's dishonor to his Master goes.

There is little time for a lecture however. Though Kotal cannot help but to sing the praises of his domain of warfare, doing so in the midst of Kombat is definitely not very practical.

Huitzilopotchli brings his giant serrated blade to his back again and summons a great disc of burning sun energy with his now free hands. Holding the sun like disc like a frisbee, the warlord sends the burning circlet spinning towards Akuma's solar plexus.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Akuma with Sunstone EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Akuma            0/-------/---====|=======\=------\1            Kotal

"Your ignorant rattling disgusts me. What kind of god of war are you..." Akuma wonders aloud.

The powers the war god levies against his dark opponent are fierce indeed, and the searing discus cuts into him just as surely as that saw did moments ago. The force of the thing throws him further back, sawing into muscle as it might have wood, and searing as it goes. An already shredded gi hangs open around the ragged wound, and Akuma holds empty space in front of him, his hands glowing with preternatural might. "Smiling on the play of children, yet balking at its conclusion, the purest expression..."

"That is why Shao Kahn is the strongest, and not you."

He drives the force of blood into every limb. Every force of that black might wreathes his fists. He slams the ball of his foot into the ground, shaking it with the force. His iron horse stance causes a choking spike of pressure in the air, balefully sucking all impression of reason and logic from the room. Unrelenting chaos bleeds in from every seam, and to those who can feel it, it is like blood welling from every corner. 'Satsui no Hadou.' The killing intent.

"I will show you the only honor that warriors can share. Be awakened by my might, Huitzilopochtli!!!"

In that, Akuma responds to the sun disc with a rippling corona of crackling black. The Dark Hadou builds in his fists as he steps forward, and throws a massive burst of force towards the sun god. There is nothing in that that can be good, a man-high blast of coruscating force and nothingness. Confronted by it, there is nothing in it that glows with the warm light of the sun, but for the want of more blood. More battle. The black sun rises, and with it, it brings a black wind.

Because another burst of howling black slams into the back of the first, thrown with even more force, creating a crushing explosion of force between them. The explosion is cut through with another blast, and another...

Mayhem flies with abandon from the demon's hands, and there is no wall to withstand it. A disaster radius quickly, inevitably forms.

COMBATSYS: Kotal just-defends Akuma's Tenma Gou Zankuu!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Akuma            0/-------/-------|=======\=------\1            Kotal

Kotal issues an ugly scowl in return, not at Akuma's impressive power summoned at him, not even at the continued insults meant to demean him or how the demon so casually put his godhood into question.

No, this is all naught but understandable battle banter in comparison to Akuma's true folly.

Mentioning Shao Kahn before him.

"Shao Kahn's strength comes from selfishness and guile. He's stolen every power that has ever lend him aid, and he's consumed countless souls that once called him an ally."

"True strength does not come from dark pacts and betrayal! That is not the way of the warrior!!"

"Is this what has become of Earthrealm?? Fighters who would renounce all morals for the sake of power??"

Rightfully indignant at Akuma's crude display, the Aztec warrior advances directly towards the searing ball of dark Hadou and does what no mortal would dare to do.

Kotal reaches forward with both hands open and catches the projectile between his palms. The light of the sun grows brightly from within the Aztec and it overpowers Akuma's dark energy. The warlord's blinding light expelling the shadow as Kotal crushes the attack in a final squeeze that expels the evil energy from existence.

Not satisfied with nullifying the demon's attack, Kotal begins to briskly walk towards Akuma, incandescent glowing eyes like miniature suns locking down on his opponent. The walk turns into a run, as Kotal instantly closes the distance between him and his opponent to reach out towards him. A large glowing hand is extended right towards Akuma's face, turquoise skin quickly accelerating towards the demon. Kotal's intent becomes clear just at the point of impact. It's not a palm strike that is coming towards the possessed sage of fists but a one handed grab to the head, one that intends to lift him high above before slamming him hard into the ground back of the head first.

