SNF 2016.06 - SNF: Hotaru vs Jam in "Hot Dog Battle!"

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Description: Gee Bill? How come mom lets you eat two wieners? Because when Jam and Hotaru are in the mix, you gotta eat all the wieners you can! Right in the heart of Dubai, at the scenic party spot of the Al Mazmar Beach Park, the two cuties are throwing down in full throttle. But the audience isn’t just there to see them battle. All the while, Hotaru and Jam not only must fight each other, but they must eat hot dogs. LOTS of Hot Dogs.A whole heap of 50 hotdogs apiece, in each corner of their rings! Now some people might say it is exploitive to have Jam and Hotaru at the beachside, munching hot dogs. To that I say: <Winner: and also Jam>

Talk about a mixed blessing. Submitting her name for consideration for the prestigious, world-wide Saturday Night Fight show always fills young Hotaru Futaba with a mixture of excited anticipation and worried dread. Who will she fight? Will they be nice or terrible? Where will she go? Will it be nice or terrible? And, last but not least, what exactly will the special circumstances be? Nice? Or... terrible?

This venue included a free, all expenses paid trip to Dubai, which is certainly something. The aspiring fighter from Southtown, Japan, had never had an opportunity to travel to such an exotic place in all her life, yet here she was, under the hot sun of the expansive coastal city right on the edge of an endless, inhospitable desert.

Not only is she in Dubai, but she is at one of its fanciest, most elaborate beaches, man-made in order to maximize the quality and square footage of shorefront available for human enjoyment. What's not to like about that?

Well, it might be the special conditions. The Kung Fu artista, Hotaru Futaba, is talking with an official off to one side of the sandy beach cordoned off for the match to come. Her right hand rests behind her head, "W-what do you mean, eat fifty hot dogs? What do I look like? I can't eat that many!" Clothed in a yellow, breezy summer dress worn over a dark blue one piece swimsuit, the girl is dressed for enjoying some time on the beach. Her bare feet dig into the warm sand and the ocean breeze whips at the twin pig-tails she keeps her raven black hair tied into. Her head is crowned with a straw summer hat with a yellow ribbon around it.

The official is clearly having a hard time convincing the girl that the fight expectations make any kind of sense - cramming down hot dogs while engaged in intense, martial arts action sounds like a recipe for getting sick!

"W-well, if that's what people are expecting to see," she stammers reluctantly. Maybe she'll have to oblige this ridiculous request to the best of her abilities. As a newer fighter on the world stage, she doesn't want to disappoint viewers or she might not get welcomed back!

Turning around as the final moments of preparation start to come together, she backs up next to the table stacked with multiple platters of grilled hotdogs all laid out for eating. She falls quiet as she tries to figure out how she's going to manage eating at all while also trying to attack and defend, but... let it never be said she won't give it her best shot!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru has started a fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  <
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|

Running a restaurant in Southtown was tough work! It was even tougher when faced with the constant threat of no-good-punks breaking in and torching the place down. This left Jam with plenty of expensive bills to pay despite not earning all that much in the first place. But thankfully, there was always Saturday Night Fights which always had the potential of attracting new sponsors and patrons to Jam's restaurant. And so, the intrepid young food-service entrepreneur and self-taught martial arts expert took that plane ride down to Dubai in hopes of allowing her restaurant to live to see another day of cooked dumplings and broken tables.

Jam had a very similar reaction when she first learned of the nature of the upcoming fight. "Oh, eating a few won't....wait? What?!" The poor master chef looked like she was going to cry when she learned about the stipulations of her upcoming match. It took a few moments, but Jam managed to steel her resolve. She needed the money and she needed to do well in this fight to attract the sponsors to get that money. Jam just had to remember that she was doing it all for the restaurant!

The brunette fighter arrived to the stage area with a frustrated look on her face. Everyone was so riled up about hotdogs that no one wanted to talk to her about Chinese food. Whatever! She'll just have to try again after the fight. The young martial artist was ready for the sunny weather if not for the upcoming event. She was wearing a white and pink polka dot bikini with a miniskirt featuring the same design over her bottoms. The normally cheerful young woman walks straight up to whom she presumed was her opponent before stopping to bow towards her, her hands coming together in front of her. "Hi-I'm-Jam-lets-just-get-this-over-with-hiyaaaaah!" She says extremely quickly with what sounded suspiciously like a martial arts yell there at the end. Further evidence of Jam jumping forward to snap a front-kick towards Hotaru proves that it was indeed a martial arts yell afterall.

COMBATSYS: Jam has joined the fight here.

[\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-------|-------\-------\0              Jam

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Hotaru with Light Kick.

