Juri - Unleashed

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Description: A new age is dawning, augmented human beings capable of remarkable feats and ushering in a new age for humanity. The world is ready for --ese brave men and women ----ith augmented purposssh-tey-caan-keepp-ep-ep us all-ssssht-in your own.KSSSSHT *blip* - You can't create a purpose built monster and then whine when it stomps on a few buildings, that's merely a price to pay for having some little control over what power you've built. The real secret dread is that the leash will someday slip on that power, or it will collide with another monster.

Location: South City (scenario: BA:E#311) _CMS|CONTAINMENT_
SUBJ: In flight : 35.664036, 139.698211.

Connecting to...

Connection lost.

Connecting to...

Connection lost.

Giving in and picking up the phone instead the voice on the other end was distant, distorted just slightly by the encoding and decryption programs and relative distance but clearly distinctive as the voice of the intended recipient of the call.

"I was wondering when you'd call! --if you want something done, then you're going to have to ask nicely."

That infuriating tone the only thing that carries pitch perfectly as the operator quickly begins to explain the situation. He had less than two minutes to get his point across.

An enclosed shopping mall like so many American's might expect, but instead it's more of an outdoor park, where people can stroll down the paved streets--no cars are allowed within the mall grounds--and look at all the different shops lining the street. At intervals there are small parks, each containing several benches and tables. Nearby, specialty shops offer food of all kinds, allowing visitors a large variety of consumables and treats, small rides and attractions set up on one of the green's to encourage adults to bring young children.

A mother wiping at the face of her young son as they sit at a table enjoying the evening air and ice-cream after an early dinner and the neon lights of the city are starting to come alive.

A row of bollards meant to keep traffic out of the area bursts asunder an unmarked uniform grey van punches through at high speeds scattering the metal and uprooted concrete while skidding into a pair of food stalls and coming to a sudden abrupt halt.

Radiator leaking out a continuous billowing cloud of steam the vehicle still rocks on it's axis before the sliding door is thrown aside and unusual looking men pile out of the van much to the astonishment of the horrified crowds, poised as they are to flee.

Panicked and sweaty already one of the mean raises a strange looking arm into the air, a prolonged thudding blast of heavy machine gun fire; the surreal pause is broken the with terrified screams and running the stampede begins. People running in all directions as the men likewise take to their heels, all seemingly terrified and heavily armed there's occasional additional weapons fire as terrible cyborg soldiers fire at anything that manages to spook them further.An explosion and rain of debris as one of them opens up with a shoulder mounted rocket launcher; closing the curtain on an otherwise peaceful and uneventful night out.

Chaos is an unpleasant opera. Most hear its tell tale melody of screams accompanied by the instrumental of weaponry and either find themselves unable to move out of fear or they are sent scattering in all other directions. There are a few in the world who have trained themselves to overcome this fear and become the heroes who rush in when destruction and wanton violence rear their ugly head.

To Bryan Fury it is a siren song.

The replicant has been freed from all the trappings of civilized life by the gift of death and the glory of rebirth. The only flaw in this new life is that there is a limit on it. Somewhere inside his rebuilt interior is a simple power source, a power source that could only be charged by the man who gifted him with this new body: Doctor Abel. It was a leash to control the attack dog; without it Bryan would have no concern for what his creator would demand of him, so for the time being he had only one extra duty: collect data on the cybernetic creations of Doctor Abel's rivals.

For the moment, it appeared that Bryan had the good fortune that the Aria of Chaos was playing for this particular target.

The former Interpol Detective had managed to track down rumors of a rogue group of military-grade cyborgs in the Southtown area, even located one of the warehouses they had been using as a hiding place. All that was left was to launch his assault and take what he needed, but then something else had spooked them, sent them fleeing carelessly through the city, and so Bryan was forced to follow at a distance.

Until they'd made their mistake. A reckless crash like this meant that they'd need to find new transport or hunker down. The only downside was that there were so many eyes here that he'd need to act quickly if he hoped to retrieve his reward before the local police began to interfere.

It was a good thing he'd been prepared.

