KOF 2016 - KOF Stage 2: Sonic Assault vs Team Interpol

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Description: Ni Hao! For the upper bracket matches, Sonic Assault will be facing down Team Interpol. With the respective leads of Guile facing off against Sergei, it will be a straight forward match along the ramparts of the wall. In spite of strict crackdowns from the Chinese government, however, there is a great deal of contreversy over the presence of HitBit in this fight from the government... and the presence of Interpol from the public. Both Sonic Assault and Team Interpol may need to find time to manage hostile government officials AND angry crowds while forcing their way through this match.<Winner: Team Interpol>

The King of Fighters tournament had received a great honor of being allowed to host a fight at the Great Wall of China. The fight was to take place at the First Pass Under Heaven. The crowds massed in the courtyard shouting in varied yells of excitement or anger. The phrase "Lady Killer" was shouted in 6 differnt languages. The masses were kept of the wall itself by barriers and armed soldiers.

The top side of the wall watched several government officials and businessmen from the sides. Many of the officials were looking around, for something. Within the tower was the VIP section. The fight would be right in front of it and would seat dignitaries, fight officials, the fighters and any special guests they bring.

As the crowds grew waiting for the fight, a Russian helicopter flew overhead. Due to the high tensions of the crowds a special entrance for some of the attendees had been negotiated for security reasons. The helicopter lowered near a far end of the wall just enough for the passengers to jump off. From the helicopter came Sergei Dragunov the White Angle of Death... followed by General Zima and two armed escorts. The four walked past the respectable viewers and entered the VIP section. Zima sat down at a pearl white table and pulled out a bottle of vodka.

Guile may seem like a typical American, brash, boorish and supremely confident, but his experience around the world at least keeps him from being ignorant of the importance of other cultures. So he has healthy respect for the Great Wall of China, fueled by his respect for Chun-Li; for that reason his entry to the fight area is more sedate. He climbs up a set of stairs, cresting the top of the wall and casually placing a big, beefy hand atop it to vault over onto the wall proper.

Of course, even with that respect, he's still American, and so he's wearing his mirrored aviators, at least until he almost ceremonially doffs them, folding the earpieces and tucking the mirrored glasses into his shirt pocket. He's chosen to wear a combat version of his dress uniform--tougher than the regular, but still sharp, he whips a comb from his back pocket and teases his hair up, then whips it back and clenches his hands into fists.

Taking a set of warmup punches, he ends with a slicing high roundhouse kick, turning him all the around before he drops his leg. Almost disdainfully he looks at Sergei with his vodka, and says, in that deep American voice, "Easy operation..."

Daniel Jack really, really was having a tough time in China.

The Agent of Interpol was over by the VIP tables, dressed in his Interpol greys. He wasn't drinking. He couldn't. Government restrictions. No, there was alcohol being served to other people. The chinese government just made sure that they wouldn't be served to HIM. Sober Daniel was not a happy Daniel at these kinds of events, especially with people avoiding him. Not that Daniel wasn't bad about avoiding people too. After his encounter outside of Pao Pao Cafe, and how Sergei reacted, he was very nervous about this fight. In fact, when Zima and Sergei show up by helicopter, Daniel Jack actually stands up, and walks to the side of the wall. He didn't want to be anywhere near Zima. Daniel Jack reaches the edge of the wall, looking down at the cordon set up...

And promptly gets hit by a rotten cabbage thrown by a protester.

For the first time, Daniel Jack hears the phrase 'Lady Killer' in Muong. Followed by shouts of what he assumes is 'help' in Muong, as the government officials begin to beat down the offender. Daniel Jack steps away from the wall, wiping off his suit jacket. This whole lockdown disgusted him. This whole protest humiliated him. And now, Team Interpol was going to face down Sonic Assault. Daniel felt... pretty okay with that. The detective looks around from the sidelines at the wall. There was one person he wanted to meet. He very MUCH wanted to meet again, after that attack on the UN.

Where the heck was Charlie?

Zima sat idly sipping Vodka. He was watching, waiting, and listening. The crowds of protesters being suppressed by a red nation brought back so many memories. He even had a nostalgic grin on his face from the old days.

Sergei remained standing until he spotted Guile entering. Knowing what to do next, the Spetsnaz made his way to the ring. He was heading towards a fight with a fellow military man. For some this would possible distract them, make them hold back. For Dragunov, it was the inverse. When he fought others with military training, he treated it less like a fighting match, and more like a war game. When he stood in the ring, his face had the fainted hint of a smile.

Miguel heard Lee talk about his sister. Miguel's head was down, his rage almost tearing him asunder. The round house kick that follows almost does just that. He rose from the ground and dusted himself off. He would make this vain manipulator pay for what he did.

Then Miguel started to laugh along with him. He just smiled along with Lee and laughed. "You remind me of her fiance you know" Miguel chuckled. Lee had quite a contagious laugh. He kept laughing as he closed in onto Lee. He then asked "You know what happened to him when I found out he was going marry my sister?". Miguel gave the answer with a punch that would send the leech flying across the sand leaving a blood stained drag line.

Guile, in contrast, has his lips set in what looks like a permanent frown, the kind of stern look that parents tell their kids their faces will freeze into. Striding forward, he goes to meet Sergei midway, his steps purposeful, solid. He doesn't, however, offer Sergei a hand. He can see the military training in Sergei's stance, even without the uniform; it's every bit as evident to him as his training must be to Sergei. So he can tell--Sergei's going to take this seriously.

That's fine by him. Guile stands there, looking imposing, beefy arms crossed in front of that barrel chest. Where's Charlie? Not here. And maybe he won't need to show up at all... though Guile wouldn't make that claim yet. He's strong, and trained, but he does know--there are stronger out there.

Where's Charlie indeed. It seems strange that the Airman's partner and team leader wasn't there. Then again, he did have quite the battle last time where Miguel brought him to the brink and then slammed him over it. But the former US Martial Arts Champion didn't seem like the kind to let a beating like that keep him from another round.

So where was he? Well...

"SOMERSAULT!!" Currently? He was acting as a...well, what was Chinese for 'Slap Chop'? Because that's essentially what he was doing in trying to fight back the storm of rotten foodstuffs and other easily thrown protest projectiles trying to attack the fighters and the KoF staff during the protest.

Sure, they should have the right to protest and if not for the risk of causing international incident (any more than the technically AWOL Air Force Officers and Daniel's very presence already presented), he would have intervened in the rather excessive beatdown of the protesters. As it is...he can only do so much before he too is forced to take to the stairs, making his way up to the top of the wall to join his partner. "Jesus. This is as bad as I've ever seen. Where's Chun-Li to help smooth things over?" he groused outloud as he tried to help push the unlucky KoF staff who were left on the ground level forward and up.

The crowd roared as the fighters met each other in the ring. The guests went forward to watch with baited breath. Sergei slowly began to hunch over, preparing himself. He watched his foe carefully, this man was fearsome...

But Sergei was feared.

Sergei probably is feared--but not by Guile. But... this could be dicey. Guile reaches into his pocket and snags his aviators and, without looking, slings them back towards Charlie. He knows his friend and mentor will do what's right with them. Returning his attention forward, Guile's ice-blue eyes focus in on Sergei for a good long moment, boring in on the Russian.


Then his arms come up, taking a standard boxing stance, though he's more centered, not leaning forward as much, his knees bent to lower his center of gravity a touch.

"C'mon," he says, beckoning his opponent forward.

COMBATSYS: Guile has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Guile            0/-------/------=|

COMBATSYS: Guile focuses on his next action.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Guile            0/-------/------=|

And there was Charlie.

It looked like the All-American Hero (the other All American Hero) was busy putting up with the angry crowd as well. Glancing warily at General Zima's postion between here and the way down, Daniel Jack decides that no, he was not interested in talking to the General at this time, or any time. As Sergei and his opponent gets into place, the detective sticks his hands in his pockets, and cuts over to talk to an old friend.

He had to talk about a Program.

"Well, Well, Major Nash."

Daniel Jack approaches Major Nash, actively ignoring General Zima. "Remember me? Daniel Little, from Interpol. Remember that whole United Nations incident? The one with the creepy gothic thing that flayed me? Good times, good times." Daniel Jack coughs, and thumbs over towards the edge of the wall. "You mind I talk to you about something, Major? I meant to hook you up before this tournament, but uh, it looks like things played out differently. It's about your old project."

"I think we might have something up your alley about that, you dig?"

The fight had been started yet Guile just started to pump himself up it seemed. Sergei took it as an opportunity. Sergei approached warily, arms up in a defensive stance. The Spetsnaz would reach out one arm at Guile's shoulder. The grab would stabilize the quick leg sweep Sergei would bring.

Zima sat up straight to get a better view. He then leaned over to a women nearby. With vodka on his breath he told her. "Now with Dragunov anything he grapples he destroys" He then had to prevent himself from falling onto the floor. One of his men took away the bottle.