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0              Jam

"Oookay!" Hotaru exclaims, clenching her fists as she resolves to do her best, somehow juggling hotdog eating with punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, and doing all the other things fighters have to do... don't the event organizers understand that fighting in and of itself is already hard enough without any crazy gimmicks to confuse the issue?! Have any of the people writing these scripts ever fought in their lives??

But the audience around the area is expecting an spectacle, and the show is being recorded and broadcast live, and Hotaru is not about to get herself uninvited from future events by being difficult to the staff. Sucking in a breath, her hand snaps out to grab one of the hotdogs off the table, its hot, crispy grilled surface observed as she holds it up. At least it isn't cold or just boiled or something.

Thus it is that she's standing there, hotdog half-crammed in her mouth when Jam approaches. Eyes light up as she looks over her opponent. Chewing as fast as she can so that she can swallow, she's eager to tell the other girl that her swimsuit is totally cute, but this isn't a time for judging fashion!

Jam transitions from saying hello to snapping out a rapid kick in a total instant and while her opponent tries to weave out of the path of her foot, she's not exactly on the top of her game that instant either, and in the end she ends up taking a very solid blow to the side. Crumping to the right a little, she gasps, dropping the second half of her hotdog for a moment only to recatch it out of the air before it falls to the sand. These things are going to be a choking hazard - did you think about that, ORGANIZER GUY?!

Cramming the second half of her hotdog into her mouth, puffing her cheeks out accordingly, Hotaru sprints forward without a word - as if she could speak - seeking to get a hold of Jam's upper arms. If she connects, she'd transition into a rapid series of stomping kicks while ascending right up the front of her opponent almost like a set of stairs.

If she makes it to Jam's shoulders, she'll backflip away, looking to land somewhere in the sand a few meters away in order to escape cleanly - but it is a pretty risky opening attack!

COMBATSYS: Jam dodges Hotaru's Shinjou Tai.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////////////////////]
Hotaru           0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0              Jam

Having to both fight a pitched martial-arts battle -and- eat a mountain of hotdogs was not something Jam is relishing. But, she needed to save her restaurant and taking a loan out in Southtown is not very high on Jam's to-do-list. All she can hope for here is a quick resolution one way or another. Also, to add insult to injury, there is no way that anyone is going to find her cute if she's wolfing down fifty hotdogs which is a bummer in its own right. But Jam knew that she had to remain optimistic if she was going to get through all of this with her pride intact!

The swim-suit clad fighter shouts a quick "Sorry! " to apologize for her sudden attack as she dashes over to start eating some hotdogs herself. Jam shoves a few in and looks at Hotaru with chipmunked puffed out cheeks of despair when she wordlessly charges her in an attempt to grab ahold of her. The polka dot wearer manages to slide out of the way at the last moment and nearly swallows all the bits of hotdog she had in her mouth in doing so. Jam even has to put a hand in front of her mouth as she just swallows it all down with some real concentrated effort. That was too close and now Jam sort of felt like throwing up already and the fight just begun.

The Chinese martial artist takes a labored breath before refocusing her attention on her opponent. "This will be a little less awkward if we atleast talk while we're doing it!" She calls out before dashing forward and leaping off the sand and into the air towards Hotaru. Jam suddenly turns mid air and brings her back leg around and down in an axe kick, a flame-like chi enveloping her leg as it swings around.

COMBATSYS: Hotaru auto-guards Jam's Gekirin.

[     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////////////  ]
Hotaru           0/-------/-----==|-------\-------\0              Jam

Her aggressive charge completely avoided, Hotaru slides to a stop in the sand, mentally assessing what she's learning about her Chinese opponent and her fighting style. It is becoming quickly clear to her that they share similarities in how they fight. While she has yet to demonstrate much of her own Kung Fu inspired techniques, she can see them reflected in her opponent's movements and angles of attack.

And more importantly, she's quickly concluding one thing - Jam is /fast/. Speed was something Hotaru always prided herself on - she might not be able to take a hit like some, might not be able to punch, kick, or throw as hard as others, but at least she was quite the speedster in a fight. But right now, she's confident Jam is every bit her rival in that area!

She would need to get another hot dog, she mentally notes to herself. But that can come later. Right now she has a flaming kick bearing down on her from above! Slipping her right foot forward in the sand, the martial artist adopts a lower, stable stance with which to brace herself. Arms are raised, a cross arm block over her head at first...

But when the impact comes, she's twisting to the right, leaning to the left, managing to deflect the impact of Jam's swift attack to the side rather than weather the blunt force directly, sparing her arms some of the pain - as for the chi? A faint glimmer of blue was visible along Hotaru's forearm for only an instant before vanishing, warding her skin from that vibrant chi.

