Kotal - Mortal Kombat. Exhibition Edition.

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Description: In order to instill fear into the hearts of the Earthrealm champions, Kotal brings one of his strongest recruits into the Kourtyard for an exhibition match. A taste of things to come indeed. Er, maybe except for how the match ends though. (Friendship Warning)



It has begun!! At last!

Kotal felt like he needed not more time to wander Earthrealm in search for warriors willing to fight for Outworld. Though he surely would have gathered an army of mercenaries and selfish fighters willing to throw their stock in with the Emperor's forces, a full blown war wasn't the purpose of the Mortal Kombat tournament. This was about single Kombat, and in this case, Kotal was more preoccupied of quality over quantity.

Enter Testament. The not quite Darkstalker that Kotal had recruited in his brief travels across Earthrealm. The Aztec warrior had saw fit to bring Testament to the island so he could participate in the tournament and fight for the cause of Outworld.

Problem was that, even though Kotal could sense great power within Testament he had yet to see the boy in action. A matter that considering the time constraints could only be rectified by engaging in a spar.

Perhaps a friendly exhibition match was in order to get things going with the tournament anyway.

Kotal steps into the stone made arena and cracks his neck to limber up. His giant macuahuitl blade resting by his side whilst his hand leans gently upon the pommel of the giant Mesoamerican sword.

COMBATSYS: Kotal has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            0/-------/-------|

Oh, Testament knows what's going on. Kotal wants to test his abilities, to see what he's capable of. He's been having a mental conversation with Zio about it up to this point, in fact. Zio is, quite rightly, frightened of Kotal and worried that he will hurt or kill her master. But, Testament had pointed out, that had been the point. Not just to see how much damage the Gear could CAUSE, but how much he could TAKE. Besides, if he was to assist with this invasion, it hardly seemed likely Kotal would kill Testament here.

By contrast (or should that be kontrast?!) to the massive Mesoamerican warrior, Testament appears unarmed as he walks slowly behind and slightly to the left of Kotal. One can hear his boots clicking softly on the stone, but he seems to move farther than a single step should take him. But either way, he easily keeps up with Kotal's walking pace. The raven with the delicate-looking silver collar perches upon his right shoulder, crimson gaze darting around as if nervous.

It might also be noted that he doesn't automatically know where he's supposed to go to. He wasn't, after all, bred for battle and trained for Mortal Kombat. He was a scared young boy that was rather driven insane by a situation he couldn't handle. And sometimes that young boy shows through. Like now, as he's looking around the chamber with inquisitive crimson-on-crimson eyes.

Kotal's limbering movements catch his eye, though, and he turns his attention to the larger man. "Where would you like me to stand?" he asks. His near metallic-sounding voice doesn't seem to echo in the chamber, at least no more than it already echoes whenever he speaks. When Kotal specifies a place, Testament will go to it. It's amazing how quickly a rabidly insane kinda-Darkstalker learns to follow and obey, isn't it?

COMBATSYS: Testament has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Testament        0/-------/-======|-------\-------\0            Kotal

If this were the Eternal Emperor Shao Kahn, then perhaps he would kill Testament should he fail to impress him in Kombat. The strong rule and the weak die or serve. Such is the decree of Outworld.

Kotal, however, is not the Kahn. Not yet at least. He knows that strong warriors are extremely hard to come by and to kill them for his amusement is no way to do.

No, Zio's worries seem ill placed upon mighty Huitzilopotchli. Although there should be no doubt that he is a brutal warrior considering what he's done to those humans that made the mistake of cross them in Metro City, Kotal has been a somewhat.. fatherly sort, even if calling it such would surely trigger something bad within Testament.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason Kotal has been nothing but amicable towards the Gear. For all his blood thirsty brutality, there is a softness to the Mesoamerican warlord that makes him very approachable. His personality draws people naturally to him, and given his concern for the well being of those around him, Kotal at times acts more like a caring father or supporting uncle rather than the heart eating Aztec warrior that he rightfully is.