COMBATSYS: Sergei has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Guile            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0           Sergei

COMBATSYS: Guile blocks Sergei's Quick Throw.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Guile            0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Sergei

It was only a literal second before Nash finally got to the top of the stairs on the tower before he had his hand up to catch Guile's Aviators. He turned toward his partner, a quick nod before slipping the sunglasses into his vest pocket, the one normally reserved for his own glasses. Looking back over the edge, he saw the protests down below and frowned.

At least until he had his attention drawn elsewhere by a familiar voice. "...Agent LIttle," he said rather brusquely. THen again, it really seemed like the wrong time for re-introductions of this sort. "I remember it. But if you wanted to talk shop, it might have to wait. Especially since there's a chance you and I are going to be up next," he said. "Not to mention I'm rather short on trust at the moment after that mess."

"Hnh!" is Guile's response as Sergei grabs and pulls on him. A leg takedown is standard; Guile is expecting it, and falls with it, rolling to absorb the impact, using the momentum to pop himself back up to his feet.

"Not bad," comments Guile, with the faintest hint of a grin, the ghost of it, crossing his lips. Blink and you'll miss it. He squares himself up again and moves forward in his deliberate sidle, unhurried, taking a moment to build an offensive plan.

It starts with a series of left jabs, shot like a boxer, each individually weak, a testing punch, a feinting punch, until the last one, where he leans back fractionally, twisting his body to his right--and then twisting it forward, leaning into the right straight that he launches like a cannon shot, aimed for Sergei's jaw.

COMBATSYS: Sergei auto-guards Guile's Medium Punch.

[ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Guile            0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0           Sergei

Sergei kept careful control of the fight so far. When Guile came in with a strike, Sergei saw the punch coming. Keeping up quite quickly, Sergei sent his fist upwards at the punch. The blow is stopped and Sergei was still perfectly fine.

Dragunov could tell Guile was vulnerable, and the White Angle of Death would show him the door. He brought down his hand across the American's chest. His left arm would follow, and it would end with his right arm preforming an upward strike.

The locals were outraged. Any time one of these fights is staged at a landmark, damage is wrought. It wouldn't matter at one of those young countries like the US or Canada, but China has over /four thousand years/ of culture to keep current. These super-powered fighters are powerful enough to destroy the well-preserved First Pass Under Heaven in literal seconds, should they set their mind to it.

And destruction isn't the only cause for protests -- officials of an organization called HitBit Inc have been questioned regarding the strange devices found at the sites of the KOF qualifying and first round fights. Details are hazy, and just as with the last tournament, HitBit Inc has refused to release a definitive statement detailing their connection to the unusual devices. Though that hasn't deterred them from setting up stations high upon the Zhendong Tower, or the adjacent towers overlooking the fight venue, or the ramparts lining the wall.

It's definitely cause for concern.

All throughout the crowd, the numerous protesters are keeping the local security forces busy. The government -- profiting handsomely from their arrangement with the King of Fighters organizers, of course -- has a vested interest in keeping the riffraff off the wall. A number of security professionals, both governmental and privatized security forces, have risen to the lucrative challenge, and as has already been demonstrated, "civil rights violations" are less of a problem in overpopulated China than in other places.

Dispersed throughout the crowd, though, are a handful of protesters who might have eluded the watchful eye. Fifteen have been kept their heads down, and not raised a fuss, obeying the rules like good citizens ought to. No one seems to mind the funny hats they are wearing -- it's hard to even see them amongst the people throwing up their arms in righteous indignation at the proceeding fight. The sixteenth, wearing a qi pao in delicate red silk, is looking up at the armed guards as they dispatch one gentleman crying out in Muong. She wrinkles her nose -- her Italian features look a little out of place with the chinese acoutrements. But she says nothing at the time, simply passing a look through the crowd.

The hats of the quiet protesters can likely be seen though, to anyone scanning the crowd.

They are not walking through the crowd of protesters.
They are hopping.

"We're rivals, not enemies." Daniel Jack was smooth, talking steadily. "Besides, while I think Guile's great, I have a feeling I'm gonna be facing off against you. Don't worry about the timing, this is a friendly match. I mean, we're both international enforcer teams. You guys are, well, some of the greatest I've seen. And us? Well." Daniel Jack gives a wink.

"I got my boss to get your Program started."

Daniel Jack smiles broadly. "Now the details are a little different, I've expanded the vision a bit after that... United Nations incident. But right now, Lieutenant Lita Luwanda, Sergei Dragunov, myself, and Hon- well Hon-Fu hasn't made up his mind yet. But I got the backing of Interpol, and I got just enough people. The only thing missing is the visionary behind it." Daniel Jack points double fingerguns at Charlie. "Major Nash. If we don't talk about this here, you know my reputation, I'm just gonna talk about it in the ring. Besides." And he gives his winning smile, as the crowds grow into a confused murmur over the strangers on the wall.

"You can trust me."

Major Nash doesn't look quite so pleased about Daniel's continued chattiness. It's rather...distracting after all, and he's juggling a lot of things he needs to process. The protest down below was getting rather problematic, both the actual protest and the response by authorities. Again though...international incident. Just as something curious about the ones in the hats starts to pique though, Daniel brings up the Program.

Now, Agent Little has Charlie's attention. "...this still isn't the place to talk about this," he says, a warily glance around. "Lets arrange something after the fight. There's too many hostile eyes and ears around to get too into talking business."

COMBATSYS: Guile endures Sergei's Death's Door.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////// ]
Guile            0/-------/--=====|==-----\-------\0           Sergei

It's time to test Sergei. Or, rather, to test himself. Guile sees the man coming--and braces himself. Not to deflect the attacks, but to withstand them. Sergei may expect the combination to knock Guile down, or away, but the American stands firm; of course it hurts, and a definite sign of that is the tightening around his eyes, the exhale of breath. But men such as Guile--such as Sergei--pride themselves on their ability to withstand. To endure. The right-armed blow's momentum is redirected, twisted.

Guile uses it to throw himself into a leaping, spinning kick--rotating mostly his lower half around and striking with his left heel. He also uses the motion to move himself backwards--not much, just enough to create a minute separation gap between him and his opponent.

COMBATSYS: Sergei blocks Guile's Rolling Sobat.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Guile            0/-------/-======|===----\-------\0           Sergei

Sergei was keeping the pressure on the American, and he would not be letting up. When the spiraling Guile came barreling with his kick at the Spetsnaz. Sergei merely shielded himself from the kick.

Sergei then went in with force. The Russian charged forwards at the American. He would grab him by his shoulders. If he got hold, he would bash him against the ramparts. Guile would be at the mercy of the mob.

COMBATSYS: Guile fails to interrupt Strong Throw from Sergei with Flash Kick EX.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Guile            1/-----==/=======|====---\-------\0           Sergei

Guile sees the oncoming Russian and crouches down, preparing himself to awaken the man to the nature of this fight---but it's him who gets the rude awakening. Just as he rises, the man reaches him--and bullrushes him straight into the wall.

Guile's breath leaves his lungs in an large, involuntary rush, his back spasming painfully as he slams into it; it's all he can do to twist himself away from Sergei and roll away, just gaining some distance before popping himself back up. The expression on his face is undaunted--but wary. He's certainly at a disadvantage now... but he is a soldier. He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit'. Slowly, almost ceremonially, he raises his arms back up to a guard position, settling back into his stance, bobbing back and forth like a boxer.

Sergei left the American breathless, and was still in strong. He could sense that Guile was starting to falter. To continue with his hunt, the Spetsnaz encroached closer. Sergei shuffled to Guile's left side. The Russian shot his hand out at Guile's arm to grab it. He would pull it down and hook his other arm around Guile's chest. He would force the American down onto his back. Sergei would then grab Guile's leg, and bring his boot down on his pelvis.

Dragunov was thrilled at this fight, it had been too long since he had a proper fight with an acceptable opponent. He was so enthralled in it, he did not even notice the HitBit sensors trained on him.

COMBATSYS: Sergei successfully hits Guile with Tarantula Sting.
- Power hit! -

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////////   ]
Guile            1/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=====--\-------\0           Sergei

It seems as though Guile is at the mercy of this man. Dragged, forced onto his back--pelvis stomped--there isn't quite the crack of bone, but his thigh certainly gets dislocated. Even Guile cannot remain stoic in the face of that; he yells, a voiceless, wordless shout of extreme pain, a hot knife rammed into his hip. It enables him to twist away, rolling around on the ground for a moment, and then he seems to seize upon himself.

Another good roll, bringing his dislocated leg high in the air--and he uses the wall itself to reseat the joint, a manuever as impressive as it is equally painful. Clearly the joint isn't quite right--or even mostly right--as he lists when he rises. But he does rise, his breathing heavy, his body bowed... and his eyes burning with that ice blue, determination shining through.

He doesn't have any words--his jaw is clenched to keep from crying out with pain when he moves--but for all that abuse he's still on his feet.

Hobbled, for a moment he stands, and then he shakes out his injured leg, widening his stance. His arms flex, as he throws them to either side, yellow-green auras of energy flaring around his wrists as he gathers energy.

Through his clenched teeth, he growls, as he lashes his arms forward, across his body, unleashing the built-up energy into a whirling storm of a projectile, a pair of scythes spinning around each other and towards Sergei.

