Mortal Kombat - MK Round 1: Kotal vs. Ryu

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Description: "A champion against a champion. One of Outworld's most promising minds, returned to share his wisdom with his former brothers in arms. KOTAL. You will face RYU today, in the Warrior Shrine. I understand Ryu is one of Earthrealm's most promising. Maybe there will be something that you can share."

A Champion against a Champion the sorcerer Shang Tsung had said. We'll see just how correct where his assumption when declaring this Kontest.

To be sure, anyone with a warrior lineage would found it slightly perturbing to fight in the Warrior Shrine. It is an arena as it is a grave, for here, hundreds if not thousands of Kombatants from both Earthrealm and Outworld have met their demise, forever resting upon the altars to bear mute witness upon the endless battles that will take place here.

It is in this arena that Kotal sees his father. Mighty Quetzalcoatl who met his demise against Prince Goro. The giant Osh'Tekk warrior stands not unlike Kotal himself, tall, with a plumed headdress and a giant macuahuitl set with the top resting on the ground, hands of the warrior upon the pommel.

What would his father think of him now? Once, the Osh'Tekk stood as the first defense against Outworld and now Kotal finds himself being the Champion of those who had killed his father.

The Aztec deity nevertheless points his macuahuitl to the statue of Quetzalcoatl, honoring his father, before he goes to face his opponent. He who perhaps in another time might have been an ally.

It seems a little too easy to miss the other. Were it not for a simple difference in elevation - or coloration - it would be forgivable to consider warrior as another statue set among the kountless that kommemorate the kombatants.
Their back remains turned to Kotal. It's vague as to whether or not he may have even been standing here in wait, all along. There is a stillness that could even be disquieting, even to one whose history is so steeped into the darkness of war and bloodshed. There should be some level of acknowledgement. Of all the things said and observed of this young man - the one simply called Ryu - he could be playing his cards close...
A flicker of crimson is seen deeply embedded within his right fist. The coloration of his handguards stands to nearly obscure it entirely, aside from the gleam - the color of the blessing received by the Elder Gods.
Nearly imperceptible, the fists tighten. The crack of bone betrays the stealth of such movement. This is the closest thing to a 'hello' Kotal gets as the Earthrealm wanderer turns one-eighty aggressively to face them proper, a bare (and, one dares say, slightly oversized) foot strikes into the stone with such strength that the ground might shudder as he briefly adopts the horse stance. It casts a thundering echo throughout the halls, as he straightens back up with fists raised. Eyes lock upon the Aztec warrior, free of hesitation, fear, but...
Maybe there is little to say between warriors outside of their fists, but there is a sense of there being... too little, beyond something behind the warrior's very eyes. Like some aspect of the character doesn't match the rest of the picture.
Standing a far distance from the Aztec warrior-god, it seems there is some form of anticipation... but, something is... off.
The details may be ultimately irrelevant, for the way these two will meet and part as of this moment in time.

COMBATSYS: Ryu has wandered into a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Ryu              0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Kotal has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ryu              0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Kotal

COMBATSYS: Ryu equips a warm Magenta Soul Shard.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Kotal

COMBATSYS: Kotal equips a warm Canary Yellow Soul Shard.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0        [E] Kotal

This one seems to have been Konsumed by the rage already. Kotal takes note of the glow coming from the red gloves and his own glowing golden eyes narrow in understanding. A Berserker it seems. How fitting that a so called champion of Earthrealm would rise to the opportunity to grow in strength by konsuming souls. The Aztec deity gives a grim smile, truly Earthrealm is just another form of Outworld. There are people who are just as bloodthirsty as any Outworld demon.

But now is not the time for poetry. Though a warrior poet, the true art of battle comes not from theorizing but from engaging in it. The Earthrealm warrior wishes to speak his mind with fists not words, and Huitzilopotchli is only all too eager to engage in the vocabulary that is War.

There's a crunching of bones and a faint rumbling of the ground as Kotal too clenches his fist, massive chi causing the entirety of the Warrior Shrine to tremble lightly. His own salute in return is give, warning Ryu that he too is ready to fight, as he takes a similar Changquan battle stance.

And as soon as he takes it..

He's charging!!