COMBATSYS: Akuma full-parries Kotal's Tenchalli!!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Akuma            0/-------/----===|=======\=====--\1            Kotal

As Kotal charges, Akuma is not dismayed in the slightest to see his series of Hadou blasts dissipated casually. It is power he would expect from an indignant god. And the master of the fist has become accustomed to earning the enmity of gods. Wiping a bit of blood from his lip, the fighter does not shy away, or merely await Kotal's approach. No. Akuma charges into him, just the same.

The sound is not unlike the charging of men on the battlefield.

"Then why have you not TOPPLED HIM?!"
Akuma slams his elbow against the god of the sun's outstretched hand, breaking into his offense with vicious relief. His hand rotates into a vice grip as he lifts his hip. Kotal has eyeblinks to respond to the churning force that wraps between the two of them. As Akuma moves to grip onto Kotal's arm, he also moves to scythe into him, pulling him off balance into a blurred kick that will break their detente. And then Akuma will conjure a tidal wave of vicious cutting force, using the edge of his foot to threaten the god with impalement, or even disembowelment, from one arcing kick. He will slam into, past, or even through Huitzilopochtli with an eviscerating wave that flays even the fine marble beneath them, slashing into and cutting through nearby pillars as the devil flies.

The blow is etched on the ground, reading in the Japanese for 'HEAVEN' from the center of the impact point. The rivulets carved by power may yet be outlined in blood. The kanji across the ground matches the one at Akuma's back, flashing as brightly as his eyes in the unforgiving dark.

"A real warrior does not spend their time making excuses for others being stronger. If your honor is greater than all others... PROVE IT!!"

COMBATSYS: Akuma knocks away Kotal with Tenshou Kaireki Jin EX.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Akuma            0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kotal

Kotal grunts with some surprise when his extended grab is directed off course by an elbow smashing into it. A stalwart defense is to be expected from this demon who holds enough power that rivals that of a god like the Mesoamerican Huitzilopotchli. Therefore, Kotal is too taken off guard when Akuma's counter attack comes swift and brutally.

Though he cannot get out of the way, he leans off to the side to make himself as small a target as possible, causing that arching kick to slice right across his chest rather than through him. Godly blood pours out of skin and the force of the impact sends him spinning once before he comes to a stop via digging his heel on the ground. Despite his slight disorientation, he heard the demon's taunts well enough, and his annoyance becomes clear by the snarl on his face- glowing golden eyes shining brighter than ever. In truth, the true answer to why hasn't he taken command of Outworld for himself is that 'he's working on it'.

But when the sage of fists calls him out on his honor being more powerful than Shao Kahn's thirst of power, the only answer the warlord gives him is a mutter;

"Very well."

Surging with golden power that alights the glowing tattoos etched across his turquoise body, Kotal seemingly sets himself on fire as he launches himself at the demonic being. His grab comes from high on top, aiming to grab at Akuma's head and hold it under his arm. A point of leverage he can use to lift the demon by the waist and lift him over his head, chest splayed out upwards as if offering to the sky.

Though it looks like just a grab, Kotal's move is in reality much more.

From above the rooftop of Shang Tsung's palace, the clouds part to give way to the sun, which concentrates power and fires a beam of scorching sunlight at the palace. The beams phases through the many floors of the tower, hitting nothing but what Kotal wishes to scorch. Only Akuma is the target of its wrath, blasting demonic flesh with holy burning chi.

COMBATSYS: Akuma full-parries Kotal's Soleil!!

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Akuma            0/-------/------=|>>>>---\-------\0            Kotal

Akuma does not speak when Kotal moves, the power of the sun god flaring as he cuts away his profile, leaving the god staggered but whole from his brutal attack. Blood is spilled. Even the slightest kick from the master of the fist is enough to bring a normal human being to the brink of death, and that Kotal still stands strong is a testament to the god's great power and will.

These are the things that Akuma has accustomed himself to battling.

But when Kotal concedes the point to the master, Akuma does not press it, merely entering his battle stance. The time for words is done. And when Kotal sears burning tracks into the ground in his tackling blow, Akuma finds himself caught up in the sun god's grip, being lifted into the harsh light of a judgmental sun, the only thing in the sky above. The injuries on him begin to bubble and sear, churning red mist where blood once was. Akuma growls, his body searing.

