Neo League 0087 - NL#0087: Marduk vs Hitomi

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Description: Yo Dawgs This is Craig Marduk laying it straight to ya. Don't you hate it when you end up having to fight the sluts? Your main man Marduk is always having to beat them off, and the other way around, if you know what I mean! But when you gotta to get in the ring with a skank ass ho, you know its gonna be a bad time. Here I am slamming down for the Neo-League with this crazy-ass bimbo who is just so damn thirsty. I had to hold back you know, yeah. So you know, I wasn't 100%. Craig Marduk doesn't go out of his way to hit girls, you understand? <Winner: Hitomi>

The atmosphere around Taiyo wasn't charged with the normal energetic bustle the campus usually was. Fewer students sticking around after classes were done to spend time with their friends in play or practice; of the teams that remained of those usually who'd stay after school? Most were down to playing half court or just doing drills to keep busy.

The presence of a few camera crews and reporters around campus was nothing new. The crew bearing NeoLeague T-shirts and setting up in the gym had piqued some interest and reeled in some of the go-homers who were gathered with team fans and managers up in the bleachers, as well as the not-so-usual practice going on. When a gym teacher glances at his watch and pipes up with the shrill blast of a whistle that's an early warning to be off the courts. Whatever could be happening?

The sharp tug fastening the hachimaki around her forehead. After a moment of quiet reflection the karateka surges to her feet, arms drawing up she pumps them back toward herself, held tight to her sides. Mentally prepared! : Check... now it was time to get all psyched up. The call of the whistle was enough to get her attention and hasten her preparations; Hitomi wanders out of girls changing rooms and out onto the courts in crisp white gi, her black belt tied at her waist and undershirt bearing a tiny monogrammed black falcon.

The murmur and commotion among the students in attendance is low, nobody had been making a huge deal about a Neo league match going down here. The camera operators were done and one of them ascends into the stands to get a higher vantage point for their shots; others taking up spots around the gleaming wooden floor. All wearing silent indoor footwear such that the squeak of sneakers and sports shoes was even more absent from the large gymnasium. Hitomi only really noticed how quiet it seemed when she was seemingly feeling all alone down there at the centre stage.

She was assured he'd come, certain of it. Hitomi was a paltry newcomer to the NL, the season was almost over! But she would be worth some points to defeat, and the fact SHE had challenged him. It might not go over well.

What the hell was with all these psycho bitches.

Oh, Marduk would normally be okay with crazies. But here was the thing. There was only so much crazy you could handle. First there was the American who jumped him at the bar. And then, there was that pint-sized psycho-chink with the grandpa that sent him in the hospital. And now, he was getting challenged by another bitch? Marduk had 99 problems, and bitches were several of them. There was two bitches in particular, though, that were really making Marduk mad.

MURDERHOUSE and Armor King.

Oh, how much did Marduk hated them? He actually blocked them on Facebook AND unfollowed them on Twitter, and made it very clear that he was doing that to all his own followers. It was a grave insult, but what those two did was unspeakable. You could not speak of it. But you could shout it: They fought around Marduk, while he was recovering from his suffering at the hands of Hotaru's friend. Taking advantage of HIM while he was healing. It was sick. It was disgusting. It was just plain wrong. Marduk wanted to rip them up. He wanted to use them as toilet paper. He wanted to punch them each in the face, until they were not faces anymore. Man, he had just so much anger at them, that he was gonna take it out. Just not at them yet. No, he wanted them to FEEL what HE FEELS.

So now he was going to Taiyo High.

Marduk strides into the gym, dressed in his Vale Tudo uniform. Beetle green shorts, gloves, and knee and elbow pads with purple highlights, and a pair of dark sunglasses. The man comes in without bitches in each hand. He felt that it would set a shitty example to highschool students if they saw him with bitches. They might fuck each other and get aids and shit. No, Marduk comes in, and just saunters through. Coming across the gym floor, the towering man lowers his sunglasses, as he sees that young lady in the gi. And he just has one thing to say.


"Holy shit, 10/10!" The towering man booms. "Jesus christ you are the sexiest damn thing I've seen. Holy shit." He looks over Hitomi, checking her over. "Damn, I didn't know asians could have such big tits either. You half Swedish or some shit like that? Jesus christ." He just couldn't stop oogling her. Licking his lips, he shakes his head. "Mmmm mmm. I wish I could take you home to Mama. Wait a minute. Got two important questions for you sugartits." Marduk booms, holding up two fingers. "One, can you cook? And uh,"

"You -are- over 17, right?"

A hush falls over the crowd when that girls opponent enters the gym. There's no talking and the kids still in their sports and gym attire make a bit more room. That's not another kid coming to fight at their school in some kind of exhibition. That dude is big, it made an impression on the kids right away, dressed for business and showing off a chest broader than some of these kids are tall.

The firm set to Hitomi's mouth doesn't waver, he'd actually looked a little bigger in his last televised Neo league bout. She had been kind of worried he'd be even larger than he'd appeared in real life, though this wasn't much relief. As he strides up toward her she firms her resolve and tries standing up to him, while having to crane her neck back a little to maintain eye contact with the funhouse Hitomi mirrored in the lenses; as he lowers them-


Her reaction, much like the crowds is one of stunned bewilderment. The chorus of dozens of students in sync 'Reeeeeeeh?!' and that one person shouting 'No way! He's into her?' slightly behind everyone else in cadence. All eyes turning to the half-German exchange student who appears to be frozen in a delicate middle ground between recoiling and objecting to what was happening. As it continues she just grows more and more mortified by what is happening. Eyes widening and blushing furiously she wants to melt into the ground and hide, worst of all the cameras are probably rolling.

In the stands there's mixed outrage at him calling the exchange student sugartits but also some groups breaking off into discussion. Wasn't she Swedish or something? They knew she was one of the ringers and teacher's pet in the cookery classes but she also lived in a boarding house with one of the instructors.

'T-this is supposed to be a match."