Having survived the attack and having managed to defeat her first hotdog, the pig-tailed fighter nods her head quickly, "I agree, I apologize for not introducing myself at first. Of course..." Slipping back, she spins in a circle on her left foot, right hand snatching another hotdog from off her table, "They have not designed this one to be easy to socialize during, have they," she declares, a short but vibrant laughter escaping her lips before she shoves another hotdog into her mouth, bending it in the middle to allow her to get it all the way in at once. Her eyes widen as she closes her lips over the mouthful, offering an obvious 'Well... what can you do?' shrug back to Jam.

Careful not to choke on the salty goodness that is the second hotdog, she bolts forward across the sand. It would appear both of the fighting girls are melee sorts, so the match promises to be engaged in close range at least. A jump into the air has Hotaru cartwheeling horizontally, aiming to crash her bare feet into Jam's side. Unless prevented, she'll touch down for an instant on her right foot, continuing with the momentum into a second cartwheel, a second chance to kick out and hit, before finally landing on both feet.

By the time she's down, she's cleared her mouth out again. The first two hot dogs were easy enough, but that mountain in her corner doesn't look even a slight bit smaller, does it!!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru successfully hits Jam with Medium Kick.
- Power hit! -

[    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ///////////////////////       ]
Hotaru           0/-------/----===|=====--\-------\0              Jam

Jam's fighting style is inspired by various forms of kung-fu, but it is of no one particular style specifically. However, it's flashy, it's quick, and there's fire-like chi involved. Fire that is no way, shape, or form related to how easily her restaurant seems to burn down. Nope! Totally unrelated!

Seeing Hotaru pose causes Jam to grin. Maybe they weren't so different afterall. The Chinese restaurant owner hops back on one leg and kicks her foot vertically up past her head while using her arms to counterbalance herself. She maintains this pose and her grin as she replies, "Apology accepted! And yeah, but that's not the only thing wrong with this fight." Jam supposes as she brings her lead foot down and and into her body as she readies herself for the girl's next attack.

The cartwheel comes and Jam steps down on two legs while bringing both arms up to block it. But she blocks in the wrong direction which causes her to get hit by the first one, and then pulverized by the second one. Jam lets out a surprised yelp of pain as she is knocked down into the sand by the blow. Face down now, Jam slowly picks herself up and smacks some sand off her. "Ouch! That really hurt!" She calls out as she shakes some more sand out from her hair. The sandy swim-suit wearing woman soon turns a fiery gaze upon Hotaru. "It's time to pay you back for that!" A beat. "But first, hotdogs!" Jam runs for her hotdog pile and gets to work before shaking a hotdog at the other girl and saying something incomprehensible to her due to trying to talk with her mouth full.

Jam suddenly ducks low to the ground, swallows, and then sprints forward for a brief second before taking to the air. Her foot comes up and in front of her as a blue chi crackles out from her foot. Her chi forms the shape of a dragon as she speeds through the air towards Hotaru with her dragon-foot leading the air. "WHOOOOOOTCHAAAAA!" She cries aloud!

COMBATSYS: Hotaru instinctively blocks Jam's Ryuujin.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Hotaru           0/-------/--=====|======-\-------\0              Jam

Landing out of her airborn kicks, Hotaru sweeps into a low stance, arms out at her sides, right foot forward in the sane, left foot directly beneath her, supporting her center of gravity. She's clearly preparing for immediate, violent retaliation from the clean kicks she delivered. She knows she'd be fired up (minus the firey chi) to get back at someone who landed solid hits like that herself!

A quick nod of acknowledgement is offered in return as Jam mentions pay back. She's ready for it! She's ready for it...! She's... oh, is it hotdog break time? Gritting her teeth, she's not about to be outdone, springing up to her feet and leaping backward to come to a controlled landing right next to her own table where she immediately occupies both hands with two hotdogs each, "My name is Hotaru Futaba! I'm a student of the Futaba school of Kenpo. It is an honor to face you in this match! But I will not be outdone!"

Whether she means in terms of martial prowess or... that other contest going on in the middle of the bout is entirely clear, but she does shove all four hotdogs into her mouth and bites them in half all at once, so maybe she really is talking more about the ridiculous eating contest here.

Blue eyes widen at the hotdog shaking her way and she answers the incomprehensible with something equally unintelligible, both hands occupied with four half hot dogs. She needs to finish these off fast, she tells herself, or she's going to be caught flat footed as Jam takes to the air a moment later!

The incoming attack is incredible in the eyes of the younger martial artist - not only is it a display of remarkable chi, it's a different color than before, and even more amazingly, she can discern the shape of a dragon in the midst of the attack. "Pho phoool!" she exclaims, small bits of hotdog escaping her mouth in a very unbecoming display of poor table manners. She remembers that the formidable display of kicking and chi is coming her way at the last moment, however, raising her arms and planting her feet, intent on not losing any ground right now.

