Bryan - Warehouse District Brawl, Claws Meet Steel

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Description: While looking for an opportunity to test her ninja skills in Southtown Harbor, Azumi stumbles upon a battle scene in the warehouse district where the only person left standing is a single shirtless man: Bryan Fury. Looking to put a stop to his warehouse rampage, Azumi takes it upon herself to try to put the replicant down, but soon finds out just what cybernetics and sadism can do.

With the sun just sunk underneath the horizon, tonight was likely going to be a pleasant one to be out and about. The sky is completely clear, allowing the full moon to beam downward. A nice breeze sweeps through the city, reminding some that it was time to head inside and others that the night was still young.

Azumi's sprinting along the rooftops of various harbor buildings, careful to keep her footing consistent against the various building types. Rumor has it that trouble seemed to always be knocking at the harbor and seeking opponents to fight seemed like a good time to practice her ninjitsu on unwilling opponents. So far though she hadn't spotted anything out of place, with most people present in the area heading home for the night, or heading in for a graveyard shift.

While the harbor was always busy with comings and goings, there were always the occasional parts that were relatively empty. Other parts are known to be best avoided thanks to the... questionable nature of the security that stands guard outside of them. People armed with guns, radios, and the sort of sunglasses that people wear even at night to be intimidating.

One section of warehouses known for being "unfriendly" shows signs that somebody didn't get the message. The guards normally stationed out front of the warehouse have been brutalized, all of them either knocked unconscious or worse as they lay out front of a door that looks as though someone must have driven a truck through it, given the massive hole that has been put in it.

More importantly, there are a few short sounds on gunfire form inside the warehouse, but those are soon silenced.

Azumi always found running up those rounded roof warehouses fun to do, as they required a dynamic approach to keeping your footing. The sharp cracks of gunfire catch her attention immediately, the sound completely out of place with the general sounds of civilization and peace. She picks up the pace, sprinting up to the top of the rounded warehouse roof and leaping, using a minor burst of wind chi to give her some more elevation. She lands softly on the building across the street to the damaged warehouse, looking over the destruction just outside of it. Her brows perk towards the new 'door' in particular.

"Someone is impatient. And rude."

She leaps off the building and safe rolls when she hits the ground, sprinting across the street. She leaps to a parked car with one foot, jumps to the top of a fence on another foot, and finally hits a three point landing on the roof of the warehouse. She stealthily creeps up towards one of the skylights of the place, looking down to see what hurricane busted into the place.

Down inside the warehouse, the scene isn't much different from the one outside. There are a great many more bodies, mostly those wearing that same traditional look of the black-suited guard that so many criminal syndicates seem to love to employ. There are broken containers that look like some sort of explosive must have torn them to pieces.

There's also no truck to have created that hole.

In fact, the only thing that's moving inside the warehouse is a single man, completely shirtless in contrast to the fine suits of the guards. He's also unarmed and apparently unhurt despite the carnage. Currently he's standing in front of one of the many identical shipping containers, looking over the heavy steel doors and examining the solid lock currently keeping them closed.

And then he grabs the handles on the shipping container's door and yanks them off the container with little effort, casually shearing the heavy steel hinges as he tosses the doors across the warehouse to dent in the side of another container.

Azumi's eyes widen as she sees the eventual source of the damage. One guy? guy? One shirtless guy? Nobody else? A quick scan of the area shows that he's indeed the only one here. She pushes on the window panel, noticing a small system of levers that would allow for the window to be opened for ventilation purposes. The glass pane tilts, allowing Azumi inside by sliding through the hole created.

She lands on a catwalk high above Bryan, the werewolf stepping onto the safety rails and leaping straight up into the rafters. Through a series of my impressive displays of acrobatics, she ends up nearly above Bryan, undetected. She takes a deep breath to calm herself before going in for the take down. She jumps off rafter and performs a few hand signs, charging her hands with blue energy. She fires of a straight blast of wind to hit Bryan in the shoulder to spin him around to face her. Azumi then grabs one of his arms, drives an elbow into his side and then attempts to bodily throw him away from his price, hopefully disorienting him.