It had been almost trivial to make his way around to the side of the mall and up onto one of the nearby roofs, shotgun clenched tight in his hands. They'd begun to spread out to secure the location, just like military training would demand. The flaw in their plan was that it forced them to spread out.

One target left near the back, some form of machine gun replacing his forearm. In a moment of anticipation, an unpleasant grin spreads across Fury's face before he surrenders to his baser instincts, leaping down off the roof as a psychotic laugh fills the air:


As he falls, the replicant unloads his shotgun, nearly emptying its reserve as shot after shot hits its target, much of it deflecting off armor as the other cyborg instinctively begins to unload machine gun rounds into the gray-haired monster to no avail. It all comes to a head as Fury lands, smashing the barrel of his shotgun through his target's teeth, slamming it against the back of his throat with the force of the landing, and then pulling the trigger to send a gory spray of flesh, bone, and gray matter splattering across the paved pathway.


On the further away side of the compound a rapid series of explosions clusters around a small area as the weapon is discharged in a wild and panicked manner. Blossoms of orange colour giving way to showers of bright sparks that rain down, like fireworks detonating at ground level. The explosions only cease when he's fairly sure he must've hit that woman, she was only still there for an instant but he definitely saw her.

'Crap, did I overdo it!? Khhhhrrr, either we get the monsters or they'll get us! ...that bitch!!"

Was she dead, blown to smithereens? The warm glow of the fires was clearly illuminating the civilians around who'd been hurt or knocked around by the explosives and yet he keeps swivelling nervously, peering into shadows and pointing the rocket launcher at the slightest of noises and toppling piece of stall or display. Sweat dripping off of him.

Patter! The soft whisk of fabric and that dreaded low key whistle.

Bare feet muffling her landing yet the woman dropping in a few feet behind him while making no effort to conceal her presence. She likes the way he jerks in place without even immediately turning to face her. At this range, he probably knew he was already dead but she's just drawing it out to savour the moment.

"You say something?"

The muted squeal turns into a beast's defiant roar as he sweeps the muzzle of the launcher around to aim it at Juri Han. That same spot in the distance a rocket spirals up into the air in an odd upward trajectory before falling at random into the parks, the destruction continues a moment longer and ends with a CRUNCH.

Her thigh nestled against the front of the man's throat and calf behind his neck she eases up on the pressure as the life ebbs out of him, pinned to the ground as he was and struggling for his life she asserts greater strength with force to decisively finish. One down, three left to go! The job was rather fun so far as they had some nice toys to play with, but were hardly cutting edge or challenging. They died well enough she supposed.

Now where was the next one... the machinegun fire had stopped. That was annoying. If they went to ground it'd take longer to root them all out and it was easier to find them if they were waving those flashy weapons about. The safety of the civilans was no concern of hers.

In one of the central parks one of the men has throught to try taking hostages, if the police get here fast enough he might be able to bargain with them for his own safety. Bionic eyes scan over the few people he's managed to ensnare and he keeps them all covered. 'Oi, I know you're out there! Don't come any closer or I'll kill the hostages. I will!!'

His threat ellicits more panic and cringing in the hostages, one of whom using her body to try shielding the child in her arms. Still no response just yet from the police but the foot traffic has managed to filter out of the area. The only people left here, are the ones who don't want to be trapped in this nightmare.

The shotgun barrel is pulled free of the first cyborg's remains and tossed aside, it's payload fully dispersed into the no-longer moving threat in Fury's moment of pure excitement. It was a tool, and with the sound of explosions ringing from the other end of the mall, it was a tool he didn't have the time to waste reloading.

No, Bryan Fury's body had been turned into a masterful weapon of its own.

All around the rising replicant are cowering bodies, terrified to risk drawing the attention of the new arrival, uncertain whether the man who had dispatched the threat was a savior or some new greater devil. But none of the civlians draw a hint of attention from Fury's sunken, blue eyes as they turn over the carnage. They are scenery in the warzone, and whether they live or die means nothing.