The defense is solid enough to keep her from getting squashed into the sand, but it seems she barely managed it all the same, entire body driven down and forward, the girl rendered almost unstable even through her defense. The impact has another, more unfortunate side affect than her aching arms, however. The four hotdog halves that had been in her fists at the time of the block are utterly squished, their insides smashed into her palms and leaking out through her clenched fingers.

Slipping backward to buy herself space to maneuver, Hotaru blinks at her messy hands as she holds them up in front of her, finally choking down the halves that actually made it into her mouth. "Ew, um, well, that happened." Is there a penalty for losing hotdogs in the middle of a challenging martial arts brawl? Maybe?! Who knows what kinds of rules these crazy people cooked up!

Perhaps she's doing Jam a favor as she draws her right hand back, azure chi coursing along her limb, her left hand snatching a fresh 'dog' from the table in the same smooth motion...


Swinging her right hand forward, Hotaru launches a surging ball of chi toward her swift opponent. At least she isn't trying to grab her with her presently slimy hands, right?!

COMBATSYS: Jam blocks Hotaru's Hakki Shou.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  ////////////////////          ]
Hotaru           0/-------/---====|=======\-------\1              Jam

"Prepare to be defeated then! No one best Jam when it comes to anything food!" The impassioned Chinese cook shouts in response to Hotaru's mighty declaration. Now that the other girl was talking, Jam was pretty sure she liked her. It's too bad they were -meating- under such gross circumstances. And she's even about to compliment her on her block when suddenly smashed hotdogs come through Hotaru's finger. Once more, Jam looks like she's about to cry. "Ewwwwww!" She joins in chorus as she jumps a half-step back while flailing her arms out to her sides in not the most mature display from the martial artist.

Once recovered, she shoots Hotaru a sympathetic look. "We really need to wrap this up before I throw-up everything I just ate!" Jam calls out as a ball of chi is thrown her way. Ooh, she can throw them? That's totally cool! Placing her arms out in front of her in an 'x', Jam manages to block the worst of the attack, but the chi still singes against her skin. That's not the kind of tan that Jam was hoping to get down here.

Jam then takes a moment to collect herself. Her arms move around in a circular fashion as she gathers her energy into herself while trying to keep the hotdogs down at the same time. Both of these things are harder than it looks!

COMBATSYS: Jam gathers her will.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  /////////////////////         ]
Hotaru           0/-------/---====|=======\====---\1              Jam

The competitive aura surrounding Jam is contagious and the more she pushes herself to keep up with not just the fight but also the hotdog absorbing challenge, the more Hotaru wants rise to the high bar being established by her opponent - she can't let herself down, but she can't let down her fellow fighter either! Her projectile unleashed, Hotaru slides back a step. It isn't her intent to play a zoning game - that isn't really her style so much as high risk hitting and running is - but those hotdogs aren't going to eat themselves, no matter how much she might want them to!! The one already in her left hand is smashed into her mouth, her jaw immediately occupied with chewing once more.

Jam defends against her chiball remarkably well but in taking a moment to gather her own potential, she gives the Futaba girl a chance to try and clean up some of the mess on her hands too. Crouching down, the Kung Fu artist runs her hands through the dry sand, trying to wipe off some of the smashed hotdog. This isn't as effective as hoped, since now she just has sandy hands, a fate she realizes when she blinks at her dirty palms with a rueful stare. This... this is not getting any better!

One more wipe through the sand in a desperate bid to clean off her hands, then the girl stands up again, brow furrowed as she gives Jam a nod of agreement, weighing her earlier statement about needing to finish this up quickly. "I think you have the right idea of it. Okay then, here I come!"

Jam is right. She can't keep up with this hotdog eating for much longer. 50 hotdogs is over twelve pounds of food or a tenth of her body weight. How can she possibly defeat that pile?!

Her only choice is to come in with everything she's got. Sprinting forward, she takes to the air, arms out at her sides as if extended wins during her swift accent. And then she's diving down, left leg first, attempting to sweep into a steep, powerful kick. She would continue even after touching down, spinning into a second spin kick with all the same force as the first. Finally, the momentum would carry the lithe fighter into a sweep, attempting to complete the combination by taking Jam's feet out from under her!

"Kya, KYA, KYAAA!"

COMBATSYS: Jam endures Hotaru's Fierce Kick.