COMBATSYS: Sergei endures Guile's Sonic Boom.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Guile            2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\1           Sergei

The hopping citizens are wearing a most... unusual style of dress. The garments are those an official from the Qing Dynasty might wear: a long coat of silk, with voluminous sleeves. They each wear a round-topped, tall-rimmed hat, that jostles about with each of their stiff movements. The other protesters are so laser-focused upon their protesting that they haven't even really noticed the greenish-white skin of the hopping people. Before long, all fifteen are in roughly the same vicinity as one another, centered around the Italian.

The sixteenth figure, in a Mandarin qi pao, shares a similarly odd skin tone, though the shadow cast by the oil-paper umbrella upon her shoulder disguises some of the effect of her skin's blue cast. She looks up at the melee. Her keen, Majigen-augmented hearing picks up a familiar voice, from the familiar face she had seen earlier. But, just then, she hears a sickening crunch of bone and sinew, and frowns.
It's hard for -anyone- in the courtyard to see what's going on ten meters above.

"Tch. These fine people helped -build- the gate you're standing on," says the Italian to no one in particular. She went to so much trouble to blend in, picking out the finest red silk. An exquisitely-detailed dragon crafted of golden thread climbs up the front of the garment, its shimmering form taking a number of sinuous, scandalous detours along its silken red canvas. Her eyes are lined with violet eyeshadow, setting off the deep crimson irises even moreso. Her fingers play upon the length of the umbrella balanced upon her shoulder; she extends a finger into the gusting wind, seemingly lost in thought for a moment.

And then the unfurled umbrella is suddenly -hurled- into the sky, carried by the wind. A long silken strand hovers along behind it -- and the Italian is soon tugged into the air as well.

That is when the people start to notice.
And that is when the people begin to /scream/, as the sudden ascension of Dr. Fio Tessitore draws attention to the mob of undead jiangshi clustered around her. When she ascends into the sky, the nearest stiff-armed Chinese zombie grabs hold of her ankle -- to be pulled upwards as well. Tessitore is jarred slightly, but the wind's strength intensifies -- she's holding firm.
A second jiangshi repeats the process. Then a third. Before long, there are ten. It looks ludicrous -- and it would be, if the hollow, long-dead jiangshi weren't so freakishly light. As it grows, the amalgamation looks like a leaning tower of corpses, topped by the ever-beautiful Dr. Tessitore with a malicious smirk.

The tower of ten jiangshi leans, as the weight finally exceeds the limit of the umbrella. Tess tosses it away, sending it sailing into the distance, and the top jiangshi releases her, allowing her to step free from the tower.
And onto the wall. Amidst the panicked masses below, her voice is clear: "Such a pitiful view down there. It's a shame that the People's Republic of China won't allow the people to view this fight..."
She looks upon Guile, wincing again. That looked... /ouch/.

By now, the lead jiangshi has fallen, his arms clutching the end of the ramparts tightly. The tower is cocked at a roughly 60-degree angle, with five jiangshi standing below. Who then begin to walk -up- the bridge of undead, even as the people in the crowd give them wide berth.
It's bad luck, after all, to look upon a jiangshi.

General Zima was sitting and enjoying Dragunov really showing himself. Then they happened. The horrible disgusting things making their way onto the wall. And with them was the vile sin against nature that caused Dragunov' torment, Tessitore. Zima rose immediately and barked at his men. "Get your pistols trained on them right now! Do not open fire unless they get directly hostile, we do not want civilians hurt." Zima no longer seemed inebriated like before. While his men rushed over to deal with the monstrosities, Zima turned towards Sergei. "Finish off the American first Dragunov, we will take care of this for now." Zima remained standing, keeping a careful watch.

Sergei followed his orders as instructed, and dealt with the American's attack with haste. Sergei braced himself for the blast. His expression was unmoving as the sonic blast struck him despite that pain he suffered from it. In fact, he was able to spy a weak point of Guile.

Sergei approached the American. He brought his leg up to Guile's shoulder. He would hook his heel on his shoulder, then twist and drag him to the ground and grab hold of Guile's leg. He would then roll away and twist the American's leg in a way it was not meant too.

COMBATSYS: Guile interrupts Mantis Heel from Sergei with Somersault Explosion.

[                        \\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Guile            0/-------/----<<<|=======\====---\1           Sergei

Guile is in just a bit too much pain, too focused on what's in front of him, to really noticed the hopping vampires and Tess. Or he might just be like, okay okay stop this fight what the <good old red white and blue American curse>. But for now, he's got to deal with a potentially murderous Commie. He'd expected Sergei to weather the Sonic Boom; even as he threw it, he was preparing for a line of defense.

Sergei's heel certainly lands on Guile's shoulder. And it certainly forces him down. But then Guile explodes upwards.


Suddenly Guile is ripping through the air, a vicious, from-crouching vertical kick carrying Sergei up with him, enhanced by what can only be considered a solid blade of sonic chi, as Guile lunges upwards and flips over--then, at the top of his jump, rights himself and brings his right leg down and uses his heel to slam Sergei back down into the bricks of the Wall.

The American lands a moment later, stumbling but still up. "We're not done yet, -comrade-," grunts the USAF1LT.

"It's a date."

Daniel Jack gives Charlie a wink, and a nudge. "Just make sure you leave me able to talk afterwards, you dig!" Things were looking up for Daniel. Sergei was handling Guile pretty steadily. Team Interpol would be leaving King of Fighters either as an international force, or even finalists! Charlie was interested, and maybe he could get Guile too; their presence in the Task Force would be invaluable in the legitimacy of the organization. And there was hopping vampires, flying up with a tower and-

"Oh no."

"Oh GOD no."

Daniel Jack rushes to the wall, looking down aways to the tower of terror, and a very, very familiar, alluring individual, in a dress that showed off all the curves, and just enough leg, and Daniel Jack just starts licking his lips, half-lidded eyes across to that fine specimen of spiderlady. Some of the vampires even looked good-


Daniel Jack turns over to the panicked Zima.


Daniel Jack hated this. He couldn't reach her now. He only could reach one person, one person he didn't want to talk to. Tess wasn't here to start anything, she wouldn't dare. She wouldn't do that to Daniel. But she... she was in danger. Everyone was in danger of making the greatest mistake of their lives. He rushes past Charlie, zooming towards General Zima. He reaches out, putting a hand on the general's shoulder. "General Zima, you cannot make any military action against Fio. Have you men stand down." He looks over at Dr. Tessitore, sweat coming down his brow.

"Please, General, you have to understand."

The Chinese guards had already raised their rifles at Dr. Tessitore. Had already taken aim to fire. And yet, the blue-skinned doctor simply raises the back of her hand to her mouth and laughs. Laughs and laughs.
The guards may have been spooked by the four jet-black arachnid arms sprouting out of her back, admittedly.

As the first jiangshi to use the zombie-bridge alights upon the wall, Tessitore begins to advance forward even as the confused Chinese guardsmen hesitate. They may be in doubt as to what's about to happen, but the doctor is confident the situation is under hand. She approaches the nearest guard, biting her lower lip as she leans over to get a better look at his eyes. "< I seem to have left our invitations in my other dress... I hope you don't mind...? >"
There is less hesitation from the guards, and quite a bit more congeniality, with that gesture -- which Fio notes with an appreciative grin.

Tess beckons her jiangshi -- the five of them -- to follow her as she approaches the VIP section of Zhendong Tower. Tess then notices Daniel, and General Zima. "Oh, so -that's- where you've been hiding," she coos to Daniel, folding her (human) arms lazily across her stomach, while her (arachnid) arms beckon the hopping undead to take a position nearby. She does not actually -enter- the VIP area -- no. For as General Zima notes, civilians and foreign nationals could get hurt -- and this is less of a possibility if she actually -enters- a building.

But, slight wrinkle: now there are a handful of younger, living flesh-and-blood Chinese protesters who have decided to take the opportunity of following the first five jiangshi up the bridge.
The guards are -really- confused now.

"Daniel... aren't you going to introduce me?"

General Zima was contemplating what could happen, and was fearful of the unpredictability this creature possessed. Then the concerned little Agent Little grabbed his shoulder. Zima turned reflexively swinging his arm. He looked at the fear and terror on Little's face. Then he saw an opportunity to move things ahead of schedule without having to force Daniel.

Zima donned an artificial tone of regret and bowed his head. "But what can we do Little? We know almost nothing! If only we knew more about them, then we would not have to shoot her and cut her up for an autopsy." Zima then raised his head and eyed Daniel. "But if we knew everything we could possibly know, then we would not have to act rashly."

Once the hybrid approached the VIP section Zima acted quickly. He barked in Russian at his escorts. Then he threw down his bottle at one of the corpses, shattering the glass into an uncountable number of shards. Then one of the escorts went to Tessitore's side and pointed his gun at her. Zima started to reach for his own pistol.

Sergei could hear the trouble brewing. He needed to take down the American now. Sergei was on the wall and went to a stand. He was called a communist, and his foe was still standing. The Guile decided to pose. Sergei saw him turn and rushed in. He went to hoist himself up off Guile shoulders. Once there, we would put Guile's head between his legs. It would force him down, and then Sergei would give a little twist.

