Mortal Kombat - Rally Point on the Island

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Description: Bolivar eats a meal with Lt. Lita Luwanda in Shang Tsung's castle, discussing the events that occured during the first round of the Mortal Kombat tournament.

It was night time at the island of Shang Tsung's and various fighters have been coming and going throughout the various areas of his castle. For Lita Luwanda in particular, it was a quiet day for her. After her therapeutic marathon training session the day before, Lita opted to just lay low and rest only leaving her quarters for food, hygiene, and the handling of biological functions. She would eventually meet up with her allies besides Daniel here. At least with the exception of Sergei seeing as that he's not amongst the land of the living.

Right now, she's headed to the dining hall to feed herself and prepare for her upcoming bout. After receiving her divinement, she's not exactly enthused about being set to fight against one of the members of the team that bumped her team off in the King of Fighters. Not because she had to fight her back then but rather, because her opponent was so young fighting in a tournament with such high stakes. When she collects her food she sits by herself at the table.

As she absently chews on her piece of bread, she thinks about how incredibly fucked up this tournament is but she also thinks about how she has an obligation to see it through.

Bolivar has kept to himself the entire tournament so far, besides occasionally reconnoitering the grounds to pick up rumors and hearsay, and his meeting with Daniel and Sergei. But still, he must eat, and his rigid three meal schedule has been obeyed with certainty this entire voyage into the lands and planes between realms. The fare here leaves a lot to be desired for someone of wealth and prestige, but Bolivar has been forced to abandon those ways long ago.

The Latino recognizes Lita's uniform as Delta Red, and he moves to sit across from her, a wide ceramic plate with sliced, braised beef and brown rice atop it, along with a side of stewed celery, cashews, and carrots. A knife and fork is also atop the plate, eschewing the traditional chopsticks favored by some. "Hello," he says quietly, reaching up to his face with his left hand and removing his sunglasses, setting them beside his plate. He looks up with his chin tilted towards his foot, down slightly, to indicate humility and appear nonthreatening, since he has no marks of authority. "Bolivar Montero Diez. United Nations observer."

The blond Brit nods as the Latino man sits down in front of her. Seeing no need to make any moves of aggression yet. Regardless of that, she's still regarding him with caution since she's not quite sure who has thrown in their lot with Outworld and it would be dangerous to assume that a human looking person would be representing Earth.

Thankfully, the Latino introduces himself and makes it clear from the beginning that he's an ally. Lita glances down at the red triangle on her chest before placing the piece of bread back on her plate and extending a hand out towards her current dinner company. "Lita Luwanda. I'm pretty sure you already figured it out but for the sake of formality, Delta Red, Lieutenant. Nice to meet you."

This is a bad place for just 'observing.' There's more to this. She doesn't press further since it's probably need to know and she doesn't need to know. "It's funny. Agent Little had mentioned you yesterday."

Bolivar slides his smooth, dry painter's hand into Lita's, the fact that it has been hardened by martial arts and made tense by knife practice evident to one's subconscious, or a more formal sense if one is trained in the proper manner. He gives her a soft shake, before removing it and resuming his fork. "I am happy there are more of us. I had honestly been concerned that this tournament had precious few official operatives, presenting the interests of Earth. Or," he grows slightly snide a moment, "'Earthrealm', as they call it," he murmurs, eyes shifting about, before he picks up some brown rice and slides it into his mouth, chewing mechanically.

Lita draws back her hand and in that handshake, she receives confirmation that observer is just a euphemism for what he really does. She picks up her own fork and knife and carves into her particular meal, a dish with chicken and rice and a variety of vegetables before she looks up.

"It is a relief however I've lost respect for how Interpol likes to do things."

She doesn't elaborate. Her frown speaks volumes though in that short moment between brutally stabbing that small piece of chicken and it entering her mouth. Even the way she chews on the food is expressive as she brutally grinds her food into mush before swallowing.

"Interpol is a police intelligence body," Bolivar says quietly, eyes watching her for a moment as she eats, before moving down to his own plate and spearing a piece of sliced beef, before placing it in his mouth and chewing. He swallows, slowly, before he looks back up. "I'm with the War Crimes Tribunal, as a field operative. My work is more direct." He stands up from the table and moves to a nearby tap, pouring himself a wooden cup of water from the cafeteria's reservoir, before sitting back down and taking a long drink. "However, unlike Delta Red, I work solely on the basis of specific targets, although I have some discretion when they are nested inside other criminal groups."

"I meant that it was a relief having more official operatives, it's only a mixed blessing because I recently found out that Interpol leadership is a colossal fuck up and handled this situation poorly."

The British soldier points downward to the table, indicating that she means this situation. This tournament.

