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Description: The first live action movie of Just My Twilight Life (WIP) is nearly released! To commemorate this important national event, a preview comic has been released. Honoka, taking a vacation from her circus adventures, decides to come to the beach with her friends Yoshiaki and Catboy Zach Glenn for some beach funtimes at the beach! But what happens when they all get in trouble when they decide to go to the beach, and have to wear their special super swimsuits! (The cover shows Honoka, Nakoruru, Zach Glenn, and Yoshiaki all at the beach. Zach and Yoshiaki are in swim trunks, with Zach cat tongue licking an ice cream cone. Yoshiaki is gasping aloud as his ice cream falls on to the sand. Honoka and Nakoruru are wearing one piece flowery swim suits, and are giggling as the red faced Yoshiaki drops his ice cream.) (50 yen)

"Yoshiaki, we have a problem."

The words come from the executive reclining on the hospital bed. It was a private place, not just a room, but the entire hospital floor. The silver-haired executive was mostly recovered; fighting a single opponent was one thing, but four back to back? It takes its toll on an old man. Lee Chaolan keeps a tablet on his lap, as he looked at the other man in the room. Yoshiaki, who was dressed in his business suit... and staring at his feet. "I suppose you've seen this."

And he shows the picture.

Yoshiaki couldn't look at it. It showed him, drunk, with an employee from Atlas Concepts, a rival company. In a moment of... no, it was all a trick. "Sir, I didn't, I mean-" "Oh no, Yoshiaki." Lee Chaolan interrupts. "I know you didn't mean for this. What happened was a moment of personal weakness. But it was a moment that you made, that has cost the company seriously. What I need, Yoshiaki, is for you to take an extended vacation with the HitBit stuff. We're not removing you from it. But it looks like you have stalled out on it. Your side projects have cost the company a good deal of face, and we need you out of the spotlight for a little bit." Yoshiaki fights against the tears welling up in the corner of his eyes. "Can... can I take my wife on vacation, at least?" Lee Chaolan shakes his head. "I didn't say you needed to take a real vacation. Only on the HitBit stuff." Lee Chaolan smirks at the man.

"There is something more important I need you to do."


The beach house was isolated, near one of the many natural harbors in southern Japan. Even as the summer months were only a distant memory, it was still warm enough. The smell of the ocean fills the air, with the light scent of BBQ coming somewhere in the back. A gentle breeze blows in, as the sun glows warm. Yoshiaki was outside the two-story beach house, dressed in a hawaiian silk-shirt, kahki shorts, and a pair of cruggs on each foot. He is holding a tablet, tapping away on it. He was almost squeeing in giddiness. While he couldn't bring his wife on this 'vacation' he had something better. A friend and a new toy, that Lee Chaolan had very specific instructions that he could do whatever he liked with him. "Come on out, Zach Glenn!" Yoshiaki calls out, a smile on his face. A daring finger holds over the tablet.

"Don't make me use the electric shocks to hurry you up!"

Miguel had endured a lot. He lost his precious sister, then when he tried to find out about who killed her, he was attacked and captured. Then he got wheeled away to the labs. It was a never ending series of weakness, pain, and isolation. They tortured him endlessly, committing unspeakable sins on him.

His cycle of testing and suffering seemed to change one day. He was strapped to a gurney and wheeled away into a truck. He almost did not care. Lee Chaolan had subjected him to months of degrading and dehumanizing torment. Miguel thought there was nothing worse Lee could do to him.


Miguel slowly walked out into the open beach. He wished he was back under the lab's nice surgical lights fully conscious as his flesh was ripped out. Instead he was being forced to come out to be this sick man's plaything.

The Spanish manly man was currently dressed in a Gedo School Boy uniform. They apparently came in his size. If it were only that, the charade would have been tolerable. But Miguel was also forced to wear a fluffy mechanical cat tail. Atop his dark curly hair was a pair of disgusting, adorable? cat ears. But by far the worst of the terrible sins, was the collar. Miguel's neck bore a collar with electric discharges and a large jingling bell. When Miguel walked out onto the beach, he knew that Lee was the absolute worst of humanity.

When called Zach Glenn, He stopped when he stood and shouted. "Okay you sick weirdo! What kind of sick game is this!"

Yoshiaki peers with delight through his coke bottle glasses.