COMBATSYS: Sergei successfully hits Guile with Absolute Silence.

[                                < >  ///////////////               ]
Guile            1/-----<</<<<<<<<|====---\-------\0           Sergei

It's damage that would kill an ordinary man. Actually, the pelvis stomp would have outright ended the careers of most; Sergei certainly possesses enough raw strength to create a comminuted fracture--to powder the bones. Certainly the neck twist that he subjects the already-injured Guile to would--should--probably kill him. And for a moment, at least, as Guile drops face-first to the ground, it certainly would seem like that.

But Guile is America, distilled. Just before the officials are ready to declare victory, he rolls over. His head is... canted. Something is not right in his neck, something that will probably take surgery to fix. But he doesn't have time for that right now. He really isn't even properly conscious; it's his fighting spirit that's keeping him going, as he mechanically climbs to his feet.

"Not... yet..." he grates, and then he lunges, body moving on autopilot, firing off a series of punches and kicks, a vicious, brutal assault designed to target all the soft, vulnerable points on the body. It's a brief storm, and, hit or miss, he collapses at the end of it, falling to the floor unceremoniously.

COMBATSYS: Guile can no longer fight.

[               \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergei           0/-------/---====|

COMBATSYS: Sergei blocks Guile's Total Wipeout EX.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergei           0/-------/--=====|

She was coming -here-

Daniel wanted to vomit from the terror. This was everything he has done coming together. Tess had to have known what her presence would mean. Daniel was sweating harder and harder, as the General looks straight at him. He knew where he had Daniel. Daniel Jack looks back at Fio, and then the General, and the people and wow Fio looked even more incredible up close.

He was starting to have a thing for those spider legs now.

No Daniel. Focus. FOCUS. "General Zima." Daniel Jack states, taking in a deep breath, and exhaling. "It is my honor for you to meet my good friend Fio Tessitore. She saved my life during the Metro City incident. She is Interpol's primary contact with... certain individuals of global concern." The detective shuts his eyes tight, taking a moment, before opening them again. "We can discuss about those individuals. Later. But Tessitore is a major diplomatic player in our affairs. And as long as she is not conducting anything... harmful, I would make it clear she has diplomatic immunity."

Daniel at least THOUGHT she would qualify.

"While I understand the General's fears, Doctor Tessitore is not here for a fight, and neither is her... escorts. Like your escorts General." The detective gestures towards the good doctor, and then, towards the VIP tables. "Fio here, just wants to watch me fight. She's my special guest. Her and her.... escorts." Daniel Jack fixes himself in the center of the entire maelstorm of chaos that had unfolded. "We are very good friends, you understand. And if we want to have peace, we have to be friends." Daniel Jack puts on his winning smile, the sweat still on his brow. "And that means we all need to stay on our very, very best behavior."

"-All of us-"

Zima listened to Daniel Jack's words carefully. He spoke in Russian again, and his soldiers lowered their guns. The General spoke authoritatively and faced Little, entertained greatly by his fear and distress.. "Since you appear to not be lying, I will be accepting this Tessitore as your guest." Zima looked back and forth at the crowd on the wall before announcing too them. "I will hope you all do the same. But I would Kindly ask that her escorts leave. They appear to be bothering people, and they smell like spoiled meat."

Zima walked back to his table. He whispered into Daniel's ear as he walked by. "Now you better tell us everything after this agent Little, while you still have a choice."

Sergei had taken down Guile like an assassin. When he came to a stand, he turned to deal with the monsters. But then Guile rose to. The Spetsnaz had to defend himself quickly. The blows came in, and Sergei tried to block as many as he could. When the American finally feel, Sergei at last exhaled.

By then the conflict had seemed to have calmed a bit. Sergei was tired, and just sat. on the parapets , letting the crowds below know who had won.

COMBATSYS: Sergei awaits the next challenger.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Sergei           0/-------/--=====|

By this point there are already a dozen commoners milling about. And there are -more- jiangshi present, for after the commoners had used the undead creatures as a makeshift bridge, the tenth jiangshi began to climb up as well. And then the ninth, and eighth, and so forth.

One might wonder what the Chinese security staff has to say about the intrusions. The fact is -- they seem more concerned about the possibility of an international incident. As Zima's men train their guns on an obvious foreigner, the Chinese guardsmen raise their guns as well, barking out orders amongst themselves to keep the peace. It seems Fio Tessitore's charming arrival may have won her some converts...

Meanwhile, the jiangshi closest to her is picking fragments of glass out of the silken garment. And neatly stacking them within a pile in his left hand. "C-c'mon, don't... don't do that -here-..." protests Fio, pointedly ignoring the firearms aimed at her. With two of her eight deadly limbs terminating in claws sharp enough to shred through iron, simply holding her at gunpoint hardly seems sufficient of a threat to Lord Dohma's chief biologist. Though, just as Tess ignored the firearms, the undead creature ignores her pleas for common decorum. "It's embarassing!" she insists to the jiangshi, to no avail.

Tess looks back to Zima shortly after Daniel has defused the situation -- mostly. But there is one sticking point she catches wind of.
"Ask them to -leave?-" Tess blanches, her human hands flapping down to indicate the block wall beneath her. "We just -got- here. It's such a great fight, after all -- I mean, were any of you even -watching- that? The American just refused to give up in the face of a string of unfortunate mishaps..." She smiles back at Guile, then at Charlie, before turning to Dragunov. "And our favorite charmless automaton /Sergei/ sure is doing a lot better for himself... now that he's not getting dazzled by my beauty, of course!"

The jiangshi completes his task of organizing the broken glass shards into an orderly pile, ordered from smallest to largest. He hands the pile to Tess, who accepts it with two of her pincer claws. "Mmm. Good work, Liang," she offers with an underwhelming lack of enthusiasm.

Five -more- jiangshi join the five in her immediate vicinity... with more on the way from the wall!

"I'm so excited, Daniel," she exclaims, turning back to the Interpol agent. "I've never watched you fight in -person- before! Well, aside from that one..." Her eyebrows lift, as well as her spirits -- but then she notices Zima giving her A Look, and tactfully turns back to the battle at hand. "... Aheh. Does Lt. Guile have someone to tend to his wounds? There is most definitely a doctor in the house, after all..."

Mostly defused.

"Ha ha General, these are her escorts!" Daniel Jack was talking fast, hands dancing, as the threats to have them leave come "And very hard working ones too! Very dilligent! I mean, if they smell strong, well, I'm sure we can get some air fresheners! Right Fio? Air fresheners. Or Perfume!" The happy, forced happiness of Daniel Jack's grin fades slightly as the General passes by. As Zima makes clear his warning, Daniel makes a high pitched whine, with his mouth shut. He tilts his head at Dr. Tess.

His eyes are very, very wide.

As Fio continues, describing about hat one time they fought, the high pitched whine returns once more. This time, Daniel was smiling with his teeth at least. "Ha ha ha!" He responds. And as she begins to talk about being a doctor to Guile, he was moving fast. Daniel Jack was hooking his arm around Tess's soft, squishy arm. "Ah ha ha! Don't you worry, Fio, I am sure the doctors here can handle it! No, you are my special guest here! You should sit back and enjoy!" Daniel Jack pumps a fist in the air. "Great job though Sergei! Don't let the beautiful Dr. Tessitore distract you! Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!" And with that, Daniel Jack leans in towards Tessitore, and whispers hard. "Aaaaaaand what are you doing here Fio~"

Daniel was so dead right now.

...Shit was happening faster than could properly be processed. The protests were bad enough, the government heavy handedness was worse. But then...combine that with the result of the actual fight and then the arrival of what could only be Aberrants and things have truly hit the fan in a way that Charlie could not have expected.

"This why you wanted to talk so urgently, Little?" Charlie asks rather pointedly, backing off and letting the Interpol agent take point and negotiate. After all....they seem familiar with each other. Uncomfortably so.

Eyes dart between the jiangshi, the woman they accompany, and then the Spetsnaz agents. He's not terribly familair with him, but he's already not gotten a good impression of Zima.

Dragunov, however, gets the focus as he should. He took pretty good care of his partner, after all. Frowning at the silent juggernaut, Charlie pulled out the sunglasses he was carrying for his friend. Carefully laying them down, he placed his own glasses away before walking past Daniel. "We talk. Later," he says deep and with authority before standing in front of Dragunov.

"Hope you don't mind if I get a little revenge, comrade," he says with the same edge, hopping from foot to foot until the starting signal goes. Soon as it goes off, his arm slices through the air, a shout of "SONIC BOOM!" booming out, the blade of energy speeding straight toward the Spetsnaz agent with as much force as the Major can muster.

COMBATSYS: Charlie has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////            ]
Charlie          0/-------/------=|=====--\-------\0           Sergei

COMBATSYS: Charlie successfully hits Sergei with Sonic Boom.

