Mortal Kombat - MK Round 1: Takako vs Alexis

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Description: "For the next, we have an interesting battle. My servants have managed to exercise the will of the elder gods by pulling a chosen one who was almost lost. ALEXIS LOVELL. You'll be facing TAKAKO FUJIWA. Perhaps you will both find the Portal chamber in my Tower where you were summoned a comforting stage."

The Portal Chamber is an impressive structure. To call it 'comforting' would need a redefinition of the concept, however. A sucking void of nothingness swirls in a chamber filled with floating stone platforms, tended by creepy monks swathed in purple silk who refuse to say a word. Takako knows this for a fact; she had been very thorough in her attempt to get the monks to say anything at all. They will not do it.

The girl looks ... bedraggled. Red hair spiked up in a wild mane, her gi pulled tight around her body. Takako still hasn't been able to secure shoes; shoes are just one of the many words which the monks refuse to dignify with an answer. Still. She tries not to let it get to her. Instead, she stands on the floor of the tower proper - rather than one of the floating platforms - and tries to ignore the rough texture of the cobblestones beneath her feet.

One thing the confused young Japanese girl does have, is her bokken. The wooden 'blade' is currently held out in front of her, and she is inspecting it with an air of fascination, turning it over in her hands as she peers in close to the highly-polished wood.

It won't be long now until her opponent appears, she knows that on an almost instinctive level. How she knows it, she could not say. But there will be fighting, and battle, and blood. Her heart is already racing, and the eerie red light filtering through the tower windows does not help matters at all. Quietly, she whispers to herself - three words, spoken to reassure her quailing heart.

"I am, unbroken."

It was tempting to refuse the dictates of the sorcerer who was playing host to the proceedings. Alexis had had no choice in the matter when she'd been drawn to the island. It wasn't just the naturally rebellious spirit in her that caused her to tarry in ascending the portal tower, either: the silent, robed figures that had greeted her when she'd arrived on the island gave her the friggin' creeps.

In the end, though, she does decide to show; her footsteps echo on the stony floor in the eerie quiet to announce her arrival. Her style of dress (a scarlet leotard, with long, matching gloves and boots) would almost mark her as a fighter for Outworld, though she doesn't carry herself with the confidence of someone looking to complete a millenia-long winning streak. A crudely carved length of wood with holes down its side is tucked into the black belt around her waist.

"I'm guessing you're Takako Fujiwa, eh?" Alexis addresses the girl as she adopts a guarded posture, hands held low at her sides for the moment. It's a fairly straightforward matter of deduction, giving the lack of spectators at the portal site save for the silent, hooded and ever-present figures watching. "I'm Alexis Lovell. From Earth."

The statement of her world of origin is emphasized for some reason. Her lips purse as her hands come up, signalling readiness for battle.

The mention of her name causes Takako's head to snap upwards. Her eyes focus. How did she -- oh, yes. Sorceror. Names. Alexis. Her opponent. Takako takes a few deep, slow breaths, as though trying to steady herself. Her right foot rises, and then she SLAMS it down into the ground!

Her stance comes back naturally, the girl presenting a slight target to her opponent as she raises her bokken high. Her neck cracks, and she speaks in a loud, clear voice.

"Yes. I am Takako Fujiwa!"

Her chin raises just that little further as she looks up into the eyes of the taller woman; three years her senior. If she's intimidated by the height or age difference, there's no sign of it. Instead, she presses on relentlessly.

"I, also, am from... Earth?" There's a hint of a question there, and she gropes for something more concrete. Everything is a jumble. The sucking void, reflected in the back of her bokken, is distracting her. Comforting? This is ... this is a nightmare. This whole place, a nightmare!

"For, for the honour, of the Fujiwa family, I will... fight! And I will WIN!"

Cold sweat runs down the back of her neck, and that alone has her scared. She doesn't normally get scared -- does she? What, happened to her?

Takako's sudden shift to an aggressive posture startles Alexis for a moment, one eyebrow raising at the challenge from the smaller girl. The girl's fire as she professes intent to defend her family pride draws a half-smile from the Canadian punk - one that could easily appear condescending, whether or not it's meant to be.

"Good to know. Man, of all the people they could've picked for me to fight, they had to go with one I might actually feel bad about beating down. I mean, it's not like I give a shit about my family's honour."