As Bryan begins to stalk further through the mall, the people scatter for freedom the moment he's moved passed them. To minds pressed against the animalistic nature of their own fear, the hunter that preys upon their own predators is divine salvation.

"Die, you piece of shit!"

The shout is the prelude to the deafening sound of bullets erupting out of one of the shattered store fronts. The air all around Fury fills with a horizontal hailstorm of lead as one of the rogue cyborgs tries to take the surprise advantage on the unidentified, shirtless man. Shrieks of pain and blood erupt from the people unlucky enough to be caught in this cone of devastation.

But none of it comes from Fury.

With that hateful smirk on his face, the replicant charges his attacker, bullets ricocheting off his cybernetic interior as he pounces on the dumbfounded attacker. Bryan launches himself into the air, clearing over the remains of the store window as he comes down on top of the other cyborg, pinning him to the ground as he begins to unleash a relentless barrage of fists into his target's face. Bones crack and blood sprays as gasps of protest are overwhelmed by the brutality of it all. And all the while, Fury looks on to his handiwork with a sadistic glee in his eyes as he creates a masterpiece of massacre.

'Damn, what's taking them so long?! They couldn't have..."

Tensing and whipping about! The artifical eyed man turns setting his sights on a figure standing at the edge of his peripheral vision. The scare seems unwarranted as it's clearly one of his comrades, the rifle barrel lowering just a hair in relief. 'What happened? Did you finish either of them off..? where's the monster bitch now??' The hysterical barking catches in his throat as the body drops to its knees and then face plants in the grass, unmoving. The woman standing behind with her hand remaining where she had been holding him upright.

"Eeeeeh, I'm that famous?"

Maybe within S.I.N. she was close to the #1 attack dog the organization thought it had leashed, certainly by reputation and in keeping some of the other experiments in line, she was often starved for things to do and hungry for excitement. But if he knew about her by name and what secrets she had - well, He had to disappear. That's right? These were S.I.N. troopers who thought they could run away and take this precious tech with them, just because it was hardwired into their bodies. Amatuers!

'one step closer and I'll kill my hostages!' the gun sweeps over the helpless and cowering people while Juri starts leisurely strolling forward, her face screwing up in disbelief that a threat like that might work on her she draws to a stop. Hand resting on her hip she shakes her head at the idea, bangs swaying she can't even express the disappointment with the naivete she is confronted with.

"Nah, I think I'll just end it now, you don't object.. do you?"

The screaming rises in pitch to coincide with the purple light and building whine that begins filling the plaza, when it's reached crescendo and begins falling away most of the clearing immediately surrounding the girl is free and clear. Hostages lying still as their captors, the only sound at all is the mewling of some stupid little brat and far distant sound of sirens.


She calls out into the darkness while seemingly remaining at ease, It's simple math someone else is out there; she hadn't seen who it was just yet but there wasn't enough weapon fire ongoing. No chatter on the squad wide radio the four deserters were carrying. Something else out there was poaching prey from her.

The bloody haze of violence starts to recede to levels that no longer blind Bryan Fury to the world around him as the current target of his gleeful sadism loses the right to be called anything more than a corpse.

There had been screaming of some sort, but now that's fallen away. There wasn't any gunfire, either. They should have been attempting to regroup, or communicate somehow. They'd shown enough initiative to have had some manner of squad tactics and situational awareness before, which means something else must have happened.

And it wasn't the police.

Curiously, there wasn't even the hint of sirens in the distance, yet. An attack like this should have had any officer within a half-dozen blocks swarming on location immediately to at least secure the perimeter, but instead all he could hear was crying and burning.

With his fists still caked in blood and other biomater, Fury rises up from his position over the cyborg's body, grabbing it by the collar as he stands. If something is after his prize, then he's going to want to keep an eye on at least one of them. Whatever threat is out there could try to distract him and take what he was after.

Now dragging a corpse, the shirtless replicant steps out of the demolished storefront as he reenters the footpath running up and down the mall. A quick glance is offered to the section he'd already cleared (now mostly emptied of all the living in that direction aside from a few unable to move), then turns his attention to the other end of the operational theater.

