Mortal Kombat - MK Round 2: Testament vs Kotal

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Description: "Many of you may have noticed that you often take the field against those that represent your realm. Rest assured, this is not accidental. Though I can never exactly account for the whims and wills of the elder gods, one thing to be assured is that they loathe imbalance. Regardless of our own will and our own declarations, the gods make their desires cler. KOTAL. TESTAMENT. You have a mutual destiny in my tower."

A long time ago, Kotal told some of his Aztec warriors;

Nothing happens for no reason, the Elder Gods have a set path for us all, but it is up to us to choose whether we follow it implicitly or stray from the road. Regardless of the decision, the consequences of our actions rest solely upon us, not the Elder Gods.

Today, the Mesoamerican warlord found himself in the receiving end of such a prophecy. What foul twist of destiny was this one that was forcing him fight Testament? The strongest warrior he had recruited from Eathrealm, but also the one that he had come to see as his own. Testament was a lost child, a tormented soul that was naught but the product of a repulsive society. He had suffered much already, and now Kotal was forced to give Testament more needless pain???

Huitzilopotchli only had two options;

He could argue with the sorcerer and demand another challenger, bringing much shame and disapproval from his peers due it.

Or he could simply fight.

In the end, he is a War God, and though it brings him no pleasure, sometimes even those who consider each other family must fight.

The Aztec appears before the spacious Kombat arena of the tower and rests the top of his macuahuitl on the ground, hands upon the pommel of his wooden sword.

The same posture he took when he and Testament fought for the first time.

It's an order. That helps Testament in dealing with it. He really doesn't want to fight Kotal, but... well, he's not sure what Shang Tsung would do if either he or Kotal refused to do so. Besides, they don't have to kill each other. Just to fight. And if anyone is supposed to wet the arena with blood, Testament is definitely the one who can do it, with his regenerative capabilities.

On top of that, he's already fought Kotal once, for a demonstration of his powers. And so the Gear already knows he has no chance of beating Huitzilopotchli. But on the bright side that means he's less likely to be killed by someone else during an elimination match, if he's eliminated from it now. Perhaps that was the idea. Maybe this stupid Soul Shard that keeps whispering silly things to him will finally go away if he's eliminated from the tournament.

Though he's more concerned with the fact that losing two matches straight will reflect poorly on him with Kotal's superiors. He can hardly claim he's powerful if he can't win a single match. Oh well. Testament is fairly certain Outworld will still use him when the time comes for the invasion proper. But he was never meant to be a leader. He was meant to be a very resilient henchman. Maybe that's what they'll use him for. He can do that. Following orders is easy. And speaking of orders...

As Kotal arrives, the sound of pressure warping the air sounds, and Testament's form seems to 'unfold' from the air in front of him. He does still have the shard, the tiny little feather earring dangling from his ear. He doesn't say much. Doesn't need to. He raises a hand to his mouth and tears the skin, forming his scythe from the blood that arcs out of the wound. That wound regenerates near-instantly, almost before the scythe forms.

He looks to Kotal, offers a half-smile that's... oddly peaceful. "Your superiors wish to test your resolve," he says, words barely heard over the wind at the top of the tower. "Don't hold back. I am nothing more than a striking mannequin here. I am an obstacle. You must remove it."

A deep sigh comes from Kotal when Testament greets him in such a manner. He can see it in the boy's eyes, the resolve to accept this destiny that the Elder Gods have set upon him.

Testament doesn't deserve this, Kotal knows that much, and the giant Aztec warrior almost looks sad at the thought of having to fight his surrogate son again. The beak of his Eagle Knight helmet obscures most of his face, and by the way the shadows block most of his features, it'll be easy to notice that he has his eyes closed. Because as he opens them, the familiar light of the sun glowing from his eyes alights his face once again.

He raises his head to stare back at Testament with steely glowing eyes. His lips closed tightly together, still regarding this whole ordeal with great contempt.