Then he lifts his arm.

Dark force churns over the palace, threads of black force casting a shadow over the beam as it gathers to Akuma. In the end, it takes only a moment to capture a mote of the dark, only a moment to break the hold, and Akuma dissolves into a spread of bodies, his image dissipating with sheer speed. The technique is not one that obeys normal physics. Akuma is flanking Kotal in an instant, rolling to one knee. Clasping his fist tightly, he tries to focus all of that darkness, the 'killing intent' that chokes everything to nothing, up the god's chest and square into his chin. His fist is like a great cutting spear, thrown at the head.

He is trying to choke out the sun itself with the annihilating art of shoryuu.

COMBATSYS: Kotal Toughs Out Akuma's Gou Shouryuken EX!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Akuma            0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>------\1            Kotal

COMBATSYS: Kotal issues a challenge!!

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Akuma            0/-------/--=====|>>>>>>>\>------\1            Kotal

Indeed, the time for words is done.

Though Kotal greatly abhors the thought of trading one's soul for great power, there is no denying that it does come with its appealing weight of benefits. Namely, being granted a technique that eludes the grip of Huitzilopotchli himself. It seems that no matter how tightly he tried to hold on to the elusive demon, the Aztec warrior could simply find no are where he could grasp at the demon's flesh or cloth. Where there was once a creature held up to the sun to be sacrificed, now there is nothing but a dark shadow that escapes seemingly between Kotal's very fingers.

Annoyed, but undaunted, the warrior quickly turns to where he senses Akuma's malevolent presence appearing once more. Turning just in time to see the rising uppercut wrought in evil energy sailing straight towards his jaw. A blow such as that would surely topple even the mightiest beasts in Outworld, it would send an Oni's head flying upwards or punch a hole through a dragon's chest.

But Kotal is the War God for a reason, and though the impact of the knuckles seems to connect full on, the Aztec's body doesn't disintegrate as one might presume. As the warrior is struck, he takes a single step backwards, head forced back. Then, just as quickly, he is surging forward again with almost renewed fervor.

His hand grows bright from the absorbed sunlight that fell upon him and he redoubles his efforts to strike down the demon. Bright glowing eyes stare Akuma square down and he thrusts that glowing hand of his directly towards his opponent's bared chest.

Kotal's fingers, they are like knives, concentrated chi energy coating them with blinding power, the great Aztec aims to push his fingers through demoic flesh and blood and violently blast Akuma's very soul with the power of the sun itself.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Akuma with Sunburn+.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Akuma            0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0            Kotal

The master of the fist finds in the Mesoamerican god an able opponent, brutal and vicious. The power of his fist empties itself entirely into Kotal, and in return, Kotal survives. In this, Akuma finds solace. A creature that does not fold beneath his fist as easily as all of the others, a being that can survive his strongest blows. He holds back only just so--for want of his own sense of honor, one the two do not share.

But Akuma will purify the battlefield.

Kotal pinions the master on his bare hand, spearing him through with a spray of dark blood. The white power that was previously blotted out above now blooms deep within his body, casting light in sections of his soul that light has only once before reached. White lines spread over Akuma's biceps as he struggles to hold Kotal's arm at bay, the glow in his eyes betraying just a hint of that terrible, cracking, spreading force. A mouth lined with spearhead teeth grits, as the war-cut face of the master of the fist gives open aggression to the War God in service of the dishonored warlord.

It is time for his own purity.

Without bothering to remove the blood-spraying limb from his body, Kotal can feel all of Akuma's body tightening as a wave of force traverses his musculature, the demon raising high his fist. That crackling darkness above the palace whirls, churning invisibly into one brutal strike. The master of the fist does not fight Kotal, does not struggle with him. With devil and war god blood staining the ground in near equal sum, Akuma's attack is merely to overpower Kotal, ripping free in a half-height leap into the air, an then to carry on with a bolt of lightning force from his fist itself. The punch is one that is no longer on the pure physical realm. Though there is nothing there to suggest that it could be anything more, Akuma's attack -- a single pinning blow -- is one that hits nothing less than Kotal's damned soul.

