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Description: Huitzilopotchli continues to walk Earthrealm in search of worthy warriors to fight for Outworld. Traveling the rooftops of Metro City, he encounters the long forgotten Gear, Testament, and he is only all too eager to join the coming slaughter against humanity.

A figure is perched upon the pristine white building that is City Hall as the sun sets. It's a dark figure, dark but pale, one that hasn't been seen in a long while. Pale skin, long black hair, black clothing with a tattered appearance that displays his legs from the right angle. It's Testament, long absent from the human world due to being rathr fed up with it all. But here he is today, for some reason. Why? Who knows. Maybe he's scouting for a new place to begin the terror anew?!

And he's not alone, either. His ever-present companion is with him, perched upon his shoulder. One of Testament's hands remains down at his side; the other he has lifted to stroke the black raven's feathers. He doesn't have his scythe with him. And he's not looking out over the human's disgusting city. He's actually looking at the sun. Watching it set, while seated on the edge of the roof, absently stroking the raven's feathers. An oddly quiet moment for a mass murderer...

Testament isn't the only dark figure a top the buildings tonight it seems. Another creature who is not quite from this world and yet is wanders the rooftops. Much like Testament, the being too is there to be as close as they can be to the sun, for it is the source of their power and what makes them, they.

Chanting, or perhaps a prayer? There is a man standing further away from where Testament looms down to the city. A man who is decidedly not human in nature. Turquoise skin, like gemstone, makes his flesh, glowing golden lines flowing across his body. He has his hands towards the setting sun offering it good travels as it sets no doubt, and as the night begins to set it so do the glowing lines across his body begin to fade as well. If he were not moving it might look like he's a statue, but there is very obvious life there. He begins to look over his shoulder, the long Quetzal feathers that adorn his Eagle Knight helmet swaying in the air. His eyes glowing, stare in the distance towards where Testament sits. It seems that this man is aware of the artificial Darkstalker's presence and that of his servant as well.

To be fair, it's hard not to be aware of Testament's presence, particularly when one has any sort of supernatural senses. 'The Distortion Gear' tends to ring those sorts of senses similarly to how it feels to use a titanium sledgehammer to strike a cowbell. Put bluntly, Testament tends to light up like a Christmas tree in supernatural senses. Besides that, the sense of death hanging around him is easy to sense. An essence of Mictlantecuhtli perhaps? Or Xolotl?

Whether Testament became aware of the presence of the turquoise-skinned man via magical senses or via visual acumen is unclear. However, what is clear is that, as the great Huitzilopochtli turns to look in Testament's direction, so too does the Gear's head sloooooowly turn in Kotal's direction. For a moment he silently regards the Emperor with one crimson eye, the other hidden under the fall of black hair. Perhaps creepily enough even his pupil, the normally black spot in the eye, is also red, shining back like the eyeshine of a raptor. Definitely serves to illustrate, if any more proof was needed, that he's no human.

"...You are not human," he observes, in a soft voice. His voice possesses an odd echoing sound, as if he was speaking with two voices that were exactly the same, but layered over each other. It almost sounds metallic, almost like it's artificial, but not quite.

The scent of death. Its all around this fellow. That is which Kotal senses first before he is even aware that there is an unnatural chi source nearby. Although the possibility of such deities making themselves known here such as Xolotl or Mictlantechuchtli.. or even the horror that would be to have Xipe Totec walking Earthrealm again, Huitzilopotchli doubts it is any of his brethren staring back at him. This chi is unfamiliar, metallic, artificial. Even as dark as it may be, something about it feels unnatural. Not in the sense that its not from this world, death is naught but part of life after all, more like, this chi was not made through natural means.

"Neither are you." Answers Kotal. Though he was moments before standing off in the distance, it appeared as if it only took one step for the Aztec deity to be right before Testament. He stood just outside reach, staring at the dark haired man on the building adjacent, the great chasm that lead to the streets below separating them. "A Darkstalker..?" Kotal's deep voice spoke with certain uncertainty, as if he was not entirely sure the creature before him really was one of the dark ones, even though all signs pointed for it to be so.