He does take a few steps back as Miguel shouts. The man was... very, very intimidating. Even after his procedures brought down his strength to more managable levels, someone like him could knock off the head of something like him. Yoshiaki adjust his glasses, stepping across the sands as he looks over the towering figure. "F-f-firstly, this isn't a game! This is a very serious treatment, in order to make sure you aren't a treat to Mr. Chaolan anymore!" And then, a smug grin comes over his lips, as he raises a finger, looking down at the tablet.

"And secondly."

Yoshiaki presses on the tablet. A sudden, sharp electrical surge runs over Miguel, connecting from the ears, to the collar, all the way down to the twitch mechanical tail. "Lee made it very clear that you are a real troublemaker. Just remember that the collar is -also- a bomb, and shocks are my way of being nice. If you start being too disrespectful, I have authority to detonate the bomb! And then your head would pop right off! Now, -Zach-" He muses.

"Say the lines you are supposed to say."

Miguel held back a wail of pain from the electric shock. The electric shock was almost as painful as the shame. But given the life and death nature of the situation, he was forced to comply. He delivered his lines defiantly in a slow and flat tone.

"Konichiawa Yoshiaki-san"

"Very good, Zach."

Yoshiaki does a little happy dance, the faintest of happy dances. Who needs charisma, when you have the technology? What was once a brutish Spanish thug was now little more than a pussycat, lapping out of the palm of his hand. Good, good, now, we have almost all we need for our Gedo Spangles alt-U roleplay. My fan film will finally come into fruitition! Now, all we need is the superstar!

"Come on out, Honoka!"

What emerges is a woman, garbed in rich silks far too thick for the beach. Sweeping red robes with long sleeves swim around, as the woman strides out. Upon her head was an ornate crown of long antenna, made of laminated metal and bounce with every step. In one hand was a stylized chinese fan, held to the side open. Upon her face? A mask of blue and white, painted in the vague visage of a furious woman. Yoshiaki cocks his head. "Y-your not in the costume I picked out-"

"Let me remind you, Mr. Yoshiaki."

The man's smile droops, as the woman suddenly rushes straight at him, snapping the fan shut and pointing it squarely into his chest. "Contract made very clear what you were going to get. Private shows are just that, private shows. You do not get perverted stuff. You do not get creepy stuff. This is not striptease or shamefulness. You keep your hands off me, you do not undress me with eyes, you do not get any of that! You get high quality Chinese opera performance, that is what is in contract. You break any rule, you break contract. Deposit comes right back, contract ends. I get paid, and you get nothing. You understand?" The woman draws back her fan, as Yoshiaki glances between her, and Miguel, and then back to her. He swallows hard.


"Fine, lets get this over with." Mian opens the fan, passing it over her face. And suddenly, where the blue and white mask once was, showed a big eye, small mouthed stylized version of a one circus performer, done in purple and white. And there, she strides across the sands, side to side, sweeping her arms side to side, right in front of Miguel. She circles around the towering Spainard once, before coming to a half beside him, fanning herself, responding gruffly.

"Koncho-Schwa Yoshiaki-San"

Miguel bitterly read out his lines to Yoshiaki. Then he saw the girl show up. Yoshiaki had gotten an actual professional performer. In his confusion, he realized he could have help now. He just had to tell this actress what was going on. Miguel shook off his passive aggressive performance and spoke loudly at Yoshiaki.

"Wait! You hired a real actress for this? Then what do you need me here for? You could just hire any kid who was in drama club and dumb enough to make a career out of it! Or are you just here to torment me more by making me part of your sick poorly written fantasy!"

Yoshiaki considers carefully about Miguel's opinion.

And he taps the button on the tablet.

Electrical shocks run through Miguel, as Yoshiaki continues to sweat. "You aren't supposed to be bullying me! Look, you have to be part of this! Until you learn to behave. And-" Mian comes to a rest from her footwork. "Are you shocking him? Pervert!" She growls behind her mask. Yoshiaki sweats even more furiously. "I-" He begins, as she sweeps side to side again. "I cannot work with an electric cohort! You cease these shocks instantly! We have a role we must fulfill! And as long as you shock him, he can't be in the roll he needs! Zach is a plucky, spirited counterpart to myself, the sweet and mild-mannered Honoka! These are the roles you have given us! And if you can't even direct us." Mian crosses her arms.