[       \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hotaru           0/-------/---====|>>>>>>>\>>>>>>>\2              Jam

Jam pushed everything out of her mind when she started focusing her chi. For just a moment, she forgot the self-conciousness that comes from shoving phallic shaped objects into one's mouth in front of a crowd. She forgot about the state of disrepair of her restaurant and the need to seduce some new sponsors and patrons. She forgot about her previous wounds and the singe mark on her forearm. Her attention was focused down to just her and her opponent. The young brunette's eyes close and then reopen as she watches Hotaru shove food in her mouth and charge at her. Smiling towards her, she gestures towards herself with a small wave of her hand.

Here she came indeed. The left leg comes out and smacks hard against Jam's leg causing her to dig down in her stance despite her leg bending from the hit, a grimace appearing on her face. The second kick comes and the Chinese martial artist lets this attack similarly impact against her painfully which actually causes her to cry out in pain briefly. She was hitting super hard, but she couldn't let herself be beaten yet.

After weathering these blows, Jam will step forward and powerfully attempt to palm strike Hotaru in an upward motion in an attempt to launch her into the air. If successful, Jam will crouch back on her back left and then launch it a series of poses. With each new pose, she assumes a new hand and leg position while shouting, "Ten! Jou! Ten! Ka! Yui! Ka! Doku! SOOOOOOON!" She lingers on the last yell as she jumps into the air after her hopefully airbone target, attempting to drive into and past her in a brutal flying side kick.

COMBATSYS: Hotaru fails to interrupt Gasenkotsu from Jam with En Bi Kyaku EX.

[              \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hotaru           0/-------/=======|>>>>---\-------\0              Jam

When her first kick connected, Hotaru wasn't sure what, exactly, was contributing to the success of her attack. Was Jam just not able to weather the power house that is Hotaru Futaba?! It's only after the second kick that she realizes that her opponent has chosen to deliberately stand in the face of danger in order to set up her own ideal counterstrike - a high risk, potentially high reward option, especially rare for such a swift combatant as she has proven to be.

Landing on her feet, the young Kung Fu artist decides that if Jam can demonstrate that kind of moxie in the face of such an obviously menacing kick combination, the least she can do is show that she's not afraid to demonstrate the same resolve in the face of whatever counterstrike her opponent might throw her way. Which is why upon touching down upon the sand, rather than retreating back as she had throughout most of the fight, the Southtown native stomps her left foot down, bracing herself in place as best the featherweight can hope to do.

Sucking in her breath, grinning with enthusiasm for the intensity of the match managing to actually happen alongside the ridiculous secondary stipulations, she spins forward on her left foot, sweeping her right leg out into what was destined to one heck of a reverse roundhouse intended to smash right through Jam's next strike. "HYA-ack!

When the palm hits her in the side, however, pig-tailed kenpoista is immediately made to understand that she underestimated the striking potential behind Jam's arms. Folded sideways, she's launched as intended, flailing as she struggles to regain control over an out of control situation. Finally, realizing she has no chance to evade the anticipated follow up, Hotaru tucks herself into a ball mid-air, adopting the time classic fetal position desperation defense technique!

It's the best she can hope for when the crushingly strong flying kick smacks into her other side, sending her spinning out of control into a forward dive against the sand! Sliding to a stop, Hotaru shakes her head, pigtails flopping back and forth as she starts to press herself up. It starts to hit her just how irresponsibly full she already is and the thought of pressing forward with yet another hotdog after all that leaves her hesitating.

But one thing she isn't hesitant about is springing the rest of the way up to her feet, whirling around, hands raised to a defensive, ready posture as she tries to first locate her acrobatic opponent. She wants to press her hand to her side, to apply pressure to the ache throbbing where that flying kick had struck, but she can't let her guard down for a moment!

"N-not bad," she stammers, not owning up to just how bad that hurt. She can't let herself be shaken after that!"

Jam did catch that Hotaru didn't retreat even as she was drawing more and more chi into herself in preparation to launch her mightiest attack against her foe. She's got spirit that's for sure! And she had also kicked really, really hard which was the more distressing thing to the Chinese Martial Artist. But currently, she was coming back down for a landing after striking with her flying side kick. The brunette in the polka-dot bikini hits the sand and instantly windmills her arms around, grabbing a plate of hotdogs from his side in one swift motion. The battle of hotdogs and high kicks was really just beginning.

A bright grin is aimed towards Hotaru while Jam holds the plate aloft in front of her. "You're pretty good too! But I'm only just warming up!" Jam suddenly tosses the entire plate of hotdogs up into the air as she dashes straight for her opponent. Once she's only about a foot away, she stops and powerfully plants her feet in the ground just as the hotdogs start to rain down from above. A brief grin flashes across Jam's face as she begins to unload a flurry of punches at Hotaru with a 'Watatatatatata!" But her cries are soon muffled as she grabs hotdogs on the return from her punches and begins shoving them into her mouth. It seems that Jam's gotten quite serious about trying to win this thing after all and thus hopefully gaining many new sponsors for her restaurant.

