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Description: Bulleta gets a better welcoming comittee this time around-- no Shadaloo agents trying to forcefully recruit her into the Doll program for instance. Additionally, who would have thought that she and Yurika, two girls that seem to be the polar opposite of each other, have more in common than they might presume.



Oh the deplorable state things are nowadays! To think that a respectable member of Seijyun High would be assaulted by a random hooligan right outside the school grounds no less!

Who is this so called 'respectable member' of the school one might ask? Why, the new transfer student! Baby Bonnie Hood!

Though perhaps better known by her underground code name of Bulleta.

Nevertheless! The girl's real identity of a ruthless Hunter is wholly unknown in the school. Today, she is naught but the helpless transfer student that was attacked by bandits and saved herself through a hard fight.

Bonnie sits at a cafeteria table surrounded by worried girls who all coddle her and tend to her numerous bandages. To be fair, the little girl is bruised up good! She's got a bandage over a swollen eye, her legs are equally bandaged up as well as her right arm and torso. Needless to say Bonnie is walking around today with the help of crutches.

"The gall of these ruffians! To think they would attack one of us!" Calls an outraged high school debutante.

"Hear hear! And someone as cute as Bonnie too!" Says another

Bulleta who's currently in the middle of the worried is hamming up the act, giggling nervously and acting like an adorable little girl who just went through a greatly painful ordeal. "Oh, don't worry about me~. I'm okay, really~" However, the true observer will see her rolling her eyes on occasion. She really doesn't want to be there with all those girls coddling her.

Not every girl at this school has a lot of friends around her to coddle and pet her when something goes wrong. One of those girls who is all by herself is an elegant-looking white-haired girl in a long blue dress. Her hair's done up in thick ringlets and her shoes almost look like ballet slippers. And she carries herself with all the bearing of a noble.

At least... she usually does.

Right now she's standing a little ways away from the gaggle of girls, gloved hands clasped over the brooch at her bodice, looking on worriedly at the bandaged girl. Was she all right? Maybe she was being crowded too much? But what if she needed someone to watch her? Worse, what if the one who did that to her came back?

The girls continue to coodle, chide, and fret over Bonnie. And boy, HOW DO THEY PRATTLE ON!

The blond girl in the middle who is all bandaged up begins to slowly lose her patience. Real irritation cracking the false facade of innocence she has on.

"Aha, oh dear, excuse me, I really need to stretch my legs a little~." Bonnie struggles to get up with the aid of her crutches, and of course that only spurs the Seijyun girls to try and help her more. The bandaged up girl however manages to hobble a couple steps towards Yurika and she randomly latches on to the other girl, her grip tight. "Fortheloveoffreakingeverythinggetmeouttaherenow!" She hisses as lowly as she can so that only Yurika can hear her and buries her face on Yurika's stomach to avoid the worried eyes and hands of the other girls.

And suddenly there is a blonde girl clinging to her! Yurika's only response to this is a quiet 'eep!'. Surprisingly though, the weight of the blonde girl doesn't unbalance her, despite how suddenly it was applied to her. Fact, despite the chunky heels, she doesn't even stagger. She does however place her arms on Bulleta's for support. "Oh, careful..." Yurika looks up to the older girls with a 'deer in headlights' look for a moment, but then she hears the quiet hiss.

Recovering smoothly, she giggles quietly, and makes to help the other girl stand, placing an arm around Bulleta's waist. She's taller enough than the other girl that trying to pull an arm over her shoulders would be uncomfortable for Bulleta. "I'll help her walk around the gardens for a bit," she intones softly. "I'll bring her back shortly." Once Bulleta's ready, yurika will guide her to the gardens-- hopefully away from the gaggle of giggling girls!


Bonnie squeezes Yurika's waist in quiet appreciation for being so quick on the uptake. Quite possible the kindest gesture someone like Bulleta has ever shown anyone ever, at least outside her dog.

Thankfully, she too is aware that the girls in question will probably need a bit more sugar on the deal so that Yurika can pull her away. By the way they were acting around Bulleta there was no way they would let Yurika hog the new student all by herself.