There's that too. The pale man's power definitely feels manufactured. No, this is no servant of the death gods. But the 'feel' is similar, if artificial. This man has killed. A lot. And he smells of poison, the nearer Kotal gets to him. Testament smirks at the observation that he is also not human. "I am not," he confirms. There is a Germanic-sounding accent to his words. As for the classification? "Broadly, yes. I'm a Gear, the result of humans' sin of hubris come back to haunt them."

It's true, Testament is pretty batshit. He also realizes that his words are a poor introduction. So he shifts, to stand... actually no, he just sort of... flows to his feet with an unnatural movement, as though his bones were nearly liquid. He manages not to disturb the raven on his shoulder. And speaking of that raven, a light of intelligence shines in its eyes that one normally wouldn't associate with a mere animal.

The raven takes flight, just as Testament places a hand to his chest and bows in greeting. "Call me Testament." The raven re-takes her perch when the Gear straightens. Clearly there's some communication between the two that isn't readily apparent. Of course, the sense of that the raven is 'something more' only adds to that feeling.

"A Gear?" Kotal repeats the title not entirely sure of himself, which is a rare case for the Aztec. Could it truly be possible? Testament doesn't outright say it, but if he's implying that the humans created them the Earthrealm is truly more gone that Kotal originally thought. To think, that these humans had gone as far as to 'create' Darkstalkers. Given the way Testament and feels, it was not simply through evil energy or intentions. To be sure, Testament was no youkai. Kotal could not feel the years of build up negative chi that needed to be there in order for a youkai take form. This felt.. forced. So very artificial. As if it had been pushed into one body through a machine.

Whatever apprehension Kotal felt at the very existence of Testament, he did not say it. Instead, he kept things formal, almost businesslike, as it is the way of the Mexica deity. He returns the bow in his own way, a hand over his chest for formal warrior salute. "I am Huitzilopotchli, God of War." The turquoise skinned man says with an imposing voice, his eyes glowing gold once again, clearly visible in the darkness of dusk. Eyes that stare both at Testament and his raven, by now being aware that there is something more about that bird that meets the eye. At the very least that one does feel like a more natural youkai.

"You can address me simply as Kotal however." For a deity he doesn't seem to be big on titles.

Testament nods once, slowly, to the inquisitive repeating of his particular breed of Darkstalker. He motions toward the raven. "This is Tset." The raven with the thin silver collar around its neck produces a soft 'awk' sound, and seems to bow to the turquoise-skinned man. Kotal's face is hard to read, even for Testament, even as long as he's been observing humans. Then again, Kotal is NOT human, so there's a chance that some of the principles of reading expressions don't apply to him. Testament decides that it's not strictly necessary to know it all, not right now. There's a measure of trust that Testament extends to the non-human set, by virtue of them not being human.

And indeed no, this is no human, but a god! Testament's brows raise. He isn't well-versed in Aztec and/or Mayan theology-- at least it sounds like one of the two. He is, however, wise enough to not ask. Instead he asks, "Have you been summoned by their hubris as well?" Looking out over the city for a moment, he comments, "I can smell the stench of their sin." He spits the words, as if he had something foul in his mouth. Then he looks back to Kotal. "Has it reached the Heavens finally? Are we to see a cleansing at last?"

...Yeah, there's a chance this guy's a little off his rocker. Of course, if he WAS created somehow, that's probably not altogether surprising. At least he's honest about his feelings, though. And speaking of his feelings, it's probably clear that he has no love for Earthrealmers. Honest monsters or false friends-- which is worse?

Kotal is surprisingly well mannered for a god of War. Though other deities like him might feel that it is below them to greet an animal, youkai or not, Kotal actually nods towards Tset, addressing the raven as if he were greeting a fair maiden. "Well met." He offers before he straightens up again, returning to his imposing height of seven feet. Those feathers of his continue to billow in the wind and most of his face becomes obscured by the beak of his Eagle Knight helmet, only his glowing eyes and yellow markings seen in the night.