She pulls the wooden tube from her belt and begins to twirl it a few times. As she does, the air wends through the holes down the length of the shaft, producing a faint tone that grows and lingers unnaturally in intensity. Once the noise has built to a persistent and audible hum, she tucks the wood away again and raises her hands. The hum seems to surround and emanate from them as they ball into fists, the subtle manipulation of chi capturing the vibrations for potential weaponization.

"Don't feel too bad if you lose, though. I've kicked asses twice as big as yours!"

From somewhere a gong crash rings out - something Alexis takes to signal the start of the match. Charging forward, she drives a straight right-handed punch for the red-haired girl's face, her gloved fist throbbing with sonic energy.

COMBATSYS: Alexis has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Alexis           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Takako has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Takako           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Alexis

COMBATSYS: Takako blocks Alexis' Strong Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Takako           0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Alexis

"I have fought..."

Takako's barked reply tails off. Whatever she had been going to say, she doesn't finish it before Alexis is on her, and that punch is coming in with serious intent. Instinct is a powerful thing, and Takako moves smoothly to deal with the punch, her bokken swinging around to clash against the sonic-empowered fist.

The impact rings across the arena, and shudders up through Takako's arm, but the girl does not back down. She might be small, but she is solid - far more solid than she has any right to be. In fact, as the pain shudders through her arm, Takako's lips pull into a thin smile. Yes. She remembers this.

This is where she belongs. This is her true home. The heart of battle!

Up close is where she thrives. The girl's bokken is still vibrating with the impact as she lashes out with a hard kick, aiming to drive her heel into Alexis' shin. Whether or not that is successful, she reverses her grip on the wooden blade, so that she can drive her elbow towards the taller woman's midsection...

And turn her short size into an advantage! The weapon whipping around to complete the three-step combo, intent on catching Alexis' chin hard on the upswing. It is at this last that Takako demonstrates how potent her lungs can be! She doesn't just take a punch well for such a small person, she's got a lot of noise in her too!


COMBATSYS: Alexis blocks Takako's Advancing Gale.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Takako           0/-------/------=|==-----\-------\0           Alexis

When the wooden weapon refuses to give way, Alexis pulls her fist back. It's difficult for her to tell whether her hand continues to throb from the reverberating acoustic energy or from pain, but there's not enough time to concern herself with the answer - she shifts her shin as Takako aims a kick at it, causing the girl's bare foot to clip off of her boot. The elbow to the midsection lands more cleanly, doubling Alexis forward slightly as it slips her guard and causing her to cry out simultaneously with Takako.


It's only inches from her chin that Alexis manages to deflect the bokken so that it swings narrowly by her cheek. The Canadian has to force herself not to consider how dire the same situation would have been if a sharper blade were being employed.

Alexis takes an immediate backstep to put space between the bokken and her person, twisting her body as she does so. The heel of her boot whistles unnaturally as it swings high into the air before snapping down toward Takako as the spinning axe kick is executed with a fierce growl from the brunette.

COMBATSYS: Takako endures Alexis' Hammer-On.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Takako           0/-------/---====|===----\-------\0           Alexis

Takako's eyes narrow as her opponent proves slippery. This is not entirely unexpected! The girl does not back off for an instant as Alexis tries to put some distance between her, instead staying as close as she can - her aggressive stance was no act! She is actually starting to feel more and more confident in herself as the ebb and flow of battle returns to her.

The foot comes down, and Takako twists to take it firmly on her shoulder. The impact rings through her, but she does not so much as falter. The Fujiwa girl's eyes blaze ferociously. The whistling noise of the kick, the ringing that still reverberated in her ear from the punch... she is beginning to get an understanding of Alexis' unique style.

Perhaps it is time she demonstrated her own take on a similar principle.

Suddenly, the air around both fighters is whipped up into a gale, the portal swirling more violently in the background as Takako wrenches what energy she can into herself, gathering it with a deep intake of breath...

And then unleashing it all at once!


The explosive wave of power which erupts from the diminutive fighter is nowhere near as focused as Alexis' - hers is a deafening sonic ROAR which is wrestled into a physical, tangible force by the girl's will alone. The bellowing shout causes some of the monks attending the fight to subtly cover their ears for a moment - and if Alexis doesn't counteract the energy in some way, she'll find herself struck and flung backwards...

... not that Takako is one to let the distance between them grow for very long at all!

COMBATSYS: Takako successfully hits Alexis with Deafening Kiai.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Takako           0/-------/----===|=======\-------\0           Alexis

Alexis has barely had time to get both boots back under her when the wave of sound hits her.