"Aah~ yes, I'm sure onne-chan will take care of me for now~"

The girls squeal at Bonnie well rehearsed sweet little girl act and back off for now. "Take good care of our Bonnie, Yurika!" One of them nods, knowing that Yurika has enough skill to protect Bonnie in case she's attacked again. "Yeah, we're all counting on you!"

Bulleta is a little too eager to move out of the way though. Though Yurika offers to lead her away, its actually the tiny blonde girl that takes the lead and moves as fast as her crutches can take her.

When the other girls are out of earshot, Bulleta looks over her shoulder to peer behind her. "Are they gone?" Looks like they are, and she sighs. "Good grief, those friggin' bimbos were driving me insane." Bulleta has lost all pretenses of being an innocent little girl now and is blatantly dropping the act.

"Hey, thanks for the save there though. I appreciate it." But at least she's polite enough to Yurika. She did kind of saved her bacon.

Yurika can understand that; she's not exactly completely the 'sweet little girl' type herself, though she always hides the bits of her that aren't. However, she nods to Bulleta's words to the girls, offering a sweet smile of her own. She's well-rehearsed her own saccharine smiles as well! So it is that, in short order, with Bulleta leading the way, she accompanies the other girl to the gardens and away from the little group.

A bit of a blink is given when the blonde girl suddenly drops the act. Yurika, for her part, does not drop her act. She's kept it so long that it's hard to tell what's the act and what's really her. She offers a soft giggle, folding her gloved hands at her middle politely. "They mean well," she offers quietly. "They simply don't realize they're smothering." Maybe some wouldn't care, but... "...They really do mean well."

The similarity between Yurika and Bulleta's front about being a sweet little girl may not be as similar as the musician might like to think. Though there is perhaps some manner of kinship between the two girls which are obviously hiding something dark about themselves, Bulleta's hidden vices may appear slightly more.. crude perhaps.

That much will be obvious when the shorter blond girl relaxes into the garden bench and sets her crutches aside. This way, she has her hands free to slide her sling bag over to her lap and pull an item from it, more specifically a drink, and let met tell you, that is not tea she's drinking. A metal container is pulled out and Bulleta takes a long gulp of what smells like strong liquor. Is that whiskey?? How did she sneak that into school grounds?

"Ugh." Bonnie burps in a very unladylike manner after her drink and puts her container away. "I know their type. I'm nothing but a toy to them, a little accessory like a purse of a chihuahua dog. I know if I didn't look the way I do they wouldn't give two shits about me."

Suddenly she's putting on that well practiced act again and places her hands on her cheeks, her adorable cuteness resurfaces and even sparkles seem to float around her face. "Oh no~ I'm so lost~ Please help me find my class big sister~" She returns to her grim normalcy immediately and spits to the side in disgust, away from Yurika thankfully. "They make me sick."

Taking the moment of quiet to relax, Bulleta sinks into the bench and glances at her companion and savior through her one good eye. "So how about you, sis? Why you in here for?" For some reason Bulleta seems to refer to Seijyun High as if it were some kind of prison. And for whatever reason she feels like she can be her true self in front of Yurika.

Crude? Maybe only by method. Yurika's brother Kurow is every bit as much the monster as anything Bulleta hunts, even if he's human. Though Yurika does react with surprise when Bulleta takes a drink from a metal flask that does not smell like tea or soda! Yurika's eyes go wide, and she blinks a few times. Believe it or not, she has no reaction to the burp. She does wince a bit when Bulleta makes her assessment about the girls they'd just left. But she doesn't deny it. Because, well... she's probably right!

Though the question gets another surprised response, and Yurika blinks. "'In here for'? I'm... not sure I know what you mean," she says quietly. "It's a very good school, with very good teachers, and one of the most extensive curriculums in this area. Big brother and I are paying a lot of money to go here, our parents wanted us to have the best education money could buy..." She doesn't sound in the slightest bit offended, to note. Though her response might also be telling. She's rich, so she's expected to act a certain way...

A likely response to be sure, a well practiced one even, rehearsed, the kind of answer that Bulleta would expect to hear from someone who has no choice in the matter. "Ahuh." Bonnie manages to cross one leg without wincing too much from her cast and extends her arms sideways across the bench's back rest. She looks more like some kind of hooligan than a lady from Seijyun sitting like that.