"But indeed you can say that Delta Red does operate in broader strokes and this tournament would indeed fall under all our jurisdictions. That being said, up until now, I've also operating as Delta Red's Liason to Interpol due to the activity during the Rumble in the Streets tournament. I'm not interested in working in that capacity any longer."

Reading between the lines, Lita can definitely see Diez fits in and she definitely has a lot of respect for that but can also see that it would require a lot of trust. Someone like that going rogue could be very damaging.

Diez listens quietly as he eats a few pieces of vegetable, chewing slowly in the side of his mouth, before he shifts to the other side, chews once more, then swallows. "There is a lot of banter this way and that inside our official governing bodies, mostly because of various superstitions and national boundaries, compared to something of this nature."

Bolivar pushes his rice around in a circle on his plate, looking down a long moment, rather grim. Then, his cold dark eyes flicker upwards. "I am actually here on the behalf of several East Asian countries within the United Nations. This tournament was traditionally fought by them centuries before. Whatever force...Deity...Et cetera...Governs this, found them to be the best of Earth's warriors in terms of potential, until this present age." He scoops up his rice in the fork. "From what I understand." He slips the rice into his mouth, placing his left forearm on the table in a closed gesture to his side, as he reverts to prison inmate posture and shifts forward, something one might be able to spot. "I was warned by a representative from Tibet that things here would disturb me, in a theological sense."

Lita picks up a fork full of vegetables and stares at it for a few moments before continuing to feed herself and nods.

"In my case, Delta Red was given an invitation and told to select a representative. They chose me. A lot of what you say came up for us when we researched it and called in favors from out East Asian allies for more info."

Lita looks like she's about to say more but she remains silent because she just realized that she could be making Agent Little a target for Outworlders. And enough of Earth's operatives have died as far as she's concerned.

"My first competitor was not particularly dangerous," Bolivar says softly, showing little regret, but some concern, as he continues to slowly but efficiently eat, drinking from his wooden cup of water periodically. "Very enthusiastic, perhaps even driven and experienced, but she lacked the edge to perform whatever task she was brought here, or came here, for. Most likely on our side in some form, simply as one of those who consider morality to be a code, rather than a line of work." He frowns with a narrow line, eating a large piece of beef and chewing rather savagely on it, showing some schadenfreude born out of visceral satisfaction at eating. He swallows, washing it down with the last of his water.

Lita is definitely thankful for the topic change. Thinking about how she found out that Daniel's Interpol Chief basically had him kidnapped onto the island with no briefing, no research, no information whatsoever. It's something that enraged her to no end.

"Mine was a decent fighter. Evenly matched swordswoman with me. I would definitely say she has that edge and I'd rather she'd live so we can have a backup plan in case this particular tournament doesn't go well."

The Lieutenant digs into her chicken with gusto now, no longer feeling the need to rage chew her food.

"Did you hear about the Russian?" Bolivar asks, eating the last of his vegetables in a perfunctory fashion, only wanting them for their nutrition and not their effect on the physical sensation of his stomach. "One of ours, old friend of Daniel's. Not the talkative type." He sips his water, looking down at the outer edge of the cup, before glancing up at Lita. "First casualty. It is a poor omen, if one were to believe in that. I do not, but they appear to govern this place."

"Yeah. My other King of Fighters team mate. I'd actually mourn him if not for the fact that he pushed me to the point where I thought I'd have to use deadly force on him on live television."

She pushes her food around a bit until she can get decent mouthful on her fork, lifting it up with a thoughtful expression on her face before letting her food go into her mouth. She slowly chews on the food before taking another fork full. Little by little, her plate is approaching the point where it is almost cleaned of food.

"That being said, anyone capable of taking down that Russian needs to be regarded with caution."

"Scarlet Dahlia is the name given," Bolivar replies. "You'd think we'd have heard of someone with that combat prowess, but we haven't. It's considerably possible that she is with Outworld." He rises from his chair, picking up his tray and cup. "Thank you for the meal, Lt. Luwanda. Good luck." He pauses for moment, as he picks up his sunglasses and slides them on. He looks at her, unsure, before he adds, "And Godspeed." He turns about, placing his plate, utensils, and cup in a bin, then walking panther-like out of the eatery.

"Scarlet Dahlia, you say."

She nods as she commits that name to memory. She has someone she'll definitely need to keep an eye and perhaps may need to keep an ear out for information about while she's in this tournament. After all, she no longer has intel from Delta Red to lean on while on this island.

She looks up when Bolivar gathers everything up. She still has a bit more food left on her plate so she doesn't make any moves to gather her things.

"And thank you for your company, Bolivar."

As her dinner company departs, the British weapons mistress continues to dig into what little remains of her food.

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