There is no start up movement, in one movement Kotal is on the other side of the shrine taking position, and in the next, he's already in front Ryu swinging an open palmed glowing fist directly at the fighter's face, aiming to crush his nose with the heel of his palm.

COMBATSYS: Ryu blocks Kotal's Mahtizquia.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/-------|=====--\-------\0        [E] Kotal

Arms cross before the point of impact, and the air between them suffers most from the brunt of the bone-shattering blow. Dust motes flitter visibly in the light, swirling and disturbed.
The bare heels of the mysterious wanderer scrape as he is pushed back a foot's length with enough speed that one would imagine a burning sensation to overcome this smaller man's focus. Composure.
His arms unfurl carefully, slowly. Deliberately - a seeming lack of urgency, for the mortal danger he is in by choosing to stand before the one known more openly as Kotal Khan. It may be an indicator of just how dangerous the blow was to his forearms, a pronounced bruise on his left...
Taking a step further inside, both hands move in to grasp the warrior-god by his torso, to hurl him up and over his form and across the open air further down the shrine's grounds, wordless.
A grunt of exertion goes unheard - perhaps one isn't even made.

COMBATSYS: Ryu successfully hits Kotal with Seoi Nage.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/------=|>>>>>>-\-------\0        [E] Kotal

Overextended as he is, Kotal's large torso is a big target to be grabbed and hurled. The Warrior God places a hand on Ryu's back to resist the throw as best he can only to end up going face forward and into a roll that brakes his fall. Using the same momentum from the force which was used to throw him, the Aztec rolls and comes to a squatting position. This turns into a heel spin as he straightens up, going to readjust his focus once again on that of his opponent. Perhaps it might be impressive to say that Kotal was thrown to begin with considering his supposed Godhood, but when you live in Outworld you quickly find out that being a God of War almost seems like a requisite in order to survive.

Therefore, Kotal's focus goes unperturbed by the attack, deciding instead to simply continue his efforts to weaken Ryu's defenses.

The Aztec slides forward again, going inside Ryu's circle of defense to engage him in Klose Kombat once more. He leads with a left hand to keep the Karateka's focus forward only to swing a lariat strike with his right, bringing the weight of his rock solid forearm crashing down upon Ryu's collarbone in an attempt to shatter it and dislocate the other man's shoulder.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Ryu with Tlaneltocaz EX.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/----===|>>>>>>>\-------\1        [E] Kotal

The force that the Warrior God can bring to bear is nothing short of overwhelming. When he rises from a position that may seem as one of weakness, it may be better to describe witnessing it as watching the sun rise - the sun itself never truly falls. It may be like staring into the face of inevitability. The sun rises, its searing rays inescapable from reach and scrutiny. Kotal has inspired nearly all in his wake to kneel before him, or to be offered up in sacrifice.
This warrior, maybe of ignorance, maybe of foolishness, or some sort of innocent cultural clash, does not seem to back down as the Warrior God comes back in with another strike.
Curiously, not a single arm is raised in defense. It seems far too open as the young man leans /into/ it.
This is a callousne-- pardon, kallousness that is unexpected of one of such kaliber. The results of such hubris - the very idea of standing before the mighty blow against his collarbone! - is met, at least, with the expected and realistic results of daring to do so.
The cry of pain that follows seems... underwhelming, watching the dark bruises form from what's visible between his neck and shoulder, his entire upper body sharply recoiling backwards as though to threaten his very spine. He manages to catch his balance, if only just so, with the stomp of a foot as his left arm writhes, fist rapidly clenching and loosening. It's visceral to those uninitiated in such raw kombat. This man is in pain, but... something seems... disconnected.
There's no time to ponder how to decipher this metaphor. He takes far too little time to appreciate grievous injury, as he leaps forward with a short hop, raising his right leg into a horizontal swing...
"Tatsumaki!" Something about the way he says it seems... strained. Maybe he is buckling to the searing pain that shoots through his left arm, but such hardly factors into the maneuver in question. He keeps momentum as he glides through the air, rapidly moving to strike against Kotal's torso with at least four full rotations of a spinning kick that he may have heard about.
The famed Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku. For all the small, subtle oddities with the way he's carrying himself and moving, there appears to be no compromise made to what strength and speed the Ansatsuken staple technique bears.