Bonnie recognizes that kind of talk very well. Its an answer she herself would have given when getting into character. "Don't feel like you need to pretend around me, toots." Now Bulleta is going well beyond the line of being a hooligan, its like she were some kind of mob boss, all she's missing is a cigar and a tommy gun at her side-- which she probably does have in her bag. "I don't believe for a second you enjoy spending time with this posh lot."

"You mean to tell me you're okay just listening to what your folks tell you to do?"

Bulleta understands being rich, she herself is absurdly loaded. What she doesn't understand is a lack of free will, as that is particularly jarring for a 'every man for themselves' self-serving psychopath like herself.

Another blink from Yurika at the reassurance from Bulleta. Though she does blush a bit and looks away a little, as the words register. The words of Yurika's spending time with 'this posh lot' get a moment of silence. Honesty seems like the flavor of this conversation, despite how much Yurika has to force herself to be direct. And so, finally she notes, "...Not... really... I don't like it when people are dishonest and cruel..." And who can be crueler than high school students? Serial killers maybe. MAYBE!

But the question gets a bowed head. "...It's not about what I want," she says very quietly. "But the education will help me get ahead later. I appreciate the headstart. And the curriculum really is very advanced. It should mean that college won't be so hard. And it will look good on a college application, or a job resume." Thinking ahead, yes! A pause, and she adds quietly, "...Sometimes you have to... do things you don't want to now, so that you can do what you want later..."

In that case then Bulleta is the worst of both worlds. A high schooler AND a serial killer to boot. Yet despite all that she lives her life as she chooses- perhaps to the point of extreme selfishness. Nevertheless, although she possess all the qualities of a monster and then some, at heart Bonnie is still quite a young girl. She's one that had to grow up very fast and quite possibly became insane because of it, but she better than anybody else understands the folly of not living up to your full potential.

"I feel ya." Bonnie points out with a finger and a sly smirk at Yurika when she sees her blush. Cute and honest this one, Bulleta always had a soft spot for goody goodies like Yurika which is perhaps the reason why she so eagerly opening to the taller girl. "Its easy to say that you are just biding your time to get what you want later. The hard part comes when you have to follow through though."

Bonnie sighs and leans her head back on the bench's head rest, her hand twitches a bit and against her better judgment she takes another swig of her hidden whiskey.

"When school finishes you'll go to the college your folks want you to get, then you'll get the job they want you to get, then you'll marry the man they want you to marry, then you'll have as many kids as he wants and so on and so forth."

"I've heard the same story over and over again honestly it makes me nauseous just to repeat." Which is probably why she thought she might need another shot of whiskey. "But not me, sister! I ain't listening to nobody ever!" Which begs the question what she's doing in that school if she hates it so much.

Yurika seems a bit taken off-guard by the observation. Though... that does sound like about what her parents had planned out for her and her brother. Normal, affluent... and boring. Then again her brother has OTHER plans... he just needs everything to come together and launch them. Yurika keeps that to herself, however. But she does note, of the normal life, "...It's a safe life. And it will leave a legacy for whatever children I have..." Wow it is REALLY ODD to be talking about having kids when she's still a kid herself.

But yes, Yurika does pick up on the question. She leans forward a little, placing her hands in her lap. "But... school is about listening to people... The principal... teachers... faculty... club leaders..." She trails off, not completely asking the question. But she's said enough that Bulleta can probably get the general gist of what she's asking.

Very odd indeed, particularly because Bulleta had pegged Yurika as someone who didn't fit the stereotypical, conformist Seijyun bimbo. The response from the young musician who already saw ahead of her a life of complete ennui made the Hunter girl reconsider her initial assessments about Yurika. Could it be? Her usually flawless intuition had led her astray and Yurika was just another normal boring girl??

Just as she's about to reconsider this conversation and attempt to distance herself from her companion though, Bulleta catches that counter question. Aha, so that's where all this was leading. Turning that statement around and wonder why Bulleta was here to begin with when she clearly was just pretending to fit in and hate every second of it. "Hmph." The girl pulls out a switch blade from her bag, though its not aimed at Yurika, goodness no, Bulleta is not -that- much of a delinquent (she's much worse actually). Instead, Bonnie brings the knife to her nails to start filing them, giving Yurika an odd stare. "Oh yeah, its a great place to listen alright. But there's a difference between listening and complying to what other people say." Then, Bonnie gives a smile and though its not as sugary as her previous ones this one at least is genuine. "Ey, for all its worth, I appreciate you listening to me."