Through the haze of destruction, Bryan Fury never would have been able to get any sort of clear picture while he was still alive, but his cybernetic vision catches in on a figure still standing above it all looking unafraid.

In almost complete silence he prowls down the path toward his new target, still hauling the body behind him, his face settled into its default scowl as he feels a temporary lull in the bliss of battle.

She had time to kill.

Enough to deal with two more targets who were mysteriously absent, this whole scenario was a gift plopped right in her lap. Good karma maybe to balance out the tiresome and mundane tests she'd been undergoing nearby, and this was her lollipop!

"Hey! Won't you come out here already?"

Her voice carries sharp and sweet in the asking when she's calling out at volume but it's that reverberating echo that sounds so like her normal speaking voice, as she continues the volume falls away. The effort of calling out to some coward to come out of the shadows was tiring in of itself, and it might be disappointing.

"I want to play some more you know!"

Still nothing.

She might just decide to pick up and-the dragging noises finally reach her ears and she leans around to cast her gaze off in the direction of it. A toppled streetlight makes the shadow approaching all the more impressive in her eyes, even at this distance she can easily identify the uniform colours of the 'thing' being dragged.

That wasn't too shabby, he had her attention for certain. The bare chested man certainly meets her expectations and surpasses them just a little. Torso ravaged by a few deep scars, military fatigue pants and a small arsenal wound around his thighs and bound to his waist. The girl deigns to turn fully to face the new entrant and actually leans forward for a better look. What information the Feng Shui engine could read was.. off, wrong, Not normal for a human in the slightest. Well, there was a second gift after all!

"Why Hello there. Are you all for me? - Because I don't like to share."

Her eyes roam extensively, but she doesn't think he's her type. The looking was free though, and some girls were into older men. All she was picking up on with the looking was that he looked like a hell of a party favour to brighten her day.

Compared to the technology packaged away in the Feng Shui Engine, Bryan Fury's eyes were hardly a marvel designed more to help find a target than to learn about what they were actually capable of. If Doctor Abel had any idea that the level of potential held in that eye was possible, he might well have even given it priority over the cybernetics of Doctor Bosconovitch.

However, he could clearly see the body of one of the mechanized soldiers not far from her feet, and given that every other living thing in the area besides the two of them was busy stewing in the chains of fear, it was easy enough to put together the fact that this woman was responsible for taking out half of his prize.

The replicant comes to a complete halt a dozen feet from the the lithe woman, finally letting go of his prize and letting it hit the pavement with a wet thump, blood still dripping from his knuckles as he stands in complete silence for long enough that it feels as though it must be filled with something.

And then he laughs.


The mother still clutching at her child in terror clenches up in response to the psychotic sound, hugging her son so close to her that it was as if she was trying to shield him inside her own body.

The scowl on his face has been replaced by his unnerving grin as everything begins to shift into place.

"More fun when it isn't easy."

COMBATSYS: Bryan has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bryan            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Juri has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Juri             0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Bryan

One eye drifting closed Juri gives the 'old guy' an increasingly skeptical look as he just dissolves into the creepy laughter like that. It irritates her no end since she's not sure if she's being mocked or not taken seriously enough. The dead guy at his feet was proof the old guy had some moves, she didn't dispute it but throughout his entire sinister laugh thin she merely endures silently and ultimately shrugs disrespectfully.

She'd heard better, and -that- was like a song she couldn't get out of her head. This! was like a remix of an old well-established track. The similarities set her on edge, seemingly bringing out the teenager most strongly in the girl; full-force. All ready to tell you that you suck and how lame you're being right now! There was little respect for the theatre of the art.

Between that and the kid crying she was starting to get pissed off!

"Look, gramps! I don't have all night her-"

The moment that the girl starts to speak rather than throw herself into the fight, it becomes clearly obvious to Bryan that he's going to have to get things started. The only reason why he even cared about these cyborgs was because it would give him more of an opportunity to keep fighting, to enjoy the wonderful pleasure of eternal havok.