"Pay my superiors no mind, Testament." Begins the Aztec whilst he continues to maintain his relaxed stance. "They have no hold over you and to be certain you are better off distancing yourself from them." Though Kotal does see that Testament has a bright future as an Outworlder enforcer, he would rather cease to exist than to hand him over to Shang Tsung or even the Emperor for tutelage. No one deserves that kind of sheer soul corruption.

"You know.." Exhales the old warrior deity, still trying to desperately find meaning in all of this. "Long have I craved for the excitement of the old days. When Kombat was a way of preserving life through strength. It had purpose, battle for survival is battle in its most purest form."

"And yet.. perhaps.. I am beginning to understand now why and how the ways of Earthrealm changed. I've viewed the 'battles for fun' with such contempt, thinking nothing of them as worthless wastes of time."

"But now, I think, I can see things from the perspective of mortals."

The giant Aztlan warrior heaves his massive macuahuitl to take a familiar Yaomichita stance, feet slightly set apart whilst holding his serrated sword up-straight, both hands on the handle.

"For today, free your mind from the responsibilities I have given you as my champion."

"Let's just enjoy ourselves, as warriors do."

COMBATSYS: Kotal has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Testament has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Testament        0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Kotal

Testament had thought similiarly when he was younger. He couldn't understand battles for the sake of battling, because the thought of hitting another person drove him into fits. And oddly now? He still doesn't like fights 'for fun'. He doesn't know how to hold back his strength. He never has-- that would require knowing precisely what his strength was. And he's never learned that. It was never important. So when he hits someone, it's usually with intent to kill them.

That's definitely not the case here. Kotal has been the only source of comfort Testament's received in a long while. But in a way, this... is liberating. With mortals being essentially blood-filled balloons, they tend to die very quickly when the Gear hits them. If anyone can take his full strength without buckling, it is Kotal.

Kotal's words draw a nod from Testament. "...I felt the same..." he answers. "Mine is not a body that knows how to hold back. But you're strong. Much stronger than I am. I don't have to worry about hurting you." He smiles. The smile shifts though, something dark showing under it, a hint of the madness that he holds within him. And the earring glows, briefly, before falling still again.

But there's no time to wonder what might have caused it...

Because Testament is suddenly leaping through the air with the scythe spinning in a downward motion. The blade seems to distort, displaying a hellish face in the flat side for an instant.

COMBATSYS: Kotal endures Testament's Gravedigger.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Testament        0/-------/-======|==-----\-------\0            Kotal

"It would be an insult to the God of War if you were to hold back!!"

Huitzilopotchli is truly not one to be trifled with. Because even if he did just say that this would be naught but a simple spar, in the end, sparring with an angry war deity is still sparring with an angry war deity.

There is only so much that he himself can do to hold back.

Where others would try to block or move away from the horrifying attack that is Testament launching at them- Kotal moves in!

He shifts his stance though, taking the red blade of the scythe upon his back rather than full on the chest. Godly turquoise skin opens as blood pours out from the Aztec, and yet he looks to be undeterred by the attack, the blow only fueling him to deal back with equal strength.

Mighty Xihucoatl, Kotal's macuahuitl, is brandished up as the Aztlan warlord swings at Testament's torso, the obsidian teeth of the sword glowing with burning chi as they draw near the pale skin of the Gear.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with Mahtizquia.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Testament        0/-------/-======|>>>>>>>\-------\1            Kotal

And that right there, is where Kotal has Testament beaten. The Gear's tactics are meant to be used on mortals. Humans that cower and flee from the bogeyman he makes himself into. They fear, they make mistakes, and Testament has them. But Kotal is no mere mortal, and there is really nothing Testament can do to frighten him. But as ever, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly with expectations of a different result.