"Then I don't see why anybody of MY talent should waste her time here!"

Miguel howled in agony at the second electric shock. He doubled over from the pain and gasped for air. When he looked up, he saw that the actress was pleading for the collar to stop. It had been a long while since he had received some human kindness. He returned to his feet and looked up, the bells on his collar jingled as he stood. He began to follow the girl's lead and demand what he wanted.

"Yeah, now if you keep with the shock treatment, I won't take part of this demented project with its disgusting writing, flat characters, hollow dialogue, predictable plot, and stupid resolution! Now your gonna stop with the jolts or your not gonna have a show."

"So are you gonna press that button, or are we gonna get this started?"

"I... I..."

Yoshiaki stammers. His eyes cast from Miguel, to Mian, back to Miguel. The girl had her arms crossed, and her foot was tapping. "I... am going to let you perform your r-r-roles! That's the only reason why I am not shocking you." He was... really insecure right now. This was nothing like his fellow fans, or his RP group, or even his waifu! This was disturbing and intimidating. He raises the tablet, beginning to film the scene. But with the lack of shocks, and the cue given, Mian suddenly uncrosses her arms, and begins to walk across the sands again. Back and force, with great sweeps of her arms around Miguel. Yoshiaki waits patiently... and then adjust his glasses.

"Aren't you going to say anything-"

"Ah! Ha!" Mian suddenly interjects, sweeping her hands with long, dramatic motions at Miguel, before turning away from him. "Zach! It is our first day of school, for the senior year, here at Gedo High! I hope we get to meet that exchange student from Justice High." Yoshiaki scratches his neck nervously. "Erm, don't you mean strong and handsome? I mean, that's the dialogue I ma-" Somehow, through the mask, she manages to death glare at Yoshiaki. The man falls silent, as he whimpers, continuing to fix the camera on them. The problem was... Yoshiaki was not in his Justice High uniform. If that was the case then...

Who would be playing Yoshiaki?

Seeing as Yoshiaki honored his end of the deal, Miguel followed in suit. He would play along with his script just until he could escape. He cleared his throat and began to read out his lines in his deep booming voice. "So Honoka-chan, how are things at home? Are they nice." Right after saying his line, Miguel raises the back of his hand to his mouth and sneers out voice tick.


Mian bows deeply.

Sweeping her arms across her face, the mask transforms into a visage of appreciation. "Things are doing good at home! In the circus! Thank you for your consideration!" The woman strides around the towering man, as Yoshiaki films upon his tablet. The woman, circling around the man, suddenly stops, staggering dramatically away from the entrance of the beach house. "Oh look, it is our high school friend!"


What comes out is... a Chinese man. The man is dark-skinned and somewhat nervous, and his eyes are bloodshot with even darker circles under his eyes. The smell of menthol cigarettes fill the air around him. He is dressed in an ill-fitting school uniform of Justice High. Pimpled dot his face, as he announces waaaay too early as he steps right up by Miguel. "Yes! Its I Yoshiaki and I am-"

And he just stares at Miguel.

"Holy moley are you kid me?" He blurts out, stumbling away from the towering Spainard. "He could break my neck! Is this legal Yoshi? If uncle Zhin finds out I am breaking law, he will have my knee caps! He will be so mad!" Yoshiaki nods behind the tablet. "Yes, yes, this leg- I mean, this is legal! Just follow your lines!" The boy looks around nervously, and then sighs.

"I heard you all were going on an adventure!"

Miguel looked at the filthy man who walked up to him. If Yoshiaki didn't address him properly, Miguel would have assumed he was a homeless man who wandered over to the resort. But Miguel just stared at him, and then back to Mian. He could quickly tell how the budget was spent. Although, this actor did do Yoshiaki justice.

Getting back to his script Miguel, looked carefully to find his line. Locating it, He raised his hand high above his head with his fingers down and read his line. "OOOOHHH! An Adventure!". He then swatted his bell to produce the listed jingling sound.


Every swat of the bell comes with more than a jingle.

As Miguel lands those staggering blows to the bell, the collar snaps just a little more. It was dangerous, wasn't it. These collars would have fail safes, right? Right? That they blow up and kill the user? In any case, every time Miguel jingles that bell, he could feel the collar growing looser and looser.