It was probably a little too much to hope that'd stop this dangerous man, but one could hope.

COMBATSYS: Azumi has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Azumi            0/-------/-------|

COMBATSYS: Bryan has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bryan            0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0            Azumi

COMBATSYS: Bryan endures Azumi's Charged Combo.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Bryan            0/-------/------=|-------\-------\0            Azumi

As the wind hits Bryan, he turns in an instant, his sunken blue eyes immediately turn to look at the new arrival. As he's turned around and the ninja is close upon him, she's now got an angle where she can see the nasty scar over one of his eyes, the far worse one that cleave all the way up his torso along the front, and something relatively recent that appears to be in the process of healing that, given the view from behind moments ago, looks like it may have gone all the way through his chest and out his back.

As she grabs him, he makes no effort to move out of the way, instead allowing himself to be thrown to the ground without any sort of resistance... ignoring the fact that he takes the hit to his knees so that there's practically nothing stopping him from launching back up to his feet.

In a surge of motion, one hand goes for Azumi's throat, the other grabs at the fur on top of her head, all clearly aiming to lock her in position rather than actually do her harm. If his hold last, he lashes out, slamming a knee into her stomach and knocking her up into the air as the irritable scowl on his face shifts into a sadistic smile.

COMBATSYS: Azumi blocks Bryan's Knee Blast.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////    ]
Bryan            0/-------/------=|===----\-------\0            Azumi

Azumi gets a good look at the man as she threw him over her shoulder, his appearance being remarkable to say the least. She stares in particular at his eyes, those alone being unnerving enough to her. The head grab forces her to cringe, the ninja not expecting anything of the sort. Her hands fly up to the second hand as it hits her throat, aiming to prevent him from choking her out. Realizing that her lower body was open though, she shifts her priority, lowering her hands to block against the knee.

Even so, that hit hurt. That hit HARD.

Her arms shake with braced damage, the werewolf gritting her teeth through the blow. She moves her hands out of the way, grabbing his hands for leverage as she brings up both of her feet to dropkick Bryan in the face to force herself away and out of his grip.

COMBATSYS: Bryan fails to interrupt Heaven's Claw from Azumi with Fisherman's Slam.
- Power fail! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Bryan            0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Azumi

As Azumi starts to struggle in his grip, Bryan draws his hand back from the fur on top of her head, simply holding her in place by the throat as he starts to wind up, his arm crooked and cocked back slightly from his waist with his fist turned upward, apparently ready to follow up the knee with a rather nasty punch.

But before he can unleash anything upon the hairy ninja, she manages to pry herself free of his vice-like grip, launching herself into the air by slamming her feet into the side of his neck so hard that he goes flying back into one of the still closed shippining containers, hitting it hard enough that it caves inward. More importantly, his neck looks broken the way that his head is nearly twisted 90 degress out of position.

But then he starts to laugh, pulling himself back to his feet as he does.


It's an unnerving laugh on its own, made all the more horrifying by the way he brings his hands up to physically snap his head back into position with an audible, metallic snap.

Azumi recovers with grace as she twists her body down, her hands catching herself on the ground and then pushing off of it, back flipping onto her feet. And that's when she gets a good look at the guy.

Initially she was worried that she may have kicked him too hard, but the laughing only forces her fur to stand on end. This guy...was something else. Frightening was one word that came to mind almost immediately. She speaks aloud, strengthening her resolve. "Are you a demon? Doesn't matter. Whatever you are doing here, it ends over now!"

The werewolf ninja performs a few more hand signs, coating both of her hands in a glowing blue chi that radiates with wind. She charges him a moment later, seeming to go straight at him before she leaves behind an after image of herself that disappears a few milimeters from hitting him. She reappears a split second later directly above him, aiming a punch directly to his head.

COMBATSYS: Bryan blocks Azumi's Medium Punch.