Thus far, Kotal had treated Testament not as a servant or a tool, but a friend.

Right now though, he was Testament's sparring partner.

"Earthrealm mightiest champions have gathered here today to defend their misbegotten lands, Testament." Ever the showman, Kotal starts with a grand speech that draws the curiosity of some islanders. Outworld fighters and Earthrealm champions alike begin to gather in the seats of the Kourtyard to watch the match.

"Show them that today they have only come to die."

Kotal pulls his tecaptl obsidian knife and draws a cut across his chest to draw blood. His eyes glow red as do the tattoos across his turquoise skinned body.

"Show them.. the power of your blade!"

COMBATSYS: Kotal channels the power of the Blood God!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Testament        0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0            Kotal

And that is probably what's drawn Testament to Kotal's side so easily, that charisma. The Gear's being impressionable and willing to follow those who seem like they know what they're doing-- like a teenager-- only exacerbates it. There are more issues, but they hardly matter. The upshot of them all is that he follows Kotal now. Possibly moreso than the one Kotal serves now...

He's not unaware of the audience gathering. Makes him a little uncomfortable, truth be told. Zio, however, preens her feathers and 'awp's cutely in the direction of the gathering warriors. Testament pauses, to give her a look; she looks back, tilting her head with a quiet 'awp?', as if she's saying 'what?'. Testament sighs, though there's a trace of a smile there. Though in the next instant he focuses on Kotal and his blood-letting. As he does, Zio takes wing from his shoulder, backing away to get out of immediate range.

It seems that Testament is following suit with Kotal at first-- the cutting of his own body to spill blood. Though it's actually him biting the tip of his finger, as he'd done to stop the taxi. But this time, after biting into his finger, he viciously tears the digit from between his still-clenched teeth with a ruthless gesture. The near-glowing crimson blood creates an arc next to his face.

But instead of splattering on the ground, it seems to freeze in the air, coalescing into a wickedly curved blade. And in short order, he's holding a scythe with a crimson blade that seems to glisten like... well, fresh blood. Because that's... exactly what it is. There's a quiet murmur through the crowd at this, very likely confined mainly to the Earthrealm fighters-- that's not exactly the most common ability amongst even warriors in the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Not only that? Kotal will probably see a few things in his sparring partner. When Testament ripped his flesh so, it healed almost instantly. And there's a flicker of something in his eyes. That same mad flicker that touched his features when the thugs attempted to rob them. Here it's more steady though, not just the flicker from before. And then?

Kotal will find a mad Gear (not those Mad Gears) all but FLYING at him, scythe pointed down. That scythe is swung up as Testament leaps, spinning twice in the air, having the effect of swinging the blade in a circular arc around him.

COMBATSYS: Testament successfully hits Kotal with Badlands.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Testament        0/-------/=======|=======\=------\1            Kotal

So much blood already and things have only just started!

Kotal smiles rather maliciously when he sees Testament almost mimic his movements and cut into himself via way of biting through the flesh of his thumb. A man after his own heart this one! Testament would have surely made a great Aztec Knight in the eyes of Huitzilopotchli. Further proven by the fact that he surges into the attack to strike at the War God himself.

"Haha! Yes!" Laughing as he relishes the thrill of Kombat, the Aztec brings his left hand up to cushion the blow and take the brunt of Testament's blade upon his forearm, blood pouring from the warlord as his flesh is cut. Like Testament, those wounds are starting to heal already, though not quite at the accelerated rate of the Gear.

Yes, Kliff would certainly not approve of the company Testament keeps now. Kotal is not unlike that gang member that incites young men of wild hearts to join him and his Krew for nights of revelry and anarchy.

The Aztec eggs Testament on to unleash his true power, even as he hoists his giant macuahuitl up and swings it down to deliver a vicious overhead swing at the Gear. The obsidian teeth of the Mesomaerican blade poised to bite deep into the Gear's collarbone.

"Show me your true power!"