All he had to do is be kawaii.

As Miguel looks towards Mian, Mian looks towards Miguel. Almost immediately, she begins to chatter with the nephew in Chinese, a stern tone in her voice. The nephew, perking up, chatters right back. And suddenly, both burst out laughing, and then thumbs towards the HitBit executive. Mian nods, and returns to her sweeping strides of dancing around the towering Zach Glenn... but is interrupted as Yoshiaki raises his voice.

"Um, excuse me, can you stop gibbering in Chinese?"

Both the nephew and Mian freeze, and turn to face at Yoshiaki. He digs his feet in the sand nervously. "I mean, you don't speak Chinese in the script." The nephew groans, as Mian just stares blankly from the mask. She mutters something to the nephew, and he snorts. Yoshiaki shakes his head. "I can just... edit that. I mean, thank yOu Miguel for staying in character I can tell that you are really dedicated to my vision!" He winks at the Spainard. "Now comes on, Yoshiaki, lets pick it up!" As Mian strides around, the nephew adjusts his glasses. "Um, sure. Well, yeah Zach! Lets go on an adventure! To makeout beach!" Mian stops her dancing, and turns towards Miguel. She faces up with her mask. And then to the nephew. And then, to Yoshiaki.

She says nothing.

Miguel was starting to lose hope in the world again. Once he heard what Yoshiaki had written, he felt like crying manly tears. He had gotten a reminder that Yoshiaki was in fact, a very sick and twisted man-child. Looking at Mian, he knew he should probambly start getting his plan moving.

Miguel went with his script and leaned in on the pimply guy. He put his arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "I am being held here against my will and being threatened using this bomb collar." He then immediately went back to his script. "Makeout Beach? OH that is mischievous."

Still holding pimple face tightly, Miguel swatted at his collar once again to produce the jingle.


And the collar loosens more and more.

As Miguel leans in to the nephew, he... he starts sweating. Sweating really badly. This gig was getting worse and worse by the minute. But there isn't anything that shows horror any more than what Crazy Zhin's nephew tells Miguel. That look in his eye. And those words to respond back to the Spainard in an equal whisper, as he pulls at his own collar hidden under his shirt... collar.

"You too?"

Mian puts her hand on her hips. "Oh! Don't you boys get any ideas! I! Honoka! Am a pure maiden, who does not partake in any makings of the out!" Mian makes a face under the mask. Yeah, she read the script, and there wasn't anything explicitly obscene. But this dialogue was trash. She sweeps her arms, passing it before her mask. It changes again, into a ^_^ expression as she points towards the beach. "Come on boys!"

"Lets hurry before it gets too dark!"

This day was just getting better and better. Miguel now had the horrifying realization that he was not the only one that Lee had in his clutches. And if Lee had two, then who knows how many more he might have. Miguel was terrified at the thought. Both of them had to get out of there, but how?

Miguel whispered to pimple face "Tell the actress what is going on, she might be able to save us both." Miguel then let go and returned to the script. "If that is what you say Honoka-chan, then we will behave."


There was... a conspiracy going on.

As Miguel whispers across, Mian sweeps her arms, leading the way. Crazy Zhin's nephew looks towards Miguel, and nods subtly. He follows after, picking up the pace. The nephew whispers something to the actress. And the actress whispers back. There was low chattering in Chinese between the two, as they march across the sands. Yoshiaki pans, following them, apparently just... putting up with the whispers. Eventually, they reach a series of three beach towels, all ready for them to sit down. One by one, to sit down. Mian walks around the towel, before getting her seat. Yoshiaki licks his lips. "Okay, now... now is the time... the time to get..." He wipes his brow.

"Now is the time to get into your swimsuits."

Miguel wanted throttle Yoshiaki right where he stood. But given the bomb collar, he could not risk it. But Miguel could only keep so calm before he just railed Yoshiaki.

"What did you just say! ARE we stripping for you you sick bastard. That is where I draw the line you sick depraved man-child." The enraged Miguel started to walk up to Yoshiaki, His collar sounding out its adorable jingle furiously . "Now, you had better show us the costumes right now or your not gonna have a film or an intact skeleton!"


There wasn't just one jingle this time.

There was two.

