Vega - The Warlords of Mexico

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Description: As Kotal reenters Earthrealm in his former land, he draws the attention of the warlord that currently calls Mexico his own. Once before Vega has appeared before an emmissary of Shao Kahn with an ultimatum, how will he handle a second insult?



The journey continues for the one who was once known as Huitzilopotchli by the Mexica. According to his cowboy hireling, the next stop in their journey to conquer Earthrealm is to travel to Metro City where they will likely find many disgruntled Darkstalkers willing to join the side of the Emperor.

For that however first they need to get out of Mexico, which has proven to be remarkably challenging despite both the Aztec and the cowboy being from this area. Granted, both of them left Earthrealm several hundred of years ago, but you'd think the landscape would at least remain the same.

Such doesn't seem to be the case. Security just across the border with this country known as the United States is tighter than the Emperor's palace. Kotal and Erron quickly found out that there was no way they could pass through the gates without slaughtering the border patrol and it was much too soon in their reconissance mission to start spilling the blood of mortals. That had been Ermac and Mileena's mistake, they killed people willy nilly and quickly brought the attention of the Earthrealm defenders. Kotal didn't plan to make the same mistake.

Wet foot prints are seen in the sand as a tall figure leaves the waters of Rio Grande. Kotal remains in his mortal guise, with his Mexican peasant garb and his skin of brown complexion. To anyone that might mistakenly look at the tall figure walking towards the city of El Paso, he might look like just another immigrant leaving Ciudad Juarez.

Only those that are truly attuned with the flows of chi in the world would know the truth. That it is in reality ancient Huitzilopotchli once again walking the realm of mortals.

Apparently Erron's idea of hijacking a car was short lived and Kotal decided to hoof it across the desert.

There are very few in this world that even know the existance of other 'Realms' on the outside of Earth itself. Even with the giant disaster that struck Metro City at the hands of Jedah and his Darkstalkers has failed to bring about much more than the fact that the people of the world know that the monsters they spoke of in myth and legend are real beings of flesh and blood that haunt the darkest spaces of the world.

The idea that there is an entire Empire beyond the walls of our reality would likely tear civilization to pieces. Those who know the truth are potentially as dangerous to Earth as they are to any invasion that may strike its soil.

As the prodigal son walks away from the land he had once called home, he is not alone. At first it comes as little more than the sensation of being watched, a sensation that would blossom from the hairs standing up on the back of the neck to a sensation like being drowned as it grew all the more intense. A normal person would be crushed with fear. A pinhole in reality starts it all, twisting existance about that single point as it seems to tear at it ferociously, expanding outward in all directions as if pulling in some impossible direction.

A portal composed of pure, dark willpower.

As it tears open to a size even greater than the giant form of Kotal himself, a new image begins to form in the deepest haze, slowly sliding free from the gateway with powerful arms crossed over his chest, not a single muscle apparently moving on his rigid form as it hovers ominously in the air before the former god.

"I'm almost impressed with the daring of your idiocy, choosing to appear within my own territory despite my warnings. Perhaps you wished to make it all the easier for me to annihilate you out of pity for your incompetence."

The sensation of being watched is unmistakable. Kotal has sensed such a leer before, in the form of the hateful stare of the Emperor of Outworld. Only a being of such incredible evil could unnerve someone like Huitzilopotchli. It is not even the sensation itself that bothers the Aztec God, its the fact that he's feeling it here in Earthrealm. An evil of such magnitude could only truly be at home in Outworld.. what could it possibly be doing here!?

For a fleeting second, the Aztec warrior in disguise is at a loss. He looks to one way and another thinking that it might truly be the Emperor himself watching over him. How could it be? The Emperor is far too powerful to push through the veil of reality. He would not come unless the seals are broken.

It is then that the portal opens and even Kotal in all his might is forced to take a few steps backwards. His arms brought up to shield his face.

But in instant, all trepidation, all concern that Kotal could possibly have felt about this presence vanishes instantly. All because the figure chooses to say certain words.

Did he just claim that this was -his- territory??

"What did you just say!!??"

Suddenly, a beam of light falls from the sun itself and the entirety of the desert begins to glow with incandescent heat. Gone is the dark skinned man that was walking the soils of this desert. In his stead is an Aztec Eagle Knight, his skin the color of turquoise gemstone, and glowing eyes much like miniature suns staring upwards at the flying figure.