Hitomi fires back, clearly starting off on the backfoot she switches it up into a more aggressive posture, leaning toward and growling at the other fighter with her fists at her sides.

"Chotto! Don't go doing and saying these weird things (especially to girls.) I'm your opponent! And I'm going to win for the sake of those poor girls whose League match you ruined."

He showed no signs of damage or injury from that bout; she might've felt bad about it if he were recovering still. But, Lord! He'd hit one of those poor girls with a car. Beaten up another girl even younger than Hitomi, possibly barely high school age -- and then still having the gall to attack an elderly man who stepped in!! That was all THE VERY WORST.

Hitomi punctuates the end of her lecture by falling back into a clearly recognisable karate stance, gently closed fists and slight crouch and trying to furrow her brow and frown at him. She's still red as a beet and having to glare upwards at him.

A couple of cries form the bleachers of "heh.. maybe she likes them big" 'YEAH! fight!' "Kick his ass!" 'Isn't that guy like an MMA fighter?? didn't he like - kill someone?"

The crowd are invested and the quiet is shattering, cameras rolling.

Marduk just dumbly nods his head along.

When she was mad, her chest jiggled. Unf. "Damn straight this is a match. A match between U and Me." Marduk gives her a wink. "And that weird thing is flirting, babe. You got an awesome body, and I can't wait to try it out." Marduk was making a gamble here. But she was probably over 17. If she wasn't legal, would be fussing more. Even if she wasn't, he was big enough to make her legal, if he needed. Marduk closes in a bit more, as he falls into his defensive stance. He looks towards the crowd, grinning. "Hell Yeah she likes them big."

"Ain't nobody bigger than Craig Marduk either!"

He turns back to the girl. Oh yeah, she was digging him. She was blushing flush, just like mama told him. When a girl likes you, she is gonna blush beet red. Doesn't matter what her words said after that, her body couldn't lie. "I'll take you seriously as a fighter, don't worry." He says with a faux softeness. "BUt let me ask you one thing." And Marduk gives a full smile at the woman.

"Can you kick high?"

COMBATSYS: Marduk has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Marduk           0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Hitomi has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marduk           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

Poised on the balls of her feet and bouncing lightly to stretch then out the girl can't help but grow more and more alarmed by the staring /and/ that that was on top of the creepy way he seemed to be staring and had been licking his lips. She didn't dwell on his phrasing about trying her body out. It was taking way more guts than it should just to keep standing here under this kind of scrutiny, especially with people were yelling in the stands.

If he meant he was eager to see what she could do in a fight she'd show him. His examination that he'd take her seriously as a fighter is actually met with relief, no pulling any of her punches then. Full-power! The slow spreading smile and question as to whether she kicked high. That was kind of an odd question, a slight head title in confusion. She could kick pretty high, as a karateka though..


Hitomi steps in with the front foot as soon as she receives that acknowledgement, in-close and lunging to the point her face is almost bouncing off Marduk's own wide chest she swings straight up with a vertical punch at the underside of his chin. Her loosely compact fists trying to connect with the heel of her palm rather than the hard strikes her younger mentor and sensei liked to use. a karateka: She had a lot more power in a solid foundation to build on, a rooted stance meant she could produce a lot more power than she looked to be capable of.

She goddamn punched high too.

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Hitomi's Strong Punch.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marduk           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

She was right there.

As the punch shoots up, he crosses his own arm across, catching it in his forearm instead of his his face. And there, he grunts in pain, stepping backwards and away. "Shiiiat, that's a pretty good punch sugar." Marduk growls teasingly. "You're feisty! I like that in a hot babe!" Marduk groans as he shakes his arm. "Okay sweetie, it's my turn now. I want you to see how hard I punch!" Marduk draws back his other arm... and hurls it out, throwing out a single punch. Not much finesse. But it is plain to see that he was pure power, hurling out a staggering blow aimed right for her... chest.


He actually mostly meant that.

The fighting bit. I mean, shit, if she wanted to skip out for a quickie behind the bleachers, he was done for that. Marduk wasn't gonna turn down a hot sloppy teenage blowjob. But he was here for a fight, so he was gonna fight. As she comes lunging in, she was fast, almost on top of- almost under him- I- erm.

She was right there.

As the punch shoots up, he crosses his own arm across, catching it in his forearm instead of his his face. And there, he grunts in pain, stepping backwards and away. "Shiiiat, that's a pretty good punch sugar." Marduk growls teasingly. "You're feisty! I like that in a hot babe!" Marduk groans as he shakes his arm. "Okay sweetie, it's my turn now. I want you to see how hard I punch!" Marduk draws back his other arm... and hurls it out, throwing out a single punch. Not much finesse. But it is plain to see that he was pure power, hurling out a staggering blow aimed right for her... chest.


COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Marduk's Quick Punch!!

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Marduk           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0           Hitomi

"Mrmmm.. "

It could have been flattery, Maybe he was trying to get under her skin with all these comments; Like what Rainbow Mika did to put on a show and talk like she did about her opponents. There was a lot more threat to it when Marduk was saying it however, the bright colours and pigtails Mika had didn't really carry the same kind of intent she was picking up on this fight.

Immersed in Marduk's looming shadow Hitomi was still so close. The impending blow was winding up. It made it all the more unbelievably ridiculous seeming that something so big was moving so quickly to throw a return punch down at her. It was like fighting something falling from the sky.

Sweeping her returning arm across her chest and keeping it safely and tantalizingly out of reach. Hitomi aides that quick attack in passing wide of her while she's moving her body counter to it. Equal parts pushing away off of the arm and stepping away with the squeak of her bare feet shifting as she slides away.

"Au-hss!"The whisk and of her gi pants is the first sign she's shifting back into an offense as she kicks out a twice repeats a snap kick aimed at Marduk's ribs, then one more slightly harder and higher before reverses direction and throwing herself into a spin designed to impart enough momentum for the roundhouse kick to the other side.

"Sah! Ei! ei--YAaaaH!"