COMBATSYS: Kotal just-defends Ryu's Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\-------\1        [E] Kotal

Kotal is not called Huitzilopotchli simply due to his Kombat ability. He is the God of the Sun, Strength, Kourage and Honor, not simply of slaughter and sacrifices. Though it is true that he is a brutal deity he is not one that does so without purpose. He is a leader before being a warmonger and tactical fighter instead of the raging berserker one might think him to be.

This why where others would have simply cackled in delight at the Ryu's inability or perhaps unwillingness to defend against his attack, or perhaps simply others would have simply ignored it in the fires of the fight, Kotal actually looks..


Naturally attuned to all things battle, Kotal seems privy that there is something decidedly amiss with this Earthrealm champion. At first, the Aztec Lord was dismissing it as simply Ryu being overwhelmed by the gifts of the Elder Gods, but the Soul Shards were not supposed to be acting this way. They were not meant to affect a warrior's performance and given what he knows of Japanese arts, Kotal knows no Karateka worth his salt would have just taken a blow like that without at least attempting an overhead block. All warriors are his domain, and though Ryu and many others might deny him as their Lord, Kotal still konsiders all fighters to be his worshipers. For all of them honor him with their Kombat.

"What is wrong with you?" Such is his wariness of foul play that Kotal voices his doubt. Had the forces of Earthrealm thrown a man possessed at him? That would be so like them would it not? Take over one of their fighter's mind in an attempt to weather down the forces of Outworld. Suddenly, the Red Dhalia's showmanship of the other night returns to his mind and soon the possibility of Ryu actually being possessed becomes all to real.

Worried as he might be for the metal state of his opponent, Kotal is not about to leave himself vulnerable. Far from it.

As the legendary Tatsumaki Snepuu Kyaku is thrown at him in all its whirlwind glory, the War God responds by taking a single step back to give himself room to maneuver and parries the kicks thrown at his torso with sideways slaps of his hands.

One, two, three, four Kontinous blocks later, Kotal neutralizes the attack and takes another single step sideways to attack his opponent from an oblique angle.

Perhaps the blinding sun in all its glory will free Ryu from whatever ails him.

And in so planning this, Kotal extends a single open palm forward, summing the strength of the sun itself to fire scorching beam of heat down upon the Earthrealm warrior.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Ryu with God Ray EX.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\-------\1        [E] Kotal

Whatever is going in within this warrior's heart has been something many wished to know, even in better times. To all appearances, he is a man that lives for the fight. What's going on does not completely betray this approach, and yet, there remains... conflict, in regards to the konflict.
Kotal gets no vocal response to his queries - a question that demands an answer, for there is grounds to ask it! The ability for this man to recover his focus after such rapid spinning is remarkable. He is not too dazed to answer, but there's no words that speak to refuse as he brings his fists up again while the incantations are made. The choice of a novel attacking angle is almost nullified to how battle-ready this warrior at least seems to be. And yet...
Kotal can start to see the disconnect as he konnects the dots. The way Ryu moves... they don't seem to be based upon a singular, inward instinct. It's not hesitation, nor indecision, that seems to see him take a half-step back from the all-reaching rays of the sun as the heat sears into him.
It seems like an outright argument, between himself and an outside party! An outside party that does not completely live in this moment, making their decisions from their point of view - compared to the one on site, the one truly living, breathing, experiencing the flesh burning, the impeccably white gi browning and blackening as the body blisters and flinches under the blinding sun that would render him ash.
Something wants him to stand his ground instead. That much is certain. His spasming left arm retains enough command from his injured shoulder to draw back, his right hand going atop the shaking left. Flecks of red dance in the wake of the dispersing chi energy. Invasive red, somehow more visible than the summoned sunlight for its lesser intensity and darker color...
Teeth clench, as something reddish - flame, it would appear - builds between those two hands, sunlight-scarred eyes finding enough focus of Kotal's outline that both eyes could meet. The chi energy that builds within looks ready to consume the wielder's hands outright, fluctuating and growing almost uncontrollably before it's hurled forward with a slurred set of syllables, intelligibility and integrity interrupted by recent injury.
"Shakunetsu," the word hisses as both hands are thrust forward to release the gathered energy.
Though it is a ball of flame, something... fluctuates. The way of the Hadouken is to bring something into the vacuum of nothingness, to bring power into form from the void of one's impeccable focus and space between one's hands. There is a flash that comes from the back of his right hand, as though a new opinion were joining in upon the internal deb ate.
There's yet something else there, perverting its very nature of /being/. The ball of flame twists and contorts, as though trying to break out of its shell to be something... both less, both more. Flashes of an awful purple - something utterly terrifying - mar the purity of flame hurled forth.
Neither concept, nor anything in between, should encompass anything the War God would want to allow to strike. If such comes close enough to Kotal's ears, it sounds like an angered scream.
Ansatsuken, as understood by those few who know, is an art much like its namesake - one rooted in the simple decision, act, and power to kill. At least, up until one great man decided otherwise...
It seems, on some level, this is under debate anew...