COMBATSYS: Jam successfully hits Hotaru with Tousai Hyakuretsuken.

[                  \\\\\\\\\\\\  < >  //////////////                ]
Hotaru           0/-------/----<<<|=------\-------\0              Jam

"Thanks!" the Kenpoista brightens at the compliment. Though she does inwardly fret that Jam is making good on her promise that she's just warming up. If that's true, what kind of techniques does she still have up her non-existent sleeves?! "Y-yeah? Well, me too!" she asserts, sandy hands clenching into fists. Wait - what is Jam doing with that plate of unwanted yet somehow required hotdogs. Is she going to throw them at her? That's not very polite. Hotaru already has enough hotdogs on her side, thank you very much!

When Jam sends the plate skyward instead, the girl is more confused than before. What could her game plan possibly be now?! Backing up quickly to her table, Hotaru is partially retreating but also trying to get into a better position to make a good faith effort on another hotdog or two...

But her opponent is too swift to afford the opportunity, dashing into a close ranged combination of punches so fast her target can barely make out the blurred movement of her fists! Strike after strike connects while Hotaru's arms sweep up in vain efforts to smack aside aside Jam's arms only to sweep aside nothing but air. Meanwhile, her Chinese Challenge is managing to catch and consume hotdogs out of the air as well?! Hotaru really needs to step up her game!

Alternatively, she can send her entire table of excessive food flying, which is what she actually does when, reeling from way too many punches, she falls backward into her own table, flipping multiple plates worth of hotdogs up into the air in a high arc. Still trying to shake off the combination of punches and crashing into the table she could no longer see, Hotaru glances up with worry at the airborn meaty disaster. She's going to have to catch as many as she can - any that hit the sand are without a doubt a lost cause in her book!

Except their current arc is taking them down toward Jam. To fix that, she'll need to dislodge her opponent as well. Sucking in her breath, redoubling her efforts, Hotaru springs forward, stepping twice over the sand before springing into a short hop. From a meter how, she pivots into two windmilling strikes right where Jam is, trying to either batter through her defenses or force her off point. "Ha- ha-!"

Either way, provided she manages to land successfully, she'll lean her whole body into a crushingly strong palm strike with her right hand, her left hand slamming out the opposite direction to provide necessary counterbalance. "HAAA!" She'll need to recover quickly, however, as if she manages to put herself into the path of her flying food, the girl will finish by catching as many out of the air into her arms as she possibly can!

COMBATSYS: Jam interrupts Soushou Shin from Hotaru with Hou'eikyaku.

[                      \\\\\\\\  < >  //////////                    ]
Hotaru           0/-------/--<<<<<|=====--\-------\0              Jam

The Chinese Chef/Martial Artist had warned Hotaru earlier that she was no slouch when it came to all things foods related. Even if hotdogs weren't her favorite thing in the world, she still was going to give this her best shot. And one of her best shots was her hundred punch-hotdog inhalation technique that she just managed to pull off. But eating so many more hotdogs in such a short about of time was almost enough to cause the poor girl to start getting truly sick. She comes her mouth with both hands as she manages to swallow what she ate it before immediately regretting everything. Coming down here, eating all these hotdogs, having to fight such a deadly martial artist that has a similar style to her!

A labored smile does find its way on Jam's face when Hotaru kicks things up a notch by launching even more hotdogs into the air. Cute girl, good moves, and knew how to escalate things when you needed to! But before Jam could really finish this line of thinking, Hotaru was on the attack. Jam shuffles her feet back in forth before planting both hands onto the sandy ground and flipping up into the air. She turns and comes striking down with a dive-kick aimed for Hotaru's possible weakness, her stomach. Unfortunately, Hotaru's fist collides with Jam the same time her kick collides with her. The pain was quickly coursing through her, but the polka-dot wearing twenty-something knew she had to power through this and use the momentum of her kick to her advantage. Stepping off Hotaru, she comes back around in a series of bicycle kicks that is oddly similar to the move that Hotaru had used against her at the very beginning of the fight. Jam lands back onto the sand after her last kick and clutches her stomach. "Ooof! How many more hotdogs do we have to eat?" She asks in a slightly panicked voice.

Well. She managed to displace Jam all right. Only she managed to displace her right back down into another painful combination of sweeping, effective kicks! Her arms extended, there's no way to defend herself from the acrobatic attack - in the end, all she can be happy for is that in the process of striking Jam's leg, she pivots her own body to the side, so that she ends up taking the follow up strike to her side instead of directly into her potentially upset stomach. The force is still enough to fold the small fighter over, but she manages to keep from sent flying yet again, instead crumpling forward down to the sand only to catch herself on her hands and knees. "Ugh- So hard to keep going..."