COMBATSYS: Marduk endures Hitomi's Nami Gashira.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|=------\-------\0           Hitomi

Oh, Marduk wanted to get more than under her skin.

As he throws out that bone shattering punch, though, the hit is... caught, redirected away from those heaving beauties. "Hey, what is this shit" He mutters, as he tries to get his hand back. Instead, she was repositioning. Marduk, growling, just takes it. There is a sharp crack as the blow hit his ribs, followed by another as the second kick comes. As the third kick comes roaring in, Marduk actually snaps out.

"Damn woman, looks like you need to chill out!"

Rumbling out, Marduk lashes out both of his hands to try and grab Hitomi on both sides. If he could seize her, he would grip one hand behind her neck, the other right on the hem of her pants. And there, he would spin her around, and with a singular, deft motion, chuck her straight up to the ceiling... And then, let her come down at her own pace. Marduk wanted to like this girl.

But he didn't like compound fractures!

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Marduk's Around The World.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Hitomi

The defending arm this time wasn't enough to keep him at bay. The fistful of hair grabbed by the hand falling across the back of her neck tugged painfully and the pants riding something horrible as she's swung around and slung up into the air.

"Ua! UUWAaaaauuAUU"The crowd following her trajectory upward with growing winces as she climbed higher and higher. As she kicks out and twists in mid-air to try and stabilize herself in flight, coming travelling nowhere close to all the way up to that high gym ceiling, when she hits the ground it's with one knee down; her fist pressed to the ground to support her. Her other arm was numb after trying to block that shot and she could feel the pinch from each of those fingers still in the flesh around her neck.

The crowd are loving the spectacle! David vs Golitah but would it play out that way? Now shouting unhelpful things she should do next to try and start chopping down the giant. Climbing back to her feet Hitomi instead grabs the thighs of her pants, tugging gently downward and then twisting to straighten she adjusts her belt. That power was incredible and it was going to take a miracle to stand up to it if she went in headlong. She hadn't gotten a real sense for what it could do when she allowed it to pass her by that first time.

Now she'd have to find a way to engage at close range. When she re-assumes stance she mirrors the one she had earlier and leads with the opposing arm to try giving the other opportunity to recover. Get in and get out, stick and move -- she just needed to spot the openings he didn't want her to notice.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi focuses on her next action.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|====---\-------\0           Hitomi

Marduk just dusts off his hands.

"Yeah, you enjoyed the ride on the Marduk Express?" The brutish brawler scoffs, lumbering back towards Hitomi. As the crowd cheers, however, he takes a moment to turn to the ground, and just eat it up. Beckoning more from the crowd, he grins, loving it. "Oh man, this is hot stuff. Hey, whatever your name is, after this fight, we need to have a hot date." Marduk flashes a finger at Hitomi. "We'd make a great item. By the way, so I don't forget like last time."

"You're on the pill, right?"

Marduk begins to pick up speed, thundering towards Hitomi as she keeps a stick and move. It wasn't just David vs Goliath. It was a finesse against power. Marduk was skilled in a technical sense... but that was underneath a towering specimen of Vale Tudo. Surging towards Hitomi like an elephant, he attempts to simply snap her up, one hand on her shoulder, the other on her waist. And there, he would introduce her to a fun new ride.

By slamming her back across his knee.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi counters Back Breaker from Marduk with Bukyoku EX.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Marduk           0/-------/---====|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

That last comment. Was he treating her like she was some kind of plaything for his sexual gratification? As if she'd indulge in whatever fantasies he was thinking ..was that what was happening while staring at her and licking his lips?! It was all hitting home in one shot and the impact is enough to leave her stunned and speechless. Her outfits, the ones she spent hours making could be assessed as cute or sexy, she worked so hard on making them so. Someone lewdly directing their interest at her body while she was wearing a martial uniform.
This was-!!

Her heart clamped in her chest so as it hurt. When someone should most respect her as their equal or at least a challenger worthy of being serious. He instead chose to-

Her move to dash-in faltering in a misstep, feet positioned badly for the next darting movement or change in direction she instead totters back to full upright right in the path of devastation. As he bears down on Hitomi her chin sinks closer to her chest, fringe obscuring her eyes as she opens her stance up wider. Seemingly now unable to defend or maybe having resigned herself maybe she'd taken damage from that high fall earlier. The rough grabbing of the Gi at her shoulder and waist as she's lifted into the air with seemingly little effort.

Now having kept both her arms free in this position she grabs at the ONE hand holding her shoulder, wrapping her left hand around the ring finger and pinkie, the other around the other two fingers on Marduk's hand she wedges a knee against the top of his shoulder, rotting herself in the shelf between clavicle and monstrous muscle mass on his shoulder blades and back. The other leg snaking through the gap and hooking around behind Craig's elbow to plant her foot thusly.

Just a - little - - bit - more turning force and-SEIHE!

She twists his hand around at the wrist, painfully locking the arm straight between angle of hand and elbow while kicks off the back of the other arm hard enough to wrench her gi top open and start making her escape, it remains stuck fast in his grip, but she isn't.

For just a moment she remains suspended purely vertical and perched atop the man-mountain, her shoulders nestling into and across his and the back of his neck, hair fluttering in his face. AND THEN: Her grip shifts to grab a firm hold of his thumb as she starts to roll off of his body toward his back, her back to his she falls down-back still tightly clinging to one of his arms and into an uninterrupted over-the-shoulder throw. His locked arm to shoulder as the pivoting point she rolls him into the air and flattens him face down, Throwing a man much larger than herself hard down into the gymnasium floor, even as her foot descends onto the back of his head with a moderately hard knock. Tournament point to her, But she doesn't lift the foot right away.

A glimpse up and behind that shadowy fringe the eyes are blazing a clear blue and bright. Lips peeling away in a grimace of disgust while looking uncannily like one of those Gedo delinquents. Her gi top half ripped off and only clinging to one shoulder she bounds away and shrugs it back on the moment she can, there was no time to really refasten and retie it, she was feeling especially conscious of showing skin at the moment and wishing she'd gone with a heavier and more concealing top.