As the second to last jingle comes, something seems to get loose. A great weight comes off of Miguel's throat. And then, the second jingle comes upon the sand, as the collar falls from Miguel's neck to land right beside his towel. Yoshiaki looks down.

He falls very, very quiet.

Mian puts her hands on her hips. Crazy Zhin's nephew stares at it, and then Miguel, and then, Yoshiaki himself. Yoshaki stares at the collar, mouth opening and shutting wordlessly. And slowly, slowly, his gaze casts back to Miguel. Almost too meekly, Yoshiaki looks up at Miguel with pleading eyes, adjusting his coke-bottle glasses. "Erm. Could you..."

"Could you put that back on?"

Miguel grinned a big wide grin as the jingling bell hit the sand. He was free, finally freed. He waited a long time for his revenge. It was just him and Yoshiaki, and he didn't have his leash anymore. Miguel walked in closer as Yoshiaki was bewildered at the bell. Then he asked him to put it back on.

"There's an IDEA!"
With his mouth grinning a gleeful grin, Miguel lunged for Yoshiaki's neck. Grabbing the pitiful little stain with a light grip, Miguel lifted the man high in the air. "Now since you and your employer put me throught the most hellish nightmare possible, I am really thinking about crushing your little weak spine. But since you lack any backbone, I'll take pity on you ugly little dweeb."

"I'll put the collar on."

As soon as Miguel said that, he lightly slammed Yoshiaki face first onto the sand. Still gripping his spine, Miguel wrapped the broken collar around Yoshiaki's. After tightening the little bell around Yoshiaki's dirty little neck, Miguel removed his ears and tail. He placed the neko wear onto Yoshiaki. Miguel took the tablet for himself and looked for how to disable pimple face's collar. Miguel made sure to first look over at Yoshiaki while was on the sand and sneered at him.


Yoshiaki gives off a little squeak as Miguel siezes him up.

The tablet falls into the beach sands, as he is like a doll in the massive man's hand. He immediately wets himself, as he starts crying. And there, both Crazy Zhin and Mian know exactly what's gonna happen. Mian just puts her hands on her hips, as she watches the pair. And then, she breaks into an argument with Crazy Zhin's nephew. The pair chatter back and forth in Mandarin as Miguel has Yoshiaki in his hand. By the time the executive hits the sand, he instinctively goes limp. Rolling over, he looks up at the enraged Miguel... and squeaks. He looks over to Mian, and then... decides to go for desperate measures.

"Help me!"

And Mian puts her hand on her hips. "Nothing in the contract says I have to do any bodyguard work." She draws out her fan, and shakes it at the prone Yoshiaki. "You wanted me to be on standby to save you when your giant hulking boy toy went rogue? You should have put it in contract! Not my fault you can't control your mess of a production! You aren't even directing!" And Yoshiaki escalates his mistake. Desperate, he tries a trump card. "I'll... I'll refuse to pay if you don't help me!"

And that crosses a line.

"Shen jing binga!" She exclaims as she passes an arm over her face, the mask turning into a glower of rage. "Useless! You can't even read your contract! You can't even make good on your pay! I had it! I will never work for fan videos for useless devil's again!" And another sweep comes, and... she leaps away. Bounding with long strides, the Honoka flees from this mess. Yoshiaki looks nervously at Crazy Zhin's nephew, who just shrugs at the executive. Those eyes turn back up to the Spainard... and tears were in them.


And then it happens. Of all the worst things to happen, the worst thing happens. Yoshiaki starts to blush. He smiles a bit. "You know, I kinda... I kinda like this... Lee Chaolan did say you were going to still be strong after your operation, but... Wow." He looks up at him with big, teary anime eyes behind those coke-bottle glasses, cat ears on, and the little collar on him.

"... M-m-maybe we can work something out..."

Miguel considers carefully Yoshiaki's opinion.

And he taps the button on the tablet.

Electrical shocks run through Yoshiaki as Miguel continues to grin. "Why yes we can work something out you little newt. You get me and my friend over here out safely, and you get to keep your skull on your neck." Miguel pointed to pimple-face.

He began to preform the surprisingly simple instructions to disable pimple-face's collar. After he heard a loud click from the nephew's collar, and it was marked disabled, he yelled over. "Hey, you can take that thing off now man, what ever your name is. Got any connections we can go to this side of the world?"


