Bulleta - Housebroken pt 1

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Description: A captured Felicia begins her training with the sadistic Bulleta. Could Felicia's ultimate fate really be to become someone's pet!? (NSFW)



After Felicia was placed inside the trunk of the car she would know only one thing for an extended period of time; Darkness.

The road to the unknown was a bumpy one, with the car swerving and taking less traveled roads away from the busy spot of the city where Felicia was kidnapped. Every now and then laughter within the car of her captors would be heard, but otherwise there was nothing in for her other than the constant company of darkness and her buddy silence.

At one point, the car stopped and the trunk was opened. Freedom at last? No, a sound of a gun being shot, and then a sting on her thigh, a tranquilizer dart no doubt. Then, even more darkness.

How much time passed after that is difficult to tell. What exactly happened to Felicia in the time she was out even more so. But eventually, the catgirl would come to feeling weak and lightheaded.

Her wound had healed completely thankfully enough, she would feel no pain on her side aside from the pressure of bandages with dried blood on them. She still had her clothes from last time minus her hat, sandals and that large trenchcoat of hers.

The severity of her circumstances wouldn't be entirely evident until Felicia found out in what position she was in.

The catgirl was knelt down, her feet slightly raised up and bound by what appeared to be a pillory. Her head and wrists where in a similar position, with two boards of metal locked together, only leaving three holes for her head and hands to stick out.

Furthermore, there was something that felt slightly tight on her neck. It felt like some kind of thick collar.

"Oh, you're awake finally." Calls a familiar girlish voice. The girl that kidnapped her is standing next to her, no longer dressed as little red ridding hood, but instead sporting a simple tank top and some shorts. "Took you long enough."

Felicia thought the bad dream had finally come to an end--and then she felt the sting of whatever was shot and injected into her thigh, sending her back under. When she awoke, she was in a literal set of stocks, still shaky from whatever she'd been injected with. Well, this was quite the unusual way to spend a Sunday evening, to be sure.

"Uhhnn... where am I? head is killing me," so were a few other choice body parts, thanks to Bulleta's knife and drugs. "I take it we're not in Mr. Roger's neighborhood," she noted the stocks, wincing at the tightness of then, and whatever was around her throat. Ow.

A mirthful, yet girlish, cackle was heard in response to Felicia's quandary. "Wow, you're a funny kitty aren't you? Even after roughing you up like that." The girl that captured the Darkstalker moved closer towards the trapped catgirl and bumped her forehead lightly with her own. "I think I'm gonna have fun with you before selling you off." Selling her? What was that all about??

Felicia would also notice at that point that the girl seemed to be very focused on grabbing the catgirl's paws. There was a clipping sound heard as the girl grasped Felicia's bound hands and there were some pressure on her fingers, followed by Felicia's captor blowing air on those bound paws. "Huh, you paint your claws? That's actually pretty cute." Apparently, Bulleta was clipping off all of Felicia's nails.

"Kinda thirsty after all that blood loss, you wouldn't happen to have any gatorade, would you?" Felicia asked in casual tones, blinking a little. "Oh, so you abducted me to sell to some rich creep or the highest bidder, sort of the usual weekend for me," she shrugged a little again, making light of the situation. Sometime, laughter was the only sort of weapon one might have--if Roger Rabbit had taught her anything.

"Eesh, careful there!" Felicia realized the pointy bits of her nails were coming off one by one. She wondered if Bulleta had gotten a vetinarian's set of nail clippers, since hers were fairly thick and tough!

More than just the usual veterinarian clippers, Bullet's tools of the trade looked particularly hardcore, with thick steel and an electric pump of sorts to put more pressure. No doubt this little girl had quite a lot of experience declawing rowdy Darkstalkers. Felicia's nails were probably not the first claws that were trimmed by this tiny terror.

And speaking of experience, it looks like Bulleta isn't the only one adept to the art of kidnapping, though in Felicia's case she seems to be more versed on the receiving end. "Well, isn't that wonderful? I guess that means you already know all the basics then, kitty girl." Finishing with her clippers on one hand, Bulleta pulled a thick metal nail filer to even the rest of Felicia's claws. At least for now the catgirl was getting a manicure for free-- even if she was currently locked and stocked. "Tsk, too soon to be making demands. I'll see in a minute if you deserve to get any water or not."