The glimpse of the tube top beneath the gi, she wasn't concealing a whole lot of skin with that and that would only help with the ratings. The crowd's finally gotten to the point she can't even make out individuals over the roar of approval and disapproval intermixed echoing around the room. Everything echoes around the gymnasium such that it's just a white noise at this point.


She'd punch ten kinds of sense into him about respecting his opponent AND maybe women in general. You better believe she was doubling down on just how much this guy needed a beating.

"Now I'm Mad!"

Oh, what.

WHAT!? Marduk didn't understand what was going down when he doesn't seize up the girl. No, he was getting... wrapped around? Up and overed? He narrows his eyes, trying to understand what was happening. And then, it occurs to him that he was... he was being -reversed?!- Yes, that is what he realizes as he is sent slamming on his back. The whole gym shatters, as he groans on impact. Recoiling in pain, he grumbles as he rolls over on his side, trying to rise up.

And he sees that tank top.

The grin that he gives Hitomi could make women sterile. That smile was on seven sexual offender watch lists. That smile was so slimy and sleazy, Hugh Hefner would think its in bad taste. Marduk comes into a full rise, rubbing his hands together. He urks, and puts a hand on his back. "Jesus, baby, you're not mad, you're just feisty!" He pops his back with a loud crack, and groans. "And confused. Damn, why are the hot ones so airheaded? Maybe you don't know what the Marduk Experience is." He puts his palms up. "So let me lay it to you straight. It's wild." And Marduk mimes scratching a turntable.

"Wicky Wicky Wild"

./' "I'm Craig Marduk, the main man,
"The man with the plan,"
"Just can,"
"None of this slam down"

"Got the bitches, the snitches,"
"The wet and wild, none mild."
"Got abs on my abs, got arms like trucks,"
"I don't give fucks"

"You gonna get laid,
"Just I gonna get paid,"
"So if you gonna go which us"
"Marduk Experience, bitches." ./'

Marduk flashs a pair of index fingers, pointing at himself, nodding like he just is the most awesome things. All of the awesome things. Nodding fast. "Yeah, you are mad? Horseshit, you're tall enough to ride. So, whatever your name is. I am PUMPED." Marduk reaches behind his back, and pulls out a single, purple and green sealed condom. He jabs a thumb with his other hand to the gym doorway.

"Ready to skip out of this, sneak off into a bathroom, and get bangin?"

COMBATSYS: Marduk gathers his will.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Marduk           1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

As his song progresses Hitomi is practically vibrating on the spot. That smile turned her stomach and settled into the hollow it left in her like a cold leaden lump. She was so absolutely -shamed- and embarrassed on top of how angry he was making her. Her fists were cramping up being held so tightly that they ache while nails were digging painfully into her palms. As the song continues he was taking time out of even fighting to continue his mockery, this was the worst man alive. He made Ash Crimson look like an angel and continued to shame and degrade her rather than even bothering to fight.

"How dare you treat girls like this-"

The full arm swinging slap speeding toward the cheek of Marduck that's as hard as she can manage, it's not even a proper strike, an open palm smack would sting her as much as it would him if it connected. She hated him! SHE HATED HIM!

"Fick dich ins Knie!!"

'Screw you!!' or 'go fuck yourself!!' was not likely to be subtitled in in postproduction. As angry as she was she still couldn't restrain the tears that were welling up and then starting to run down her cheeks.

COMBATSYS: Marduk barely endures Hitomi's Weakened Aggressive Strike.

[             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Marduk           1/------=/=======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

For a moment, Marduk thought she was getting into it.

But as she starts going nuts just out of nowhere, Marduk drops the condom. He frowns, as the woman comes in to slap Marduk across the face. For what, what did he do wrong? Where the hell did that come from? What the hell?! As Marduk is slapped, he just stands there and takes it, stumbling a bit. Bringing a hand to his cheek, he rubs it. And slowly, very slowly, he transfixes his gaze down at the girl. The towering Aussie was not smiling in the least anymore.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Marduk's sleazy charm was gone. In its place? A boiling over anger. "You fucking cocktease. You fucking flirt with me this entire thing. You basically were begging for it, and suddenly it's =my= fault? What the fuck is wrong with you?" "Oh, don't you try telling me you weren't asking it wearing that thing, and showing off your tits like that! Holy SHIT these fucking psycho bitches!" Marduk stomps at Hitomi, his massive arms sweeping around. Not in yet. But around. "You fucking psycho. You fucking psychoass -BITCH-, I can't believe I was gonna bring you to mama. You god damn WHORE!" And then, Marduk makes his move. To bring both hands around, to latch his grips on both shoulders of the girl. And if he gets the vicegrip? He would lift her up, toss her up, and then, grab at the back of her knees. And there? SLAM her down on her back in front of him

To prepare the -mount-

COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Marduk's Crushing Throw!!

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Marduk           1/-------/=======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

Glaring bloody murder through a haze of tears and with trembling lips Hitomi's blood runs cold and turns to ice as the change begins coming over Marduck. Rubbing his cheek while glaring down at her for her egregious actions she can feel that offensive interest turning to hate. Gone was even pretence of civility or horrid and offensive veneer, she was face to face with the bristling and spikey rage monster beneath all that. Widening eyes spilling tears still she starts to back up, this wasn't a completion or even a challenge match anymore, he wanted to hurt her.

No. Flashing back to that cruel smile plastered across the face of a boy dangling her helplessly off a roof and toying with the idea of dropping her. No! This was wrong, someone needed to call the fight before he really hurt her.NO!!

She crosses her arms over her chest and takes a half step back as he mentions her breasts directly, looking very small and vulerablt. He continues the tirade and she keeps backing up. Psycho! *slow step* -Bitch- *another step* WHORE *pause*

with his arms around her like that it was like there was nowhere left to go, as he uttered the word whore in her face he'd already seized a hold of the shoulders of her gi.