COMBATSYS: Ryu channels the glare of the vicious eye.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/--<<<<<|>>>>>>>\-------\1        [E] Kotal

COMBATSYS: Kotal blocks Ryu's Shakunetsu Hadouken.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>------\1        [E] Kotal

No answer!?

Kotal is no like other deities. He does not let his pride blind him. Proof enough of that is that he is here at all, sullying his hands with unworthy mortals in the Mortal Kombat tournament. He could be off in the grand halls of any Celestial realm, raising cups of wine while watching the performance of these lesser beings struggle for his amusement and those of his spiritual brethren. No such existence for Kotal, even if he has earned it, there is no pleasure or glory to be found in such hedonism. He is a Warrior deity that exists solely for Kombat, and as such he almost feel duty bound to take mortal form and expose to himself to what these mortals can throw at him.

But to not answer?

That is not something you do when mighty Huitzilopotchli asks you a question. Even those not of the Nahuatl fate should know that.

There's a flare of anger on Kotal's glowing eyes when Ryu fails to respond. Definitely possessed thinks Kotal, a fighter of Ryu's kaliber would not be acting such. His fighting prowess has not be deluded any, that much can be seen since Ryu has lasted this long against Kotal. But there is something there that is preventing Ryu from relishing the fight, he cannot find the glory of battle as all warriors should.

And Kotal finds that most displeasing.

"There is Konflict within your soul!" Deduces the warrior deity as he pushes through the mighty Hadouken. The Aztec warlord steps into the blast of chi and BASHES it aside with a forearm slap, his movement only momentarily paused.

Kotal does not come to Earthrealm as a liberator. He comes here as Konqueror. He wants to subjugate and kill. But.. old habits die hard and he cannot renounce his position as a War God.

Whatever is Kontrolling Ryu and preventing him from honoring Kotal properly must be purge!

"May the light of the sun free you from it!!" Kotal launches himself at Ryu. The left hand is extended to push aside any defenses Ryu might throw at him to prevent him, whilst his right hand follows up to grab Ryu's neck with a choke slam and drive him all the way back into one of the statues- preferably Prince Goro's. There Kotal plans to pin the Karateka and channel burning sun fire directly into his windpipe and down into his lungs. Burning, suffocation and strangling all at once.

COMBATSYS: Kotal issues a challenge!!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Ryu [E]          0/-------/<<<<<<<|>>>>>>>\>------\1        [E] Kotal

COMBATSYS: Ryu interrupts Cuazquia from Kotal with Shoryuken EX.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Ryu [E]          1/----<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0        [E] Kotal