But just as Testament has little fear of hurting Kotal for the latter's sheer power, Kotal has little need to worry about seriously injuring Testament, for the Gear's regenerative abilities. Demonstrated very well when, in an attempt to slow the war god's strike, Testament brings his hands down, crossing them over his abdomen. It's no barrier to the powerful strike, and both of the Gear's arms are quite literally cleaved COMPLETELY OFF where the macuahuitl strikes. Furthermore the blade continues past the cleaved-off arms, and bites deeply into his exposed torso, drawing a surprised yelp.

One that quickly shifts to a laugh as Testament hits the ground, quite literally dis-armed! The limbs and even the cut torso regenerate quickly... but good LORD did he ever feel that. He can easily remake his scythe from the blood he's just shed. It doesn't disappear, but the sliced-off limbs simply melt into a pool of the dark red, ichorous stuff that serves as his blood.

Pain. That's what does it. It's such an effective mind screen, it lets him view the world through a red haze that makes him feel so much better. The mad gleam returns full-force then... and the earring starts to glow again. But against the glassiness of his eyes, it looks like little more than a tiny, insignificant firefly in a night sky filled with stars leagues brighter than it.

He has remained in a crouch where he fell. But suddenly he darts forward, hands back. It is not the scythe he swings with, no. It is his free hand. He's trying to catch Kotal with his long nails and lift him up with a jump and raking, clawing motion across his chest.

COMBATSYS: Kotal blocks Testament's Quick Throw.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\-------\1            Kotal

Kotal shows no real concern for having just sliced off the arms of someone who he essentially considers his protegee. After all, it would take a very special case to bring the attention of someone like Huitzilopotchli, and Testament were not able to survive such a simple strike from the War God then he would be undeserving of Kotal's benediction.

Indeed, as Kotal's serrated blade hacks through the Gear's arms, the Aztec's only reaction is to shift his stance again and prepare himself for Testament's counter.

He's seen that move before, Testament used it to pierce him through beneath his chin and up his palette. Though naught but a scratch to a deity of war, it was still fairly unpleasant and Kotal wishes not to experience it again if he can help it.

As the Gear reaches for him, Kotal's hand shoots forward to grab Testament by the wrist, giving him enough time to move his head out of the way to avoid the nails shooting forward. They slice against the metal of his Eagle Helm, but its better than taking it on the face as far as the Aztec is concerned.

This position though does put Kotal in the perfect position to retaliate in a most severe manner. Glowing golden chi of the sun begins to cover his hand and he grips tightly at Testament's arm to burn him with the might of the fiery celestial body itself.

This however isn't the real attack, he's just using it to keep Testament's attention elsewhere as he yanks him back to deliver a vicious headbutt to the Gear's nose with the beak portion of his helmet.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with Metztli.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        1/-------/=======|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1            Kotal

Testament winces at the solar fury burning his wrist. This is a kind of damage that makes it impossible to ignore, too. Being a creature of darkness, the sun and anything holy-- especially the holy part-- hurts him on a level that he can't really quantify. His arm is going to be sizzling for a while.

Though that becomes less of a concern because suddenly there's a metal beak slamming directly into the bridge of his nose. There is an answering CRACK from the bone beneath it, and Testament issues a choked grunt as he reels back. The bone will regenerate... but the smell of burnt flesh lingers on Testament's wrist. The blistered burn doesn't regenerate immediately.

When he can see again, he raises a hand into the air and concentrates. The darkness becomes palpable, and Kotal might recognize it. Remember the unfortunate thug that got his legs bitten off? The feel of Testament's power rising is similar here. "EXE Beast!" His words echo over themselves in the air a little bit. And in short order the thing rises from the blood on the ground, rushing towards Kotal to bite at his legs.

COMBATSYS: Testament successfully hits Kotal with EXE Beast.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Testament        1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Kotal

Kotal remembers that attack well. In fact, he fondly recalls how the cries of agony from that Mad Gear thug echoed across that dark alleyway. An undeserving supplicant calling out for the mercies of an all too willing deity to end his pitiful life.

Good times those, good times.