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////                  ]
Charlie          0/-------/----===|=======\=------\1           Sergei

Sergei stood back up once his second foe had shown himself. He got into a combat stance and readied himself for his new foe. It appeared he was not ready enough. When Charlie shouted out his attack, Sergei was too slow. The blast struck Sergei, launching him back to ramparts. The stones shook from the energy.

Sergei thought strategically about the situation. The Spetsnaz aproched Charlie carefully. Eying him, looking for movement. When he was close enough, he shot out his fist at the American's eye.

COMBATSYS: Charlie interrupts Fierce Punch from Sergei with Somersault Kick EX.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Charlie          0/-------/---====|=======\=====--\1           Sergei

Showing determination to prove that this wasn't about to go the same way as Guile's fight, Charlie was ready. Zoning out the shenanigans involving Daniel and his...'friend' as well as the rest of the brewing international incident for now, the USAF officer was already prepared for Dragunov's retaliation.

Settling on the back heel, he waited until Sergei pushed back off the ramparts and advanced. Waited...waited...then, soon as the heavy fist shot outward, Charlie ducked and turned. THe fist brushed over his shoulder, grazing his cheek just as his leg flashed upward and outward. "Urrrryah!!" comes the grunting kiai. Bending at the waist, his planted foot pushed him upward into the air before snappng into the same arc as the first, the speed of the Somersault Kick and the energy embued into his feet through their course cuts a bright flash through the air straight at the Spetsnaz soldier, brilliant as it is brief.

Twisting as he lands, the Major falls back into a crouch...and untenses, his jaw clenched and shoulders drawn in tight to ward off the effects of that punch. It was a risk, but a risk worth taking.

Those are her escorts? Tess laughs with almost musical grace -- sure, Daniel's covering for her, and she -knows- it, but the Interpol agent's verbal sidestepping is amusing in and of itself.
"I don't smell anything unusual at all," she admits with complete and total honesty. It... might be hard for someone who's -constantly- around the dead to be able to notice such smells, after all.
"But yes, thank you for treating Daniel so well! It is a pleasure to meet you, General!"

The jiangshi identified as Liang stares forward mindlessly. As do the others, taking a few steps back so that they can observe the "Sonic Boom" technique they had seen Guile use earlier, in a different form with different results. Despite the thrill of the fight, they don't... seem to be 'enjoying' the fight. Or expressing any emotion at all, really.

Her brow furrows at Daniel's hoarse whisper. Is that... rude, in front of someone like General Zima? She whispers back, "... I told you, I wanted to see you fight in person. ... And maybe show you my new dress." She laughs -- though it's about as forced and almost as uncomfortable as the laughing Daniel's been partaking in. "... Is it wrong of me? I mean, I suppose I could have called, but where's the surprise in that?"

The jiangshi stand stock-still in a wall behind her. They do not laugh, uncomfortably or otherwise.

Sergei knew not what was going on. He felt pain, and he was dizzy. He could only focus on one thing, Charlie. Sergei could not remember anything about what as going on, accept for his orders. TAKE DOWN AMERICAN!

Sergei charged forward with the single minded goal of beating Charlie. He started to tackle the airmen. If he got hold, he was going to place himself on Charlie's chest. Then he would pound him into the stone brick. The world could have be ablaze around them, but Sergei would could only see Charlie.

COMBATSYS: Sergei successfully hits Charlie with Iron Curtain.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////                       ]
Charlie          0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Sergei

Untensed, Charlie slowly rose up from his landing, rolling his shoulders to get them to loosen up again as he waited to see if Sergei would be getting up. When he inevitably does, the Major gets settled back in again...but alas, things are still distracting. THe mess surrounding them does a lot to take focus off the fight, and for one who doesn't want to leave variables unaccounted for, it's just distracting enough to allow the single-minded soldier to tackle him down.

The ensuing mounted assault gets through the airman's guard enough to do some serious damage, slipping over his arms and elbows to batter him in the face and imprint him into the stone of the tower. Pressured, the best that Charlie can do from this position is try to toss Sergei off of him. Gripping for the soldier's shoulders and trying to leverage a leg underneath, he tries to toss Dragunov overhead. It's little more than an attempt to get some breathing room, but with all the hazards around them, it might be enough anyway.

COMBATSYS: Sergei blocks Charlie's Quick Throw.
COMBATSYS: Sergei refuses to stay down!

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Charlie          0/-------/-======|====---\-------\0           Sergei

Sergei had finished his brutalizing of Charlie's face. The airman tried to toss Sergei overhead. He did manage to get the Spetsnaz off of him, but not the full toss he wanted. Sergei still scrapped along the brick. he felt the cold start to pierce him, nearly falling into the dark. But he was determined!

Sergei came back to a stand. He leaned in to Charlie, preparing himself. He shot out his hand at Charile's ear, grabbing it. It would mangle Charlie's ear. Sergei was acting carefully for now, waiting to see what Charlie would do.

COMBATSYS: Charlie blocks Sergei's Rapid Grapple.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////                        ]
Charlie          0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0           Sergei

Getting back up with his head rattled, Charlie willed himself to his feet to avoid getting tackled again. He had the advantage, sure, but another couple seaquences like that would kill that advantage rather quickly, and he couldn't risk that.

As the grab for his ear comes, the airman twists away, feeling the dangerous tug that may require checks later. For now, he ignores the torn feeling in his earlobe to turn, spinning and leaping up with a pistoning back kick, much like the one Guile tried earlier. It's not too heavy, but he's hoping it's enough to knock Dragunov down for good.

COMBATSYS: Charlie successfully hits Sergei with Jump Sobat.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //                            ]
Charlie          1/-------/=======|=======\-------\0           Sergei

Of course, she needed an entrance.

"Surprises are dangerous in our line of work, darling." Daniel Jack whispers firmly. Oh, it was rude. But General Zima was gonna jam splinters under his fingernails it sounded like. Pinching his nose quickly, he glances at the jiangshi, taking the same hand and rubbing his neck. This was a powder keg. All it would take is one stray bullet, one stray brick, one stray threat, and it would be war. Daniel didn't want war. He wanted peace. He was afraid that he couldn't stop this. But by god, he would try. "A call would have been safer."

"But jesus, you look incredible in that dress."

Daniel Jack gets her a seat at the VIP table, pulling it out and sliding her in. Just like a gentleman. He... he was unaware of how the fight was going between Sergei and Charlie at the moment. It sounded like Sergei was doing well last time Daniel checked. The detective expected that he would have a solid amount of time to enjoy the company of Fio. Who knows? Maybe everyone would be more comfortable if Daniel was more comfortable. You treat people like people, and people might think their people. Taking a seat across from Fio, he continues that suave charm. "How did you get a dress like that? It fits incredibly. It's almost like you were poured into the dress." Daniel Jack pauses, his brow furrowing.

"... You were poured into the dress, weren't you."

Sergei was at the end of his line. Charlie was breaking through. Sergei could feel the cold overtake him. The darkness began to enclose. But Sergei still had his orders.

Sergei was going to unleash a drug fueled rampage of repeated blows to the face until the American was bloodied. Then knee it in the gut until the blood started to come out of his mouth, then finish it with a hay-maker right to the skull sending him down to the stone. Then he would let the shadows take him.

COMBATSYS: Sergei can no longer fight.

[        \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Charlie          1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Charlie blocks Sergei's Blizzard Rush.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Charlie          1/------=/=======|

The sobat hits home, and thankfully leaves Charlie in a good position, pivoting back into his stance as he waits to see if the Spetsnaz still is about to rise up and keep at it. He figures the soldier should be at his limit...

But he couldn't quite tell from the way those hammering blows suddenly come in. The guard is tested, but as Charlie lifts up a knee to intercept the one aimed at his gut, he can see the blood coming from Dragunov's mouth. It's a cause for...slight alarm, but at the same time, it leaves the Major knowledgable enough to simply weather the blows and let his opponent wear himself out instead.

Finally, after the wild haymaker is turned into and absorbed on his upper arm, he steps aside, and lets Dragunov fall to the ground. Breathing a little heavily, he watches and waits, again just to see if he rises up and. When he doesn't, he adjusts his vest. No snide comment, no gesture to play to the crowd...just backing off and looking to get some rest. As well as check up on his partner too. After all...Daniel seems like he's busy keeping the powder keg from going up.

COMBATSYS: Charlie awaits the next challenger.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Charlie          1/------=/=======|

Her fifteen jiangshi remain in an impassive wall formation alongside the VIP area, only sharing -some- of the sense of their rot and decay with the assembled masses. Their arms fold before them, their binding talismans fluttering quietly in the breeze, their mute expressions looking forward without any clear sign of comprehension.

Dr. Fio Tessitore smiles pleasantly as she is led to her seat beside Daniel Jack at the VIP table as suggested. "Ah... well, I've only dealt with you before. And..." She smiles, with some trace of irritation, in the direction of Sergei.

Her four black arachnid arms behave, folding properly at her back as she sits down -- treated like a lady by the Lady Killer himself.

"... I... had it custom made for me, but there were some... ad hoc alterations to make to fit me within it, yes." She folds her hand before her, coughing lightly. "But no. No pouring was involved to get me in it, but I certainly mind you poring over it."