There is arrogance. It might not be this Earthrealm representative's own, but the seeming fearlessness and recklessness in the karateka's actions blares it... and blares it ever loudly, without saying a single word.
Someone, somewhere, believes that one even as great as Kotal Khan is not worthy of having a simple question answered. That someone, somewhere, should probably be rooted out and given a stern talking to, whoever they are. Wherever they are.
So arrogant, even the declaration of konflict within the kombatant's very soul doesn't seem to give any sort of acknowledgement. 'Yeah you're right, so what?' 'Did you just notice?' Not even anything to the opposite. No begging for help, no squirming... whatever's going on, for his failures, one fights within and without at the same time. There is not a single weak will among the kombating forces for kontrol.
There are multiples. Neither are backing down, mentally and spiritually.
Physically, Kotal overpowers him as he slams up against Prince Goro's statue. Nary falls but flecks of dust as he is sandwiched between a legend made flesh, and a legend painstakingly remade in stone. Legs show little movement, as his injured left arm seems to be the only one giving some sort of nominal resistance as he is crushed up against the statue.
His right fist balls up tight as he finds enough ground to pull himself down to a kneel. The oncoming sunfire would be that much easier to pour down...
In a flash, eyes open wide. There is a sneer that is ill-fitting for this young man's face. It cannot be his own sneer. This is someone else's way of expressing disapproval.
"SHORYUUUKEN!!" This word comes clear enough soon after, thundering through the shrine grounds matched in loudness only by the impacted by a rising fist makes around chest or chin level, throwing the younger, smaller kombatant free of the War God's grasp as he ascends up on high, as if the very fist were threatening to climb even higher than the sun itself could climb.
A glimpse of the will to keep pushing higher, to keep improving... and yet, if one were pessimistic in waxing poetic, it could be a mere unspoken agreement that the idea of having their throat filled full of burning 100% all-natural sun juice is not something any party involved is interested in drinking.
They did not completely escape the caress of the sun's fire, their gaze briefly blinded as they come back down from the rising punch in a seeming daze. This is allows Kotal to regain and renew his relentless attack anew, as injuries and burns seem ready to, at last, overwhelm this one's ability to stand and fight.
What spark of true warriorhood shone through, appears snuffed almost as quickly. Insignificant. Temporary, is this man's existence. A blip unto Kotal's far-reaching lifespan.
And yet... would this be as bright as this one could shine, tarnished by inner turmoil?

If Ryu is indeed being Kontrolled by an external entity. There will be more than just a stern talk when and if Kotal were to find them. Even if they were Outworld's very own, Kotal greatly dislikes when one prevents that fighting spirit from rising up. For indeed, fighting spirit feeds the God of War as much as the sun itself does. It is his bread where the sun is his water.

And such fighting spirit can be found in this most worthy Kombatant, who rises up against the chokeslam as Kotal hoped that he would, smashing his glowing red fist against the chin of the War God himself. Such an impact is enough to dislodge the channeling of sun energy into the Karateka's body and Huitzilopotchli is driven back, head thrown backwards as he gives a stumbling backpedal.

He is only momentarily stunned. The Mesoamerican warlord pulls his head back to look forward and there's a bloodied grin on his turquoise skinned face as blood pours down from his bottom lip. "Better." He approves of that fleeting instant of genuine fighting spirit. "That is much better." His forearm is brought to his chin to wipe away the blood before he launches into the attack again. Though Ryu might have pulled free from the grapple he is still Kornered, between an angry War God and the statue of Prince Goro, a dangerous place to be if there were any.

Almost as if to dare Ryu to try that again, Kotal giant figure blurs out of existence only to reappear right in front of the Karateka naught but a fraction of a second later. This time however, Kotal leads in with a left elbow, thrusting that elbow smash directly into Ryu's mouth with great force, however, this is perhaps merely a disorienting move, for the true attack comes later in the form of that same glowing hand. This time, the Aztec begins his open palm thrusting forward directly onto Ryu's solar plexus, with perhaps enough force to leave a scorching imprint of his open palm on the man's chest and gi. A sign of having struck by Huitzilopotchli himself.

COMBATSYS: Ryu dodges Kotal's Metztli.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ryu [E]          1/----<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1        [E] Kotal