To say she's caught off-guard would be an understatement. The energy hits her, and she tries to stand her ground, but she's sent tumbling head over heels away from Takako, skidding and rolling along the stonework.

Someone else just used sound against -her?-

After several yards, Alexis halts her movement by planting her hands against the ground mid-tumble and flipping up to her feet, where she stands unsteadily - though it's her mind that's reeling more than her body is.

Can she even /do/ that? It doesn't seem fair!

"Hey, what the hell, eh?!" Alexis raises a fist threateningly, the other held behind her. "Did you seriously just do that?! To /me/?!" The sense of easy confidence has shifted. The punk rocker is /pissed./ "Do you even know who I AM?!"

For some reason, Takako's kiai seems to be echoing longer than it should in the relatively open space - for reasons that may become clear as the noise joins the gathering cacophony that seems to be building around Alexis, whose chest heaves as she pants for the breath to keep shouting despite the exertion of battle.

"Come here and I'll show you what being loud is about!!"

COMBATSYS: Alexis surges with the power of rock!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Takako           0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1           Alexis

Takako repeats the question in a surprisingly soft voice, but her eyes are hard as she stares down her opponent. For a moment, she ceases in her perpetual run forwards, pausing in her attempt to assault Alexis. The rocker's anger kindles something of Takako's own, and she spins the bokken in her grip, reaffirming it as she takes it in both hands.

"You think I care?!" She bellows, "Don't ask such stupid questions! In the heat of battle, there is only one question you must ask!"

Her bare foot slaps down into the ground once more, and she braces herself, her hair wild as she throws her head back.

"Am I fighting as hard as I can? All other questions are irrelevant! I don't care who you are! I don't care what you can do! I only care that you are my opponent, and that you are giving this fight everything you have! That, is the only way I can test myself! The only way I can grow!!"

The short Japanese girl is almost incandescent as she steels herself, every muscle in her body tightening as she brings together all the stress that she has been accumulating since she awoke in this blasted place. Haunted by the sense that something was terribly wrong - that she was not supposed to be here... that she was supposed to be /dead!/ All those questions had been swirling in her mind, competing to demand that she find answers...

How liberating it was to remember that such things are completely unimportant! In this moment, there could only be battle!

Takako's lips curl up in a grin - the unrestrained smile of someone who has completely cast out life's worries and cares...

"Thank you, for reminding me of that! Now, I will FOCUS!"

In the next instant, Takako unleashes herself like a missile. The girl erupts forwards with incredible speed, her bokken sweeping around in a wide arc as she aims to catch her opponent and batter them up into the air...

What follows, whether Alexis remains on the ground or not, is an incredible display of speed as Takako delivers a series of six blindingly fast strikes at the woman - painting a star shaped pattern across her torso before she twists, and smashes the hilt of the weapon downwards as hard and as fast as she can manage.

In the aftermath of it, Takako's expression is one of ferocious concentration - no longer letting herself be distracted, she is utterly in the moment, ready to fight and give it her best!

And tied around her forehead is a bright white hachimaki headband, keeping her hair out of her eyes and forcing some control onto the ragged mop. More disturbing, though, is the blood-red half-circle smear across the centre, and the streaks which run out from it. A sick parody of the symbol of the Rising Sun, faintly glowing as though eager to add Alexis' blood to its own!

COMBATSYS: Takako equips a warm Cardinal Soul Shard.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Takako [E]       1/-------/=======|=======\===----\1           Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis endures Takako's Fujin's Echo!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2           Alexis

The volume of the throb emanating from Alexis rises in waves, fluctuating chaotically as Takako's words join the sound, faint echoes dancing indistinctly through the cacophony. She clenches both fists as the energy builds, wordlessly glaring back at the redhead. Rather than moving to step aside or block the incoming missile that is Takako, she leans forward, bracing herself for the impact as she strains to gather as much energy as she can.

The opening sweep sends Alexis airborne, a thunderous crash ringing through the emptiness as the wall of sound is sundered and the girl within delivered to the sky. Battered by the barrage of blows from the bokken, Alexis growls through clenched teeth, suppressing the urge to scream in pain for reasons more prideful than practical to the sonic-styled fighter. Blood vessels bursting beneath the skin begin rapidly to mottle the surface. Then, at the apex of the mutual ascent, moments before the final blow can hammer her back down to the stonework, a scream rips through the air, and a scarlet teardrop gem appears suspended from a black ribbon that wraps around the Canadian's neck as if summoned in the stead of the blood and shrieking begging to escape her.