Perhaps it is because that the Mesoamerican warlord is too busy recalling fond memories that he's too slow to react when it comes to the giant blood beast charging for him. The Aztec curls a leg forward to defend himself only to feel the fangs of the giant beast digging into his turquoise skinned shin. The warrior begins to flick his leg about in an effort to throw the demonic animal off to no avail.

And here is when Testament may want to recall an attack that he too witnessed that fateful day in Metro City.

Kotal raises a glowing hand up to the sky and taps into the power that is his will made manifest.

"By the light of the sun!!"

The sky itself glows with energy as the sun itself powers up and shoots a powerful beam from the sky to engulf the tower in scorching power. Strangely though, it appears only the beast attacking Kotal and Testament would be affected by the sun rays, Kotal's control over the sun being to the point that he can command it to pick certain targets and ignore others.

A good thing too, otherwise the whole tower would come crumbling down in ashes.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with God Ray.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Testament        1/-----==/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Kotal

The animal that's trying to take a chunk out of Kotal's leg is quite thusly affected by the rays of the sun. It shrieks in agony, releasing his leg. Though it doesn't even hit the floor before it's burnt away. And it's not the only one that's affected by it. Testament ducks his head, pulling his arms up to shield his face as best as he can from the sun. It doesn't help much; the scythe burns away under the intense sunlight, and the exposed skin begins to blacken and sizzle. The Gear emits a hiss that is hard to pick out over the sound of sizzling skin.

The flickering glow of the earring is lost in the light, but once that light fades, it's clear it's still glowing. Feebly. The glow sputters pitifully. Something in it calls out, wailing weakly for the Gear to wake up. Testament does not hear it. He cannot, the madness screams too loudly.

When he comes out of the crouched posture, he throws his hands into the air, with a roar. A purple-white portal marked with an upside-down five pointed star-- a pentagram-- appears behind him. Kotal probably knows what that is, and what's coming. The words hang in the air, not even seeming to be coming from him. They're his voice, but it's coming from the portal behind him.


The portal opens, and a skull and clawed hands, dripping with the ichorous blood it's made from, come rushing at Kotal.

COMBATSYS: Kotal just-defends Testament's Nightmare Circular!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>---\1            Kotal

Light and Darkness are naught but two sides of the same coin.

Though Testament may be feeling the effect of Kotal's godly light upon his unholy flesh, the truth is that there can be no darkness without light. The Aztec deity pauses momentarily as he watches his adopted son nearly burnt to cinders with the scorching light of the sun. No malice comes from his glowing eyes, only a narrowed and somewhat hopeful look that Testament has what it takes to pull through. To see Testament shield himself in such a way pains Kotal. Not because its a poor technique - although it is -but because the Gear doesn't deserve such poor treatment. He is not to be coddled, but he is not to be tortured either. He has suffered far too much of that.

Such is to be expected when two monsters do battle however. Kotal has no real way to weaken the sunlight thrown down from the heavens. The sun is not a bulb of light that can be toned down and up in intensity, not even a God such as Kotal who seems capable of controlling the sun at whim is capable of doing that. All he do is hope that Testament can forgive him.

Eventually, the Gear does pull through though, and as Kotal suspected he is rightfully pissed off about the situation. This time however, the Aztec seems to expect this manner of retaliation. He has seen Testament fight numerous times and he knows what is coming.

A screeching demon from the Netherrealm itself is summoned to attack the Warrior God, and true to his reputation, the Aztec does not falter.

He merely flicks his macuahuitl to its flat side and WHACKS the creature away, using his weapon as if it were giant paddle.

This not only nullifies the attack completely but it also opens the way to Testament. He spares not a moment for words, there is nothing to be said at the moment between warriors. These two can only true express themselves in their most pure way with their blades.

The Eagle Knights comes charging, a sight that surely meant death for countless warriors in the past. Many Mesoamerican warriors and Spaniards alike have seen the image of the charging Huitzilopotchli as the last thing they see before meeting a gruesome end.