Surging forward to clear the distance between between himself and the girl, Fury moves with a remarkable amount of speed, powered by his need to see just what this impatient girl was capable of. She'd taken out two of these cyborgs, which must mean she'd be an even more wonderful challenge than they had been.

he opening between them vanish, Bryan Fury lashes out, drawing his leg up behind him and then lashing out, thrusting forward with a knee strike aimed at her midsection. If he knocked the air out of her, perhaps she'd waste less time chatting.

COMBATSYS: Juri parries Bryan's Medium Kick!

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Juri             0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0            Bryan

Juri remain's standing as she did full of openings and clearly becoming disenfranchised with beating up on the elderly. Where's the fun on picking a fight with some guy who had already lost his mind, how could she tell if she even broke him? Her words of complaint are cut-off with the lunge, her tentative and sluggish defense: she raises her leg in what appears to be a hastily timed attempt to block, eyes appearing wide with fright she sails into the air with the moment of impact, bounced up with the force of the blow.

The smile creeping across her face as she rolls backwards in the air and the foot firmly planted atop the attacking knee propels her back and away, she has to arch her back and start herself flipping backwards in a crescent to even stay in close, rather than be catapulted away by that power.


Juri bursts to life as the spin rapidly accelerates into a vertical helicoptering of continuous kicks with both legs, a bright and festive pinwheel of purple laced energy and violent strikes.


Juri wasn't naturally an infighter, but she shows no fear in dealing with someone intent on pressuring her or getting in close. Her mood lightening up a little she wasn't even aware of the smile plastered across her face.

COMBATSYS: Bryan endures Juri's Senpusha EX.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Juri             0/-------/---====|====---\-------\0            Bryan

The moment that the woman's foot hits Bryan's body, something immediately becomes clear:

It's like hitting a tank coated in a thin layer of meat.

While the kicks themselves seem to be barely effective, that lingering energy makes up for it. This is something that Fury has never really experienced. It's not like the winds or the flames of his recent battles, it's as if its cutting through directly to his nerves, stabbing at his brain in some impossible way, regardless of where it hits. Not even getting a sword stabbed clear through his body was enough to bring this level of suffering to the replicant.

And yet he doesn't budge an inch. His legs absorbing each and every strike as it rocks him back. After being rebuilt to live again, Bryan Fury never expected to feel so utterly weak in the face of an opponent. To feel the actual worry that this fight could be his last if he made the wrong mistake.

It's enough to make him laugh.


As the assault comes to an end, the replicant reacts immediately, lunging out to grab hold of this incredible weapon by her wrist and wrenching his body about as he turns, dragging her behind his back as he twists around to launch into a violent thrust kick to her back before using the momentum of his spin to slip into a sweeping low kick to drop her legs out from under her. Before she can hit the ground, her bursts back out of the lower stance, launching the girl up into the air with a third blow from his heel, then immediately catching her out of the air to send her crashing into the ground with a twisting elbow.

COMBATSYS: Juri blocks Bryan's Anaconda Assassin.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Juri             0/-------/--=====|-------\-------\0            Bryan

Juri narrows her eyes as the series of impacts fail to drive the guy back. Hit after hit and he isn't pushed off or her or thrown away. If anything it's battering her own arms and legs like she was intent on breaking them on an immovable object. Juri starts extending her arm, ready to turn the dying moment of the senpusha into a quick series of back-somersaults to buy her some breathing space and work out what move she should make-

The fist closed and seizing hold of her wrist rips her out of the air, mid movement. The strain on her body is immense but she can quickly adapt to avoid injuring herself. Jerked around she reacts to the kick at the small of her back by hopping up and curling her back enough to bleed off some of that momentum, as she lands heavily the sweep collides with her legs and she responds by fluidly dropping into her back and posing the least amount of resistance she can. By the third movement of this dance she's worked out the tempo at least and meets the rising blow with crossed forearms, it even helps her with starting to regain her feet. After that move she's right way up with enough room to lower her legs to the ground, the elbow connects hard but she tries to use it to her advantage, his spin can become her momentum.