The bloodied grin is met with only that same, simultaneously blank and yet arrogant outward gaze. It is as though little joy has been brought in overcoming one of Huitzilopotchli's finest methods of subjugating those who honor him with their sacrifice - and yet, it doesn't seem as though what flicker of fighting will managed to overcome it is fully taking the pilot's seat. More tiredly, more achingly, both arms attempt to rise up with balled fists anew. The left, understandably, still has some problems staying steady.
His eyes widen within that split second of movement between there and here. With the turn of a neck to the right, the left elbow largely whiffs outside of the bulk of the warrior managing to push Ryu back into a stagger - it is a narrow miss of the first part of the combination. The glowing hand comes in, and the wandering warrior seems kompelled - did he choose, or was he kompelled? - to leap straight up, just missing the open palm that instead brands the open air. The empty space bears a fleeting brand out of burnt motes of dust vaguely arranged in the shape of Huitzilopotchli's mark, but the artistry in the moment is to be lost in the oncoming violence within less than the span of a second.
On descent from this vertical jump, his right leg is extended. If not swatted out from the sky, upon landing he transitions into a standing uppercut with his right hand (half-granting Kotal's dare to do it again). If not otherwise stopped at this point, he steps in once again to bring his hands around the towering, powerful form of Kotal Khan to toss him over his shoulder back further down the Shrine - a bid to create space. The jewel-like imprint upon the right handguard gleams its otherworldly color as its respective hand appears to squeeze ever tighter in the attempt to clutch Kotal anew into that familiar over-the-shoulder throw.
Given he's moving to throw Kotal away rather than behind (and thus through the statue) may say that whatever will he duels with holds Prince Goro in marginally higher regard. There's hardly a way to know without tracking down who - or what - has taken hold of this young man. His breathing starts to grow labored - a sign of wear, even as subtle body language keeps speaking of endless, relentless... no, this is less pure than mere violence.
he purity of a bout between warriors is tainted with truly negative emotion. Hatred. Despair. Sorrow. It all starts to bleed through, looking in those eyes. Kotal may not be a stranger to those who fight with desperation, but whatever's going on, someone or something utterly oozing this is staring right back. The foreign will starts to erode the one this body rightfully owns, and what fine form that appears to koalesce now stands to disperse.
This fight could be another of Kotal's near-endless string of victories, even in the best of circumstances... but what is he fighting against, if not just this Earthrealm champion?

COMBATSYS: Ryu channels the strength of the killing fist.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Ryu [E]          1/----<<</<<<<<<<|=======\==-----\1        [E] Kotal

COMBATSYS: Kotal interrupts Fierce Combo from Ryu with Coatl Strikes.

[                         \\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Ryu [E]          1/-======/=======|===----\-------\0        [E] Kotal

Better indeed. Much better.

For a fraction of a second Kotal saw that temptation Ryu had in his eye to simply lean into the Kombination and let it simply fate take its natural course. But just in that last instant the real warrior within, or perhaps the energy that possess him, forces him to change decision and he avoids the elbow smash and the follow up glowing palm heel crush.

The Mesoamerican warlord holds that stance for a moment. Almost as in disbelief that it missed its target. Though perhaps, as Ryu comes down from his avoiding jump and goes for that dive kick might realize, its because he's looking at his opponent from the corner of one glowing golden eye.

The Aztec Knight turns to face his air bound opponent and at first seems to be overwhelmed by the flurry of attacks. He curls his left arm up to take the brunt of the kick on the shoulder and as Ryu surges forth with another rising uppercut, all Kotal can do is simply maintain that position and take it on the shoulder again, like an anvil being struck by a hammer.

Its until Ryu makes the decision of reach for the Aztec and attempt to break his guard with a grapple, that the Warrior God surges.

He recognizes the technique for what it is, Ryu is going to shoulder throw him again just as he did at the beginning of the match.

Kotal's hand presses again on the Karateka's back just as before with the difference that -this- time he manages to resist the throw.

Which puts him in the perfect position to grab Ryu by the back of the head and lift him with one arm. That flowing hand still burning, channeling sun energy straight into the Karateka's brain.

But not Kontent with simply giving the warrior his benediction, Huitzilopotchli runs forward into the statues and SLAMS Ryu's face right into the chiseled abdomen of Prince Goro. He slams him twice. And then a third time by physically throwing the Earthrealm warrior into the unforgiving embrace of the Shokan's statue.

Interestingly, the statue seems to neither crackle or buckle. Whatever it is built from cannot possibly be from Earthrealm.