Devilish Mad eyes and screaming spittle that rained down into her face and hair, her perception of him was such that he was utterly insane and there was no telling what he would do to her. Lifted up by her own jacket she kicks and struggles with her feet meeting only air for a heartbeat.

'-ttacker grabs a hold of you? If it's just that article of clothing -- It's not you!'

Hitomi throws her arms up in a Y and drops straight down and out of her Gi top, it's not the ideal thing to do but it was better than letting this creep get his hands on her! Slipping out and falling into a crouch when she does stand it's one knee rising and stepping forward to planting firmly while she keeps her upper torso twisting to the side and one arm curled back. Every muscle in her arm was bunching and those in her torso pulling taut or firming up as she winds herself up for the massive straight to the gut.


She punches right at the gut, even as freaked out and terrified as she was she was operating on instinct, her instinct however was still to use a tournament legal move to the gut rather than the self-defence mandated 'well deserved shot to the groin' Jira-sensei would have endorsed.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Marduk with Fudo-Fujin.
- Power hit! -

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Marduk           1/----===/=======|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

Marduk was, once again, reversed.

The counter comes deftly, and shocking to the man. He actually grunts a laugh as it happens. "Tha hell?!" He blurts out as he is more surprised than mad for a moment. He suddenly found himself with clothing. Staring down at Hitomi, he is, for a moment, distracted by exposure. And in that exposure, the bunch is unleashed to his gut. There was no defenses there, just a man oogling at breasts. When the blow connects though?

Marduk actually doubles over with that last blow.

"Guh?!" He grunts, holding his gut in agony. That really, really hurt. Marduk was trembling. Was he about to cry? There was a non-zero chance that Marduk might just run out, sobbing, to go home to Mama, and complain online about how girls are awful. Breathing hard, he stumbles back, body continue to rumble. And from pain... Hitomi could see a full transformation happening. Marduk begins to turn purple, his skin sweating, as he growls to himself.



Marduk screams, unclasping his gut as he throws himself fully at the girl. Marduk outright surges, charges. He explicitly rushes down, running at Hitomi with the full fury of an man scorned. Instead of neckbeards and basement dwelling? And once she got her on her back? He would just sit on her chest.

At first.

COMBATSYS: Hitomi just-defends Marduk's Skull Crusher!!

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Marduk           0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

Rising back to standing with her attitude with fist clutched in front of her chest presents like the (surprisingly) that of someone who had delivered a final blow. The careful and measured rise, terrified girl she WAS however was hopeful but not at all confidant. She can't help but wish that it was all over. But it wasn't - the more she clobbered; the frothier and more enraged he became, all that rage directed solely at her.

The crowd are on their feet yelling things through cupped hands and pumping their arms over head but all she can make out are Marduk's lips spitting out the curse. He was ten times more dangerous now! The look in his eyes before he even spat out the word, he could see his lips moving to form it and the trembling his body was undergoing subsides. Bitch.

She might die if he hit her, he wasn't going to hold back even a little and all bets were off. This wasn't a game or a tournament where there were rules; she was participating in a street fight where someone really wanted to hurt her! There wasn't much chance he'd stop at anything short of her complete destruction or humiliation enough to sate him.

"Oh Gott" (Oh God)

Run! Fight or flight and fight was wavering!!

And when he charged at her like a raging bull she threw her own hands up to meet his just in a panicky exercise in keeping them away form her, palms meet and: much like that poor girl who got hit by a car might've felt. Overpowering force sends her sliding backward across the floor with him propelling her, body bowing but refusing to actually fall she skeets along the floor in front of him. Wide terrified eyes privy to a look on a face that would plague her nightmares.

'-Don't fall down. Whatever you have to do, and at whatever cost to do it - Please, don't fall. An attacker's weight and strength combined would be hard to deal with. Don't put yourself in that situation!'


The kid squeaks out something right in marducks face even as she tightens her own grip, slides her feet together and jambs them down hard, one behind the other she anchors herself fast and start the process of trying to pull him off balance, she rolls her whole body back while throwing up into the floor behind her.

Hitomi could never stop an attack like this, the fact she didn't fall or get smashed into one of the gym walls alone was a miracle. Now she just needed to escape this mad headlong rush.

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Hitomi's Medium Throw.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Marduk           0/-------/---<<<<|======-\-------\0           Hitomi

And Hitomi might realize that no, she wasn't going to escape this rampage.

As Marduk surges in, he is like that car. Unstoppable, and unthinking. Just a tool for impact. And yet, he hits an unmoving force. Well, mostly unmoving. She was sliding back, but Marduk... wasn't getting a grip on her. She was -stopping him cold-. There is a spasm of rage as he actually just spits at her. "Holy SHIT what the fuck is WRONG WITH THIS HOE!" The words were coming out after the spit, in full force, the very gym rumbling with the profanities spilling out from the brute. She pulls him off balance, and he just shakes her off.

Doesn't matter if it hurts him.

If Hitomi was watching closely, she might realize that he wasn't even registering that he was getting hit by things now. His entire face was contorted into rage. He was choking back his fury, it was gagging him. He almost ready to throw up, he was so mad. "You are just like that fucking chink bitch, you just DON'T KNOW that you just LIE DOWN and just TAKE IT! What the fuck is with this entire DICKING AROUND on my FUCKING THING! Fucking RUST grabbed my dick and wasted my time, every god damn fighter in this league has wasted my time by NOT JUST TAKING IT!" Marduk actually slows down to let the anger out, the volcano of fury boiling up and out. It was a moment of respite.

And it doesn't last.

Marduk's massive limbs sweep, as his blackened and bruised body oozes sweat. He was going to grab Hitomi by the HAIR now. Not the shoulder, not the wrist, by her hair. ANd should he get the grips? He would pick her up, swing her around the world, and slam her right on the gym floor. He was rag-dolling her, he was going to rag doll her. All with the comment of a man dead set on a singular mission. "ON YOUR BACK."