Welcoming the strike and fact it she is already falling she hits the ground already transitioning into a fast sweeping kick that tears up a swath of grass and pebbles the same time she tears at the back of his boot heels to topple him.

Her arms are battered and exhausted in the space of a few seconds, teeth rattling from the impacts but she defended herself admirably. What the hell again!! Is up with this guy?

COMBATSYS: Bryan blocks Juri's Spin Kick.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////           ]
Juri             0/-------/--=====|=------\-------\0            Bryan

This girl is remarkably quick, and the fact that she can stand up to Bryan's newly enhanced strength is remarkable. Since his rebirth, Fury had faced opponents of incredible potential beyond anything he'd ever truly expected to face in his life, but those had felt like battles on which he nearly stood on even ground.

With this, for the first time since he'd been reborn, Bryan Fury knew what it felt like to be humbled; to face someone who viewed you on practically the same level as he'd viewed the other cyborgs that had been so easily crushed at his hands.

This was magnificent.

If he was right about just how much of a threat this girl was, would he even be able to make it back to Doctor Abel in time to be repaired or would this be his final battle?

As she lashed out for his legs, she manages to catch him clean, draw his foot out from beneath him, but there's no sign of actually tumbling. No, as he leans back, his other foot remains firmly planting on the ground as if nothing were wrong. It's almost trivial the way he lowers his foot to the ground.

This was it. Without that strange energy of her's, Bryan was still a machine built for war. Whatever it was, that was her real ace in the hole.

But he needed to see just how much she could withstand if she wasn't able to avoid him. Perhaps she would crumple with a few direct hits, or maybe he had truly and completely met his match.

Bryan needed to know.

A pleased smirk on his face, the replicant charges back in, his left hand cocked low at his side, fist turned up as it draws back at waist height. The moment he gets within reach, it comes rocketing forward, fired with all the potential his mechanical arms could manage, aimed directly for the girl's gut. With the sort of recoil little else besides a masterwork servo could manage, the same hand draws back and fires three more punches inside of a few heartbeats.

COMBATSYS: Juri counters Vulcan Cannon from Bryan with Kasatushi.

[   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Juri             0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0            Bryan

The fact he was still looming over her even as she was still rising, she'd hit but like she'd rolled with his strikes he was now doing the same to her. Still all up in her face! She tries manoeuvring backwards to open up some room between them, the way he coils down around that fist and starts winding up for the inevitable charging attack he would unleash any second. Pressured and back peddling the girl just sets her heels stubbornly and refuses to fall back any further. So what if he was going to advance on her?! He should be afraid of her, the power she had in her corner now. He should be afraid, if that was still something he could experience.

"You want me! ..WELL come and get me!!"

Juri even beckons him to come at her finger curling and hunkering down forward to match posture though she has no apparent options to match his. Her left eye bursting to vibrant life and colour as with renewed purpose; its wielder gives the impression she's decided to give not one inch more. He wants to break her down.. she'll break him first!

That fist punch, skyrocketing at her, right down the middle at her gut giving her the least defensive options despite her slim stature, theoretically however she could move to try and ward him off she'd have to deal with his speed and power and how well he could change to match.

But, there's no impact, her bangs parting with the force directed at her midsection before she even started to move. The offending fist strikes empty air as she seemingly floats sideways and zips past and falls behind as though Bryan were travelling much too far and fast, bypassing her completely or cleaving right through. Instead it's the girl who is moving quickly in the opposing direction giving that perception as she flies-by in the other direction into the powerful spinning palm slap aimed at the root of his spine, in the small of his back above the pelvis.

The hand slaps against human flesh, he wasn't a machine.. or made of iron. It was her imagination playing tricks on her. The impact of her strike is weak, hardly notable but the stream of energy projecting off from that hand and trying to core straight through. That was what she drives home with all her strength.

Fall! Fall-god-damn-it!

This speed!

This energy!

There's absolutely no defense that Bryan Fury could mount against this! Once more this strange power flows into him, cleaving at his body in ways that no tangible threat could! If he were standing against an entire unit of soldiers, armed and ready for him, he feels certain that he could stand a better chance against them than he can this impossible girl.