"The lands of Aztlan are mine."

"I am Huitzilopotchli. The true God of the Mexica. Who are you that dares tread my soils??"

Blank white eyes stare back down at the so-called God, the face that they sit centered in is like stone carved into an expression of pure distaste. A body built to hold perfection of muscle wrapped in the 'civilized' trappings of a warlord in perfect crimson that sits so well-tailored on this body that it hugs it like a second skin.

"You insiginificant fool," Vega's voice is deep and dripping with derision, carrying all the weight of his power, "You stand there draped in the trappings of a people lost to time, so pathetic that they fell subservient to conquest and exist as little more than a memory. Whatever claim you held on these lands vanished like dust in the wind as your empires crumbled."

The warlord's face twists into an unpleasant smirk as he continues, "I am not blind to where you come from, you are no God, simply the lapdog of a so-called Emperor unable to wield his power. This land belongs to me, by right of strength. This world belongs to me.

"...And soon enough your Empire shall crumble by my hands, and all of reality will bow before the might of Lord Vega."

"Conquest!?" The warlord who is not garbed in crimson clothes asks incredulously. "You think my Mexica fell prey to petty conquest!?" From beneath the beak of his Eagle Knight helmet, Kotal can almost be heard scoffing.

"How readily you show your ignorance through your words, crimson one. Then again, it was because of pedantic self-serving fools such as yourself that I finally came to the conclusion Earthrealm had no hope of ever achieving its true glory."

It seems the more Vega talks, the more amused Kotal becomes by his words. "Your rhetoric truly goes beyond comprehension. You are deluded enough to think that you can even hope to match the Emperor??" Kotal chuckles darkly, it is a grim laugh devoid of any joy, only morbid surprise as he is unable to comprehend what he's hearing. "How little do you mortals truly know of what lies beyond. Even if by some miracle were you able to get past my forces, the Emperor will wipe you off the soles of his boots as though you were naught but an insignificant gnat."

"Or do you really think you are the first warlord to ever challenge his rule?" Something in Kotal voice says that he himself knows of the futility of standing against of Shao Kahn.

"Don't underestimate me, you pathetic curr," Vega allows himself to lower closer to the ground without a moving a muscle. "The one who made a mistake is your Shao Khan. He dared to send an envoy into my world without my permission, and I gave him a message to your Emperor with an offer to parley with me. His choice to ignore me was the greatest mistake he will ever make."

Finally the Dictator of Shadaloo, the Heavenly King, unfolds one of his hands, holding it out before him with his fingers splayed wide as he summons a small faction of his Psycho Power as if a flame in his hand. To a moral soul, the show of power would freeze the spirit itself in fear, but it's purity of evil rings clearly with even the most powerful. There is no spark of good anywhere, and this perfection of vileness burns with incredible strength.

"I don't just intend to stand alone with my forces against your master. Though they may be unworthy of standing as my equal, I have pulled together the strongest leaders this world has to offer. We will unit the Earth with all it's might to smash the pathetic forces of your Empire. All the Realms will cower in fear, and they will see soon enough how insignificant Shao Khan is compared to the will of Vega."

A mortal soul would indeed be paralyzed with fear. There is no duality in Vega's power, no light where there is dark, no good where is evil, only one of the extremes and nothing more in such a void.

A void much like Outworld.

Kotal sees the flame offered by Vega and he sees nothing in it other than mere recognition. There is no good in Outworld, a literal Hell conjured by the emotions of mortals. A realm where the greatest agonizing sensation are given shape of flesh and bone. Kotal sees Vega's power and it merely serves as a reminder of what Outworld is.

The Aztec does not move where he stands as Vega floats closer. He looks up with glowing burning eyes up to the warlord and scowls. "How foolish can you be, o' so called Lord Vega?" Says Huitzilopotchli with a frown etched on his turquoise features. "You cannot ask a parley with the Emperor." Of course, what Kotal doesn't say is that Shao Kahn actually -can't- cross the veil until Earthrealm's barriers have been weakened, otherwise there would be no point sending a strike force first. Hence why there exists the tournament of Mortal Kombat.. though that.. is another can of worms.

All Kotal does in regards to Vega's request of speaking with the Emperor is give a sly smile and answer. "But by all means, try and summoning him, you would do me a great favor."