Oh right, there's hotdogs falling around her. She was intending to catch some of them before they hit the sand! Rolling onto her back, eschewing any immediate self-defense in favor of sweeping her hands up, catching a few of the falling hotdogs in her fists while others land on her stomach and chest, and her foot sweeps up to kick another just before it would have hit the ground to lob it up and then right back down to catch it in her teeth.

The problem is that she's now left on her back, hands full of hotdogs, and one horizontally in her mouth, at the time she's supposed to be fighting her opponent too? Clenching her teeth, she bites the hotdog into thirds, the other two falling off to the side as she sits up, hugging the rest against her chest - has this fight exceeded her tolerance for the absurd, she begins to wonder as she makes it up to her feet, hugging eight or so hotdogs against her - the only survivors from her table.

Swallowing the mouthful she had just bit off, she spins around to face Jam. "I could totally eat way more, but... I think I'm going to have to finish this fight right now instead!"

Sprinting forward, she takes to the air, tucking into a forward roll at the apex of her arc, arms still hugging against her. Much like Jam's own dive kicks, Hotaru drops at a sharp angle, knee first, in a bid to crash right into her opponent. If there was an impact, she would sweep her right foot in to try and catch Jam in the side of the head before springing backward into a flip designed to let her escape once more!

Of course, the entire attack is conducted still hugging a bunch of hotdogs against her, which is making the execution of it extremely awkward compared to normal - even her landing will likely be off-kilter.

COMBATSYS: Jam fails to interrupt Rengeki Shuu from Hotaru with Choukyaku Hou'oushou.

[                       \\\\\\\  < >  /////                         ]
Hotaru           0/-------/-<<<<<<|===----\-------\0              Jam

Jam blinks in surprise as Hotaru rolls and struggles to catch hotdogs as they come raining down. She seemed to be really after a victory here too. But that was fine with her, a serious fight would bring more sponsors than a mere joke one. And when Hotaru says she's ready to finish the fight instead of eating any more hotdogs, the pink and white wearing Jam places two hands on her stomach and nods wholeheartedly at Hotaru. "Then let's do it! Let's finish this fight and give this crowd something to really cheer for!" That said, Jam comes back on one leg, does a series of flashy kicks before once more adopting a crouched stands with her hands striking out horizontally away from her.

Hotaru takes to the air and Jam follows her movements closely, waiting for her opportunity. Wind milling her arms out, she gathers more chi into her as she prepares to go all out. And finally, she sees her chance! Jam dashes forward ready to launch her counter-attack when Hotaru suddenly drops down with a knee. This catches Jam totally off-guard and she takes a brutal knee to the ribcage before being hit in the side of the head by the other martial artist. Jam goes spiraling into the sand where she stays for a good long moment. That looked like it hurt.

Weakly, Jam pushes herself off the ground and looks to Hotaru as the entire beach spins around her. She shuffles her feet back and forth like she did before, but this time she nearly trips over her own two feet which causes some in the crowd to start laughing. "Hey, don't stop now! I could do this all day!" Jam warns with not much threat behind that.

Hotaru lands as intended, feet sending a spray of sand where her backflip comes to an end. But with her arms still hugging the much unappreciated hotdogs against her chest, she can't adjust for her lack of balance at all and ends up falling onto her side with a grunt. She knew her attack connected against the other martial artist, and as she lies on her side for a moment, looking Jam's way, all she can do is hope that her opponent can't get up. While she would enjoy the match to continue on, she literally can't stomach the idea of choking on another mouthful of hotdog after all this. It is quite safe to say the food as a whole is now dead to her forever!

But Jam isn't done, and the fight still goes on. Fighting the sense of sickness settling in, Hotaru rolls to her knees, gasping for breath and looking none-too-well overall. Gritting her teeth, she pushes herself up to standing without losing any of the partially squished hotdogs hugged in her arms. "Hah." Hotaru laughs, staggering forward a little, "Hah haha," she laughs again, looking a mixture between punch drunk and stomach sick, which isn't flattering in the slightest.

"Okay...!" Never let it be said she's a quitter though. "If... if you survive this, then..." She opens her arms, allowing the semi-salvaged hotdogs fall into the sand at her feet, "Then I concede on the eating contest!"

She has to give her best, one last attack. How much more can Jam possibly take!? Hotaru charges forward. Her acrobatics have been kicked out of her, her speed punched to smithereens, and her appetite for food, ever, utterly destroyed for at least the rest of the day.

But that won't keep her from trying! Her last ditch to knock the fight out of Jam comes by way of a straight forward, bodily tackle, attempting to crash into the young woman and literally tip her over into the sand!