In this way, Testament too is subjected to a blast from the past as he suddenly has an Aztec warrior running towards him, macuahuitl held high to then deliver a hard downward blow down to the Gear's collarbone. Those serrated obsidian teeth still hungering to taste flesh again.

COMBATSYS: Testament fails to counter Tlaneltocaz from Kotal with Warrant.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        0/-------/-----==|>>>>>>>\>>>----\1            Kotal

As a critique of Testament's fighting, Kotal can say this immediately-- Testament relies too much on his own strength to overpower an opponent. When faced with one of equal or greater power, he tends to falter. As here. He's gone and expended a lot of energy with rage, and he's letting the rage guide his actions. Proven when Kotal swats the bloody demonic skull and claws out of the way. The construct falls apart, falling in splats of dark red blood on the floor of the arena.

And it seems Testament used most of his energy on that... since as Kotal swings the serrated weapon down, Testament doesn't even move out of the way. The blade cuts deeply into his collarbone. The blade is pulled back... and the wound does not regenerate. Clear sign that Testament's starting to weaken. His regeneration slows when he starts to weaken.

It seems the Gear still has a long way to go. Perhaps not power wise but certainly in his warrior will.

Huitzilopotchli can see that plainly enough. This child of darkness is quite accustomed to using his brute power to overpower the weaker human meat bags, but how is he to fare against the greater forces of Outworld? He will be broken yet again in the end it seems.

But just like Earthrealm, from the ashes of his destroyed body will arise a new more powerful fighter. Kotal will make certain of that.

Though this is a process that can only be done with two dancing partners. When Testament simply and utterly appears to refuse to strike back, Kotal steps away and glares down at the kneeling Gear.

"Come Testament! You are no longer the scared child you were before the darkness enveloped you! As my champion I demand that you honor me with Kombat!"

And to drive his point home, Kotal brings the blades of his macuahuitl upon himself, cutting his own palm open and squeezing his fist to pour blood down to the ground. Close enough that Testament will surely be able to smell the scent of the Aztec's crimson liquid.

COMBATSYS: Kotal channels the power of the Blood God!

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        0/-------/-----==|=======\====---\1            Kotal

Oh it's not out of fear or desire not to hurt Kotal that Testament doesn't attack. Kotal can see it. The glassiness is still there in the Gear's eyes, probably just as much from blood loss as because he runs a quite high level of 'off his rocker'. It's just the red haze of rage is leeching away, leaving him weak in its wake. He hasn't even summoned back the scythe that had burnt away in the sun. He's still bleeding, and that skin is still near-black and blistered.

But he's still standing.

And as Kotal calls him to fight back, he... tries. He hasn't got much left. He lets his hand dangle towards the ground, calling his scythe from the spilled blood-- most of it his own. He shifts to steady himself, wobbling. And then he tries to slam the haft of the weapon into Kotal's torso with as much force as he can muster. Which isn't very much. It's not much of an effort, comparatively. It'd still crack a human's ribs, but it's nothing to Kotal, even if it does hit.

COMBATSYS: Kotal endures Testament's Medium Strike.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Testament        0/-------/----===|=======\=======\1            Kotal

Such is the nature of Mortal Kombat itself. To give someone the opportunity to strike back at a greater power that would seek to oppress them.

Although Kotal knows that it is not a lack of willingness that prevents Testament from striking him, he still wishes to give the Gear the opportunity. A chance to rise up and challenge the Gods themselves. Only when a warrior is driven to the depths of despair and they still find the will and drive to raise up can they really know the true meaning of being a warrior. For that is what being a fighter is, to push through all odds and at the very least..


That is all Kotal wishes for Testament, to not give up, for doing such is contrary to what all warriors stand for and thus dishonorable in the eyes of Huitzilopotchli.

The strike collides upon Kotal's chest neatly and as the haft crashes upon the Aztec's body, he can only smile.

Its a vicious smile though.