But still, he just needed to lay a hand on her, to see what she was made of. With the warnings that his mechanized body was beginning to shout at him, he knew that he had little chance to beat someone this potent, but he just needed to see whether or not his body could do anything to her.

Would she laugh it off?

Would she crumple in pain?

The answer to that question was what truly mattered right now. The mission that had sent him here didn't matter compared to that. He could barely even feel that ancient part of the brain that fought for survival over all else, buried as it was by his lust for conflict.

Pivoting on his boot heel, he turns to face the girl, his face split by a maniacal smile as he lunges to grab her by the neck, to immobilize her just long enough for her agility to fail her. Then he begins to laugh as he lashes out with a knee aimed for her gut, filled with enough power to send her flying into the air as his hands let go only to lash out with a vicious right that could have sent her reeling were it not for the left and was prepared to launch the girl in the other direction only to yet again be cut short as his right goes straight with enough strength to send her crashing through the playground equipment nearby.


COMBATSYS: Bryan successfully hits Juri with Chains of Misery.
- Power hit! -

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Juri             1/-----==/=======|-------\-------\0            Bryan

That had to be it, he'd be done in by a move that powerf-

As he instead wheel around to confront her again she recoils but it's not fast enough to escape the grasping hand closing around her throat and lifting her higher, onto her toes while her own arms pull back to try wrestling herself free. This was just absurdity - he wouldn't die ... she kept hammering it home but it just wouldn't take root.


Face twisted in panic her jaw drops open and hangs there with the first hit, air expelled from her lungs and pupils narrowing with the force of the knee in her gut. She's soft, genuinely authentic human, and all there is to give under the strain of those impacts are muscle, bone and all those vital meaty organs.

The vicious cancan leaves her hanging in the air, crumpling in a new direction with each successive strike. The final blow sends her crashing into a dome shaped slide, the hollowed concrete dome with a cartoonish smiling face on the side shatters inward as it hasn't the strength in it to stop the Juri han-shaped projectile.

The only sound from within for seconds afterwards is the slow crumbing of materials from around the edge of the new doorway into the structure and it's pitch black interior. The girl inside jerkily climbs back to her feet, forcing her hands away from comforting her wounds she reaches out to the doorway either side of her and steps back out. Her face lowered the entire time and eyes hidden from view in the contour of shadow she advances past the shower of dust and back out into the clearing.

"You've done it now..."

He'd hurt her, she was genuinely hurt.. Shameful injuries that'd take time to heal, compounded by her own failure to avoid or anticipate what was coming. Her lips peel back into a grimace and very quickly escalates out of control.


Demented she releases all the limiters on the Feng Shui Engine and rev's the living hell out of the thing. Her own body can't even contain the power leaking out of her muscle fibre and seeping out through her pores. The device in her eye socket screaming away in a high pitched tone but it's being matched by her own throaty growl that's building alongside it.


The moment she kicks off she leaves detritus hanging is the air as she speeds around toward Bryan intent on finishing him by whatever means necessary, a raging woman intent on his destruction and the flurry of carnage she can inflict while under the intoxicating effects of the engine. Fist or foot, tooth and claw she'll carve her pain into his flesh.

COMBATSYS: Bryan endures Juri's Feng Shui Engine.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >                                ]
Juri             0/-------/-======|======-\-------\0            Bryan

"Show me."

Words were so rarely worth the effort for Bryan Fury. It wasn't that he was too stupid to know how to speak or had lost the ability during the process of being brought back from the dead. No, Bryan Fury had simply realized that he didn't care about the little expectations of humanity. He found no pleasure in winning battles of wits, and he knew that you could bring anger to an opponent without a single phrase.

No, Fury spoke now because he saw the glory in this explosion of rage. He'd felt the mortality of this opponent that had seemed utterly untouchable just moments ago. If she had been holding back, it was worth the risk that he might not survive just to see the true potential stored within her.

Pain is temporary, a moment to experience the perfection of chaos would survive until his end.