Hey, elegance in this fight went out the door the second they were told to gorge on hotdogs the whole time!!

COMBATSYS: Jam breaks through Combo Grapple from Hotaru with Kenroukaku!

[                                < >  ///                           ]
Hotaru           1/----===/=======|=====--\-------\0              Jam

Say what you want about the woman called Kuradoberi Jam, but don't say that she gives up easy! That last blow does have Jam on shaky ground and she's about to lose her lunch, breakfast, and dinner due to all of the hotdog eating. And there's also the fact that Jam's pride is pretty low due to having to do this in the first place. But her spirits were renewed by meeting someone whom was just as hesitant in competing in this and whom also was just as skilled as a martial artist as she was. For the sake of both of their prides, they had to make this a fight to remember one way or another!

Jam smiles back as Hotaru as she laughs slightly manically. Perhaps she was just as bad off as her? But it is the proposal that Hotaru makes which really catches the scantily clad chef off-guard. She nods her head in agreement and then rises up on her back leg, her front leg tucked into her. "Deal! But if you also want to come work for my restaurant, I'll accept that too!" A pause. "That's the SLEEPING DRAGON in SOUTHTOWN, Japan!" Jam shouts to both Hotaru and the crowd. Her advertisement for her own restaurant is cut short as she watches the other girl charge right for her. For a brief second, the young woman in the polka-dot bikini's face forms a stern line as she concentrates and charges (!) right for Hotaru!

Two hands hit the sand as Jam begins to do a front-hand spring, but she then suddenly twists her body around to kick upwards while pushing off the ground. Starting to spin upwards into the air like a top, this motion her Jam colliding against Hotaru hard as she takes the other girl for a ride up into the air while kicking her with her lead foot. Jam sails backwards through the air and lands down on her feet before falling back onto her butt. Not the most graceful landing, but atleast the sand lessened the blow as she already hurt all over.

Seeing Jam charge right back at her only forces Hotaru to redouble her efforts, digging in deep. This would be the exchange to decide it, she had to pour everything she had into the collision - wait, she realizes halfway there, is that the best she's got? A straight forward, thuggish tackle from a 93 lb girl? Another step forward in the mad reckless dash and Hotaru confirms to herself that yes, yes that is all she's got.

And the collision happens, two worn out, overly full, battle beaten beach-side gals with safely under 200lbs between the two of them, crash into each other - Hotaru's shoulder meets Jam's kick and, try as she might, is forced to yield, driven backward up into the air, arms flailing as she reaches the apex of her arc and then falls right back toward the ground.

She crashes into the sand with her upper back before laying out flat for a moment. Shaking her head, she starts to roll onto her side, hand planting against the ground, "N-nice one," she stammers through grit teeth. She looks a mess - hotdog juice smeared all over her arms and summer dress from when she was trying to salvage the salted 'meat' before the end.

Lifting her head, she squints in Jam's direction, eager to see what the outcome of their exchange was, her right arm resting against her stomach as she pants for breath.

Her vision clears enough for her to make out the form of the other girl sitting across the way, looking pretty worn out too, but more upright than she is. Sucking in her breath, Hotaru musters a grin, one born of relief at being done with the eating contest and also at having faced such a resolved opponent. But a deal was a deal, "Okay, you win this time!"

The admission is all the excuse she needs to flop onto her back, arms sprawled out at her sides. She thinks... she thinks she'll just lay in the sand for a little bit.

COMBATSYS: Hotaru takes no action.

[                           \\\  <
Jam              0/-------/--=====|

COMBATSYS: Hotaru can no longer fight.

[                           \\\  <
Jam              0/-------/--=====|

Jam did not relish her victory, but she did know that she wanted to ketchup with her fellow beach warrior after this. One just had to take olive at all chances that both of them had to end this fight since they both peppered each other with so many blows. Really, she could only hope that neither of them would be that salty after this beach battle.

Standing up ever so slowly, the barely still there martial artist knocks some sand off her bum and the back of her legs before going over to see what happened to her opponent. She forces herself to weakly grin at her when Hotaru pledges to uphold her end of the deal. "That just won you...." A breath. " free meal at my restaurant!" Unlike the other girl, food will never be ruined for Jam. Never ever! Well atleast until she goes throw up all the hot-dogs she just ate. Theeeen she too might be done with food forever.

Unable to go much farther, the tired Jam plops herself down on the sand next to the worn out Hotaru, wanting to make sure that she was okay. And the restaurant owner will atleast let the other girl recover a bit more before she launches her next pitch to her. Besides, Jam herself could use a break as her opponent nearly did her in. Whether she can hear her or not, Jam does have one final thing to say to her opponent. "Next time we fight, no more hotdogs."

COMBATSYS: Jam has ended the fight here.

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