[          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////////     ]
Bryan            0/-------/------=|====---\-------\0            Azumi

Having apparently put himself back into normal condition, Bryan Fury starts to walk toward the ninja. His pace is steady and his posture certainly doesn't suggest someone who had been hit with the same force as a moving car. He only stops as she starts to continue her unusual hand signs from before, keeping his eyes on the sudden surge of wind launched at him and pulling his left hand up to intercept the wind. It fails to prove an effective distraction, as once she starts dropping down for him, he's quick to raise his other harm, taking her fist against his forearm.

It's like hitting steel under a thin layer of meet.

That same sick smile remains on his face as he seems to relish in the thrill of the fight. As she's falling back to the ground, he starts to haul his leg up off the ground, thrusting it forward in a powerful straight timed to hit her in the chest the moment she hits the ground.

COMBATSYS: Bryan successfully hits Azumi with Medium Kick.
- Power hit! -

[         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////               ]
Bryan            0/-------/-----==|=======\===----\1            Azumi

As the werewolf recovers from the leaping punch she spots her immediate folly. She tries to get out of the way from the kick, angling her body to try to let it pass harmlessly through. But she only gets the idea through her head. Her body doesn't quite move fast enough. She takes the hit clean to the chest, the metallic man certainly feeling a few of ribs crack under the pressure. Her eyes go wide from pure internal damage as she gets a split second to feel that she...wasn't all there anymore.

Then she goes flying.

She is sent several dozen feet away from Bryan, slamming on the ground and rolling head over heels several times before recovering. She digs her toe claws and bends to allow her hand to scrape the ground as well, carving three sets of lines into the hard warehouse floor. She pants hard as she recovers from the hit, her whole body shaking in pain. She coughs up a little blood as she warily looks back towards Bryan, a growl escaping her throat. This fight needed to end quickly.

She performs a few more hand signs before she charges again, creating two clones of herself. All three of them sprint at him, with one climbing on top of an adjacent shipping container while maintaining her speed. The first one charges towards him in a direct punch that disappears just as it gets into interception range. The second one comes around from the wide open side with a flying roundhouse kick that also disappears. The third on top of the container jumps down just as soon as the roundhouse kick evaporates, the ninja performing a leaping uppercut to send the metal man into the air. This one it seemed, was real, judging how it actually stuck around.

COMBATSYS: Azumi successfully hits Bryan with Cyclone Upper.

[            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Bryan            0/-------/----===|=======\===----\1            Azumi

The moment he feels his foot hit the ninja, Bryan starts to let out that same psychotic laugh, basking in the moment as he feels bones on the verge of breaking. This was the joy of the fight after all.


As she hits the ground, the gray-haired monster begins to once more walk toward her, clearly taking time to bask in the pleasure rather than immediately going in for the kill. It's enough time for Azumi get recollect herself and mount a counter-offensive.

Bryan Fury's eyes move over the sudden doppelgangers, his first instinct apparently to try to twist out of the way of the flying punch, but the Azumi moves far faster than the monsterous man, catching him clean and leaving him open for the follow open. The second hit sends him stumbling forward, obviously struggling to recollect himself, but failing to do so in time as the real Azumi's hit catches him in the chest and sends him flying up.

He hits the ground on his hands and knees, remarkably having let out not even a single groan of pain through the entire ordeal. And once he's back on the ground he simply gets back up to his feet and smiles at the furry ninja.

With absolutely no hesitation, he surges forward, lashing out with an elbow strike aimed for her chest, his intention to hit her already damaged ribs. To feel them shatter under the pressure of his assault. To hear the pain in her voice as she breaks at his hands.

COMBATSYS: Azumi parries Bryan's Aggressive Strike!

[           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Bryan            0/-------/----===|=======\=====--\1            Azumi

To Azumi's surprise, Bryan recovers as fast as she did. She's on her feet only a second before he is, and he is instantly in her face with that elbow coming towards her chest. Quickly performing a single hand sign, she forms a globe of air that she uses to meet his elbow. She detonates it, blowing his arm up and leaving him wide open. The werewolf grins.