Certainly, some people might consider Testament to be quite insane, and rightfully so! One that so quickly assumes that the end of days is upon them can't be right in the head can they? And yet, Kotal is someone who lived in Earthrealm a long time ago and is actually accustomed to this manner of reaction. Not only that, he is also a God and thus expects that his word be taken at face value. Not only does Testament earn his approval by his reaction, in Testament, Kotal sees the sort of eagerness he once saw in his very own Aztec priests and knights.

"Indeed." Affirms Huitzilopotchli without hesitation. "I have returned from my long slumber to pass judgment upon Earthrealm. The tides of war are now upon these lands and only the strongest and purest of them all will emerge from the cleansing fire. Only then, will humanity be able to start anew. Free from sin."

Is Kotal actually serious or is he simply making an elaborate act to align Testament's cause to his own? That much is impossible to tell. After all, he is a God, and his thought process is very alien from that of mortals. In this case, it appears that honest monsters are very much preferred, as it seems that Kotal is one such monster.

Testament's raven tilts her head to look at him out of one eye. Is it just one's imagination, but is the set of the raven's head and the way she dips her body down slightly almost... coquettish? Even Testament regards the raven with a raised brow. His expression is clearly amused, though. Perhaps a humorous bit of silent conversation passed between the two.

Oh, Testament doesn't just readily assume that the end of days had come. He welcomes it. Seeks it, even. To be fair, Testament isn't exactly throwing himself down on the ground to plead for mercy, or for... whatever it is that frightened or awed humans do when faced with a clearly superior being. But on the other hand he seems to realize that he's likely not as powerful as a being that's called gained the title of 'god', and is remembering his respect.

The words of the war god draw a nod from Testament. "I'm glad to hear this," he says. "You will need a powerful army. Individually they're quite weak, but they have an annoying tendency to band together." He seems to know this from experience. Perhaps he's tried to do some culling of the impure himself? The mention of 'pure' gets a thoughtful look. "I have never seen so few human I would call 'pure'," he notes. "They're all so covered in sin, both their own and others', that I don't know if many humans that are 'pure' exist anymore."

Whether he's serious or not, Kotal's words seem to have hit the right chord with Testament. He looks honestly pleased with how things have turned out. "If you'll have us with you, we'll serve your cause," he volunteers. "I'm definitely not weak, not anymore. And Tset has more capabilities than her form would indicate."

It's been a long time since Kotal walked Earthrealm. Now, even the descendant of his proud Mexica barely recognize him. Only those still clinging to tradition or enlightened sort know that he once existed and even they would hesitate to venerate him and offer sacrifices in his name as the people of Aztlan once did. Nevertheless, Kotal is still a God that is empowered greatly by worship, and though Testamanet doesn't immediately throw himself down to the ground to sing prayers to the name of Huitzilopotchli, Kotal does readily accept his offer asking naught what he would like in return. In truth, the chance to serve the War God and to eradicate all humans from this realm should be reward enough for anyone. For in truth, who would not give everything for the honor of fighting by Huitzilopotchli's side?

"You are correct, Testament. Even in their current corruption these mortals still present a challenge when clumped together." Is that perhaps a hint of pride hidden in Kotal's words? He even looks sideways to Metro City and rubs his chin with the ghost of a smile to his lips. "Mayhap I taught them too well."

He turns back to Testament and his strangely coquettish raven, Kotal still not bothering to question Tset's antics, after all youkai will be youkai. "I am indeed building an army, the likes of which Earthrealm has never seen. Though the Undefeated Army of Outworld still is stationed beyond the veil, I will need warriors from this world to bring the needed cataclysm."

The Aztec chuckles again at Testament's reaction of the possibility of 'pure' humans. "They were pure once. Free of this materialism that gnaws at their heart and soul. Before the time of pox, the Crusades, and the emergence of the Holy Order of Knights, before where humans knew better than believe they knew everything." Kotal clenches his fist. "Those days will come again."

Finally, Kotal simply nods. "I can sense the needed strength you, and the will to do what must be done."

"Come, I shall introduce you to your new brothers and sisters in arms."

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