Getting a devious smirk, Bulleta grabbed her industrial clippers again and clicked them close to Felicia's nose threateningly. "Now hold still, unless you want me to trim more than just your nails."

"Anyway, you saying you've been kidnapped before? What sort of things have they made you do, toots? I'm genuinely curious!"

While Felicia isn't being /hurt/ perse, and these things /do/ grow back, the sheer force that's required to clip her fingernails down to less than scary-looking proportions still makes her cringe. Just like when clipping a particularly thick nail for a human.

"Huh, okay, guess this isn't exactly club med, then," she did think she wanted to see a doctor, at least after Bulleta got done stabbing her the other day. "Kidnapped before? eh, some people have tried, same reason people collect exotic pets, y'know--like tigers and panthers," she shrugged again, tilting her head a little, though not seeming to mind the clippers in her face. "I'd figure a lot of people would want to keep a darkstalker as a pet if they could, you'd know, I think," Felicia eyed Bulleta again. Possibly due to how ferocious the girl fought, she couldn't be strictly 'normal', at least she didn't think so.

No, not quite a resort, though closer than Felicia might think! The Darkstalker, however, will find out just exactly why in a few moments.

"Oooh, so many have tried and none have succeed?" Whistled the blond girl as she finished filing Felicia's nails down to have her nice a neutralized. "I guess I should feel honored! Or perhaps you should be, I don't target just any Darkstalker you know? I have a taste for big game." Bulleta kept focused on the catgirl's manicure and didn't seem to notice the stares. She was far from normal this one, looking no older past her mid teens and yet acting like some kind of hot shot crime boss. She certainly had the armament for it, and the men, as Felicia might realize that the room they are in is guarded by several men armed with machine guns.

"All done~" Chirped the girl happily as she blew on Felicia's neatly tripped nails. "That'll keep ya honest for a while. Now to get you sorted." The girl stood and pulled a remote control from one of her back pockets. "Oh, but before I release you don't get funny ideas about escaping, if you piss me off I won't hesitate to edumecate ya." To show Felicia she wasn't kidding, the girl pressed a button on her remote and the result was that the catgirl would feel something not at all pleasant around her neck.


A quick electric discharge was released from Felicia's choker.

"You feelin' me, toots?"

"So far, no," Felicia answered truthfully. She'd been taken care of by her surrogate mother and she was decently of age before she ran around by herself, even adult humans by that point would have had a hard time with an adolescent catwoman! "I like the entourage," she nodded to the large man she just noticed were in the room. Her eyes went wide however when the electricity begin to course through her collar.

"Aaaagghh! ahhh! urgh... errf... y-yeah, I get you," Felicia's wild blue mane of hair was now frizzed and standing up a bit, groaning a little as she tried to move her arm and leg joints and felt like it was hard to move, just a bit. "Just please promise not to do that again..." she was smoking a bit, too!

One of the armed men simply scoffs when Felicia notices his presence there, not really the talkative type-- or at least they aren't when their boss is present.

They are however more keen on being entertained by what their boss has to offer. The two soldiers cackle maliciously when the catgirl gets zapped and she screams in pain.

"Oh, I can't make any promises, toots." Chuckles the sadist of a little girl as she flips her remote. "If you behave yourself though then maybe I won't see need to discipline ya." The evil smirk returned to the girl's face, no longer looking so cute and innocent anymore. "You're a good girl aren't cha? Good girls don't need to be punished.. much!"

At least true to her word, Bulleta pressed another button on her remote and the metallic stocks unlocked, allowing Felicia to stand up. Freed from the contraption that held her, she would realize then than her new choker was fairly elaborate. Thick with spikes and a D ring to be leashed. It also had a nice and fairly humiliating tag naming her ~Kitty Girl~ in the shape of a heart.

Naturally, there didn't seem to be any way to take the collar off that wasn't by force.

Felicia was rather confused by the two giant, built-like brick-shithouse henchman, one of which seemed to be dressed in army green like an infantryman, the other in a green vest and robin hood-esque cap, sort of like oldschool Green Arrow. Felicia had to process this slowly. She was being held captive by some kind of (definitely) not altogether human girl that dressed like red riding hood, could take down a darkstalker singlehandedly, and she had henchman in themed outfits. She was like some kinda Batman-villain, all those guys had their thugs dress up in different motifs, didn't they?? Like Joker and Harley Quinn??