COMBATSYS: Marduk successfully hits Hitomi with Power Throw.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Marduk           0/-------/--=====|=======\=====--\1           Hitomi

The flecks of spittle gathering in her fringe and spraying across cheeks and lips were only faint insult when compared to Marduk's intent to do her an injury. Her eyes were always wide and staring at him now. If she was disbelieving of his actions, or horrified by his conduct else she didn't want to take her eyes off her opponent and give him the opportunity he needed to hurt her. She couldn't even keep a hold of him as he powered away like that and has to settle for tucking and rolling to a halt a short distance away.

Hitomi really didn't understand the guy or beast that he was. The words in his ranting made no sense to her but his frothing rage was keeping her on her toes at every moment she was forced to remain in this horrible scenario. There was no time out that'd put an end to this, not without an elephant tranquilizer and a few minutes of dancing around.

As he swings a massive arm around for her she steps backward, it wasn't part of the plan. She'd meant to stay in close and bob and weave.. but she was just a girl. Asking herself to get close to this lunatic was a big ask of herself+


There's a sudden stuig that stops her cold, her momentum reversing as she's pulled off balance and then even her toes lifting off the ground as the force drags her upward.

It hurts, it really hurts!

Her scalp felt like it was going to tear free while the rest of her body just dangled freely, toes turned downward where they grasp and scrabble mid-air while searching for the ground. Her hands rose over her head and grabbing at her own hair or probing for what had a hold of her. With her eyes screwed shut against the pain she has to force them open. Her glimpse at the face of her opponent tells her all she needed to know. 'Got you.'

The scream as the girl is whipped around and then smashed down on her back terminates abruptly. No air left in her lungs to continue Hitomi instead just writhes, half rolling off of her back with the initial spasms of pain and falling back as her limbs went rubbery started ignoring the instructions she was sending them.

In the stand some of the students turn away or to their friends. The impact was palpable even to those in the bleachers where bottles topple and people steady themselves. This shit was insane! Was he really a killer? Was that Taiyo girl actually in danger?

Get up!

Hitomi lifts a shoulder and rolls over finally onto her front where she can get her hands to both find the floor and start applying enough strength to prop herself up, then rise into a half crouch. Her back was murder; initial attempt to rise to her feet prompts a wince and shudder as she drops back to a knee. Her recovery was slow, too slow.. she'd have to push through this if she stood any chance.

Toes tightening and gripping the floor she pushes herself up and into a tottering which ends in a horse stance right in his face. The wide stance helps some, but she keeps tottering forward and leaning into the brief dash, elbows both curling back and drawing the fists up into a chambered state. She unloads both fists at the same spot she'd hit earlier with the Fudo-fujin. It had to be enough to break through his defences and all those hard slabs of muscle. If she was going to have to try felling him like he was a tree, she'd have to keep working the same area.


COMBATSYS: Hitomi successfully hits Marduk with Morote Zuki.

[                \\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Marduk           0/-------/--=====|=====--\-------\0           Hitomi

Was he a killer?

He killed people in fights. That might make him a killer. Someone like Hitomi, who was a girl, who was a student, was facing a mountain of a man who wasn't here for fun anymore. As he slams her down, he actually takes a moment to scoff. "Holy SHIT I'm awesome. That's why I'm bald, bitch? Course, you'd look like some kind of chemo patient freak if you shaved yourself. Maybe you could get a haircut. Yeah, you'd look good with short hair." That was the comment as Hitomi rises back up. It was a slow recovery. But it was an intense one. Marduk actually think he could knock it aside on the block. The fiercesome double punch comes... and it bats away Marduk's own hands as it makes contact. HARD.

There is a sickening plop.

That's the terrifying that was what to come. There was that audible crack. Hitomi could feel the organ and flesh rupture and burst as she makes the connection. She could feel something inside him pop. Maybe a liver, maybe a stomach, maybe a gallbladder. Something broke, Hitomi just gave the kind of blow that would, and has, killed men in the past.

And he wasn't slowing down.

Marduk was not slowing down at all. He was likely going to have go right back to the hospital afterwards. But the man was not slowing down. He wasn't even registering that Hitomi had hit past his guard. The man actually shrugs. "Whatever. Just what the FUCK EVER!" The titan roars as he doesn't fall. He lunges. His massive arms come around again, as he dips down low. He was going for her knees. He was going to grab her by the back of the knees, and lift her up. "You gonna be staying down, you got it? You are gonna stay down, and I'm gonna make you BARK LIKE A DOG."

"You know what sound a dog makes, bitch?"

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Marduk's Neck Lock.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|=======\-------\1           Hitomi

And he lifts her up, and slams her on her back.

"WUH WUH WUH" Barks Marduk as he begins to move towards Hitomi, lowering himself down to mount on her chest. "WUH WUH WUH!" Drawing back his fists, he gets ready to ground and pound again. It was time to deliver the death sentence. And Marduk was calling it aloud.


Would nothing give him pause? She was no longer certain she was fighting something human. He didn't act or speak like anyone else she'd ever met and nothing fazed him. This was a thing of nightmares. A juggernaut that would not be resisted no matter how she approached the problem or what strategy she could adoptc

She hit him as hard as she could but he kept coming.

The next lunge sweeps in low, hoisted into the air by her knees there's nothing she can do with her legs, was this instinct or was he planning all this in advance?! There another crash as the girl is dashed against the gymnasium floor, this time with her hands at least extended down behind her in a break fall which cushions the impact. It doesn't however prevent her head and shoulders whipping into the ground enough to leave her dazed enough.

When she saw that SNF televised fight she'd seen one poor girl hit by a car, a match between two opponents who were both looking forward to it. They had the same nerves showing she had when she first started worries and hopes we all have and share. It was a match that should have had real charm and passion in it, where those girls could show off their passion for the arts they'd chosen and how far they'd developed.