Akuma tries to pin him to the center of that kanji in the ground, and set it afire anew, with a single punch. It's enough to cave in the entire floor, if left unanswered. The attack is nothing short of purifying. In the most brutal and most vicious fashion.

COMBATSYS: Kotal endures Akuma's Misogi EX but gets knocked away!

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////                          ]
Akuma            0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kotal

It is a battle of pure light against pure darkness. To say that Kotal is nothing short of impressed that Akuma's defensive tactic to his spear hand technique is to impale himself into it would not do Akuma's power justice. It is true that the Mesoamerican warlord thinks little of how exactly was it that the demonic creature attained his ill gotten power, but the results are undeniable. Huitzilopotchli too finds a small measure of satisfaction seeing someone that withstand his blows without breaking. In Earthrealm he was too strong, and in Outworld he finds that there are creatures that far surpass him in power.

It is somewhat satisfactory to find someone within his same skill level.

And yet Akuma proves that he has far more to give when he attacks the Aztec whilst currently being eviscerated by the warrior's entire arm. Kotal even arches an eyebrow when presented with the rows of Akuma's dagger like teeth. Is he part Tarkatan? Because that, actually, would explain a lot.

The Aztec has little time to ponder the true origins of this demon's power as he feels a great darkness rush towards him in the form of a fist which aims to strike right through him. When presented with the greatest peril it is fitting that the War God Huitzilopotchli would do as all great warriors and not balk at the impact, but charge into it in a similar fashion to Akuma's previous tactical maneuver.

Kotal's soul, it seems, gets blasted right out his body, there is a heavy impact in the outer chambers of the kombat room that blasts through several walls. Rows of pillars of stone and statues crumble behind him as the deity's once fiery glowing eyes grow deem.

And yet, Kotal's lifeless body continues to stand. With nothing driving him forward but sheer force of will, the fist of the Aztec Knight clenches inside Akuma's body, grabbing him directly by the ribcage. In a last effort, the Aztec uses Akuma's very bones as a point of leverage to grab at the demon, hurling him upwards with a great heave and slam him on the ground top of the skull first.

COMBATSYS: Kotal can no longer fight.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Akuma            0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Akuma with Cuazquia.

[                         \\\\\  <
Akuma            0/-------/-======|

"Behold, the all-consuming might of my fist..." Akuma rumbles, the black force around his fist burning away to nothing. The Misogi, purifying blow and second strongest in his techniques is a soul-consecrating attack, leaving nothing but the purity of battle. Those who can withstand it know the claw of Satsui no Hadou moreso than any other. Those who can't..

Kotal's body, driven on pure will alone, grips onto Akuma, hauling him off of his feet and leaving no room for him to escape, gripped from inside his own body, by the blood, bones and viscera he so callously disregarded before. The War God's will and strength are unreal, to be able to lift him so, even after a direct hit from the purifiying strength of Misogi. So as Akuma tries to break the hold, he knows it will be in vain.

And in that, there is a very, very dark sense of satisfaction.

When he is slammed bodily into the earth, Akuma's sky spins with stars from a head-first impact that would have smashed the skulls of lesser men into a spreading red stain across the cracked marble floor. And were it that simple, it may have been the story of him. For the longest time, there is nothing to separate the two, silence pervading the dark chamber. Until a blood-slaked voice breaks the silence.

"Finally, a god worth the time."
Akuma rises titanically to his feet, struggling against all bloody odds. He doesn't bother with any of the network of ragged wounds cut across his body, unwilling or simply unable to show weakness. "I know that that wasn't all you have to show me, Huitzilopochtli.." the sage breathes, his words the same as blood.

He strides away, blood seeping into the air from his injuries, each step deliberate. He could nurse his wounds, take his time, merely limp away. He slams into the ground, one knee hitting the marble as he braces a fist against it. He breathes slowly, motionless and halfway out of the chamber.

"In this world, or the next, face me again...when you get strength surpassing even that of Shao Kahn."

Akuma does not limp like a mewling child anywhere.
It takes him a long time to move again, after that.

COMBATSYS: Akuma takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Akuma can no longer fight.

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