Vega's claim of uniting Earthrealm forces against Shao Kahn is honestly surprising, and for a moment Kotal's glowing eyes widen. "Truly?" This follows a narrowing of his sun like eyes. "If the people of Earthrealm are pathetic enough to start following the likes of you then this realm is truly beyond hope. We would only be doing them a favor with an invasion"

"But we shall see the veracity of your claims soon enough, o' Lord Vega. If the leaders of Earthrealm truly decide to put their vanity aside and unite as you say, then perhaps, maybe, we shall have a worthy battle." Smirks he. "A battle that may be even be fit for a God of War such as I."

Letting out a dismissive huff, Vega snuffs the Psycho Power from his fingers and crosses his arms over his chest once again, "The people of this world already saw once what they stand to lose if they allow others to lay claim to this world. Perhaps you have spent far too much time kneeling at the feet of your master to remember that only a fool would allow outsiders to lay claim to their world."

Compared to an invasion from another world, Majigen was but a minor spark in the kitchen in the face of a potential house fire. The fear was there... the fear made Vega all the more powerful, fueling the inferno that was his perfect soul. Under the threat of an invasion from another world, his Psycho Power would be unmatched.

"You expect to bring in your war to our world, but it's quite clear that Shao Kahn has never had the power to succeed. I have heard enough from my own scouts to know that he has ruled for hundreds of years, and yet my world stands strong. But when faced with the choice between a conquerer swarming the Earth and laying claim to it by force or agreeing to stand with me as its protector, the people of Earth will gladly kneel before my might."

Slowly the dictator lowers himself to the point where his feet barely stand above the ground itself. "However, I made a promise to the last one of you pathetic currs that I would deal with any further incursions into my territory with a great deal of violence. Perhaps after I return what's left of you, Shao Kahn will realize the error of his ways and grovel at my feet. If he doesn't, I will enjoy making him suffer."

"The devil that you know, is it?" Kotal is very aware of the kind of tactics that Vega plans to employ. He has not lived thousands of years himself without realizing that fear is a very powerful weapon to employ. In comparison to the threat of Shao Kahn, Vega might indeed be seen as a savior to his people, any sane human would take being ruled by a fellow human than by a demonic warlord from another dimension. There is something that Vega has failed to consider however, and that is that many a key mortal would benefit greatly from an Outworld invasion.

After all, it is that very reason why the Outworld forces have someone like Erron Black in their ranks.

"A beaten dog may fear its master, Vega." Kotal even has the gall of addressing Vega by name without calling him lord first. "But the moment you turn your back on him it will strike."

"We will see for how long your tenuous alliance built in fear lasts."

Once Vega proclaims his challenge, Kotal can only give a similar dismissive scoff. "Fortunately for you a battle against you would not be beneficial for me here."

"We shall battle soon, Crimson One. And when we do it will be upon the eyes of the people that you terrorize. They shall known that their overlord is naught but a mortal and that he cannot protect them from what comes."

Truly, Kotal is only walking across the desert by choice. If he wanted to he could arrive at any given location via way of Shang Tsung's magic.

A swirling green portal appears next to him and the Aztec warlord takes a step back into it, only his glowing eyes and tattoos shinning through the swirling darkness.

"And as for my lands of Aztlan."

"If you want them that bad."

"I will bury you in them, just as I did with the Spanish."

"You will stay here.. forever."

The portal closes.


As the emissary of Outworld makes his retreat, Vega watches the portal carefully. He has not reached the heights of power he currently possesses by being a complete fool; Outworld has a great deal of power behind it, but it's not easy to move between Earth and these other Realms. Let that fool think that he merely plans to stand as a barrier between the people of Earth and an invasion.

No, already his allies have made their way into the other Realms, laid claim to the valuable beasts that hide beyond the veil of reality and begun to turn them to their own cause by force. Soon enough they would find a way to strike directly at the heart of this other Empire and tear it down. It didn't matter how many centuries or millinnea it hade stood, it had never faced the power of Vega.

Yes, if the dictator could simply harness a body capable of withstanding the true might of his Psycho Power, nothing in this world or the next would be able to withstand him. The fact that Shao Kahn had chosen to send more scouts into this world would mean that timetables would need to be accelerated, and his allies would need to know.

War was coming, and the destruction would be glorius.

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