That was the scream from Yoshiaki as he spasms on the ground, writhing. As the shocks stop, Yoshiaki somehow wets himself again. Rolling over in the sands, he falls prostate before Miguel, bowing to him. "Please! Please! I can't, I mean, there is my car and the keys, but please don't kill me! Spaaaaare me!" The whimpering and sobs come, as Miguel shifts his attention to... the nephew.


There was a trailing off tone from the nephew. He scratching his head, unsure of how things were supposed to happen. "Uncle can help us. But uncle in jail! Thanks to his boss!" He thrusts an accusing finger at Yoshiaki. "They blackmail me! They say, they have more evidence to ruin uncle! If I cooperate, uncle doesn't stay in jail for life! They are flaccid penis! They are dog farts!" And he stops. "But... if we don't help my uncle, then... then he stay in jail for life." He looks up at Miguel, cocking his head. "We could..."

"... Maybe we can get Uncle out of prison?"

"I think that sounds like we have a deal then you piss covered toddler."

Miguel then took the man's smelly car keys and called over to his new friend. "That sounds like a plan then, go find his car then we can leave this God forsaken place." He tossed him the keys and turned his attention to Yoshiaki's things. He rummaged through them looking for anything they could use, like cash or food. After getting the stuff he needed Miguel turned to Yoshikai. "You won't mind if we take these with us, we gonna need some lunch money." Miguel started to walk away with the stuff before remembering that he had to take care of Yoshiaki. Miguel then turned the shock collar from very low all the way up to bear-nap.

Miguel and his new friend where now driving down the road in their violet Nissan 370Z. The sweet winds of freedom blew through their hair as the sun glimmered off the blue sea. Behind them was a rising cloud of smoke from the beach house. In a great bonfire near the passed out Yoshiaki, the personal items found in the car were piled up. The smell of gasoline and moe filled the beach.

While the two men dressed up in high school uniforms rode off into the sunset, Miguel raised his fist and let shouted out a cry of freedom.



"Yoshiaki, we have a problem."

The words come heavy, slow. Lee Chaolan was being assisted at a hospital by several beautiful nurses, all part of his physical therapy. Yoshiaki is standing in a suit, head down, staring at the floor. "You had one job. You had the resources to carry it out. And somehow, Yoshiaki, not only have you failed in that, but you involved third parties to complicate matters. We've already extended our leverage as is. You've provided a great deal of progress in our HitBit technology, I am not downplaying that. But the fact of the matter is you let two people escape... who we could not let escape." Yoshiaki blurts out, choking back the tears. "I'm not fired, am I sir?"

"I'm not telling you that you are fired."

Lee Chaolan smirks at Yoshiaki, held upright by the nurses. "You now have a new job." The tone comes, and Yoshiaki begins to sweat. "We are currently having a serious campaign against us, attacking from all sides. Our rivals are stealing out technology; my favored selections are off getting lost and avoiding me. We had a lot of positive reputation with the Rumble in the Streets tournament, and that's all gone. And you're part of the reason for that. Now I am not laying the blame on you Yoshiaki; I miscalculated Ayame, and that has brought upon a great deal of trouble right now. But Yoshiaki, you've accelerated. So your job right now?"

"Undo your mistakes."

"You are no longer recognized as a employee of HitBit." Lee Chaolan begins, as a nurse hands over a contract. The man takes it, hands shaking. "We offered you a severace package. You instead made off with a swiss bank account of embezzled funds. You are a rogue agent, angry at the world, with stolen resources from the company. If you are arrested, you will be left to rot. We have contacts in the underworld you will be working with; you are now our 'criminal contact.' Isn't that exciting? Oh yes!~" Yoshiaki looked like he was going to throw up. He just raises a finger. "I just have one question sir-" And Lee Chaolan shakes his head, interrupting. "You will not have access to the non-commercial Combots, unfortunately, though you can procure your own bodyguards" And Yoshiaki is the next one to shake his head. "It's not that, sir. It's my wife. Will she... be taken care of?"

Lee Chaolan stares at Yoshiaki for a moment.

And then, he gives a winks.

"She will be fine, Yoshiaki. We're businessmen, not monsters." "Thank you sir." And Lee gives him a thumbs up.


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