This was her one, true chance to hurt him.

She extends her claws as far as she can, her hands still covered in wind elemented chi. She lets loose a howl before she starts clawing at his chest from nearly any direction she can, swinging her hands over and over. The wind in her claws essentially duplicates each blow, likely dealing around twice as much damage as normal. With each hard swing she forces him back further and further, until finally, after no less than a dozen blows, she finishes the series. She unleashes one brutal looking slash that causes her to spin in place just long enough to resheathe her claws and drive a fist directly into his face. The resulting hit explodes with wind energy, hopefully hitting Bryan as hard as he had hit her just a moment earlier.

COMBATSYS: Bryan endures Azumi's Cyclone Slash EX.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Bryan            0/-------/=======|====---\-------\0            Azumi

Once more, as Azumi comes at him, Bryan Fury does nothing to move out of the way. At first it seems almost as if he might simply be too slow to manage any real defense, but the grin on his face as her claws start to dig into his flesh doesn't fade away even as she can feel skin rip and tear. He stands perfectly still, absorbing all the fury that the ninja can unleash upon him, his head twisting to the side as her fist hits the side of his face with its explosion of chi.

And then it simply rotates back to look at her. It's as if none of the pain from all the damage she'd inflicted into him got through to anywhere that might hold an ounce of self-preservation.

And then his fist lashes out with a simple jab punch to the end of her nose; the sort of hit one might expect to get little more than stunning someone slightly, but whatever it is beneath that human flesh hits like a truck. It's followed up quickly with a remarkably lithe kick to the base of her jaw that leads effortlessly into him pivoting on his other heel as he brings it down, smashing the back of his fist into the side of her skull before he continues the pivot and launches a brutal thrusting kick into her chest to send her flying.

COMBATSYS: Bryan successfully hits Azumi with Cremation.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Bryan            1/-------/=======|=======\====---\1            Azumi

There was generally a rule observed in most fights. People you hit usually try to avoid getting hit. This guy didn't. Most people didn't just stand there and let you wail on them outside of emotional or physical distress. This guy did. This guy let his chest be ripped into time and time again and again he just...took it?

How on earth is this guy...real?

She looks back towards him as the final hit of her combo seemingly did...nothing. His head snaps back into place after hitting him as hard as she could. A bead of sweat drips off of her nose. How...was this possible?

The first hit to the nose damn near shattered it, blood running down it like minature river. She lets loose a pained howl and takes a few steps back, trying to recover. The kick nearly renders her unconscious as the bones rattle throughout her entire body. Willpower alone keeps her standing through it. And then the punch comes.

And you know what? She doesn't feel it. And she wasn't even home for the last kick

She rockets off of her feet at that point, the werewolf ragdolling off of of the ground, through a shipping container and into and through a wall. She lands outside, skidding a few more feet before coming to a stop. It takes her a moment to regain consciousness, but by this point, absolutely everything was a wreck. Her clothes are ripped up, blood is spilling out of several places thanks to pure abrasions, her nose felt like it was caved into her head and her head existed in the clouds.

She's gasping for air like a fish now, her ribs finally having fractured. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to stand. It hurt to be. But she is still there and emitting a weak growl. Fighting off the shivers she had she forms several hand signs, draining the last of the chi she'd gathered for this fight. She holds her hands out and forms a cyclone from it. She fires it directly back into the hole she made and expands the width of the wind tube, hitting the container and pushing it directly back into Bryan, intending on crushing him with it. The excess wind spilling over the sides sends everything into a massive dizzy, picking up anything remotely light and tossing it. "It's...all I have left."

COMBATSYS: Azumi can no longer fight.

[                   \\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bryan            1/-------/=======|

COMBATSYS: Bryan just-defends Azumi's Zephyr's Domain!