COMBATSYS: Testament interrupts Tlaneltocaz EX from Kotal with Warrant.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Testament        1/------=/=======|=======\====---\1            Kotal

The overhead swing gets an odd reaction from Testament. He releases the scythe, and the weapon floats next to him as he opens his hands. Capitulation? This easily? Unfitting a warrior of Outworld. But the Gear is, perhaps, using this to his advantage, too. The macuahuitl bites deeply into Testament's collarbone, yes. But two things happen that shouldn't. Firstly? He laughs. It's not a loud, manic cackle, no. It's one of those unpleasant little chortles, that signify the laugher has something planned.

And sure enough, as the blade bites into his flesh... he seems to dissolve. His body dissolves into a mass of blood in which one can distinctly see screaming, semi-human faces. In a blink, it disappears and a similar such mass reappears... behind Kotal. Testament partially takes shape out of this mass, kneeling. His arms are still blood, though, and he swings those still-liquid limbs at Kotal for a hard smack at the Aztec's back.

Though as he stands, Kotal might notice something. Testament's collarbone is still bleeding. That one hasn't healed. Yet as his scythe appears, he stands as he had done. Kotal might be able to see the slight frown. But Testament's smiling nonetheless.

Oh that is not the pose of a supplicant. As a God, Kotal is well aware of how that looks like and his Mesoamerican worshipers of old did not have the mischievous glint on their eyes that Testament has as the macuahuitl bites deep into his neck.

"Hrrg!" The Aztec warrior scowls when he senses that blood undulate around him whip at his back. It drives the Mesomaerican warlord forward and like Testament, he too is grinning despite his frown. This is what makes Mortal Kombat! The thrill of battle and the enjoyment of being covered by a rain of blood. Let the Earthrealmers gaze upon what the face in the tournament and despair!

Testament is not the only one who can command his blade with naught but a thought. With a sickening sound of flesh and bone being cut, Kotal pulls his macuahuitl from the Gear's shoulder and the weapon floats in mid air awaiting further instructions.

Having his hands now free, the warrior grabs at the kneeling Testament's neck to lift him up in the air with massive strength and fling him back with a shoulder throw. His aim; to brutally slam the Gear's back upon the solid surface of the Kourtyard's flat stones.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with Tonaltzintli.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Testament        1/----===/=======|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1            Kotal

It's a sickening sound, yes. And a more sickening pain! Testament emits a surprised grunt as the blade tears free of his shoulder at Kotal's command, stumbling forward and preventing him from standing up immediately. Though he catches himself... just in time to find the larger man 'helping' him to his feet with hands around his throat. There is a surprised sound that is choked off and then a loud, sickening CRACK! as Testament's back is slammed into the stone floor. The Gear goes limp, an expression of shock on his face.

...That's it?

Not to worry! The Gear dissolves into blood again, leaving little more than a smear of his poisonous blood on Kotal's fingers. He reappears in an identical swirl of blood, a 'safe' distance away from Kotal. "you are very hard on the back," he asserts. The flat tone is at odds with the mischievous glint in his eyes and the grin on his face.

Suddenly wind begins to kick up from some unknown place, ruffling his hair and kilt. He raises a hand into the air as a portal appears behind him. And as he announces the next, his voice now seems to echo abnormally loudly, as if it's echoing from two different dimensions somehow.


The portal opens, and a massive skull and claws made of blood exits it, flowing in a liquid manner at Kotal!

COMBATSYS: Kotal blocks Testament's Nightmare Circular.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Testament        0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\1            Kotal

Kotal doesn't believe for a second that Testament is down and out after the slam to the ground. Hand picked by Huitzilopotchli himself, he knows that the Gear is capable of fighting on despite the punishment. To surge back and continue with the glory that is Mortal Kombat.

The Aztec is not disappointed. A smile spreads across his lips when Testament melts into the ground and appears away from macuahuitl reach with a witty retort to boot. "Only because I demand the best from my warriors." He responds in kind and turns slowly to face Testament, licking the Gear's blood from his hands. Though it may be poisonous to mortals, it clearly isn't the case to a God.