"This just keeps getting better," she pulled herself up, cricking her neck and looking down at her new 'accessory' around her neck. "Something tells me you don't get these at hot topic," she cringed just a bit at the spikes and D-ring hanging from it.

Maybe, maybe.

Actually, that was probably it. Bulleta clearly had more than just a few screws loose and it was entirely possible that the only semblance of rationality she had left was that she was really into cosplaying.

Of course, like the Joker, Bulleta did posses actual skill as Felicia had painfully found out the previous night, so it was best not to call her out on it.

"An astute deduction." The girl said rather sardonically and went to put a leash on Felicia's D ring, leading her away from the tortu-- I mean, preparation room and out into a hallway. The armed men with machine guns following along.

Wherever Bulleta had taken Felicia it was quite spacious. This girl seemed to live in style as the wooden floors were polished and the walls finely decorated, if a little rustic, perhaps following along with the her theme of being Red Ridding Hood.

Walking past the fancier part of the house, Bulleta opened a door that lead to a spacious closet full of extravagant clothes that would surely match Felicia's tastes.

"Allright, let's see get you all dolled up first." Bulleta took the leash off Felicia and snapped her fingers. This summoned another Darkstalker, a bunny girl dressed in nothing more than an apron, high heeled shoes and a collar similar to Felicia. Her eyes looked lost, as if hypnotized but she carried a tray with a tall glass of gatorade towards the catgirl nonetheless. Rather than simply giving the drink to Felicia though, the bunny girl knelt on both knees, lowered her head and offered the tray up. She was clearly very well trained.

"Because you've been a good girl thus fair." Explained Bulleta.

"What the--" Felicia was more surprised by the fact Bulleta had some kind of other darkstalker servants rather than the quite worrying way this whole situation was headed. Even the bunny girl's blankish, vacant eyes didn't truly get under Felicia's skin--she grabbed the glass and drank it quickly, feeling droplets run down the corner of her mouth, brushing it away with the back of her hand.

"So what's her story?" Felicia asked, setting the glass back down onto the kneeling girl's tray. She eyed Bulleta a bit dubiously now that she had shown that she'd been doing this for quite a while, and not only that was clearly a kind of pervert. Maybe the collar should have tipped Felicia off--but she had been raised by a nun, damnit--she wasn't used to this sort of shenanigans!

"You'd like to know, wouldn't you?" Was Bulleta's smug reply to Felicia's concern about the bunny girl. Of course, Bulleta wasn't going to reveal all her secrets right away. Such was part of the plan when it came to training her girls. Let them guess and stew in their own worry, sometimes that was far more enticing than the torture and training that lay ahead.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about her, toots." Again with the condecending pet names, Bulleta merely snapped her fingers again to call the bunny girl over. "Suffice to say, she's the end result. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be acting like my little bunny girl over here." Said bunny girl then proceeded to walk on all fours towards Bulleta, kissing her feet in subservience. Another silent gesture from the girl and the bunny straightened up, pulling a thick cuban cigar from the pocket in her apron and placing it on Bulleta's smirking lips. The blond girl didn't even need to light it either, the bunny girl slave did that for her by using a lighter from her handy apron pocket.

"Enough chit chat, see?" Bulleta drew a quick inhale and expelled smoke from her nostrils. "Get in there and lets get you started already."

One of the men shoved Felicia into the closet via a 'friendly' push of the stock of his machine gun.

"But first get rid of the clothes you got on. Strip for me kitty!" Surely there wouldn't be any doubts about Bulleta's perversion after this.

"Well, I suppose let it never be said that we aren't progressive around here!" Felicia yelped as she was roughly pushed into the dressing area, apparently noticing the relationship of master and servant the two other girls had. Man, she must be thinking, how did I wind up getting into dodgey situations like this!?

The sportsbra and bicycle shorts Felicia had been wearing beneath her coat are about all the clothes she had on, if her sandals were still around, so undressing for her doesn't exactly take a long time. There was definitely something wrong and not right with Bulleta, and it wasn't the lesbian overtones--though those were certainly a thing--there was something /evil/ or malicious about her that made the fibers of good in Felicia shiver. It made her feel like a cricket being stared down by a mantis.