Really, Yurika doesn't fit that image... but she's very good at pretending. One has to be when one's hiding one's brother's darkness AND also hiding one's own goodness from said brother. It's... complicated. But Yurika leans back again as the switchblade appears. He's thankful it's not aimed at her, but still, the appearance of it startles her. She does think about Bulleta's remark, though, her gaze dropping to her lap.

"That's true," she admits softly. "Everything is so... homogenized. Everyone trying to fit in... trying to make others fit in... all the little boxes to put everyone in..." Oh she knows that. Pressure from both sides-- one to be normal, sweet, and submissive girl; the other to be her brother's right hand when he takes over the schools, and to help him in every way she can. It's difficult living up to all of it.

Bulleta knows that well enough. The Hunter fancies herself being good at figuring people out y'see? You have to be the perceptive sort when you're Hunter after all, Darkstalkers often take human guise to try and blend in, or adopt some other sort of form to hide their true form. Little, subtle gestures or mannerisms are enough to set Bulleta off and tell her something ain't as it seems. In Yurika's case, she could tell by her manner and poise that a bimbo she was not.

"Yep." Nods Bulleta whilst she continues filing her nails, even blowing on them after she ensures they are nice and pointy. If she ever sees that Shadaloo Doll she's going to give her a good raking, that's for sure. "So just promise me this then, hm?" Grins the Hunter and lazily points at Yurika with that switchblade, wiggling it at her. "After highschool is said and done, don't you go changing for the sake of other people."

On the bright side there's nothing really that twigs the Hunter sense about Yurika that she might be anything but a little girl. Well, not physically anyway. Bulleta was pretty accurate on her mentally and emotionally not being just another boring tween girl fantasizing about boys and wanting to teach Bonnie-imouto about makeup andpretty dresses. There's a way of being feminine without being an obnoxious twit about it, and Yurika seems to have that figured out.

Yurika draws her hands up to her chest, leaning back again at the pointed switchblade. It doesn't look like Bulleta's going to attack, but then again, you never know with people! Particularly not insane people! But she hears the words, and lowers her gaze again, looking thoughtful. Can she really promize that? After a moment, she raises her eyes and offers with a nod, "I'll... do my best." That's really all she can promise.

"That's all someone can ever hope for anyway." Smiles Bulleta, at least for now satisfied with Yurika's answer. Make no mistake though, this one had piked the interest of the Hunter and she was probably going to keep tabs on her from now on.

Alas, the woe of school life though. The bell rings at the most inappropriate of times which signals to the students that they should stop slacking off and go to class. "Meh, this is some real bullshit." Curses Bulleta as she allows herself one last moment of vulgarity before having to go back and pretend to be a weak little girl. The Hunter takes one last sip of her whiskey and puts her blade away before standing up, with some effort though, as she leans on her crutch.

"Wellp, back to the daily grind. Say, I don't think I got your name by the way. I'm Bonnie."

Yurika offers a smile in response to the words. Though she looks up as the bell rings. "Oh, we're going to be late," she observes quietly as she stands. The request for her name gets a polite bow, with hands delicately folded before her. "Yurika Kirishima," the white-haired girl offers as she straightens again.

But as she notes Bulleta's trouble standing, the way it seems to hurt so much, Yurika sends a worried look at Bulleta. "Will you be all right getting back to class?" she asks. Since it looks like that leg really hurts. But she doesn't insist on helping. Believe it or not, she understands the need to handle something like that oneself.

% "Nice to meet'cha." Bonnie continues smiling and winces despite herself as she finally manages to stand straight. "Nah, I'm fine honest." She waves the assistance off. "Trust me, I've had a lot worse."

As the girl wobbles off, she turns towards Yurika one more time and gives her a sugary coated wave. "Bye, bye onnechan~ I'll be seeing you around~" It's hard to believe that the overly winsome Bonnie has a bag full of booze, blades and who knows what else.

But hey, here in Seijyun things are not always as they appear. Yurika and Bonnie are perfect examples of that.

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