Kotal stretches a hand out to call his Mesoamerican sword back to his grip, just in time to bring it forward vertically and guard himself against the spinning blood scythe sent at him by Testament. The Eagle Knight flips his sword to take the blow on the flat of his weapon. His heel digs into the Kourtyard stones as he's pushed back though only minimally.

With so much space to clear, Kotal decides to keep Testament honest until he can get back into melee range. The Aztec raises a hand and uses the very sun itself as his projectile.

The sun shinning upon the Kourtyard grows brighter and it focus upon the Aztec's opponent, shinning a bright beam of destructive light on the Gear like a giant magnifying glass.

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with God Ray EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////             ]
Testament        0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kotal

Even if it's not poisonous to Kotal, Testament's blood tastes TERRIBLE. It tastes like drinking from an inkwell, bitter and caustic, with an unpleasant acidic taste. Something like mixing battery acid and burnt plastic. Gross. Though on the bright side, it's likely Testamet would regenerate his heart of Kotal chose to eat it. Then again, with blood that tastes like that, why would anyone WANT to? Bleh!

There aren't a lot of ways to defend against the light of the sun deciding one is an appropriate target for the old 'ant under a magnifying glass' treatment. Testament hisses in pain, his pale skin burning horribly, leaving horrible blistered areas on his skin that don't immediately heal. There are a number of reasons why displaying a lot of skin is a bad idea; this is just one of them.

However, he's not down yet. In fact he starts to laugh again. And then tries to sweep into close range again, aiming to try and catch Kotal under the chin with his hand. Not with the scythe, with the hand NOT holding the bladed weapon. And if he does manage to catch Kotal under the chin? Testament's face will suddenly change, to the appearance of a skull, and 'nails' of blood will sprout from the hand being used to catch him.

Not to worry, those nails won't be aimed to kill. Just to puncture. And if all this works as the Gear intended? It might almost seem like Testament's siphoning Kotal's blood. Of course, there's always the chance all this WON'T go as Testament intends, too...

COMBATSYS: Testament successfully hits Kotal with Quick Throw.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Testament        0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kotal

Kotal has drank the blood of Spanish Conquistadores before.

Testament's blood is not that bad in comparison.

Totally not being bitter about that mess aside, Kotal is impressed that Testament manages to close the distance so quickly after that exchange of projectiles. The Warlord takes a stuttered step back to try to adjust against the attack, only for the nails to go through the back of his chin and pierce his tongue and palate. Now that looked like it stung a bit, and a lesser man would have rightly fallen back from having his mouth pierced, or at least collapse from the pain.

Kotal's response is more adequate for an Aztec of his caliber though. His eyes glow a deep red and he grabs at Testament's extended hand to pull the nails out of his mouth.
"A worthy tribute to Huitziloptochli!" Kotal grins as blood pours down from his bottom lip, to cascade down his chin and chest giving him a truly crazed look, one that might actually challenge Testament's previous one.

"Let Nahual and Gear blood flow!"

"That Earthrealm may drown with it!!"

Kotal then surges forward to reach for Testament with one glowing red hand.

COMBATSYS: Kotal issues a challenge!!

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Testament        0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2            Kotal

COMBATSYS: Kotal successfully hits Testament with Soleil.

[                                < >  /////////////                 ]
Testament        1/-------/=======|>------\-------\0            Kotal

As that glowing red hand grabs Testament, Huitzilopotchli hoists the Gear up in the air he did before.

"Up the stair path."

Kotal chants as he slams Testament into the ground back first.

"To the fire's edge."

The Aztec stomps on the Gear's face before picking him up again.

"I call to the Sun."

Continues he and holds Testament up over his head, as if offering the Gear up to the sky.


And the sun heeds the Aztec's words. Shooting a beam of sunlight down into Testament to burn him with holy chi.

The Aztec then throws Testament aside after the few seconds exposure to the might of the sun.

Slam! There's an answering CRACK from Testament's back. Stomp! A series of crunching, snapping sounds from the Gear's face. And even as Kotal holds Testament up to the sun's light, even as bones shattered begin to knit themselves together, even as the scorching light burns Testament further...