Hefted in one hand, the Ansatsuken warrior grows limper, followed by the jolting of all his limbs as the sun energy blinds, encompasses... more notably to the outside observer, /burns/. Helpless in his grasp, he is reintroduced to the well-chiseled statue of Prince Goro, face compressing violently with one widened, bloodshot eye as blood and spittle in equal measure fly right out of his mouth. That's just once.
Twice, his head snaps upward and back as his chin bears most of the blow. Why doesn't his neck snap outright? An x-ray of this impact would be gut-wrenching as much as it is bewildering.
For the third volley, his body somehow shifts that his back ends up within the Prince's stone likeness' grasp, as if to be coddled and held - or some sort of twisted photo opportunity.
His body - is he even still alive? - falls out as he goes into a crouch, and there is the gleam of that unwelcome intrusion in his eyes. Purple.
Someone else is aware of what they stand to lose, should the worst come to pass.
The arms jerk back, willing, trying to manipulate a discipline they do not fully understand the hows and whys of. With the owner of the body hardly conscious, the Earthrealm warrior's own talents, own potential cannot be realized - it is like forcing an unprepared performer under duress to go on-stage for a difficult, deadly routine.
It is something of a miracle that anything goes at all, but it is not impressive. It does not seem a product of the deep reserve of willpower and strength of character when faced with the prospect of almost certain death, as warriors are want to with a burst of adrenaline - it seems more the result of a vulgar, spiteful entity that could be tasting that tinge of panic. Some form of comeuppance, on their part, when faced with their arrogance being shown up.
Nothingness gathers into the familiar, famed blue shape, but doesn't quite do so very well. The word that should be expected with it is lost to gurgling - whether the result of advanced injuries or a simple disrespect for decorum as decided by the competing (and, currently, 'winning,' if one can consider this situation 'winning' in any way, shape, or form) will.
The arms thrust forth only a token sphere of power, and just that - misshapen, lumpy, competing between the colors of blue and purple. It wouldn't be enough to overcome and stop the War God himself, who would represent the power of the sun - it seems like one last tantrum through a rapidly breaking toy for it to even /be/.
Whatever courses through them is enough to keep the body moving long enough for this one last gasp, but it is not enough to keep them upright, as the konflicted and spiritually divided kombatant kollapses upon one knee... and then, somehow, in spite of it all, gets up to a stand and starts to stagger in place.
Ah. What are those proclaimed words, when one senses a kombatant is at death's door...?

COMBATSYS: Ryu can no longer fight.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal [E]        0/-------/----===|

COMBATSYS: Kotal overcomes Hadouken from Ryu with Sunstone.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal [E]        0/-------/-----==|

This broken shell of a warrior is not what Kotal was expecting. True the Kombat was hard and Ryu shows no signs of being weakened by whatever afflicts him. Though it honors mighty Huitzilopotchli.. there is no joy in it. No glory. Though he did hate how Earthrealm's views of Fighting for Fun has become more prominent over the ages, even when it is to the death.. Kombat should be relished, enjoyed! Face fear head on and push through with all your might! That is what the God of War stands for. For the Mexica, he represented overcoming all odds.

Fighting because you are possessed by some alien entity.. why, you might as well not fight at all.

The Aztec shakes his head as he now feels like he is fighting some petulant child than the glorious Kombatant he expected. He can see the anger in the energy that is Kontolling the legendary Ryu, protesting this fate for it knows what will come in the face of defeat. Quick release and spoiled plans for sure.

As that last desperate attempt to at least even the odds comes, Kotal forms a disc of pure sun energy to his hand and flings it at the Hadouken, splitting the wave of energy in half and smashing Ryu away to knock him off his feet.

The Aztec approaches the fallen form of the Anatsuken warrior. His tecpatl, the sacrificial obsidian dagger, on his hand.

Watching Ryu's still chest, with all the statues of fallen warriors at his mute witnesses, Huitzilopotchli knows what must come to pass. A ritual he has performed Kountless times before upon warriors of equal measure.

He raises the obsidian knife, pointing down at Ryu.


He stops.

"You do not deserve a warriror's death. Not as you are now." Judgmental glowing eyes staring at his fallen opponent. He seems to speak past that evil and yet familiar energy, in an attempt to reach Ryu's true soul and will beneath.

"This is your test now, warrior. Push past what ails you and overcome your challenge."

"Prove yourself.. to the God of All Warriors."

Kotal has shown Mercy!!?

Setting his tecpatl back in its sheath, the Aztec moves to leave the shrine, letting Ryu lay where he may. On his way out he nods to the statue of Quetzalcoatl with a silent good bye.

"In your name, father."

"Mayhap you will not judge me so harshly for what I am doing."

COMBATSYS: Kotal has ended the fight here.

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