Marduk ruined that moment and hurt both girls. Hitomi on seeing that? She wanted to punish him for it, or at least show him enough spirit he'd remember what martial arts were meant to be. She did remember the one thing she wanted for herself, a dark impulse that was entirely selfish and yet still righteous.

She wanted to punch him in the schnauz.

Now he was seated on her chest the girl is a little winded, he was HEAVY. Her chance to do that was seeming far off and unattainable. Her escape options were limited as her legs stretch out behind him and ground the soles of her feet, the legs were still caught behind his butt while she was on her back. Rather than mounting her own defence the girl spreads her arms wide, accepting?

No, she places her hands on his legs either side of her and shoves back hard the same time she kicks off. She smashes her fists down hard into the ground at her sides, her kicking heels continuing to run back until they're beneath her.

A seemingly smooth rise from prone to standing in one violent yet smooth motion, one shoulder turned toward as the opposing arm continues back to cock and remain tense where it's chambered. She jumps at him bringing the knee up toward the underside of his chin; squaring that mug for the follow-through punch right to the nose that might leave him flat on his ass.

She had nothing to say, he barks, He insults, he wants to make her cry. All she had was acting as defiant as humanly possible. She was starting to feel as powerless as a puppy or the like but she absolutely refused to give him any satisfaction. Flat-out refusal.

COMBATSYS: Marduk blocks Hitomi's Nami Gashira.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Marduk           0/-------/-----==|=======\=------\1           Hitomi

"WUH WUH... Wuh?"

In an act of defiance, she forces him off. "Bitch WHA?!" He sputters, jaw slack. He was- he was about to break her neck! And instead, she was NOT JUST ROLLING OVER?! "Bitch you must be a mudbug, cause you're cray-cray!" THe titan stutters, as he sits back on his butt. Hitomi was leaping right into him, and he was just... awestruck. He catches the knee, letting his forearm take the crushing blow. He was still trying to understand what was going on. "Why aren't... Why aren't I on top of you!?"

And Marduk's eyes go wide.

That wasn't the gears turning. That was the pain suddenly hitting him. Oh, yeah, that was a liver punch. The stunning effect of a liver punch had finally crawled up on Marduk's back. The Aussie breathes hard, as the staggering effect spreads over him. He was still sitting down, as he fights to rise back up. He didn't want to be on HIS back when facing the Hitomi. He didn't want to be a victim here. Yet, he was falling apart, his body was shutting down. But Marduk's mind was still intact.

And his mind was somehow stronger than his body.

"WUH WUH WUH!" He continues to bark. "WHO LET THE DOG OUT! WUH! WUH WUH!" Was the mantra as he forces himself into a rise. The man was not known for his endless energy. He was known for being brutal, and hitting hard. Forcing himself back up, he stares right back at the girl. "WUH WUH WUH! WUH WUH WUH! Bitch gonna get DOGGED! WUH WUH WUH!" The brawler throws himself forward, charging like a bull at Hitomi. He would slam his head HARD into her face, skull bashing her as he tries to force into a tackle. It was a takedown, a straight forward takedown. All while hoarsely barking.


COMBATSYS: Hitomi counters Bull Charge from Marduk with Yamase.

[                             \  < >  ///////////                   ]
Marduk           0/-------/---====|=------\-------\0           Hitomi

Why won't he stop with the dog insults? Her calm was already completely shattered. The more upset and frustrated she got the harder it was to think of any kind of strategy or anything. It might be the point! -but it was heartless. This whole thing was a miserable and horrendous parody of what a real tournament fight was meant to be.. wasn't it?

When the charge meets the spot where the unfortunate girl should be smashed flat she's instead turtling down into a little ball. Delicate little thing all curled up, wrapping her arms and legs around herself while possibly cowering; in the least she was about to be trampled underfoot. The German karateka pops up, a light leaping uppercut into that bullish head, a seemingly tiny act of defiance as she's collected up and swept along anyway.

The Audience knows that's the finish if she has been hit by that. The End. Poor little thing to be facing such a brute anyway.

Plastered against Marduks body; Hitomi would not have disagreed in the slightest of at people thinking this was over. People thinking she was a poor little thing however, she had picked this fight and challenged Marduk. She had nobody to really blame or chastise for finding herself in this predicament other than herself.

Every decision up until now has been hers. Lead her right to this place and moment: Her arms bracing against and likewise finding her footing and in those chiselled muscles however she's carried along more like a passenger than intended target. Straining through her gritted teeth she clings for life, but if he falls or decides to faceplant on top of her - it's still all over.

She hadn't though this all though far enough. She needed a plan B and to action it right the heck now!! So? ... No sage words of wisdom she could recall. Nothing like this had really come up before. So, she would have to improvise and commit. C'mon me show some guts!


With supreme amounts of effort she vaults off, traveling in a high flung backwards arc with all the momentum he had imparted to her it's like she's leaping right back into the path of devastation ahead of him. Falling she starts to pirouette around, one leg spiralling around until it's extended vertically and she descends with a growling cry that rises as the two close together.

When the fight began he'd asked her something: Can you kick high? Her falling heel hooking behind the crown of his head she forcefully redirects the charge, and his head. She drives the charge downward into the floor beneath and applying a constant forceful pressure as she leans down onto the back of his neck, her other foot near carving a furrow into the flooring as the two of them continue to be propelled.

It reasoned out in her head, if she couldn't stop him once he got moving? -- Maybe he /Needed/ all that muscle just to try stopping himself or changing direction. If he got himself moving and she could use that force against him? It was worth a try!

Maintaining her hold wasn't easy, but every pound of pressure she added to the back of his head was ensuring he got the full benefit of his own attack returned to sender as well as applying the brakes.

Stopping before the pair of them hit a wall or something would be swell.

The startled crowd of spectators and cameramen are on their feet, more so those in the path of the attack moving to get well out of the way than anyone thinking to cheer for the goings on. The entire gymnasium holding their collective breath to see just how angry that guy is going to be after the girl went and did THAT.