It is merely a bonus that in this moment he sees the truth behind the girl's power: much the way this new body had gifted him with impossible new strength, so too did that eye grant her a potency beyond the limits of her body. Whethere it fueled her rage to grant her this strange energy or her rage fueled it, the two came together in the beautiful harmony of destruction.

As his body was treated to an unending suffering, Bryan's mind was too lost in these new revelations to even care. Even the system warnings that begin to flare violently across his vision warning that his cybernetic structures couldn't survive more of this do nothing to take away from this moment.

Each blow is a reminder that he could achieve so much more.

The blood (he was never quite certain if it was real or simply a part of the machine that matched that terrific crimson hue) spilling from almost every part of his body pulls him back in. He has a mission still to accomplish, and only one opportunity to achieve any measure of success. As the crecendo of the Aria of Brutality is nearing, Bryan manages to still move his right hand, pulling one of the grenades free of his belt and hooking his thumb in the pin. The very moment he feels the final forceful blow strike him, he flicks his thumb, yanking the pin as his fingers release, dropping the grenade to the ground at the girl's feet as his body is sent crashing through one of the benches lining the roadway.

"HU HU HA HA HA HA HA! Wonderful!"

The word is the last thing he offers as he struggles to his feet just in time for the grenade to go off, providing him perhaps just enough time to rush his failing body back to the entrance of the mall. Its servos still functioning enough that he's able to haul the first cyborg he downed up off the ground and over his shoulders before barreling out into the city proper. With the police still not yet here, it would be simple enough to disappear back into the underbelly of the city.

COMBATSYS: Bryan can no longer fight.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/-======|

COMBATSYS: Juri dodges Bryan's Huge Thrown Object.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Juri             0/-------/-======|

The violet fog of her rage lifting Juri actually experiences a faint moment of relief. That got him, That sent him flying away!! Poised on one leg with her arms held up in a loose parody of fighting form she lets her foot dangle. Fists and feet all screaming in protest at her barehanded battery of the guy; What was he made out of that beating on him was causing her pain just making clean hits on naked flesh.

The reverie and satisfaction is cut short as she notices the object rolling right into and settling against her bare foot. With incredulous glance downward and hiss of anger she starts dropping into a low stance toward it and vanishes immediately in the flash of light. The eruption of shrapnel and smoke possibly centred right at her feet. Half a second later she falls out of the air from her spring away and sticks the landing while compacting down to one knee, spinning her arms around herself to bleed away the remaining momentum. The structure groaning even under her lightweight frame with much protest despite the successful and showy escape.

With the smoke clearing, the woman still perched atop the playground equipment animatedly begins scanning the area, was this all a joke? He was nowhere in sight despite that creepy laugh moments earlier. She'd considered advancing on him to finish the job until the old codger had dropped a bomb at her feet, the sound of laughter after meaning he was hardly down and out of action. And so she waited... for nothing!


He wasn't dead, but he was gone. He'd had his fun and then taken off, what his objectives were or why he'd gotten involved she had no idea. Her cell phone wasn't forthcoming with any input; the thing falls apart in her hands when she takes it out to inspect it. Casualty of war. But that also meant there was no new Intel, no orders she could consider following. She was alone and out of communication.

"This leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

She could hang out here and wait for the SIN teams to arrive and secure their hardware; she knew where two corpses were for certain. She just didn't care to make their job any easier and after all that play and then being denied at what seemed the climactic moment. She wasn't in any mood to humour anyone.

" No fair finishing before I've had my fun Geezer. Next time I won't let you off so easy. YOU HEAR ME!!"

The Cagey old bastard. She learned later that one of the corpses hadn't been recovered. Guessing he'd got what he came for, everything after that- like his fight with her was just icing on the cake. Maybe the tech was worth it, she had no interest in it. The most important part to her was that'd he'd seemingly gotten everything he wanted. Everyone sensible giving her a wide berth and working on avoiding upsetting her, kid's gloves for days afterward.

COMBATSYS: Juri has ended the fight here.

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