The arachnid woman smiles sweetly as she watches the rest of the fight. Sergei's defense is admirable -- he'd fought through not one but -two- of the impressive fighters of the US Air Force. Who knew that the good ol' 'chair force' taught combat as well, eh? Jedah Dohma's prized scientist raises her hands in applause for Charlie, nodding quietly when (and if) Major Nash happens to glance her way.

"Ah... I believe that means you are up next, doesn't it, Daniel?" Awfully... -familiar-, isn't she?% She flashes a beaming grin over to General Zima and, of course, his guards. "Don't worry about me. I'm sure the good General will keep to his word."

It won't take long for her deadly appendages to spring into action -- they even twitch, lightly, at the slightest shift in the breeze.

Daniel Jack needs to keep his composure.

Taking his seat, he was... distracted from the fight. Sergei was doing fine. Probably. Every word comes with him nodding, eyes on the doctor. A smile was spreading on the corners of his lips. She raises that hand... and Daniel cannot stop himself. He reaches out to that hand, taking it. "Maybe we could talk somewhere more private... oh Fio, how I would like to have you as a tall glass of-"


Daniel Jack rises into a stand. The detective looks around, as all eyes were on him. He clears his throat, releasing Fio's hand, adjusting his suit jacket. "Yes! I am up! Lita is on very important Daaa daaaa" He cuts himself off. THAT ISN'T SOMETHING YOU SAY TO PEOPLE DANIEL. DAniel Jack just smiles, as Charlie gets himself up. The detective looks back at Fio, and then, to General Zima. He hoped... that this would not become an incident. Striding away from the VIP tables, the crowd gets a whole new wave of boos and hisses, the protested growing louder. Daniel Jack, with his hands in his pocket, nods to the fighting area.

"Shall we, Charlie?"

Making sure that his good friend is still good to go despite the beating from Dragunov (and making sure his sunglasses are waiting for him when he wakes up, Charlie returns to the fighting area. The officials give him notice that he and Daniel are expected to start soon, and he's not about to leave things hanging right now.

Of course, the boos are distracting, even if they're not for him. Charlie is still more worried about the General and Agent Little's....friend. Wary eyes flit between Zima and Dr. Tessitore, a deep frown as he adjusts his vest and straightens up his unique hair.

"After this, you spill everything, Agent Little." A beat. "...outside of anything personal that happened between you and the Ab...your friend. Because frankly, I don't want to know and neither does the United States Government." Now...that's not true. THe Government probably would want to know of any worrysome dalliances regarding Aberrants like that, but Charlie?...no. The less known about THAT, the better.

"Lets go, Little," he finally directs, hands back up in that fighting stance of his. Enough breathers, time to finish this fight.

"Sure thing scuzzy."

Daniel Jack sweeps his arms around. "And don't worry about it. Fio and I are strictly professional." Well, there were professions dedicated to what they did. The man's aura was building up around him. "I'll make things clear, real clear. If we are gonna get you on board, we need to make sure everything is transparent. Just know this part. People like her, and her consorts?"

"You just need to treat them like people, you dig?"

Orange energy was already cascading over Daniel Jack's arms, as he takes his position. Charlie's fighting stance was up, the crowd was roaring, enraged. But the agent of Interpol was trying to block out the noise. The fear of what will happen between Tess and Zima and the protesters and the Chinese and everything. He needed to resolve this with Charlie. And then, resolve this with Charlie.

Daniel would be making the first move.

Slamming both of his arms down, the detective opens with a full shockwave of energy. Hurling out the Kasane Ate, the blast roars towards Charlie, rising at it approaches. Daniel Jack didn't even need to call out the name. He moved past that a while ago. As the blast rips across the wall towards Charlie, the detective was already advancing forward, trailing the blast wave.

In a terribly slow walk speed, of course.

COMBATSYS: Daniel has joined the fight here.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Charlie          1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0           Daniel

COMBATSYS: Charlie dodges Daniel's Chou Kasane Ate.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Charlie          1/------=/=======|-------\-------\0           Daniel

This was...a bit more comfortable sledding as the fight started. The protests were still going on, the knife-edge diplomacy was still looming, but at the very least Charlie could focus on the task at hand. Just like at the USMAT. Just...without Aberrants and mysterious Russian special forces and angry Chinese civilians and agents around them all.

So...nothing like the USMAT, actually. Still, a tournament is a tournament. And Charlie is able to focus well enough that when the wave of energy surgest forward, the Major is able to sidestep away and let it pass and disappate away from him. One might be tempted to make a smart remark after this.

Charlie passes on that. Smart remarks were usually remarks, but never quite 'smart'. Intelligence often requires action, and action is what happens as Charlie steps forward, leg shuffling in behind his lead and chambering off an advancing kick straight to Daniel's chest to stop the Interpol agent's advance.

COMBATSYS: Charlie successfully hits Daniel with Step Kick.

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////      ]
Charlie          1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

Skill, pure skill.

Dodging the blast was one thing. Daniel didn't think Charlie had it in him. But the counter-attack... Daniel Jack wasn't expecting it to come so quickly, so smoothly. It was a smart play, and to his credit, Daniel does try to deal with it. The kick comes, and Daniel Jack moves to catch it, to redirect the kick and himself. To no avail; it does stop Daniel firmly, catching him in the chest with a grunt. The detective stumbles back. He was off-balanced. And Charlie... wasn't someone he wanted to approach half-assed. He gets his footing.

And he slows himself down.

"Very nice, Charlie, god damn." Daniel Jack states firmly, as he sinks back into his defensive stance. One hand forward, one hand back. Both palms up. He was quickly fixing his center again, the stubborn defense of the detective taking down roots. "Don't tell Sergei and Lita this. Maybe Hon-Fu, he might understand. But my money's on you and Guile right now. I mean, listen to that crowd." He glances towards the protestors. "They hate me. But you? You're Charlie. You could be staggering around half dead and people would love you. You're the face this tournament needs." Daniel Jack nods firmly at Charlie, and beckons with his back hand.

"Now come on, scuzzy, you got my ass to kick real square."

COMBATSYS: Daniel Jacks it up a notch!

[      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Charlie          1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

Charlie narrows his eyes a little. Not out of disdain, but to keep up his focus. Daniel resetting into a defensive position and adjusting his center gets his attention more than anything the agent himself says. Oh, the Major is listening, but expecting a verbal response from him just this moment is asking a little too much right now.

Instead, Charlie warily weighs his options. He knows Daniel is working for a retaliation from that stance. Which means IF Charlie doesn't hold back, he'll need to either make this one count, or commit lazily enough to react defensively himself.

As he leaps into the air, it seems like Charlie's made his choice, somersaulting forward in the air with legs tucked in as if set to slam them down with one of those signature heel drops of his.

Heel drops that never come as he lands in front of Daniel instead, trying to grab him and hammer knees into that guard and gut as repeatedly as possible.

COMBATSYS: Daniel dodges Charlie's Knee Gatling.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Charlie          1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

What was he doing.

The thought comes to Daniel Jack, as Charlie remains quiet. The Major's focus was admirable. Daniel Jack kept the same kind of focus right now as well; he just needed to keep chattering. Keep a presence, a connection with the other person. As Charlie takes to the air, he makes the somersault, the dynamic leap in. Daniel Jack's feet twitch. An aerial attack. Perfect for a Jumping Jack Flash. The detective narrows his eyes at Charlie's form. At the details. Something... something seemed off. Split seconds were ticking Daniel. He had to decided. And ultimately, Daniel refuses to commit.

And that makes all the difference, when the heel drop doesn't come.

As Charlie makes his landing, Daniel Jack sees what is actually coming. If he went for the jump, it would be over. Instead, the detective is already adjusting, already circling. The grabbing hands come, and Daniel Jack rotates his forearms, shoving them away as he takes precise steps around Charlie. The knee wouldn't come, Charlie wouldn't even get the grips for it. Daniel Jack was visibly sweating now. "Holy crap, I nearly jumped into that!" Daniel blurts out, as he recenters swiftly in the flanks.

And he explodes forward.

A palm strike with the left, a hand chop with the right. The beginning of nearly every single combination attack that the detective could muster. A jamming elbow from the right follows up, as the chi energy starts to cascade over his limbs. His left comes sweeping upwards, the energy slash tearing with it. The assault ends with a fifth- a fifth?!- strike, a second energy slash from his right hand, coming in downward. It was relentless, and Daniel Jack was pressing his close quarters advantage.

Though, Charlie had that advantage too...

COMBATSYS: Charlie barely endures Daniel's Ragtime Riot EX.

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Charlie          1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1           Daniel

Charlie went for the grab, but perhaps he was right to be warier earlier when Daniel evades his grasp. The Major does his best to recover after the miss, especially when Daniel decides to commentate his own good fortune.

He doesn't recover quite enough though, as the strike combo starts in. He does what he can to weather through the blows when he realizes he can't get his guard up, but the shots are hard, and the energy slashes stagger him. "NNGhhhnn..."