And he is cut off, hard. Marduk is evaded and... caught. The unstoppable Marduk Express, the pain train that was pulling into the station, was suddenly, and violently, derailed. The train wreck was piling up now. Marduk could not be stopped; you couldn't stop something like that. But that thing can could wild. The charge keeps going as Marduk -slams- into the wall. The gym shudders, as the impact nearly carries the titan all the way through. Hitting the wall hard, he groans as he turns around, pulling himself from the outline of impact he made. He was furious. Who was this girl to make him look like an ass? It was this bitch's fault. When he got through with-

And Marduk suddenly starts to fall.

"Bitch... That's not fair..." Marduk gasps, as he starts lurching hard to the left. Stumbling, falls to the side, only stopping himself with a hand out. He was on one knee. The crawling weakness was consuming him. We was -well- past where he should be standing. His arms begin to tremble. He couldn't rise. He couldn't get up. He was tottering, on the edge. "Oh no. Oh no you don't." He mutters to himself. "Wuh wuh wuh. You are the dog man. You are the dog man now dog. Wuh wuh wuh. Wuh wuh wuh."


And he surges back up, lunging in, hands out, to wrap those fat fingers around her neck.

COMBATSYS: Marduk can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Hitomi blocks Marduk's Strangle Slam.

[                      \\\\\\\\  <
Hitomi           0/-------/---====|

And those fingers go around the neck.

Marduk lifts Hitomi to eye level, the grip only tight enough to hold on for now. But he looks her in the eyes, a cruel smile spreading over his lips as he flashes his teeth. He practically growls low at the girl. "Oh, I got you now bitch. You're done having fun, cause now? Now you're Marduk's girl. And when I'm through with you? You are gonna regret ever being such a god damn cock tease. Imma choke the whore out of you, right now, and you gonna cry, and you gonna... and you gonna..." Marduk blinks a moment.

And his eyes roll back in his head.

Marduk collapses backwards, his head just barely touching the remains of his bull charge into the wall. His hand still gripped around HItomi's neck, though not a deathlock vice grip. Marduk just lays there, on his back. Jaw slack. Body bruised. Beaten. Unconscious.


Has to throw herself forward and stumbles over the massive bulk of Marduk, falling to her knees behind him seems a small price to pay to escape being driven into the wall. She's slow to rise; her back and legs don't want to cooperate after the last jarring impact she'd self-inflicted. The fact she could hear him getting back up behind her spurring a wobbling attempt to make her escape.

His grab for her throat sends her into a real panic. With his kind of strength he might even try to pop her head clean off, her response is to raise both arms inside his own and push outwards with both forearms, it's a ploy that might've worked on an opponent with smaller or less muscular arms.

Instead she has to resort to grabbing at his thumbs and trying to peel them away from her vulnerable neck. She could barely breathe, once again lifted off the ground while the man slobbers and frothed. Barking in her face like -he- was a rabid dog. no - no! - No!! if she had to claw his eyes out to get away she would. When the eyes roll back in his head it's no relief, she doesn't know what's coming. The moment he falls back and drags her down with him she swings her arms around hard to try batting his hands away. Hauling back to attack again even as it begins to dawn on her that he's actually unconscious.

Kneeling on his abdomen with one quivering arm ready to smash into his face she just remains there as if the fight were suddenly paused. She wanted nothing more than to punch this guy in the face, it's the one thing she secretly had wanted for herself. The urge to do it and make sure he was down for the count. She needed it, like water or air or life itself. Kill the bad thing and ensure your safety.. it was primal, and it was entirely fear based.

Instead she lowers her fist.

That's not who she was or wanted to be, not what her father taught or what she wanted their school to be. As much as her tortured mind and body demanded it of her she had to refuse them. The spirit wins out.

She Swings herself over and up to her feet. Back to standing as she consciously raises a hand and folds it across her body to cover her cleavage. Still feeling self-conscious it's only a few seconds later that one of the fight staff throws his jacket across her back. It had been an amazing fight, she did an amazing job to win that. The Neo League guy feigning a charming smile that was his sincere best effort; He still flinches when she stares at back and up at him. She couldn't keep the accusations and hurt out of them. Why didn't they help her, why stand and watch that like it was a 'real' tournament fight?

It wasn't

"I'm fine. I'll .."

She wasn't much in a mood to celebrate though the relief was apparent for all to see. She just needed to ensure she was gone before 'he' woke up. The hood pulled up and over her face she needs the anonymity, it's like paper thin armor. Still she stops to pick up the rest of her uniform. Zipping the hoodie up she resolves herself to get out ASAP and get changed in another building.


She drags herself into her room at the Kasagi boarding house. The open letter of acceptance to a prominent Japanese college, arranged beside a colour palette like fan of job application forms sitting as they were left; a lined refill page roughly sketching out a budget in pink biro relating to food and rent. The contents of the desk were roughly all the colour in the room. The decor was Spartan and there was only room for her bike to be carried upstairs and laid against the wall and floor space for her trunks.

She was grateful for the European style bed rather than having to use a futon, pulling back the covers she crawls into bed still fully clothed, in jeans and t-shirt, drawing the pillow close to hug tightly to her chest and bury her face in. The covers pulled back over her until she's just completely isolated, shutting the world out. She'd won, it should have been exciting or glorious or.. something.

They didn't use the same kind of laundry detergents here in Japan; The sheets didn't smell like they did back home. She longed for and tried to recall the feel of her own bed, nestled away safely in her own room. Tightly hugging the pillow all she could think about were all the stuffed toys and things she'd left behind, all the stuff left as it was because she was in a rush to become recognized an adult and be able to strike out on her own. To come here and try to find Ein and make sure he was safe.

Alone now. Just for today. She wishes she never left home and was still cooking dinner with her Mom or cycling back from an expedition into the woods. She wished she could go home and it'd all be like it used to be. At least then there'd be someone to comfort her when the tears wouldn't stop.

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