"Ah, so uh, what do you want me to put on instead, or do you want me au naturel?" she blinked a little, peering out at Bulleta.

There were more than just a few things wrong with Bulleta, from the sadism, to the domineering attitude, to the guns everywhere, to the cigar smoking little girl, to the lesbianism.. but all of these have already mentioned.

Felicia should really worry about what is about to happen.

"Not bad." Bulleta whistles and delights herself on seeing the catgirl's naked body, she even elbows her men a little who nod approvingly, proving that she's not an evil Mistress to those that follow her orders. Clearly it seems that these two burly men seem to respect her rather than fear her.

She takes another puff from her cuban cigar before responding, still eyeing Felicia from top to bottom. "Okay. Two things about that, kitty." She says as she puffs another cloud of smoke.



Bulleta presses the remote to electrocute Felicia again.

"Cool it with the sass. From now every time you address me you'll do so by calling me, Mistress. Comprende?"

Another puff of smoke.

"And as for what to wear. Let's start with the classics. How about that sling bikini over there." She pointed with her cigar towards a pink colored banana sling bikini.

The girl then tapped her cigar to get rid of the excess of ash. The bunny girl quickly sliding underneath the cigar to receive the ash with an open mouth and eat it, acting like a trash disposal.

5t "Gahhh!" Felicia puts a hand up but finds herself sent to her knees, floored and smoking. God, that hurt--and her hair was sticking up again, and it felt like she had lockjaw this time, and the skin around her neck was sore from the burning sensation. She pulled herself up after a few moments shakily, her tail sticking up and all frizzed out to boot. She looked like the zaps were starting to wear on her, for real.

"Y-Y-Yes Mistress, sir, whatever you say," Felicia stumbled a little as she moved over to the bikini, taking it down and beginning to step into it, still shaky, but better than she was before. She really didn't wanna get shocked again. What was she going to do? She was in a lot of trouble, and all she could do for right now was listen to what Bulleta said...

The tight pink sling bikini went on, and she was out of the dressing area and standing before Bulleta a few moments later, at attention. It clung to her like a second skin almost.

Bulleta chuckled at how now fear began to crept within Felicia's heart. The catgirl sure had started being sassy at the beginning of this little debacle, but now it appeared she was starting to learn the gravity of her situation!

Grinning still, the evil blond girl continued to smoke whilst shamelessly leering at Felicia as the catgirl went to get dressed for her enjoyment. Hungry eyes stared at Felicia, not just from the men but from Bulleta herself. The girl clearly had a lot of devious thoughts when it came to her prisoner. It was likely that training her wouldn't be the only thing she'd do to Felicia this day.

"Okay, not bad, not bad." Nodded the girl approvingly. "Gimme a twirl, shake that kitty tail at me." Commanded Bulleta. "Now turn around, hands over your head. Squat, there you go. Shake those hips girl!" One thing was certain, Bulleta clearly enjoyed her job as a Darkstalker tamer.

"Waddaya think boys? Not too shabby huh?"

Smith and Wesson both gave various gestures of approval and grunts.

Meanwhile the bunny girl continued keeping her mouth open so that Bulleta could deposit the ash from her cigar directly on her slave's tongue.

The pink sling bikini was quite tight up front, it sorta clung around her breasts and down over her front and belly like suspenders, thanks to how erm, endowed the darkstalker was. It also was more or less bun-floss around back, which Bulleta likely got a good look at as Felicia was forced to turn around and shake her white-furred tail at her, her finally turning back to face her captor and raise her hands over her head, her white-furred legs bowing outward as she squatted down. This was all humiliating, demeaning, and Felicia likely showed it by the reddish blush she had on her cheeks. Bulleta definitely seemed to have a way to get under the catwoman's skin, as well as make her think twice about what she said or did.

Felicia was just watching the bunny girl as she stood on all fours and kept her mouth open for Bulleta to use as an ashtray. It was supremely messed up, but at the same time, Felicia felt a definite pang of fear deep in her gut. There was no way she was going to wind up like that...

Would she?

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