He doesn't fall down yet though. It's close, but he's able to will his feet down and adjust his center to keep from toppling over.

"Alright, Little. You want to talk? Talk," he finally says, opening his mouth since the first exchanges. "But don't be surprised if I'm going to make it hard for you," he goads, his arm reeling back and chambering for a move he'd demonstrated earlier before, one that sent Dragunov onto the edge of the ramparts.

The form is the same, arm slicing through the air with a shout of "SONIC-" before a blade of high-speed energy cuts through the air, spurred on by the vacuum left in the wake of his arm...

tAnd then another, this time with his other arm. "-BREAK!" he finishes his shout before uppercutting through the air, another blade of energy rolling forth, this time vertically, followed by another as he spins back and swings a backfist through the air, followed by /2/ more as he levels a leveled kick combo that sends wavering blades traveling like a sine toward Daniel. It's fast, but more importantly, it's casting a wide net. He really is daring the Interpol officer on with this challenge.

COMBATSYS: Charlie issues a challenge!!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Charlie          1/-======/=======|=======\-------\1           Daniel

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Charlie's Sonic Break.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////        ]
Charlie          0/-------/-======|=======\====---\1           Daniel

"Just relax, Charlie, this is all good fun!"

That is the response from the detective as Charlie bites back. "And I wouldn't expect anything less than hard from you, Major." Daniel was grinning up close, a real smile. Daniel Jack was talking too much. But he was loving this. Charlie was some of the best of the best, and while Daniel had fought marines before, Charlie was the apex. As the man draws his arm back, Daniel Jack actually takes a step back.And then Charlie bellows out. Daniel Jack quickly interrupts.


Oh god no that wasn't a boom. As another energy wave comes, Daniel Jack brings his palms up, as his orange aura flares up around him. The first blast is caught, and sweeps over the detective, the blast sending him staggering backwards. The first hurt. And then comes the second one. Daniel Jack starts sweating fast as he catches this one with both palms, the blast washin gover him, driving him backwards into the rampart. Slamming his back into it, he steadies himself... and digs a heel into it. His suit jacket was torn up, the detective's skin was beginning to welt. Daniel Jack watches carefully as the third one surges towards him. This time, he wasn't just gonna catch it. Daniel Jack slams both of his arms across the third one, ripping it apart with the slashes of energy, leaning in hard.


There is a boom of energy around the detective. Daniel Jack fires through the air, orange energy streaming from his body as he hurls himself forward. He was going to hook that fist right into Charlie's gut, punching him squarely and attempting to carry him with it. And should he keep that grab, he would carry Charlie along to just pound him right into the other end of the ramparts, into an explosion of chi. To corner him. That was his answer to the challenge. He knew the counterpoint from Charlie was gonna -hurt-


COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Charlie with Fantastic Todoh Punch EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Charlie          1/-======/=======|===----\-------\0           Daniel

The surging barrage of Sonic Booms leave one hell of an impression, that's for sure. It shows how someone with as little interest in talking as Charlie can make such an impression in a fight too.

But the one impression he had intended on, namely Daniel into the stonework of the tower? That doesn't quite happen as Daniel weathers the blows mightily, and surges through the storm to slam that punch into his gut. Eyes widen as he feels the fist land perfectly in his solar plexus and carry him clear across the ramparts before the two of them explode in chi.

And instead, it's Charlie impressed into the stonework, a painful grunt as he collapses to a crouch and forces himself to stay as upright as possible. "Not..." A cough. "bad, Little..." he finishes...before trying to rise up with a retaliatory uppercut. That did some serious damage, but it's not going to be enough to finish Charlie off JUST yet.

COMBATSYS: Daniel blocks Charlie's Medium Punch.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Charlie          1/-======/=======|=====--\-------\0           Daniel

Fio Tessitore smiles back at Daniel, her eyes sparkling with affection. The mating ritual of the interpollix agentus is quite fascinating indeed, especially to hear such kind words said in such close proximity to the bevy of gentlemen giving him grief. Or at the very least, anxiety. She certainly wouldn't have -minded- taking him up on his offer, escorting him somewhere private just like he asked.
Perhaps later, when all this is over.

For now, though, she is content to remain at her table, ever mindful of the General (no doubt with an itchy trigger-finger) so close to her. Will he keep his word? Tess doubts it. And she has her own trump cards to play should the need arise. She calmly takes in every single detail before her. The shards of glass. The -brand- of vodka. The glistening of sweat upon the perfected form of Major Nash. The delicate interplay of forces at work between muscle and sinew, tendon and bone. And of course, the words.

"... /consorts/?" Tess's spine stiffens, at that. "Attendants, I suppose, but consorts..." She shakes her head, returning her focus to the fight. The surge of golden light reflects back upon her eyes, as those hauntingly beautiful appendages at her back serve as a reminder that there is definitely more to the voluptuous Italian than the airheaded ditz that she appears to be.

"Thanks Charlie!"

That is the response from Daniel Jack as he backs up just a bit. Not enough to let Charlie get the space he needs to rotate out. No, Fantastic Todoh Punch wasn't around to just hit hard and fast. It was there as a positioning tool. And Daniel was in position. The Major rises up, hurling up a staggering uppercut. Daniel Jack responds by crossing his arms.

Catch the blow in both forearms.

Stopping the blow harshly, the detective shifts momentum with equal gusto. "Agh, JESUS man, you're gonna break my arms if you keep that up!" The detective groans as he tights his hands, shaking the pain out as he shift his weight back forward. He was leaning in with the pressure into the man.

And he hurls out the palm strike.

A palm strike with the left, a hand chop with the right. He was trying to keep Charlie in that corner, trying to keep him from breaking out. The detective may not walk fast, his stance wouldn't allow it. But once he was in close... he was fighting like lightning. Another hand chop comes from the left, as Daniel leans in harder. A hand chop with the right follows that, as Daniel tries to drive Charlie down. And there, if nothing broke the chain? Daniel Jack would unleash a stabbing, jabbing kick downward with his left leg. A five hit combo.

Looked like Daniel has evolved.

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Charlie with Zoot Suit Riot.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Charlie          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\-------\0           Daniel

The uppercut cut through the air, but it wasn't enough to cut through Daniel's guard. Ever since the man backed off into a more defensive stand, Charlie just hasn't been able to break through it, and the dividends were starting to show.

A small scoff comes as Daniel complains about having to block despite his guard having held up far better than most men's could.

And then that damn combo again. Despite it being the same sequence, Charlie hadn't been able to figure out a way to break it. The fact that he was backed up didn't help either, the chops raining down and cutting around the airman's guard before buckling him down with that piston kick to his leg.

Rather than fight the collapse though, Charlie rolls with it, coming to a rest in a crouch further away. He was still having trouble getting up, but he clearly wasn't done yet. And with that space off the wall, he had more room to work with. Room he uses to fly in with a somersault again...and this time, he commits to it, legs lashing out and down to slam against Daniel like an inverted Flash Kick.

If Charlie can't cut through his guard, he'll just have to break it down.

COMBATSYS: Charlie successfully hits Daniel with Blade Slice.
Glancing Blow

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////              ]
Charlie          2/<<<<<<</<<<<<<<|=======\===----\1           Daniel

General Zima kicks back a bottle of vodka.

He leans over to the spider lady and asks. "What are you here for really? Don't say to watch Little, because you could have that at the last fight and not have had guns pointed at you." The General pours a glass for the doctor. "You put up a show, what are you hiding?"

Daniel's guard was in NO mood for more tests against it.

Daniel was skilled, tough, and steady. But his guard could only take so much. As his combination winds down with a low kick, Charlie was taking to the air, rebounding backwards into a low crouch. Daniel Jack was backing up slightly, and then, a lot more as Charlie front flips fowards. Sweeping his arms around, he tries to reposition, trying to push and position the kick. The kick was sent clear. The slice of energy, though?

Full contact.

"AAAAGH!' Daniel Jack groans as the energy rips right through, tearing longways down his left arm. Twisting on the impact, he staggering away, further and further. He was giving away the corner pressure. And without corner pressure... Charlie could move. And if he could move? He could take down Daniel. Hard. Daniel needed to end this. "Okay, scuzzy, I'm ending this!" The detective states firmly. Chi energy suddenly swirls around him, as the energy reaching an apex around him. He lets down a stomp.

And another boom of energy comes.

The ancient wall suddenly gets a rush of chi energy, rattling it down to its foundations. A second boom comes, as Daniel unleashes a second stomp, and the bricks of the wall burst upwards. As the rubble lifts up, Daniel Jac marches through the airborne debris, snatching each brick after chi-infused brick up, seizing them piece by piece before hurling them just as swiftly. Each brick is flung in a barrage straight for Charlie, each piece attempting over overwhelm. Slowly, the bricks begins to drift back to the wall, as the onslaught of bricks winds down. Daniel Jack was gonna try and overwhelm the Marine.

Before he went to overwhelm him.