Alexis reaches out with one hand as the bokken crashes down on her skull to try and grab Takako by the leg and tear her from the sky along with her!

COMBATSYS: Alexis equips a warm Scarlet Soul Shard.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis channels the strength of the killing fist.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/-------|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Takako channels the fortress of the steel will.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/-------|>>>>---\-------\0       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis successfully hits Takako with Beatdown in Three Four.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/--=====|>>>>---\-------\0       [E] Alexis

The intent, of course, is to make sure that if she's returning to the stone on Takako's terms, that Takako will return to it on hers. Forcefully, she pulls the younger woman down, bracing her own body as she does for the collision with the unforgiving tower floor.

The impact comes, and Alexis is rocked, but she's already resolved not to allow it to stop her aggression. Immediately she rolls over to straddle Takako's torso, fresh blood dripping down her temple as she draws a single snap of a breath through her nostrils and cock her fist back. She opens her mouth, and her words come as a scream.

"My name is -!!"

Abruptly and uncannily, Alexis' words drown in a tide of noise as the first punch hammers down at Takako's face, the howling souls of the damned overwhelming even the loudest of Canadians as the blood jewel at her throat glows red, the light reflecting in the normally cool irises of the punk rocker. She continues to scream what would likely be an intelligible introduction and recitation of her exploits were her meaning not muddied entirely by the howling, the rain of fists and the burst of bass that accompanies each.

"Didn't I just tell you, I don't care?!"

Takako's voice is unbroken as she picks herself up from the shattered ground. The punches had succeeded in driving her deep into the stone floor of the tower - deep enough, in fact, that she is covered in powdered dust... but the girl did not fall, and though the floor is broken, a shimmering barrier remains.

Takako's face is covered in blood, but her jaw is set and her will unwavering. She cracks her neck, and that is all the respite she gives before she is back into the fray.

The cacophony of noise is joined again by her angry kiai - though this time, the war-shout is given just as a way of focusing her spirit...

As she drives herself forwards with her bokken leading the way, a reckless thrust aiming to slam the point home right into Alexis' midsection, and recapture some of the momentum she had lost when she'd been snatched from the air!

COMBATSYS: Alexis blocks Takako's Power Strike.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/-======|>>>>>>-\-------\0       [E] Alexis

Back on her feet and panting heavily as the air around her rings, Alexis quickly brings her guard back up as Takako rushes her. Normally, the punk rocker would be wearing elbow pads, and her instinct is to bring her arms together and drop them down to protect her vitals as the bokken is thrust toward them. At the last moment, though, she brings a knee up to catch the weapon with her leg before it strikes her elbows.

"Yeah, well, I don't care if you don't care!" Alexis shouts loudly enough to suggest that she might actually care a lot, before stepping around the weapon and throwing a humming body blow at Takako's gut in an attempt to elicit a flinch to set up the attempted clinch to follow.

Should she manage to grab hold of the smaller girl's shoulders, she'll try and double Takako over and force her head down between Alexis' legs, trapping her with her thighs and hooking both arms under Takako's before kicking both legs out with the aim of using her hips and gravity's assistance to drive Takako face-first into the floor, a shockwave like a disonnant and distorted electric guitar chord to be released on impact!

COMBATSYS: Takako barely endures Alexis' Drop D EX.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Takako [E]       1/------=/=======|=======\-------\1       [E] Alexis

Ah, gravity, the old nemesis.

Takako takes the punch, but does not flinch. It isn't until the grab that she snarls, and her head impacts the ground with an ugly crunch. Her skull rings, her whole world flashing red with pain and anger. The rising sun emblazoned proudly on her forehead ignites with a ferocious red light!

"You think, that you will be the one to send me back to the grave?!"

All playing around has long since stopped between the two fighters, but Takako's heart is roaring, and her spirit answers the call. Slashing wind erupts around the pair whilst they are so close, and Takako's hands grip her bokken tighter than ever. The whistling wind energy is surging out of control, slashing at her own skin as she attempts to channel is, to bring it to bear against Alexis. She doesn't know how much more the other fighter can take - but she knows that she is reaching her limit, and she knows just as determinedly that she will not be put down without giving it her all.


The roar shakes the chamber, and the portal thrums as the teenager rages against her own limitations. The wooden blade is sheathed in swirling energy now, sharpened to a razor's edge and cutting deep into the flesh of her own palms - flesh which had already been hardened and scarred thanks to the effort it has taken her to be able to pull off this maneuver.