He just continues to laugh.

He can feel his energy draining away quickly... That's going to do a number on his regeneration abilities. He's probably going to be eating like a horse for the next few days to replenish the energy that healing from all this is going to take. But that's not in his mind right now. Pain and the feeling of fading consciousness have reason fleeing from his eyes.

In fact, Kotal can probably see it, in the instant he flings Testament aside... the vacant glint of madness sliding across his eyes, much like someone would close a window. Testament is not known for his self-control, sadly. Fortunately Kotal is easily tough enough to take it.

The collapsed Gear pulls himself to his feet again, looking much like a marionette that someone's pulling the strings of. His injuries are healing much more slowly now, the blistering burns and the bruising and broken bones noticeably much slower in their healing this time. He still has scythe in hand, though the blade seems to be losing cohesion. As he stumbles closer to Kotal, the blade seems to drip, leaving specks of that caustic blood in his wake.

And then suddenly, with the last of his strength, he crosses his arms, summoning a second scythe. He makes to swing them at Kotal in an X-shape...

...But Kotal might see something else. A beautiful woman about six feet tall, muscular but still lithe and attractive, lavender purple swirls covering her skin, golden horns sprouting from her head. She beckons to Kotal, with a coy wink and a come-hither smile...

COMBATSYS: Testament can no longer fight.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            0/-------/------<|

COMBATSYS: Kotal blocks Testament's The Seventh Sign.

[                    \\\\\\\\\\  <
Kotal            1/-----<</<<<<<<<|

Following this swing, the scythes fade abruptly from his hands. And Kotal may want to be careful. Because Testament kind of doesn't really care where he collapses. Meaning, if Kotal's in front of him, he may find himself dealing with an armful of passed-out Gear!

No need to worry about Testament's ravenous hunger after the challenge is Kompleted. If there is one thing that can be said about Shang Tsung's island is that the sorcerer keeps his lair stocked like a paradise resort. Testament could be eating for days straight and still not diminish the food storage.

But this challenge is not yet over. Huitzilopotchli still has to Kontend with the last desperate attack from the mad Gear. As a stalwart leader, Kotal knows better than to chide Testament for losing control of his actions and attacking the Aztec with might that clearly means to be deadly. It is no consequence to the Mesoamerican Warlord. This is exactly what he wanted Testament to show after all, to lose himself in the gory glory of Kombat and attack with wild abandon. That he has to use Kotal as his target is a small price to pay to stoke the Gear's fires for battle.

More than tough enough, Kotal prepares himself for the onslaught. He puts his macuahuitl back on his back and adopts a Changquan battle stance, body slightly sideways to make himself a small target, right hand covering his midsection and left hand up to defend his face.

He's ready for the attack and then--

"Hm? Is that the raven?" Kotal catches the vision of a beautiful woman who's energy feels far too familiar. It feels like that bird that's always following Testament around.

Kotal reaches for the woman as if to grasp her but instead he gets an arm full of a frenzied Gear who slams into him and pushes him back!!

"Oof!!" The mighty Eagle Knight is pushed backwards yet again, Testament's scythes on his back whilst he gets to have his face buried on the Gear's tube top clad chest.

And then, as Testament loses all energy to fight, Kotal holds his ground as he then has an unconscious Gear draped. The Aztec simply standing there blinking whilst holding Testament bridal style like. Black skirt and black raven hair cascading down as if he were holding a maiden.

"Ah, hm." How to salvage this embarrassing situation?

"FRIENDSHIP!" Yes, of course! The ancient rules of Mortal Kombat state that victors are allowed to spare their foes in such a way. Kotal hoists Testament up in the air to signal his victory and slings the Gear on his back.

"But you will receive no such mercy from me, Earthrealmers!" Points the Aztec to those humans that were watching the spectacle.

Having said that.. the turquoise skinned warrior begins to slowly inch sideways before walking off stage, looking awfully in a hurry to hand Testament's body to someone who'd look less awkward carrying him.

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