COMBATSYS: Charlie interrupts Mean Business from Daniel with Somersault Justice.
-@- Dazing Hit! -@-

[                          \\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Charlie          0/-------/----<<<|=======\=======\1           Daniel

Major Nash knows he didn't get all of it. The feedback from his legs (or rather, the lack thereof) tells him enough. But he still sees Daniel Jack back up as the energy arc picks up where his feet dropped the slack. Landing in an unsteady crouch, Charlie breathed in heavily, swallowing a breath that were becoming increasingly rare.

He couldn't risk any more pokes, prods, or tests. He needed to end this, NOW. And it seemed like the Interpol Agent had the same idea. As the explosion of energy erupted and stonework flew upward in a way that was sure to be an international incident all its own, the airman was subjected to a barrage of bricks tossed in a way surely meant to overwhelm him the same way his Sonic Break was the other way.

He was pot committed though. It was now or never. As the bricks flew, Charlie twisted from his crouch, leg lashing out as he bent at the waist. "SOMERSAULT-" he shouted, calling his shot. The bricks collided with him, causing his a considerable amount of pain, but he grit his teeth through it, forcing his way through on will alone...not to mention a flashing arc of feet carving a path through the storm. WHether or not the kicks actually hit Daniel himself, he was already in motion again right after his landing, another somersault cutting through the same way. Then...the trifecta. "-JUSTICE!!" he growls out, fighting through it and coming to a landing, bloodied, bruised, burnt...but still barely managing to keep himself from collapsing in what should have been an assured defeat.

Fio Tessitore crosses one leg over the other, folding her hands upon her lap as she smiles back at General Zima. He's drinking -- that's a good sign. He's offering her a glass of what -he- is drinking -- an even better sign.

She gives a musical laugh, as she reaches for the glass of vodka. Her answer -- that'll have to wait until she downs a sip of it, swishing it about within her mouth.

"I'm not hiding anything. I'm -showing- people what has been here for years, lurking in the shadows. I'm showing humanity the awkward, uncomfortable truth of their mortal limitations. And that... no matter how badly a thing gets messed up, there are always second chances."

She takes another swig of her vodka, savoring the taste for a moment before resting her glass back upon the table. She smiles, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the match.

Oh he was breaking through it.

Daniel Jack's eyes were getting wide as Charlie was ripping through. This was bad. As the energy flows out of the wall, Daniel Jack had to shift momentum, had to shift into his defenses. Defenses that... he didn't have right now. His aura was spent, he was -exposed- to those waves of energy. The cuts come deep, ripping straight through, carving up his chest and arms. The damage wasn't clear though, because that came with a kick. The limb comes as Daniel tries and twists away. And the kick connects right on the chin.

Daniel Jack sails high up, and then, high back down. The moment he hits the stone bricks, he just goes out flat. The audience roars... was it cheering? It sounded like the unfavorite had finally been taken down. Charlie had broken through the defenses of the Agent of Interpol. And Daniel was... laying on his back. He was writhing, he wasn't unconscious. Not just yet. He was on the border. He was clinging on, through sheer grit and sheer tenacity. He was hanging on. He was fighting. The crowd's cheers die down.

And Daniel rises.

A roar of protests come, as the detective lumbers up into a stand. Unable to keep his footing, unable to keep his stand, he lurches back down again. His jaw was... a funny shape right now. A 'broken' shape right now. Daniel Jack stumbles down, falling to a knee. "I gotta... I gotta..." The detective growls. "I gotta..."

And Daniel Jack lunges.

Ripping in low, Daniel Jack was almost drunk charging straight for Charlie. Barely able to keep his feet, he was surging, dazed and confused. But still fixed on the marine. Orange energy flows behind him, trailing him as he sweeps his hands around, attempting to catch up Charlie between them. If he should grab him?

He would jump.

He would jump up high, seizing up Charlie by his arms. He would reach an apex, whipping Charlie back. ANd then, infusing HIM with energy, he would come slamming back down, unleashing a full shockwave of a Kasane Ate, just like the one he opened with. He would make Charlie ride the wave. He would make him fight. Because Daniel Jack, at the end of the attempt? He would be hitting the ground.

And he wouldn't be coming up a second time.

COMBATSYS: Daniel can no longer fight.

[                          \\\\  <
Charlie          0/-------/----<<<|

COMBATSYS: Daniel successfully hits Charlie with You Got Jacked!.

[                                <
Charlie          0/-------/-<<<<<<|

The maddening triple somersault kick was brutal, devastating...but more importantly? It was /draining/. Charlie was running off fumes, and it was only spirit and determination that had been building through this entire round that kept him up and gave him that opening that broke things open.

But when Daniel rises up and lunges for him? That spirit is spent. All that's left is skill and faded energy, and that is all he can rely on when he tries to pivot away from the grab.

And that just doesn't seem to win against Daniel's own determination, the Major snatched, lifted high up, and them slammed EXPLOSIVELY in a way that sends him flying across the ramparts again in the other direction, this time landing in a painful looking roll like he had just been ejected from a car.

Lifting himself up with a groan, the airman tried to pull himself up to at least a crouch again...but this time, it just isn't happening. "UGhn..." He's conscious, he has that much for him, but he's not getting up any time soon without some sort of assitance.

COMBATSYS: Charlie takes no action.

COMBATSYS: Charlie can no longer fight.

Zima was not satisfied by Tessitore's answer. "But you could have done that in a less risky place." He puts down his drink. "We know your lord Domha would not risk his valued scientist one something as simple as that. In fact.." He is cut short by the fight's calling.

The referees had to look at the two fighters carefully. It took them a minute or two of prodding the fighters bodies to find the winner. The first referee noted that Charlie was injured a bit more then Daniel, and said that it should go to Interpol. The second referee instead called Daniel a few choice names and suggested throwing him to the mob. After two minutes of debating, Daniel was declared the winner.

Then they had the bright idea of announcing that Daniel won by judge's call on the loud speakers. The crowds full on rioted. Bodies just surged up the staircases. Zima dropped his drink, shattering it. He turned to his escorts and told them. "Grab them, and get to the chopper."

Zima's men scooped up Sergei and Daniel. The 5 ran down the walls professionally and without panic. Even as the mob chased them demanding the blood of the Lady Killer. They piled into the helicopter and started off.

Dr. Tessitore leaves her glass of vodka on the table as she watches the conclusion of the fight. It's true -- she could probably use a bit more alcohol to help take the edge off of the withering gaze of General Zima at her side. The buzz would definitely help her as she watches Major Nash flip backwards, slamming a gold-infused kick into the Interpol agent amidst a veritable storm of atomized stonework. She could definitely appreciate not thinking about the absolute -fit- the Chinese citizens around her would be pitching at the desecration of another monument.

When Daniel rises, though?
Her eyes go wide.
And she slams the rest of that vodka back.
Why is that masochist getting back -up?!-

Tessitore knows what is coming next. And as the vodka floods through her Majigen-infused bloodstream, she leans forward, and gingerly places the glass back upon the table.

Fio draws in a breath of fresh air.
Well, not totally fresh -- but she can't smell the death and decay. But at least not air with the scent of vodka.
And she smiles, watching Daniel's Kasane Ate kncok Charlie backwards.

"Not everything I do is an order, General."

The doctor glances over her shoulder at the wall of jiangshi. She can hear every word discussed by the judges. She can sense every muscle twitching. Whatever she's going to do, it needs to be now -- or General Zima will...

Tess blinks, and fixes a curious look at the General. He's... not doing what she expected he would.
In her periphery, she takes notes of the tide of humans rising higher and higher. Having seen their benign nature, even the superstitious Chinese locals are no longer afraid of her jiangshi.

Tess nods quietly. She flattens both hands, raising them over her head.
Then lowers them, as if directing air traffic.

The jiangshi move instantly on that signal. Liang sweeps in front of Tess -- in front of Zima's men. Seven sweep on the left of the Russian crew, keeping the entire wall formation consistent by clasping hands with one another. Seven sweep on the right in similar fashion. All fifteen keep pace with the Russian contingent.
A wedge, to plough straight through the heart of the protesters. The hollow looks on the faces of the jiangshi, hopping forward in perfect unison, is enough to keep the population spellbound enough to allow easy transit for the Russians as they reach their helicopter.

Tessitore, herself, though -- brings up the rear of the wedge formation. She pauses just long enough to turn to Charlie Nash.

And with a wink, she adds, "You two weren't half bad, for Americans..."

And with long, loping strides assisted by her spidery appendages, she easily catches up with her jiangshi, holding the wedge together long enough for Zima and Team Interpol to make their escape, with a sultry smile plastered onto her face the whole time.
Perhaps Zima will glean his answer from her actions, if not from her words.

Zima's helicopter flew away from the wall and the rioting crowds. He figured out that Tessitore had come to guard Daniel form the crowds. Her help was unexpected, but valued even though she was likely only saving Daniel. All things considered, this was a success. Sergei and Daniel were still in the tournament, his men got out safely, and the best part. Agent Little agreed to give up his information willingly.

Sergei began to wake, and Little would likely follow. Zima was eager for start Little's questioning. Zima looked at Little as they made their way north, carefully recording all of what had happened.

And since he agreed to tell them everything, they would not even have to torture him.

Well, Maybe.

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