For he quickly wraps his arms around Testament's body and calls the entire might of the sun upon them both. And although the light of the sun is revitalizing for Kotal, Testament might not share the same feeling.

COMBATSYS: Testament blocks Kotal's Sunburn+.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Testament        0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0            Kotal

While Testament has come to accept that Kotal's not always going to crush the life out of him when he goes for a hug, he knows something else, too. A bearhug in the arena? Is never a good thing. And sure enough, as he's lifted, there's that sun again. Except this time he can't get his arms above his head to shield himself. He squirms, trying to get free, the skin getting more and more burnt...

Suddenly the Gear throws his head back, to roar again. And then Kotal is holding nothing but a mass of dark red, liquid blood with wailing, screaming faces within it. This close, the foul smell of the stuff cannot be denied. Nothing, not even a being that fed upon blood exclusively, could want this stuff. It's poison in the purest sense, and this poison literally runs through the Gear's veins. The blood splats to the ground, and a distance away, another wash of blood with screaming faces appears. When it falls again, Testament is there, head thrown back, hair fluttering sharply upwards.

And then Testament hits the floor on his knees. But he's going to have the last word, so to speak. He presents his hand to Kotal, palm up. That is not a gesture of supplication, as Kotal probably knows. A skull appears in it, the image flickering, as though he was having trouble keeping it solid. And he is. Then the white skull leaps to life with a bright crimson aura, quite literally leaping out of his hand, on a suicide course for Kotal.

Does it hit? Testament won't know unless he's told later. Because he just collapses in a seemingly boneless heap on the floor of the arena.

COMBATSYS: Testament successfully hits Kotal with Phantom Soul.

[                         \\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Testament        0/-------/-======|=======\=====--\1            Kotal

This is definitely trying. A show of that Testament is finally growing out of his shell to show the true fighting spirit that Huitzilopotchli so loves to kultivate within all those he considers his chosen warriors.

The Aztec grins despite the Gear's success at wiggling out of his hold. This is what he was looking for in him after all! That will to strike back! There should be no fear when pushed into a corner, even if you know in your heart you will lose, you have to throw everything you have still and leave your opponent bloodied! On the eyes of the Aztec God that still signifies a victory, however small one, for the blood of the enemy was poured and they will remember you who dared to cut their skin.

That is why, Kotal is far more happy that disappointing when Testament screams in rage and pries free from his hold, managing to slams him on the chest with another laughing skull before collapsing to the ground.

The Mesoamerican warlord eyes the fallen body of the Gear for a moment. Even as blood continues to pour from Kotal's chest, he pays no mind to his own wounds, preferring to ensure that the boy is still all right. Is he just playing possum and thinking of attempting a surprise attack? Well, even this is a legitimate fighting strategy, and thus Kotal plays along, tapping Testament with the flat top side of his serrated blade to see if he's going to wake up.

COMBATSYS: Kotal channels the power of the Sun God!

[                         \\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Testament        0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1            Kotal

Nope. Testament's not getting up. Kotal can see the slowing of breathing into unconsciousness. Might be able to hear the Gear's racing heartbeat calming to the same. Testament's head is turned in Kotal's direction. And from this angle, Huitzilopotchli can see that the frown lines that had been there, telling of the pain in his body as the regeneration of his injuries slowed more and more, have relaxed He's bonelessly sprawled in an uncomfortable-looking heap on the arena floor, unfortunately showing enough leg to make even the most liberal father fear for his daughter's virtue. Testament is, however, no woman. And at least he's not commando. That would be unfortunate.

But here, alone in his thoughts finally, his mind floating in calm and quiet darkness for the time being, something else can speak. The earring that had all but gone out, glows brightly. It sparks brightly once and then dims to a pleasant, flickering light, like blue firelight.

It will not be Zio's voice he hears until he wakes...

COMBATSYS: Testament takes no action.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            1/---====/=======|

COMBATSYS: Testament can no longer fight.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            1/---====/=======|

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