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bryan            1/-------/=======|

By the time that Azumi manages to bring herself back to the world of the wakened, she's greeted by the tail end of that same, horrible laugh he keeps making, his hands raised out at his sides as he basks in the sensation of unrelenting violence he's unleashed. All of those guards were pathetic, he hadn't even felt the need to bring a single weapon. Still, he'd enjoyed the sense of terror that he'd unleashed as he moved through them with no effort, one at a time.

But this wolf woman was something else. She had enough skill to put up a fight with her claws and these strange ninja techniques. Crushing her at his hands with this new cybernetic body of his was a miraculous feeling.

They were right when they said you could find paradise in life after death, but he didn't need any ideals like Heaven or Hell; being reborn a replicant was the greatest reward a man like him could hope for.

As Azumi struggles back to her feet, Bryan begins to stalk toward her, his sunken eyes filled with a sadistic pleasure as he sees the fear in her forcing her to make one last attempt. And then she summons the storm. Compared to the bullets that would easily bounce off his cybernetic frame, he could feel more of that energy. It's enough at least to get him to stop in his tracks, raising his arms up in front of him in a cross pattern and and focus. All through his body, metal begins to pull together, hardening through some mysterious process of cutting edge cybernetics. As Azumi unleashes the storm upon him, Bryan doesn't move an inch.

Like a statue in a windstorm.

And then the storm passes, and there are a few seconds of hesitation before his arms come back down and the ninja is greeted by that psychotic smile of his as the replicant moves in on her once again. It doesn't matter whether or not she can put up a fight anymore, Bryan Fury isn't done yet.

COMBATSYS: Bryan takes no action.

[                 \\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Bryan            1/-------/=======|

Nearly crumbles with that last great expelling of chi. Her chest heaves just long enough for a shooting pain to strike a particular nerve, forcing her to double over. She looks up at the mess she'd tossed directly at him, only to still see Bryan walking towards her. Her pupil shrinks. This guy was...impossible.

A sensation licked at the back of her mind as desperation flooded through it. It clawed it's way out from the deepest corners of her consciousness, threatening to destroy her sanity. There was a way to stop him. There was a way to be greater. There was a way to -WIN-. All she had to do was let go.

The ninja clutches the side of her head and convulses as she fights the primal urges inside of her. She gave in once. With the hunter. It was...terrible. She was barely in control that night. She ran through the forest transformed for what felt like weeks, crying, howling in pain. Why would she want to let that happen again? It was only when she finally fell out of her panicked state did she finally return to normal. But a switch had been flipped then. And the finger was on the button.

She looks up at Bryan approach again, the werewolf spitting out a decent amount of blood as she speaks towards him between spattered gasps. "I've fought demons, ghosts, mages, darkstalkers and creatures beyond. And I've never met anyone like you cyborg. And you know, I have to ask humans sometimes, as a werewolf. Who are the real monsters here?"

She reaches into her hoodie and draws out a few smoke pellets, throwing them into the ground as hard as she could manage. The cloud that bursts forth is enough to cover her, and within an instant, she is gone. The ninjitsu powered escape was not well aimed, the werewolf slamming hard on that roof she spotted Bryan from initially. She lands flat on her back with a heavy whine, reaching down to hold her pained nose. The flames of her inner bears subside now that the danger was gone, leaving her with relative peace inside of her own head. "Not again. I won't do it twice."

That was a disappointing end to a wonderful fight. Myths had always said that werewolfs were capable of remarkable recovery, and it would have been an incredible opportunity to figure out whether or not the wolf's ability to recover could outpace his ability to inflict pain and suffering. Was it merely of the flesh or would it have been possible to feel bone stitching itself back together before breaking it again?

Those would have to be questions for another time.

No, for the time being he had a mission to finish. The replicant made his way back to the shipping container he'd been examining before the interruption and began to sort recklessly through the assorted contents within. All of it tossed aside until he finally finds his prize:

A single box marked with the G Corporation logo, buried in the very back.

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