Erupting upwards, Takako's blade flashes out - and this time, it will actually cut. No longer a blunt club, but a frighteningly potent weapon in its own right, empowered by blood and all the determination Takako can bring to bear against her fate.

Should the blade touch Alexis, she will find herself being surrounded by a tornado of slashing energy, ripping her up and into the air - before Takako herself joins her, the sword coming from every angle, over and over again, with as much sound and fury as she can muster.


Because just one scream wouldn't be enough, and the second reverberates with power, taken up by the cyclone and amplified in a howling bellow. This... this is everything - this is her finest technique, the one which was the culmination of everything she had ever hoped to express through her art.

Would even this be enough to secure her future?

COMBATSYS: Takako channels the veins of the burning blood.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Takako [E]       1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Takako channels the strength of the killing fist.

[                     \\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Takako [E]       1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis channels the fortress of the steel will.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////                 ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/------=|=======\-------\1       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis endures Takako's Kusanagi of Dreams.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2       [E] Alexis

There's a moment of hesitation as vexation tinges Alexis' expression at Takako's words. Her lips curve grimly downward at the corners as her brown hair whips in the wind. Her mouth starts to open, but whatever she says is quietly subsumed by the whirlwind and Takako's kiai.

Perhaps caught unawares of the fact that the weapon being brought to bear against her has been effectively unmuzzled, she steels herself for the coming onslaught - and is carried up in a vortex of blood and air, flesh and fabric giving way to the hunger of Takako's blade and the ravenous wind. The red gem glows as unnatural power strains to keep metal from bone and the fundamental life-giving elements, but does little to contain the sanguineous spray that escapes the lacerations as they open.

This time, Alexis does not restrain the report of her mortal agony.

A sharp and shattering scream issues from the Canadian's mouth, joined in disharmony by the deathly wailing coming from the scarlet pendant. The wave of energy accompanying the banshee-like cry would normally be scarcely visible to one not attuned to the flow of chi, but in this case, the way that it cuts through the crimson mist around Alexis gives gruesome warning of the threat. Though the cacophonous onslaught has a definite bite to it, it's more a crushing kinetic force than slashing, more likely to blast away than tear apart.

The sound would hang in the air as Alexis goes silent - plummeting to the earth with a scarlet wake.

COMBATSYS: Alexis channels the strength of the killing fist.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  /                             ]
Takako [E]       0/-------/------=|>>>>>>>\>>-----\1       [E] Alexis

COMBATSYS: Alexis can no longer fight.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Takako [E]       0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Takako blocks Alexis' Shredding Solo.

[                         \\\\\  <
Takako [E]       0/-------/---====|

Takako's teeth grit together, and as the scream is brought to bear against her, the trailing wake of her chi is blasted apart with it. In an instant, the noise of the roaring Canadian is filling her world, and it is all she can do to bring her blade slashing around against it. It is as though the sound is a tangible force; one which Takako's bokken manages to carve into two separate waves, which crash against the floor and ceiling as Takako herself plummets down next to her fallen adversary.

She lands crouched, sweating, bloodied and leaning heavily on her bokken for support... but she does not fall over. By the narrowest of margins, she is able to force herself to stand - her knees trembling with the effort of it.

~Excellent work. Now, finish her!~

The voice seemed to hiss from by her ear, and Takako whips around - but there is nobody there. The monks don't even seem to have registered that the fight is over. Her opponent IS prone, it would be the easiest thing in the world to --


Takako's voice is hoarse, and the headband shines grotesquely as the voice becomes more insistent.

~Do it! Claim her power for your own, it is your RIGHT!~

"That, is not who, I am."

~How do you know? We can help you, we can tell you, if ... you feed us.~

Takako's hand wrenches the hachimaki from her skull, and the item is stuffed carelessly into her pocket. Finally, the girl turns her attention to her opponent... and the horrifying wounds she'd inflicted upon the older fighter. Her eyes widen. She had... she had claimed a life. Once. She remembered that now. The sick, horrible feeling... the use of her arts in such a way. Then, she had no choice. This time? This time, she'd come so close to doing it because... because...?

"This is a dangerous place." Takako murmurs, "And I ... am sorry I went so far."

Leaning down, she slides her arm beneath the older woman's shoulders, and hefts her up to her feet. Takako is short, but she is sturdy - and though she, too, is injured, she has enough strength in her to get them both somewhere with fewer disturbing monks and rents in time-space.

"Our journeys do not end today, Alexis Lovell."

COMBATSYS: Takako has ended the fight here.

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